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Slave Pony Auction 2

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No this is not a general, were just waiting for more green.

Old thread: >>25297812
>posting a new thread before the old one has hit bump limit
literally kill yourself
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>No this is not a general

Then take it to SiM, faggot. I have you 13 year olds filtered for a reason.
problem friend?
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not op
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>not a general
this is what you're doing wrong
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desu, the writefags could probably go to either PiE or >>25332505 instead of starting a new "non-general" general.
Either would work, but the latter would probably want the rape stuff and the former the not-so-rape stuff.
Twilight pastebin: http://pastebin.com/zvvD2hcE
Scootaloo pastebin: http://pastebin.com/j5aR9qWb
I just hope the rainbow / applejack rape fic is continued at some point. Something to carry me till broken bluebird is updated. Failing that the rainbow and fluttershy one.
Just a small update for my Sweetie Bell Story. Really surprised with how big the thread exploded in popularity. This should be a fun, albeit small ride


>The rocks beneath your feet crunch as you walk along the dirt covered walkway, hundreds of people all clamor and talk over one another as they go about their shopping at the many makeshift booths.
>As you dodge through the crowd, you hold the small piece of paper in your hand and look around. Finding a booth, you walk up to it and waive down the shopkeeper.
“Hey, how much for the apples?”
>”98 cents a pound.”
“Ok, I’ll take 4 then.”
>Exchanging the money for the food, you slip it into your bag and continue shopping. As you browse, you notice an orange mare pony with a straw sombrero hat on her head. On her butt she has 3 apples, definitely one of those smart horses.
>You ready the letter and walk up to her but stop, maybe giving this note wasn’t such a good idea, what exactly was on here? Was it a letter for help? Was it some damning information that could ruin you? Or was it honestly just what foods she wanted?
>Or hell, maybe it was just chicken scratch and her way of saying fuck you.
“No, no its food.” You state to yourself.
>Walking up to the mare, you catch her attention.
“Excuse me, but can you read this?”
>”Huh?” She asks kind of spacey before noticing the paper, she looks it over before looking back to you, “Uh, looks like a grocery list.”
“Oh, do you know what it says?”
>”Nothing much, things like oats, apples, umm..some honey, all things we sell here.” She smiles before looking to the side, “Applebloom! Get me some oats, honey and apples!”
>Not far off, a small yellowish filly gives a sad sigh “On it Applejack.” She replies before giving the most unmotivated sacking of the items before brining them over.
“Oh its ok on the apples, I already bought some.”

>As she sets it down on the table, the owners of the booth begin blaring some music as Applebloom snarls.
>”Ah HATE when they always play that.” She sneers as Applejack worriedly shushes her.
>”Applebloom, keep it down.” She states before smiling nervously at you “Ahm sorry about that.”
“Its fine.” You laugh “I hate it too.”

>In your empty home, Sweetie Belle walks along the living room and looks over your few framed photos. Picking one up, she sees a group photo of you and some other male companions.
>She looks it over a moment before setting it back down and resumes browsing, walking up to your couch, she crawls on it and looks out the window. Dirt and some fruit trees are all she can see going down before a metal fence ends down the way.
>With an exhale she sits on the couch for a moment before sliding off and going into the hall.
>Passing your room, the bathroom, and finally seeing the last two rooms at the end. One door open, just like he said.
>Cautiously she walks in and sees a rather plain looking room, beige sheets, white pillow, and modest, almost forgetful, brown shelves.
>Walking up to the bed, she looks under it and then checks the closest before going to the windows. The view is pretty much the same as the living room, boring trees, with boring dirt, and some chain linked fences.
>Sweetie Belle gives a small laugh as she thinks (“Rarity would hate this place.”) She thinks before sniffling as tears swell up in here eyes as she mumbles “Rarity.” She states before burying herself into the pillow and cries.

Wish I could have written more of this but I've been busy, but I feel better knowing there have been many other writers who showed up.
So only some ponies are slaves here? Interesting twist.
Those owners are probably kinder and let AJ and AB run the shop.
I wonder if they will ever meet SB and have a tearful reunion.

It could be more like roman slavery than chattel slavery.

Well, I wouldnt go that far, they all are slaves in some sense, its more of a matter of how abusive the trainer/handlers are.

In AJ's case she was bought by a mexican owner who needed strong horses to tend the land and work the shop. Which is why AJ hushed AB because she knows they are her owners and she is afraid of the safety of her family. In her case her owners are pretty chill, so AB sees them more as annoyances who play loud annoying music and not fully grasping how bad things are or could be. While as we already know SB has seen it first hand.

But Im sure there are some ponies who are not enslaved and can slip by the radar..
>Be Anon, in year 2016 through trumponomics and the discovery of an untapped world. With the help of John Titor. Has lead to a second wave of slavery, but this time they look nothing like us so we can’t harbor empathy for them.
>With no sight of Lincoln V2 you decided to purchase one online. A yellow and pink one. She’s weak. The only thing she does is cry and cower. Has only talked once. Which for you means she’s cheap.
>Most people buy them as cheap labor, or banal tasks, but like in texas, you can buy a horse to pull your plow, but it’s also legal to plow your horse. Just very socially taboo.
>They’re technically chattel property so you can do whatever you want with one.
>A life of nipon porn guides you.
>Not really, you’re actually just lonely. Something to hold would be great.

>Day 1.
>A stallion knocks at your door.
>He drops off a crate, you sign. He returns to his UPS truck where a human drives him off.
>Kek, wage slaves getting their jobs taken by slaves.
>Giddy with excitement you grab the nearest crowbar. The box is crying now though.
>You crack open the top to reveal a small yellow mare. Her fur is matter. She smells like urine and she is covered in shit. A symptom of the crappy transportation.
>Her wings are bound to her side. Collar around her neck, a large thick metal one. How untasteful.
>There is a muzzle over her snout, but it doesn’t reduce the sound of her crying. Tears mix with her snot and mucus leaking out the air holes in the muzzle.
>When she notices you observing her she makes herself as small as possible. Looking at you, just not at your eyes.
>The poor thing must be terrified. You reach down and give her a reassuring pat on her head.
>She turns to stone at your attempts to comfort her.
>You retract your now soiled hand. Wiping it off on your jeans you grab a towel and wrap her up before carrying her to the bath. She is still stone, stock still, only slight shivers give off signs of life.
>One bath later she’s clean and cute.
>you set her out of the bath and get down to eye level.
>She avoids meeting your eyes, but you hold her head up.
“If I take your restraints off you aren’t going to bite me or anything, correct?”
>She nods, so you take off the wing binding and muzzle. Leaving the collar, it has a nice touch.
“So, do you have a name?”
>she nods
“Want to tell me it?”
>Inaudible murmurs are all she answers with.
“eh, what was that?”
“Alright, well since you’re so shy I guess I’ll just call you Shy.”
>She nods. Returning her gaze to the floor.
“Bet you’re wondering why I bought you.”
>Another nod.
“Well, I suffer from a very common condition of being human. Now each one of us has these weird emotions that need to be flexed. Some of great empathy and love, others of great perverse hate. I need you to flex some of the ones I’ve had build up.”
>Wasn’t supposed to terrify her, guess she got caught up on the last part. She’s hiding behind her hair. Shaking like a leaf.
“Alright, come with me, it’s bed time. I haven't cuddled someone as I have fell asleep in a long time.”

>Be Anon, in bed holding Shy, she stopped shaking after a few minutes. Nothing like a warm soft bed to calm a trauma victim.
wow, really only 2 posts worth?

Eh, guess that's a good enough way to get back into write fagging as any.

>You are now having breakfast, eating another cupcake from the fridge
>Pinkie Pie looks a lot better
>But her mane is still flat
>You also notice she only eats fruits and vegetables. She hasn't even touched the pancakes and the cupcakes.
"... Okey, Pinkie. Since it's Saturday, i'll come back by lunch. Do you want anything special? I'm only good at making pasta"
"... Do you want--"
>"I'm fine with more carrots, please"
"... Okey"
>"Can I... Can i take a bath in the bathtub?"
"Of course. You can use the house as you please... Except for my bedroom"
>"For now?"
>"I'm teasing you"
"Oh, sorry. I didn't catch it"
>She looks at you, then drops her head
>"I'm still having a hard time believing you. I've never been treated like this since we were..."
>She keeps looking at her plate.
"... Well, i should be going. See you at 3"
>"Good bye, Anonymous"
>You go to the bus stop
>As the bus takes you downtown, you think of a way to make Pinkie Pie happy.
>Wait, you remember the pastry shop selling carrot cakes
>That's it
>You'll get one for Pinkie after work
Keep it coming
Nice reference
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please sir, may I 'ave some more?
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dont stop
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>You are Samantha Tanner.
>You work at a corral. A kind of pound for equines.
>Originally this was mostly for earth horses, but these days, you find yourself full of worn out Ponies who's owners where too ignorant to keep a horse well off.
>Food born Sickness, Colic, Poor teeth hygiene, chewing and other anti social habits. to biting rearing and kicking.
>The idea of the ponies being something like human intelligence is new for you, but you suppose dolphin trainers get along somehow.
>Nowadays the feeling has settled into normalcy, but that normalcy is infuriating.
>Horses didn't have any buisness being treated like equals you thought, and so it followed that Ponies should also fall in line like any other animal.
>But a slew of misinformation about equines and how to treat them correctly has been persistent long before any neon horsies showed up with a dull look in their hauntingly expressive eyes.
>People stalled horses, separated them into pens and spread distasteful habits and lowered the quality of life for the animals, all because they didn't want to go through the effort of catching them out on pasture.
>They'd steal foals away from a mother and wonder why it grew up to have bad habits and act aggressive even though they "loved it"
>And the opposite was just as true, of people who treated horses like monsters who would kill you at any second.
>Horses where dangerous yeah, but you knew from experience it's because people couldn't see it from the horses point of view. they couldn't predict their behavior.
>It all boiled down to an awful situation you where already enduring, so the arrival of the ponies didn't mean you showed much emotion over it all.
>You had tightly controlled emotions, horses where alert, they knew and sensed weakness. You needed to keep them safe, so they needed to see you as strong.
>But it was hard. Hard because of her eyes. A ridiculously tangled but curled mane, a coat of alabastar fur. Blue eyes... always crying.

>Not with tears, but with the pain of Isolation and mistreatment.
>Like many horses, these ponies kept in their crampt quarters when not in use started to get seemingly docile and slow, they would stand bored for hours, and often do little when approached.
>thinking they won, the stupid humans as some horsemen called them wouldn't pay attention to the signals the horse was giving them.
>Inevitably, they'd get bit, bucked, or something would scare them and they would send the horse to a trainer for the nth time, or even sold off or worse.
>You could see it when she came in. that mare was even still chewing on a piece of door trim when you got her.
>She pinned her ears at you whenever you got close, but mostly avoided you, normal equine behavior.
>She didn't speak, which was somewhat normal. Once you got her in the shower room, you cleaned her off. Careful to read her signs, you really didn't want her to trip and fall by getting spooked
>In the end you managed to finish grooming without injury. though the signals you where getting where off putting to say the least.
>You decide to start calling her China glaze. Her colors reminded you of those beautiful white and blue plates.
>Leading her with the halter still on was a chore, she did not want to go, and you'd have to work on that.
>For now though, it was time to clock out, and that meant settling in Glaze with a neighbor. They couldn't be introduced in a stall with an earth Horse.
>While they where remarkably similar in a lot of ways, the larger cranium and brain of the Ponies meant that they slept more than the 2-ish hours of the other horses.
>The poor things would never get any easy rest with the skittesh and pushy mouthy animal's always nosing them.
>the stall you brought her to was much larger than a traditional horse stall. The corral didn't stall their horses much, and normally they where used for Ponies who needed special care or to be away from the herd for now.
File: horse computer.jpg (217KB, 500x357px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
horse computer.jpg
217KB, 500x357px
>A pegasus mare named Pinion with an injured wing and fore hooves would be China glaze's new room mate.
>Inside you set up the stall and restocked things for the two. A comfortable buffet of stale hay for resting, on which Pinion was already half asleep on, raising her attentive head as you walked the new mare in.
>You washed the different salt and mineral blocks, Refreshed the water, and spread about a half a flake each of oat, rhye, and wheat into a clean dry trough
>Some water melon would be provided in the day tomorrow, but for the late night thats how it was.
>the stall had a sliding low profile window with chicken wire they could peek out of.
>You take off glaze's halter slowly and carefully. You look at her feet sadly, seeing the polished shoes shine unforgivingly. You'd have to be careful with her.
>She'd need time to heal once you removed the awful destructive horse shoes, but she also needed to be taught her place as a lower "horse" than you, and how to obey and not be afraid of you.
>People who had issues with that kind of thought troubled you a bit. They didn't seem to understand that no matter how mean it sounded, you couldn't help a horse if you let it be in charge.
>"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow. try to relax and stay off those shoes." you comment, an ear flick showing attention to you, but glaze was otherwise disrespectful, which you knew to let go for now.
>in all honesty it felt alien to talk to them, even as expressive and intelligent as they seemed. years of horsemanship shaped you into a quiet woman who understood horses talked with their bodies.
>Now that language communication was possible, it seemed all that much more alien and strange. But you didn't hate your job.

(Getting too tired to go on, tomorrow maybe, we'll get into some round penning and domination, as well as hoofing care. )

>The workload was too much this time
>It seems your coworkers left you with more paperwork than usual
>By 4:30 you're getting out of the pastry shop and taking the bus back home
>You feel really bad for getting late
>When you get home, you see it cleaner than when you left
>Pinkie is at the living room, just standing on all fours
"Sorry, i had too much work to do and i got late"
"But hey! You cleaned the place. Thanks for that."
>"... I..."
"You are not obligated to--"
>"I know"
>"I know, but..."
"... Are you hungry?"
>"... Yes, i am"
"Me too, please join me for lunch"
>"Okey, Anonymous"
>You both go to the kitchen. You leave the package with the carrot cake on the table and grab some plates
>"... Is that..."
"Well, Pinkie. I know you said that you wanted carrots. But i thought 'maybe some sweets will help her raise her mood' and so...."
>You open the package
"I brought two pieces of carrot cake!"
>Pinkie looks at the pieces
>Then she looks at you
".... Well, what do you think?"
>You notice tears on her eyes
"... What?? I'm... Sorry? I--"
>"No, it's... *sob* it's okey...."
"Is something wrong?"
>"Anonymous, please sit down"
"Uuuhhh, okey"
>You sit. She takes the other chair and sits, too
>"I'm sorry if i didn't tell you this, but i..."
>"I--*sob* I mean, every owner thinks 'Oh, Pinkie Pie loves sweets!! I must give her lots of cakes and candy!'"
>You listen to her. The wight of what she's telling is begining to dwell on you.
>"I can't remember the last time i ate hay. Can you believe, that? *sob* I remember this guy that made me eat a whole cake while he f-- *sob*..."
>You look at your piece of carrot cake. It fills you with guilt.
>"... Your kind are monsters, because they took all the-- *sob* joy *sob* I had in *sob* making and *whimper* eating..."
>You raise from your seat.
>"I-I-I-- don't know if it was dumb luck *sob* or whatever, but that day you gave me a carrot I--"
>You hug the pink pony
"I'm sorry Pinkie"
New thread new try.

>Tapping the little pegasus filly the live feed appears on screen.
>Two opposite facing eyes are looking into the camera, with a little hoof pawing at the bottom of the screen.
>Tapping the bid button you place 250 down.
> five seconds later a congratulations appeared on the screen before cutting the live feed.
>After a few moments a little door opened to your right.
>Little filly Derpy came out into the room, her head tilting to the side as she looked at you.
>Stretching out your hand to touch her, you pause as Derpy sniffs with her snout.
>Much like a cat she sniffed and lightly pushed her head into your hand.
>Yet before you could begin to scratch her ears, Derpy flies up and hugs your neck, rubbing her checks against you.
>Reaching up a hand, you begin to pet her as little strings begin to pluck at your heart.
"Come on Derpy, time to go home."
>As you turn to leave the room, Derpy begins flying around you let her leash flap around.
>Returning to the front desk you return your card, receive and give a thank you and exit out the front doors.

2 or 8 decided next move.
Sorry, guys. I have to leave this here.

