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I`ll do some shares. if someone shares with me something that i like i'll keep sharing.
i hope that someone want to do it or get interested in something at least.

The Physics House Band - Horizon/Rapture

>this band have a lot of math rock elements, but also have some influence from post-hardcore, jazz, etc. its an instrumental band with really skill young musicians. math rock with no cliches
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Nils Frahm - Electric Piano

>Electronic, Instrumental. Nils Frahm is a young productive pianist. really recommendable

forgot link

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Satelliti - Transister

>Satelliti is a italian instrumental duo from bolzano. both members have great skills. they have influences from jazz and tecno music. really nice album!
forgot link again...

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Nils Frahm - Spaces

> in this album Nils Frahm use his grand piano connected to tape machines to add some effects to it. his is well know now for being on the OST of assasin creed 4 with the sample song


Daniel Land & the Modern Painters- Love Songs
>dreampop, ethereal
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Psychic Duck- S/T
>psych pop, vocoder, electronic surf
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The Radio Dept.- Pulling Our Weight
>dreampop, electronic
fuck yeah nils frahm. I love this guy.
TV Girl- French Exit
>indie pop
do you want any of his records in particular? i have all of them. do you know something similar to share?
Damn, anon
This is fucking good.
I just saw they are just 3 guys playing!
No I have all of them, I just never seen anyone mention the guy.
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Mike Adams AHHW- Best of Boiler Room Classics
>indie pop, surf pop
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why does this thread bypass my filter?
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Future Fauna- Harbor Estate
>dreampop, indie rock
why does your shitty fucking name bypass my filter?

why would you filter a sharethread? is like the only good thing about mu anymore
figure it out, you're a big kid.
Marshmallow Coast- Ride the Lightning
>indie pop
good god, another newtrip. I've never seen you before, and never will I see you again.
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i highlight sharethreads but this one doesn't

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nice trips
Tobacco- The Allegheny White Fish Tapes
>electronic, experimental, tobacco years before BMSR
Alex Mauer - Blast I,II

>Alex Mauer is a chiptune musician. he create really nice melodies. to me, he do a really nostalgic and happy music.

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320 KBPS mp3

Batfinks - Towards The Pipet (ep)
>Slightly Exerimental
Samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QfcAQnEU6k
Top 5 release from 2013 for me, they just play really nice music, and aren't just some fast/noisey bandcamp kids. I hope they release some new stuff.
Thanks, been wanting to listen to this one for a while.
World's End Girlfriend - Girlsboys song

>this is the last EP recorded by katsuhito maeda. everybody knows him here. enjoy!

its notable how they never fall into cliches moving in really specific genres. but as you said its just really nice music. really well produced
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Toshimaru Nakamura - Vehicle



Also I've got every album on pic related uploaded, feel free to ask.
i have some shares if anyone's still lurking in this thread. should i just post em here or wait til tomorrow and make a new thread?
fuck i kept on reading Mouse on the keys as Mouse on Mars, anyone have any mouse on mars?
why not just copy all the links to a pastebin and post that?
post em, people are still looking
Tigran Hamasyan - Shadow Theater

> Tigran is a really skilled armenian pianist. he is only 26 years old and play music since 3. with only 26 years he have 23 years of music investigation. its a really long road for someone so young. he is trained as a jazz musician but in this record you can hear the influences of the years that are passing now: some mathy songs and structures appears in the album.

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Because I'm not familiar with pastebin.

Also I like pictures
post it now. it would be fun!
Ayy iem axperus
Please for the love of all share with us your personal favorite Clark record, looking to get into that dude's music after his 35th bday
It's just a site where you can post and link text. It would be an easy way to have the music available for people that come across the thread after you leave or something. Also it's just generally handy.
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i posted these in a thread a few days ago but i had to go do something and the thread died really quickly so ill try again here

Nausea - Extinction
>crust punk
this is some top shelf og crust punk. It's nihilistic, it's post apocalyptic, and it's got 50% female vocals. It even hints at the crust/ska blend that bands such as leftover crack would create much later.
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLOg5FVYHBQ
bumpin with pic unrelated, Alchemist X Prodigy-Albert Einstein. superbial hip-hop/ inspired-altering production

Clark - Body Riddle

> this is the album that i've enjoy the most of this guy. Night Knuckles is my fav of the album.

yeah, While we're at it, lets eliminate /mu/ alltogether and just use RYM and P4K and never talk about music again and just click links and download albums alone and never talk about them.
>lets eliminate /mu/

Where do I sign?

