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Tsundere thread

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Pictures and greentext encouraged
dashie is the epitome of tsundere
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>what is google?
More limestone pie please
I cannot for the life of me find this picture, does anyone have the link to the full image?
here it is
It doesn't show up with the tags "limestone pie, explicit, solo", so it's not on Derpibooru
Its not solo doe.
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>tfw she will never perform magic tricks for you...
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>Be Anon
>For some reason, whenever you're around Rainbow Dash, she gets all flustered and shit.
>Fuck, a few times she's even tried to shock you with lightning, rain on you, or something.
>At other times, though, she's been all stammering and stuff. And nice to you.
>What's odd is that you don't remember her acting like that on the show.
>Also, it's awfully like a certain anime character type.
>...Nah, it can't be. You shrug your shoulders. Who would want some loser like you anyway?
>You never even clopped to a pony or had a waifu; that's how sad you are.
>Sighing as you walk down the streets of Ponyville, you grumble.
>"Oh, Anon!"
>You blink. That sounded like gem pony...
"Oh, hey Rarity; what's up?" you ask, turning to smile at her.
>Her face is a little red - which is odd, since today's not very hot, but you guess she could have gone to the spa.
>"O-oh, I just wanted to say to you that it's q-quite appreciated, the help you do for me in the boutique..."
>She smiles in an extremely happy manner.
>Rarity has been acting a bit odd, too, but you can probably chalk it up to being nervous around a different species.
"Well, it's no problem; anything I can do to help!"
>Her face starts to grow a bit redder. She must be sensitive to sunlight.
>You shrug, and start to move off.
>But before you go, you hear Rarity shout "WAIT!"
>You blink, noticing as a bunch of flowers are levitated in front of you.
>A wide smile crosses your face. Rarity really is a great friend!
"Thanks for the gift, Rarity; I'll remember it. And you should probably get some shade; your face looks burning hot right now."
>"O-oh, yes, I suppose I should," she mumbles. "Well, bye Anon!"
"See you soon, Rarity!" you reply. But Rarity isn't what you're walking Ponyville's streets for.
>No, Rainbow Dash invited you out for lunch, and it would just be polite to accept her invitation.
Interestings . . . . Continues Tripfag.
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Why live
Nothing catch more my attention than anon being oblivious. Please proceed.
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tsundere qt.jpg
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She will be real in our heads
>not in your heart
shaking my head right now to be quite honest
File: -.jpg (90KB, 640x558px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've got a tip for you, trixie.
File: Trixdere2.jpg (80KB, 885x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what >>25307567
to be honest she is top tsundere qt tho
Hey, I remember a few months/years ago in one of the tsundere threads there were a bunch of stories about Anon in Equestria where all of the ponies were constantly tsundere.
Does anyone have a pastebin link or something?
Let's get some Sour Sweet tsundere in here
This is pony thread, make a garbage thread for your garbage character and her 2 or 3 lines of dialogue somewhere else.
>You walk into the café, hands by your side as you do.
>Looking around the room for Rainbow, you spot her sitting at a table, tapping her hoof on it.
"Hey, Rainbow," you say, smiling.
>She's startled, and looks over towards you. Then, a scowl appears on her face.
>"Oh, it's y-you," she says.
"Yeah, it's me, Dash. So, how's it going?" you ask politely.
>"It was going well until you came in... Jerk." She crosses her hooves and looks away from you.
>There's red on her face.
>Huh, it must be hotter in here than you think.
"So, Dash, what did you ask me here to talk to me about?" you ask.
>She's still looking away. Then, she looks towards you and mutters "N-no real reason... Not 'cause I like you or anything..."
You blink. "But... I thought in that letter you sent me, you said you want to be my friend."
>"Of course I do, idiot!" she snaps. Wow, what's with everypony's face going red today? They must be really hot.
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nice job.gif
974KB, 255x138px
>Thread is dying
>Cannot draw
>Cannot write
>Can only bump and pray
File: image.jpg (523KB, 1360x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bumping and praying anon
Bumping and Praying
keep going... it's not like I want you to or anything...
I feel helpless
"Huh... Alright, then." You smile. "I was just a bit surprised by this, is all. You've been angry at me quite a bit..."
>The pony huffs. "Of course I have, i-idiot! I mean, look at all the stupid t-things you've done!"
"Yeah, sorry about those," you say, rubbing the back of your head sheepishly. "I didn't know it was rude to walk in on a pegasus pony while they were preening..."
>At this, Dash's face goes really red. Like really, really red.
>You hope this place has some air conditioning; she doesn't seem alright.
>"...You idiot! I told you not to bring t-t-that up ever again!" Dash snaps, hitting you on the head with a hoof.
"Owww..." It hurts, but not as much as a normal punch would have. Which is odd, considering ponies have hooves, which are hard.
>Maybe it's because of Equestria's cartoon physics or something.
>After rubbing your head for a bit, you open your eyes, and see Rainbow Dash staring at you in horror.
>"A-Anon? Are you alright?" she asks desperately, hovering over towards you to check up on you.
You smile at her. "I'm fine, Rainbow. You don't need to worry.
>Her red cheeks, which had faded away by now, come back in full force. Huh; must be hot in here.
>"I-Idiot! I wasn't worried about you! What makes you think I was?" Dash stammers.
File: hnnnng.jpg (8KB, 252x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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goddamit anon
Why is Geoff fucking dead?

Please sir, I want some more.
This is cute.
>You sigh. It's still confusing, why Dash is getting all... Stammering, and stuff. You hope she's not sick.
"Anyway, I hope the waiter will come soon," you say conversationally.
>"...S-so do I, I guess," Dash says quietly, looking down to the right.
>And right on cue, a waiter appears. "Ma'am, sir. May I take your orders?" he asks in a posh voice.
>Yes, this was a café; it even said so on the opening, didn't it? At least, Rainbow Dash said it was.
>You open the menu, looking through it. It's got a lot of pony dishes, and you almost resign yourself to getting one of them... until you notice a certain menu.
>It's not got any meat on it, except for fried fish. You open your mouth to speak up.
"I'll have the fried fish and some vegetables, please."
>"I'll have some vegetables and the fried fish, please."
>Suddenly, the both of your heads' turn to face each other when you realise what the other said.
"Heheh, that was pretty funny, right, Rainbow?" you ask.
>Her face turns an even deeper red. She tries to find the words, but eventually settles for "S-shut up..." at a mumble.
"...Dash, are you alright?" you ask, leaning over and holding your hand against her forehead. She suddenly freezes up.
>Her forehead is warm, and it's getting warmer. "W-what was that for...?" Dash squeaks, interrupting your thoughts.
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>tfw no cute nervous tomboy
File: cheeks.jpg (58KB, 877x911px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dashie is a cutie
File: trixie_waifuchart.jpg (267KB, 1260x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hail the true Tsundere Queen!
File: image.jpg (55KB, 900x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>not Gilda

Sir, you are a faggot and a nigger
>says the fag posting shitbird
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well shit, Giga the nigger has made an appearance.

