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Can we have a uni feels thread?
Please no. Uni threads remind me of how much a failure I am.
what happened anon? tell me all about it.
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aku 1.jpg
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I'm in grad school, and I'm already 4 chapters behind. My cardiology exam is next week and it's going to fuck me hard.
I got kicked out of my major because I couldn't pass math.
Get studying phaggot
>tired as fuck
>going to stay up all night writing a dumb 8 page paper on an animal rights book I haven't even opened up
>also have to write a few pages of bullshit for another class
>have to drag my carcass to said class in ten hours
>then call a cab to take me to the train station
>then ride the train for three hours into the city
>then go to my psychiatry appointment where we'll talk about how I have no friends and hate myself for an hour
>then finally go to my mom's house
>will be nervous for the whole weekend because the trip to and from school is so stressful
>have another ten pages to write during that time as well
I can't fucking do this, lads. I have no motivation to do anything and I'm scared to go outside and I just want to die.
Just realized I'm not gonna graduate on time. I'm going to have 4 credits left. I fucked up
summer classes baka senpai
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>last year and final stretch of college
>have to do group capstone project
>no motivation or will to do it
>If I join a group I'll feel guilty for not doing anything
>considering dropping out before shit hits the fan

Hello failure, my old friend.
>get an email
>told that 25% of the grade for one of my classes will be an oral presentation
>go to a lecture, told we need a group of 7-8 people for a compulsory project
>lecturer says "if you dont have friends yet, make some"

I dont know what Im going to do, I know nobody
>want to be a doctor
>have a 3.3 GPA and need to get mostly A's from here on out to have a chance of getting accepted
>just got my ochem test back

I honestly can't live with the shame of failing and not getting in to med school. There's a good chance therefore that I will be killing myself in the next two years.
Fuck that professor I'd just drop the class if I were you and if he asks for a reason tell him you think his teaching style is shit
Jesus christ, do you have any stimulants? I would probably pass out at somepoint during that
Hope you get through that shit.
>tfw deciding to transfer to hometown college
>will get 50-75% of my credits transferred
>no scholarships because i'll be a sophomore
>could have saved thousands if i had just not left home

It feels good and bad. I just realized how much I fucking hate this place.
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feels universe.png
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I know this feel too well. I ended up with a 3.4 GPA in undergrad and went to grad school to repair my GPA. If you fail O-Chem just know that there are options out there for you. Good luck, Anon.
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> Sophomore undergrad
> 2.6 gpa
> in Engineering, no girls
> no friends
> mostly just drink on weekends
if you can withdraw from ochem now and take it again, you should. you need to know it to do well on the MCAT.

honestly, though, there are other options in healthcare outside of being a doctor that are just as (or more) necessary for a lot of people. you won't make as much money, but if that's not why you're doing it (and it really shouldn't be) start poking around at how else you could help.
>oceanography test tomorrow
>haven't studied
fuck tests I hate school
>living with the shame of knowing I wasn't good enough for the rest of my life while I do grunt work for actual doctors

Nah I'll just kill myself
Handing in my master's thesis today.

I doublecheck everything to make sure everything is in order.

Find out that I needed to hand in a formula 1 month before hand-in that I was unaware of.

No idea if I'm even allowed to hand it in now.

Fucking supervisor + institute told me NOTHING about this form and it's fucking hidden away in the darkest, most obscure corner of the university's intranet.

What the fuck...

Worst case scenario is that I'm not allowed to hand it in for another 3 months, which means I'm screwed financially since I had to give my jobs at graduation.

Basically just pacing around my apartment right now waiting for the institute to open and get clarification about this shit.

Wish me luck, bros.
>exams on the 13th and 18th
>Fallout 4 out on the 10th
Probably won't be studying for either; luckily I'm in the 70s for both units so can fail them and still scrape a pass.

>tfw absolutely no friends at uni
>tfw never talked to a girl at uni apart from group work where lecturer picks groups
>tfw only studied the day before the exam
>get 85%

im ok with this
>going to UCSC
>don't want to be brainwashed by liberal media

Please help
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>first week in uni
>skipped orientation because fuck talking to people
>prof says to be eligeble for the exam you have to score over 50% on the homework
>homework has to be handed in in groups of 3-4 students
>single hand ins will be disregarded
>happens in 4 other courses
>get home and drop them all immediately
>now only have 2 courses left for this semester
>gets me 8 ECTS when I should get 30 to finish on time
>all those courses are mandatory for my degree too

inb4 liberal arts those all happened in math and computer related courses.
Is there ANY job or degree where I don't have to work in a team? I'm only in uni because I found out lighthouses became automated, I have honestly no fucking idea what to do.
Did you try not going to a school whose values you disagree with?
me and u in the same situation excepr this is my last year and profs are not even responding to my emails for letter of recomendations for grad schools
>only option left is doing grunt shit like physician assistant
i legit rather die than have the shame of going to college. I've already given up on life and im only 22. Barely any friends and I'm never gettin married. Gonna be an 80 year old wizard living in his parents house being a wage slave for ever

how about you just be yourself?

but seriously most of university teaches you how to interact with your peers. All courses involve varying amounts of group work. if socialization scares you this much you're done for and don't stand a chance homie
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>there is no foreseeable end to the cycle of procrastination

>the degree itself does not warrant a job and you can't even properly attain it

>everyone around you works hard
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>didn't study for Calculus 2 at all, ended up withdrawing
>tfw this massive fuckup not only cost me at being able to transfer out of my shit community college in January, but also means if I actually want to stay here and graduate I'll have to do an extra semester
All I had to do
was do my fucking homework on time
he even let us make up the fucking exams and I just watched anime instead of studying
> test in... 9 hrs? I guess?
>didn't study
>haven't gone to class in 2 weeks
>going to fail
>trying to pass
>missed a test because didn't know it was going to happen
I'm not going to make it.
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>spend most of semester procrastinating & doing nothing
>suddenly become motivated to get on top of things before it's too late
>tfw it's too late
What can I do to find friends as a junior transfer next semester?
Is joining clubs my only hope?
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>Get an invite to Golden Key society
>Costs $120

Thanks for recognizing my achievement, brethren.
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>tfw I tried to work and study hard and it still wasn't enough to meet most my deadlines
Fucking time, man. I swear it didn't move so fast before. Hours feel like minutes now.

