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food/cooking kit

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Want some improvements, show me what you've got so far, emphasis on cheap and easy. Also best well rounded nutrition with minimum weight foodstuffs.

Shitty loaf pan pot
Assorted spices
Bags of tea/sugar teabags in with tea
Little jar of salt
Empty peanut butter jar for little stuff to go into. It fits in the loafpan well
Popbottle full of rice n lentils
Talk to me about the rice and lentils anon.
What is the highest elevation you have cooked that concoction?
Have not cooked it before, but next ime im out with my buddies n not to trashed i probably will n see how it works. Would altitide have a large impact on how it would cook?
Not >>625149, but water boils at lower temperatures the higher you get so typically it will take longer to cook. Seeing at you are cooking lentils from raw it could be a few hours at high enough altitudes.
The lentils i have cook faster than rice, im expecting that when i do cook this the lentils will be mostly a mush. Id expect the rice to be what yells me its done, but i have no experience with high altitude cooking
Interesting, last time I made an Italian sausage soup my lentils took close to an hour to get to where I liked them. Maybe I shouldn't make lentils ever again.

The shit part is I have tons of recipes for camp food that has beans in it (duh, it is a great source of protein and it stores for years). But the camp buddy has a nickel allergy and can't eat any beans. Like any. So there goes that.
Ya im wondering if mine were parboiled or something. Theyre fuckin awesome curried thats for sure
Kik is Cameronbales and pushman40
Both gay
Looking for fun
Good thread. Finally.

On short trips I bring an actual ice cold lunch cooler with sausage or chicken or whatever the fuck I wanna eat. Then I bring a bag of rice/beans. I cook most stuff in a half high cast iron pan over my fire.

It's a lot of weight but I fucking love food and I am strong enough to just carry it.

On long trips I eat tons of peanut butter and stupid protein bars and shit. It is the only thing I hate about serious hikes.

>select all images with doughnuts
Pemmican. No cookware or utensils, just 6.6 cal/gram pemmican.

That last time I was out, I used a Stanley kit, an alcohol stove and a titanium spork. The titanium scratched the steel pot, the pot was too tall and narrow to utilize much heat, and the alcohol stove got bent to shit. Next time, I'll probably go with a hard plastic spoon, wider pot and sterno can. But that's for camping, I'm still thinking cold pemmican for the PCT.
You are a stupid, pretentious faggot. Just know that.
I know. But I'm not wrong, either.
I'm a fan of wooden/bamboo spoons. inevitably, the metal on metal contact will create some wear debri that ends up in the food. with a plant fiber utensil, I just eat a little wood at worst. plus, they tend to be more sturdy than the plastic for similar weight.
Probably lighter and less toxic than plastic, too. My concern would be that bamboo is pretty porous, and I don't carry the equipment to properly sterilize utensils, usually it's just "rub some sand into it, rinse it out." I don't even use soap, except after cooking something greasy. It keeps my immune system alert.
Quinoa has complete protein. I think a cup of quinoa and a cup of buckwheat with a fat stirred in would probably just about meet your macros for the day. Assuming no exercise.
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Yeah, those Stanley pots require a stove with a narrow flame ring or you lose too much heat. I've been using mine with a cheap Etekcity canister stove. Works pretty good...

Here's my 10 year old son's review of the Etekcity stove with the Stanley pot:

Nobody wants to watch that
I second this
>someone thinks my first thread is good
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I got a bloody $30 coleman stove and I have the heat loss problem a little bit, but it's not too bad. I find that if I keep the flame low it actually boils water faster (because the flame stays under the pot). Still will boil a pot of water in just a couple minutes so no complaints.

Ha, nice little video. Always good to get the kids involved. He seems to know his way around the gear pretty well.
Jesus man , do that kid a favor and beat the southern accent out of him before he gets to prep school.
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alright that's enough
not the anon you were replying to, but I agree re: the wooden utensils
dry woodfiber is actually more sterile than most other surfaces because the fibers draw moisture (like from bacterial cell bodies) away from the surface. this is why wooden cutting boards (for example) are better than plastic.

I whittled a long handled scoop-like spoon for myself; love it.
4Chan doesn't like the pictures on my phone, but I modded mine. If you cut a groove in the middle of the clasp, you can get the handle to sit half-way, and use it as a hanging pot over a fire. You don't have to worry about heat loss as much when the fuel is free.