Lets send him to /pol/ shall we?
>not mega bitches
File: wigganigga.jpg (57KB, 600x823px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not that hellhole.
I'll be gud.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (54KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: tsundere Trixie.png (326KB, 1495x1975px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tsundere Trixie.png
326KB, 1495x1975px
It's not like I-I wanted to bump this thread or anything B-Baka~
no. no you are not
this reminds me of RDP Bittersweet
File: yandereshy.png (443KB, 1024x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
443KB, 1024x640px
I prefer yandere.
That fucking face lmao
Enjoying this
Me too.
I'm still salty that this never happened.

Post more yandere pone
File: 1412570307812.png (266KB, 1157x1144px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
266KB, 1157x1144px
I'll write a couple shorts for this thread today.

I usually end up writing enormous stories with branching story lines and shit, which take up all my free time, so I'll have to show some restraint.
you got a pastebin my man?
I do that too.... Sometimes writing is too much fun.
Heh, I'm a little hesitant to put my name back on because I went MIA for a couple months and still haven't finished a story which I'm actually writing again.

Enjoy though:
File: image.gif (796KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My nigga
I call bullshit.
On... what?
I remember a story where all of Equestria was tsundere for Anon. It was called Anon in Tsunderequestria. Loved that story.
Ha, yeah. Got 32,000 words in then the thread died suddenly, and college hit me hard. It was near impossible to recover.

When I get out of class today, I'll write a few short blips for each of the mane 6.
thread theme:
Best Tsundere Pegasi - RD
Best Tsundere Earth pone - Ponko
Best Tsundere Unicorn - Trixie
Best Tsundere EqG - Aria
Pinkie is probably the least likely to be tsundere.
Or at the very least not an intentionally mean one. Like the one thing she's shy about is asking someone out, so when she invites you to tons of parties and asks you to hang out, she always gets nervous and spurts out "y-yknow, like friends do!" or something along those lines.
Then proceed to facepalm (facehoof?) and mentally kick herself.
I plan on making a ponko one. I have an idea of how it would go.

I'm nearly done with class, just a little longer now.
You sure do like your Pinkie.
Best taste in Pone
Anon where the fuck are you?
Ponk is my favorite, but I'm hitting every pony with this story. Tsundere is a trope I don't get to write for often!
Make her hit anon, so later she can feel guilty and the spaguetti flow
File: Lyra Ew....png (84KB, 945x945px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lyra Ew....png
84KB, 945x945px
>one off
Why would Pinkie ever be tsun?
>Best Tsun Earth Pone: Ponk
> not Appul
Ya blew it
File: 1410375224771.jpg (23KB, 398x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23KB, 398x500px
You'll see. I'm out of class. Expect the first post within 30 minutes.
File: tsundere-bon.png (215KB, 756x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Not Bon-Bon
Snuggle Wuggles!
File: Bonthetic.png (106KB, 1008x821px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bon Bon is top tsun
File: Bon Cena.png (168KB, 800x581px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bon Cena.png
168KB, 800x581px

Old but good.
"You don't need to worry, Dash; I was just checking if you're okay. You're a bit warm, though; maybe you should go see a doctor's."
>From your close vantage point of Rainbow Dash's face, you notice that her cheeks become even more inflamed.
>"I-I-I-" she stutters, "I n-need to go to the b-bathroom!"
>With that, she whizzes off, towards the place where the bathroom presumably is.
>Leaving you with a waiting waiter.
>"What drink did you want again, sir?" he asks.
"Oh, just a water for both me and Rainbow," you say, smiling.
>Speaking of Rainbow, you hope she's okay.

>Be Rainbow Dash
>You're standing in front of the bathroom mirror, taking deep breaths.
>You're really anxious; today is a day out with Anon. It's not a date!
>...no matter what your heart says. And so what if you kind of like him?
"That jerk is a... a... an oblivious idiot!" you blurt out, using words that a few years ago, you would have hated to use.
>But Anon kind of deserves it.
>He's a complete idiot, acting the role of a nice guy, and is secretly a huge jerk!
>At least, that's what your brain is telling you.
>Your heart is telling you he actually is nice. As in, really nice.
>You would have expected some creature from another world to be more... 'Insult raep' or something.
>But Anon... A blush comes onto your cheeks.
>You shake your head. No, there's no way that you like that idiot!
File: prepare your anus.png (156KB, 300x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
prepare your anus.png
156KB, 300x450px
File: 1440224868997.png (10KB, 527x561px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 527x561px
File: 1444430319348.jpg (261KB, 838x983px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
261KB, 838x983px
Fucking English cunt.
File: Bondere.png (1MB, 2000x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2000x2000px
I agree
File: 1435088332495.gif (1010KB, 563x540px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1010KB, 563x540px
Here we go
>That music is ridiculously loud.
>Like, intensely, ungodly loud.
>You feel the tag of your canvas jacket itching the back of your neck.
>For early spring, it's pretty chilled out.
>Which is why the party is entirely contained inside Sugarcube Corner.
>You've eaten there before, once or twice. Only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays though.
>Can't be there when Pinkie is working.
>She doesn't like it when you bother her while she is working.
>She doesn't like it when you bother her in general, actually.
>Seems like you're the only one that bothers her so much.
>You've never seen her get upset with anybody else, just you.
>But that changes tonight.
>Usually Pinkie's legendary parties are a distant luxury that you hear from your house down the road.
>Earlier today, however, an invitation was slipped under your door.
>You look down at the yellow piece of paper, slightly crumpled from your pocket.
>"You're invited to Pinkie's Danceopalooza of the Week! Come down and shake your tail!" it reads
>Very enthusiastic, and has a kind of warmth that you have never experienced from her.
>She usually looks away from you, or give you a very forced smile.
>Her face always a deep shade of red that warns you of her frustration with you.
>You sigh, letting your heated breath wisp into the biting air.
>You fold the invitation back into your pocket and look up at the door you've been standing by.
>Technically, you could just head home right now.
>You're not the best at parties, you admit. More of a wallflower if anything.
>But you need to take advantage of this opportunity.
>By the end of tonight, the two of you are going to be close friends. You just know it.
>You clench your fist in determination and raise it by your face.
>The joint of your elbow releases, and your knuckles slam into the wooden door of Sugarcube Corner.
>The loud thunk manages to penetrate the music, and you hear a familiar voice.
>"Keep the party going girls, I'll get the door!~" shouts Pinkie.
>You gulp unintentionally.
>You straighten your back and take a deep breath.
>The door opens with a creak, and the little pink pony opening it is looking at your waist, expecting a shorter visitor.
>Pinkie's mane has confetti stuck in it, and the loud music leaks out onto the rather quiet street.
>When she registers she isn't looking at a pony, her eyes dart up to yours with a manic sort of flare.
>You look into her eyes and smile brightly.
>Her face turns a burning red, and her ears flop back as she gazes at you like a scared deer.
"Hey Pinkie! I'm here for-"
>You're interrupted by the door slamming in your face
will anon be oblivious as fuck?
File: spaghetti-pie1.jpg (91KB, 664x442px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91KB, 664x442px
this is a new story right

there isnt more already finished somewhere in a pastebin is there
I hope not as much, it's getting a bit old. Anon messing with the trope a bit instead of being absolutely clueless would be fun to read too.
I post right after I finish writing a segment, which is why it can take me awhile to finish a post.

