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Death Grips.

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Death Grips.
death grips are doing a bullshit money laundering extortionist embezzling technique with releasing their album a few months after their last one. It's a way to build hype and gain attention to get more sales and they make me fucking sick. I hate death grips.
Damn son, didn't think I'd such a hot response there so quickly. Aren't we all just here to appreciate their music?
I've never heard any Death Grips, but I kind of wish I was the guy/girl on the left.

give em a listen bro

makes shit like kdot and kanye sound like whiny little faggots
The album cover represents being who you perceive yourself to be on the inside- ie, the submissive, "girly" male and the dominant, more rough looking female. Opposite of traditional gender roles.
then it's working
Cool, especially since I am a submissive girly male. I'll probably get this album at some point, I was just turned off by the memeification.

Death Grips are not a meme though.
i love cuckrock
>build hype
literally all they did to anounce the new album is write it on a piece of toilet paper and put it on facebook. who's hyping it? they sure aren't
top kek, brother, they released their last 3 albums for free
Overrated jingle music. Of course, hipsters like to read too much into their albums and derive meaning where there is probably only abrasive noise.

>makes shit like kdot and kanye sound like whiny little faggots
Lyrics to get got:
Get get get get
Got got got got
Blood rush to my
Head lit hot lock
Poppin’ off the
Fuckin’ block knot
Clockin’ wrist slit
Watch bent thought bot

Sure, anon, if you like listening to Dr. Seuss rhymes. Top kek.
> get more sales

Lol you do realize that the album will be free, r-right?
>10 seconds of one of their songs appeared in a commercial so no they're a band making gingles for tv
you're a fucking fedora wearing gaylord, go home
Please, stop typing for your own sake.
Dissin' Dr. Seuss? Oh, you better believe that's a paddlin'.
best post about death grips, someone screencap this, use later in other death grip threads, good job
secret leaked pic that hints at jenny death? imost certinly think so
sorry, forgot to upload it, here it is
I forgot how great No Love Deep Web is.
Dammmmmmmn son

They seriously sound so different on each album. I love it
jenny is a qt
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>mfw McRride has told me a few times that he's always known
File: IMG_0375.jpg (2MB, 2592x1936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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death grips ranked:

1. TMS
3. EX
5. GP

whats up you guys
Alright you fucking cunt, listen close.

Get got *4, the quick repitition is how the druggie in the song thinks.

Blood rush to my
head lit hot lock, blood rushes to his head, it lights up like a bulb, figuratively. he feels hot. Locks the room.

Poppin off the fucking block knot, disregards and ignores everything around him, settles in for some 420.
The knot's the knot he ties around his arm before injecting le drugs. He uses fucking ONE word to describe the scenes following. Read it like:

wrist slit,
thought bot.
Thought bot means the mechanized blank face he pulls while locked, bent in his room watching his fucking slit wrist.

Each time this chorus (I guess) repeats, it marks another dark drug trip.
And trust me when I say the rest of the lyrics match up.
The rest of the album matches up. Shows a different villain personified. It ain't a metaphor. He becomes a pimp, gambler, boxer, and a gangster multiple times with different shades.

Post the rest of the lyrics so I can teach you the fucking meaning. Trust me when I say rides the finest rapper in hip hop.
I like how everyone has a different favorite and different ranks for their albums
I'm gonna bump especially for you.
>don't give a fuck what ya heard this real shit kicked your whole clique to the curb wut wut

Teach me the meaning of pic related lyric from the same fucking song.
You can't.

I'm willing to fucking bet you actually didn't come to that "meaning" on your own.
>NLDW above Exmilitary

No love and BRSOTS are fucking great, but Exmilitary has to be at least on par with TMS. Known for it/klink/culture shock/beware are too good.

>I'm willing to fucking bet you actually didn't come to that "meaning" on your own.

not him, but really dude? really? the fuck does it matter "how" someone came to a meaning? you literally just got shown the fuck up by someone smarter than you and now you're just gonna flail around and try to prove that you're actually not a dummy by saying "hur dur that interpretation isn't your own unique one"
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>implying I'm the same anon.