You're telling me that the pores make it more sterile? I'd like to believe you, but it just doesn't make sense to me. Seems like it would just suck any bacteria into a warm, damp sheltered environment.
>If you cut a groove in the middle of the clasp, you can get the handle to sit half-way, and use it as a hanging pot over a fire.
that sounds pretty neato actually. Wish i could see a pic, cuz I'm not totally clear on what you mean.
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See if this works...
File: 1107151346.jpg (600KB, 2048x1350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Huh, I was wrong. It does work.
>this is why wooden cutting boards (for example) are better than plastic.

This turned out not to be true. I used to tell people this all the time since I had a side business making high end , end grain cutting boards.
Boy did I have to eat some crow when further testing showed it to be nonsense.
I no longer sell them even though I prefer them myself.
I also replaced the plastic clip on the lid with a key ring, removed the cheap locking mechanism from the handle, and covered it in pine and cedar soot, you know, so it looks cool.
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oooooh i see. cool beans! thanks I might try this. how would you recommend i cut the grooves? wire snips? file?
The one thing I really do like about the Stanley pots, is that they fit nicely under the front of my bicycle seat. I do get weird looks from people in motorhomes though, when my bike is covered in gear and I'm hauling ass down the highway.
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ha, the very worst kind of cager is the glamping variety
I did it with a dremel. It would be difficult to get a file in that small space, I think.
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Glamping is a blast if you do it right.
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The last time I was out at the lake, I rode eighty miles to get there, with 25 lbs total gear and food for a two week stay, fishing with pic related. My last night there, a couple with a giant ass, motorbike and fishing boat go out on the lake with a fish radar and Champaign. I just don't see the point, why not just pick up a smoked salmon and cook it in the backyard?
*giant-ass motorhome.
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Yeah I know
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only cooking utensil I need.
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only ingredient I need.
The last couple of times I've gone out, I've mostly just eaten trout cooked over an open flame. You gut it, leave the lower jaw, jam a cleaned stick though it's mouth into the tail, and roast it until the fat starts to drip, then a few more minutes upside down (that's why you leave the jaw), and when you can peel the skin off cleanly, it's done. When you're done, you burn your dishes and make more, there's nothing to carry.

Squirrels, rabbits and nutria can be done basically the same way, not sure how I'd make cat-tail soup, though, unless I still brought a pot...
Lol. That's awesome.
Couple of points:
- Smoked salmon isn't something that requires further cooking. Even cold smoked, it is eaten as supplied.

- 'Fish radar', as you describe it, greatly increases ones productivity when on the water, when properly employed.

Just because you enjoy doing something a certain way doesn't mean that is the sole and only way to enjoy it. If these people were not specifically bothering you what concern is it of yours what they are doing?
that looks like a really shitty hand reel. way too thin and therefore slow. any 0,5 l bottle would work better. or a tin can with a handle inside. unless you also use that shit as a dildo.
damn, really? i didn't know it got disproven.
what about a vaguely insecticidal wood like cedar or redwood? surely occasional use on my part wouldn't poison me, but might be enough to be antibacterial. i tend to treat my pieces with vitamin E and beeswax.
They were, actually. Those drunk idiots were up until two in the morning, when I needed to be up at the crack of dawn to be home on time. I go out in the woods to be out in the woods, not to listen to my neighbors television, dogs and drunken laughter.
It does kind of suck for reeling. But it works, it's light, and it fits perfectly in the bottom of my frame bag.
>it fits perfectly in the bottom

seriously man, just make one as described. you will throw further and reel faster. both bottles and tins are hollow, so you can put stuff inside them.
If you have wooden utensils and you want to keep them clean and durable you can shellac them. Shellac is made from boiled bug excretions and is naturally food safe. It's commonly used for sealing wooden bowls and serving platters.
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One thing you guys should look into is soaking oats. Apparently back in the day it was widely understood that some grains should be soaked in water with additives to break down antinutrients. By additives I mean you can stick a bit of apple cider vinegar and rye groats in there, or something like that.
You remove this water with additives prior to cooking and it will give you a faster cooking and more nutritious food.
Even if you do not eat oats this method may be useful and desirable for cooking other things like lentils or rice.
I'm not sure what other grains are meant to benefit from this process.
That whole anti nutrients BS is laughable but pre soaking does reduce the boiling time and thus the amount of fuel needed. The best way to do this is to add the correct amount of water and bring it to an initial boil then cover and shut off the heat. Wrapping the pot with a towel at this stage to hold in the heat is a good idea. Once your grains have hydrated and cooled somewhat, you should put it back on the stove for it's final cook.
You do not want to shellac high wear stuff like spoons. Dont use anything that builds a film.
Best thing is wax/oil combos.
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Thread images: 14

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