I'll use that next time, sounds good. Do your equier an account?

Thurston Moore - Demolished Toughts


>acoustic album, kind of orchestrated, some good songs, not that consistent

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Thanks buddy I rebutted with >>52676085
Is this shit downloading directly into my explorer?
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Autechre – Anti EP
>ambient techno
this is an ep that they released in 94 as a protest against a series of laws being passed at the time to try to reduce rave culture. One of the laws banned people from meeting in a social setting and listening to music with repetitive beats. In turn autechre released the anti ep with a sticker saying “Warning. Lost and Djarum contain repetitive beats. We advise you not to play these tracks if the Criminal Justice Bill becomes law. Flutter has been programmed in such a way that no bars contain identical beats and can therefore be played at both forty five and thirty three revolutions under the proposed new law. However we advise DJs to have a lawyer and musicologist present at all times to confirm the non repetitive nature of the music in the event of police harrassment. “ Regardless of back story this is some beautifully arranged ambient techno and imo some of the group’s best work
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZFmZ0gZNZI
link: https://mega.co.nz/#!nsAlDAJY!A04uOMZPGe9ZvSBVQ0iHUTRtZB4XCwLSyb5mA1B4eN8
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Carved Cross – Futile Reflections of a Failed Existence
>raw black metal, lo-fi, noise
black metal recorded so horrendously that you can barely make out what’s going on in the mix. Everything blends together into a swirling chaos that could be compared to that of a blizzard. Hidden beneath the deplorable recording quality is some quality black metal with creative riffing and well-crafted song structure. Listen to this one on a cold night preferably outside
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9PI-jhybNU
link: https://mega.co.nz/#!EAxB3CwL!d4IsHmO7cjpZJ6RxAV-QhyHebp1DCoKiY4wFOl-BhvQ
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Thank you!!! Fucking righteous delivery. Next would you share that intriguing live Merzbow cut?
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La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros - Películas

> Argentine prog rock from eccentric icon Charly Garcia's cult prog project


Incidentally, i've spent the whole day looking for King Khan & BBQ shows first record, the one with Waddlin' Around and Fish Fight on it released on 2004, could anyone do me the charity of sending me a link? :)
I'd very much appreciate Mehldau's Modern Music, if you'd be so kind to provide the link :D
Children of the Corn – The Single
>Memphis rap, horrorcore, devil shit
really lo-fi memphis rap, demonic shit, not really a single despite it's name. there are light, airy synths throughout the whole album playing eerie progressions reminiscent of the twilight zone. probably my favorite memphis rap release
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2taHZpdpqz0
link: https://mega.co.nz/#!FJkUyASA!xFdv1m6VxyMtApQxsvB-lp3TbhbJbtN-ZYT5qFJn3lg
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here you go friend.


do you have any imput on Jazzkrammer? after I downloaded that album I started seeing that name in a other places, never bothered to look it up though.
T'ien Lai-Da'at
help me based mu
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sure, here is the link!

Brad Mehldau, Kevin Hays & Patrick Zimmerli - Modern Music

> Piano, Instrumental, etc

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Acid Eater – Virulent Fuzz Punk
>fuzz punk, noise, lo-fi, psychedelic
this is the band of japanese ear-shredding noise-maker masonna. They play loud, noisy, badass punk which is quite menacing, but at the same time manages to be somewhat fun and colorful. One way they accomplish this is by incorporating an extremely cheesy retro organ synthesizer into the mix.
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmK2qDI_Iqs
Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!cZRk0brR!XYkSu1o8J9sK_HW3DZK5vj4aduwHAApicNAucAgre_A
I appreciate man!
anytime! share something like that. dont you have anything like that? i really enjoy piano instrumental music.
Does anyone happen to have Hella-Tripper?
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GGUW - Gegen Gravitation und Willensfreiheit
>depressive black metal
seriously scary german black metal. There are some traditional black metal screams on here but the vocalist focuses mainly on a very unorthodox style of
ghostly moans, wails and frantic gasps for breath as if he were actually dying while recording this. Even though he didn’t really die during the recording process, he ended up killing himself shortly after it was released.
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASV878l_Glc
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9evlm44v6fbwybb/GGUW.rar
Really? mind if you can check this part of this track, listen to it for a little and tell me if you know of anything that's more or less the same style?


