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Bandcamp Thread

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Post your music and other musicians you love on here
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musician i love

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>folk punk, probably going to rework these songs more to the indie pop direction

>noise, experimental
>untitled album is noiser, pure is more ambient except for the title track
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>shoegaze, emo, lofi, alternative, black metal
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>drone, pretty noise, tape loops
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the second link is very interesting stuff, if it was a tiny bit more developed i would dig it maybe i just don't get it
cool stuff reminds me of an old cassette
i like this a lot!
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>shoegaze, post-punk, ambient, blackgaze, etc
What's up guys, I have some CDs available, featuring an exclusive bonus song!
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Her Pale.jpg
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>my first album
>metro-ko, downtempo, dubstep, 2-step, underground hip hop, moody, chill, psychedelic
>collaborated with jordaan mason on a track
>contains samples of the beach boys, joanna newsom, bob dylan, bill evans, and various films
>made for a girl
Not sure if anyone will like this album, but I think its pretty damn great.
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absolem ep.jpg
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>drone, weird pop, krautrock, ambient
check it out, new release in a few weeks
download it for free if it tickles your fancy
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>Noise, Drone, Experimental, Onkyo
>Made entirely in MATLAB
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can't top this dude
"Firewood" is a song I like.

This dude is super annoying if his tumblr is any indication but I like the music:

rly good band. name your price
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The Spires - Eternal Yeah

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If any of you contributed to the "NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL /MU/SIC" /mu/ compilation, there are now 5 genres up !!
If you didn't send anything take a listen!!
Link and Info here:

>noise ambient
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>Noise, Lolicorekindof, Hell
Not really a fan of folk punk, but the second project is promising. Not much ambient/noise stuff made with (I think) acoustic instruments. Some of the effects sound a bit lazy though, like the phaser on the second track of Pure; try making things a bit more subtle, and I think it'll really make the songs more ambient.
Not exactly how this works (is it a compilation?) but I'm absolutely loving the first track. The others seem mostly good as well, although the guitars on the other album (HTFNAA) are pretty grating, they hurt to listen to. Still, great songwriting, even if it could benefit from better production.
For once, JM's vocals don't make me want to shoot myself; good production and interesting use of background noises/field recordings/whatever. Have you thought of doing more sample-based large-scale approach a la Burial? I think it could work for this type of music.
Cool stuff, very nature-y. The track "Wintry Mix" seems out of place, considering how bare-bones it is. Still, the rest is well-produced and I like the atmospheres it invokes. Keep it up!

Gib moni:
>a lot of people say it sounds like Brand New, so...yeah. Enjoy.
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Constructively criticize each other's FUCKING albums, why the fuck would you just fish for hits and leave?
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> experimental stoner noise joke rock

5 albums of free sound
I'm >>53657017

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, Wintry Mix is a bit out of place, I wanted a song that could be played live if needed, in retrospect it really doesn't fit at all but hey I still think it's decent. Do you have a bandcamp anon?
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