I think I've finally hit rock bottom, guys. I don't know where to go now.
I know this feel. Not enough time in a day anymore.
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Why are these posts all about you losers failing? So many posts about how much better you all are than 'normies' yet you can't do simple homework? This is honestly embarrassing.
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>Classes are pretty easy so far, comp sci 1 especially is baby work
>Have OK social life, have 1 or 2 actually good friend
>Plenty of time to dick around
>Kind of having fun
So far college seems like really nothing special. Pretty much high school but less work and less time forced to do pointless shit. Main difference is I can easily buy booze and no one cares if I'm drunk, which is nice.
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>tfw always the third wheel of any group project
>they're all friends from high school
>I'm the old loner

My 300k starting will make it all worth it.
nigger u done goofed senpai desu
the only job you can possibly get where you don't have to interact with anyone ever is self-employment. drop out so you have more time to come up with something decent. you don't seem to be cut out for university
Well, there's robots that are social outcasts but are gifted with perseverance to study hard, those can make fun of normies all they want.
And then there's total losers like me.
>e-mail a professor
>too pussy to check my email to see if I got a response

what the fuck dude
No one is a total loser when it comes to study. You literally are handed all the resources you need, you just do the work. There is nothing stopping you.
I know that feel. I'm fucking terrified of e-mails.
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It's been stressing me out for months. I'm doing a business management degree. I speak Mandarin which is my trump card.

I just want easier employment... I am looking at international banking and finance in Swansea (but it's really expensive for such a mediocre uni, 12500 pounds) or something like international business in cardiff (better uni and 10k) ...

Just not sure what will land me a job outside of fucking retail.
>500 unreas emails and notifications
like i give a fuck
I'm the opposite. I have to read every fucking email and every message on every thing I have.

I hate that little (1) notification.
don't give me that shit
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>Meet fembot
>Turns out to be a trap
>Still fuck
If you wanna wallow in self pity and blow your life away go ahead, but don't pretend there is some cosmic force that is holding you back. Everything is within you to change, you could wake up tomorrow and start on the road to turn everything around.
shiiiiiiiit anon

Is your supervisor cool? Hopefully if shit does go bad they can talk to the administration for you.
My uni sends out notifications for grades everytime i see one my heart drops in my stomach. I have severe anxiety when it comes to school
Honestly my man, I know that feeling. You need to start weighing your options sooner rather than later. Maybe look into grad school or something. Diversify yourself. At this point you're underestimating your life. You feel like time is running out, but you have to remember, you could graduate at any time you want. You could enter med school in 10 years for example, or 20. You could earn multiple degrees during that time. Maybe you don't even want to be a doctor. Go into something else! You don't want to end up defeated in 2 years feeling you've wasted something.
Heading over there right now, we'll see.

I can't possibly be the only one who's missed this, so they're probably used to it, I hope.

Will report back if the thread is still up.
This anon here is giving you great advice
I'm about to graduate with a 3.3 GPA and my doctor dream is dead right now. I have no idea what to do with my life and I feel hopeless. Spend your last 2 years looking at alternatives and put your ego aside, dont end up like me.
I feel you senpai. I was actually less anxious when I first started college vs now. I've been deteriorating the longer it goes on. Might have something to do with skipping more and more classes and staying home much more often.
Calculus exam tomorrow- am fucked.
Plus the "best years of your life' talk is so full of crap...
Same here I've gotten to the point where I'm scared to even do online quizes on my online uni portal. Im really fucked for life desu senpai but it is what it is
>fuck around in community college part time for 4 years
>got an AA and an AS in computer networking
>want to go get a BS from a Uni
>nearest Uni is 90 minutes away
>body can't take driving more than 40 minutes
>start blacking out and going into convulsions if I drive too long
>this condition just started this year

This is probably the wrong thread for this, but I am so fucked. I wish I could tell 20 year old me to just take the AA and go on, maybe I could've had my bachelor's before my body turned to shit.
should have done the exercises during the semester kohai, now its too late.
>spent 17 hours today revising MI, CVD, ISH and cardiac embryology

I am beyond fucked.

>assignment due in literally an hour
>nearly done but so fucking tired and keep looking at 4chan or fapoint or eating chocolate

Help me
What was your major?
Man, that nearly done feeling is my favourite, second only to "submitted it, I know it's shit but fuck me it's done."