I'll have more green tomorrow.
All this glorious green
Will try to keep alive
dont forget us

Oshit. I did not see that twist coming, but it makes a disturbing amount of sense.
>you are anon
>a true cracker
>and after seeing that you can purchase ponies online, you knew you must make you ancestors proud
>So in a nod to irony, you made sure to purchase the one with the cowboy hat.
>your first day with your new slave was quite entertaining
>however beyond having her pick up your clothes while you scream at her to "pick that cotton" and telling her her new name is Tobi, you began to actually feel bad.
>thanks Obama.
>You went to bed after setting up a room for her in a walk in closet
>she didn't talk much
>just sorta looked pissy all day
>oh well maybe you'll be nice to her in the morning
>You're nice dreams of sitting on your porch drinking sweet tea while ponies work the plantation ends prematurely though as you wake up in the middle of the night
> you can feel something heavy on your chest
>as you open your eyes, you see Tobi sitting on you
>staring at your chest
>a knife in her mouth
"What are you gonna do? Stab me?"
>with a shocked yelp she hops back. The knife dropping pointy end first into your chest
> it actually went deep enough to be able to stand straight up
"Holy shit you actually did it"
>the pony is now backed into a corner, breathing heavily
>"ahm sorry ahm sorry ahm sorry"
>you pull the knife out and blood begins pouring from the wound
>"Where are the bandages?!"
" I don't have any, who the hell keeps bandages?"
>"Responsible ponies!"
"I just spent 2 grand on a pony so I can make slave jokes, does that sound responsible?!"
Find out if she's actually retarded or not.

Seems odd that she'd be so happy and friendly, considering the situation.

I'd kill the fucker who did this to Ponka.

But really, for what it's worth, porking a pygmy pony while it feasts on cake sounds like a great way to spend an evening.
I wouldn't for the life of me ask for more of this, but I did enjoy this just a little.

Patiently waiting for more Twilight green
Guess >>25330256 is on hold until tomorrow. Real life happens sometimes. Every fucking time I green.

Seconded. That was my favorite so far.
my fucking sides have transended existance
I don't read SiM .But please take your story back there if that's the kind of thing that gets you off. Or at least use a name so I can filter you.
Hey Anon, this thread has one premise, slave pony auction, what an anon or writefag chooses to do their pony is on them. Its a slippery slope to filter what is and isnt allowed in a thread. The name thing would be nice though.
It just feel like it belongs there instead of here. Even the abusive anon from the last thread had the courtesy to be entertaining and short.
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I giggled
>conflicting feels.png
I almost want to see a crossover with some of the AiE stories. The premise of linking the two worlds is already there.
I've seen a lot of cool characters come out of those threads and I'd like to see how some of them react to all this. Especially the Titan Anon from BigBlackButters' triathalon story, he strikes me as the type to try to put an end to this.
File: 1406788915381.jpg (125KB, 1102x967px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125KB, 1102x967px
>Titan Anon

Shingeki No Jutsu?

I havent been keeping up with AiE in a long time, its been ages since I last wrote for them.
No, it was a very out of shape anon that gets constantly ridiculed and ostracized by the ponies.
He got entered into a triathlon by RD as a cruel joke but meets Iron Will who helps him get into peak physical form in time for the triathlon.
It's pretty good, here is the pastebin for the author. The stories I mentioned are "Anon's Triathlon" and "Anon's New Chapter"
so in other words no one fucking liked my story. big surprise
No, THAT anon didn't like your story. I liked it just fine. We've had stories of multiple different ponies now and I like to think that they are all taking place simultaneously all over the world.
It isn't bad. It is an interesting concept.
File: Derpy_cheek_grab.jpg (90KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 1024x1024px
I love the twists and the Anon, who ist struggling with Pinkie and himself.
Thank you for the great work.
File: daspreddygud.gif (996KB, 320x221px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
996KB, 320x221px
we shall await your return, stalwart prince.
I'll try writefagging for once. Let me know if i should stop
>You are Anon (obviously)
>Few weeks since you tried to find out what deepweb really is on your own
>You downloaded the Tor browser and been looking at hiddenwiki for some links
>Nothing but a bunch of disgusting shit, some totally legit drug selling pages,few pages that you have to log in to show it's content, probably holding the most fucked up shit in this cursed realm of the internet. But then…
>you open another link
>page that looks like illegal shop with all kinds of exotic animals
“Oh yeah, I'm gonna buy myself a fucking shark.“ you think as you scroll down, giggling a bit to your stupid joke
“Woah, didn't think you could actualy buy a shark here.“ you think as you scroll past an image with shark in gallery
>But you still had doubts if this isn't just another stupid joke. You never know which sites here are real and which troll.
>There wasn't even any kind of contact or buy button or something how to let know you'd like to buy some animal
>but then you saw something you weren't expecting
>An image of a pony, but not just normal pony. It was literally shacked up and blinsided pony from that cartoon show you used to like so much. A lime green pegasus with long, messy yellow mane. It wasn't any pony you knew from the show.
“Ok, so it's definitely a troll page.“
>you click the image anyway
>it opens another link, with more details and photos. You zoom on one of pictures. It seems really greatly photoshopped. Almost real. Not some import of a vector into a real photo. Literally how could a pony look in 3d, but not the disgusting way. Still so cartoony and cute, but realistic at the same time.
>She looks so alive. Even the emotions of fear and confusion were so visible. Seeing such cute in a situation like this makes you a bit uneasy.
File: Im intrigued.png (443KB, 720x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Im intrigued.png
443KB, 720x480px
I think I want more... but I ain't too sure
>Why would anyone put so much effort into something like that? Then you remember 4chan.
„It's the same like asking why would anyone spend hours to perfect their drawing skills, just to draw girls with big black dicks.“
>As you zoom the picture back out to read the description, you realize that there's a chat window on the right.
>4 people in there. Including you. One of them seems to be the seller, because unlike the rest, he has a blue dot instead of the green one next to his nick. His name was Zaldon.
>You look at your nick, it's anonymous 02.
>the remaining two are Alefos and as you guessed: anonymous 01
„Damn, always the number two, just like in real life.“
Alefos just wrote: „I'm thinking about it, you know, one doesn't have a chance like that many times in their life. But on the other hand, i'm not sure if i want that. I wanted to buy something ferocious.“
>You hesitate a bit before you join the chat:
„Is this really like real, or is this some sort of a stupid prank?“
>you wait like 10 seconds, before Zaldon writes:
„Where do you think you are, kid?“
>you have no idea what to write on something like that. Luckily, you were spared of this one, because he continued:
„This isn't some stupid reddit of yours. This is serious bussiness.“
>At first, you felt a bit upset for being accused of using reddit, but then you wondered if you shouldn't just leave. It might end up bad, you heard of some scary shit on deepweb, that started just like this: with an innocent conversation, where the „deepweb newfag“ makes obvious that he isn't local and becomes a prey of some maniac. But for some reason you stayed.
„So you really have a pony? How is that even possible?“ you asked.
>the fact that there still were two other people watching your conversation made it even more uneasy.
„How's not important how. I can assure you that this is real. Important is, if you are willing to buy.“ replied Zaldon.
>Your hearbeat got even quicker. Shit was about to happen. You knew you should just GTFO and never come back, but you still stayed. And you knew why…
„How much?“ you asked.
>at this point Alefos left
„The starting prize is… let's say 5000 bucks.“ said Zaldon.
>That's actualy not as much as you expected. The ideas started to flow trough your head. Is this even real? But this was where „anonymous 01“ interfered
„6000“ he wrote
>oh shit
>Quickly, you had to think. Is this really what you want? Will you have the money? What if this is just a way to rob you somehow?
„6500“ you replied anyway. The urge was too strong.
„7500, that's all i can offer.“ said anon 01
>“HA FAGGOT“ you thought to yourself, „who's number two now?“
„So that means i won: my offer is 8000 dollars.“ you wrote.
>silence for a few long seconds, Zaldon was obviously thinking
„Ok...I hoped to get some more out of this, but i need to get rid of her quiclky. You're lucky.“
“YES, wait the fuck did i just do.“
>But you thought that you're still safe. You didn't write anything about your location name or anything else. That was just before he wrote the time and place of your meeting. It wasn't that far away, from the place you live. Almost awfuly close. At 11 PM, 20 days from now on.
„How do i know you and what can make me sure that you won't rob or kill me there? And most of all, how do i know she's real?“ you wrote a bit scared. You didn't even ask how is it that he set the place so close to you.
„I'd be damn dumb to kill you over few bucks. I'm selling things. I already have to keep cops of my ass. If you want proof of her being real, wait few minues and then refresh this page.“ replied your new business partner.
>so you did
>you played one of your fave songs from your playlist to give yourself a bit of courage and at the end you refreshed the page
testing for derpy being stupid
>instead of the page you saw before, there was a livestream on the pony, shackled just like on the picture. But she was trying to move.
>How the fuck?!
„Hpphm.“ she let out in a desperate voice over the gag (is this the right word in english for that thing you put over someone's mouth? I hope so because im not really sure.)
>Jesus Christ, so this is really happening. Poor pone.
>The chat was still there, but it was under the video.
„Is everything alright?“ Zaldon asked.
„Yeah,..sure. It is.“
„Good. Remember the place and the time. Now get out.“ ended Zaldon your conversation.
>You closed the browser
“What have i just done.“
>Did you just promised someone 8000 dollars?
>where will you get the money?
>Oh man, shit fuck
>You were so excited and so frightened at the same time. Your hands were shaking like an old man's
>But you will see a real pony!
>Not only see, but like...own. As weird as it sounds.
>but it will still be better than if she stayed with this guy
>...Or Anonymous 01

>It was kinda late, so you decided to have a joint and go to bed. Best thing that came to you mind, because you couldn't just play games or do whatever you were planning to do without thinking about what just happened.
>you still had some weed you've had left for some special occasion and right now was probably the best time.
>Sure it was better to leave it for some time when around friends, but now you really did need to take you mind off this
>soon you were lying in your bed, but now the thoughs got even more intense
>luckily, thanks to being dumbed down by weed, you always forgot what you thought about and it was easy to force yourself to think about something else

Gonna get myself a little rest as well.
I dunno if there are still people reading this, but if so, i'll be back with the rest of the story.
I am horrified by this prompt's premise... but i csn't look away. Know that i will be lurking in the shadows my fellow anons.

Also, this is a bump.
I'm back for a reroll
I need an image of celestia holding an Anon body pillow and crying while singing "you are my sunshine"
for reasons
if shes wearing a collar even better
I just hope that the story with Twilight will be continued. I really liked the beginning.
>Page 9
Come on.
File: Bashful_wink.png (277KB, 1280x1319px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
277KB, 1280x1319px
Liking the deep Web thing, your writing style is also fine.
Would love to read more. Thank you.
Majority rules. (note to self add more numbers)

>Standing outside the Pony Trade Exchange you watch Derpy fly around you a little bit before a question pops into your head.
>Is she actually stupid?
>Looking around you see a news stand across the street.
>Grabbing a newspaper you hold it out to Derpy.
"Derpy, can you hold this please."
>Derpy looks from you to the paper, before wrapping one of her hooves around it.
"Now stay here and come to me when I call your name, ok?"
>After looking at her for a response you turn around and walk about ten feet.
>Turning around you see nothing.
>Something falls in front of your face and smacks the ground.
>The newspaper you gave Derpy sits in between your feet.
>A gust of wind passes your head as you look up.
>Shortly after the smell of freshly baked goods fill your nose and your stomach.
>Looking left you see Derpy smashing her face against the window of a bakery.
>Giving a small chuckle you pick up the paper and move to remove Derpy from the window.

1, 3, or 7 decide next move.
You take hold of her leash and bring her inside, attempting to keep some sense of control since she likes something in there
Observe to see what she likes and buy it
I agree, continue when ready
Same here. Writefag, where are you? Don't neglect us
Posting from the other thread, as I didn't see this was a thing.

Neat idea but
>Inb4 General
>Shit, this was legit?
>You'd come down here out of curiousity, had fuck all else to do
>But no, there was a small auction on, selling 'Intelligent' ponies
>You could have sworn those pictures were shopped
>Guess you'll find out
>It was kept all hushed and directions were posted with no direct location specified
>After all, fucking RSPCA and the police would have a field day with this
>You look up at the makeshift stand some guy resides on
>He's a skinny fellow, wearing a massive coat
>It is pretty fucking cold, you note, tucking your hands into your own pockets
>As you get closer, the crowd seems to grow, but there's likely not more than 30 people here
>They give you looks between eyeing the guy up front and the really large box behind him
>It's like an industrial crate for wild zoo animals
>If these ponies are anything like they were described
>'Sentient, and they speak English!'
>Well, ponies talking was interesting, to say the least
>If you couldn't afford one then at least you came, saw, and were awed
>The guy hushes everyone that's speaking
>"Alright, gents! I say gents 'cos I don't see no ladies here!"
>There's a laugh throughout the crowd
>You're not too surprised there's only dudes
>All the ponies were female, apparently
>"As I specified online, I came across these beauties by chance, and everyone here knows this is a very special oppurtunity."
>"I trust you all have ways to get your purchases home without being noticed. If not, I do have a car, and can assist for a little extra cash."
>Seems fair enough, dude is gonna make a fortune
>"Due to the... rare nature, of this situation, each pony will start at a bid of £400 or more, at the minimum. Each one varies in price for reasons that will be stated."
>"If anyone has any complaints, well, tough luck. It is what it is."
>Fuck, that's almost as much as you brought with you
>You have more in savings, but you really don't wanna dip into that
>"Now, to bring you the merchandise!"
>Moment of truth, you suppose
>The seller moves back towards the crate, yanking it open and letting the cover fall to the stand floor
>"Come on out, me lovelies!"
>You can hear the heavy scrape of metal from chains
>You audibly mutter a 'woah', upon seeing multicoloured ponies walking out from the confines of the box
>Hell, there are Unicorns!
>The chatter goes up immediately as they form a neat line, facing everyone
>Again, the seller hushes everyone
>"Now, now, shush yourselves, I know this is pretty cool an' all, but we can't start if you're all talking."
>Everyone does indeed quiet down after that
>"So, we have eight of these ponies, all different, all at an understanding, as it were."
>"When I posted about them, I'd had them for a good month. Aint done nothing bad to 'em, just... told them how it was."
>"So they should be well behaved for you!"
>You had no doubts that most of these ponies were in for a bad time
>That being said, you thought the idea of owning a slave was neat
>You're not a massive arsehole, you'd like to think
>You're weird, definitely, but you don't treat others like shit unless they do it to you
>You wouldn't be a cunt to these cute little horses
>If you bought one, that is
>They're a range of colours, which is the most absurd part, really
>The guy did say they were bright colours but you didn't believe it until now
>Shit, one's even wearing a hat
>That one was orange, the others were... purple, blue, pink, white, yellow, grey, and... also grey.
>You like the grey ones, easy on your eyes
>Although they both look pretty bored
>One of them has their eyes going in opposite directions
>The other is just... bored. She looks as if she's been watching rocks grow or something
>The other 6 are fairly close together
>They seem too exhausted to do anything, especially seeing the shackles around their hooves
>The two winged ones: Pegasuses? Pegasi?
>Their wings are bound
>The Unicorns horns aren't covered though
>That worries you
Moar pls, lucky 7's.
Oh no.
Buy a flying one.
What happened to the tidal wave of green we were having
File: 1446402991332.jpg (25KB, 500x521px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Feels bad mane. God bless you writefags
Fear not, more incoming
NOTE: I noticed that this is the more popular thread, so I'm just gonna toss my post over here. I apologize if you've seen it already...
>You enter your home to find that everything in your living room has been replaced with rough stone replicas
"What the fuck?"
>You again regret the purchase you made the other day
"Maud??? Where are you?"
>"In the cave."
"We don't HAVE a cave!"
>"Then how am I inside of the cave?"
>Fed up, you storm down the hall to the room you assigned to Maud
>Rounding the edge of the doorway, you're startled by the massive grotto that has replaced your previously wood flooring
>Peering into the darkness, you can only see about twenty yards down the slope
"SERIOUSLY? What the hell are you doing in there?!"
>"Playing Camouflage."
>More regret.
"Get out here."
>Your pony emerges, dusty, yet only a couple shades darker than she already was
>You point towards the doorway and watch the trail of dirt appear in Maud's path to the living room

>You follow her out into the living room and greet her with an expecting stare
"Alright. So why is everything made out of rock?"
>You knock on the couch
>"It's not made out of rock...it's covered in rock."
"Oh really?"
>You reach over the back of the seat and pick a rock up off the couch
>A bit of sarcasm will ease you
"Are you going to tell me this rock is covered in rock?"
>"Don't be obsurd. That's Boulder."
"Look, I gave you that entire room to decorate for yourself, but this is unacceptable. Just get rid of it."
>Without the bat of a lash, she complies, and begins to decimate the stone sheaths around the room
"First you break the blender with whatever 'secret ingredient' you put in, and now this. I don't know what--wait, keep the rocking chair covered. It's pretty funny, actually. But I just don't know what to do with you."
>She finishes shattering the covers and sweeping the floor
>"Well, I don't think Boulder and I were done playing Camoflauge, so you're free to join us."
>You breathe in slowly, catching wiffs of stone dust, and exhale.
"Alright sure."
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Sorry I got lost in The Zone.

