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Junior Idols Hino Mai and Hikari Maeda

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Non nude junior idols, Hino Mai and Hikari Maeda. The videos of Hino tend to focus on her tits, while Hikari's tend to be of her ass.

Magnet link for the torrent at TPB. I fucked up the name of the torrent on TPB, so it might be screwed up and get taken down for the name, but I will replace if it goes away.

Mega links provided for people that can't use the torrent. The Mega account is free so the bandwidth is capped at 10GB that adds 500MB ever 30min.

This collection should be all the videos, of both girls to date.



Hino Mai
Video names:


Hikari Maeda
Video names:


Picture posted is of Hino Mai.
Hikari Maeda
Oh shieeet! We are doing Jr. Idols now?

That's some borderline stuff yo.
no it's not. Nyaa has J idols all over. just search.

every vid in this is the same girl?

thanks for using mega! very convenient. tag for later.

But your TPB torrent only has 1 seeder and 12 leechers.
Each mega share is one directory with one girl, and screenshot pictures.

The torrent at the time I write this has 47 leeches and 1 seeder (me).

If anyone else has any names of quality junior idols I'm more than happy to gather up videos.
ok thanks man.

Yeah I used to download some Jidol vids last year. quit after a while. but may look again. most of the torrents I got from Nyaa. studios like JSSJ and others. where do you get yours.
you purchase some too?
HelloJAV is where I found most of the videos, but about half are the product of scrapping the asshole of the internet till I was able to find, then get working file sharing versions downloaded.

japanidols.info seems to have a lot stuff, but sifting through the videos to find the models that don't suck is time consuming.

I don't pay for movies.

It's a lot like finding an author you like, then going back and getting everything they have done. Find a model that's good, then search high and low till you're sure you got everything.
have you ever seen jidols in pants or jeans? always only bikini i find...
>have you ever seen jidols in pants or jeans?
Never for very long.

I love junior Idols, but those Hikari Maeda are hella sexualized. bit too much for me, I prefer the cute stuff.

anywhozers, downloaded MMR-262, unloaded buckets, thanks mayn.
I wish they'd do these with caucasian chicks.
File: dundundund.webm (1MB, 768x432px)
1MB, 768x432px
They do. I remember that Sherri Chanel girl (I think that was here name) would make those picture sets. Never was a fan of her though, plus way too young for me (except for that fucking green bikini set everyone and their grandma has seen). Junior here I guess is the 16-18 range. Although I've heard owners fuck around with the ages.
File: bingingingn.webm (1MB, 1280x720px)
1MB, 1280x720px
Another example. Production is shit here. I don't watch Junior idols but the production seems way better. But isn't that stuff main stream over there?

"over there", Japan?

yeah there are channels dedicated to it. You can just watch junior idols roll around on a bed or play in the kitchen. All the while wearing panties, bikinis, one-pisu.

However it's not mainstream to the point its acceptable behavior. Its a behind close door don't talk about it at school/office sort of thing.

You tell a date you watch junior idols it's over. Mention it to your family they start to distant themselves from you. Will get you denied from any public service job.

basically you are looked at as a loser.

I just realized I described a "Bronie" in america or wherever. So it's like that, you are a brony for watching junior idols.
Search what exactly?

Y-y-you know, for science...
p-p-pls notice me sempai
i read something about legal problems in north america. I'm sure it's illegal in germany too.

Candy Dolls?
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 4

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