I usually procrastinate hard until that finish line is in sight, then I manage to plow through like 7 straight hours of quality writing in the hope of getting it done.
>struggle with anxiety
>sometimes entire days go by without talking to anyone
>no motivation to study, attend lectures, or even do hobbies like watch anime
>just fool around 4chan because that's the only place where I can relax

Should I see a therapist or something.
Sounds like you have a terrible case of the lazies.
>try to be normal in uni
>meet shy qt3.14
>find out she goes on tumblr
>i can move past this
>talk to her a good amount almost every day for a month
>eventually she says she "panromantic asexual"
>google this, don't know how to react
>I think i can live with this as long as she likes me romantically
>soon after tells me she has a girlfriend
>can't focus in school for the past 2 days
>this is the worst i have ever felt
>I don't even know what to do anymore

I don't think it's that, it's more like I constantly feel uneasy, like there's always something wrong.
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>be me
>calc 3 midterm
>don't even study
>I just paid attention in class and did the homework during the quarter
>A on test
This is all you have to do you guys
>Taking abstract algebra
>Final worth 40% of my grade
>Have A in class currently
>probably going to get a B in class because final worth so much

Fucking shit. All that hard work down the toilet.
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>only went one out of my four past days with classes
>dropped 3 out of 5 of my classes this semester

in my fourth year(out of 5) and I feel burned out, I had a breakdown about a month ago and dropped my second major/3 of my classes t bh. Stress was killing me, didn't realize how bad I got until my professor pulled me aside after class and asked if I was alright due to my erratic behavior from lack of sleep and complete withdrawal from everything but academic life.
Have you taken complex anal yet?
Nope. And I don't need it to graduate.
>final is 100% of the grade in every class
>no matter how well you understood the subject matter or how interested you were, if you have a bad day on exam day you dun goofed
>exams are usually at 8am, well outside my sleep schedule
>this is somehow fair
Why didn't you want to take it?
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That's why you should give yourself a test at the end of every chapter with the hardest homework problems you can.
I had and have bigger fish to fry. It wouldn't fit in my schedule this fall and it's only offered once a year and I won't be here by next fall.
we dont have any homework or exercises. i could get a book, but then again fuck that.
What a shame anon
>tfw consistently fall asleep during microeconomics even when I get 8 hours of sleep
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>no motivation or will to do it
>no motivation or will to do thermodynamics or systems and signals
>tfw literally paying someone to do the computer labs for me
i want to die
at least ive been getting 100s so it was worth it
i was thinking about changing majors or dropping out before next semester. pretty sure it will all catch up to me by then
>too much of a lazy nigger to get a book
>does no exercises in the book
>hurdurrr finals are unfair

Yeah this is why you deserve to fail.
>but if that's not why you're doing it (and it really shouldn't be)
tumblr get the fuck out and wake up to reality
>me and u in the same situation excepr this is my last year and profs are not even responding to my emails for letter of recomendations for grad schools
exactly youre not even a doctor so you have no idea what the fuck youre talking about
reality isnt as rosey as shitheads like you make it out to be
Tfw your probably have mono or some other disease that makes you tired all the time.
Physics major?
not him, but nobody gets the book for upper-level classes because they cost too much and they're too specific to pirate at that level
I had mono as a teenager and never felt right again after getting it desu
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>Physics major?
>nobody gets a book for upper division classes

Well I can tell you physics and math majors do for the most part

And yeah I've gotten tested for mono. I got it at some point in my life because I still have the antibodies. Weird though because I was only sick for a few days and felt fine the week after.
>n-no, it c-couldn't possibly be my f-fault... there m-must be something w-wrong with me

Sounds like you got a case of the excusies to go with that lazies
>engineering major

I thought all you guys had to do was study the male for and sick off men in exuberant ways to get a passing grade.
>complex anal

>thinking laziness is the cause and not just a symptom of a larger problem

come on senpai, step it up
Dat autocorrect.

>I just paid attention in class and did the homework

The fuck you think studying is
Doing more work after regular homework.
it seriously makes me sick how no one can accept their own laziness or stupidity anymore. it all has to be labeled as some kind of disease and once you call them out on it they just yell "YOU WOULDNT TELL SOMEONE WITH A BROKEN ARM TO MAN UP"
Going to add a case of the denialsies to your prognosis senpai
>tfw I was arrogant enough to try that in E&M at a real university
midterm fucked me good, back to aggressively organizing every concept
>Letting a mentally ill tumblrina get to you that badly
>Letting a mentally ill tumblrina get to you at all
Top kek anon, I thought you were better than that.
Yeah I will say this doesn't work in my physics classes though.
Not even the fag you were responding to. I'm sure he knows he's lazy, and if that was his only problem he would have just pushed through it by now
>panoramic asexual

Isn't panoramic some type of phone photo feature that lets you take 360 degree photos what the fuck?
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>Intermediate programming in python midterm today
>two previous quarters' averages on the midterm: 65%, 67%
>test is 9 pages, need to write out roughly 15 programs on paper and some miscellaneous other python-related shit
>literally left 1/3 the test blank because I didn't have enough time to think through all the questions
>you practically had to have all the algorithms memorized in order to finish the test in time
how the fuck can you expect someone who's only has 2 1/2 quarters of programming experience to have all this shit memorized?
thank god I get perfect scores on all the hw since I actually have time to think out the problems
>if being lazy was his only problem I'm sure he'd push through it

The thing about being lazy is that you're too lazy to push through it, that's why it's called being lazy.

You get a diagnosis of dumbsies.
how do you manage uni if you can not read?
same m8
I guess everything. Been doing alright so far.

