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Bandcamp Thread

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New thread, the last one has been dead for a while now.
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>stoner metal, post-noise, non-music
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>experimental drone
>noise, chanting, hymns, biblical undertones

New release today
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Modern Nomad - Road Trip

Show Me How - First Single!!!!


>indie rock, surf
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The Drainerr.png
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>post-rock, kinda heavy, lots of ambient pieces and found sounds/field recordings

I will post feedback when more posts come in.
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Bay Kee - The Man With Red Eyes
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you live at plus 2.png
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>idm, noise, experimental electronic, bleeps
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Against Daylight.png
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>ambient, piano

Reccing those
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>fun feels-y power pop, indie rock, three (and some four!) part harmonies
>influenced by 60s pop and 90s emo

New release, I hope you enjoy it.
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>Experimental Reggaeton
>spoken word
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Alpha Cover.jpg
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>Alt Rock
>Kinda Art Rock
I don't know if this is the place to ask but some months ago I saw a bandcamp EP with an american football player with pastel colors and I still can't remember how's it called. Don't think it deserves a thread
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That's the one, thanks pal
no prod great album, I like Rules by him even more!
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> First Wave post-rock, Instrumental, Psychedelic, hints of western

Cool stuff. I've listened to this earlier today and, even though I liked it, I have to say there's a lot of filler material, but I guess that's kind of the point of the album, so I'm just making a subjective appreciation. Maybe it's how you intended it.
Thanks man.
I do think a lot of the ambient pieces and drones and sample based stuff are as big of a part of what we're doing as the rest.
However we will definitely try to focus more on the louder(?) side of things on our next release.

>post-punk, alternative

Would love some feedback.
>alternative rock, lo-fi, dream pop, noise rock, folk
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>Jizz Jazz
NEW EP, need feedback

> norwegian hardcore punk filled with meta-jokes
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>noise folk, instrumental, industrial, emoish, abandoned project

>lo-fi folk-punk recorded in a basement
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I See Angels - Oracle (Dream-Pop/Shoegaze from Manchester).

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>noise rock, free jazz

Conceptual split album my best friend and I wrote about a series of experiences we endured together, told through a fictional narrative about heroes at sea, an enchantress of the water, a battle between friends, and finding one's way home after the storm.

Mixed bag of genres, I like to think there's something for everyone

>acoustic rock
>atmospheric rock
>heavy metal
>doom metal
>symphonic rock

Hope you enjoy, and if you can make it through the massive running time, it's sincerely appreciated, even if you don't buy it. It's our personal story and we just want to share it with people. Thank you in advance.
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potion grunge lp.jpg
2MB, 1458x1458px

>Nu-Gaze, Minimal
File: folder.jpg (460KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>shoegaze/demo stuff
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>post-rock, atmospheric, instrumental
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>art-rock, post-rock, instrumental, minimalist
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Hope In Hand.jpg
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>Experimental, Various Genres

>New Release
>Hope In Hand
>Folk, Folk Pop, Lo-fi, Singer-Songwriter.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. :)
> dronebient loops
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>Alternative R&B

This my Alternative R&B EP that I released about a month ago. I tried to create atmospheric and moody songs, with a dark vibe to them. People have seemed to enjoy them, tell me what you think!

If you want to hear my new single that I just released, it's on my Soundcloud page:


I will return all feedback as always!
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2MB, 1077x1077px

Stuff with guitars and effects pedals, also occasionally acoustic guitars and reverb. Pic related is an EP I'm releasing soon.
33 posts in and only one person had actually said something about another artist

great thread guise
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if the drums were less lo-fi it would really improve the music's quality. you don't even have to change anything else, but i always feel like drums are so easy to sound terrible in lo-fi
>Alternative Rock, Post Hardcore, actual shoegaze without a ton of reverb, sounds a little Japanese
So I got a somewhat positive response if you guys wanted to hear all the demos and B-sides. I just wanted to hear what you guys hope to hear next. I have a bunch of things kicking around but not a whole album, so let me know what you would like to hear.
i dont fuck with any of this noise bull shit

either that one person is you or you're a hypocrite
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The Soft Scream.jpg
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>mixbag of genres
>try if you would like a short album experience with variation
Thread posts: 41
Thread images: 33

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