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Sweet Irony

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Bernie fags finally realizing the fix is in and are now fighting against each other over him and Hillary
I smell a guaranteed Republican victory.

May knowledge of these dirty Hillary tricks be spread far and wide

Get the word out, /pol/
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>The Old Right and Neocons showing themselves as impotent limpdicks who can only spout 'MUH IRAN', being outed by Russia for arming ISIS
>Libs at each other's throats
>trannies and gays feuding
>Mexicans killing off blacks in their own neighborhoods
>FBI informants and infiltrators in the far right groups being found out thanks to that hack a week ago
>Hill Shills and Bernouts revving up to go at each other's throats
>Maine allowing CCW without permits
>Everyone's roaring against TPP and Senators who don't vote against it are on target for getting booted
>Trump galvanizing the people and much of the Republican Party into a Golden Right

Has there been a more freedom inducing month in recent memory? If Dorner reappeared and Zimzam killed another Nuffin, this would be the greatest month in /pol/.
Republicans at least took care of their establishment cuck Yeb! Just need to put down Rubio for good.
People do not believe me when I tell them that we live in the WEIRDEST time in American, if not human history.

Strap in. Things are only going to get weirder.

when will this meme die? He ran against an establishment republican to even be in the senate. Sure, a lot of donors, look at him as a "safer" option than Trump and Carson, but he's not even as establishment as Kasich, Christie, Fiorina(helped run McCain's campaign in 08) are.

Rubio would be a great choice tbh
"memes have power"

shit, they figured the code out. This is M.A.D. now
Why I'm not voting for Bernie:
>He not only wants full amnesty for all illegal immigrants currently in the US, but also wants to raise the cap of immigrants currently allowed entry every year
>He voted yes on a bill that would have banned high-capacity magazines over 10 bullets
>Despite his anti-war rhetoric, he supported the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, leading to the resignation of one of his anti-war staffers
>He voted to authorize funds for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan despite publicly opposing those wars
>He colluded with Chris Dodd to completely gut Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill when it was introduced to the Senate
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Sqoq-lAGO8 [Embed] [Embed]
>He told a woman "Excuse me! Shut up! You don’t have the microphone.” when she asked him at a town hall meeting why he refused to condemn Israel's bombing of Gaza
>His wife committed loan fraud and nearly bankrupted Burlington College while she was dean
>Despite being an "independent", he voted with Democratic Party 94.1% of 324 votes
>He voted to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour by 2016
>He voted NO on building a fence along the Mexican border.
>He voted NO on declaring English as the official language of the US government.
>He voted NO on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1
>He voted YES on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets.
>He Voted YES on Congressional pay raise.
>He voted YES on $84 million grant for Black and Hispanic colleges
>rated 97% by the NAACP for pro-affirmative action stance
>He voted YES on additional $825 billion for economic recovery package
>He voted YES on addtional $192 billion stimulus spending
>He voted yes multiple times to expand DHS powers and funding
>He voted yes on making 14 provisions of the patriot act permanent
>He voted yes multiple times to fund and expand funding for the F35 program which exist solely for MIC profits and makes him a Lockheed Martin shill

Go to bed Marco
Why you're not voting for Bernie
>Because you're from Ireland, not America
"online polls show him beating her by 60%"

these are the same online polls that had Ron Paul beating everyone by 80% in every poll since 2004.
Remember what happened to Ron Paul.

>memes have power

It's like all of humanity discovered magic and are all using it for evil this year.
Indeed, but Ron came at an unfortunate time before people saw the kool-aid they've drunk had been poisoned. He might've even been somewhat of a trailblazer that allowed the goyim to see it. I think he would've done great this cycle if no one knew who he was, since people are done with the bullshit. It's a good thing people are seeing the shilling now at least, so I'll take it and support it.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 3

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