Seriously though, what's panoramic asexual? Is that like a fuck-everything in sight?
File: 1445735274043.gif (752KB, 460x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
752KB, 460x256px
nice to know there is a robot somewhere around here. don't worry senpai, you're not alone
please tell me you've seen a doctor about this
read his post again you faggot
>not understanding depression

The fuck are you even doing here if you're so good at "pushing through" m8
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>I thought all you guys had to do was study the male for and sick off men in exuberant ways to get a passing grade.
what the fuck are you even talking about
>have tons of male friends
>all female friends have 0 interest in

>what do????
>obviously in engineering

Still though managed to befriend the non-autistic kids in engineering, all my friends are pretty chad, but they won't introduce me to grilles.
it means not fucking, but enjoying the companionship on a romantic level. I have a physics TA who is heteroromantic (don't even remember how we ended up talking about that).

on another note, there were regular threads about asexuality on this board back in the day, what's up with that anon acting like it's some fake tumblr shit?
shes super normal besides being excessively shy I kinda saw it as something she used to post her art on.
i will seriously never understand computer science people, and why they would put themselves through shit like that so they can sit at a computer all day to punch in numbers.

why is literally every computer science professor an asshole. just mountains of fucking work nobody could possibly do

everyone is ALWAYS giving each other the homeworks and labs in the compsci class i took its fucking retarded to do it on your own
depressionfags are the worst desu
I thought all you guys had to do was study the male form and suck off men in exuberant ways to get a passing grade.

Answer the question senpai why are you here
my life isnt leading anywhere and i need quick anonymous stimulation to pass the hours.
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>Iktf so hard
literally just show up to class every day and you will at least get a c. what the fuck anon
But on /r9k/? Literally just feels? If you've got the solution to all our problems, why come here yourself?
File: hello reddit.jpg (437KB, 1508x1493px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hello reddit.jpg
437KB, 1508x1493px
whats your major senpai
I know what asexuality is. I just don't know what panoromantic or whatever it is was.
>bachelor in chemistry
>in 2 of my courses I have to talk about gender and diversity
Fucking why
There are a lot of girls especially in biochemistry
Physics and pure math. Double major mustard race.
>hurr you can't post here unless you're depressed and have no gf. please consult me for my full list of requirements

first week on r9k? wanting to look like you fit in?
File: 1444019022529.jpg (24KB, 396x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 396x384px
>then go to my psychiatry appointment where we'll talk about how I have no friends and hate myself for an hour
I remember doing that every week, do they have you on any meds?
Asexual grills: not the pure virgins that r9k wants, but the pure virgins r9k deserves
if i had the cure to stupidity and laziness then i wouldnt be here, thats true. i dont have it though.

at least im honest with myself and dont need a disease as an excuse.
i think the keyword is panromantic as opposed to biromantic, heteroromantic, or homoromantic
Apparently the form wasn't mandatory so I'm all good :)

But why would you want to if that's 90% of the board?
best feel.
File: 563456456.jpg (44KB, 599x655px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 599x655px
>mustard race

you dont even know the meaning of hard senpai
it's the least dumb form of asexual though. Why should gender have anything to do with a non-sexual relationship?
it's a /sci/ meme
Whether the toilet seat stays up or down?
I know you do senpai because you're an engineer and there's a lot of hard dicks to suck with such little time.
>we're all lonely virgins with no gf

let's put the memes to one side kiddo and admit that most of r9k are normies to some extent.
10 put of 10 tbfh senpai
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170KB, 550x400px
Ha, glad I'm not an electrical engineer!
>medicine being the only God tier major.


How's med school you memorization monkey?

hey anon, listen here. now im not trying to be mean but you probably got kicked out because you likely did not do your homework and did not study enough. i failed my major as well and i couldn't face anyone, math is for some reason the indicator of like "true intelligence" you know? if you'e good at maths then you're in basically.

ANYONE can learn maths. it just takes effort. im being serious i got Ds all through high school and scored a C right at the end (in aus where only grade 11 and 12 matter for uni) so im in no way considered a maths genius.

anyway I went back to uni after failing, statistics and economics. these might be easy subjects compared to whatever you failed but I was an absolute maths dunce but once i just learned will power i managed to do well.

Anyone can pass maths, you just need to really try. take a break from uni, learn that you really do want it, learn what you need to do to achieve it and then do it.
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282KB, 1191x1192px
>doesn't matter, at least I passed!
>NASA here I come!
Top kek. Glad I'm a physics major then. Mind if I save that picture?
That's great anon, the sense of relief must feel awesome

Best of luck with your thesis marking : )
Yes but please credit me when you post it in the future thank you or I will sue.
Not him, him I'm in med school right now and want to kill myself more and more every day. I hate everything about it and am going to fail out because I can't be assed to memorize a billion diseases and anatomical facts. I don't give a single fuck about any of it, so I have no motivation.

Also realized that there's no way I'll be able to handle the stress of such a high intensity, high focus job as a career.

Time to try to find a job as a technician or as some healthcare office bitch while I figure out what to do with my life.
File: 1441008019797.jpg (43KB, 652x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 652x720px
>300k starting
inb4 retard stemfag who thinks he's actually going to get above minimum wage
The only needing to pass thing is true sometimes
I only need to pass maths and physics and there will not be a real grade
Not a engineering major tho
>that glorious feel when midterms are over
I'm not going to touch my math homework for a while. After all that studying I'm all mathed out, and there's no real due date for the work until the final week.
Tfw this is how I feel about my chem classes I'm taking as support courses for my major.
>tfw 25
>tfw still working on my undergrad history degree
>tfw no motivation to do anything, don't even read what I need to anymore.
>tfw only going to pass formal reasoning requirement (linguistics) is because the professor was lazy and cut the last exam to make the final bullshitable paper worth more.
>tfw still have another semester to go, have to take 2 400 levels (one regular and my capstone) and two 300 levels to graduate. To make it worse I have classes every weekday, something I've never had before.
>tfw commuter and take bus to camps, even for one class I'm gone half the day.
>tfw already dreading next semester.

