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funny dj stories

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>hosting a huge party
>university town so around 115 people in the house, maybe 50 in the basement
>all the hosts are huge into techno and house music
>one of us has a really nice PA system with subwoofer
>we are all DJing throughout the night
>party is loving it, everyone dancing, QTs feeling free and uninhibited in a black, loud basement dancing to strange catchy music
my turn
>i'm mixing two tracks together to transition between them
>weird dude walks up to the booth
>clearly one of those faggots who think music started and ended in the 60's. the kind who have no fucking personality so they just tack on banal things to their identities.
led zeppelin tee shirt, long center parted hair, ill fitting jeans and ugly tied-too-tight reebok shoes
>asks me to play jimi hendrix "hey joe"
>i look at him, very confused
>evidently he doesn't know what is going on. this is not a show where you get to request, this is established DJs playing sets at a personal party
>"are you serious?"
>"yeah" he says as he has this complacent smile on his face
>"fuck off, go away i need to mix, my cue is coming in a few seconds"
>he just stares at me
>continues talking to me about how "i really think you should play hey joe"
>>we are at 130 BPM playing a hard jeff mills techno track, everyone dancing very intently
>i tell him to look around
>he just repeats himself
>I just start shouting fuck off go away!
>my buddy steps in and is like dude get out of here we're not doing requests and we're busy
>this fucking faggot starts asking for an apology
tl;dr he was asked to leave the party b/c he was being obnoxious about interrupting a techno party in full swing so that he could show us "what real music is". fucking fag.

you guys know people like this? i actually like hey joe but not in the middle of a fucking techno party
I get where you're coming from but you could've been less asshole-ish about it
You should have just hit him. It establishes a good precedent.
they are convinced they are better than everyone around them. kind of pathetic really.
Have had shit like this happen before when we were actually performing. We do experimental electronic shit. It's got a driving beat, but it's not easy just to cut away into something else. Dude wouldn't stop bothering me literally as we're starting to play for us to hook his fucking phone in and play aviici

people want other people to suck "their" music's dick
he was talking to me while i am literally trying to focus on pressing a button with a 1/4 of a second window of correctness or it would be out of beat.
and do what? OP shouldn't have to explain that other people are enjoying the current music. If someone is ignorant enough to think that Hey Joe is party music, they shouldn't be at that party in the first place.
"sorry no" contains fewer syllables
yeah exactly. cocksucker. you bring the PA, or you get invited to play through it. if not, YOU ARE THE AUDIENCE. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND JUST DO AUDIENCE THINGS LIKE DANCE WITH A GIRL.
he would have kept staring at him. People who are autistic enough to request "Hey Joe" aren't the best at picking up on social cues
i shook my head when he even said "request" before he finished his sentence.

also i was speedy on ritalin and drinking jim beam, so there's that...

ps check em
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pretty much this. Everyone has heard Led Zeppelin, they think it is some hidden magical tresure that only they know about and that the average joe only listens to billboard top 100's.

They tend to be the most closeminded of music lovers as they only listens to "dadrock and metal" and everything else is shit, especially electronically produced music. And yet they barely scratch the surface of their own genres as they only listen to the most obvious of bands.

They wouldnt understand the dynamics of a party if they studied it for 20 years.
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can you imagine what went through his infantile little mind later that night?

>fantasizing about getting rid of this "computer music crap"
>"why did music have to fall off and become so repetitive, like it's just beeps and boops over a drum beat"
>visualizing himself stopping the party, redirecting everyone's attention
>suddenly le real music man comes in, plugs in the guitar, and lets out a long wailing soulfull melody
>everyone realizes how wrong they were and falls flat on their faces to prostrate before "real music"
>everyone's mouths are agape, they had forgotten how real music can only be played by people using instruments
>cheer his name
>girls flock to him, ask him his favorite led zeppelin song

>he's the hero music needs but doesn't want

check em
yeah techno fans are the worst
reminds me of the roomate of this guy i knew... went over his place once.

>dude holds up his arm
>"what do you think, anon?"
>it is a new tattoo of all of the led zeppelin logos, encircling his forearm like a band
christ almighty
>dude is one of those awkward looking fuckers who are simultaneously fat and skinny
ugly goatee with a really huge soul patch. corny black ray bans. converse sneakers, red, tied really tight. some weird stone wash jeans and a tee shirt
>"yeah, anon, i just wanted to get my first tattoo so i googled "rock n roll tattoo". pretty sweet huh?"
/bleep/ tends to be just as bad.

>hey dude, listen to this underproduced track made to sound like it was made in '95
>great stuff
>heres a whole boilerroom set with boring souless 90's nostalgia minimalistic techno
>great stuff

/bleep/ threads bore me to tears, sorry to say, and their elitism towards any electronic music that isnt strictly to their preferences is really sad.
>djing using an old cdj table
>playing mostly indian pop, some classic hip hop, some 90s pop tunes, occasionally some classical or jazz
>only has tempo, pitch, reverse/ fast forward, stop, and skip forward or back, and a cue function where you can set a part in a song to go back to
>everybody loving it
>dancing crazily
>get really drunk i personally lose track of what happens
>next day roomate tells me for the last few hours i was literally just pressing stop and start really quickly, fast forwarding to the end and then reversing entire cds and messing with the eq on the mixer
>apparently people were still dancing a ton
we weren't playing that sort of stuff. we were playing contemporary music with a contemporary sound.

i already told you that i liked the jimi hendrix song. you are making assumptions. you are also failing to realize that if you ever left your room and went to a party, the louder the music is the more chaotic it will sound within a confined space. good techno music is good party music. rock music is shit party music. you can't dance to rock for 3 hours at a time.
Thread posts: 20
Thread images: 3

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