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Nagisa Ni Te

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Any one into Japanese Folk/Rock
I enjoyed it thanks for that
I don't have anything in the topic to contribute to though
what are song other songs you like
can you start posting some OP
a little bit

Do you mean songs by Nagisa Ni Te?
Or other Japanese bands?
On the same album, "Deserting you" is really good.
Glad you liked it. Really solid band. If you like them you should also try Tenniscoats
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I'm really loving The Fujii at the moment. You can find the studio album in the archive. It's really great stuff throughout.
I really like this too
what's the name of the band?
two of their albums are in the archive but look for it under the moonrunes rather than that name
all of this really solid I'm surprise I don't see this posted more often
Yuka Ijichi's album Peanuts Butter is some more enjoyable folk (also in the archive I think)
P-Model have some pretty fun zolo music if you're into that kinda thing. Pretty catchy rhythms.
some of the more poppy artists like predawn or ichiko aoba are pretty popular around here
Posted here somewhat often but I might as well mention them in case someone new can discover them

Toe are a pretty great math rock band hailing from Japan. This album in particular is damn fine.

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I don't fuck around when it comes to Japanese Folk.
Here is Nikido Kazume. Its hard to find her music I have two albums of hers. But her range is fucking out of this world. She really can put her voice to anything.
Sugar Babe is some really fun and incredibly catchy pop rock. This song in particular may get stuck in your head for days.


Not in the archive but if anyone wants I can upload the Songs album
all of this is really great, feels almost feels overwhelming I'll probably archive this thread to look over again
aw, a weeb in the making
that would be nice
Some more fun pop rock coming from Takako Minekawa

This album is a mood-changer if you're feeling low. Very upbeat and (as in the title) fun.

And then also from Takako Minekawa but this time in collaboration with Dustin Wong. This is more, I guess, artistic than her solo stuff. It's a very good album and was very highly praised on tinymixtapes.

Sure, are you going to be around for a while? My internet is very slow so it might be an hour or so...
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Pretty sure every one should know about shugo Tokumaru already. But if not Hes really good.

yeah I'll be hear for over an hour
cool cool, it's chugging away as we speak

Damn this sounds great. Thanks for sharing
>Damn this sounds great. Thanks for sharing
Sure any time. If you like him I think you would like the Tenniscoats also. I linked them up above. Ill just re link it tho.

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Hey dude hope you're still here, it's all done

Sugar Babe - Songs
>pop, Japanese, very catchy

yeah I'm still here thanks for doing this
nipponese regina spektor though
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wish I had something to contribute to topic
off topic but have you ever heard of The spinto band?


I don't really see them posted here at all or maybe I'm not looking
Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 7

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