I'm actually considering suicide.
File: 1445820053036.jpg (18KB, 540x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18KB, 540x512px
>history major
What are you planning on doing? Becoming Indiana Jones?
Jesus am I the only one in here that loves what I study and loves doing it?

no idea, my parents are the boomer "get a degree and companies will throw jobs at you" type. I was forced under threat of disownment to go to college and chose history because I had a passing interest from playing paradox games.
been up all night studying math, think I'm gonna fail the fuck out of my test in a few hours
how can you robots fail uni?
having no friends or social obligations means you can easily have enough time to study and lurk the 4chinz
What math?
I get to sit on my ass all day, only having to occasionally get up to laugh at computer illiterate normalfags. Living the dream.

low to zero motivation and depression
Because honest to god depression makes you actually stupider when you're in the shit of it. It doesn't only make your confidence take a shit and make you think you're stupider.

>tfw professor gives homewrecking test with average below 50
>apologizes but refuses to curve or offer credit

thanks for nothing, fuckface
Even with ample time we're still shit at time management and self control bruv
MAT 147, retard math, have only gotten As on past exams but this finance shit is ruining my entire life
ahahaha game dev at algonquin right?
Am your professor btw. You should have studied
The fuck is mat 147?
Because uni is a fucking popularity contest in a flimsy disguise.
MAT 142*

fuck off, i came to school to get a job

professors who don't realize this and set unrealistic expectations for their students, and/or become bitter that everyone is not dying to know the next days material are a pain in the fucking ass

fuck school
Still don't know this math class. What's it called?
You're just mad because you aren't as smart as I am David.
>zero motivation
studying a subject you personally enjoy would help, I'm studying philosophy/politics, no help for the depression though.
>inb4 wagekek
can't help you there
get a wall planner, that really helped me with time management, doing little bits consistently everyday makes it the easiest, no pressure to cram until exams
i haven't needed popularity or any friends to get my decent marks thus far, only just finished my first year though. sure you loathe the normies, but that's life
>have to go another semester because I misgendered a tranny on the first day of class and had to drop a class I needed.

thought sjws were a meme until I encountered them.
No one can help me now anon-kun
College mathematics
>I have classes every weekday, something I've never had before
How is that so weird?
I have classes from 8 am till 12 on 4 days, and from 10-12 once a week
Also I have to be in the lab every day from 1-5pm
Wait what? Explain
The fact you're spending this much effort trying to convince robots that it's all their fault means you're either pretending to be retarded, or are just in some bumfuck shitty college that passes anyone with a pulse. Fuck off cunt.
Sjws have infected popular culture. Some normies even protest fat-shaming now. What have we come to?
man I'm going to kill myself if I don't get some pussy

I literally deserve to have sex, why would God put me in a building with literal 10/10s walking around in next to nothing the entire year then make me completely undesirable meanwhile they're fucking literal niggers and Chad

What is the point of life?
>taking a class you can easily teach yourself in 2 weeks.
Oh wait.

There we go. He's studying a mcdonalds course.
File: spaghetti.jpg (106KB, 437x437px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106KB, 437x437px

luckily for you i have a job lined up in banking after graduation :^)

just annoying because trying to maintain a high gpa
>paying attention to women

I'm a history major, we have no labs and since I'm a commuter I always tried to get all my classes 2-days a week to give me more time to work since I'm a lazy procrastinator.
Tfw engineer and literally cannot stop sucking nigger cock.
Have had 6 girls sleep in my bed

>still a virgin

It's almost like my dick is afraid

It was my last class of the day and I was sick to the death of bullshit get to know you exercises.

obvious tranny was in the last class, full tumblr tier, blue hair, tattoos and piercings along with two other sjw cunts. I acedently called the tranny a he during a group exercise and the three of them went off on me, told the professor who later sent an email around that anything 'transphobic' would be dealt with harshly. I dropped the class to be safe.
have a project for marketing and my groups fucking sucks. somehow in always the leader and have to set up everything. this semester I have a stupid fucking redneck , "that kid" , an Arab kid whose alright, and 2 hamplanets who are cooperative.
File: 1445750589527.jpg (13KB, 425x282px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13KB, 425x282px
>calculus exam in 4 hours
>advanced C++ exam in 6 hours
>work 2-10
>test for rank promotion in 26 hours (national guard, IT job)
>trying to study for everything
>WTB more time in day
Pic related it's my brain
Thanks and yeah, this is pretty much my face right now.
File: 1442450291752.jpg (44KB, 512x384px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 512x384px
I can't handle all of these prognoses doctor
File: 008.png (506KB, 906x543px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
506KB, 906x543px
It's not the reality of the situation that matters, it's all about the what the ideal board population would look like. Then again, we all have to click 'I'm not a robot' in order to post here.
>passed everything with minimal effort
>never done anything apart from what was needed
>75% uni time passed any everyone around managed to get a real job
>aware of my skills, that are way weaker than needed for any entry job in my profession
>I can't rip off my parents forever, at least I h-hope so
File: 1444014885868.jpg (813KB, 3508x2480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
813KB, 3508x2480px
Roger would approve
>homework due in hour and half
>haven't really started it

Time to make that adrenaline-fueled work ethic go.
I dropped out for a year cos I got depressed and shit. Now I've come back and lo and behold, after 4 weeks, I feel the same again, except I have even less friends this time round.