But, yeah, this is fresh off the presses. Haven't even made a paste for it on my pastebin yet.

The only proof I've got is pic related.
I dislike the oblivious trope, it was used in the "Ponies Admire Anon's Physique" Thread too.

I try to put a new spin to it.
>writes in notepad
mah nigga
File: 1416371069240.jpg (136KB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136KB, 1024x1024px
That went well. Thanks Pinkie.
>There's muffled clunks and crashes behind the door before you hear Pinkie again.
>"SORRY. NOPONY HERE." she yells, distorted by the door.
>You scratch the back of your head.
"Um, but I thought that the party-" you begin to say in a half-shout.
>"YOU NEED AN INVITATION TO GET INTO MY PARTIES, SORRY." she yells through the door again.
"I HAVE AN INVITATION" you yell back.
>There's a moment of pause as the music continues to thump in the house.
>The door suddenly opens a crack, and Pinkie sticks her head out.
>Her face is still bright red.
>"You WHAT?"
>You pull the invitation out of your pocket and kneel down to give it to her.
>She snatches it out of your hand with her hooves, allowing the door to swing open more.
>You can see the party in the background. It's totally packed.
>Plenty of stallions and mares you recognize.
>You see Applejack by the punch conversing with Rainbow Dash. Neither of them are paying attention.
>Twilight Sparkle sits by Fluttershy, opposite of Octavia and Bon Bon. They all seem to be having a good time.
>The whole party is filled with familiar faces.
>Pinkie looks down at the invitation and reads it violently, if that's even possible. You've never seen such vigorous and thorough inspection.
>She checks off a list aloud.
>"Yellow paper, the right font, the borders are good," she says as she looks it over.
>Suddenly she pushes her face into the paper and inhales.
>"Smells of vanilla!" she states before licking it. "TASTES LIKE IT TOO. This IS a real invitation."
>You blink a couple times at her surprise.
"Uh, yeah... I was invited right?"
>" Well I didn't- I mean I never-" Pinkie begins to stammer.
>"It was me! You said we could invite whoever we wanted." interjects a lady-like voice from Pinkie's right.
>Pinkie turns to the white unicorn in shock.
>Rarity chuckles and turns to you.
>"Good Evening Anonymous."
>You wave at Rarity.
"Evening Rarity." you respond.
>Rarity and you are relatively good friends. After all, someone had to make your clothes, and she's great company.
>Pinkie darts between you and Rarity over and over again.
>"You said I could invite anypony I wanted, correct?"
>Pinkie's face is scarlett red, and she stammers almost incoherently.
>"Yeah but- It's like- I mean, you know that- I just-" she rambles
>Rarity rolls her eyes.
>"Honestly Pinkie. I invited Anon because I felt like he needed to get to know... the girls... better."
>You tilt your head in confusion.
>You aleady knew the "girls" very well.
>Rarity winks at you.
>It clicks, finally.
>She's trying to bridge this weird gap between you and Pinkie as well.
>It's weird though, you never mentioned the relationship between Pinkie and you to her before.
>Maybe Pinkie was talking smack behind your back.
>Either way, you appreciate the help for sure.
>Last few lines
I chuckled.
Comming along nicely.
Eat ya greens
>Pinkie continues to sit with her jaw nearly on the floor.
>Looks around desperately looking for an escape, but to no avail.
>Rarity rolls her eyes again, and motions at you.
>"Come in darling, it's cold outside. Come get some refreshments." she says in a proper tone.
>You look at Pinkie for confirmation.
>Your gaze in her direction makes her jaw snap back up to her skull, and her face scrunches up in a big red mess.
>"Y-yeah. Come in. You WERE invited, I guess..." she says quietly
>You sigh with a smile at her release.
"Thanks Pinkie!" you say happily as you step inside and follow Rarity.
>The door closes behind you.
>You glance back, looking for some place to hang your coat, and you're met by Pinkie's stare again.
>As your eyes lock her face burns again, and she looks away from you quickly before stepping back into the party.
>You sigh again.
>Now THAT's more what you're used to.
>Even with the intrusion, the party is still as lively as ever, and soon the bumping music fills the room.
>Rarity leads you over to Rainbow Dash and Applejack who smile as you approach.
>"Hello girls! Look who just arrived!" Rarity declares.
>"Howdy Anon!" Applejack greets you.
>Applejack and Rainbow Dash chuckles amongst themselves for a moment.
>Rarity looks flustered.
>As the chuckles subside, Applejack addresses Rarity.
>"Ah can't believe you actually did it. Ah thought you were kiddin'."
>Rainbow Dash snorts
>"Yeah Rare, are you really sure about this?" Rainbow asks before looking up at you.
>You look between the ponies in confusion.
"What? Did I miss something?" you ask concerned.
>The two ponies snicker to themselves again.
>"Well I believe it is a perfect plan." Rarity says with her nose up.
"Plan? WHAT PLAN?" You ask again
>Between laughs Rainbow Dash speaks
>"YOU ya goof. She invited you to the party so you could spend time with Pinkie. Bold move coming Anon, really. Takes, uh... what was that word before Applejack?"
>"Grit. True grit." Applejack responds in her heavy accent.
>Rainbow laughs again.
>"Yeahh. Takes GRIT Anon. You're really heading upstream on this one."
"I'm so lost right now." you admit.
>"Ah, Anon. Ya always assume the wrong things." Applejack says, "We don't want to tell you exactly what's goin' on, that's for Pinkie to do, but..."
>She drifts off for a moment, staring into space with a warm smile.
>"Pinkie don't act like this with just anypony. And Ah can tell ya she isn't bein' honest witcha."
>You try to comprehend what she is saying.
>"Rares just wanted to give ya a chance to hear her real opinions of ya."
>Applejack grabs a mug of cider from the table with her mouth and gives it to you.
>"Now don'tcha worry Anon. Just be yaself. We just hope ya presence will be enough."
"Enough... for what?"
>The girls smile in unison.
>"You'll see, Ah'm sure."
>You're still not entirely sure what all this means.
>But, maybe Pinkie thinks more highly of you than you thought.
>You really don't want to jump to conclusions though. You might make a fool of yourself.
>You'll play it safe
>You're gonna go through with your initial plan, and you're going to be friends with Pinkie by the end of the night!
Very good so far, keep it going.
File: 1438711924214.png (660KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
660KB, 1920x1080px
Thank you for not over-accenting Applejack. It's pretty solid so far.
File: pinke tsun-tsun.png (454KB, 1280x909px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pinke tsun-tsun.png
454KB, 1280x909px
Pinkie can be a surprisingly good tsundere
File: 1405014549671.png (616KB, 800x1066px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
616KB, 800x1066px
I'd bury myself deep inside her
Back from dinner, writing again.