>copy pasting some shit off rapgenius or forum (I checked, it IS copypasta)

Stop samefagging please.
>pic related

why does it matter that he read that interpretation on rap genius? does that make it any less valid that he agrees with it?

why do lyrics even have to mean anything at all? why can't they just be another vehicle for sound?
i refuse to listen to death grips because of /mu/. they seem like edgy rap for gay teenagers.

>le intelligint rap wif meening
>implying you're not the edgy one
no one is sad that you're depriving yourself of good music
who cares what /mu/ says about an artist(s)

listen to what you like. jeez
kids and old people these dayz
It makes it less valid that he is somehow "smarter", which you claim.

Let's face it, I like to listen to music and interpret meaning in them. If the lyrics are so obtuse, incomprehensible, and undefinable to be interpreted by myself from listening to the fucking song; then it's not intelligent but simply edgy for the sake of being edgy. It's like having a movie with a plot so complex you can't decipher it from watching the fucking movie and have to read the book instead.

>why do lyrics have to mean anything?
Well it looks like the anon before seems to be adamant that it means taking drugs, although I'm suspicious why a wrist slit is essential for a drug injection instead of the anon simply talking out of his ass.

>lyrics can be a vehicle for sound
I agree, but it's not like Death Grips actually sound *good*. It's experimental, and abrasive music; which is I guess why /mu/ likes it.
>If I don't understand it at first then it's edgy

>implying I said I only listened to it once
Should I listen to it 20 times to decipher an ounce of meaning just so I get creds on the internet for being a hipster and "liking what they like"?
You don't have to like it. There is a difference between disliking and dismissing.
>Death Grips is a hipster band
I have plenty of friends that like them who couldn't possibly be described as hipsters.
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same fucking thing.png
525KB, 871x316px
spot the difference
lol nice bait baws
the difference is that ninja seems like an act to me, ride seems genuinely angry and isn't obnoxious
File: tea time frog.jpg (17KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tea time frog.jpg
17KB, 225x225px
>implying MC Ride isn't an act too

I'm sure Stefan killed lots of people while working as a busboy at a pizza place
of course he has a stage persona, every artist does. i just meant he doesn't create a character around himself. all ninja does is rap about how great and zef he is and how he's gonna fuck your shit up. they have that zef thing going on and that's all they're gonna talk about. also he has an anoying voice and he plays the "i have a thick accent" card too much
>plays the "i have a thick accent" card too much

He doesn't even have a thick accent, thats fake too
i know, and that makes it even worse
I think death grips is more about the human spirit than drugs (though drugs are definitely a part of it)

Get Got to me is a metaphor of being forced into committing a carjacking at gunpoint (the car being your own spirit) and the assailant tagging along for the Ride.
It has brilliant wordplays that lead into each other.

Blood rush to my head (literal blood in your mind flowing, 'blood' as in a person, 'rush' as in being attacked)
head lit (as in headlight, as in car)
lit hot lock (as in hot wiring)
lock poppin (as in succeeding in unlocking it)
poppin of the fuckin block knot (as in stealing it, leaving where you were, being freed from being 'tied')
Clockin wrist slit watch (a CLOCK on your WRIST as in a WATCH as in TIME being slit as in being transcended as in, again, the spirit)
bent thought (as in the abstract wording being used) bot (as in automating your freedom instantaneously) (bot later becomes botfly and lends new meaning at that point)
>one hit quick stop
Car crash.
as in simple
>big shot
as in ego
>rot dem
as in destroying it

there's still a lot that i'm missing
the car thing is immediately reinforced with the first verse and throughout the song
I'm sure I've read him say in an interview that one of their major interests is deception.
Ride isn't a villain, he's a saint and a guide. The music itself is part of what the music is about.
Death grips are kind of an acquired taste
>says only "Death Grips."
>48 replies, 8 images
so is feces
Calm down sperglord
Ahh, yeah. It's like the same thing ride did with the first verse. One word, one thought conveyed. Fuckin rap genius can't get with this shit.
First, simp means a dumb man.

