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Im 225 years or so too late.

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>Ride into town on a horse you stole off a guy who was too dead to care.
>Slowly look all around.
>Walk into bar (Open 24-7)
>Order a Sarsaparilla.
>Chad playing cards behind you with his bro dude gang LOLs and calls you a fag.
>Turn around and shoot him.
>No one gives a shit or even looks up from what they are doing because that sort of thing happens every day.
>Walk up stairs throw a single coin on a bed and fuck Stacy.
>Walk down stairs and buy a bottle of whisky for the road.
>Walk outside / get back on horse.
>Ride off into the sunset with your Waifu.
>Die happy in a mud puddle 5 years latter of a paper cut infection.

The American wild west was the best time and place to be a robot.
What other times do you think would be a robot utopia ?
pirate would be nice if you didn't have to be stuck on a boat 90% of the time.
You'd be the beta bartender the outlaws bully and rob everyday.
>hurr durr 2 late 4 rampant unmitigated degeneracy
No you're not. It's happening right now, but if you're a beta now, then you'd have been a beta then. Don't kid yourself, weakgenes.
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"God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal,"

>mfw this was true then.
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>muh degeneracy
>killing people at the drop of a hat
>not degeneracy
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Do you know what happens if you shoot genetic perfection in the back of the head ?
What, in your imagination? Probably nothing, right?

Which is where most of your actions will remain, jello spine.
You do of course realise that the "wild west" was nothing like it is shown in the movies, right?
>die five years later
Well at least you have a sense of realism with your nostalgia.
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Its not whether or not its degenerate but whether or not anyone gives a fuck.

Its why blacks kill each other all the time.
Honestly the real wild west was terrible.

I would much rather live in the fictionalized version of the wild west that we see in movies.

Hint: Its the same thing that happens to you.
>Implying any robot would live past infancy
OP, I think we should have all been born around or a teenager around the time of the Bubonic Plague. That way, we wouldn't have to an hero... The plague would just kill us and we wouldn't have to summon the courage to an hero. What a horrible way to go, but hey... At least our miserable robot genetics would perish then.
>wake up at the crack of dawn
>get my equipment
>a dish and a shovel
>walk to gold desposits
>crowded as fuck
>can barely make to center
>see people digging in river, decide to do that
>dig for hours, find nothing, an hungry and tired
>suddenly hear Chad screaming and tearing in joy
>look up
>gold nugget in his hand
>all the women start orbiting him

Taint fair.
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God probably got mad at all the beta peasants and killed them with plague desu.
I just watched The Good the Bad and the Ugly yesterday, it was good.
Also the music was real good.


That's a pretty over-romantic version of the Wild West. It was still pretty orderly and not quite as wild as was suggested in novel and film.
Good for you anon. Now see the searchers, how the west was won and the wild bunch
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>you'll never live in Japan during the Edo period
>Its why blacks kill each other all the time.

Implying blacks aren't degenerates.
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They are but who gives a shit if they die.

You aren't using your head.
We lived some of us may have downgraded, but genetically we lived.

For example I don't control a significant portion of Scotland anymore, but the practices instilled by power hungry monks still made it to me somehow.
> I could shoot anyone without anyone caring

Lmao what the fuck. You'd get shot back, or hung by the sheriff. But iktfb, I have also wanted to be in the wild west
>shoots man in a bar
>thinks he'll just ride off into the sunset

In reality you'd have been arrested and hung. The west wasn't as lawless as its portrayed in movies.

best post right here

Come at me sheriff. While you've been wrangling cattle like a wage-slave, I've been spending my NEET time getting to be the fastest gun this side of the Mississippi.

Your a thick fuck. I studied the old west and it isn't like the films.

The most violent town, Tombstone, had only 5 or so deaths in it's most violent year. It wasn't all bang bang pew pew your dead lawlessness.

There were police and even private detective agencies.
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Thread images: 8

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