Yeehaw, whale dont that just tickle yer britches I tail yew hwat. Ya lukk more scurred thana hwite snake atta condom testin' facilitay. YEEHAW!
Please make Pinkie beat the shit out of him
Yes, yes good.
Anon gets the Idea that Applejack was right. Pinkie doesn't dislike him, she hates him. Rarity consoles him they start hanging out more. Ponk is jelly, and tries to Tsun her way into his heart.
>Anon couldn't make the first party he was invited to by pinkie
>NO ONE misses a Pinkie Party

>You leave the girls and begin to mingle in the crowd a little.
>Nearly every pony knows your name, but then again who wouldn't? You're a giant around these parts, even the tallest stallion is dwarfed by you.
>Which is really handy because it means you can look over the crowd easily.
>You do have to watch your head for hovering pegasai though.
>The party is really rocking, and the corner is packed to the walls.
>The cakes must be out of town this weekend. Pinkie doesn't throw bangers like this unless the babies are out of the house.
>Mares and stallions wander and scoot by, pegasai flutter around, hell there are even a few griffins and yaks that have come to visit.
>You overheard someone say there's a rumor that Discord might stop by if Fluttershy asks nicely.
>Tits this party is gonna be one for the books.
>Which makes you feel a little uneasy.
>It's no secret you're more of an introvert than anything else.
>That doesn't mean you can't converse with ponies, you're just not the most confident in a crowd.
>You sip your cider gingerly and savor its flavor.
>Cider is so delicious. Applejack always offers you a mug when you help her on the farm.
>It's a small comfort you have with you to keep you strong on this quest for Pinkie's approval.
>Speaking of which, you don't see her anywhere in the monstrous crowd.
>Which is odd because she should stick out with her pink curly mane.
>You look around for a little while, desperate to find even a bit of evidence of her location, but there really isn't anything to go on.
>You mostly just end up pony watching.
>With a heavy sigh you look down into your mug.
>You're nervous about how you're going to do this.
>Applejack said she isn't honest about how she feels about you.
>That could mean anything.
>Maybe she really doesn't want to be friends, maybe she does and she just wants you to stop acting a certain way.
>You start to wrack your mind for what it is you could be doing to make her dislike you so much.
File: Feels Bad Pony.jpg (34KB, 600x457px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Feels Bad Pony.jpg
34KB, 600x457px
>tfw Riggy writes ten times faster than me
File: 1434558944694.gif (4MB, 763x424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 763x424px
Not about the speed, friend, just the quality. Don't feel bad.
>The floor under the table is sticky.
>You need to make a mental note of that for when you clean up later.
>Anonymous is looking down at his cider like a dummy.
>He doesn't seem to know where you are, which is a good thing.
>You can see him just fine from here.
>He looks up and appears to be searching
>For you, most likely.
>You let out a blissful sigh without thinking.
>You shake your head, making your pink mane bob around uncontrollably.
>After shaking you look at Anonymous again.
>Your face warms up again.
>You hate it when he does that.
>It makes you feel so funny.
>It really gets under your skin.
>A set of white legs come up to your table.
>You'd recognize them anywhere.
>With a small push you pop your head out from under the table.
"RARITY" you yell-whisper
>Rarity spills punch everywhere before coughing up the sip she just took.
>She gasps for air before speaking again.
>"PINKIE! Don't scare me like that!" she says
>She looks you up and down.
>"Why... why are you under the table?"
>You shake your head.
"No time! Come with me!" you say, sneakily crawling through the crowd towards the kitchen.
>Rarity rolls her eyes and follows you in.
>As the doors close behind the two of you, you stand up straight again.
>"Pinkie why in the world are you sneaking around like-"
"Who cares?! Why did you bring HIM here?" you ask sternly, "This party was going to be my BEST YET! I got fresh cider delivered, made extra cupcakes, I even hung pinatas to be lowered into the crowd when the night gets REALLY wild! Why did you invite him!?"
>Rarity's eyes show her lack of enthusiasm.
>"Honestly Pinkie, you really need to get over this obsession with Anonymous." she says looking out the kitchen window back into the party. "It can't be healthy."
"It's not an OBSESSION. I JUST DON'T LIKE HIM!" you yell back.
>She raises an eyebrow.
>"Oh yes, of course darling. That's why you watch him whenever he goes by Sugarcube Corner., that's why you always need to butt into our conversations when he comes up, because you HATE him." she says sarcastically.
"YES! Well, no... I mean, maybe?" you respond rather weakly.
>"Mhmm. Darling he's a good fellow. He helps out around town, and the girls absolutely adore him. You're the only one that is in denial for some odd reason."
"It's not odd! He's a dummy!" you react immediately
>Her eyes glaze over.
>"Oh really? And what makes him a 'dummy'? Give me one good reason and I'll ask him to leave."
>You smile and open your mouth to respond
>The sound falls out of your mouth just like your train of thought.
>"That's what I thought. He doesn't do-"
"HIS STUPID SMILE" you blurt
>Rarity's face went from disinterest to complete and total confusion.
>"His... smile?"
"Y-yeah! That stupid smile he makes when he says hi, or-or when he talks to you, an-and when he..."
>You sigh again
"When he laughs at a joke, and if he's drinking something sometimes it'll come out of his nose." you say smiling.
>You blink a few times and shake your head.
"UGHHH SEE? He makes me feel all weird, and I start to act funny, and I DON'T LIKE IT." you shout.
>You put your forehooves over your head and lay your chin on the floor like you're taking cover from a bomb.
>Rarity looks down at you and blinks in disbelief a few times.
>"My... that's quite the reason Pinkie..." she says as she crouches down. "But I don't think you're going about this the right way..."
>You sit up and fling your legs in the air.
"I don't care! I don't want this to get in the way of my awesome parties! I'm gonna have fun tonight no matter what!" you say exaggerating each word with a swing of your leg.
>On the last word your leg plucks a rope hanging over head
"Oopsies, what was-"
>You're interrupted by the rope whizzing out the kitchen window into the party.
>Suddenly you remember what it was attached to.
File: 1395611324352.png (728KB, 790x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
728KB, 790x1024px
>the little pink pony is looking at your waist

One thing that always confused me about these stories is the size of the ponies compared to Anon. I mean, is Anon just short or does the size varies?
there's an image floating around made by some super autist that broke down the rough size of a pony in canon.
I usually consider your average mare to be 3-3.5 feet tall, the average stallion 3.5- 4.5 feet tall, and Princesses reaching 5 feet tall.