Too many Anonmalies to dodge and I'm really low on ammo.
Was the dish to your liking, sir?
File: 1243646879.jpg (95KB, 1275x872px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95KB, 1275x872px
I'm already erect and there's nothing sexy yet. Keep going you glorious winged faggot
I shall continue posting in increments.
That's...how you greentext?
Anon probably has the story already typed up and is waiting for more responses to see if it's worth posting. A lot of greeners do that on faster moving boards.
>the latter would probably want the rape stuff
No, SiM is about the submission / domination aspect of things.

Most of the popular stories don't involve any sex at all.

There are reasons it isn't named the "Rape and Edge" general.

Pretty much this. BDSM doesn't inherently involve sex, despite what some may think.
File: 1439764805094.jpg (128KB, 850x974px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 850x974px
this is factually wrong.
blue bird is the only popular story that's all domination
and it is certainly edgy as fuck.

not to say I hate SiM, but it is very sex with anon centric just like anything else on this board.
File: 688.png (34KB, 1024x634px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 1024x634px
Uncool, dude. uncool. Why do you make me feel these feels.
>"Okay, I was the seeker last round, so Boulder is going to find us this round."
"Um, alright. Where should we hide?"
>You repeatedly question yourself as to why you're about to hide from a rock
>"I found a great spot while I was searching for Boulder. It'll large enough for the two of us."
>Accepting the fact that you're about to hide from a rock, you tip toe behind Maud into her bedroom and down into the cave
>As your sight begins to dwindle, your arms extend outwards instinctively
>"Hold on to me if you can't see anymore."
"Oh, uh, okay."
>You manage to find her flank and guide your hand up to her belt
>The sound of your steps seem to get increasingly louder, and the echoes run farther and farther
"I was gone for ten minutes. How the hell did you manage to burrow so deeply???"
>"Here it is."
>You worry about the structural integrity of your house
>"Just gotta do a bit of digging."
>You hear the tumbling of small rocks rushing to your feet
>She pulls you forward into a small fissure, knealing down as she puts her hoof on your back to direct you
"So...now what?"
dis some dank green
I don't think you have any idea what you're talking about.

The Umbra story has no sex in it at all.
None of the NMM stories that have come out in the last several months have involved any sex whatsoever.

You bring up the title of one story, and ignore the others. I think you're doing this on purpose.

The characteristic elements of the SiM thread are that it focuses on domination and submission stuff, and the stories tend to have a high degree of characterization and worldbuilding, because there's a lot of very solid critique and feedback that people write regarding any stories that get posted. Much more than in generals like the RGR general.

I'd like to double-check what you think the word sex-centric means.
the umbra is edge incarnate, witch fulfills the other side of the spectrum, so is everything involving NMM, which does involve sex just because theres a break from it. the entire setting is built around anon being used as a rape monster by NMM. whatever pony they cant fuck into submission is usually killed.

these stories do not tend to have a high degree of characterization nor world building. this is normally because the story is beholden to the whims of the people who vote on what happens. pretty much everyone agreed in some discussions that it got way out of hand.

as for what sex centric means, If the vehicle of domination is sex then it's sex centric, and if the vehicle of domination is murdermaimkilldeath its fucking edgey. SIM is filled with both and heavily centered around anon screwing the pones, if not on camera than a veiled plot device.
I can be both, just saying.

Depends on the skill of the writer.
File: luna disappointed.jpg (26KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
luna disappointed.jpg
26KB, 500x500px
>the umbra is edge incarnate
There were two inconclusive magic fights, neither of which involved blood, the worst side effect suffered was a bad headache and glowing eyes, and one of them featured childish bickering between celestia and luna.

Umbra is currently in a bureaucratic meeting getting to know her council and getting briefed on what's changed in 1000 years, logistical issues related to a coming large influx of foreign labourers.

>which does involve sex just because theres a break from it.
The stories do not involve sex, therefor they're about sex? What the hell are you smoking?

>the entire setting is built around anon being used as a rape monster by NMM.
Again, what are you smoking? Anon's a magic-immune weird monster as far as the ponies are concerned. He's just as vulnerable as any other flesh and blood creature to nonmagical things.

NMM's latest sex-fueled story was of her preparing caramel apples as a surprise for Anon, then canceling it and teleporting away when she learned that the harvest celebration named after her was actually a holiday where kids are taught to dress as monsters and make a candy offering so that she doesn't eat them.

There was no sex in that story at all, just a minor "let's have a nice, quiet evening together to get to know each other, and maybe go get a bite to eat" plot.

What in the ever-loving fuck are you basing this on? A story that hasn't been updated in a year?

>If the vehicle of domination is sex then it's sex centric, and if the vehicle of domination is murdermaimkilldeath its fucking edgey.
That is not what it means. Sex-centric means that sex is a central element, and that everything revolves around it.

If you can take a story about candy apples and Halloween and imagine it into *actually* being all about murderrape edginess that has no character depth or worldbuilding, then I honestly don't think there's any hope for you.

That's advanced tumblerite level mental gymnastics.
you're the one doing gymnastics, if umbra is that then maybe i;m mistaken on the name, but i specifically remember one staring some kind of creature that went around killing ponies

>>the stories which don't involve sex are about sex?
you are exactly the kind of person that would think Pokegirls is not sex centric just because they aren't getting laid every two minutes.

fuck, they litterally call anon the creature, the monster, etc in NMM.

>>what are you smoking
what are you smoking? nothing you said after this is fucking relevant at all. hes raping and dominating the ponies and the ponies fear him, he is a rape monster.

Mental gymnastics indeed
Can we stop bitching about SiM in this thread?
I have returned from my ventures in The Zone, fellow STALKERS.

Continuing to write.
>"Now we wait for Boulder."
"That's ridiculous. It's a rock."
>"He's a rock."
>You imagine what a female rock could possibly look like
>You force yourself to stop imagining what a female rock could possibly look like
>Eventually, you settle in the dust, and the desire to sleep approaches
"H-hey, this is going to last forever, and I'm getting tired. Could we just head up and--"
>She wraps a hoof around your chest and lays you down on her abdomen
"Wait, I can't sleep down here. It's earthy and cold. Do you expect me to just pull a rock blanket over myself and pass out?"
>She hushes you, and you can feel her shift a bit beneath your head
>There's crumbling, then crunching, and a long finale of what sounds like grains being pulverized
>"Hold still."
>She begins to rake piles of dust overtop your torso
"Wait, is this powder from the stone?"
>You open your mouth to retort, but you're stunned by the surprisingly soft texture of what used to be hideous rocks
>Your mouth closes in response to Maud's hoof now resting on your head, and your mind sinks deeper than stone as you fall asleep

NOTE: I need to be heading off to bed soon. I'll continue this in the morning if anyone is still interested.
My, how the tables have turned
>You've watched Thundercats, you know Unicorns got some dank magic skills
>Then again, maybe it's just for show, like Narwhals
>Still, the seller did say he'd sorted them out
>And now you look, you see he has a... cattle prod?
>You think it is, it's hooked on his belt
>"We'll start with the least expensive. This one with the rainbow coloured mane."
>"She's... spirited. I'll tell you now, these ponies have a lot of energy."
>"For some reason, don't ask me why; they get extremely tired when you give them most types of paracetamol."
>"Means this one won't be able to fly away if you unbind her wings, which you want to do, otherwise they'll get damaged."
>You nod, birds constantly preen their wings to keep things in order, and to keep them clean
>This one didn't look too pleasing, that mane was a tad silly, and her expression was dark
>Well, she is being sold...
>How the hell does a pony even have hair like that, anyway?
>"As I say, we'll start at the minimum of £400. Bids will always increase by £20 or higher."
>"Do I hear £400?"
>You watch as several hands motion or people call out their bids
>The other ponies are quite distraught, save for the two grey ones
>You're not sure but you're very certain some of these guys want to use these ponies for sex
>It's sad, but, you find for some reason that you're not that upset by it
>You are here to buy a pony slave for yoursef after all
>...Not for the sex, a pony slave is just... interesting
>Lost in your thoughts, you barely manage to notice the winning bid, £640
>Not too high, but either way, the seller is pleased
>Certainly more than you'd get for a Pedigree breed of dog
>The seller picks up something from next to the crate
>A chain collar
>You wonder just how prepared he was for this
>He attaches it around the pony's neck and hands the end to the buyer
>Damn, you feel for the blue pony
>This fucker is a right fedora-tipper; he's obese, has shitty facial hair all over, acne, and is actually wearing a fedora
File: SadRainbowdash.gif (197KB, 600x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
197KB, 600x527px
Rip rainbow dash.
>The shackles are undone and she's set to go
>Fat fuck yanks on the chain as she looks back towards the others
>Shit, she's crying, she says something but it comes out strangled from the collar
>Off she goes...
>The seller brings up the white one next, her coat is a off-shade of white, likely needing a bath
>You're still focused on the blue one being lead away as she protests
>She disappears around the corner, almost immediately you hear a car start up
>You turn back to the next auction, a small pang in your chest
>"Ah, now gents, this one truly is unique, even with their unique nature."
>"Very elegant, this one, graceful. I noticed as she was with me, that she only ate certain things or slept in certain conditions."
>"Of course, I helped her to understand that she can't always get a nice place to sleep, so she will be quite obedient."
>The pony huffs
>Literally scoffs and looks offended
>Damn, sentient creatures indeed
>"She does tend to run her mouth a little, when she does speak, so a firm hand and she'll play nicely, eh boys?"
>A few laughs from the crowd
>She is much more dolled up than the others, so she's likely going to be brought for sex
>"As she is much more delicate and... usable, her price starts at a modest £600."
>There's an immediate bid for £700, followed by a few other hands
>You wait patiently, not really sure on which pony you'd like
>This prissy type of pony isn't your style, you're not a neat person
>You don't want the whiny type of slave that just complains every five seconds
>Damn, do you even hear yourself?
>The purple one meets your eyes as you look over the group
>She looks away, but you stop a moment
>She has a horn AND wings
>The fuck is that? She's not a Unicorn or Pegasus...
>Unisus? Pegacorn?
>Huh, well, she looks nice... But she's likely going to be pricey with that combo she has
>"No, please! Girls!"
>You look at the white pony
>That was her voice
>It was very... posh
>Her makeup runs as she cries, the collar going on
Shall we continue?


>"I used *sob* to love sweets and *sob* now i *sob*"
>She cries in your arms
>Once she stops crying, you release her
"Do you feel better?"
>" *sniff*... No?"
"I can see why. It's horrible, to say the least. But i'll make sure you won't see any pastries again in this hou--"
>"No, no. I... Didn't mea-- I-- You can eat whatever you like and..."
>She looks to the side, very nervous
>You are puzzled. You don't know what to say next
"... Pinkie?"
>"Yes, Anonymous?"
"Can we... Like, talk about what you like and don't like?"
>She fiddles with her mane with her hooves
>"Okey, Anonymous"
File: 1441763122663.png (166KB, 1100x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 1100x1100px
oh shit youre back. i'm so ready
File: 456427.png (34KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34KB, 500x500px
> she looks nice...
Buy her!

Now if we can get the other writefags back we'll have a party
Fuck the pegacorn, buy grey horse.
Wrong reply

Also fuck that opinion, acquire the fat purple one
>"Leave me alone, you brutes!"
>...Definitely posh
>Her voice is almost grating
>A sharp pull on the chain connected to the collar and she stops for a moment
>The seller pulls the prod from his belt
>"Be quiet now, me lovely. You've been bought, so go along nicely."
>The buyer is a very lean guy, wearing a thick hoody and some massive glasses, he tugs on the chain, not speaking, but gesturing awkwardly
>The white pony eyes the prod, and looks between the buyer and the other ponies
>"I... I-I'll go..."
>She hesitantly does move towards the thin buyer
>"I will miss you, ladies."
>They're all crying as well, their responses all cancelling the others out, barely heard over the crowd talking
>The seller ushers them away as he eagerly brings up a smaller yellow pony
>She shrinks under the gaze of the crowd
>"Next up, we have this little one. There's not a great deal I can tell you though."
"She's extremely quiet, shy, and does as she's told. She's the perfect slave. ...Or toy."
>She whimpers at that remark
>"As she's so good, she'll start at the same price as the last one. £600."
>"I can only hope she goes for the same amount, ha. Certainly wouldn't mind another grand."
>Damn, the white one went for a grand? Just how much cash have people brought with them?
>The bids come, albeit, a bit less now people know the average price these ponies come to
>This one passes fairly fast, the bids are quick, apparently the prospect of a perfectly obedient slave is widely prefered
>Wait, that's a point
>Then again, shit, you'd have to dip into your savings just to meet the minimum bid, and it was already at just gone £700
>Before you could blink it had gone to £900
>And it finished on £1,280
>Fuck, that was a lot of money for a small pony
>The buyer in question looked rich as fuck anyway
>Fucker was wearing a damn suit
>At least, he looked nice? Maybe she'd have it easy, not like those other two, they were going to be used so much, and not to clean
Dosen't look like he'll have much choice anyways. Too poor.
File: 93057041.png (167KB, 1024x681px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167KB, 1024x681px
>Rainbow Dash is the cumdump of a fat neckbeard
Eh, what can ya do? He wanted to cum inside Rainbow Dash.
>still waiting on Lurkernon for more Twilight green

"So... Only this, then?"
>You move the pencil aside
>"Yes, please"
>You sigh
>After a couple hours talking to Pinkie, you made a list
>The list looks very simple. But it makes you feel very sad.
>You shiver while looking at the donts

>And the dos make you wonder how will you acchieve them

>At least there's one do you can actually do
"Well, Pinkie. If there's nothing left to add, i'll put the music on"
>You see her. She avoid your view.
>"I would like... To... Go outside?"
"Outside? Like, to the backyard? You can do that at n--"
>"No, i mean... I've seen pictures of trees and lakes. And there was this owner who had a big house and took me to picnics in his yard with lots of grass"
"Oh, you mean the outskirts"
"Mmmmm... I'll see what i can do."
>You add "CAMPING TRIP" to the list and go to the living room
>You approach the cd player
>"No! Please don't!"
"... Huh?"
>"I don't want you to make the other slaves play music for me"
>You are confused.
>"Yes, i've seen the wardens making those little people play matches against each other in those black boxes. And there was this owner who liked to see them having sex"
>You try to piece it all together
"... Wait... You think we have little people inside this boxes?"
>"Uhuh. I mean, your kind seems to thrive on slavery."
>You cringe at that phrase
"Pinkie... How do i put this... You have phonographs in Equestria, right?"
>"HAD... Equestria is no more, remember?"
"Well, you had, at least and... Wait, what do you mean by 'no more'"
Pretty good green. It's making me want to punch a wall so it has to be good.
>The yellow pony cries softly as she's led away, if she's saying her goodbyes, you don't hear them
>But she obeys as her buyer leads her along
>She simply looks at the ground as she goes
>Guy probably doesn't even need to 'break' her, one mean look and she'd likely do whatever was asked
>"Well, this day is going better than I'd hoped for."
>No shit, you've made a good 3k already, mate
>"We'll take this grey one, next."
>He brings up the one with strange eyes
>She blinks but doesn't speak, looking around as if to assess the situation
>"Not too bright, this one, but very friendly. I'm not too sure on just how useful as a slave, or toy, she might be, so she's on discount, as it were."
>"Her bid starts at £200."
>Well, that was in your price range
>But... she doesn't look like she'd be a good slave... hell she doesn't look capable of posting off a letter, let alone cleaning some dishes
>She can't be that smart if she hasn't flown away, her wings aren't even bound
>Poor thing, you bet she doesn't really know what's going on
>Well, you might not want her much, but you'll try to get her anyway
>"Alright! Going once!"
>Wait what?
>Shit, you got lost in your thoughts again
>What was the bid at??
>You shout it, and he looks to you
>"Ah, £400! Well, I can't say I didn't expect this to go too high."
>You have the highest bid now? Huh, guess no one wants her
>...Welp, maybe they do
>"A new high bidder! Resting at 500!"
>That went fast...
>Should you dip into savings?
>Eh... maybe
>"Sold! For 500!"
>Well shit, nevermind
>The buyer is a very chipper young lad, all smiles
>He gently pats the grey horse, even feeds her a sugarcube
>He beckons for her to follow and she does
>Didn't even need a collar
>"Derpy, no..."
>You turn, that came from the pink one
>She sounds so... deflated
>Well, she would be
>You like her mane though, dark pink and perfectly straight, matches her coat
>"Next up, gents, we have this... interesting pony."
File: DIS_NIGGA.png (514KB, 822x670px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
514KB, 822x670px
Appreciate the replies and comments.

