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do you even produce bro?

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/mu/bros listen up,

I've been struggling with producing for the last 2 years, I've always been into all sorts of music, and now i want to make my own stuff. not because i want to become somebody, but just to prove to myself that i can do it.

I've come to the point where I have melodies in my head and than recorderd them into ableton or logic. the most I've gotten to is 8 bars, after that motivation fades and all the project becomes is a simple 8 bar loop.

the idea behind a song is the most challenging part I guess, all the arranging and mastering demands also a lot of knowledge, but mostly is a big time consumer.

I guess that I'm lacking a general overview or grid to follow.

I'm aksing you guys because i didn't find a good answer among all the wannabe martin garrixes on the interwebz

how have you guys surpassed that blockade of motivation?

did you follow a tutorial series to learn the build up of a song?

>how do you get past the producers blockade
>what courses do you follow to become good at producing, eg learn the structure of a song
8 bars? Like that is 20 minutes of work or less...

>I use drugs
>I find my own way rather than watching tutorials
>2 years and I mostly produce 6-9min song per session
Develop an ear for music. Listen to music you like and concentrate as hard as you can to try to deconstruct every line of sound and follow it. Pay attention to the way it works alone and with other sounds in the mix. Eventually you'll develop an intuition on how to structure stuff.
i did an advanced diploma of sound production by with regard to art/composing i just never have any block, it's weird, it's more the opposite i have ideas constantly nagging at me to get out when i'm just doing random stuff
i think you should just keep trying and maybe don't use ableton for a bit because it's quite sequence/loop heavy and see if that helps
just keep trying!
and don't use drugs or be arrogant like this guy >>59689690 or you'll seem like a fool (lol 9 min songs)
just fuck around until it sounds cool
save it a lot though because you might fuck it up too much
but* not by
I have the same problem I think, I've been making music for 2 years but still don't think I'm good enough.
it's coz ur vegan straight edge fam
Post some audio you faggot, I dont believe you.
Hello. As someone who has been making electronic music for nearly 20 years I can only really speak about my own work ethic. I am similar to you in that I really only do it for myself, it's a cathartic thing.

When it was all new for the first few years I was making stuff constantly. I'd just work on an idea for a couple of hours, bounce it and move on to the next thing, constantly trying to find nuggets of things that worked the way I wanted.

To set out with a finished song in your head can often lead to disappointment. I found that my most productive sessions were when I emptied my head and just built with what I had in front of me, not worrying about what the final result may be.

Worrying about the incidentals such as mastering is silly, providing the aesthetics fit your music (unless you really are hoping to commercialise your hobby). I enjoy my ruined old four track tapes as much as songs that I spent days mixing in studios because each piece is a reflection of the time I was working.

Over the years my set up has changed to accommodate my work style, rather than me trying to force myself to work in a certain way.
I don't do anything for a couple of months and then shit out an album in a day live using only hardware with no post production. It makes me happy.

If you're struggling with inspiration it may be time to strip back your workflow and tools and start again. A DAWs greatest feature, the sheer amount of stuff you can do, can also be a hinderance to actually getting anything done.
Hey guys, can somebody recommend me some free (or cheap) software to make music? I'm poor as fuck but actually motivated to do something for once.
So it's free in the sense that winrar is free? It'll bitch but never actually do anything about it?
Thread posts: 17
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