That's at least my system anyway. I think they're cute that way, but not excessively small.
>You look up from your cider again.
>Still no sign of Pinkie.
>She's totally missing.
>You're struck by an idea.
>You look around until you spot a purple alicorn near the middle of the crowd, talking to a few other ponies.
>You squeeze your way through the crowd until you get closer to her.
"Twilight!" you shout
>Twilight turns to you instinctively before smiling
>"Oh, Anon! I didn't expect you to be at Pinkie's party!"
>You shake your head with a chuckle
"I don't think she did either. Speaking of Pinkie, do you know where she is?"
>Twilight shakes her head.
>"Nope, not a clue. Why? You up to something Anon?" she says, raising her eyebrows.
>You scratch the back of your head.
"Ehh, yeah sort of." you respond shyly.
>Twilight laughs
>"Well good luck!"
>You smile down at the purple pony princess.
>Twilight and you have a bit of a history together. After all, for your first month or so here Celestia assigned her to watch over you.
>You didn't have to write letters or anything, she just kind of showed you around.
>Even though you don't have to report to her anymore, you still visit her castle once a week to hang with her.
>Usually when Pinkie is least likely to come by as well, but it's happened before.
"Thanks... but, anyway, how are you?" you ask politely
>"I'm well, thanks! It's nice to get out of the castle and mingle a little, you know? Usually my only company in that big fortress is Spike."
"Spike's a good kid though. Is he at the party too?" you ask earnestly
>Twilight snickers
>"No, no. This is strictly an adult party. He's spending time with Applebloom and her friends tonight."
>You tilt your head.
"Huh, never thought they'd all be friends. Spike seemed a lot more mature."
>Twilight rolls her eyes.
>"I wouldn't say he's THAT mature but-"
>Twilight's words are interrupted as something collides with the top of your head.
>The sound of things breaking fills your ears, and what feels like a bunch of hard pebbles pours over your body.
>You take a step back and slip on one, sending yourself of balance falling backwards.
>You try to adjust, but what ever hit your head is obstructing your vision and it's hard to recover.
>After a few steps back your fall backwards, landing with a crunch on a hard surface which gives under the pressure.
>As you hit the ground with a thunk, you feel liquid on the back of your neck before starting to lose consciousness.
>So much for your initial plans...
Using the link, that seems reasonably.
It is pretty cute
File: 1111111111.gif (594KB, 687x424px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
594KB, 687x424px
Uh oh Anon get knocked the fuck out and it's all Pinkies fault.
>That's what you thought the rope was attached to.
>You watch helplessly as the rope flies out the kitchen window and up towards the rafters.
>It was plain dumb bad luck that the piñata it was attached to was over Anonymous' head at the time.
>Rarity watches as the carnage happens.
>The piñata crashes down on Anon, replacing his head with a colorful donkey.
>As candy spills out from around his neck, Anon dizzily steps backwards before falling backwards onto the punch table.
>With his mass coming down full force, the table snaps in half and pours punch all over the floor around him.
>After a moment, he falls limp.
>Rarity puts her hooves over her mouth, and the music suddenly stops as ponies begin to inspect the unconsious Anon.
>Your heart jumps into your throat, and an overwhelming feeling of dread washes over you.
>Rarity turns to look at you again.
>You look at her with panicked eyes.
>Rarity looks back to the crowd just as you do.
>Twilight is removing the piñata from Anon's limp body and checking him out.
>Suddenly you're running.
>You bound through the crowd and come to a screeching halt when you're finally next to him.
>His head is still obscured by the piñata, but his body looks a little bruised up.
>You notice a tear in his jacket on his right arm.
>Your eyes get wide as you notice blood dripping out of it.
File: 1434054394700.jpg (137KB, 544x630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 544x630px
>Twilight is nearly knocked into the air as you fly by her to get a better look at the wound.
>It looks like the glass cut him.
>You start to shake and look to Twilight.
>Twilight looks at you with a concerned expression.
>"Pinkie, he'll be fine! It's nothing life threatening!" Twilight says as she turns to the crowd.
>The crowd is on the verge of panic. It seems your outburst really rocked them.
>"It's not life threatening!" Twilight repeats to the mob.
>A massive sigh of relief rushes through the crowd.
>But your heart is still pounding in your throat, and you feel it in your ears.
>"Don't worry everypony, we'll take care of him." Twilight says dismissively
>The girls start to gather around Anon as the crowd begins move away and mingle again.
>"Alright, what's the strategy here?" Rainbow says prodding the donkey piñata still over Anon's head.
>You shoot daggers in her direction and let out a snort.
>Instead of backing off, Rainbow smirks at you.
>"Woah there miss defensive! What's gotten into YOU?" she asks mockingly.
"W-what? Nothing!"
>"Ya sure seem concerned about Anon! Ya came outta that kitchen like a jackrabbit!"
>Your heart beats faster, and you feel flustered.
"W-well, of course I am! He got hurt at my party! I must take responsibility!"
>"So much responsibility that you're holding his hand?" Rainbow jabs
>You look down at your hooves to realize you are, indeend, clasping his hand rather tightly.
>You lift your hooves and let it fall limp to his side.
>"You're right Pinkie! This IS your responsibility!" Rarity says, "And because it is YOUR responsibility, you should be the one to nurse him back to health! Right Twilight?"
>Twilight seems puzzled.
>"That's not neccessary... I can just heal him with my ma-" Twilight is interrupted as Rarity prods her in the side.
>"Erm, I mean, oh no! If I use my magic on a human, it might, uh, HURT HIM MORE! OH NOOOO~" she says with great exaggeration.
>If she's exaggerating that much it must be true!
>You look down at Anon again and gulp.
>He's not just a dummy anymore.
>Now he's your patient too.
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336KB, 335x286px
This seems like an optimal stopping point for today! I need to go to bed for the gym tomorrow.

Keep the thread going for me until tomorrow?

Goodnight everybody.
Twalot Spergle almost fucked it up.
get swole for your waifu, bruh.
>If she's exaggerating that much it must be true!
Nail'd it!
Anyone got photos of ponk in that skin tight latex suit?
Oh yeah, almost forgot:
I added this to my pastebin titled: "I didn't throw this party for you! Dummy!"

