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Has anyone come up with a recipe for rock soup yet?

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Has anyone come up with a recipe for rock soup yet?
One big rock.
5l of pond water, preferably with some mud and algae.
Sea salt.
Blinkie's love.

Step 1: add rock to soup
Haven't you ever read the story "stone soup"? The recipe is whatever your poor ass has on hand plus a big rock.

You get some water, some broiled green, stir it together, let it simmer for 5 minutes on low heat, then put a rock in the middle of the pot
Rocks (Ground or broken into pieces)
Grass (or any other edible, non-toxic plant matter that you can get your hands on)
Tree bark (ground into a powder)
Also some salt if possible

Honestly the soup the pies made was terrible, it doesn't work if you don't grind or at least break the rocks up first. Fucking pies don't even know how to make proper hobo rock soup.

That said you can actually make soup using rocks, grass clippings and tree bark (no really). Beware though, it will taste like complete shit, only eat if you need it to survive and there is nothing else.
>make soup
>doesn't matter what soup
>add rock to soup
>add Marble's and Limestone's marejuice for extra flavor
You need:
1 rock
250 ml water
Flavouring of your choice
(To taste)


1.Heat up the 250 ml of water in a small pot for 5 minutes or until it boils a bit
2. Wash up the rock off dirt and bacteria
3. Add in the rock and stir in for 30 seconds
4. Add in your choice of flavouring such as chicken stock or curry
5. Add in salt and pepper to your taste.
You do not have to add it in
6. Stir in the flavouring and salt/pepper for about 2 minutes and serve.

Enjoy your meal

Tip: one serving is 250 ml
1. Find rock covered in algea or moss
2. Fill big pot with water
3. Place rock in pot and allow to boil until water has turned green and the algea/moss is mostly off the rock
4. Murry Chripmass
Wasn't that "nail soup"?
It's generally a thin vegetable/grains soup, into which a rock that's been heated in the fire has been placed in order to keep it warm longer while you eat it during the winter.
In the folklore of my country it's axe soup.
Three names for same thing. We live in diverse world and this is nice.
It's stone soup in freedomland. Why do you guys put such dangerous things in your soups?
Because we're not pussies.
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I guess you could call it soup on the rocks! No, no I'm not sorry.
>be anon
>angry and hungry as fuck
>the pie family always eat this rock "soup" almost everyday
>but not today!
>you take them to ponyville so they enjoy the meals
>but when the waitress came, they orderer rock soup
>you decide to play an old story
>you grab some rocks, and start boiling it
>"mister, you don't need to-"
"nope, they want rock soup, i'll make rock soup"
>"but outside, where everyone-"
"silence, i can't hear the rock"
"yeah, listen"
>you listen how the rock boills, but nothing more
"you heard that? it's ready"
>the waitress is speechless
>you taste some of the soup
"hmmmm.... delicious"
>"sir, i think-"
"you think this needs vegetables, or some spice?"
"here, have a taste"
>he drinks the soup, but obviously, it taste like nothing
>"...... sir, i'm calling the-"
"yeah, you are right, call the chef, this need some taste"
>"enough! leave the restaurant!"
>you leave, but you don't put away the cauldron
>a while later, you comeback with some greens, and put it inside
>"fetucchiny! call the guards, this man is insane!"
>you smile inside
>it's lunch time, and the guards will be hungry
>after some time, the guards arrive, and the vegetables are ready

chat between anon and guards next
>"halt! you are breaking the law!"
"how, fine guard, i'm making soup"
>"... soup?"
"yup, the waitress didn't had rock soup on the menu, so i'm making soup for my family"
>"it's illegal"
>he is trying to have a reason, but his stomach sounds are obvious
"here, have a taste, maybe you can remember with something inside"
>"no! you are trying to bribe me!"
"don't worry, if it's illegal, then you can take me, but it's a shame this soup go to waste"
>".... fine, i'll take a taste"
>he takes a spoon, and the taste was average thanks to the vegetables
"well, what you think"
>"it's... good"
"yeah, it would be better with some pasta"
>his stomach sounds again
"yes, pasta. you know, things that go with the soup"
>"well... no! stop right there criminal scum! you won't make me fail"
"it's just soup. i'll tell you, why don't i talk with the chef, so i can put some pasta in here. i won't leave the restaurant"
>"...... fine, but celestia help you if you try something funny"
"don't worry"
>after a small talk, the guard allow you to talk with the chef

chef it's next
>Imperial guard
>"i don't know why are you doing this sir, but i ask you to stop"
"calm down, i was just asking for some pasta, nothing wrong with that"
>"it wouldn't if you weren't doing that beverage in the middle of our restaurant!"
"okay, i understand that, but if i pay the inconvenience? 'sides, a royal guard is here. i'm going to be in a dungeon soon, so it won't matter"
>"..... fine. here's your damn noodles"
>he gives you some pasta, and you give him some bits
>"about this, what are you making?"
"rock soup"
>he almost take the spaghetti back, but you mange to put it in the cauldron
>"stop mocking around! you are joking! there's no thing as rock soup"
"yes it its. the rock farmers eat it. but there's no much ingredients, so it's a simple hot water with a rock. now, my family can have a real taste about it"
>"i don't care what those dirtsuckers eat, this is a joke and a-"
>before he could finish, both of you felt an angry stare
>the pie family is about to complain
"here, keep making the soup. i'll talk with them"
>"what? no, i can't-"
>you leave him alone, and talk with the pies
>after some time, they calmed down, and you come back to the cauldron
>the chef started to add spices to the recipe
"i though you didn't knew how to make rock soup"
>"ehhh... well, i quite notice a lack of flavor, and i'm a chef. my mission is making great and delisious meals"
"okay, help me with the soup"
>at the end of the day, you manage to make a dish for all your family
>the chef love the idea of rock soup, so he included in the menu
>the guard let you walk away
>it was a good day

You could say the secret ingrediant is...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwZISypgA9M
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So, nobody is going to bring up the possibility that the sediments that fall off the rock could potentially fuck up your insides, particularly your kidneys?
Link is broken anon. Let me help you with it.

You might say the secret ingredient is...

A secret.
They ate the fucking rocks as well in the episode. I'm sure that's more alarming. It's just cartoon logic.
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I am Anon and I approve of this green.
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Thread images: 5

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