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Soundcloud & Now Clowdy?

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Didn't see a thread on the first page & frankly I've never made a post on here before so I'd like to take advantage of the opportunity to host a thread in which we all share our sounds.

Also a discussion. I was invited to set up an account on this site called Clowdy, and it syncs all Soundcloud info..

It's a soundcloud clone, but looks more like Windows 8 I suppose.. Is this stupid to try to compete or is it smart innovation to companion with something that already has a lot of attention?

Here's the link for Clowdy

And here are a couple things I've made recently. Spread between two profiles. I'm a fan of alot of things, but I try to make things that I genuinely feel are worth having out. There's too much half-assing out there anyway.






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>trippy psych with a heavy alt rock twist :)
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gemini moon cover.jpg
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>didn't see a thread on the first page
if there's one in the catalog anywhere, good luck not getting deleted. that said, this thread will probably be slower so i'm going to share in this thread and give people proper feedback without everyone and everything being totally lost to floods of people who post their shit and jump.

>it's a beat with reverb and delay
will wait for a few more people to post and then i'll start giving feedback in this thread.
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Layered and super atmospheric!
Love your use of reverb and delay too
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>bedroom indie

I return feedback 100% of the time
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New track.

> electronic, alternative-y, not really sure how to describe it

Will return all feedback on SC!

I thought you were giving feedback?

It's a little dry at first but it really grows in the latter half. Dig it.

Scorch Sigil is pretty interesting. Do you plan any of this out or is it just improv?

It's recorded pretty well. The mix sounds good. Really not a huge fan of the vocals but the instrumental is pleasant to listen to.

I'd like to hear some of these songs with some more instrumentation. Not like a full band, but maybe a bass or some keys. Singing is very raw, but the potential is there.


This is me.

>Metal, Instrumental
Serene and searing in equal measure. This is really unique for noise especially.
Reccing as per usual
Probably the best this board has to offer

I hate people who lie about giving feedback and then swiftly abandon the thread--happens all too often in SC threads nowadays.
I am. I was doing dishes while I waited for the thread to fill up a bit, as I said I would. I'm done now, so sit tight.
really digging this,
Melancholic but beautiful work
Excellent use of reverb and echo without abusing it or using those effects as a crutch--which is too often the case for novice producers
Keep it coming! I look forward to hearing more from you in the future
Unyielding, punishing noise
Sometimes I like to listen to stuff like this at a very low volume though since I'm a puss and I love my speakers too much
A little bland for my taste, but don't let that discourage you! I was never really into lo-fi acoustic bedroom producers, but to each his own
I'm certain there's an audience for it at any rate, so keep at it
Maybe include some more instruments or bleeps and bloops or a variety of vocal effects...? Food for thought I guess
<3 Twin Peaks for starters
I think that made me a little more partial to the music honestly...
Cool stuff
My only advice to you is to work on your mastering process
Another grueling assault on my ears
Colorful textures and unique samples set this apart from your typical harsh noise
Gemini moon is my favorite though
Love the duality it creates and how you effortlessly bring those polarities together
The ambient sections were particularly gorgeous
You've got the talent
Not my cup of tea though
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Late Scott - Link We Link

Leak from the EP I'm working on. I'm good, fuck with me.
Some of your inflections remind me of Schoolboy Q - no joke.
Voice is pretty good for rapping tbh. It's a big part and yours sounds really nice.
Listening to some of your other shit, it's really good man!
Your hooks are legit.

Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 11

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