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Refute that!

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Why don't you want to: Raise the minimum wage?
Be done with the crisis by not repaying the debt and nationalizing some companies to help the state be able to finally do something (public interest cmon)?
Legalize drugs in private areas (so it cannot harm other people)?
Ban guns (because it's for fearful idiots) but give more power to the police?
Reform the educational system so the children can finally learn no to be fags whatching TV all day?
Stop with your racial faggotry because even if it was right it's just a fucking beta cock-eater's behaviour ("muh race", "muh superiority")?
>inb4 "muh feels"
>inb4 OP can't inb4
>implying a minimum wage increase wouldn't just cause the cost of things to rise, therefore you're back at square 1 all over again
unless you oblige the CEO's to give less money to the executives (for example up to 300k/year which is I think enough) which makes them therefore give more to the one with minimum wage. Btw your point states then that poverty is bound to happen which is false.
Raising minimum wage is a fucking terrible idea. Basic goddamn market economics you twat.

Unless you want to go to a complete command based economy, price fixing fucks with supply and demand in enormous ways. It also fucks directly with monetary policy.

Minimum wage 10 bucks an hour? say hello to 1200 bucks a month average rent for people on minimum wage. Say hello to 15 dollar fast food orders and immense costs for janitorial and other low-paid employee services.

Also, the average time a person spends working a minimum wage job is 6 months. After that, they're raised and/or promoted or they've found a better job because they have work experience.

Raising minimum wage is the tackiest, most manipulative labor policy a politician can advocate.

Instead of solving the problem of unemployment, underemployment, and a lack of worker's skills, you just force the economy to conform to your bullshit fantasy of everyone getting all the stuff they want.
Nationalization of businesses is a terrible idea because A) the state is unable to functionally run businesses (or even regulatory commitees for that matter) and B) there is no such thing as public interest.

Legalizing drugs is a great idea. But only as follows: A) Marijuana and other psychedelic drugs should be legal for people over age 21, but controlled by a shall-issue prescription basis. Parents with underage children or people suffering a severe mental illness should not be permitted to obtain them.

B) All hard drugs should remain illegal to distribute and sell but the state should provide drug clinics which administer quality-controlled drugs in measured doses to anyone who comes in looking to get high.

Ban guns... top kek.

Reform education to tax vouchers. competition eliminates waste.

Racism is fucking stupid.
Then how is it possible that some countries have a higher minimum wage without having the whole economy collapsing? Aren't some govermnents just abusing the workers? Ofc 10 bucks an hours is idiot but should it not be raised a bit?

Why can't a state run businesses? It's not because it hasn't been done right that it's impossible. Some well-trained people can do the job.

Why should all the other hard drugs be illegal? Educate your children and they shouldn't be trying heroine at age 10. However you should let the other do what they want.

Ban guns: look at the developped countries without them, less criminality, simple math fgt.

Ofc public interest exist. We are not all self-centered ass-liking fags. It's the basis of the natural selection.
>your point states then that poverty is bound to happen

exactly that, anything else you'd like help with today son?
Nope, ofc wealth inequality is normal but poverty as we see it on the streets of most cities across the world is just the result of the excess of capitalism.
Get your facts straight before trying to look alpha.
>makes them therefore give more to the one with minimum wage

Why would this make them give more to the minimum wage workers and not to production of new factories or distribution centers?
if raising wages wrecks the economy then why does the economy even work at all?

wages have been raised many times over the decades
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Guaranteed replies
depends on the market but the money would be split between those 2 options and R&D.
Capitalism is not failing, the government failing to separate themselves from lobbyists and corporate buy offs. If we had a functional government that didn't suck the dick of big business we wouldn't have any fucking problems. Given we didn't love bad bitches also.
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If moe money fixes moe problems, then why not make moe money? Give money away, problem fixed. S&D is an amazing thing and so is a free market which plays by the rules.
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Which is impossible. The state therefore has to control the big businesses more. We would then have more money to spend on bad bitches.
Tesla gave a big part of his fortune to one friend and this friend helped him until his last days. He did not have any money but everything he asked the friend could pay.
I don't think he was eager about money as well, he liked pigeons and electricity.

>Raise the minimum wage?

In the best case scenario, it's a band-aid solution to a systemic problem of inequity in capital distribution.

>Be done with the crisis by not repaying the debt and nationalizing some companies to help the state be able to finally do something (public interest cmon)?