if not how about this:

listening this right now!
Thanks for this, OP. Great shit.
requesting Banana Head's "Goon House" single and "In The Tubs" album
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requesting special snowflakes EP by Pile or Demonstration by Pile
Oof! I have Chick Corea's Light as a Feather, I have a Chris Potter record with Kenny Werner but it's in 128kbps (a professor gave me the files :/) Bill Evans' Waltz for Debby and probably some other shit, not anything extremely out.

Oh shit I forgot I have all of hiromi uehara's stuff. Are you interested in any of her record's in particular? She's like the bread and butter of contemporary piano, check this shit out

cool! hope you enjoy it as much as i do

Boxcutter – Glyphic
This is some great early dubstep which for whatever reason is usually overlooked. Mellow vibes for the most part with classic wubby bass and prominent dub influence.
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSJ49jrAUOI
Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!xUZDgR7T!S-WXmTY-iJQFSGZ7c4BMkyOkNlZSU2d-K0dFUAi-B4M
i dont know.. maybe i cant think about WEG when i listen the first song.
something like this song, maybe you know the guy


Oh man I love that Boxcutter album.

Did anyone listen to his new music from this year? Way different but pretty fresh. Retina Grains was a great song. I can upload them if anyone's interested?
I also just shared this prog record and the main guy plays piano. If you're into prog this is one of my faves!

This is nice, thanks for this.
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The name does seem firmiliar, possibly from a release that saw direction from London-based neu-jazz label Tru Thoughts, maybe a remix with Bonobo?
Im not sure tho
Bumpin with a sure-thing solid effort, discovered while on international business in Manchester, I saw this dude in a field... made a mega account just to share wit ya
im from argentina! i know spinetta but im not into the rock of my county. my friends listen to spinetta a lot and some of the things that i've heard with them impress me, but i cant enjoy it.
spinetta died the last year...
havn't heard it. i would definitely be interested
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youre dumb.jpg
65KB, 366x334px
was meant to have this
Andy Stott-Luxury Problems
>Manchester industrial synth/experimental electro
>yfw Burial-esque
you should totally listen tigran hamasyan! this girl is awesome to!

Bumping for FlyLo's Reset EP, for I didn't have enough loot to buy the 12" Warp pressing today at my local shop...
I know, I was extremely sad when that happened. I'm actually from Venezuela but have always been huge into Argentine music.

Charly Garcia's work with La Maquina de Hacer Pajaros and Seru Giran constitutes remarkable releases of Argentine Prog and it's definitely something anyone that's into the genre should delve into.

bumping this release

here it is! enjoy!
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you're welcome!

Necromantia - Scarlet Evil Witching Black
>hellenic black metal, symphonic black metal
This is probably the most accomplished album to come out of the hellenic scene, recorded with two basses and only the occasional guest guitar solo. In contrast to the cold and frostbitten black metal to come out of the Nordic countries, this album (along with the other quintessential Hellenic black metal albums) creates an atmosphere as fiery and hot as the album cover suggests. This album oozes heavy riffs, and demented, orchestral synthesizers.
Well, if no one has a link for King Khan and BBQ Show's debut self titled does anyone have Dope Body's Saturday EP?

Incidentally I forgot to post a sample for that record, here ya go

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4 Hero – Parallel Universe
>atmospheric drum and bass, jungle
This is some jazzy, atmo jungle that is very similar to goldie’s timeless, except it came out a year before. It is a cheerful, life-affirming album that gives off deep, spacy vibes and simultaneously makes you want to dance your pants off. It has a cohesive theme of outer space from the titles to the breathy, celestial synthesizers. The album as a whole feels like a trip through the universe at warp speed


Requesting Ariel Pink's- The Doldrums
If I'm allowed I'd like some recommendations that are similar to Death Grips Fashion Week. I'm a pleb when it comes to electronic and i enjoyed that release.
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