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Deep Web Thread

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Requesting / sharing (non cp) resources, information and experiences on the deep web and Tor.
I've found several very informative articles by hacker Adrian Lamo. Here's the full article for this first one.

Here's another from Lamo.

I'll bump with more content if it looks like there's any interest in sharing general information about the deep web and Tor.

Requesting others post any good information they may have. Again, not cp or anything illegal. Just info on using the deep web safely.
using an OS like Tails is a must imo. just run it on a stick. wouldn't recommend burning it as it does get updated.
You just beat me to it lol.

Deep web or not. Scan files before you download using this.


Let's make everyone, who wants to be, safe on Tor.
Since your anonymity on Tor isn't protected from those controlling the exit nodes, use a VPN before going into Tor. Here's a good one that's free.

Privacy and Anonymity Techniques Today by Adrian Lamo.
Here's a great documentary that features the author of several of these articles, Adrian Lamo.

Hackers Wanted Full Documentary (DVDRip)

More info on how anonymity is breached via exit nodes on Tor.
Now for a few resources. Here's a search engine for the deep web that's usable on the regular internet.

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onior dir.png
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This is a list site that also has a thumbs up/down rating for its listings.

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This tool lets you test any url on the onion network.

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A good search engine on the Tor network itself.

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Another one...

An index of onion network sites updated regularly.


Anyone liking this thread?
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Information on markets.

You guys want to share? Don't say anything illegal or incriminating of course, but I'd be interested to hear insight on Tor? Tor markets? Any experience or info you have that would be interesting to others exclusively for educational purposes.
Send notes that will self destruct after being read.

Send images that will self destruct after being viewed once (or for specified time period).

unsee dot cc
Temporary email accounts that expire when you close your browser. Good for sites that want to email verification codes to you if you don't want to end up on their spam-mail list afterwards.

Ok guys. Only one comment so far. I know getting boobs xrayed and blow job shops are more popular but come on. If anyone wants to get in on this info then post. I've got more stuff but am going to let you guys have a chance to post or not. If nobody at all is interested I'll just let the thread die.
Thanks. Talk dude. Experiences. Cool sites on the onion network. Tools. Anything. Let's all share (legal non-incriminating) information and make a cool thread out of this.
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Secure email / burner email on the onion network.

Onion sites back then: CPCPCP
Onion sites now: Drugs, if you are lucky.

Seriously. The main reason for onion sites nowadays are drugs. Nothing cool about that really.
Feels like ordinary marketplaces. Fuck I wish governments globally just fucking accepted that people occasionally enjoy drugs.
I've also seen markets for cloned credit cards, paypal accounts and amazon cards discounted 50% but they're probably all scams.
But, note, the Tor browser can be used to maintain privacy as you browse the regular internet. And not everything on the onion network is cp or drugs. Here's an example. Facebook for the onion network.

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Here's another onion net site that's not cp or drugs. You can anonymously submit questions to be answered. Of course, like anything on the internet you'll want to take answers with a grain of salt. Still, it's a resource.

How about an anon IM service brought to you by the folks at Hidden Answers?

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Forgot the screenshot on that one.
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And here's an onion network site with thousands of ebooks available for reading or download. Screenshot is just the section on books under topic "computers."


main page

can someone please archive this?
Hey Mr. FBI dude, thanks for all the cool links!
OP, tor is dead & has been for years.
It was gutted by the federal government & now they are running it.
The young..
Is that true? Can you prove that? I'm not an fbi dude. Just interested in internet privacy and nothing I've posted is promoting any illegal activity.

If there is a legitimate resource out there that explains and validates your claim about Tor I'd love to see it.
Seriously, can you please document/prove that Tor was taken over and is being run by the federal govt? Short of that it's just a random anon claim. And what is the problem with me posting sites/resources that have NOTHING to do with any illegal activity??????
If you can take the time to request my thread archived and make a claim like that, you should be able to take an additional minute to reply to my question.
And if Tor was taken over by the federal government 2 months ago, why is a world renown hacker like Adrian Lamo writing on it as recently as 2 months ago?

Are you sure that your level of expertise is sufficient to back up a claim like you made?
Ok. Whatever. That's fucked up though.

I'll try to stick to gimme-gimme-gimme threads like the other 99.9% from now on.

Hey, you wanna do a nudeshop for me man. Really....ur a god!!!! Or an xray? Or fake ray??? How about a faceswap? Maybe come over and wash my car?
So as my thread scrolls off the page now, yet another effort to fucking give back has turned out to be a total waste. I took the time and effort to post some stuff that looked to be very useful and legit. Nothing illegal.

And I was thanked with a big FUCK YOU.

Not even any documentation of the big claim he made, which would have been very useful to see IF HE CAN produce it.
Was I blocked from creating threads??
I found this....



I get it. So can you at least answer this? Is it just the Tor browser or the entire onion network? Is there a different browser for the onion network that you'd consider "safe".
i've done a shitload of fakes and all kinds of stuff this week to help out a bunch of anons here. I haven't made any requests myself.

Can someone help me and answer the question. Is the onion network itself safe? Is there a browser other than Tor you'd consider safe. If I was fbi I wouldn't have come out of the gates with this either.


I still don't know whether Tor just potentially gets you targeted or if it's a complete inside job of some kind. Sure would appreciate a solid answer from someone who isn't just guessing.
It looks like he was right. Vague, but right. Here's an article that elaborates. Looks like there ARE in fact some alternatives to Tor on the onion network.

I still maintain this was a very useful thread with a lot of good info in it. I put work into posting some great resources and promoted nothing illegal. The thread deserved a little more love desu.
what you trying to do ill try to help
I'm just trying to learn about Tor and the onion network. Don't have any specific thing I want to do other than that.

I have played around with Tor a little and have seen some things that raised a ton of questions. Like, for example, I saw a bunch of sites where they're selling cloned credit cards. I'm not crazy enough to actually try that, but I'm curious as hell to find out if it's legit or part of some scam/hit operation.

But I do think I should say thanks to the anon above who called me the fbi guy because, while he's wrong about me, looks like he is right about the Tor browser. Ultimately, I'm just a curious person who likes to understand how things work.
And I suspected I'm not the only curious one, which is why I started this thread. I didn't want to start trouble or promote anything illegal.

Do you know if the ratings on the OnionDir site are valid? From actual people and not some kind of fake shit?

Meant to direct this question to you Li.

Thread posts: 50
Thread images: 25

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