Nationalizing companies doesn't suddenly make them behave in the public interest.

>Legalize drugs in private areas (so it cannot harm other people)?

Legalize drugs, period.

>Ban guns (because it's for fearful idiots) but give more power to the police?

Don't band guns. Demilitarize the police.

>Reform the educational system so the children can finally learn no to be fags whatching TV all day?

The predominant modern educational model doesn't need to be reformed. It needs to be completely rebuilt.

>The state therefore has to control the big businesses more.

Except States and the corporate elite they foster receive mutual benefit from collusion. You can't just say, "we should have the State more strictly regulated business practices," when it's the State's "regulation" of business practices that creates gigantic corporate conglomerates in the first place.
>Why don't you want to:
>Raise minimum wage?
short term gain long term loss, the increase would cost us an increase in everything else resulting in an increased cost of living, as well as cause job loss as employers fire those that don't turn them profit at the new minimum, and while an inverse of this would mean they'd hire more people likely sadly the cost of living would not equally deflate and would be just as bad as an increase (there's no real solution)
>Be done with the crisis by not repaying the debt and nationalizing companies (public interest)
the US would lose its status as world reserve currency because of a drop in credit rating which would multiply our crisis, and nationalize what companies? the only thing that would make sense is declaring the internet and bandwidth a utility and thats almost as bad if not worse than having comcast responsible for the entire net (at least all of east coast now that it owns time warner cable) there's really no company they could take over for profitability and public interest, not to mention doing so would spark revolution
we'd be better off confiscating howard hughes unclaimed estate since he's worth more than bill gates and there's nobody to lay claim to it, we couldn't take wal mart or coke/pepsi ignoring the fact that they pay gov to do their bidding anyway
what were you thinking here?
>Legalize drugs in private areas
I fucking wish we'd legalize that shit, we'd make so much bank and boost economy, but sadly so many people would OD on the heavy stuff at first before it curbs off and thats just as likely to destabilize things
>Ban guns
because the guns are there to protect us from the police or any overbearing gov organization among other things
>Reform the educational system
I've been saying we need reform for a while whole new non prussian model system for modern era and tech
>Stop with your racial faggotry
feels goodman.jpg
seriously though we should probably stop
They should make a maximum wage
>Raise minimum wage
unilateral solution, the only way it would work would be creating a price ceiling on practically everything
>do what the nazis did
yeah and that worked so well for them
legalize or whatever
>ban guns
every peaceable citizen should have the right to be well armed as their government (inb4 lolbertarian logic)
>education reform
one of the only things taxes should benefit
>racial faggotry
kin > country > race > humanity, always
this guy
is me
I think
in another life
fuck yes they should
but we already have billionaires hiding their money
this wouldn't stop them... only make it worse
I'll have you know the nazi's did some shit we're still bitching about to this day, morally and ethically wrong but you can't say it wasn't damn effective for a time (they got shit done)
everything else you said I agree with
Assuming ceteris paribus, a price floor above the equilibrium price will create a surplus. A surplus means unemployment. To put it this way, if the logic of a law is to make jobs illegal, and not to create them, what the fuck do you think is going to happen you retard. Learn some basic fucking economics.
>I'll have you know the nazi's did some shit we're still bitching about to this day
No disagreement there, I just don't believe more government control in industry is a good solution.
I thought they were over reacting when I heard /pol/ was full of liberal-tier threads and shilling, but Christ, it's finally done. They've infiltrated 4Chan.

It's been fun lads, I hope you milk it for what it's work, I've had my laugh, now for some ultra violence.

But that's still just a symptomatic solution. Why not address the systems that encourage the concentration of wealth and capital in the first place? Intellectual Property law, Byzantine tax codes, taxpayer funded bailouts, restrictions on access to credit and banking, eminent domain abuses, and various licensing cartels are the reason this is an issue in the first place. Imposing a maximum income doesn't do anything to solve the underlying issues.
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But why is everybody always freaking out when we talk about state monopoly. It can really work if done properly.

>sadly so many people would OD
I always take the example of Portugal that legalized every single shit possible and the country isn't going apeshit.

>Because guns protect us from the police
I think that the police is going Rambo on some people because they know everybody owns a gun. Its purpose is to defend the citizens. I often take there the example of Germany which works well.

