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The Ongoing Body Count

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Literally who?
Yet another corpse of a person who got to close to the Clintons. He was a Federal Security Agent working for Hillary's State Department.
I'll bite. Why was he killed?
Oh, I have no idea even how he died, and I would certainly have no idea if he were killed or he just ended up dead in the Potomac in some kind of bizarre accident.

It just seems odd that all these people around the Clintons seem to die so young, you know? They kill themselves even when they seem happy. They are on perfectly good planes that go down like Ron Brown and the black box is somehow lost. They randomly get shot in the street like Seth Rich. It always seems like right when they are about to say things they shouldn't say.

I am sure it is just some crazy coincidence that a dude who did security for Hillary ended up dead in the Potomac last week.

Statistically, the odds of all these random occurrences having nothing to do with associating with the Clintons is as long as me winning the Lottery.

I keep playing the Lotto.

And I keep marveling that nobody seems to give a fuck about all these corpses.
>tinfoil.exe is running
Actual news here only please
You're right, my bad. Yet another associate of the Clintons ending up dead at an early age isn't newsworthy.

It is an undeniable fact that he is quite dead.
Oh dear, it seems you havent worked out that correlation doesn't equal causation. I guess they never teach you that on pol. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story right
Listen guy, I already don't like Hillary. I didn't vote this year because I hated both the choices, and I knew voting outside of the two big parties is a thrown vote either way.

I know a lot of people who have died, too. Hell, I know a lot of women who have survived various types of cancer. Does that mean I'm sort of magnet for gorgeous cancer survivors? Fuck no. It's coincidence. In today's world if you want to be successful you have to pretend to be happy. Reputation is everything, and with every facet of our lives monitored either by our own choice or by the carelessness of others there are no closed doors anymore. Social media forces us to put a publicly accepted happy front on at all times or be ostracized. In high profile jobs it's key. People who appear outwardly happy could very well be suffering the same identity crisis that is spreading en masse. Actions speak louder than words, and suicide is pretty goddamn loud.
OK - just pick two out of well over a hundred. Ron Brown and Vince Foster. I have never seen so many people say "tinfoil hat!" and "correlation doesn't equal causation" when things are this fucking brazen. You can say I am delusional and all, but it is not me, but you. That bitch has a fuckload of people killed.

Statistically, it's like lightning striking 40 times in one spot in one hour. Long. Odds.
You might actually be a cancerchick magnet. Don't cancer patients have their pheromones changed by it?
You want something more incredible than that? Go look up Roy Sullivan, who was struck by lightning seven times during his life.

That's 'long odds' too, but the difference between you and me is that I can see it as coincidence that doesn't prove any kind of causation, while foil-hatters like you would be wondering if the CIA was trying to assassinate him with experimental weaponry. Clinton is definitely no saint, but there's a difference between actual evidence against her and wishful assumptions about her 'crimes'.
Interesting. Hear me out, my now wife is a cancer survivor. We can test if her pheromones plus that of a dying girl's = free threesome.

By god, science has given me my purpose.
You mean Roy "Electric Mulligan" Sullivan ? He did it to himself as a lifelong performance art piece. People who were close to him said so before they too got hit by lightning.
I think if she was killing people willy nilly then there's better targets than these folks you're referring to.

Lightning does that all the time.
I suppose it is only one of two ways: you either believe Wikileaks is false and planted information, or you believe it is true.

Wikileaks has never been proven false.
Podesta and crew do not even deny that they are legit, they just say they were "stolen" and try not to talk about the e-mails.

So, it's one way, or the other.

I believe the obvious: Podesta and Hillary had Seth Rich murdered. Seth Rich was the source for Wikileaks. The Clinton Foundation was a Pay for Play Scheme. The Trump/Russia connection is a creation of John Podesta.

Trump may be a fucking prick?
But how many bodies can you dig up in his past?

You fuckers say "it is all coincidence" and you are wearing the "tinfoil hat" bullshit.

But you refuse to give the other side the same courtesy?

So, if Hillary and her rapist husband are innocent of all those crimes and all this shit is just an endless series of coincidence and all the people who say they are criminals are allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll liars, then Trump, by the same reasoning should be totally innocent of all Russian collusion.

If Trump is proven to be scheming with the Russians, sure, impeach the guy.

But Hillary should absolutely be in jail, and there is no justice in this country until she is.
Investigating coincidences is only a fool's effort when nothing is found, anon.
And what kind of target would you propose, anon? High profile targets that ensure civil unrest or possible war? Or, more logically, targets that are creating a buzz bigger than their worth so when they are killed no one really cares to ask questions.

The perfect target is one that doesn't have a ghost.
I think you are correct in that these fuckers only kill those that are a threat to them, and from those few, only the ones they think that they can get away with.

This whole thread is about Kurt Smolek, a guy who just happened to work with Hillary, who just happened to end up dead the Potomac last week.

