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Long Distance Cucklationships

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>Meet the most amazing girl
>We are just like each other
>Get along like no one else
>She lives on the other side of the US
Anyone have stories of long distance ever working?
I mean, I could get at job where she is in about a year, is it worth r9k?
Honestly yeah it can. How long have you two been talking? See how it works out within that year and that's when you decide if she's worth it.
I had a friend in a similar situation, but after a few months they started arguing and he just dropped all contact with her.
It all depends but good luck!
like that anon said, of course.
see if it works out in the year and learn to embrace each other's flaws. no relationships are perfect and you have to have a lot of trust in each other. they can work, they're just harder to maintain.
Long distance relationship is the biggest meme and it will never work out 1 / 100 times. They usually fuck around while pretending to care.

I think you would have to meet regularly like bi weekly or so for it to have any chance
the odds are against you. it really isnt worth it. even a fat tranny in a wheelchair want open relationships
bro i am an american and had a LDR with a european. if a girl from a degenerate-in-training country left me for chad, surely a girl who was raised in the king degenerate country will blow chad in your own house. you'll learn soon enough
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>They usually fuck around while pretending to care.

save yourself and stop

you could be using that time to improve yourself so you can get a real girlfriend
>Anyone have stories of long distance ever working?

no, I have none
ldrs at the moment, they are not very secure, as in it's easy to get keked and they just suck in general. anyways, eventually, the internet and real life will merge, and LDR's will cease to be a thing. if somebody lives on the other side of the US, it's no matter. they will have some way to make these situations simpler.
My brother married his ldr wife.
i'm in an 'ldr' but i don't let it stop me from "fucking around", cause come on lol, there's no guarantee that if i abstain, she will. so i might as well not, just so i don't kill myself if I find out she does. it's no biggie, cause if i pass up like my 4-5 chances a year I lose a lot, but she's got 500+ chances a year and they'll keep coming if we break up so it's really no big deal for her
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Mine is working, but it's fuckin gay as shit to be quite honest my family

>talking on the phone
>she starts teasing me with sex talk
>get all horny and frustrated
>fap while she eggs me on

We'll fuck like crazy when she visits in a month, but when she leaves it'll get 100 times worse for a while until my brain settles down. As far as cheating, she's a bisexual fembot (they exist) and I'm much more worried she'll cheat on me with another grill, which somehow, isn't as scary to me, because she loves the d too much.
>she's a fembot

this post should be enough reason for anybody to stay far the fuck away from an LDR

Really, it's just a pathetic niche for undesirable and boring people to get what they're missing out on. When I did it, it was because the girl was kind of an evil slut and she lost all of her IRL friends so she didn't get to enjoy the same social life she was used to and wanted to make up for that with absolutely anybody.
fine, she's socially awkward and has some mannish tendencies. sheesh.
man are you me? same reason here except she was a virgin. she was a stacy and really fucking mean. very inconsiderate and very superficial, very selfish. but as soon as she found a group of friends to hang with at the mall every day, she stayed offline for a month before going on about taking selfies with chad and when i called her bby she just told me to get over it and became cold. she was a virgin because she was traumatized by some molester and is afraid of sex. still dresses like a slut though
It really depends on the girl and on you, but I'll assume you're a good guy. I've been in a ldr for three years. I don't think my partner and I are like most people since it seems like most ldrs don't work out. The most important thing is to talk, talk everyday if you can. If she can't make time for you everyday, then start growing suspicious.
Wow, what was her name? The girl I dated also had rape issues.
i'm missing out on people with my level of autism, so of course i'm gonna search on the internet for people i like

the only reason i even try to socialize at all irl is so i can "build my social skills" and get money/connections/etc, as in the resources needed to do the things i wanna do
some middle eastern name. iraqi. dont want to type it out and trigger flashbacks. it lasted a year and we mailed gifts to each other so of course it hurt like a bitch
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good ol' prisoner's dilemma.
Thread posts: 20
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