But then if we agree on so much stuff (after what seems to be a flawless thought process) why is it not happening?
I'm a Eurofag and I really don't know when my country will change... I'm tired of seing politics not doing shit and complaining for things not changing...
They should raise it. People can't make what they need to survive. Smart people can get better higher paying jobs, but the fact of the matter is some people can really only do -10 an hour stuff. A lot of people. Why should they have to work 40+ hours a week just to pay for housing, which is way overpriced? Then you have food groceries entertainment kids whatever. Companies won't take the cuts in wages at high levels though, they'll just mark up the cost of shit. I think a maximum inheritance would help things a lot too. Leave your kids something, yeah, but it isn't fair some people don't ever have to work due to who their parents are. It'd be justifiable to spend a dead persons extra money that can't be passed on to boost infrastructure if the government wasn't awful at spending money.

>It can really work if done properly.

It's the nature of the stratified organization for it NOT to, though. Every level of hierarchy in a firm necessarily slows down and fractures the flow of information. States are, in essence, massively hierarchical and bureaucratic firms. It doesn't matter what the intentions or motivations of the people making the decisions are, or how smart or knowledgeable they are in relevant fields. Even if we disregard the myriad issues of agency and perverse incentives, any level of efficiency completely died at the organizational get-go.
>other countries with different economies, populations and resources have different minimum wages

>guns r bad
Lived in Switzerland for the large part of my life, gun crime is such a minuscule thing over there, stop trying to tell people that they can't own guns because America is full of angry niggers

>parents should just tell kids not to do drugs
Parents do that 99% of the time, however, peer pressure exists. Watch train spotting, you fag
Sorry we were talking about real countries with real issues. Go back to your mountains you inbred degenerate.
>peer pressure
it's due mostly to the fact that it's illegal. Legalizing it would just make it better for the ones that tasted drugs as a choice.
>Why don't you want to: Raise the minimum wage?

Here in Brazil, many wages and welfares are calculated with minimum wage as a basis. Raising a single brazillian Real in minimum wage will potentially increase government's debts by tens of millions.

Also, raising the wages is just the stupidest way to raise inflation. The more people can buy, the more they WILL buy. The more people buy, the more expensive people can afford to sell stuff.

>Be done with the crisis by not repaying the debt and nationalizing some companies to help the state be able to finally do something (public interest cmon)?

This will happen as soon as the states proves to be just as good as entrepeneurship and administration as the private initiative is. If you are going to wait for this day, then I wish you a lot of patience.

>Legalize drugs in private areas (so it cannot harm other people)?

This will be a good idea as soon as we can guarantee drugs will only ever be used in private areas. Also, drug cartels won't respect such regulations.

>Ban guns (because it's for fearful idiots) but give more power to the police?

Implying police can do no wrong.
Implying police can span itself so wide it will never be absent when it is needed. It would require everyone to be cops. If everyone can be cops, why don't let people have guns and be able to arrest people?
>Reform the educational system so the children can finally learn no to be fags whatching TV all day?

Unfortunately, the world isn't like a Age of Empires game, where you just tell a building to research an weapons upgrade and then suddenly all your soldiers have better weapons.

In real life, weapons get upgraded as soon as the blacksmithing industry figures out a way of doing so, and even when it happens, some warriors won't afford (or even not want to) upgrade their weapons. Or worse, some religious faggots might protest against weapons upgrades because "muh make love not war" and convince you to forbid your blacksmiths of upgrading weapons, etc etc etc

>Stop with your racial faggotry because even if it was right it's just a fucking beta cock-eater's behaviour ("muh race", "muh superiority")?

None of this racism would happen if the races never went out from their natural habitats. Of course, this applies to european colonialism as well.
Because legalising smoking and alcohol has stopped people becoming alcoholics and getting through packs a day?
>It would require everyone to be cops
The problem is that the police is trained and a random faggot with a gun cannot do the same job.
>Implying police can do no wrong.
As you said you are from Brasil and it's totally different from Europe. Ofc your police is a bit more "zealous" (and I happen to question myself why ?) but I guess it's the problem of a developping country evolving.
No put regarding alcohol the problem is far less important than during the Prohibition. Think a bit before shitposting. And I don't have problem with people smoking packs a day as long as they don't whine if they have a cancer. One should be free to do as he/she wants as long as he/she doesn't bother any one else. Seems logical, right ?
>Ofc your police is a bit more "zealous" (and I happen to question myself why ?)

Why? Because they can. It's not a country-specific problem, it's a human nature's problem: who watches the watchmen?