It goes,

Dem big shot simps slot shit,
But a one hit drug sniffing I take.

Make of it what you will. Ride breaks out of his flow to show how obsessed the character is with as many drug hits as possible. He squeezes in a hit in a quick stop. Cannot live without. Moreover, you got me inspired.

Tailpipe dragging, volume blasting, bailing out my brain,

Red light flash, dem stop I smash, (he runs through the red lights)

Abraxas, hydroplane, massive (not a single fucking clue. Rapgenius knows more about Greek mythos, use that)

(Simply putting the lines as they are meant to be heard)
Catch this flight, (A literal plane)
Flow raining madness, (Lifestyle of the mundane is raining madness on the mundane)
Mastered mine, (He mastered his lifestyle (the madness that ze normal civilians suffer from), obviously with drugs. His life's simple.)
And laced the ave with black catfish, (Drew random graffiti on the wall of black catfish tailing waves of stratus)
Tailing waves of stratus
Curb right to far left lane. (A curb he's walking down, observes that it is right to far left lane. It makes him somewhat the same amount of depressed as the black catfish thing from before)
(Why depressed? Because he is drugged)
Nothin out there,
Can't stay inside,
Hit the bar,
Sleep deprived,
Who drove the car?
I'm still alive
(Epic lines, my friend. He hit the bar. Scene shifts to some place he is going and he doesn't know who drives. Scene shift, he is still alive. In three lines ride goes through the shitty life his character lives.
Where do you see that? Kendrick Lamar? That fucking moron feels smart just playing the character, speaking in the corresponding style to a correspondingly styled track. Ride does that on every track with a fucking poetic beauty. Fuck Kanye.)
No, my friend, you are reading too much into it. It's not meant to be a thesis in philosophy.

More importantly, people will read your comment and immediately start beaching death grips for being wilfully abstruse.
That's the most condensed, dense fucking lyrics I've ever read in my life. Thank you anon.
Seriously, thank you. In all my years of listening to music...
bump this motherfucking anon. people need to see this.
i said nothing about philosophy
it is about spirituality
spirituality is abstruse
there being something to it other than loldrugs doesn't make it a thesis (although drugs and especially shrooms, his drug of choice afaik, are closely related to spiritual experiences)

>laced the ave
life, the avenue you spirit goes through
>with black cat
>catfish tailin
fish tailing - a car spinning out of control
Literally shit music made for teenagers who try to make themselves seem smart by listening to it.
you have never been so wrong
nah, i agree with the other anon, you're intimidating people and turning them away.
Pretty much nailed it there.

Up in smoke, moon was low
How’d you know
Didn’t say I did
Whose is this, you know what this is.. but do you know.
(He stoner talks with somebody other than himself)
Now I just think it life obey
So what comes next
Right away
Right away
(Life is now a series of drug hits for him. After the next hit, the next comes right away. Next step next action, next hit, quickly and right away.)

(Skipping, but trust me, read this with the full lyrics, much more effective. And remember, each 'chorus' means a hit for the character. Makes this much sadder.)
Tongue thought pupil
Of your eye
Sickness moves you can’t deny
Lickin’ thought you mastermind
For mercy men cry
(Orally taken drugs are now his mind's eye. With his drugged world view he sees that the fucking normal people have a sickness moving through them. He now knows. He is a sage and a mastermind. Licking through it links to the tongue image from prev line.)

(Skipping. Reading the actual lyrics after this, all will come into context like a jigsaw neatly solved)
Yeah I'm knowin,
And you know why,
Nail through mental,
Ever dem try
Pigeon hole got me crucified (the drugs that enlightened him. Heroin needle through his mind and mentality crucified him)
Can't clone this edge
What's it cost,
To lose your head without,
End up lost
Should be asking where's the safe,
Born with a ski mask on my face. (Btw, he should ask for safe's BECAUSE he was born 'with a ski mask in his face)

Lycanthropic (werewolf cycle, ie, full moon and back, drug hit and back) manic cycles,
Fire water (alcohol),
Burning bibles,
Wake up raging,
Call a taxi, take me to the nearest city,
Cell light up (pretty nice. for him, calls and such is just 'cell lighting up')
Yeah, get at me, make it quick though,
Blood, I'm busy, I'm busy, get busy.

