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Just lost my job. Nothing to do but walk and dream of better things.

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Just lost my job.
Nothing to do but walk and dream of better things.
I find walking very carthatic. Enjoy your time

>Lost my job.

Nice way to enjoy some downtime desu.
What did you do, anon?
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I lost my job an year ago and since then my life went down the hole. I had a few /out/ days and party days but other than that I spend most of the time in the solitude of my bedroom. Shit is starting to getting miserable ad fuck.. Get a job as fast as you can, anon.
Speaking of no job. I`m a student entrepreneurship. Live in Europe, the Netherlands. In 2 years time I`ll need to have a job or start a company.

But I really don`t see myself, sitting in a room from 9 to 5, talking with colleagues and all that shit. I`d rather be out.

I`m already looking for job oppurtunities, but most out jobs are on volluntaire basis. So, no money.

Anyone got an idea of a business I could start in the Netherlands? Or other out work I could do? I don`t mind going to another country.

@ OP mayby it`s an oppurtunity! To start doing what you like?
good on ya. now just go live in the wilderness. it's the best anyone can do. i wish i had the guts.
You know, I don't get why so many people get so emotionally invested in their jobs. I mean I get it if you have some kind of socially important professional career, but for a significant percentage of people in the developed world, your job is mostly a menial tasks that is easily replaced by another.

I'm not trying to get up on a high horse about, because I've done it myself, but after a certain point I just started thinking "Why am I getting so upset over this?"

Every time I've lost or quit a job, I've always been able to find another one. Maybe not always a better one, but something to keep me going until a better option came along.

My job is rarely the most fulfilling thing in my life, but that's kind of freeing really.

great way to learn what you like, make connections and build a resume if you find something that works around your school schedule. a lot of /out/ careers are very competitive, so any boost you can get now will be very helpful down the road.
If you're focus is entrepreneurship, your best bet is overseas. In the developed West, you'll probably end up a middle manager in a small office because the established industries don't allow a lot of room for small entrepreneurship.

But in the developing world, there's much more room for that kind of growth.

In fact a lot of products that are frequently debated on /out/ like BioLite, Lifestraw, Sawyer, etc make providing basic services to people in developing world a significant part of their business.
I love my job. I spend most of my free time doing related activities.
What's your job?
My teachers told me the same thing. And I agree with you that it's good to gain experience and build a resumé.

I only get a little disapointed that I work for nothing. But it's an investment. So I 'll give it a try.
part of the key with volunteer work is finding something that you actually find rewarding. if you just see it as a mandatory tickmark on a resume, then that's how you're going to treat it, and you're going to be miserable and shitty at it.

i've been on a volunteer fire department for 12 years, and it's immediately apparent who's there because they love it, and who's there because they see it as a chore they have to complete to get where they want.

protip: everyone hates the chore assholes.
This is also true. I think there is still room for some creative companies and businesses that focus on niches.

But overseas are the real oppurtunities, f.e. South America and Africa. But the personal risks involved with an adventure overseas are more dangerous I think.

I'll look up the businesses you mentioned. Thanks and I 'll keep your advice in mind.
That makes sense.

My nephew is also volunteer for a fire department. He enjoys is a lot. I respect your job. I ' ll look for something I can enjoy.
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not molesting children
Oh definitely, there's always room for the next great idea but the dearth if goods and services in the developing world means that there's just more room for those ideas.

In the developed world, most entrepreneurship revolves more intangible service-based ideas like mobile apps and websites, which can very lucrative but problematically short because of shifting demands and wide spread competition.

But in the developing world there's much more demand for hard goods, especially utilitarian devices that fill a need created by a lack of infrastructure.

It's a bit like late 1800s America, when many fortunes were made by shipping things like pocket watches and washing machibes to the expanding western territories.
That's awesome. Not everybody is going to get to do a job they truly love, though, so they seek emotional fulfillment elsewhere.

Or at least they should, but I see a lot of people pour their heart and soul in to disposable jobs and it kind of makes me sad. I mean you should always try to do your job well, but if it's not something you love you shouldn't make it the center of your life.
Thread posts: 19
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