Expecting the police to be paragons of morality just because they are on the cop side of the game is the same as expecting a corrupt judge to convict himself for corruption, or expect a corrupt politician to make harsher laws against political corruption.

Police and government are necessary to protect people from thugs, but people also need something to protect themselves from the police and the government. Guns and individual emancipation are time-honed means for that.
Unless that thing is he/she owning a firearm?
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Why don't you raise the wages for the underpaid chinks in your iPhone factory?
Children should be taught by their parents not the state.
Inanimate objects are only dangerous in the hands of criminals.(obvious)
overdosing on heroin is not known to kill people AMIRITE.
I do not have neckbeard and nig nogs honestly think ebola is magical.
>I refuted it... sorry ;-( RIP in peace
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And it was so fukken obvious... But isn't there a mean to select the "good" watchmen? Maybe through education? Because I've always thought that...
I see your point but firearms are more dangerous. As I said it does more harm then good.

The problem will just recourse itself. Why? Because who will select the good watchmen? Who selects the watchmen selectors?

The recursion is endless. This is pretty much why the ancients conceived God, because God would be the final recursion, as he is supposedly incorruptible. But we all know that this is bull because:
-If God doesn't exist, so there's no one to start the recursive cycle of anti-corruption
-If God does exist, it is quite clear that he is not directing mankind himself, and thus he is leaving his cue to clearly corruptible -and often corrupted- priests

Also, it is utterly innocent to state that education could solve it all. Indeed education could solve it all, but as Sigmund Freud has stated in his essay "Future of an Illusion" (where he conjectured exactly on this "education as social problem solver" matter), it would be necessary a whole generation of perfect people to re-educate the next generations back to good conditions. Why? Because a poorly educated person almost always becomes a poor-of-spirit person, and poor-of-spirit people educate their children/students very poorly. There DO are exceptions to this vicious cycles, but they happen very seldom and unreliably, and they fail to leave a legacy big enough to compensate for all the recursions of the vicious cycle that happen on their watch.

In short, it's all downhill if we count on obvious answers. Better police, demilitarized police, better education and whatnot are all obvious answers.
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Then what? Should we be happy with what we have? Is there no solution? As you convinced me, what is the optimal choice then?
btw isn't that just pessimistic to say that you need a whole perfect generation?
I'm both sides on this one, gov needs to regulate the living shit out of some shit, but then again its not really gov job or purpose after a given point and they really don't know when to stop
why not address the systemic source which is the monetary system itself, not to say any other economic systems are better or that the venus project is in any way realistic
but shouldn't there be a fundamental change in shit?

what about a half way where money is for shit people don't NEED
make needs free, like house, medicine, food, and maybe draw the line at electricity
>gibs me dat deserve money
>legalize drugs in private areas
and the effects magically vanish when you leave a private area?
>ban guns
the time to my closet is shorter than the time to a phone to have the police come
>reform the educational system
because its fine as it was and the reforms are just pandering to retards
>even if its correct LOL UR NERDS
ebin :^)
>Why don't you want to: Raise the minimum wage?
It's a price control on labor.
Price Controls NEVER WORK EVER.
never said the country would go apeshit, look at their narcotic death rates after legalization and how long it took to taper off, that's my concern especially with a much larger population
and germany is currently regulated the shit out of just like japan, but take a moment to consider various african states and early nazi germany where the first step to genocide was making personal protection illegal, that's why I feel the need to own an assault rifle, it's so when shit goes down if it goes down it won't be without a fight, I have a moral duty to fight against a corrupt system and to disregard any laws I can not accept, consider it the sanction of the subjugated, if you don't rebel against a law then you accept it, your pacifism is not altruism, you're not benefiting anyone by blindly following what you're told
about the cartels
weed after being legalized tends to be infinitely higher quality in more abundance to the extent out of state people come in just to get it from locals, cartels have a hard time competing with that and the crime rates have dropped significantly in those areas not just drug related
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Intelligent people

When the wage is too low an employee will find a better job which really fits his skills. When the wage is too high the employer will make losses and has to stop this employment. Employer and employee must find an equilibrium.


Hurrrr we're so much smarter than the rest of the world. We will fix the wage level because we're Gods. So we need more people who don't produce anything of value and just fix these levels. The taxpayer will pay for it. We just ignore the possiblity that the wage is too high for corporations and we could lose these jobs and industries to other more economically sensible countries. Durrr everybody is entitles to whatever we want, even if we can't afford it. Thank me later.
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