Keeps me writing if I know it's gettin' read.
Well, at least dumb pone will be treated nice.
File: 1443993984502.png (76KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 500x500px
Sounded like she ended up with a nice owner.
Its really heart breaking seeing them all go but you did a really good job making it felt. Keep going.
Sad Pinkie is boring Pinkie, Anon should pass. Maybe ugly book horse is the best option, if she's cheap enough.
File: ITS_NOT_SHREKENING.png (131KB, 353x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nigger did you even watch Party of One?

Sad Ponks is pretty awesome.
>"She don't speak a lot. Not a lot of emotion, but she does as she's told, which is good!"
>He roughly pokes her in the side, and she doesn't even flinch, just keeps staring forwards
>Fuck, that was so... lifeless
>Her voice is monotone as fuck
>"See what I mean?"
>"But she's good. She likes to collect rocks too, I noticed. Always good to have a hobby, eh?"
>"Because of her... different, nature, she'll start at the minimum. Do I hear £400?"
>She looks very proper. She's the only one actually wearing clothing besides the hat the orange one has
>You suppose you could try for this one
>"We have our starting bid! Do I hear 420?"
>Blaze it
>Shit, that was from the dude to the right
>He looks fairly rich judging by how he's dressed
>You'll dip into savings you guess, this one looks to be a good slave
>Shit, already?
>Well, nothing ventured...
>...Nothing gained. Fuck
>You're definitely out there
>The bid finally comes to £800
>The pink one tries to move over to the sold horse, but her shackles stop her
>She reaches towards the other, the other reaches back
>It's quite upsetting, they must know each other
>The snap of the collar around the grey ones neck seems to bring her out of her daze for a moment
>She looks at the chain and back to the pink horse
>A tear or two fall down her face as she gets turned around by her new owner
>Dude looks like a businessman, probably thinks this pony is neat and organised
>As it stands, only 3 ponies remain
>The Pegacorn, the pink emo, and the cowboy
>Well, cowgirl, that is, if the hat is anything to go by
>"We're almost done, my friends. But we'll save the best for last."
>"You notice how this one has both wings and a horn? She's exotic. Her bid is very high to start, so she'll be sold at the end."
>"We'll go with this pretty pink one."
>"She's changed a little since I came to find her. Her hairstyle is different, but she's still hard working."

>"Did you forget that i said 'i have no home'. Equestria wa destroyed. It's a desolate wasteland. You turned our place into a place just like this one"
>You sit down
>You rest your head in your palms
>This was too much to handle
>Trying to live with a traumatised pony was one things, but a whole world destroyed?
>You didn't want to know this
>You didn't want all of this
>You wish your world and theirs would have never ever collided
>You lookto the front
>Pinkie Pie is looking worried
>"Are you ok? Did i say something wrong?"
>You look at her eyes
>Despite the mane being a dead giveaway that she wasn't feeling well, you admire that she still worries about you.
>You take some air
>You need to be strong for her
"I'm fine, Pinkie. Where was i? Oh, yes, the phonographs"
>You point to your TV and CD player
"Those things are advanced phonographs"
>"Oh... You mean your kind can record images?"
"Well, pretty much. We can also see things in real time from all around the globe"
>"Wow.... You fuckers have advanced technology"
>You feel a little uneasy with that remark
>"Too bad it comes with lots of 'not being nice to each other', am i right?"
>Did he make a joke?
>At least she is grinning
"Well, *cough* i guess i'll put a cd then"
>"What will you play?"
"I dunno. Something relaxing, i guess?"
>You look at your CD collection
>They are mostly things that were given as gifts
>You grab a 'The best of Mozart' disc and put it in the player
"Is this ok?"
>"... I didn't know your kind had classical music"
"Of course we do. Do you like it?"
>She looks at the player
>"... It's ok"
"Oh, good then. I haven't played this in forever"
>"... It's the first time i hear music in a long time"
>She sits while looking at the player
>Your mind is still on the list
"Pinkie, i'm going to check something in my bedroom. Do you mind?"
>She is focused on the music, it seems.
>You go to your bedroom
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kek and lel.png
218KB, 506x513px
>>Blaze it
>acquire AJ
>befriend slave AJ
>offer an idea
>plant a friendship appul tree
>watch it grow with her
>carve names into it
>happy poni appuls
File: 1433395044476.jpg (31KB, 560x509px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 560x509px
> "You think a tree means I'm going to be your friend, Anon?"
> "I had to watch as your soldiers set the torch to the Acres before they carted us off."
> "I still don't have any idea what happened to the rest of my family. No way to know our last reunion might be the last time I'd see them, ever."
> "All my friends, all my family, all my life went up with those trees."
> "You think one given back makes me your friend? Open your rutting eyes."
Fuck u racis appul horse I dindunuffin
File: sLfUoOT.png (67KB, 223x226px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67KB, 223x226px
Thats why the friendship comes before the tree
"She's slow to do things, currently, but she gets the job done."
"I gave her quite the dose of paracetamol as she was extremely energetic, you can try using less, but I wouldn't recommend it."
>"She makes jokes sometimes, but it seems to be rare now, also has a bit of a sweettooth."
>"I'll start her off at £400."
>She's cute, and a slow slave is still a working slave
>You put in your bid for £400 again, but are outbid almost instantly
>Upping it to £500 serves only to increase others bids as well
>You're just not having much luck
>But there are two guys really fighting over this one
>The bid increases upto 1.3k, more than the yellow one made
>Again, it surprises you just how much cash folk took with them
>Either you're a massive poorfag or people are too damn rich for their own good
>It's crazy, but it ends on £1,500
>The winning bidder cheers as he wins it, as well
>Much to the pink ones dismay
>At least he doesn't look like a cunt
>Fairly average dude, really
>But rich, if he can just spend a grand and a half on a slave
>The collar goes on, and the horse is so downcast that she doesn't even look back on the other two as she goes
>But anyway, that aside, only one horse remains
>Well, one that you might be able to get, that is
>The crowd is thin now, people either got bored or left as the pony they liked got bought
>You reckon most people were here for the white one as she was the most 'elegant' one, perfect for a sex slave
>The small yellow one, too, she was really promising, but that ship sailed before you could blink
>"This next one before the end is a good pick. Again, she might be trouble if you dont give her a steady dose of paracetamol, but she's a hard worker. A good, firm hand, and she'll do as you say."
>"She's strong for a pony, able to lift a lot, if you need a slave for manual labour."
>The orange pony did look tired
>Her blonde mane was unkempt, falling free of its ponytail
>Heh, pony with a ponytail
>All those freckles were cute as well
I'm fucking up the formatting a bit.

I'll sleep and continue this later.

Give it... 6 - 7 hours. It's 4am over here in Britbongistan.
Night man. Thanks for the green.
Night, writefag.
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>But anyway, that aside, only one horse remains
>Well, one that you might be able to get, that is
Stop being pussy. Sell everything for Pegacorn.

>You turn on your computer
>You don't exactly know where to start, but it won't be hard to find some forum about slave ponies.
>After some research, you finally find a forum
>Some of the images are very hard to see
>There was this pegasus wich had his wings taken off
>And some ponies who were outright killed, their recorded executions shown in video.
>Some others are dressed up or shown having sex with their owners.
>You quickly try to find a pony that matches the mane six
>No results
>You think. What if you see past bids and check who bought them?
>Good idea
>After some hard search, you can only find one sale
>Twilight Sparkle
>The details of the buyer are disclosed. But he has a IRC nick
>You search for that nick everywhere and it pops out in an unrelated discussion
>It's a long shot, but it's better than nothing
>No response, yet
>You keep searching for more data
>There is no sign of where do they get the ponies from
>You know they take them from Equestria. But there must be a place to get there.
>The rumors point to every place from eastern Russia to remote islands in Micronesia, and from an undisclosed silo in Arkansas to fucking North Korea.
>You sigh
>It's dark outside
>How much time have you been here?
>Oh shit
>You go to the living room
>Pinkie is curled in the ground, sleeping
>The player is still on, but the CD stopped playing long ago.
>You need to wake her up. The floor is cold and uncomfortable
>"... Ggggg"
"Pinkie, wake up"
>"No, please... D..."
"Pinkie, it's me. Anonymous"
>"Huh? Oh, did i fall asleep?"
"Yes, you did"
>"I liked that music"
"Good to know, i thought you wanted something more... I dunno, lively?"
>"That would be good, too. But this was a good choice"
>You smile
>"I'll go to my bed. Good night, Anonymous"
"You don't want to drink anything before bed?"
>"No, thanks. I'll be fine"
"Okey, i'll drink some coffee by myself. Good night"
>"Thank you, Anonymous"
>She looks at you
>Is she... Smiling?

>It's very faint, and the dim lights might add to it, but you can see a smile on her face
>"I... I know that..."
>"... There is at least one of your kind who is not a terrible piece of shit"
"Uuhh, there's a lot of nice people in this world"
>"Well, at the moment i've just stumbled with you, so i guess you're being optimistic"
"Good night, Pinkie"
>"Good night"
>While she walks to her room, you make some coffee in the kitchen
>You grab the mug and take a seat in fornt of your computer again
>You will find something
>Even if it takes you all night
That's it for today. It may be less than expected, but i seriously need to sleep now.

More tomorrow.
What a crazy world this Anon must live in. Probably after Trump becomes president
I guess we're well on the way to transforming Ponk into pic related.
I don't know what you have planned but from the looks of things this Anon doesn't seem to be a bad person. I get the feeling that if he does track down the elements that maybe they can do something to help the rest of the ponies.
I am hoping for a story where the mane 6 get ruinited, perhaps you will be the one to do this?
Yes... United.... Then RAPED in succession!
>rarity get sold. tears
>rainbow get sold. bye
Preceeding pastebin:

> It isn't hard to follow her; the thudding hooves are easy enough to locate.
> And in any case there are only so many rooms in your meager apartment.
"Twilight, come back. I want to talk to you!"
> Locating her within your bedroom is even easier.
> Having taken your suggestion she make use of a blanket to heart, Twilight had hastily wrapped herself in one.
> Most of one leg, several sections of mane, and a good bit of belly had been left uncovered, but it was evidently enough to - combined with wedging herself into a corner - convince Twilight to feel safe.
> Kneeling reveals that she'd begun to to tremble once more, a situation that grows even worse when you rest a gentle hand across her withers.
"Hey. Twilight."
> "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I forgot - I just wanted to help!"
"Come out from beneath there. I want to talk."
> She doesn't, though - only a few muted sniffles emerge from the swathe of blankets surrounding her head.
> With a groan, you slip your arms around the pony.
> Twilight gives a dejected little noise as she is rolled over to face you, her limbs bunching protectively beneath her.
> Twin purple eyes stare up at you with a mix of fear and anticipation before squeezing shut.
"Hey, listen. I get you're upset, but you've got to tell me why."
> "I'm forgot; I know I'm not supposed to do that..."
"What? Be smart?"
> A tentative little bob of her head gives the answer to your question, and your mind all but flips the metaphorical table over and quits the room.
> That's some serious tall poppy shit right there.
"Okay, you're seriously going to have to explain that to me, because I really don't get it."
> Finally Twilight's eyes crack open again.
> Evidently the declaration that you didn't understand whatever was responsible for her fear had allayed that somewhat.

> "My other - the other two who had me, after the first one broke my magic... I wasn't supposed to try and improve things. He always hated that."
"The fuck did they even want you for, then?"
> "Simple work. 'A pony is quiet. A pony is still. A pony lets herself be pet. A pony does not correct her owner. A pony is quiet...' "
> The mantra is repeated with the closest thing to madness you'd ever heard in person.
> No doubt a sign of how many times it had rung in her ears - in her voice and, you suspect, others' in a dizzying repetition meant to fix it in her mind.
> If that was the intention, it had certainly worked out correctly.
"Fucksake. They actually told you to shut up and stop trying to help?"
> With her eyes squeezed shut, Twilight nods.
> "No magic. Not useful. Just a worker pony. 'Improving' is just a distraction from getting work done..."
> Your mind boggles - not just with fury at the damage done to her, but at the indescribable stupidity of someone who had decided to completely ignore the mind still churning between her ears.
> Had they been embarrassed that a 'broken' pony had been smarter than they were?
> Whatever the reason, the result was still the same.
"Right - look, Twilight. Look up at me for a moment?"
> Your tone is gentle, reassuring, and somehow manages to convince Twilight to raise her eyes to you again.
> "I... I just wanted to be useful..."
"I'm not angry at you. Not for trying to help."
> Several moments pass before the message seems to work its way through her mind.
> "You... aren't? Even though - but, you got me to just help you with the little jobs right?"
"I don't care why I got you. I'm not going to ignore what you can do, and-"
> Dropping a finger to the bridge of her muzzle just between her enormous, watery eyes makes Twilight go slightly crosseyed.
"-I'm certainly not going to punish you or anything for being as smart as you are."
> "You promise?"

"I promise. There might be times when we just need to get things done and can make them better later, but I'm not going to be angry with you about anything like this."
> Retreating a bit to give her some room, you extend a hand.
"Now, why don't you come up here? I need to go to work a bit later, but we've got plenty of time to talk until then."
> Rolling herself onto her belly, Twilight cautiously extends a hoof to meet you hand.
> Keeping a warm and comforting smile on your face, you take it - not squeezing or pulling, but just supporting her hoof.
> In due time Twilight gathers the courage to lift herself up the rest of the way.
> Retreating to your bed, you pat a spot beside you.
"Come on up. You're welcome here."
> After a second's hesitation, Twilight does so - neatly tucking all four legs beneath herself and even wrapping her tail around her hooves.
> Her eyes have begun to dry, though her nose still twitches with occasional sniffles.
"So. That was some pretty fancy stuff you did back there - where'd you say you learned that?"
> "Back home..."
> Another pause for a sniffle.
> "...went to the school for gifted unicorns. In Canterlot. Taught us there."
> What, was that like horse-college or something?
"You went there for what - chemistry or something?"
> "Magic. Mostly."
> Twilight shudders again, eyes focusing upward in what you imagine is an attempt to look at her horn.
> "Not that it's much use now. But chemistry was a big part of it."
"Well, still. I'd like to hear about the rest - if you want."
> "...really?"
> Her tone suggests she can't quite believe your honesty, but even so you nod.
"Really, really."
> And so Twilight talks.
> And talks.
> And talks.
> It would've been tedious, even annoying in most circumstances - like that inevitable drunk guy that exists at every party who's convinced that every bit of his life is the most amazing thing ever.
File: 1446472696908.gif (1MB, 315x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 315x270px


> More than once - or even ten times - Twilight diverges on insane tangents that you barely comprehend.
> Except for two things:
> One, her life was in fact genuinely interesting.
> If Twilight could be believed - and you suspect that there are some parts she is pointedly leaving out - then she'd been a unicorn of immense power and attended one of the highest institutions in her land.
> Second was how talking about it had affected her.
> As the words spill forth and Twilight recounts her life, you see her come to life again.
> Some of the tells are obvious - her increasingly animated tone, the way she gestures with her forehooves.
> Others are less so - a flick of her tail here, a twitch of an ear there.
> Her eyes lighting up, really lighting up entirely, for the first time since you bought her.
> It's...
> Amazing.
> Twilight's not just happy - she's downright thrilled, even by something so small as a chance to educate you on her experiences.
> It's not hard to see why.
> She was clearly an academic of sorts, a pony who was proud of her knowledge.
> Well, that and her magic, with which she'd apparently been quite powerful.
> Alongside a series of friends she mentioned in passing, it seemed like everything she'd treasured in life had been successively ripped from her.
> Magic, by an overzealous application of drugs meant to take that from her.
> Knowledge, by the owners who'd been convinced that 'ruined' as she was without her magic, she wasn't anything more than a simple worker.
> No wonder she leaped at the chance when you showed some potential interest.
> And that's more than enough to convince you not to halt her.
> How could you deny her that?
> But all good things must come to an end, and the looming late shift for that day beckons.
> Pausing Twilight with a light hand on her shoulder, you offer an apologetic smile.
"I wish I could hear more, but I do have to go now. I need to get ready for work."
> "You'll be back soon...?"

