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Bandcamp Thread

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Old one is almost dead already

>ambient + elements of noise
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>hip-hop, heavy, bassy, dark, gritty, punk, bangers

my group just released our new full-length album produced entirely by myself
that cover art is great.
holy shit that static fading in and out is unsettling. if that was the point bravo.

me: >>54550361
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Waiting Cover.jpg
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>Indie Rock
>Psych Pop
>Psychedelic Rock
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>electronic, industrial, noise

>progressive rock, industrial, electronic, instrumental

Absolutely recommending this one, its incredible, bought it a couple of weeks ago.
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Blackgaze EP
noisy ambient EP

Thanks for listening everyone

I'VE GOT A NEW SINGLE OUT! Would love to hear what people think.

>90s / alt rock / grunge

It's a free download too.
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good shit man

>Indie/Surf plus a gameboy

This is wicked. Holy fuck.

Loving this a lot. "Evident evidence" is sort of a corny line though, heads up. Also, your mix is a little low-heavy and I think the lead lines and distorted guitars could benefit from some more high-end EQing
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oblio see thru.png
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super chill stuff man

this is fucking sick. I love your production quality, and you've got some great flow on these tracks. Only critique would be that I personally find those tempo changing hip-hop hihats to be really cliche. Definitely gonna rec your stuff from now on.

This is a great tune man. I feel a cross between early Oasis and Velvet Underground. Great sense of melody here. Keep it up!

Cool vibes on these EPs man. From Me & On were my favorites. Nice rhythms. Were you going for a deathconciousness vibe? You pretty much nailed it, though I'd personally like to hear the vocals up a little more in the mix.

Thanks for the thoughts! We'll be re-mastering the track in a few weeks with the full EP, so your points are really helpful. I'm diggin your stuff as well! Do you like OZMA? You've totally got an Ozma vibe to your sense of melody. It's sick.

Dude you should make soundtracks for indie games. You sound like you'd be awesome at it. Totally got that vibe from your stuff.

This is my stuff:
It isn't generally my coup of tea, but it's very good made and I'm sure many people will love it because of the great atmosphere and climat.
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>art-rock, post-rock, instrumental, minimalist
>Do you like OZMA? You've totally got an Ozma vibe to your sense of melody.
Never heard them before, I've got a new band to listen to though. Thanks~
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>post-rock, atmospheric
File: Oblio 2 cover.jpg (2MB, 1400x1400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oblio 2 cover.jpg
2MB, 1400x1400px
Trippy stuff. Got some Aphex Twin vibes on the "entire history of you". Loved when the beat kicks in. Great job.

I'll also rec both these guys as once since they're great:
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>organ / chamber / classical / ambient / drone
>released yesterday
New song, new EP coming, and this is the title song.


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>noise rock
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big ol brain.png
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Congratulate me lads!


>western spiritualism
>freaky shit

Check out these guys:

From Weston Adam's facebook page
You can find his music at www.westonadam.bandcamp.com
You can find his film at
You can find some of his collaborative efforts at:
You can find additional videos at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-haJS5C0Fyz78CU9yqbJXA

The cover is real masterpiece man, I'm downloading this only because of it! And I'm not very keen on ambient music, but it's generally well made and I think people will like it. Keep working on new material
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> First Wave post-rock, Instrumental, Psychedelic, hints of western


>post-rock/math rock
>jazz fusion

gonna go through this whole thread later and give my recs
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derp forgot my pic
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 20

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