You can find it here: http://pastebin.com/yJKshQ4c

Just thought I'd post it before I forgot.
i wish i could write like you senpai
File: 1443395409651.gif (336KB, 535x796px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
336KB, 535x796px
Twilight don't give a shit, she just wants this ridiculousness over with.
Get swole. I wish I was getting swole
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Tsundere Trixie.png
1MB, 1280x1707px
Its bugging me, My inner /a/ knows, but doesn't remember. Who is Dashie dressed as in the OP?
>miaka; fushigi yuugi
Fushigi yuugi. Thats it. Been so long since I've seen it that I forgot the name. Thanks anon.
Emergency Bump
File: tsundere shimmer.png (269KB, 500x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tsundere shimmer.png
269KB, 500x1000px
I like this...

have some Tsundere-Shimmer
File: 1440736150115.gif (2MB, 700x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 700x700px
I'm sure you already write better than me, you're just too nervous to let it out.
I believe in you, Anon. Don't compare yourself to others, just do your own thing and the rest will follow.

Why can't you get swole Anon? Is everything alright?

u fukken gno it bruh

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement everyone! I just got back from the gym, and I'll start writing in a little under an hour after I clean myself up a bit.
...That looks like regular p0ne... just in clothing and standing up on hind legs.
All that salt can't be good fit your blood pressure, Anon.
File: pony rearing.jpg (166KB, 609x683px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pony rearing.jpg
166KB, 609x683px
Are you retarded or did you just forgot to put on your glasses? This is a pony standing on its hind legs. The thing in the OP has fucking human anatomy.
>What are cartoons?
>Your head is throbbing.
>That's the first thing you realize when you finally come to.
>Getting knocked out is a lot like time travel, actually.
>Painful, damaging time travel.
>You don't dream, so you just kind of disappear for some time.
>Not physically, of course, but still.
>You're still lying down, but not in a puddle anymore.
>You're actually surrounded by a soft surface, and you feel a blanket over your body.
>Definitely a bed, but you're still not comfortable.
>Your whole body feels a little stiff.
>You sit up straight, cracking your back.
>As your eyes adjust to the light again, you begin to take inventory of the objects in the room.
>Pink and yellow color palette
>Balloons everywhere
>Stairs look like they're made out candy.
>You're definitely not in a hospital.
>Your eyes focus in on a mirror across the room from you.
>There are bandages on your head and arm, and you look a little bruised up.
>All in all, not the best shape you've been in, but defintely not the worst.
>You'll be alright.
>You hear hoofsteps outside the door.
>The door flings open revealing Pinkie Pie holding a tray of cookies.
>She starts to trot towards you before she realizes you're awake.
>She lets out a small yipe as your eyes lock, and she sends the cookies flying across the room.
>She stands as still as a statue with that same deer-in-headlights expression she wore before.
>You feel obligated to start the conversation.
"Hey Pinkie... were those cookies for me?" you ask politely
>"NO!" she blurts almost reflexively.
>You nod. You didn't expect any different.
"Guess they're for the floor now..."
>She shakes her head.
>"I mean! YES! But, ohh..." she says nervously tapping her hooves against the ground.
>Her face is turning red.
>"I just made them for you because you went and got hurt you dummy!" she yells sternly.
>You tilt your head in confusion. As you do a twinge of pain shoots up your body.
>You reach your hand to the back of your neck as a reflex, wincing in pain.
>When you look up again, Pinkie is much closer with a concerned expression on her face. Her face still red, but less so.
>You flash a toothy smile.
"I'm okay, just a little stiff." you say brightly
>She blinks before her face becomes red yet again. Her expression changing from concerned to upset again.
>Here we go.
>She turns around with a huff and starts to head for the door.
"Why am I here? If I got hurt shouldn't I be in a hospital?" you ask suddenly.
>Pinkie stops walking.
>"N-No, you just HAD to stand under my pinata and now you're hurt. So now it's MY responsibility to... take care of... y-you." she says, fading near the end.
>You toy with the sheets inbetween your fingers.
"And what about the party?"
>"It ended an hour ago." she says defeated before heading out the door again.
>You look at the clock.
>The party ended at 12:45?
>That's stupid early by Pinkie's standards.
>You clench the blankets again.
>You just wanted to try and be friends with Pinkie, and it seemed like there was a chance here.
>Now you're her burden.
>You try to move out of bed, but you start getting dizzy and need to sit down again.
>You're stuck here for now.
>With a sigh you lay down again and stare at the ceiling.
>You don't attempt to sleep quite yet.
>You may be tired, but you're still trying to wrestle with all of this.
>Pinkie needs to watch over you for now, and that makes her upset.
>So your objective should be to make it as easy as possible for her.
>The darkness of the room makes everything feel still.
>The clock to your right ticks quietly as the minutes turn to hours.
>You start to doze off just before the door opens slowly again.
>A streak of yellow light burns over the room, and a curly shadow fills it.
>Pinkie carefully closes the door slowly, being as quiet as possible.
>You play dead instinctively.
>You don't want to upset her anymore than you already have.
>Her hooves trot near your bed before slowing.
>You slow your breathing.
>Something starts to feel warm on your cheek.
>It's Pinkie's breath.
>Just how close is she right now?
>You recieve your answer when she sighs under her breath
>You hear it clear as day, and it is obvious that she is less than a foot away from you.
>Her forelegs rest on the bed near your head, and she continues to breath onto you.
>She's breathing irregularly, but it's still soft and quiet.
>Her hooves leave the bed.
>Suddenly the blankets are pulled further up, covering more of your body.
>You let out a sigh, half because of the blanket and half because you've been breathing weird for awhile now.
>She sighs too.
>There's a long pause.
>A hoof gently caresses your cheek and then pulls away.
>Her hooves trot away from you and around the bed to your left.
>Something squeaks, and the sound of fur rubbing on fabric fills the room for a moment.
>You open an eye in the darkness to see what is going on.
>Your night vision reveals Pinkie laying down on a smaller couch off to the side of her room.
>A twang of pain shoots you in the chest.
>She's sleeping on a couch while you sleep in her bed.
>No wonder she's upset.
>You close your eyes again.
>It's decided. Tomorrow you're going to help as much as you can.
>You smile in the dark at your wonderful plan as you slowly drift back into dream land.
So? Anthro characters are common in cartoons. What's your point?

I actually fapped to her when I was 13 or so. And also to Gadget from the Rescue Rangers. Does that make me a furfag? Maybe.
>Not also to Peg from "Goof Troop"
>Not alst to Demona from "Gargoyles"
>Not, and most of all, also to Callie from "Swat Katz"
nah, you're still mildly vanilla.
Oh for the love of fuck. I still want to see more of that.
damn it, I've popped off to them and more before and still do sometimes (nostalgia fap ftw)
anything with a girl's figure can get me off
it really sucks because back in the day when internet porn blockers in schools were still dumb, you could get around them by looking up furry stuff and hentai (sometimes), so I got used to seeing furry often
it's probably why I don't mind it and anthro
File: 1434911119642.png (1MB, 1800x986px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1800x986px
"Is this the end of the story?" bump
File: 1437965023811.gif (236KB, 600x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236KB, 600x400px
Nope. I'm just in class at the moment. Sorry to make you wait. There's plenty more to the story.
Not those threads again Anon, I didn't need that.
Any tsundere gif?
/co/ pls
shh, shh, let it happen...
B-But she isn't even my waifu.
File: queencallista_ske.jpg (54KB, 342x255px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 342x255px
Anon, pls.
I want to scritch her ear and make her purr
>Not wanting to cum orange and blue on her face and ample bosoms.
that sounds like a serious medical issue and you should have that checked out, anon

now that I think about it
the best place to scritch her is at the base of her tail
imagine petting her in your lap and then scritching right there on her tail and she lifts her butt high in the air because it feels so good there
File: 014101.jpg (54KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54KB, 640x480px
These are the screencaps the web gives me, blame Hanna & Barbera
>not show related
Gtfo furries.
Okay, so, I have no idea what's going on in this thread anymore.