"Later tonight. I'll leave some dinner in a container for you in the fridge... and this time, I don't want to come home and find you sleeping on the floor, understand?"
> Twilight actually manages to flush slightly, bu nods.
> "Yes, I understand."
"Good. Uh, feel free to use the bathroom to wash up if you need to as well."
> You're two steps from the door when a cautious voice speaks up behind you.
> "Um... is there any work you want me to do while you're out?"
> Turning back, you meet her equally uncertain gaze.
> Is she offering because she doesn't want you to be upset if anything was forgotten, or is that an honest offer of help...?
> Either way...
"No, no this time. I'll bring home some things in the future for you to take a look at, but for now I'll leave the time for you."
> "Okay. Um... thank you."
> Shooting her a small smile, you depart.
> The workday isn't anything special, but neither is it particularly worse than normal.
> So, merely generically soul-sucking.
> At leas this time you aren't so terribly distracted by Twilight's situation.
> Not constantly, anyhow - you still manage to find the time to print out several more recent order sheets for her, just to see if she could work the same mathematical wizardry she'd done with first one.
> And you do admit that you rush a bit to get back home and see her again.
> In fact, so rushed are you that on unlocking and opening the door to rush in, you nearly trip over the pony curled up just behind the doorway.
> "Hey..."
> You're about to scold her, but immediately realize something is wrong when twin tear-filled eyes rise to focus on you with a sniffle.
> "I made a mess."
> Oh, shit.
"What happened, Twilight."
> "Well, you said I should wash up, so I went in and tried to get cleaned up, but I didn't know if you had any shampoos for me so I went looking in the closet, and I couldn't reach some of them without my magic so I reared up put my hooves on a shelf and-"

> Turning the corner, you're greeted by the results of her actions:
> Two levels of your toiletries closet have completely collapsed, spilling their contents out across the floor.
> One, maybe two or even three bottles had burst - spilling glass cleaner fluid and possibly detergent across the floor.
> Scattered among the mess were mounds of semi-sodden paper towels soaked with the liquid.
> And all the while, Twilight talking behind you in a semi-coherent ramble as she tries to explain herself:
> "...and then I wanted to clean up the spill, but I could only grab the paper towels in my mouth again and I didn't think you would want me to make myself sick, and-"
> She freezes stock-still, her mouth paused mid-statement and both ears flattened to either side of her head.
"I'm not mad at you, Twilight."
> "...I can hear you are..."
> Okay, she had you there.
> Turning around, you kneel in front of her again; Twilight's head droops.
> "I'm so useless without my magic. I was just trying to do what you told me to."
"Okay, I'll admit it. I am mad, but not really with you."
> "Why? I did that."
"Because you didn't mean to. And because you tried your best to clean it up, I can see. So, look. Here's what we're going to do: We're going to get these spills cleaned up for real, and just put the rest to the side and work on it tomorrow. Okay?"
> "I... guess."
> Her heart isn't really in it, though.
> Even when you have her help you deal with the worst of the mess, her actions are sluggish and unmotivated.
> This truly had hit her hard - especially after her positive upswing earlier that day.
> It's too late to be performing horse psychology, though, so in the end you settle for quickly washing up yourself before turning in.
"Alright. Goodnight, Twilight. We can talk again come the morning."
> She acknowledges you with a head bob but says nothing, so you follow her to the living room and wait until you see her curl up beneath a blanket on the sofa.

> Just in case she would try and sleep on the floor to punish herself or something again.
> Only then do you slip beneath the covers and drift off into the peaceful realm of dreams.
> A peace that holds until somewhere short of five o'clock in the morning, when you awaken to Twilight screaming at the top of her little lungs.
I waited many hours for your return. What I didn't expect was that you would turn into a cliffhanger-mongering cunt.

More, please. I haven't been this engaged in anything at all in weeks.
I cri evritiem.
This has hooked me like nothing else and I don't know why. Greatly looking forward to more
>I don't know why

Seriously. If you quit this shit, I will bitch slap an orangutan.
poor little purple pony
>You are Anonymous
>Shitlord Extraordinary
>What do I mean?
>Well how else did all this Auctioning start?
>You never meant it to turn into this, but you needed the money.
>Besides if not you who else.
>That's not important anymore, think of yourself as a very active investor. You don't have very much to do with it anymore, that's All left to your boy's.
>You just collect a paycheck.
>You know despite owning this operation, you've never sampled your wares.
>So today, maybe just maybe we'll be a little bad and take one for ourselves.
>It's late night. Your at a private room in the auction house.
>One of your lackey's and a couple of other boys are helping you pick some stock.
>"Just like you asked boss man, I got them all lined up. Our finest stock."
"And your sure they can't see me from behind the glass."
>"Only if you want them to."
"Alright bring the lucky ladies in."
>The lacky whistles, and armed guards bring them into the room.
>Six of them. Each with different coats and different breeds. Some with wings, and some with horns. All your's for the taking as your right.
>"Just press this button to let them hear you."
>Pressing the button the little Audition begins.
"First one to the left. Step forward."
>She was a pink maned 'earth horse' as they called themselves.
"Name and talent."
>"Oh~uhh, my names pinkie pie, and I am the element of-"
"I don't want to hear about any of your heathen lifestyle, I asked for your skills. Cooking, cleaning, singing, dancing get on with it."
>"Oh uhmm right. Well I suppose I can bake really well."
"Thank you step back in line." She'd lost the contest to begin with.
>You're auditions carried through until you reached the last pony.
"You there, the Purple one. Step forward."
>She does as you ask, and remains silent."
"Name and talent."
>"Twilight Sparkle. Unicorn, I avid researcher and expert on magic."
>Turning to your lacky
"This one thinks she's an intellectual."
>"Oh she's a special one though. She's a princess."
>"Yea, they only allow the primmest of royalty to get horns and wings."
"And here I thought you where trying to give me common tavern girls, and bakers."
"Well fuck it, send the others out. I'm sure this is the best I'm gonna get here."
>It had not occurred to you that the entire time Twilight was still talking.
>"before you savages invade my homeland I was a royal and"
"Thank you Ms. Sparkle, I have made my selection."
"All others leave."
>Turing again to your lackey.
"I want two guys with me for this. I'm not scared of her magic, but god dame, getting horn up my ass isn't the best ideas."
>And so it begins, breaking Twilight.
not even a twifag and i'm glad you're back
Forgot to say, limme a give this shit a try.
>your guards enter first and begin to shout orders
>"Back against the wall now!"
>They brandish there batons menacingly at her.
>With anger she complies
>It is safe to enter
>Time to really sell it to her
"Today is your lucky day. Today is the day you get to come home with me."
>"Oh joy."
>The guard quickly smacks her on the plot for talking out of turn.
"I'll thank you to show your betters some respect."
"I m mean lets not have any confusion in the natural order here."
>"What's natural about this?"
>The guard ready's his baton, but you interject
"It's alright, better I get a feel for her now rather than later."
"Now than, natural, hmmm. What is natural? It is observed that within nature, history, and human society that the might survive, and the meek perish."
"In nature we call this Natural selection."
>"There's nothing natural about this though! Your kind comes with brandishing sticks that shot fire, and metal monsters that can kill dragons! We were slaughtered."
>Leaning in closer, you place both hands on her checks, she try's to struggle away to no avail.
"To the victors go the spoils."
>She spits in your face.
"Uhhh, you fucking animal!"
>you slam her head into the concrete wall.
"Discipline her, but don't break her I want her to be usable when i'm home."
>You leave the room. The sound of metal striking flesh and screams can be heard.
>It doesn't matter. Nothing matters, this is just another asshole who needs to learn to fear you.
all these good guy anon stories are good, but im really digging this one. don't stop writefriend!
>Your home now.
>You pour self some brandy in glass
>and watch the clock
"I can't believe that fucking shit eater."
"She'll learn her place, the'll all learn it."
>Door bell rings and enter your servant.
>"Master your 'toy' has arrived."
"Excellent excellent bring her in."
>Enter in a bandaged Twilight, ball gag in mouth
"HA HA Jesus christ, they really did a number on you huh"
>"Will that be all master?" Your servant reply's
"Yea yea, get out of here. I want some time to with her."
>Jarvas was his name. Dude was a solid guy, was your friend before you ever entered into this kind of business, your only servant, and if need be body guard, but Jesus was he old. But fuck him this an't about him.
>"Very good master Anon. I shall see you in the marrow."
"So kiddo, it's just you and me."
"Here let me get that gag outta your mouth."
>You place her gag in your pocket.
"Come on, come and join me by the fire."
>She doesn't respond, in fact she scowls at you and looks away.
"Come on, you still mad about that little love tap."
>She spits on your floor and you slap her.
"Now listen here you little cock sucker. This night can go two ways. You can do what I say, and sleep without anymore bruises. Or you can piss me off and get fucked up."
>She says nothing, but continues to scowl
"Good girl, now go over to the fire place like I asked."
This is just fine.

There can never be enough "bad guy" anon for me. As much as I love the ponies. I also like seeing them get thrashed around by humans. So please continue.
ya know a lot of these could be cleaned up and made into very good stories, wouldnt need to add or change much
For example?
I assume they mean prose over green text
pretty much. I just woke up so I'm a bit slow on replies
change the story from green text to a more story format, add in a little bit just to make it slow easier. for example
> After a second's hesitation, Twilight does so - neatly tucking all four legs beneath herself and even wrapping her tail around her hooves.
> Her eyes have begun to dry, though her nose still twitches with occasional sniffles.
"So. That was some pretty fancy stuff you did back there - where'd you say you learned that?"
> "Back home..."


After a second's hesitation, Twilight does so - neatly tucking all four legs beneath herself and even wrapping her tail around her hooves, her eyes have begun to dry, though her nose still twitches with occasional sniffles."So. That was some pretty fancy stuff you did back there - where'd you say you learned that?" You said with some attempt at conversation. "Back home..." Twilight replied.

Now i'm not much of a story writer, but the general idea is there.

Shut up, fag.
File: 1440964375759.gif (43KB, 382x279px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 382x279px
Hey, its an idea
File: 1431186821691.jpg (55KB, 476x328px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 476x328px
dubs confirm, do itplease
...What if creatures other than ponies were enslaved as well? Maybe a Gryphon, or a Zebra, or even a Changeling?

Would their prices be higher or lower? Especially with a Changeling considering it can be 'anything' you want it to be.

I think Minotaurs would be out of the question though due to size and strength and 'bull-headedness'...I'll shut up now
File: bS8V1s0q.jpg (505KB, 1154x1403px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
505KB, 1154x1403px
>even a Changeling?
Now I want to see someone's take on Chrysalis dealing with being turned into an enslaved housekeeper and sex slave.
A Zigger would probably fetch a quarter of an earth pony.
The rarer the specimen, like zebras, the higher the price, of course.
Unless they have undesirable traits, that is.

Changelings might be considered too risky to sell well.
They can easily hide and run by changing and I doubt they'd be thought of as attractive by most people.

Minotaurs could still work as slaves, although they'd probably require a fuckton of training and breaking.
They'd make for great laborers, though, with their strength. Could easily go at high prices for people in need of manpower for whatever.
Hey guys, i'm back

>The moment is almost here
>with a borrowed car from a friend, you're arriving to the place 15 minutes earlier, just to be sure
>Long story told short, you sold a shitload of things to get the money. Even though it still wasn't completely enough. Some things were just too precious or crucial to sell so you had to borrow the last 1000 dolars, but it was ok. You'll be leaving back home with a pony right?
>there's a knife in your pocket, just to be sure you're safe
>gun would be better, but shit, you sure as hell don't have enough money for a thing like that right now
>pocket knife with sharp blade will have to be enough
>you stand under the street lamp in the parking lot you were supposed to meet this guy
> you wonder how does he look like
>is it gonna be a fat neckbeard, or some skinny computer rat? Maybe he will look completely normal. Oh what are you thinking, he sure as hell aint gonna show himself in real, or he'll at least cover his face for sure
>maybe you should do the same…
>you put on hoodie, that's all you have
>oh man, this waiting is killing you, it feels like you're about to explode any second
>maybe you should just leave?
>but then,..an old van parks in the darkest spot of this place
>is it that cliché?
>you wait a bit more, expecting someone to come out
>nothing happens
>you gulp and approach the van
>there's a masked man inside, as expected
„Hey, are you Zaldon?“ you ask.
>he nods
„I almost thought you were so dense to actualy stay there. Ok, let's just get over it. You have the money?“
„Of course i do. Do you have the pony?“
>you'd normally laught at your sentence, it sounds ridiculous, but right now you're scared as shit
File: 1443653489480.gif (896KB, 200x100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
896KB, 200x100px
A glorious return
>in one hand you hold the knife just in case
>Zaldon moves the mirror in his van, so you can see behind him
>So it was true.
>She was there, just like on the photo, still blindsided and tied up
>your heartbeat got even faster
„You gonna fuck it, are you?“ Zaldon asks.
>shit why do you have to ask a thing like this
“N-no. I'm not.“
>he just chuckles heartily„Sick fuck. Of course you are.“
„Ok, give me the money.“ he says then in more serious voice
>you hand it over trough opened car window so he can count it
>you hope you haven't lost anything
„Alright. Go take her and get lost.“ he says then as you hear the clap or trunk being unlocked
>you proceed to the trunk and slowly open it to reveal a full view of a lime green pony
>she's shivering
>Few seconds you wonder how to pick her up the best way, so you won't hurt her or something
“It's like carrying a big dog.“ comes to your mind while reaching for her
„Oh man, she's heavier than i expected.“
„Don't tell a single word no anyone, you understand? If you gonna have any kind of problems, like with police or something worse, i never even saw you.“ said Zaldon just as you closed the trunk.
>In the next few secons he's gone.
>Your heart is still racing, you expected some troubles
>You're a one lucky bastard and you know that
>quickly, you run with her in your arms back to your car, trynna avoid as much light from the streetlamps as possible, putting her on the the passenger seat
>you almost forgot about the one important thing in all that hurry
>you idiot forgot to tell her that she's safe from now on, shit she's still terrified and still shivering and humming for help over the gag
„Ooook, do not worry, alright? I will now take those things off, but promise me you won't scream or punch me. Yes?“ you ask her, trying to sound as calming as possible

I'm gonna make a vector of how she could look like, so the next post will take a bit more time
We should rename this thread to white knight general.
I know that this is not SIM, but cmon...
so..is she your OC
File: 1443336544749.jpg (58KB, 734x439px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 734x439px
I would rather have white knight than Edge Central

also anyone who wouldn't try to help a qt3.14 pony out of a jam is a monster unfit for life and they should probably just kill themselves desu senpai
Anyone have an estimate for a decent zebra or changeling?
Changelings would be tough. Sure they seem like a great idea because they can change form, but if you don't actually love them they will starve.
Needs another anon/bidder to take her
>You awake to the sound of more crunching, but it's...different from before
"Now what are you doing?"
"Eating what???"
>"Leftover blanket."
>Deep breaths, now...okay, continuing
"How long did I sleep for?"
>"A few hours."
"Hours? Wow. Didn't think I'd sleep that long."
>"I thought up a short story while you were sleeping."
"Oh yeah? Didn't know you enjoyed literature. What's it about?"
>"It's about rocks. Would you like to hear it?"
>You're not really sure what you were expecting
"Uhh, let's wait until later."
>Suddenly, the clacking of a small rock emanates from a few feet from you
"Did you toss something?"
>"Huh. Looks like he found us."
Boulder: hide and seek champion, 4,647 years in a row.

