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General Sharethread

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Sup fellers, didn't see one, so I'm the change I see in the world, right?

MaxNormal.TV - Good Morning South Africa!
>Alt-Rap from the group known as Die Antwoord but not shit, its actually pretty good
sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJn5yQwI17s

Hawaii Pt.2
>Side project of Joe Hawley from Tally Hall, a diverse collection of songs that's probably best filed under "Experimental Pop"
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2WrLGdJwT0
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library october 12.png
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Here's my library if you want to make requests

also here's a collection of albums I made for my dad, its a bunch of math-rock, emo, and other accessible albums to try to get him to have something in common with me
both of these are good shares, so i'll share some stuff from my own mega

Sweet Trip - Velocity : Design : Comfort
>really good glitch+shoegaze, you should already have this but if you don't it's fantastic
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anyone got this?
Bruce Haack-The Electric Lucifer
>the father of acid rock; used to make childrens music and appeared on mister rogers. Very beautiful groovy 70's music with simplistic vocals
Anyone have the radiohead basement tapes bootleg, with the acoustic version of Motion Picture Soundtrack on it? There aren't any links in the archive
Hawaii Pt. II pt. ii
>outtakes and snippets from Hawaii Pt. II, some are pretty cool. If you like the original this is worth the listen
>the father of acid rock
Talentless Haack
Fucked up my share :(

Various Artists - Original 60s Kvlt Surf Music
>Black Metal covers, Surf Rock
A compilation of youtube's Surf styled Black Metal covers of classic BM tunes

Can I have a list of the albums in that file?
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C L E A N E R S - Real Raga Shit Vol. 1
>sound collage, actually really great, one of my AOTY's

>disliking haack
how's it feel to be a pleb
You already know that answer
Anyone got the following in FLAC or V0?

>They Might Be Giants - They Might Be Giants
>They Might Be Giants - Apollo 18
I can't remember that far back, care to enlighten me?
>Pioneer within the realm of electronic music
>Father of acid rock
10 minutes ago? Oh! You suffer from short term memory loss. That explains everything. Carrying on, anon
>Kachulis did another important favor for his friend by introducing Haack to psychedelic rock. Acid rock's expansive nature was a perfect match for Haack's style, and in 1969 he released his first rock-influenced work, The Electric Lucifer.

I know reading is hard, but do try again next time
hi, requesting Demarco's Live and acoustic + Adult Swim singles. Thanks in advance
I think you're still exaggerating his influence
that's entirely possible, but his electronic based acid rock was entirely original at the time as far as I can tell.
let me amend this, mort garson did it first.
I second this
Bam, I love that album, too
American Football
Gloss Drop
Fang Island's s/t
Girlfriends' s/t
This Town Needs Guns - Animals
You Slut's 2 albums
James Blake's s/t
Real Estate's s/t
Since I Left You
The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die - Whenever, If Ever
36 Chambers
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Benjamin Booker's s/t
King Krule - 6 feet beneath the moon
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
and Hospice
it's really plebby and probably cringey but I just wanted to be able to talk to my dad about something because we're drifting apart
Coachwhips - Bangers vs Fuckers

> Dirty, dirty garage rock. A three-piece with drums, keyboard, and distorted guitar and vocals by Thee Oh Sees member John Dwyer. Not a song over 3 minutes, most are under 2.



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Movie Magick (2013)
>dark ambient, IDM, warm and nostalgic

Movie Magick 2 (2014)
>IDM, psychedelic, 90s MIDI computer music

Ill upload mac's but the singles are on adultswim.com/singles like theyre free
requesting any Giant Claw albums beside Dark Web.
>Arcade Fire

Mah nigga.
Exactly, everyone likes arcade fire, so I thought it was a shoe-in, but he never listened to anything
Mac Demarco - Live and Acoustic Vol.1
>missing 2 tracks and there's no cover, I kinda suck but hey its better than nothing, right?
this is pretty cool stuff
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Could anyone recommend something fun like Bondage Fairies?
Can u rec me some emo stuff, i'm really into that
File: Baby Huey.jpg (43KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Baby Huey.jpg
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Requesting Disney's Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House (1964 version). It's not in the archive or on Soulseek, except at 128kbps.

Baby Huey - The Baby Huey Story
>funk, soul, died-too-early-core
I'm only starting with emo tbh, but The World is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die is my fave, their new EP is cool, it's more spoken word than emo but nonetheless I like it, I can upload for you if you want?
>Mah nigga.

Are you new? Arcade Fire is incredibly entry level. Also, there's no better way to make yourself sound like an underage white male than to say "Mah nigga".
>The World is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

you don't need to upload i use spotify, it's there, i'll listen to it, thx anon
>kiddie share thread part 3346758
prepare yourselves for meme-rap, indie cock rock, and sissy post-hardcore
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