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Just a thread

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>two classmates ratted me out to my parents (drugs)
>my crush was LITERALLY on top of me at a party few months back, I fucked it up
>depressed and paranoid (slowly going shizo - have hallucinations and talk to my reflection in the mirror)

AMA I just want to vent q_q
Fucking normies
What do you see when you hallucinate and what does your reflection say to you?
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>finally have a gf (Asian)
>this is a big fucking revelation
>go on one date
>haven't felt this good
>weekend passes
>her ex who is a massive beta pussy tells her mother that I'm some Drug addicted Alcoholic schizo that is a bad influence
>not far from the truth but not that close either
>he is harassing her by telling lies to all her friends
>don't know what to do
>guy has a pikachu for a facebook profile picture, talks in memes and talks shit about me to her
>she still likes me

>essentially a fucking robot and or autist that has nothing wants to take away what I got when I just got it

fucking robots
yo dude go to a doctor, get some treatment before you have a psychotic breakdown and rek shit, maybe ease up on the drugs for the time being too

why did your classmates tell on you?
Pikachu guy has your number (you really are a drug addicted, alcoholic piece of shit) but you're also too much of a beta retard to know how to handle an asian kid with a pikachu profile picture.

This thread sucks.
I mostly think people talk about me or wave at me, remember thing which never happened, sometimes see things that aren't there.
I still didn't figure it out, when I asked them they didn't say anything concert - "you looked bad, we were worried :(" on repeat
I even asked them if I did something bad and just don't remember it, but nothing like that happened.
tbh mate if you've got schizophrenia your class people have the right idea, go get antipsychotics or something

can you tell what is real and what isn't? can you distinguish between dreams and reality?
I'm not sure, I just assume everything is real unless proven otherwise, although one time I threw a coin at a guy standing at a bus stop - it went through him and when I picked it up he wasn't there. I got really spooked ;_;
fucking hell lad what is stopping you from going doctor, its only a matter of time before you completely lose control

what did your parents say after they found out about the drugs
Like everyone else, I suggest getting help.

But if you need to just vent, go for it. My email is [email protected]

I'll offer advice if you want it, or just listen if you need it. You need to get this shit out, man.
They were "sad" and "worried", but left me alone for the most part, and I'm thankful they did.
I went to a psychiatrist 3 times and have 3 more meetings planed with a psychologist
I don't really know if I want to be "cured"
glad to hear it mate. there's a difference between being "cured" and preventing psychosis (which you do not want, trust me). tbh if you're clear and assertive to the psychologist about what you want it's unlikely you anything you don't want them to do will happen

how's the rest of your life
I don't know what to do
I just want a girl tell me what to do (some kind of femdom fetish), but the only girl I do talk to is very stressed now and I don't want to be a burden
if you tell the psychologist all the stuff you've said in this thread that's basically all you have to do

other than that do what you want to do, maybe try make friends with other girls too

alternatively just tell the one you do know, if you're good friends with her
OP on that failed normie starter pack.
Complete with made up "depression."
Shrink: Ok so if you will stop using substances we will think about prescribing some meds
Me:Meds for what?
Shrink: Oh, my diagnosis is that you have depression and .....
Me: oh, ok, that's cool :(
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 2

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