I'm terrified to even tell my parents because they'll want me to come back home, which is even more depressing somehow.

Fuck /r9k/ should I phone my mum, I've been avoiding her phone calls for a while?

>Its 4:30am and I have an exam at 10am
WTF am I doing on /R9K/
I've become nocturnal and I don't know how to fix my sleep pattern. 2:00 becomes the normal bed time, soon enough 5:00 becomes a late night, and with no reason to get up early, a lay in suddenly becomes sunset.

What do I do?
File: 1446505948357.png (15KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15KB, 200x200px
same thing as me, procrastinating because you can't find the will power to study. If you're lucky you'll wind up like me and it will be 7:30 and you still won't have finished or started what you need to do
try pulling an all-nighter and staying awake until midnight the next day, it works for me most of the time when I really fuck up my sleep schedule.
File: 4L_JSHNz91N.gif (81KB, 1807x1411px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81KB, 1807x1411px
Contemplating suicide, desu senpai.

>don't know anyone
>everyone seems like a smartfag that's too good for you
>just end up staring at phone whenever I'm not in lecture
College bookstore assistant manager here. Please buy more branded clothing.
every wednesday there's this girl I work with and I am hopelessly in love with her.
>tfw living in the dorms
What the fuck? Why is everyone else who lives here a fucking shithead? The people in my classes are honestly pretty cool people, but everyone here is a fucking brat who should kill themselves.
File: 1434465091380.jpg (39KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39KB, 300x300px
Old uni story

>Have to break up with girlfriend, she had loser mentality that I didn't
>She turns around and ruins as many of my friendships as she possibly can because she's fucking insane
>Stuck with a professor who was a fucking douchebag incarnate that made my life a living hell for most of my classes
>Two months later, mostly recovered, wove a new circle of friends
>My ex gf adds me on skype and calls me up as if nothing ever fucking happened
>Cut all contact with her, go back to living my life
>I passed all my classes with flying colors and finally feel happy again

There's hope for us all
File: Jonathan bruh.png (652KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Jonathan bruh.png
652KB, 600x600px
>Parents get me first phone so I can call/text them
>Do so
>After fiddling with wallpapers and adding some music to it run out of things to do
>No one to call/text besides family, basically
>Everybody else is constantly on their phone
>Can't even use it to fap with in the bathroom because SSRIs
other way around for me, I liked the people I shared dorms with, people in my class were the shitheads.
File: 1435086883051.jpg (22KB, 533x477px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22KB, 533x477px
nice one :)

I'm having a thoroughly shit time after my 7th week of uni and I'm always depressed, I hope things get better.
File: shia.jpg (38KB, 700x466px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38KB, 700x466px
>have to write 10-15 pages of horseshit by the end of the day tomorrow

Completely doable but holy fuck I just don't feel like existing at all right now. Having it constantly looming over me for the next 24 hours is going to be such a fucking pain in the ass.
Fuck it, starting now.
All i do is smoke weed and skip class. Honestly all this feels like a fucking chore.
>Completely doable
>10-15 pages
Nigga what? I couldn't do something that fucking Herculean even if I had like a month to do it.
Grad school or just an undergrad that is terrible at time management?
You might be costing through your classes but you should attend lecture, you won't be bored. Faggot.
Im in a similar position to you. I have to create a 15min presentation worth 30% of my grade. I got put into a group with these 2 other normies and the first thing they said was " let's create a Facebook group chat ". I'm gonna end up choking when we actually get round to doing it
>At academic advisor
>"I'm really worried about you anon"
>"Do you ever think of suicide?"
>be me
>uni student
>abusive mother go to uni to get away
>uni life so shit
>going home for the weekend, to get away.
>falling for the STEM meme
wish i never did it desu senpai woulda been much happier doing something where ater you graduate you can get a job
>write long email to professor
>too scared to click send
>disregard it
>an hour later rewrite email
>rinse and repeat

You autist that's just so you can keep in touch and send articles and shit. They don't actually care to stay on your friends list once it's over.
Could be worse.
>email professors constantly whenever ive got a question
>get a response maybe one out of ten times
>TFW I only wanna pass my courses to see a qt pie I meet through my roomate.

File: 1446241189865.jpg (121KB, 500x275px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121KB, 500x275px
>hate uni all freshman and sophomore year
>get to junior year and actually make a few friends
>get paired up with the most qt3.14 girl I've ever seen
>mfw I only have a year left and I'm only JUST starting to enjoy uni a little
>mfw I'll never see the only girl I ever got along with after this class

Its a bitter sweet kind of feel
sophomore year sucks. fucking study with people who are smarter than you, a lot. get past sophomore year and it gets easier (or you just get smarter maybe)

>engineering junior, 3.0gpa
Why is uni shit?
become a fire lookout family
though i dont know if there are any jobs like that in yurup
E+M kicked my ass the first two midterms, but I always did very well on the homeworks (masteringphysics is easy as hell) and decent on recitation quizzes.

studied my dick off for the final and got like an 87 or something, finished with a B overall.


I was in the exact same situation as you 2 years ago. If I couldn't get into med school, I was sure I would just rather kill myself because if I didn't do that, what else was there?

There are a lot of options beside medical school, if you ever decide it's not for you. I realized studying for the MCAT that maybe the doctor profession wasn't for me.