(Real shit part 3)
(He again breaks his flow, finally making some intelligible words, fitting, seeing how this is his release)
Continuing, I'm sorry,
Drilled a hole into my head,
Pierced the bone and felt breeze,
Lift my thoughts outta dem sick bed,
With a pair of crow skeleton wings
Known nothing since then, it seems
Been floatin through the nexus threading dreams...
But did you know?

Ends with another drug hit.

The imagery is conscious. Drilling a hole, feeling a breeze. Ie, the image of drilling a hole in a shitty apartment and feeling the breeze. This is not accidental imagery like Kanye, or shit. This is the guy who chose his words. Why else say drilling a head? Much more grisly.

In this song he is a delusional moronic useless self aware drug addict extradinaire.
In the next he is an illiterate gangster. With banger beats. And illiterate gangster voice. And, in this he was subdued.

My friend, he is the greatest lyricist in the music industry, period. Pink floyd can fuck off.
Fight me. Or, give me another request. For the next track maybe.

What egoistic cunts skate over is that cryptic lyrics almost always equal meaningful lyrics. Unless abstruse or atmospheric. They discard it because it's too 'in your face over smart and pretentious'.

Here's the lyrics for you lazy anons. Use it.
that was good. thank you
>death grips too esoteric.
You came here. You gave no comment worth shit.
Read the lyrics explanation by the anon in this thread. Then talk off your bullshit
what is the nasty in his taxi
are you literally ragging on the rhyme scheme, you dumb fuck?
I absolutely agree. on the esoteric scale, lyrical scale, innovation scale, whatever, kanye etc seem like inspired amateurs.
Wait, wait, you're saying I copied rap genius? Acc to them, get got is about being chased by imaginary police. All the thoughts expressed by me are my own, m8.
C-can you do the fever? Always wanted to know.
i bump for you, based anon

Shiit nigga. I was unable to Really enjoy any album besides Exmilitary previously, which I was into for the lyricism in first place, but damn you've opened my eyes to this. Thank you, anon. Giving it another listen now as I read your posts.
Fucking hell, I'm archiving this.
How do I archive in it?
it's the archive, just search
it auto-archives everything on moo
Takes too much time, my friend. I sleep now.
this thread is so fucking weird and retarded
Pls return man. I would love to hear the stories of ive seen footage and lost boys told in a way that a normal imbecil would understand.
leftie is a girl numbnuts
>not accidental imagery like kanye
File: dgsellout.png (399KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Aiyyo, this here's lost boys.
(Lost boys...)

Other side of da tracks (character is in jail, sees 'disgusting' outsiders fucking counting their way about happily)
Scuzz outsiders
Nothin' to lose (escape attempt)
Strike of midnighters (midnight patrollers)
Lost boys (they escaped. gives meaning to 'lost boys', they are free to roam, and lost)
True black and blues (suffered bruises, not sure)
No shoes, flat tires
Broke out da pen
Blood on barbed wire
Safe in your home
Gated zone terrorizers (the normal cunts, safe in their homes, are an ever present threat, with their phones, police)
Nowhere ta go
Far as I can get, hitchhikers

(Lost boys...)

fuck a job might have ta rob
I don't know, just ta get by, word (the indecision in his voice. priceless)
On the road for lifers (might have to rob...as police is on the road for lifers)
Bullets in the fire (they mobbed a house)
Check the chain link (mobbing another house)
Swayze, I'm slummin' (swayed meaning patrick swayze meaning white boy American bastard)
Let em know who da fuck we are
Low and dirty lost boys (he is literally proud to be lost. that's cool. descent into gangsterhood)
Comin' out the cuts (the cracks, with a violent feel)
Like your favorite scar

