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Listen and enjoy
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>Jizz Jazz
>Indie Rock
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>Experimental, Various Genres

>New Release
>Hope In Hand
>Folk, Folk Pop, Lo-fi, Singer-Songwriter.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. :)
Hi Dave Roland!
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Who's Dave Roland and why have you been saying this in the pass couple threads ive posted in?
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>angstpop, claustrophobia, universes dying, noises, lyrics about planets and stars
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>Messy, Lo-Fi, Post-Punk, Experimental, Noise

>good songs


stoners / comedy / noise rock / aleatoric

6 albums
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bloom .png
1MB, 798x798px

>pop, bummer pop, experimental pop

new song! cassettes coming soon on Cellar Door Tapes:

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> black metal/experimental/post rock
> noise rock / drone metal
it's a meme, there was this guy Dave Roland who was secretly behind a few projects that would post as separate people in these threads, and people found out that it was him, and it became a BC thread meme that everyone is secretly Dave Roland
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New EP up!
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rec this one :)

>alternative, lo-fi, psychedelia
new solo tape in the works as well!

>anarcho punk
>rough vocals
>raw acoustic
>one person
rec, good dude. liked legitimate better tho
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Great stuff, check this out

>lo-fi indie rock, folk
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enjoy the gif


>post-rock/math rock
>jazz fusion
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>self-titled ep


>post-rock, jazz, dub, and shoegaze influence

what is life?
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NOQ 9 - 513 5-0 (NEW EP)


>Trap Instrumentals
>Hip-Hop Instrumentals
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>tfw everyone sharing but no one listening
Can't recommend this guy enough, very emotional and touching stuff.

Also recommended, not for the faint of heart. Powerful stuff.

And I always recommend listening to Beefalo, some of the most comeppling grooves I've heard in a long time.

May as well spam my stuff, too:


Conceptual split album between my best friend (Reign Of Apollo) and I concerning a series of life-changing circumstances we endured together told through the metaphor of a voyage for glory, a witch of the sea, and a battle between brothers as they fight for what's right. It's an epic journey across the water and into our ongoing saga, the Wheel Of Sun And Time.

Mixed bag of genres, hopefully something for everyone:

>acoustic rock
>atmospheric rock
>heavy metal
>doom metal
>symphonic rock

It's a massively long album, and is intended for listening in full context rather than track by track so if you can take the time and sit through it, I promise you will be swept away in the tale the album tells. Thank you in advance for listening, it's a very personal story between my best friend and I and is our greatest work together to date. You are all much appreciated.
Fuck, I misspelled "compelling" in regards to Beefalo. Muh bad.
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>first full length
>ambient,space music, relaxing, dark ambient

Do wish there was a bit more variety in synths.
Great and highly recommended, production seems a little muddy though.
I dunno, like the vocals, not the guitar. Seems a bit off for some reason.
First track is chilling, and I recommend this to anyone into drone metal or dark ambient.
Weird stoner music with a sense of humor.
Everything sounds great up until the vocals come in.
Same as above, and a bit too high inthe mix.
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emo, shoegaze, post-rock, jangle, black metal

new instrumental
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ingrid glare.jpg
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>noise / industrial
I've been told i sound like wolf eyes x opn but I just joined BC and harsh is all I've got at the moment.
SC if interested
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rain delay.jpg
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>drone, dark ambient, noise, krautrock, black metal, weird pop
chack it out its all free
>low fi, old school emo sound
>post hardcoreish, more technical guitar
>Sounds like Old Grey, PBtT
ty, others have said the same, which has only been validating everything I've been doing considering the character IS out of place xx
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>French Canadian juke

I'd love to hear what you guys think!
I really like this. You're doing God's work.
Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 25

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