I went to some of the career fairs held at my university (even if you're still set on med school, go to them if your school has them) and saw a bunch of other options I never knew existed. Your school must have counselors. Use them. I decided instead on becoming a medical lab tech. Now I'm graduated with a science degree and 3.4 GPA and I'm applying for MLT courses. They're very in demand and are paid a good amount. I won't be making doctor-level money but my job will be secure and I'll be able to live comfortably.

My advice to you is, at the very least, finish your degree. Even if you don't go to med school you'll have a bachelor's degree in hand and you can go in any direction after that. The lab managers around here only have their bachelor degrees, so I might even find myself managing one of the provincial labs or otherwise finding promotions because of my education.

I don't know if you're here still, but don't give up brobot.
Damn guys why not just study for your exams and tests and wait to play fallout 4 after you've passed.. Like fuck I'm a huge fo3 and nv fan but shit it's not like the game is going anywhere.
nobody graduates on time senpai

>graduated with a shitty grade
>got a job in the banks

Feels fucking fantastic!
No more late nights read shitty irrelevant literature, or writing boring essays.

No more running for a fucking bus just to make it into a early morning class, and then have nothing until the afternoon

No more pretending to like people, and have to listen to their shitty Marxist propaganda

Fuck uni
Fuck uni students
Fuck professors.

I'm Done
What did you study?
File: 1306556972274.jpg (55KB, 192x279px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 192x279px
>tfw never passed high school math
>miraculously admitted into top 10 engineering school
>they must have mistaken my application for someone else with a similar name

HOW DO I SURVIVE /R9K/ TBF (To be Frank)
>implying I even have normiebook
>study history
>know it will be bad when you graduate
>but expect with hard work and dedication, you can even make a history degree work
>you cant
>you are a 100k in debt for an arts major
>I am now slaving away in a factory with other unschooled and unqualified workers
>nobody is my age and isnt interested in anything I like. I've tried to get intrested in the normies, but the only reason I still have the job is that my job knows the boss. I dont get invited to any parties or anything and nobody talks to me.
>I think about killing myself every single second at work
>I hate my life and wish I never wasted time in Uni
>go to Khan Academy
>start as low as you need too
>work yourself up to, but not including calc
You'll make it tbf
File: 1446554562635.gif (702KB, 268x342px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
702KB, 268x342px
I'm a 3rd year CS student but I don't have any personal projects and I need to start applying to internships. I'm scared to apply because I'm pretty sure the lack of projects will be an outright rejection. I also don't even know where to start making practical, non-homework stuff. I think I'm actually pretty smart when it comes to solving problems and shit, yeah I just don't have experience. My grades are pretty decent too

Any other robots been in similar situations? I don't want to end up everyone thinking I'm a failure
I feel like I'm in the situation, but I'm in 1st year.
I take classes online. I smoke so much fucking weed I buy two ounces each pick up now. My biggest worry in school is checking my .txt file on my new gaming PC I made telling me when to start shit.
Edit: this is for the first two years. I'm a transient student just trying to get a baccalaureate in CAS so I can work for my father's company from home above intern level.
>"I'm really worried about you anon"
>Academic Advisor
I wish people noticed me, senpai.
who /useless degree/ here?

Archaeology reporting in
Jobs are for losers anyway
I liked a girl at my old school that was into archaeology. Thinking back on it, all of our conversations were me spilling spaghetti to the max. She was just being nice for the sake of being nice.
Saw her last year when I was visiting the school and she had the tumblr hair coloration. I'm glad my spaghetti spillage helped me dodge that bullet.

>can afford to go to uni
>wahhh I'm not normie

I'm just about to move from a tiny island in the UK to melbourne aus, i'm excited as shit and can't wait to start studying International relations

so how fucked am I exactly in the long run?
Hold fast to your ideas and never make friends there. Friends always change who you are, usually when you don't realize it. that's why I chose to never have any
Wealth doth not a normalfag make.

It's your personality, faggot. I'm guessing you're the mouth breathing normalfag here, if you just come to threads for the sake of posting your dank memes.
Idk if you're still here, but look into generalized anxiety disorder, or don't because it could make things worse...
Not going to deny that I have terrible time management, but it's part of a group assignment and me starting my portion was contingent on information from another member who only just now got me what I needed.
In this case, it's not completely on me, though you're also not totally wrong.

I already have the research and foundation work done. At this point I'm just summarizing my findings and putting it in report format. Also, this is the final part of my senior project, meaning that it's literally the last formal paper I'll ever have to write.
So there's some extra motivation I have going for me.
File: image.png (32KB, 633x758px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 633x758px
how bad is it if I fuck up my first semester

My grades are tanking hard and I'm considering just running away. I'm going to barely scrape a 70% in 3/4 courses by the end.

It's also not because the courses are hard, I was just lazy.
Are you me? I am 3rd year and have no personal projects and also trying to apply to internships. My GPA is good but I think companies are looking at my lack of projects and outright ignoring me. To get my GPA I basically have to sacrifice a decent amount of time to put into my classes, and I'm not even sure of what personal projects to do...I fucking hate how it's expected that I need to basically work outside of my own fucking major to get a job where as other majors just do classwork and get internships/job offers based off their GPA
Happens to all of us. Happened to me, thought I would get out with Cs in 2/4 of my courses. Ended up with 3 As and a B. Curving happens man, shit's SO cash. Of course, I fucked up the next semester though. I changed my major and got my life back on track the following year.
aren't you better getting a management job somewhere as quickly as possible and then doing an MBA...? Business Management MA sounds like a waste of time.
>no friends
>no hope of relationshit

and i really feel like i'm an anomaly here. most people have some friends even if they're back home.
>started a new university after failing my last attempt
>failing this attempt too
What alternatives do i have other than killing myself?
Maybe with some low status education it would be easy but what would i want that kind of education for.
I doubt i could get a job, if i could it would be a horrible one.
I can unfortunately not afford being neet.
it's free where i live.
getting into university and getting money for it is a lot easier than getting neetbux here
>tfw when 70 page paper dude by December 12
>haven't even started
>thinking of dropping the class
>out of nowhere qt Indian girl from lab mentions she gets Adderal from her doctor
>ask her if I can buy some off of her
>she say she'll sell me the whole bottle for 80 bucks
>got to her apartment and buy them
>been up all night, 10 pages already down