However, I just got out of class so if you guys are still interested in my story, I'll be writing again within the hour.
thanks, please bring the normality back to this thread
What happened to the first story anyway? Is there going to be a continuation?
Please do continue, tsundere ponka is awesome.
You are good art-fag I like your artwork
Thanks friend! I'm actually studying to be an animator. Writing is just a hobby of mine that consumes my life sometimes.

I'm at my computer writing atm. Updates within a half hour!
>The sound of rain against the window wakes you up with a bit of a jolt http://www.rainymood.com/
>Cool spring air comes in through the cracks, and you ease yourself back to consciousness.
>Your head thumps a little, but it's no where near as bad as it was earlier that night.
>As you sit up, the pain becomes very minor and quite managable.
>That's a good sign. You're no doctor, but you started to think you were concussed.
>You put your hand on the bandages wrapped around your head.
>There's a low bump in the middle of your scalp.
>It may hurt, but you don't think you need any help getting out of bed.
>You look over at the little red couch that Pinkie is still sleeping on.
>Her mane looks a little deflated, and there are bags under her eyes.
>She looks like she hasn't slept at all, but now she snores loudly from under the covers.
>You look down at your hands and concoct a plan of attack.
>You want to take up as little of Pinkie's time as possible, but you also want to show your gratitude.
>There is an entire bakery downstairs at your disposal...
>And nothing makes waking up better than breakfast in bed!
>You turn and quickly stand.
>The dizziness hits you all at once, and you wobble for a second before it wears off.
>For a moment there, you forgot how to walk.
>You check Pinkie again.
>She's still fast asleep.
>Out like a light. That party must have taken a lot out of her.
>You look down at what you're wearing.
>You're wearing your t-shirt from the party, and still have your jeans on too.
>But your jacket, socks, and assorted accessories are still MIA.
>No matter, being in bare feet just makes it easier to be stealthy.
File: 1446091947385.png (19KB, 631x627px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 631x627px
>You tip toe to the door and carefully open it before heading downstairs.
>The stairs lead directly to the kitchen where there are all kinds of cooking supplies for you to use.
>You look around until you spot a large white refrigerator.
>As you approach the white behemoth, you notice all the magnets on it.
>There's recipes and reminders, along with a few crayon drawings from Pound and Pumpkin.
>And one from Pinkie, actually.
>You chuckle under your breath and open the fridge.
>Most pony delicacies don't really tickle your fancy, but there is a few breakfast products that you love just as much, if not more, than ponies.
>Omelets and Pancakes.
>Hell yeahhh.
>You do miss the bacon though...
>You pull out one of the dozen cartons of eggs in the fridge.
>They go through eggs pretty fast at a bakery.
>They won't notice a carton missing that much.
>You grab two of the hanging pans and a few assorted ingredients you need.
>Pancake mix, oil, butter, water, cheese, peppers, onions, and a couple secret spices.
>You're going to make some baller breakfast.
>Quickest way to a pony's friendship is through their stomach.
>You think, maybe.
>A shine in the corner of the room shines in your eye, demanding your attention.
>It's an old-timey record player!
>You think about the music that Pinkie was thumping last night.
>There's no way that music came out of there.
>You inspect the record.
>"Jazz Volume II"
>You smile.
>Breakfast and smooth jazz, sounds like a good morning to you.
>You throw the record on and it begins to play https://nymano.bandcamp.com/track/early-wake-up
>You take a deep breath and start putting the meal together.
>The minor headache you have soon takes a back seat to the rain, jazz, and onions in the pan.
The TsunDashie one? Yeah; writefag here and there will be one.
>>The sound of rain against the window wakes you up with a bit of a jolt http://www.rainymood.com/
Nigga you what.

That sound puts me to sleep.
Yeah, should've specified the thunder. Sorry. I'm doing something for work right now, sorry for the delays
omg, I want to cuddle her, even if that kills me
don't let her nibble your ear
Knowing that one day you and pinkie will be friends fills you with DETERIMNATION
File: 1446684359834.jpg (1MB, 3264x1836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x1836px
[Spoiler] this guy gets it. I decorated this pumpkin for work today actually. [/spoiler]

Still in work. This meeting is dragging on.
My phone fucked my spoilers, shet
vaster I know you're in here
Goddamn work took longer than expected. Fortunately I don't have to wake up early for the gym tomorrow, so I can write later into the night. I'm heading back to the dorms right now, I'll get an update out as soon as I can.

What are those
>You're completely drained at this point.
>Your normally curly and volumed mane feels heavier than usual, and your eyes still sting a little from the lack of sleep.
>It wasn't because of the couch, this thing is super duper comfy!
>It was the REASON you were on the couch.
>You were sleeping in the same room as the king butt himself, Anon.
>The same Anon that you couldn't help but check on every hour to make sure he was still breathing.
>Well, half hour.
>You feel your face heat up again.
>Everytime you thing of him, you start to feel all queasy.
>But not like that time you ate five cakes and couldn't move for two days, a different kind of queasy.
>A kind of queasy that makes your legs shake, and your ears twitch.
>Your Pinkie senses are usually so easy to read.
>But in this case, you don't know what to make of it!
>Shakey legs, twitchy ears, you breathe all funny, your heart pumps like CRAZY, and you start smiling all weird.
>It just isn't you! And you have such a hard time talking to Anonymous because of it.
>But he always ends up invading your thoughts.
>His smile, the nice things he does, the compliments he gives...
>He's so... nice! By all means you should like him! In fact, you DO like him!
>You like the things he does, and the way he carries himself, and the way he treats you. You like it all!
>He never leaves your mind.
>Even now, trying to get at least one more hour of sleep that you know you're not going to get.
>You sigh.
>Is it...
>Your face starts to heat up again
>The rain pitters against the window in a comforting way.
>Is it that you...
>Your legs close tightly together, and start to come up to your chest.
>Wind howls against the side of Sugarcube Corner.
>You... like him... but...
>You scrunch up into a ball as you pull the blankets over your head, trying to make yourself as small as possible.
>The blankets encapsulate you tightly, as if they will keep all your thoughts contained as well.
>You like him... but...
>...not like everypony else?
>Your heart suddenly thumps at a much faster beat.
>You tighten up more as a thought unfolds more.
>The Pinkie senses were telling you...
>That you, LIKE like him?
>Suddenly your heart thumps a bit slower, and a smile comes across your face.
>You feel queasy.
>But, in a good way, you think.
too small for sexual, unless anon is asian
File: 1403046996601.png (1MB, 1500x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1500x1500px
File: moreponk.jpg (35KB, 484x485px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35KB, 484x485px
You're awesome, writefriend.
File: PinkeAprooved.png (118KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118KB, 300x300px
Double dubs confirm more Ponka
We await more green
>Be oldfag
>Be 13 when this aired
>Never even heard of it until recently
>Never knew this semen demon existed until just now

