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Barack Obama will go down as the greatest U.S. president in history

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Barack Obama will go down as the greatest U.S. president in history but he will have to share the spot with Hillary Clinton.

This is poor bait even for a Clinton shill.

BTW, he actually hates Clinton and will endorse Biden instead, as a last FUCK YOU to that stupid murdering cunt.
No he won't. President Obama will ultimately support Hillary despite their at times tenuous relationship. She is not a stupid murdering cunt. She is your future president and you will address her as such.

I know this is a bait thread, but I'll bite.

> implying he won't ALWAYS be known as "That guy who only got elected because of his skin color"....end of story.

He's the black affirmative action president, and always will be.....just like Hillary will be the female AA president if she manages to beat Trump.

But I wouldn't hold my breath.

Yes he will. He has always hated Clinton and she has always hated him. That's why Biden is waiting so long to announce his candidacy.

Obama is going to endore Biden and ruin Clinton's campaign. Her political career is over.

Cry harder you faggot little cunt.
>Implying trump will be a candidate.

Fucking moron - he doesn't stand a chance. Big wins this early in the battle means absolute shit.

It's either going to be another Clinton or another Bush.
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> Obama's hate the Clintons and vice versa

THIS x9000

Not to mention, Obama has flat out refused to back ANYONE in the party that isn't going to continue all of his policies to the letter.

That's why he's backing Biden if he runs, and why Biden is being pushed to run by the current administration, because he's literally the only one cucked enough to let Obama dictate his platform.

Biden is literally Obama V2.0.

Fuck that.....like it isn't bad enough that there's always the possibility of a democrat running this country for another 8 fucking years.

But, if things keep going the way they are, trump is going to BTFO the democrats right out the fucking door.

God willing.

Obama made it by merit, not affirmative action.

Do you honestly think Hillary, McCain or Mitt Romney were better choices? They flat out state they would go to war with Iran or Russia. If Obama's relation with Putin was a disaster, imagine under those psychos.
More like Barack Obama will go down on the greatest president in history



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> trump ALREADY has the numbers to win the nomination

> he doesn't stand a chance

I cannot wait till he wins....and to see all the assrekt and butthurt from libs, sjw's, and illegals here when he does.

It is going to be glorious.
why would someone make this a gif?

remember when obama scoffed at romney about how puitin was a big enemy. youre a moron.

remember when obama scoffed at romney about how putin was a big enemy. youre a moron.

Just like Julius Caesar was the greatest leader of the Roman Republic.

At least the one most people have heard of.
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> mfw some dark-skinned asshole from the literal shithole that is brazil telling me about how the president of MY country managed to get elected

Listen stupid, the dems could've ran Al fucking Sharpton and won in 08'....that's how bad the political climate was in this country for repubs.

Out of the three of those candidates, I would've taken McCain any day of the week over the others, including obongo.

Hillary doesn't stand a chance, Romney is a used car saleman, and McCain made the mistake of trying not to sink to the level of the democratic party by not calling out obongo for his ties to Rev. Wright.

If McCain had pushed for public and media scrutiny of obongo and michelle's ties to known racists, he probably would've won.

But he decided to be the "bigger man" and not sink to the level of democrats by playing the race card.....and it cost him the election.

I suspect McCain would've told putin to fuck himself, and honestly, I would rather have that happen that what's happened since obongo got in....which is that now the US is a laughing stock and looks weak because we voted in a nigger....twice.

We need a white guy who isn't going to be a limp-wristed cuck like sanders...or a stupid uppity unlikeable cunt like Hillary.

Pic related, it's the last decent president this country ever had.
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>10 years from now
>all the shitskin migrants Obama is gonna ship in constantly allah snackbaring every kosher deli, church, military base, school, and dogs show
>thousands of American girls forced into child sex slavery, just like Rotherham
>No Go Zones all over the US where Sharia is enforced
>Rate of rape and violent crime skyrockets, just like it does everywhere the fucking savage "migrants" go

Hey remember that nigger that lied about being able to keep your health plan, forced tax payers to pay for the sex changes of insane people who usually just end up killing themselves, and seeded the country with shitskins?
Wasn't he great?
Hey, don't be mean to Brazilbro
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Thread images: 6

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