Things like this actually make me believe there might be a god
it's nothing to do with money, but you're right most people in these threads are gigantic normie shits who are just on r9k for the >tfw no gf posting
>>Got 51 in second year
>>Third year counts for twice as much

Is it possible for me to scrape 60?
My grades are fine and my social life is shit (I really couldn't give a crap about making friends) but my problem is
>cant choose whether I my major should be in Architecture or CS

I've had interest in programming since I was in high school

But I've had interest in architecture since I was a little kid building a house for me with the big ass legos

Im always trying to replicate or create new buildings and houses fucking constantly in Minecraft

When I had to create a library in my Civil Engineering class in high school, I spet so much time trying to put in detail to It and I spent hours after school doing that

Up until this point I've told all of my family that my major was going to be in CS, Now Im contemplating whether I should change it

At least I still have time to think about it before I transfer to Uni next year
File: 1437674203641.jpg (37KB, 466x349px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 466x349px
>tfw no aspect of my life is enjoyable

I hate uni and all the morons in it and then I come home and hate being alone with nothing to do.

why did I have to be born
File: 1439585745199.png (71KB, 353x352px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 353x352px
>used to have 3 friends at uni
>beer night at least once a week
>one dropped out last semester
>other 2 started attending other classes than I do
>they do not even send me message
>tfw they have never been my friends in the first place
You don't deserve shit, fatass. Why would a 10/10 woman lower herself to your level?
File: 1371783450601.gif (670KB, 300x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
670KB, 300x400px
>last year lazy shitter pretty much bottom on every test
>somehow pass
>put work in over summer to get out of ELO hell
>suddenly better than everyone this year
Anyone here know if Wolverhampton is a good uni?
>parents paying for uni for my two sisters and I
>one of my sisters and I just go to a community college that we can commute to, while the other goes to fucking MSU
>don't have a job so I can focus on my work
>feel guilty whenever my mom tries to give me spending money
>meanwhile my MSU sister is carelessly bleeding my mom dry with stuff like expensive clothes, food, and housing
File: sadriver.jpg (42KB, 1101x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 1101x773px
> sophomore in community college
> terrible parking, long walks to classes, really hard to make friends or meet girls
> most of the people in my classes are older than me or going to cc because they couldn't get in anywhere else
> my counselor tells me that I won't be able to transfer next year because I switched majors and dont have 60 transferable credits anymore
> was hoping that once I transferred to uni I might meet a girlfriend or make some good friends within my major
> stuck for another lonely year in community college
medicine and physics are including in STEM, right
>school for 8-12 years
anything but business+STEM are subpar

no point in going into STEM if to work for another person
>Going for a psych degree
I am not the smartest person
Since when did wealth have anything to do with it? Remember Elliot?
It was an honest mistake.
Anon why did you drop it? All you had to was say you apologized and never talk to the kid ever again.
>take chinese classes because why not it's free at yuroland unis
>tell my teacher I wanna get a language buddy to practice having conversations etc
>she gives me the email of some girl
>we arrange meeting after chinese class today
>at that point I am already a wreck because of work, classes and general lack of sleep
>she brings her friend, my social anxiety is acting up, I can't do this, 2 people
>draw a blank card, start talking in english to them for some reason
>they look at me like dder in the headlights
>generally act like someone who cant tell his left foot from his right
>search my mobile phone for 2 minutes, until they tell me its visibly just in my pant pocket
>my hands are shaking when I write down some chinese characters and stuff they teach me
>arrange to have weekly meetings
>I feel slightly more like a failure than before

jesus christ, sometimes I think I'll never drop my spaghetti again and then shit like this happens.
>fail midterm Cal1
>fail midterm linear algebra
Fuck guess i have to get at least 80% if i want to get accepted in my program. At least i'm passing the other classes.
Which msu? Montana is dirt cheap for instaters
>failing all my classes
>no friends
>want to die
that's pretty much it
Eh they probably thought you were high.
Fuck calculus,ruining my first semester
But regardless of tuition, she's still spending money like it's an endless supply.
>go to uni
>tfw people don't stop talking to me
How do you get this?
I'm so lonely.
>Studied 2 weeks for midterm in upper level physics class
>Midterms are usually only 4 questions so messing up on a singly question can ruin you
>Thought I was starting to get it
>Go to write the thing
>Everything is out of left field, only know 1 question
>try my best to at least get part marks
>Check some stuff online
>Already know I blew it on 1 question

Kill me
>>24046909 here. Essay is due in two hours and I have not started. Currently trying not to panic on the train.

I'm a fucking idiot, goddammit.
It's probably because you start the actual engineering courses in the last two years. I'm a freshman and I'm forced to take stupid shit like composition and humanity classes
File: 1446753111133.jpg (7KB, 261x192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 261x192px
i know that fel anon. Better next time...
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