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post your current emotional state and get a recommendation

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>go strawberry picking with daughter
>listen to sufjan stevens in the car on the way
>get driven around in a tractor as we pick along the vast farm with other happy people
>punnets full of fruit
>go home to family and eat big meal
>no work tomorrow, just more family time
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brb dying of jealousy
that sounds really nice n fulfilling, m8.
i'm a miserable bastard and all my music reflects that i cannae help ye.
>tfw you will never be a child again
>tfw you will never look up to your dad as the greatest human being to ever exist again because he takes you strawberry picking
>tfw you will probably never meet someone you want to have kids with
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>be 8/10 girl
>meet sexy boy at work and have nice chat
>fall madly in love with qt
>never scheduled to work together, always disappointed to miss him
>after a month we're finally on the same shift
>see him, hesitate
>finally approach. ask him how college is going, help him unpack his cage
>he asks me why I don't get a new cage
>'I-I-I'm meant to be tidying up....'
>tells me to tidy the other end of the floor and then walks off
>hide in cupboard and then avoid him forever
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>moved logs all day
>got home
>worked on some music I've been frustrated with
>not much progress
>gf coming over in a little bit
>my life isn't unraveling for the first time in 5 years

Feel on the happier side of content, pretty tired.
>finals in a week
>not working as much as I should
>want it to be over and get a job
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>tfw space
>200 page essay due tomorrow
>Haven't even started

Kill me.
>sunny outside, walk home from uni instead of cycling just because
>listen to common people by pulp
>see a girl talking to a guy, they say goodbye and walk separate ways
>she hesitates for a moment and runs back to him, shouting 'wait'
>the guy had already disappeared behind the building they where standing at
>walk around the corner, see the two of them making out
>realize that something like that will never happen to me
>realize that i'll never live like common people

i had a really good day until that moment, and feel fucking terrible right now ;_;
> friend convinced me to go on tinder
> found 4qts so far that have similar music tastes
> tfw waiting to see if they like me back
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>Last year of highschool
>Lots of friends, but as of late I have no interest in them
>Just want to leave and meet new people
>Accepted to college
>Acceptance was conditional
>Might not be able to go next year
>sitting in bedroom brushing teeth listening to The Electric Bunnies
>just want to get stoned and listen to records all day
>Landlord coming over today so no smoking till after he leaves.

I guess i'll just sketch for a couple of hours
>family time
>browsing /mu/
None of this is true
pulp are shit
My wife and children are asleep, anon
>first oral examination at the end of the semester
>fucking management
>terribly anxious but can't take anxiolytics as they will diminish the effects of ritalin and coffee

I can't listen to music now, but recommend me something a neurotic bundle of stress who hadn't slept for almost two days straight would want to listen to as soon as he can relax a bit again - no chillwave please
so are my parents
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>tfw sharing those feels

>lots people who would call me a friend but never connected with anyone after an incident
>want to get far away from all of them just to start again in uni
>can't fucking wait to just chill in my room all day without worrying about people
>conditional offer
>been cheating for every assignment, assessment, coursework, homework so know jack shit
>know I will fail this year
>don't want to disappoint family
>would commit Sudoku but that would be cruel to family
do yo uwork at a monkey farm or something
>working in a factory farm or zoo where they literally pack animals into cages
Glad things are working out well for you and your family, anon
when's the end of term and do you plan on not sleeping till your exam?
that's not wise. you're look like a wired methhead by the time you turn up.
do you live in the gobi desert? cus nigga u thirsty
Truly is the hymans should be cagesd
or in retail where the stock is transported in cages, maybe...
tfw in love with someone u can't have
tfw it will never work out
tfw we both want it but can't have it
tfw sexual attraction controls your brain sometimes
It'll work out, Anon
My marks are shit too, supreme and complete lack of effort on my part. Not gonna fail, but let's just say I'm not going to Uni

What the fuck did I just read

I look like a methhead all the time anyway

Not sleeping is not a decision I can overrule with pure dedication or with pills as I'm bound to oversleep.
>working in a huge underground factory complex where humans are farmed like battery chickens in tiny cages, to farm blood to appease our vampire overlords
>tfw when anxiety is getting worse can barely walk down the street
well, when's this exam? surely you can sleep a couple of nights before then and then just do an all nighter the night before you have to go in. 3 days no sleep and your mind start playin tricks on you.
>tfw favorite qt uncharacteristically wears makeup
>she looks smoking but something's obviously up
>for some unknown reason neither ask her what's up nor comment on her smokingness
The Verve - A Storm in Heaven
I wouldn't be a shaking, chain smoking mess if the exam wasn't tomorrow (a day which begins 14 minutes from now)
>tfw asked a qt to prom
>tfw regret doing it because she said yes
I just want to kill myself right now but prom seems so far away and I don't want to stand her up like that.
neat, I had no idea this one hit wonder had a shoegaze-like debut album

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>did a presentation about a band in a marketing class. went well but I'm obsessing over tiny things that weren't perfect
>alone in dorm
>listening to Ween
>looking at pics of my not gf
>hear people outside doing things
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>I feel like I should be in a good mood but I 'm not
>Have new episodes of anime to watch
>Feel like I have to force myself to watch them
>tfw no cynical qt weeb gf to make fun of normals with
ah, right.
well, good luck, m8. i'm sure you'll do fine.
these oral things they don't tend to be too harsh about.

as for music afterwards, i'll say you'll probably be too exhausted to care and will just knock out first chance you get.
if she is qt why is this a problem?
I don't know how it works in America (I assume you're there) but can you still get in with lower grades than are required?
I ask because I'm banking on getting in through clearing (applying anywhere late if they still have places) to just scrape into my introverted dream
because I just wanna kill myself now and going to prom with her is my final social obligation but it seems so far away
rec me some good anime
>I just wanna kill myself now
give it a few days, m8. it'll pass. have some soup.
thank you

oral examinations tend to be fucking difficult, no matter the subject in this goddamn part of Yurop

I can't wait for the opportunity to ingest some ambien and doze of to the most boring parts of M B V
I'm gonna have to wait anyways
I've had this planned for years
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>be 14
>fall madly in love with best friend
>she tells me twice she doesn't feel that way about me
>she eventually develops feelings and kisses me one night
>enter into lengthy, stressful relationship
>the whole time we're making promises to each other about the future
>never felt happier or closer to anyone
>one day she breaks up with me out of the blue, with literally no reason why
>convince her to give me another chance, I'd do or change anything to be with her
>she breaks up with me again on the phone later that day
>a few months to by, try to rekindle friendship with her
>go to a few concerts together like we used to
>she tells me she might want to try it again with me in the future
>let her stay at my place for a week after her mom kicks her out
>hold her in my arms while she cries over her chaotic life
>a few weeks later I invite her to come see NMH with me
>she says she can't go because she has to visit family
>mfw I found out she actually didn't want to go because she's already been fucking my best friend for weeks
get help.
what does this have to do with music
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Thread images: 12

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