Not even Luna could beat him, and she was on the moon.
I'm like, schoolgirl giggling about this shit and I DO know why.
>"Leftover blanket"

Audibly laughed at this. Keep it up
File: Celestia Kawaii.jpg (302KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Celestia Kawaii.jpg
302KB, 1920x1080px
>mfw you return
>please return
I am returned from Zone, brothers.

Is weary fight. Many mutants. Need vodka to fight radiation from blowout.

Will write in journal of ponies soon.
File: Sweetie ermahgerd.jpg (6KB, 204x204px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sweetie ermahgerd.jpg
6KB, 204x204px

your green shall be heaped upon the gilded altar, my brother.
More now?

Well, i just created her for this green.
So it's yes and no.
At first, i wanted her to be one of the mane six or some background pony, but they already have some sort of personality and i wanted to her to behave how i need her to fit in the the story.
Also, sorry for keeping you people waiting. I accidentaly got high
I was gonna write ya some green

But then I got high
Now, there is only one thing that comes to my mind, that could turn a Minotaur into docile and obedient slave.

And arguably, a fate worse than death to any male.
snip snip
>You are Anon
>Names are overrated.
>It's been a few months since America decided it needed more freedom and legalised slavery.
>This time the niggers let out a sigh of relief, only non-human's we're allowed as slaves.
>Well, first zebra's were the first to arrive from colonised Equestria.
>But slowly but surely, lower class ponies started to get shipped back to earth.

>You rub your hands like a Jew waiting for your new package to arrive. Not to mention the bargain you had on your delivery.
>As on cue, there was a knock on your door.
>A huge package lays on your front lawn.
>Signing the form, the delivery man bids you farewell.

>You open the package.
>Two large eyes stare back at you.
>The pone looks like the one from the website.
>But her main is filthy and matted with... well shit and piss.
>You turn up your nose away from the smell.
>You glance back down.
>Her ribs can be seen through her matted coat.
>Poor thing must be starving.
"Follow me"

>The pony obediently follows into your home with out a word.
>Leading her into your kitchen, you don your wizards hat.
"Here, eat these.."
>You pass her a bowl of eggs.
>The pony start crying as she mutters.
>"W-Why are you doing this?"
>Later into the evening, you stand in the kitchen with Maud, deciding what to have for dinner
"Okay, so I was thinking burritos or something, and maybe ice cream for dessert."
>"There's no more ice cream."
>"There's no more ice cream."
>You swing the freezer door open and find her statement to be true
"Where did it all go???"
>"I ate it."
"All of it???"
>"I was trying to find the rocks."
>You take a mental note to avoid rocky road ice cream in the future
"Okaaay, maybe we have something else for dessert. Do you liiike...cake?"
>"I don't really like sweets."
"But you..."
>Avoiding the rest of that conversation, you head for the front door and grab your keys from the table
"Then we're gonna go to the store so you can pick something out for yourself. C'mon."
>if you don't actually love them they will starve
They will starve without love, yes, but it doesn't have to be directed at them.

Chrysalis become all-powerful by feeding on Shining's love for Cadance.

As long as you love someone or something, they'll be fine.
What if you love sex?
That's lust, not love.
File: sex_slave_chrysalis.png (381KB, 1328x2984px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
381KB, 1328x2984px
Pic related.

Actually, they can feed on other strong emotions as well. Love's just the most "nutritious".

Lust would probably qualify.
File: Ur pone.png (175KB, 1500x1299px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ur pone.png
175KB, 1500x1299px
I guess I'm sober again and i finally made that vector
Not sure if final version of how she should look like (the mane shape) but its at least something

>she slowly nods
„Here we go.“ you take out you knife and begin setting her free.“
>you start with the thing over her eyes
>it was just a simple scarf, so you didn't even need to cut it
>as you take it down, she slowly starts to open her big, blue eyes
>she must have been like this for some time, because she closed them again immidiately after, because of too much light
„Oh sorry.“
>you turn off all the lights within the car
>that's better
>she's looking at you silently, still shivering a bit
>you need to think of something to say
„Look, everything's gonna be good from now on. Alright? I don't know what happened to you before, but i promise i'm not like those people. Let's set you free now, ok?“
>you cut the ropes that hold her hooves together
>you still expected a kick, but surprisingly she just moved them to position so she could sit
>and for the last thing: that awful gag. It must suck, breathing like this
>she takes a deep breath as you take it away
>she's all free now, but what to do now? Maybe you should introduce yourself to her or something? You've always been bad at this thing
„So, my name is Anon. What's yours?“
>she opens her mouth like if she trying to say something, but no sound comes out
>she looks desperte with this
„You can't speak? Is it like from shock or...“
>poor little pone, she tries so hard but nothing
„It's ok now. We have time. Let's just try it later, maybe it will get better?“
>she nods slowly while carefully watching you
>you try to reach out to caress her mane, but she dodges like a stray dog
„Don't worry, i was just...nevermind, there's a bit of something in your hair. I wanted to remove it.“
Side tip on the ar: You may wish to put a slightly darker line around the edges of her limbs (or darken up the ones 'behind' to help give her some depth. As is they really blend in.

That said, please by all means continue.
will take a look at it

>suddenly she comes closer and adjusts her head so you can try again
>not what you expected
>so you pretend to take something out of her mane, and throw it behind her
>while doing it, you look at her flank to see her cutie mark, but there is none
„Well, now that you're free and stuff, I- i can take you home with me if you want to. But of course you could leave if you wish.“
>but her leaving was of course the last thing you wanted
>sure you did it because it was the right thing, but you really did want her around
>she wrapped her hooves around your arm
>uh oh, this actualy went pretty great
>you laugh a bit
„Ok, I'm glad you're willing to stay. But i'll need this hand for driving.“
>she lets go so you can start the car but before that you do what you wanted to do a moment before
>you stroke her mane once, just to show you mean no harm
>it was a bit rough, since she probably hasn't washed in quite a time
>but still felt nice
>you smile as you turn the key
„Let's go somewhere nicer. Shall we?“
> You park in front of your home
„So this is it. Over there.“ you point „We need to get inside quickly so no one would see.“
You both run from car to your door and shut it quickly.
„So this is my home. Yours as well of course, for as long as you please. I'll show you around ok?“
>she nods
„But i still don't know your name...Is it something like human name, like, i dunno: Renata, Suzan or something like that?“
>stupid question, but worth a try
>of course she wave's her head as a no
„Well, we could play a guess game, but i'm not really good at it. It would be easier if we'd find you a new name for now. You don't have to keep it.“
>she does that „I dunno man.“ pose with her hooves. It looks so cute
>Everything she does looks so cute, she's a pony after all
„Let's say…“ you look at her, thinking. „How about Ashley?“
>nope, she waved her head
>aw but it looked kinda fitting
>Anon doesn't think ponies can write.
He should try Ash Lee
>You both exit the vehicle and head up to the door
"Now I want you to behave in here. No touching things or--"
>You turn to find that she's only halfway to the door
"Geez, you walk about as fast as Boulder does."
>"Boulder once beat me in a race..."
>You turn silently to the entrance
>After about ten minutes, you both manage to reach the first aisle that reads "Breads and Pastries"
>Kneeling down, you grab a box of cranberry muffins from the edge of the aisle
"Okay, so you don't like a lot of sweets, so maybe a light confectionery?"
>You turn to Maud, but, once again, she's not where you expected
>She enters the Lawn & Garden section and disappears around the corner
"HEY! Hold up!"
>After an awkward sprint past several other customers, you come to find Maud with a bag of landscape rocks settled on her back
"Is that...your dinner?"
>"Of course not. Rainforest pebbles are a dessert rock."
>You find that there is no necessary explanation as to why this pony was cheaper than the others
File: full.png (137KB, 700x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 700x700px
>If she wasn't expensive, you'd buy her
>"I'll start the bid at £600. She's a keeper, this one."
>Shit, you're gonna go home ponyless
>You wait
>...But a bid doesn't come
>Do people not like her?
>"Come now, gents; she's a hard worker, she'll do all you need!"
>Still nothing, but eventually someone speaks up
>"I got £200!"
>Huh, guess others thought these ponies were going to go fairly cheap
>Or about the same as a dog
>"Alright then, gents, I suppose I can start this one at £200."
>"I got 250!"
>Guess the incremental bids are out
>"I bid 260!"
>Maybe you can win this, actually!
>"Ah, good bid, sir! It's finally relevant!"
>Wow, rude, not your fault you're poor
>"Do I hear 420?"
>Don't go blazing it... you can push to £500 if need be...
>Go on...
>"Going once!"
>"Going twice!"
>Come on!
>"Sold! £400, to the gent in a longcoat!"
>Oh sure, draw attention to what you're wearing
>But hey, we won a pony!
>The cute orange pony with the cowgirl hat
>You walk through the crowd as their eyes follow you
>Stepping up onto the stage, you take the £400 from your wallet and hand it to the seller
>He, in turn, places a collar around the pony's neck
"Oh, no, it's cool man, don't need a chain."
>"She's tough, I gave them a tablet each before coming, but she could still make a break for it."
"Nah, I'll trust her."
>The pony raises an eyebrow, but doesn't comment
"Come on, please follow me, I don't want to use that chain collar."
>She eyes said collar the seller is holding, looking back at the final pony behind her
>"I'll miss ya, Twi."
>She doesn't cry like the others did
>Probably cries on the inside
>Thankfully she does come along, so no need for that bloody chain
>You walk away from the stand with the pony following you, but she's not pleased about it
>Yeah... she wouldn't be
>She talks when you near your car, a banged up piece of shit
>"So ah'm a slave, yer slave, hope it was worth it."
>Ouch, rub the salt in, why not?
YES we got AJ!
>Probably cries on the inside
Good to finally see more. I was wondering when this was going to be continued.
I want to know what happens to Twi.
Probably gets sold to some poorfag for £260
"Here, let me take that off."
>She just grunts as you remove the chain collar the seller placed around her neck
>She doesn't try to headbutt you or anything
"I'm not going to say it wasn't. I wanted a pony, I got a pony."
>You walk around to the front passanger seat and open it up for her
"Hop in."
>The car groans as she does so, old piece of junk
>You close the door gently, moving around to the driver seat
>The car makes even more noise as you get in
>Not from your weight or anything, you're pretty skinny, the car is just really shit
"Alright then, home we go."
>"Yer home, not mine."
>Damn, just keeping them coming, huh?
>"Is there a reason yer wearing some kinda creepy getup?"
>Hey, this is a nice longcoat, you paid a lot for a very gothic one
"This is nappa leather, it's stylish as fuck."
>"With that hood up, ya look like ya should be takin' ponies heads."
"Not the first time I've been called a Grim Reaper."
>"Also, wearin' animals skin is disgustin'."
"For you."
>She's not a big mare, though
>With a sound like a dying cat, the car starts up, that annoying rattling coming from the driver window as the car vibrates
>You hate this car
>"This thing that gets ya places, ah seen others that look much better."
"Yep, this is all I could afford."
>"It goes with yer look."
>Definitely not pulling those punches
"Listen, I bought you, but I aint gonna treat you like shit. You don't got to be a dick about this."
>"Yer kiddin' me, right? Ya BOUGHT me, like ah'm a shiny new toy, like ah aint got no feelins', think ah get t' be jus' a bit annoyed."
>...Fair play
"If that's the case, cowgirl, why don't you just run?"
>She looks at you with a scowl
>"Ah seen what yer kind can do."
>Your mind goes dark places, human history isn't pretty
>"Ah'd like t' continue bein' able t' walk n' talk properly."
"I just said I wasn't going to hurt you."
>"An' that rotten apple that done sold us said he was gon' help us."
>Alright, no reason to be trusted
>Off to a lovely start
This has to be one of the funnier slave pony greens up at the moment. I'm really enjoying this.
>You head up to the checkout and lay the bag on the conveyor belt
>You notice that both the lady behind the counter and the man behind you in line give Maud an odd look
>You read the total and hand the money to the cashier
>As the register opens, something appears in the corner of your eye
>"Don't fucking move."
>The man in line aims a handgun at the cashier and looks to you
>"You. Get you and your fucking pet out of my way."
>The command registers in your ears, but not in your body, and you stand frozen in place
>"Did you fucking hear me? Get you and your SHITTY HORSE out of my way!"
>Your body refuses to move, despite the barrel directed now at your skull
>"I said--!"
>Your eyes shut and you tense up as he raises his gun up and rushes it down towards your head
>You feel no impact, but wonder if you're conscious or not
>You lift an eye open to the silent image of the butt of his gun sitting on the head of your supposed slave, who is now standing on her hind legs in front of you
>As a drop of blood falls to the floor, Maud cocks one hoof back and rockets it straight into the man's gut, launching his now ragged body into the steel display behind him
>The shelves crash down onto him, coating the guy in metal and what appears to be several pounds of macaroni
>All you can do is stand there in shock as Maud returns to your side, listening to the cashier calling the police in the background
my sides
>>you smile as you turn the key
>„Let's go somewhere nicer. Shall we?“
>> You park in front of your home

>Let's go-
>-We're here!
File: 459056.gif (1MB, 795x542px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 795x542px
>>"Also, wearin' animals skin is disgustin'."
>"For you."
>>She's not a big mare, though
Got a few keks out of me.

