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>non-parametric EQ edition

Post the tracks you're working on, discuss general music composition. Learn why multi-band compressors are bad for you and how to start analog-vs-digital flamewars.

Remember to use:
>clyp.it for WiPs
>soundcloud for finished tracks and getting called a chocolate compactor for not going to soundcloud threads

We're making an album! (or trying to).
Check the next post for info.

>Pastebin - Links, books, videos, articles, tutorials and stuff:

>/prod/ wiki - looking for contributors (wink, wink)

Last thread vanished into oblivion!
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We're making an album! (or trying to).
How to join:
>Take a good look at this picture
>Be inspired by it
>that's it
Anything goes, feel free to find anons to collab and have fun with in any way you want. Or just work solo.
We're doing this for fun.
>tfw I may be a chocolate compactor and don't know it
>tfw so much gear
>tfw no motivation to do shit
nowhere near finished
if i even finish this
just playing around with arpeggios, gating and removing layers then putting them back in

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Multiband compressors are fantastic for mastering, and also for destroying. Also there are few things I hate more than wanker wanksteins who use them on individual tracks on a multitrack... like vocal and bass for example. Fuck.

Also, my Mort Garson Power Hourâ„¢ is complete. The "drink" alarm is a synth swell from a track of his called Walking In Space.

The power hour features Plantasia, followed by Black Mass Lucifer.


Entropy isn't gonna fight itself buddy
Unless you're activating a single band for de-essing (in which case it isn't even "multi-band") you're mostly doing more harm than good

remember kids, compressor (single band) for time events, EQ for frequencies
de-essing doesn't realy work for mastering unless it's a truly turrible mix.

also multibrand compressors allow you to avoid the artifacts caused by master limiters, as you don't need to flatten the threshold so much to make the client happy. you can set individual attack and release times to preserve the performances better, and retain low Hz (which master limiters tend to destroy for a number of reasons). Also one of the best things to do with a multiband compressor is to expand with it, to actually undo shitty compression in the mix so you can restore some dynamics in the middle of you mastering signal chain to avoid making more shit artifacts than necessary. upward expansion triggered over a threshold is best and most appropirate (IMHO) for mastering, but it's a little harder to find. Ozone does downward expansion which is a bitch's tits to get just right, especially because you don't want overhandle it. Oh well.
How to get this this kick sound?

what does that mean (sorry english is not my native language)
What if the synth had never been invented prod? What would we all use to make music?

Would sampling still be around since you could consider sampling to just be something that's recorded and pasted in certain spots manipulated by effects?
We'd probably be learning to play normal instruments like the rest of the normies
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 3

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