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Requesting videos/webms of people committing seppuku in non-gory

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Requesting videos/webms of people committing seppuku in non-gory ways.
Slit throat/somewhat bloody doesn't count as gory to me, so that's good.
Actually I'm looking for slit throat in particular, but anything will do.
What do I have to bump with to get a response around here?
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Is this not the right place to request such things?
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no one?
There has to be SOMEONE here that knows of somethin like this, I mean come on, look where we are.
I'll start bumping with porn or something soon.
I'm practically begging at this point.
If you have somethin like this, I humbly request it.
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I said porn, but I meant Hentai or R34.
Bumping with this until I get anything.
gl OP
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Thanks. I'm really only looking to test the waters.
Trying to gauge how much different forms of suicide would hurt by video footage, rather than listening to people talk about it.
listen guys, don't give him this shit, i know OP on a personal level and i'm trying to find out what the fuck is going on with him and while 4chin isn't exactly the place for feelings and emotional bs I really don't think it's a great idea to fodder this dude at the current state he's in.

Seriously, OP, fucking stop this shit and fuckin' tell me what's wrong.
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Gravity Falls for ya.
I'm not posting consistent content, it'll probably all be different.

I'm just trying to stay here long enough to get just one video or webm. That's all I really need.
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In hindsight, I really probably shoulda used some r34 for the thread image.
Here, I'm sure some of you like LoL.
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One more LoL pic then back to randomizing.`
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Last LoL pic.
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Odd bit o' PKMN.

>be me
>be friends with op
>op's feelin' shitty
>be huge asscunt to op bc i'm in a piss mood and op said something that i took waaaay out of context
>OP posts suicide/gore video thread
>uses icon other friend made for OP
>Friend gets upset
>OP gets upset
>blow over like a windstorm of shit trying to calm things down
>talk to OP, try to get him to open up.
>nothing for 30 minutes
>this post is blowing up with porn as i try to fucking get him to calm down
>continue extending olive branch of apology and nothing new happens

OP if your upset go to the chat and talk to me. I told you that I'd listen and i sound like a huge fag for saying this but you fucking matter to someone. You might not think it but you do. You really do. Life doesn't get better but don't hurt yourself because of that. If your girlfriend's being a shitcunt to you then tell me. If that other guy is being a fuck to you then FUCKING TELL ME. stop being shady as fuck and actually talk to me, OP, and stop being so goddamn vague to me about why your upset, leaving a fucking cliffhanger of emotions.

TL;DR: OP, stop being so shady and talk to me. I'll listen. I might have said shit I didn't need to at a very wrong time because I took shit out of context and I snapped and I'm genuinely sorry.

So calm down and talk to me instead of this. Seriously, you think you don't matter to someone but you do and this shit isn't the answer.
It's a complete long-shot that anyone would wanna see this stuff, but I personally think it's great. IF you can find some pleasing art, there's not much out there.
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This is the only tab I have open guys.
I think I've probably bumped enough to sustain this thread for a minimum of 30 minutes, I'll be back in 20 to check for any updates.

For now, have this. As a promise of my return.
OP, I suggest you should talk to your friend. It sounds like you need some one to talk to, and asking for what you are doesn't sound the greatest. No amount of BS should be a motive for death in any situation, so please, talk to your friend, and get things in line.
man.. please come back on and talk to us, you know who I am and I want you to remember what I said about Joe and how you're like him x10.
I'm scared I'm going to lose my second closest friend...
File: BossGiygas.png (6KB, 256x224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're not gonna get gore. Nobody's posted on this within the hour. Just calm the fuck down and talk to me or someone. if you don't wanna fucking talk to me that's fine because i fucking understand your not in the mood, but fucking don't do this shit.

Go fucking talk to someone if you don't wanna talk to me, because you genuinely have people that give their time to listen to you, e.g. me and Ev and Kay and Ty and the like.

If you really think i don't wanna talk to you then you're wrong, Because I said that I listen to you guys even when I'm upset doesn't mean I feel obligated or that I don't want to. You're literally like family to me, OP, and i don't use that term lightly.

Calm down and talk to someone, seriously.
Gumball, I know you have a LOT of shit going on (you know who this is), but please do NOT do this to yourself again! We're all here for you if you need to talk to someone, everything's gonna be okay, alright? Don't hurt yourself dude, it's not worth it and I know you're much stronger than what you let on..
Never expected to see an intervention on a 4chan thread.
You see something new everyday.
Looking for dead, find hentai.
Gummy....I know we haven't been friends for as long as everyone else.
Hell, I normally wouldn't have come here.
But I can't let you think about committing suicide.
Look man, life is tough.
You and Evan have demonstrated exactly how much you know that fact over the past few months.
But I always knew you were strong enough to press on and go forward.
I only know you through a crappy tablet and I could figure out how great you are....
So please....don't lay waste to the man I look up to....
I already lost a friend a while back that I'll never forget....one person who I thought was just streaming with talent and hope....
One person who I cared so so much without even meeting them........I don't want that to become two....
There's always a future Gummy, and ending it here will firmly cease any and all good things ahead.
You want to know what killing yourself will do? You won't be freed from pain, it won't all end.
It will literally become your existence, and this time, there really is no hope.
I don't want that to happen to you man....
I love the person you are....don't take him away....
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I came to post what OP wanted but, with what's been said I don't think it's really necessary anymore.
>trips pic related
OP's friend here again with updates.

I've made various posts on many social media places that people know him widely.

Fuckloads of people are making a fucking huge effort to get OP to calm down and talk.

Since OP hasn't returned from the last post I'm genuinely hoping he cried himself to sleep and will be okay tomorrow morning and maybe he'll talk to me.

Any positive reinforcement to OP would be great if you would kindly post up positivity.

Thank you.
OP's friend here again, Thank you for not giving him gore.

Pic Unrelated
File: for misc.png (837KB, 1366x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
for misc.png
837KB, 1366x768px

OP's friend here again, he's okay. A friend called and he picked up the phone (albeit he got hella pissed off, it's 12, almost 1am here..)and we now know he's alive and well.
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 23

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