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State Park Petiton

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So I got lots of encouragement from /out/ a few weeks ago and I reached out to some higher-ups in my state to see what we could do about getting some funding for a state park in my area (Connecticut, specifically the corners of Cromwell, Middletown and East Berlin).

I have a change.org petition set up and I want to make a flyer with a QR code and hang them near the mailboxes at a bunch of condos near me.

Anyone care to help me word this so that it grabs people's attention? Here's a quick mock-up I've done. In case it's too small to read, it says:

You are one of thousands of residents in this community without a park. Let’s fix that!
By scanning the QR code with your smart phone, you will be directed to a change.org petition that will help us reach out to state senators and representatives to help build a park for residents of your community.
The proposed “Bear Table State Park” would be within walking distance from here, but also have hundreds of parking spaces. Baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts, trails, and a community garden are just a few of the great features that could potentially be right down the street from you.
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I remember your thread anon, I posted about one of our local parks losing acreage in spite of protest.
A.) You have too much white space on the page.
B.) If possible add some pics of points of interest in the proposed park area not just the satellite photo.
C.) QR code is a good idea, I'd also add a download link to whatever your final flier is for people to print out and share as well.
D.) Instead of "Let's Build a Park", how about "Preserve Some of our Wildlands" or something like that. Building a Park implies construction, where as Preserve will gain sympathy of /out/ types, liberals, green party etc.
E.) Black and White for cheap copies, also include numbers/addresses for congress people/local government to write letters to/call/e-mail
Thanks bud. That's actually a helicopter shot from the realtors, not a satellite pic. But I get your point. I'll add the download link for those who don't know how to scan a QR code (old folks and such).

I really want to emphasize "Park", not wildlife or any green party malarkey. The park is already built, it just needs some TLC.

The great thing about the change.org petition is that once it gets 100 signatures, it goes to the CT House of Reps, Senate and Governor.
OP, have you contacted the company that owns the land to see if they would be interested in donating the land for a tax deduction?

I am a CPA and have seen clients donate land to cities for the write off. They are able to write off market value of the land, which comes in the form of an appraisal. This is almost always much more than they paid for the land. The tax benefits for donating this land are sometimes greater than if they sold it to the city.

Also, the city will probably not want to buy the land for a park, but donated land is a whole other prospect.
I'd emphasis it's already built then and no intrusive construction is needed.
Like I said including government officials to contact would allow more people to contact them directly and increase the pressure, also contact local news outlets.
I haven't contacted them, mostly because I want to get a good idea of who in this area would be receptive to a park before I commit to any further work. That's something for the state to decide, though.
Good call. Another benefit to change.org petitions is that once it picks up steam, the site automatically sends it to news outlets in the area.
A personal call or e-mail is much more effective than an automated e-mail.
Alright, I've tweaked it a bit, so now instead of saying "let's build a park" it says "we have a park... why not use it?"

it also emphasizes that it's already there, but it's not being used for anything.

What other pics can I include? Anything I take won't really come out that well in black and white. Besides, it just looks like overgrown fields
Maybe 2 versions, one in color with pics you took, one more simplified with just a black and white setup.
As I recall you had some good pics from the last thread.
Something people can take to kinkos or something like that as a general copy flier, and if you're investing your ink color would work, but it is as limited as your ink/budget.
I also added a tinyurl.

tiny url dot com
slash o7to3oa

man this spam filter is hardcore...

you know, in case anybody here wants to help me get the ball rolling :)
also instead of "why not use it" try "why not save it?"
my ink budget is zero. i got laid off last month. that's probably why i'm actually following through with this.
well, it's being saved. but it's not being used. the realty company is simply letting it be. I think I want to emphasize that it's there and it's almost all ready to be used
You'd be surprised at the power of linguistics
save vs use it can stir some inner feelings
okay, point well taken. thanks!
Wish you nothing but success anon, was going to link to what happened to my park, but looks like the domain expired recently since your last post.
thanks much anon. i'll keep /out/ updated
From experience anon, the best motivator for this to happen is for the company that owns the land is financial. Convince them to donate the land to the city.

fliers to motivate people to want a park are pointless if the company that owns the land isn't motivated.
I like the way you worded it. If you use words like save a park or wilderness you trigger autists who are against every piece of land turning into a park.
Its nice.
I agree with >>624348 one the one point that there is too much whitespace though
Props to you for actually getting active in the community
What do you propose I do to fill in the white space?

I figured I'd print it on like blue paper or something.
>east Berlin

I think the phrase to use would be "Restore", implies that something is wrong and you can fix it.
Outest Outist I know, but I would immediately scoff at that flier just cause you're using change.org.

That website is a shit lazy way for sjws to make it seem like people support whatever they're talking about without them having to work for it. HATE IT.
I live here in Hartford, man. If you need any help as this plan goes forward I would love to help. I enjoy outdoor activities and wildlife, it would be an honor to help found a park.
Same here. Farmington anon
If it gets up and going il see what I can do

I said it before and I'll say it again, you will regret this. People ruin /out/ locations.
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OP again, and I'm really glad to see that this thread is still up. I just went for a run trough the property and got some decent pics. I'll post a few here. This first one is one I took a while ago. There's a bridge that goes over Bradley Brook, a classic babbling brook. I don't think there are many fish in it. More to come.

I like the way that sounds. I'll revise it to "We have a park... why not restore it?"

If anyone has anything better, I'm all ears.

Most people don't know this. If you actually go to change.org and search "connecticut" you'll see quite a few decent causes. I'll add some email addresses to the flyer and the change.org site, just to make it seem more legit.

Thanks, guys. Any help would be great, but signing the petition is a big first step. So far, this has one supporter: yours truly.

Here's the kicker: it's already a park. Plus in Connecticut, locals seem fairly respectful of parks and public places.
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Here's the path at the trailhead. The gravel beneath the leaves is in fine shape, save for a few pits and divots.
File: 20151105_105624.jpg (514KB, 919x801px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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stupid windows 10. in my preview it's not sideways. Let's try this one. The same bridge as before.
File: 20151105_105757(0).jpg (3MB, 1836x3264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bradley Brook. Looks nicer in the spring/summer.
File: 20151105_110120.jpg (2MB, 1828x2106px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh hey deer tracks. or the legendary hoofed mountain lion.
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This is the main parking lot. thousands of parking spots here. 7 years unattended and nature starts to take over again.
File: 20151105_110422.jpg (2MB, 3264x1836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You have to use your imagination for this one. This would be the main green. A small decline with carefully planted trees. It used to be all fresh-cut grass, but again, they just let it go to shit. Now it's 90% weeds and the trees - despite being 8 years old - are dwarfed because of the other flora.
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And last, here are a few satellite parking lots. I figured because of the smaller size and the fact that there are four of them, these could easily be converted into basketball courts and tennis courts.
Okay, I signed the petition, now at two supporters. I'll try and get people here in CT to sign tomorrow. I've deleted most of my social media, but I can probably pull together a few people.
Means a lot that you doubled my supporters lol.

I need to get on my wife's facebook so she can spread this because I also don't have social media.

I really appreciate it! Today and tomorrow, I'll be going to the mailboxes at the condo complexes and posting the flyers.
Haha, no problem.
I'll make a burner email sometime tonight if you want to email me a flyer. I go camping at different places here in CT, mostly wilderness lake in Willington. I'm sure I could put some flyers up next time I'm up there. I could put some up here in the city as well, although I'm not sure how effective that would be here in Hartford lol.
yea, that would be great. Thank you so much.

It surprises me how kind this board can be compared to the others.
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 10

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