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Are microtones the future of music? Once we start utilizing different

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Are microtones the future of music? Once we start utilizing different equal tone temperaments in a normal 'pop' music structure, will the boundaries of what we do become limitless?

Melodies can be made far more interesting with small fuck-ups between notes. Do you agree with this statement? Why aren't you making quarter-tone hip-hop yet?
C'mon guys get in here
Shameless bumping because I want real music discussion on /mu/
Atonality is the future, as far as unexplored avenues of music are concerned. I think it would be interesting to see more projects incorporate microtones, but we'll need a genius of sorts before other people are comfortable playing around with them.
syzygys did it really well
I don't see it catching on. Musical sense of pleasure is based on a pure mathematic of the ratios of frequencies which are pleasing to our ears. The notes approximating the simplest ratios in our current scale are 1,4, and 5. 1 is 1:2, 4 is 3:4 and the 5 is 3:2. That's why pop music uses those chords. It will never change. For abstract and avant-garde music, you can do whatever but for popular music, it's always going to be 1, 4, 5.

Actually, I'd see it going in a different direction. I wonder if equal temperament will be discarded since technology now allows us to adjust the pitch of any recorded music however we want.
microtonal pop would be cool
Most likely not, but I've had some ideas for a microtonal funk band that would be interesting. I just don't know anyone who would be interested in doing it with me.
Here you go
Ever hear this? I had the lp for a while. It's great.
nah man. They've been around for ages. most instruments can and do play in microtones all the time. singers use microtones all the time.

its nothing new.
Think about all the fiddles, or frettless basses and guitars, upright bases, vocal inflections and flat pitched (non vibrato) singers, horns and reed instruments, and even fixed reeds like harmonicas and accordians. Even fretted instruments can play in microtones.
digital instruments offer even more possibilities, and pitch bending is pretty much standard on all controllers
Atonality was the future of music... in 1910.

now its old news.

Microtonality allows for more expression, thats usually present in vocal performance anyway.

some great examples:

Other interesting microtonal pieces:
>from 1555

>traditional Turkish/arabic Maqams

>31 tone Fokker organ
Also this album is a great example of great microtonal composition
honestly hitting the perfect ratios in tonal chords could be considered microtones

i mean a piano can't do that. A barbershop quartet can sing a more perfect chord, of any variety, than a piano can. Because they aren't bound to equal temperament in their tuning.

So a barbershop quartet singing a perfect C major chord, and then a perfect F major chord, has just sang in microtones because the C used in the F major chord is not exactly the same C used in the C major chord, and the A from the FMaj chord would not be the same as the A in the CMaj scale they could also sing.

The very act of maintaining perfectly consonant intervals means they are diving deep into micro-tonal territory.

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>those harmonies
I'm a sucker for the diatonic system, JI or 12TET, I dont mind

vocal music is > instrumental music for purity of harmony though
You can always detune a piano... it would be a bitch, but if you have a reference pitch, you could tune to just intonation.
...Or you could just use a fluid piano...

I've always used microtones to achieve just intonation but now I'm thinking maybe thats not what all this microtonal hubub is about

Is it about rejecting diatonic harmonies and chromaticism? I dont really like my music sounding out of tune but this >>54675291
tune by the Philip Koutev choir is giving me a major boner.
I've switched my software piano over to just intonation before and played on it for a long time but it seriously hinders what keys you can play in. It would have been nice to have a setting to change it from JI in C to JI in say C# or A

I can see why chromatic instruments try to stick with 12tet
Bulgarian and eastern European folk music is a wealth of microtones. I see microtones as a way to notate out those slow vocal bends and slight inflections that give the lyrical line more punch.

Thankfully modern performers are pretty capable of playing microtones (as long as their instrument allows it - strings and voice primarily)
I'd listen the fuck out of quarter-tone hip-hop
If you count the rapper then it already is I figure.
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actually, microtonals will probably not become popular or even relevent, until we as a society move more forward with our way of thinking with music

from a normie standpoint, Microtonals are very confusing to the common man, especially since some of the frequencies that are being used sound vey smiliar to other frequencies that we are used to hearing.

as for the future, its possible, but you have to remember that more notes != more artistic prevalence. if you look back historically, 12 tone music was pretty big in the classical world, but is really not relevant in todays culture. if anything I think the future of music relies in a more minimalistic approach to the micro tonal scale, or perhaps even a reduction of frequencies that we are used to hearing. but who knows for sure.

tl:dr:,microtonal music is interesting in its own right, but its too much for people to handle, and will probably be too much until like 100 years or so/
I'm listening to the second link, and I don't hear any microtonal parts at all, just lots of minor 3rds. Am I missing something?
Minor 2nds* sorry.
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Microtonal scales.png
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The microtones are purely in the vocal line, mostly on the trills. Its a great example of a microtonal solo line against a tonal backing.

Atonal music is used in every horror film score since the 50s

As for simplified microtonal music, using altered scales where only a few notes are microtonally altered makes it very easy to work with. I used some of these Turkish modes (pic) to make microtonal synth lines in a song. Pretty easy once you work out how many cents in a semitone (100) and how many in a whole tone (200).
bump for intrigue
Behold: Microtonal Hip Hop:

I think microtonal music is very interesting but we'll always face the problem of it souding dissonant to most
have people looked into using less than 12 notes in an octave (would this be called macrotonal)?
im guessingif the notes are further apart they wont clash as much?
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Thread images: 6

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