>not spaghetti

Surely, sir, you have missed a wonderful opportunity here.
File: fsft5y55reswef3.jpg (52KB, 418x467px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 418x467px
>The journey home is slow
>But damn, you could have sworn you turned the heater on
>But it's frosty as fuck in this car
>The pony looks out the window, not meeting your gaze whenever you look to her
>She hates you, not that you're surprised
>You're not sure why, but you figured you could make friends with whomever you bought
>Clearly that wasn't going to happen
>At the very least, she listened, so as much as she hates you, she might actually do whatever she's told
>You're not even sure why you did this now
>You wanted to make life easer, have someone to clean up around the house was all
>Your thinking was 'A slave will be cheaper than a maid in the long run'
>Shit, this wasn't the best of ideas, was it?
"I'm sorry about this, really, I am, but, it's done now, just need to... make the best of it."
>Her head whips about, her eyes piercing yours with a very cold stare
>"How 'bout ya let me go then, if yer so sorry? Hm? Well? No?"
>"...That's what ah thought. Jus' stop diggin' this hole, it's real embarrasin' to watch ya try an' make nice."
>Is she your slave? You could swear she's a fire specialist with all these fucking burns she's throwing your way
>You decide that, yes, it would be a good idea to shut up
>The car turns around a corner and you can see your street up ahead
>At least it'll be nice to get home
>You have a spare room you're certain was supposed to be a utility closet, but it was empty and pretty spacious
>That'd be her room, but you weren't expecting her to be thankful, now
>Damn, why did you ever think this was going to go so well?
>You pull up, and park in the driveway, glancing around
>No one to see the pony, so the coast is clear
>You get out, walking around to her side
>Carefully opening the door to reduce the squeeking, you motion for her to get out
>She snorts at you, leaving the vehicle and walking towards your house
>Her distrust is evident, she watches you out the corner of her eye as she goes
>You get inside as fast as you can, closing the door once she also comes in
>It's lovely and warm, you sigh in relief
>Your very nice longcoat is hung up and you make your way into the kitchen
>She follows you
>The hell were you going to do now?
"Uh, so, this is my home... I live here..."
>"Ya-huh, ah could guess, strangely."
>Her sarcasm stung a bit
>You still try and make nice
"So... what's your name?"
>"What's it matter to you? Aintcha jus' gonna call me 'Slave' or somethin'?"
"I could if you want me to."
>You aint gonna take this pony's shit, you're an arse for buying her, fine, that's fair
>But you're not gonna just take her shit laying down
"Can just call you that until you tell me your name, s'fine by me."
>What now, pony?
>"Fine. 'Slave' it is. Wouldn't wancha t' forget that ah'm yer property."
>Oh, so it's like that is it?
"If you're still gonna be a cunt about this, then don't expect me to care, alright? I said sorry, but it's how it is."
>Shit, you don't mean that
"Look, just tidy up, I need to sort out where you're sleeping."
>"Aint got a nice lil' cage all set up already?"
"Must of left it back at the pet shop, sorry about that."
>"Dang idiot."
>You didn't think ponies would be so mean
>Guess slavery does that
>You leave her where she is and go through to the hallway, on your left, lies the utility room
>It's sparse, with just a small bed and a chest of drawers in it
>You don't think the chest is needed, though
>Unless she plans to fill it with hats
>You don't think she wears clothes like that other one did
>Making the duvet is quick, plus a few pillows
>The beds a cheap single-mattress you picked up earlier in the week
>It was certainly better than a cage
>Plugged in the corner was a mini-fridge you'd forgotten about until now
>It was your old one, good to store snacks in
>It's hers now, if she wants to use it
>You move back out into the kitchen to see her working your broom she found
>She's using her mouth to steer it
>After the police arrive and miraculously collect your statement, you continue to wait outside of the store, still attempting to pick your nerves up off the ground
>The police toss the mangled criminal into the back seat of their car and pull out into the street
>You're left there with Maud under the pale yellow lights of the grocery store
>Maud begins to head towards the car, and you slowly follow
>You sit down in your car and let your hands rest in your lap, still shaking a bit
"That was stupid..."
>"I agree. Macaroni wasn't the best item to stock that display with."
"I mean YOU, Maud!"
>"I don't see what you mean."
"He went to hit ME, and you jumped in the way! Why the fuck would you do that???"
>"Because he was going to hit you."
"SO WHAT??? You shouldn't risk your life for mine!"
>"I had to protect you."
"You're supposed to be my friend, Maud, not my bodyguard!"
>"A real friend is both."
>You look at her, and you can't seem to sort anything out in your head
>She reaches over, softly placing her hoof in your hands, and you lose it
>Your head lowers, the tears start rolling, and you grip Maud's hoof as you break down
"I bought you! *sob* I saw you in chains, and-- *sniff* --put money up to claim ownership of you!"
>You raise a hand to wipe your face
"To try and-- *sniff* --purchase someone as property and expect them to treat me like a friend--*cough*...I'm scum."
"I've done nothing to earn your protection. I don't deserve to be saved."
>Maud leans over and hugs you
>"Sometimes the importance isn't found in what you do, but why you do it. Everyone deserves a friend, and I could tell that was why you bought me; to have a friend...so hush now."
>You can't seem to force any words out, so you simply give in to Maud's comforting presence
Applejack's got a surprisingly sharp tongue.
Muh heart
>Everyone deserves a friend, and I could tell that was why you bought me; to have a friend...so hush now
I'm ded. Seriously, though. If I were to buy a pony as a slave, it would only be because I'm an incredibly lonely fucker looking for company. We don't even have to fuck. Just to have someone forced to talk to me
Given how super friendly ponies are by nature, it's not at all difficult to imagine that most pones would warm up to you in time if you treat them okay.
>Damn, that's a thought
>How do ponies even do things?
>You make a mental note to ask when she's in a better mood
>If ever that day comes
>She's sweeping the floor really well for a small horse that uses their mouth to do things
>Must be hell on her teeth
>But she's actually doing what you asked, so there's that
"Hey, stop, come with me a sec."
>She huffs, spitting the broomstick out
>"Showing me t' mah cage?"
"Fancier than a cage, but yeah."
>"Lead the way, bucko."
>Was that supposed to be a swear?
>You let her into her new room, and she's not impressed, obviously
"Hey, it's no cage, but I think you can make do."
>She scoffs, looking at you with a steely gaze
>Then her features go a bit softer
>"H-hey... mind givin' me some time alone? After all, n-need to clean my cave."
>Lame retort, but you can tell she definitely needs some alone time
>You wordlessly close the door as she hops up onto her bed
>You wait a moment, but mimick walking away onto the wooden lamenet
>...Fuck, you can hear her sobbing
>Surely she's better here than with someone that'll treat her like a pet, right?
>Keep telling yourself that, mate
>You tiptoe away into the kitchen, least you can do for her is to feed her
>You have quite a few vegetables, so you mix up a salad
>Weird for you to do, considering you usually add a lot of meat in there and fry the veg
>Stir fry's were based
>You have a bowl of veg for her, but you include some alternate salad in the form of coleslaw on a smaller dish
>Shit, even ponies gotta love coleslaw
>Lettuce, carrot, cucumber, cheese, and mayo
>Can't go wrong there
>When you come back, the room is quiet, you knock to be polite
>No answer, but you chalk that up to her being moody, coming in anyway
>She's laying face down on the bed, not speaking to you
>You place the dishes down gently on the dresser
"Some salad, I dunno what you ponies eat. Gotta be different from horses. There's some coleslaw there too."
>Based coleslaw
>not potato salad
It's like you want her to never grow to like you
[Eckh's Externally]

Tatty-salad tastes nasty, mate.
Heresy. Heresy of the highest degree.
>tfw I like them both
Fuck your cabbage
Potato is best
I agree with this. Though, with glorious amounts of Tabasco mixed in, it's da bes.
Let me tell you a thing or two about Heresy, son...

Cabbage in coleslaw? Fucking Heresy. BLAM.

Much better with some Aromat or black pepper.
It's tapatio retard
It's Twily time.


Yeah, it could be adapted pretty quickly. I tend to write more-prose like than true green to begin with, so it wouldn't take much adjustment at all to move it to true prose.

> There's a certain instinctual response to screams like that, left over from innumberable generations of needing to sleep lightly for fear of predators or invaders.
> It ensures that you're wide awake even as you tumble from your bed, extracting your legs from the sheets and scrambling upright again.
> Feet pound on the floor as you sprint for the source of the noise, hooking your hand on a doorpost to rapidly swing yourself about a corner even as your socks skid on the smooth wood.
> Even in the tiny amount of light dribbling in from the windows outside, it's easy to spot Twilight.
> She's thrashing wildly on the couch, a mess of flailing limb, horn and tail all wrapped up in the blanket she'd tried to cover herself in.
> Her eyes are wide open, but even so she does not acknowledge you as you approach - not even when you drop to one knee by the side of the couch.
"Twilight? I'm here now, it's okay!"
> No answer but another sharp, keening scream comes from her lips.
> Working furiously to untangle the blanket from her legs, you're quickly given a lesson on why that may not have been the best course of action.
> Now freed from their confines, one of Twilight's hooves is firmly planted in your chest with a solid kick that sends you flying.
> As you fall, the incongruous thought floats through you mind that at least she wasn't wearing horseshoes.
> Landing with a thud and rush of air from your lungs, however temporarily shoot a brief burst of anger through you.
> Only briefly, however - soon overwhelmed by concern for what Twilight is going through.
> Approaching more cautiously this time, you circle about behind her on the couch and slip you arms about her midsection.
> Still Twilight does not seem to realize you are there - her gaze locked on some imaginary foe as tears run in twin streams down her cheeks.
> So you tighten your grip and wait for her to ride the terror out, as you've seen this before.
> In children, yes, and human children at that.
>sad appulhors missing her friends and life
>thinking of coleslaw and potato salad

> But the affects are the same, and with it the painful but certain knowledge that there simply was nothing you could do for Twilight except keep her safe until the episode passed.
> And it does, in time.
> Slowly her cries die down and tears dry, her breathing steadying and eyes fluttering closed once more.
> Even then, you wait a while longer - feeling the soft warmth of her coat against your arms as you hold her there.
> You swear quietly to yourself; if your neighbors got on your ass about waking them up...
> At last you judge it long enough, and nudge Twilight gently.
"Hey. Twilight. Can you wake up?"
> " 'nonymous?"
> She squirms in your arms; gently you return her to the couch.
> With some wriggling, Twilight manages to twist herself about and face you - eyes blinking owlishly as they clear the last of the tears away.
> "What happened?"
"You had a night terror."
> "Night... terror?"
"Like a nightmare. But I couldn't wake you up - not until it passed."
> "I know. I just-"
> She struggles for the words for several long moments - moments during which you patiently wait for her.
> No point in pressing - not while she was in a state like this.
> "-I just remember being afraid. Really, really afraid."
> Ducking her head ashamedly, Twilight's voice also drops to a mumble.
> "I woke you up."
> It's not a question.
"Well, yes-"
> "I'm sorry."
> Groaning, you lean back in the couch and rub your forehead.
"Twilight - I'm pretty sure you didn't mean to wake up screaming. So - don't worry too much about it, okay? I'm not mad."
> That's not an entirely truthful answer.
> Your neighbors would probably complain to apartment management if she kept that up, and that'd be real fun.
> "I - guess."
> Again her head dips, a fresh tear running down her cheek.
> "This is why I stopped thinking about everything. It always lead to pain."
> The next words are barely audible; in fact, you're not certain you're meant to hear them.
> They make sense, in a way.
Night terror? Also yay Twifag is back

> Certainly, she'd seemed so dulled to the outside world when you first bought her that you rather doubted she could have remembered enough to have nightmares about.
> It was, you suppose, a valid survival tactic.
> But not one you could allow to happen right now.
"...alright, Twilight. Why don't you see if you can get back to sleep. We can talk again in the morning."
> Numbly she nods, collapsing back down to the couch.
> Reaching down for the abandoned blanket, you pull it back up - slipping it over her pulling it up until just her head is exposed.
> Even then, it doesn't hide the haunted look in her eyes.
> There is, you are certain, a furious battle raging between those ears.
> Her mouth falls half open, part of a word escaping from it.
> "Anon-"
> "Nevermind."
> Laying her head down at last, Twilight fixes you with her eyes.
> Impulsively you reach out, running your fingers through her mane.
"Hey. I'll stick around for a bit, okay? Just in case."
> "Thank you..."
> Her voice is still low, but not because of her state of mind alone this time.
> Sleep had begun to creep up on Twilight again, and the light rubbing of your hand is aiding her mind in settling as well.
> Both ears droop, followed soon by her eyes.
> Then her breathing slows, and at last she's at peace once more.
> Sighing softly, you fold your own arms across your chest and watch Twilight sleep.
> Yeah, the how-to-handle-your-pony guides hadn't ever mentioned anything like this when you'd gone through them before going to the market that day.
> In a way, maybe you brought this on by buying the obviously broken pony.
> But in another, you can't help but think there was an opportunity here.
> If you could fix her - help her - you got the feeling she'd be capable of incredible things.
> ...first you had to do that teensy little first bit, though, and you were operating on common sense and internet psychology at best.
> Only a little better than sheer guesswork, if even that.
Is there something wrong with that?

> Rising with a groan, you return to your own bed - and pray it won't happen again.


"...I understand. No, she's not done it before."
"Yes, I realize I will have to do something if it keeps happening. Thank you. Goodbye."
> Ending the call even though you can hear another sentence being formed by the apartment's super, you settle for resting your forehead against the cool wall before you.
> "It was about me, wasn't it?"
> At your feet and peering up was Twilight - her mane and tail still a jumbled mess of varying hues of purple after the previous night
"Yeah. Neighbors got woken up too."
> Twilight's eyes fall, and you groan internally.
"For the fifth time - it's not your fault. None of this is. We can't control what happens in our sleep."
> "But I might get you thrown out..."
> You wish you could tell her it's not likely.
> But she seems to know what you're lying.
"No. We're just going to make sure you're not going to get anymore nightmares like that, okay?"
> Nevermind that first on your list of things to do today was research 'how to stop night terrors'.
"In the meantime - I brought some things home from work. More recent stuff. Why don't you have a look at those, see if you can work that same magic you did before?"
> Twilight winces at the use of 'magic', and you mentally slap yourself.
> Yeah, being reminded of that would definitely help her state of mind.
"Alright. I'm going to go get the rest of that closet cleaned up; you go ahead and get started on the work. I've left it out on the table."
> Working alone on the ruins of the closet's shelves gives you time to think.
> How much did you really understand about this pony?
> Certainly, she'd given you a good education (and a bit more) yesterday regarding her past.
> But there'd been huge sections left out of that, you were certain.
> And even if she did open up in time, could you really say you -knew- what that pony was like?
> What she'd been through?
> Probably not.
Yeah we're talking about cabbage and potatoes and not glorious appuls

Wait wait... What primary vegetative matter do you put in your coleslaw that ISNT cabbage?
Anyway, it's 2:30 bongs in the morning.

I'm off. Cheerio, ya wankers. Be back tomorrow.


> But you damn well were going to try.
> Returning to the living room, you find Twilight had moved work on the papers you'd left her beneath a window.
> Seated in the pool of sunlight filtering in through it, she seemed utterly oblivious to your studious gaze.
> Her tail seemed to fan out behind her, twitching ever so slightly with each shift of the pencil clutched in her lips.
> Even if you couldn't help her at night, there was no doubt this was helping her during the waking hours.
> She was focused, attentive - her mind at work.
> It wasn't really a fix, of course; more of a bandage.
> But that was enough.
"Hey, Twilight. How're you doing?"
> Dropping the pencil and peering up over her shoulder, Twilight offers an uncertain look.
> "I'm... doing okay, I think. Some of these are materials I don't know, but the ones I do know..."
> Her eyes are sunken and red from lack of sleep, but they're also showing the barest spark of liveliness.
> Squatting beside her, you peer at the calculations.
"...a couple of things that you've done wrong. Here - and here too. But, I think they're because you don't know the details of how this works; your ideas aren't all that bad."
> "Could you teach me?"
> Even if you didn't have plans for the intelligence that lurked just out of sight in her mind, you don't think you could refuse that gently pleading tone.
"Of course. Uh, let me go get my computer, I'll show you how we do things."
True, apple horse would probably prefer to eat her namesakes.

But alas, the story's anon is ignorant in the ways of magnificent mud pones.
Until next time.
>The next morning, you wake up early and head into the kitchen
>You prepare a small dish of a decently-sized rock, lightly coated in the dust of some pebbles that you crushed like an amateur, and surrounded by some glossy garden stones
>You peek into Maud's room and find her sound asleep on what used to be a very plush mattress, now turned stone
"Psst. Hey...Maud?"
>She doesn't move an inch, so you walk up to the her bed
>Reaching down, you notice the abrasion left where the gun landed
>Her breathing is soft, and you sit there for a moment, baffled by how lucky you got to stumble upon the ad for that auction
>You place your hand on her shoulder and shake her a bit
"Hey. Maud. C'mon, it's breakfast time."
>Your shakes get a bit more rough
"Maaaauuuud. Geeet uuuup."
>Heavy sleeper, but not as heavy as the punch you're expecting to get from the next line you're about to try
"Maud, Boulder is missing."
>You never thought you'd see such a quick movement accompanied by that same old deadpan look in her eyes
"Oh wait, nevermind. He's right here beside you. My bad, but hey, breakfast is ready."
>You bring her to the table, sit her down, and place your "masterpiece" in front of her
>"Thank you."
"No. The thanks are all for you. You saved me last night. So, to repay you, I can at least make breakfast as a start."
>Maud reaches up, gives you a quick hug, and sits back down to take her first bite
"Well? Uhh...how is it?"
>"It tastes like...rocks."
>*crunching noises*
"Is that good? Bad?"
>"It's delicious.
>A sigh of relief hops from your lungs
"Maud. I'm nothing special, and I'm really bad with keeping friends, but I promise to do my best to keep you happy and safe. You mean a lot to me, so I want to be a real friend to you as well."
>"You mean a lot to me too."
>You wrap your arms around her and pull her close, squeezing tightly
"So how about we watch a movie or something when you're done. Or maybe go to the park. I don't know, what do you want to do?"
>She raises a hoof to her mouth in thought, then looks up at you
>"I could tell you that short story I thought of yesterday."
>A smile sneaks onto your face, and you let out a small chuckle

NOTE: I think I'll end it there. Thanks for reading.
My heart..........
my coleslaw
Thank you based Anon.

My sides
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Godspeed lad
So, that's the Twilight dump for tonight. I'd just like to say, I have no idea where I'm going with this.