The whole phenomenon is fascinating.
People in total denial of reality shrilly claiming people who point out the fucking obvious are all conspiracy theorists.

See, the politics of the accused matters to these braindead fucks.

I don't care about the Politics.

If the e-mails released by Wikileaks are truly from Podesta and Hillary, then yea, they are criminals and anyone who gets in their way is a target.

Can you imagine what it would be like if they had shit like this on Trump?

Why did she leave out all those e-mails?
Why did they print them out?
Why did Comey write her a pass before she was even interviewed?
Why did Wiener have a folder called "Life Insurance?
Why has Podesta not been subpoenaed?
Why is Hillary walking around free when people are in jail for decades for snapping a picture on a submarine?

Why is all this shit just shrugged off by you motherfuckers?

How many people does the average person know that have been murdered or committed suicide without any leads or reasons as to why?

Most likely zero, maybe one and the occasional two. Three would be at least four standard deviations above the norm

Literally upwards of 50 for the Clintons
The commonality is that they were close to the Clintons and they had damaging information on the Clintons.

It is just not statistically probable that that bitch and her rapist husband have this many random accidents and suicides.
hillary's aircraft mechanics are some of the sloppiest in the world.
Hilary has probably talked to/worked/conversed with at least 500x times the amount of people you have though anon. So your probability is really about the same
that is just ridiculous... it isn't even remotely a plausible argument. In 50 years, I knew one guy who stood out in front of a train while on acid. I don't know of any other murders or suicides or bizarre accidents ending in sudden death. So, because she interacted with more people this explains all the deaths? Are you fucking retarded?
Said conspiracy theorists tend to ignore the fact that people aren't just side characters in a play. I mean, from the grander scheme and scale sure, maybe, but they each have their own lives. They have their own motivations, their own friends and enemies. Their conflicts outside of work are their own, and can be just as deadly as those while at work. Him ending up dead in the Potomac isn't evidence of anything.

We established earlier in this thread that we have no idea how he died, or why he would have even been targeted. You've reiterated that your stance on this whole thing is "He worked with the Clintons, and now he's dead!"

Again, I don't support Hillary, I don't support Trump. I don't have a horse in this race. I'm an American who has no representation because my representatives are shit and I don't want to lay claim to anything they're doing.

I want it all to reset, and I think in that regard Trump is doing a bang-up job. Things are getting so rustled up that something is going to explode and we can start over.

Trying to tie dead nobodies to a family with much bigger crimes to their names already is completely pointless.

On top of that, I have no idea who this Kurt Smolek guy is. I can't prove that he ever existed. I don't know that a body was even actually found in the Potomac.

I COULD look into it, but why would I? Have you looked into it? Have you confirmed that a body was even found? How intimately do you know Kurt Smolek? How do you know how happy he was?

We have literally no information, yet you're willing to scream hijinx because he supposedly knew the Clintons.

Again, I don't support her, but come the fuck on.
>So, because she interacted with more people this explains all the deaths?
No. But the more people you know, the better your chances on knowing someone that died strangely. This is elementary school level statistics.
So why doesn't Obama have a pile of bodies even a fifth of the size of the Clintons? Dumb luck?
Conspiratards are nothing more then the product of the hollywoodization of culture + watergate, an actual conspiracy rocketed through American (which you know, is world kulturr) governance making it super popular as a subject matter.
He undoubtedly would. Have you looked into it?



Now all that's left to do is come up with another conspiracy theory that pol will believe (this shouldnt be hard). Are you starting to understand your lack of logic and statistics?
Well, there is the execution style murder of one Donald Young, purportedly a gay lover of Obama's.

But Clintons must have Obama beat 20 to 1.

Like a murder here and a murder there, a suicide here, a plane crash there.

I could easily give Obama the benefit of the doubt. Even though reading the testimony of that Sinclair guy was truly hilarious...
He looks remarkably like that other internal affairs agent who 'died' in Idaho recently. 2 deaths, similar face. He does have the face of a manic depressive war veteran though. One of those last days on the job with a donut, going to retire in 3 days, and then he trips and falls into the Potomac and time warps to Idaho to die twice.
that's like 2, clinton is magnitudes higher.

also the list reads like a fucking disaster movie, plane crash plane crash plane crash plane crash plane crash
the same idiots who blather on about all these deaths of people close to the Clintons be coincidental must believe Michael Jackson didn't like little boys, and OJ didn't kill his wife and her lover, and Bill Cosby didn't drug women and fuck them, and Catholic priests don't fuck children.

If one or two women said that Cosby drugged them, well, I'd be skeptical, but there are over 60 accusers!

At some point, I wonder if these Leftists fucks actually say: "Goddamn, that is quite a large number of convenient deaths for the Clintons?"

You either believe the wikileaks are real, or you don't.

This is the one that seems to be about Seth Rich:
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