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Sonorous Invokations Ov Brian Jones Vol. 1


Ritual Ambient/Industrial/Experimental

Band locked themselves in an apartment and cut off all contact with the outside world, cut off all sunlight and didn't leave until the album was finished.
I accept.
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Noise Rock/Noise Bubblegum Candy Core/Don't Even Fucking Know/Aryan Bananaz

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Marcus Fjellström – Exercises In Estrangement

Abstract, Musique Concrète, Modern Classical, Experimental

Odd Orchestration/Interesting Atmospheres

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Leningrad Psychedelic Blues Machine - Dark Star

Noisy as fuck cover of the Grateful Dead classic, definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of the original or Noise Rock.

i'm liking this thread so far.
found out about this guy on htdw aoty list a few years back, recommending!
Vontel - Vision of a Dream

Oldschool Super Cheesy Hip Hop/R'n'B
Lots of Talkbox, Good shit.


Password: dagfunk
Have nothing to contribute but thanks a lot for these
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Luciferous - If only this was the beginning
>lofi, doom, sludge, stoner,
theres what Im fairly sure is a saxophone in one of the tracks. Kinda sad its only 4 songs.

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NA CANCHA - Capa.jpg
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Cuscobayo - Na Cancha (EP)

>folk, brazilian band playing Conosur typical rhythms

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Wander Wildner - Baladas Sangrentas

>brazilian, corny, folk punk

Carnival of Souls - Melodie und Rhythmus (1992)
>instrumental rock, jazz rock, surf rock

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bump from pg9

Nitrostirumpa - 60 Minutes Mix
>IDM, bleep-bloops, sounds like Aphex Twin and BoC, or mu-ziq's Lunatic Harness
>Very good, fun listen
>60 minutes of songs that loop into one another, which I have split up so you can listen to them on shuffle if you want, or pick individual songs you like.


S/he's got more stuff on soundcloud and youtube. The SC offers free DL's
>Band locked themselves in an apartment and cut off all contact with the outside world, cut off all sunlight and didn't leave until the album was finished.
Sounds sweet as fuck, hope it's in 320.
moar ritual ambient pls
Arktau Eos - Mirrorion

>Finnish electronic, tribal, ritual, dark ambient, experimental
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amf - mflhm.jpg
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Aesthetic Meat Front - Musick for Left Hand Meditation

>Aesthetic Meat Front, probably considered more art than music is ritualistic noise. Noise, less clangy and almost ambient in nature drips through the air. Haunting voices and images, sounds that send shivers up the spine, and textures swell about, sending your thoughts to places you might otherwise want or need to forget. This rather intense noise was designed for use during often bloody rituals involving anything from animal parts to body modification.
Endvra - Elder Signs

>Dark ambient, ritual
>The name of the band comes from the Cathars' practice of ritualistic fasting to speed death.
File: endvra - liber.jpg (34KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
endvra - liber.jpg
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Endvra - Liber Leviathan

>Electronic, Dark Ambient, Neofolk, Ambient
Zero Kama - The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H.
>Ritual Ambient, Dark Ambient, Music made of fucking human bones-core


That's basically how the KJV Bible was written
File: yogsothery.jpg (94KB, 603x518px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OC Share, gotten from a torrent with only one guy seeding, who was online once a month.


>Finnish doom-metal, Eldritch Horrorcore.
>Secretly assembled during the years, the album is a 78-minute opus of obscure avant-garde prog metal, abysmal dark soundscapes and frightening blackened space-doom courtesy of the Finnish avant-masters AARNI and UMBRA NIHIL, the cosmic-ambient psychonauts JÄÄPORTIT (FIN) and the mysterious space-doom project CAPUT LVIIIm (ITA).
>This download comes with a complimentary folder of the comic that the album art came from. It's in French but there is a .txt of translations.
does anyone have the album The Spine by They Might Giants? kind of an obscure request i guess but i need it.
that's not obscure at all
you can literally google that shit and get a download, fuck off
its not readily available on google
checked rbt asia didnt find it
check tpb and demonoid and they have full discogs but i dont want a full discog i just want thi one album

trust me bro ive looked around and if u can find it easier than me just find it instead of taking the time to write a post telling me to fuck off.
gimmick core
you can select what you want to download
at least on qbittorrent and utorrent
can you really not figure out how to torrent?
see >>50322816
there is some decryption key needed
i tried some of the /mu/'s maymays but none of them work
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Thread images: 16

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