That went from keks to feels in a handful of posts... and was absolutely worth it. Thank you.

You better not stop this either. That's some quality sads there, and I love it.
cum back
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fully autistic.jpg
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I promised an anon that I'd pastebin my story if the thread died before I could finish it. Now I don't know how to use pastebin, so here's hoping it worked.

I'm not sure if he's in this thread, but you guys'll probably get a kick out of it. Feel free to criticize, anything helps.

When I get the time I'll write some more for it.

Link related, it's Anon and Vinyl.
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Thanks dubs
comical, i like it so far
Aren't potatoes harmful to equines?
Hey! That was me. Glad to see you about; your pastebin works fine. I hadn't even seen that last section, but I continue to enjoy the mix of bitter and comedy you have.
File: 462949.jpg (74KB, 830x612px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I'd just like to say, I have no idea where I'm going with this.
What? Isn't it obvious? I thought you already knew.

>Anon agrees to tutor Twilight about his work, so she can help him and herself by keeping her occupied.
>He doesn't know, but he's actually fulfilling the place Celestia had in Twilight's heart: one of a wise and kind teacher she can feel safe with and rely on who also happens to be fucking big and strong compared to her.

Twilight starts getting good at this shit with her mathematical, alchemical and organizational skills, which helps Anon on his work, earning him several promotions, which in turns allows him and Twilight to live better with all the cash that starts flowing in.

>Anon starts learning more about Twilight as they become closer and he discovers she had many friends with her before she was sold for the first time. He promises himself that he will find a way to find her friends and bring them together. Good thing he got loadsamone now, because he'll need it to fulfill that promise.

>Eventually after a long time of both of them living together, Twilight's condition is brought up somehow. Anon now has money to buy the anti-magic treatment reversal shit, so they test it on Twilight.
It fails to function, since it has been too long and the effects seem irreversible, but she has long before come to terms that she might stay like this forever, and she's happy that Anon is there for her.

>Anon starts trying to look for Twilight's friends to help improve her mental health after the news, buying them off their owners one by one or using more extreme methods if necessary.
The plant is poisonous to pretty much everything to include humans. The root is what ya feed them
>Eventually one of them realizes that, using Anon's teachings, hands, the all-knowing internet and Twilight's intellect and skill at alchemy, they might be able to create a compound that could theoretically revert the effects of the anti-magic mumbo-jumbo Twilight's was fed.

>Not-so-funny shenanigans ensue when Twilight's original owner (who happens to be pretty fucking rich and powerful to be able to afford a perfectly new alicorn princess) realizes what a golden egg-laying goose he let slit between his fingers, and he starts tracing her down with the intent of making her his once again.
File: 1410389831348.jpg (116KB, 626x443px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Seconding these
File: sad_applebloom.jpg (121KB, 894x894px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>[kuh n-tempt]
>the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile, or worthless; disdain; scorn.
shit wrong pic
The only, single problem that I have with Twilight's story is that Anon never introduced himself to Twilight, yet she somehow knows his name.
So what is the allure of this?

>You spend most of the night looking for clues about this whole "pony slaves" thing.
>You managed to narrow the location of the... Whatever thing they use to get to Equestria.
>It's either in Mainland China or in Western Georgia
>The country, not the state
>Two places are better than none, you think
>But still, you don't know how you'll manage to get there. You've barely crossed a few states.
>About the mane six, you now know that Rarity was seen in Bristol and Moscow. So she's probably somewhere in Europe.
>Fluttershy's wherabout are very confusing. Some millionaire in Japan has photos of her as a geisha, but there are also pictures of her in the jungle and in a yatch.
>At least she seems to be well treated by her owners.
>Minus all that bondage and porn, of course.
>The guy you asked about Twiilight doesn't seems to know about pony slaves, so you got back to nill with that.
>After looking for advice about victims of abuse, you get to bed.
>Only to wake up at the pressure of a pony in your abdomen.

Some of these are loosely the ideas I had, though not exactly.


File: whiteknight.gif (37KB, 645x511px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What do you think?

Couldn't she have learned that from the forms?


Great story so far, dude.
Time traveling conferates searching for AKs being awed by the shiney of the IBM black box and the Arabian king observing colored moving pictures?

>As you gain focus, you notice that Pinkie has a strange gaze
>It's almost the same gaze she got when you bought her
>"Anonymous, i need to thank you"
"... Pinkie, are you al--"
>"I need to thank you and i know you want me"
"... Are you alright?"
>"Do you want me?"
"What? Pinki, wh-"
>You receive a small smack on the cheek
>"Tell me you want me"
"Pinkie, what ar-"
>"Stop disobeying, fucker"
>She turns around and presents her genitals to you
>"You bought me for this, right? You're my owner"
>You feel nervous.
"... Can i get--"
>"Why can't you say that you want me?? Huh? You think i'm filthy? You think i'm not the Pinkie you wanted? DO YOU THINK I'M NOT FUCKING WORTH?"
>You look to the side
"This is wrong, Pinkie"
>You receive another smack
>"WRONG?? You bought me, fucking prick. You want to fuck me"
>She begins to cry
>You don't know what to do
>"Let's stop the charade, shall we? If i don't do this, you'll return me and they'll find me a gross fucker who will be glad to be his sex toy"
"No, i w--"
>Jerry fucked up again.
>And it was a pretty big fuck up this time.
>Your name is Anon and to put it nicely right before he started running from the authorities he dropped of a particular guest for you to look after.
>He said “Anon you got to do me a solid and look after it for a little while.”
>Well a little while will probably turn into a long while considering he’s wanted in the entire US for illegal changeling breeding.
>How the hell was that even a thing?
>So here you are sitting at the kitchen table looking at the bug like pony sitting across from you.
>Taking another gulp from your coffee cup you continue to stare it right in eyes.
>He still hasn’t blinked.
>You will not beat me at this thing you overgrown beetle thing…
>Okay so you suck at insults.
“So um, what am I supposed to call you anyway?”
>”Names don’t really make sense to our kind.”
“Okay, but seeing as you’re going to be here for a while it’d make more sense for you to have a name rather than call ‘it’, wouldn’t you agree?”
>”Again names don’t matter, whatever you choose to call me will make no difference.”
>You’ve met lampshades with more personality than this guy.
>Wait a tick.
>Was it even a guy?
>Leaning to the side you looked underneath the table.
>So you lacked the basic common courtesy.
>And sense.
>Nope can’t tell by visual inspection.
>”What are you doing?”
“Trying to see if you’re a dude or a chick.”
>”Which would you prefer?”
>What the fuck has Jerry been teaching these ponies?

I hit a roadblock with the Scoot story, but got an idea for this little short.
>Couldn't she have learned that from the forms?
Even then, it would had been addressed by the story somehow.
Aww Yis

Hey, i'm just throwing my fellow writefag a save.

Someone continue

>She stays still
>She stopped crying, but she still looks horrified.
>She gets up and jumps out of the bed
>You raise and sit on the side
"Pinkie, please..."
>She is still breathing heavely
"... Okey, let's admit that i'm a weird fucker. I can grant you that"
>She begins to calm down, but the streams of tears is still fresh
"Until... Shit, it's been a week already? Until i got you, i was pretty much an archetypical loner. I was obsessed with you as a way to... I dunno, find some joy in my fucking life"
>Pinkie is now sitted
"Uuuhhh, you can... Sit in the bed if you want"
>She slowly goes back to the bed and crouches
"So... Loner. As you can see, i only go to work and stay inside. Always been like this."
>She is now calm, you can hear her breathing getting slower and slower
"The idea of getting you was too tempting to me. I had to get you somehow, even if i had to thrust in a guy i didn't know and give him almost all my savings"
>She puts a hoof in your leg
"But now i see. If i had know that, for you be mine, you needed to be subjected to all those horrors... I would have prefered for you to still be in Equestria. And never met you"
>Your eyes are watery
"I'm sorry for this world to be so cruel. I.. I... I wish..."
>You go and hug her
"You don't owe me anything, okey? Please remember that"
>You pass your arm to remove the tears.
>As you release the hug, you notice that Pinkie has a different gaze
>Sure, she looks kinda sad. But she is not in another place.
>"I'm sorry, Anonymous. I don't... Can I..."
>You approach your hand to stroke her mane, but she suddenly moves away.
"Shit, sorry. Can... Can i stroke your mane?"
>"Oh... Uhm... Okay"
>You try again. She doesn't move this time.
>You feel her mane. it's very soft.
>You wonder if she will stay in Pinkamena mode forever, given all the pain she's been through.
"Pinkie, it's sunrise. I don't have to work today, but i feel really tired and i would like to sleep some more"
>"Okey, anonymous"
>even if i had to thrust in a guy i didn't know and give him almost all my savings
>thrust in a guy I didn't know
Christ, I see a lot of stuff happened, uh... "off the record" for him to get Pinkie
You are a gentleman and a scholar.
My sides

What do you mean "off the record"? It all happened at the beggining of the story
I don't remember sweaty man-sex at any point.

Did I miss a thread?

>While she goes to her room, you get back to bed
>You sleep until it's past noon
>After cleaning yourself up, you go and have something to eat.
>Pinkie is already in the kitchen. She seems she already ate some fruit salad.
>"Good morning, Anonymous"
"You might say it's afternoon already, Pinkie"
>"I know"
"... So, do you want to do something today? We have the whole day to ourselves"
>"Can i hear the classical music again, please?"
"Sure, i'll play the CD again"
>"Is that how you call the records?"
"Oh, right. Uhm, it's short for 'compact disc'. You noticed they are smaller than vinyl records"
>"Right, right"
>You make some coffee and go to the living room
"Pinkie? Do you like pizza?"
>"Uhm, well i haven't tried pizza in this world"
"You don't? Well, we must fix that. What do you think?"
>"I'm fine with whatever there is for lunch"
"Well, i'll get us some pizza"
>You start the CD and go call for the food.
I think you missed the joke
Keep this shit coming. Please. Please. God damn it.
Then he fucks up and gets a meat lovers
Or pineapple shit
I think she would rather eat meat then eat that shit.
Pineapple isn't half bad tbqh senpai
Get that bitch some stuffed crust.
I hope that isn't what happens.
This anon can be painfully retarded at times, but I doubt he'd make that mistake, since I'm pretty sure it was pinkie that said that they were vegetarians in the show.
The pizza is a lot greasier than back home and it does a serious number to her digestive tract leaving her bathroom ridden for the test of the day
She's also the one who said she lived eating hotdogs

Is Anon gonna make her eat the entire pizza while he fucks her? Because I wouldn't appreciate that.
Fuck you nigger Hawaiian is the shit
>I agree you lovely gentleman Hawaiian is in fact shit
Something like >>25358630 occurs which makes her hate pizza and she adds it to the NO list. Anon feels like shit for it and it stains their struggling relationship
that was pretty damn nice mate.
and of course the power of friendship/true love somehow helps her magic come back at least a little and save them all
Please try to continue the scoot story, I was really enjoying it.

>no more Scoot story.

*rending my cloths and screaming to the heavens* NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
>Test of the day

Pinkie wakes up in a cold sweat, the horrors of her dream still fresh in her mind. Years of torture, rape, and pain. Separated from her family, her friends, her home...

"Oh Gummy, I had the worstest dream! I was on a weird planet covered in apes, and the worst part was that I hadn't even studied for the test!"
File: yes.png (607KB, 860x1110px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Morning bump.
Britfag here
File: 6234872811.jpg (26KB, 325x345px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 325x345px
>Which would you prefer?

That was a pretty nice short.
>be me
>thinking about giving this prompt a shot
>anon reads my mind
File: image.jpg (37KB, 500x363px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 500x363px
had a giggle
don't you mean 3/5ths
I fucking love these Stories.
File: 1438564275507.png (914KB, 1592x1240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
914KB, 1592x1240px
>"No. We're just going to make sure you're not going to get anymore nightmares like that, okay?"
>inb4: Anon will hold Twi while she sleeps to stop the nightmares.
File: feel drunk m9.jpg (89KB, 919x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feel drunk m9.jpg
89KB, 919x720px
Well, i was about to get to it in time. But i needed to somehow hide the fact that i still have no idea what name should i give her.
Lol yeah, seems i wasn't as sober as i thought. Dunno. Should i still try to cont or is it kill? There's too many greens in this thread and i feel that i'm too much of a small pint in here.
>your supposed slave, who is now standing on her hind legs in front of you
Either Anon is a manlet or ponies are fucking huge. Like the size of a fucking Great Dane.
thats kinda how i imagine them
unless they're pocket ponies
pocket ponies are for pockets

>12 hours later, i get it

English is hard.


Thanks, m8

>All this debate about hawaiian pizza
>We just had a 'coleslaw vs potato salad' debate

Gee, we sure like to defend our food tastes, mlp

I like my pizza with cheese, corn, bbq sauce, chicken and pineapple.

'm not stopping it, I just got a little writers block. I'm going into the city today so when I get back from pretending to be a normie I'll continue.
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Late as fuck but i couldn't let this slip
>Can i stroke your mane?
File: 1445115176702.jpg (637KB, 2801x1981px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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confirmed pocket ponies are for pockets.
premature bump before the episode
File: theridewillneverend.jpg (678KB, 1898x1883px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don't stop.
Requiescat in pace, my sides
File: yummy.gif (1MB, 960x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this green... is delicious
File: mfw.gif (161KB, 921x155px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My aides have transcended existence
I don't understand
File: 820523.png (214KB, 616x834px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ponies are the size of cats.
Maybe a small dog.
File: 1429249864543.png (1MB, 926x1205px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this man gets it
File: house cat pones.jpg (3MB, 2672x1825px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
house cat pones.jpg
3MB, 2672x1825px

Is there some solid comparison between ponies and humans based on hairsplitting? Still rooting for the housecat size though.
>tfw no Lyra slave auction
File: wew.gif (235KB, 272x213px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw lurking for green intensifes

>tfw "intensifes" intensifies
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Mate ye better be back to finish this!
Seconded, I need this.

White Knight rescue party with car chases when?
File: 1430266249965.png (465KB, 960x876px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>saving the thumbnail
File: 1443443311109.gif (1MB, 218x218px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 218x218px
kek and check
Probably not, considering no one can agree on what the size for an average pony could be since everyone has their >opinions.
There has to be ten different versions of the size charts.
Writefags where are you hiding?
I need my dosis of Bookhorse.
I also need my fix.
Also need pink pony pizza.
who cares about canon anyway.
I want to ride a pony.
I've seen a pretty reasonable chart which explained research and made ponies out to be about waist-high.

Also had estimates for dicks.
And I want to molest carry it like a puppy.
File: 1439704028972.png (173KB, 900x1048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173KB, 900x1048px
That feel when IRL bullshit leaves too little time to adequately continue your green.
take yo time mate we'll be here

>As you wait for the delivery guy to arrive, the CD finishes
>"Do you have more music like that, Anonymous?"
"Oh, i... Let me see"
>You check again
>It looks like you have another composer in your collection
>You put the CD
>"Mmmm... This one feels different"
"It's not from the same artist. It's..."
>You check the CD cover
>"Oh, i see..."
"I don't know much about classical music, to be honest. I do know that there are lots of different artist"
"And that is old"
>"I've heard lots of different styles in the time i've been here. Only glimpses, though."
"Oh, of course. We have pop, rock, electronic, metal, folk, country..."
>"Applejack plays country music"
"Right. 'Apples to the core' was pretty country"
>"I miss her a lot"
>"Have you... Did you find out anything...?"
"It's been hard, Pinkie. This world is pretty big, and at least two of your friends seem to be overseas"
"Pretty far away. Like, farther than a whole day train trip."
>She lowers her head
"Hey, Pinkie. Don't worry. This world is big, but we have the technology to talk with anyone anywhere right now. If i keep searching, i'll find your friends' owners and after that..."
>"... After that what?"
"Well, i..."
>"So your best guess is that those filthy people will somehow let aside the fact they can do anything they want and remove their dicks from my friends' mouths and let me talk with them... You really are retarded"
"... I'm just..."
>She puts a hoof on the face
>"I'm sorry, Anonymous. My mood sometimes makes me say things that--"
"No, no. It's okey. It's better to let it all out"
>While Pinkie focuses on the music, the delivery guy arrives
>You pay him up and bring the pizzas to the kitchen