Crawlin' on tile, can't stand up (his self awareness tells up that he has been a slinky thug)
Been a while, kommodo gut (Komodo lizard crawls.)
(not apparent here, (will be apparent in fuck that) but he is rapping like a low life. cheap wordplay. scoff now, but like I said, the character sketches start appearing bone deep in fuck that)
How ta take it
How ta give a fuck
How ta live wit pain
How ta get yo cut
How long's this been goin' on
Man shit no way ta tell too far gone
Go get those flames from hell bring em here
Don't trip no I'll handle this
On some scandalous
Inland empire, Los Angeles

Anti ego propaganda sh*t (his brother, the other lost boy, tells him to stop. or, less realistically, his self awareness. it makes him frustrated and sad-ish)
Yeah, yeah, yeah... (The way he dismisses the anti ego propaganda, tells so much. scoff, youmotherfuckers, I don't care.)

Who's comin' up (deep in the underworld now)
Who's losin' ground
2012 I'm shady now
Running game on every thang in town

It's such a long way down
(When I was listening the first time, going along the 'self awareness' track, I thought that his conscience had known that it was a long way down.
Fucking hell, my jaw had dropped to the floor.
But it was just transitioning to his current state. Still pretty mind blowing)
It's such a long way down.

Brown paper baggin' asphalt scrapin' all talk (falls through the annals of descent in the underworld)
No action,
What, I'm waitin'
Weak tongue waggin'
Stray dog beggin'
Like don't hurt me
Yeah right, I'm sayin' (down to bullying a normal cunt)

Beware you have been warned, the barrel's still warm,
Ease up off that lip or step
How quick a bitch fit ta get checked mate (bitches get checked, mate. plus, cheap wordplay)
One false move'll get ya
Set straight
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
(And now it is infact his self awareness. not buying into his gangsta image. Sick fucking lyric.)
It's such a long way down[x4]
(It is a long way down)

(Ride through the sky of black mist...)
theneedledrop: 10 rating. And he said he didn't know that the lyrics were even saying. lemme repeat
he didn't know what the lyrics were.

p4k:8.4 or something. said its as intellectual as a scraped knee.

if any of them knew, this would have been hailed as the goat. literally.
This is like the most incredibly perfect song for describing a meth trip addict. Many have tried. DG has officially succeeded.
yaayy, this thread is back to the top.
i tip my godforsaken hat to you, lovely anon.
>means white boy american bastard

reading too much into it, moron?
truth seekers
not so funny
Swayze's name has become a commonly used term in hip hop songs. Lyrics will use the phrase "...and I'm Swayze," meaning that the speaker has become "like a ghost", meaning he disappeared or is otherwise gone. This is a reference to the title character of Swayze's 1990 film Ghost.

My...bad. The character is sneaky like a ghost. Nice mugger.
>he hasn't heard the ziggurat
Weird thread, /mu/.
C-can you do the whole album anon? Their entire discography? I'll pay you for it
Pfft...fuck no, jesus.
Ok can you do yeezus?
i hope, for once and for all, we have summarily buried the fact into the cold concrete ground that dg deserves the critical acclaim it got, if not more
I just don't get why they can't have clearer vocals. It would only add to their sound.

m8, ex military is fantastic but just isn't as consistant and focused as NLDW. that album has a main feel to it and Ex-Military very distinctly just sounds like a great mixtape. I won't deny there isn't bangers on there tho #known4it
Yes we have, anon, yes we have. I don't see any butthurt faggots here so I can say yeah, it's over.

All thanks to this anon's verbose overkill
It would feel cosmetic though. MC Ride obviously sounds like a guy who is being drowned by society as gay as that sounds. And society in this case happens to be the instrumentals. He shouts because he wants people to hear him.

Hes a lot clearer and less shouty on NOTM but oddly enough I think its their least accessible album partly because of how "esoteric" the lyrics are.
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