Welp... I know what I'm hunting down and watching for the next few days.
go back to tumblr
File: GET OUT.gif (341KB, 364x184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
341KB, 364x184px
>Go back to tumblr
Nice shitpost
Trips confirms i'm shitposting
>You sit in the warmth of your discovery for a little while, coming to terms with it in a way.
>That feeling of uneasiness is still going strong, and you know you'll still have a hard time interacting with Anon.
>But there's a sort of sereness to this epiphany, as if you were lost in the forest and finally found the path home again.
>You know it now: You have feelings for Anon. Not just normal feelings either, like extra-gushy lovey-dovey feelings!
>You've never had these kinds of feelings for anypony before, you don't know how to deal with them.
>Suddenly you think back to how you've been treating Anon recently.
>Yelling at him, kicking him out of the shop, etc.
>You did it all in the name of getting over these feelings.
>And now it's going to bite you in the butt.
>Twilight once told you that Anon avoided coming to the castle when you were there.
>Heck, you didn't even invite him to the party, Rarity did!
>Maybe he came for her, and not you. Maybe he trying to talk to you because the girls wanted you to get over this!
>You take a deep breath.
>No... no he doesn't hate you. Anon isn't one to hate, even now.
>But that doesn't mean he feels the same way, and confessing your feelings will not only be difficult, but very risky.
>You can't let him know how you feel, you have to be friends with him first!
>It has to seem like it happened naturally, like it developped through friendship and time together and junk.
>If you tell him you know all about him, and have liked him all this time you at his throat, he'd never believe you...
>You let out a sigh and flop on your back.
>That's what you'll have to do.
>You'll have to become friends with Anon.
>Before he leaves this house, you will be friends with Anon, all while keeping your true feelings hidden for another day.
>Yes! What an excellent plan Pinkie!
>Why thank you Pinkie!
>Anytime Pinkie!
>Your internal dialogue is interrupted by muffled noise coming from downstairs.
>You lift your head out from under the covers.
>Immediately you are hit by a wonderful fragrance.
>Oil, onions and peppers on a pan, even a little vanilla is in the air.
>You open your eyes and find that Anon is not in his bed anymore.
>The door to the downstairs is open too...
>You shake your head, hop off the couch, and make your way to the door.
Very good so far. It feels very natural.
File: 1439312870072.png (157KB, 400x380px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157KB, 400x380px
10/10 keep going
File: TREEHUGSANDNUGS.png (349KB, 894x894px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
349KB, 894x894px

2 dubs confirm, op better keep writing
>Ponka gets a magical horse dick
>Rapes anon
>Rest of mane 6 see
>Huge orgy
>The smell only gets stronger as you head down the stairs towards the kitchen.
>You can hear the sizzle of butter on a heated pan being muffled by the jazz that's playing softly with the rain.
>The cakes always enjoyed listening to something, 'sophisticated' while they worked.
>You poke your head out from the door frame to get a peek at who is working the kitchen.
>Not much to your surprise, Anon stands by the counter.
>He tends to something in a couple pans, occasionally flipping their contents into the air.
>You smile to yourself as you notice he actually put on one of the very-small-on-him aprons.
>But what captivates you is not his attire, but rather his skills as a chef.
>Ponies similar methods of cooking to humans, and his hands move with great tact.
>It's mesmerizing to say the least.
>He shakes some spices into his hand then sprinkles it over the contents of one of the pans.
>After that he grips the pan's handle and starts sending the food airborne again before grabbing a spatula and flipping the other pan's food.
>You start to unknowingly wander into the kitchen more before you catch his eye.
>He turns and looks at you with a bright smile.
>You feel your face turn red again.
>"Good morning Pinkie! I'm sorry if I woke you up. I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed!" he says estatically.
>Your heart thumps into your throat.
>Before you respond your eyes lock on Anon's head bandages.
"Y-you shouldn't have done that! You're still hurt you dummy!" you blurt.
>He rubs the top of his head.
>"It's alright, I'm well enough to make breakfast!" he says, motioning for you to sit down at the counter.
>You hop up on a stool and watch him work a little more, your eyes still trained on his bandage-wrapped head.
>The counter is already set for you, with a plate and placemat in front of your stool.
>It's a little unorganized, as it was originally meant to go upstairs in a jumble, but you don't mind.
>You smile softly at the thoughtful gesture while Anon's back is turned.
>You're positive he doesn't dislike you, at least.
>Suddenly he turns around and faces you again.
>"Behold, Pinkies and Gentlecolts!" he says proudly before presenting you his dish.
>He slides a cheesy looking omelete onto your plate from the pan, then flips a set of pancakes right next to it.
>"Viola! A western omelete with secret seasoning, and a short stack of buttermilk pancakes with extra vanilla and honey butter!" he says in a goofy voice, "Enjoy, Madam!"
>Your eyes must be as large as dinner plates at this point.
>The omelete looks fliuffier than your tail, and the flapjacks smell sweet and buttery, yet light and moist.
>"What do you think?" he asks with a toothy smile.
"It looks..." you say as your symptoms return, "It looks... great, Anon. Thanks a bunch!"
>It finally comes out the way you wanted it to, more or less.
>Anon raises an eyebrow.
>"R-Really? You think it's good?" he says in a disarmed tone.
>You huff some air out your nose as you start to blush some more.
>The way he's looking at you makes it hard to breathe, and your heart beats against your ribcage rapidly.
>Your emotions are trying to take control, you need to back track.
"Y-yeah, it's pretty great. It's not expert cooking or anything, but for your skills it is pretty... adequate." you prod.
>"Heh." Anon chuckles as he goes back to the pans to make himself a batch, "I guess I'll take adequate for now." he says with a chuckle.
>As he turns away you take a bite of the omelete.
>Your eyes tear up as you chew.
>This is the best omelete you've ever eaten in your life.
File: LEWD.png (449KB, 724x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449KB, 724x1024px
Anon spiked the omelette with is BABY GRAVY
Semen if you didn't get it ^^^^^^^^
File: Check Emm.png (93KB, 334x377px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Check Emm.png
93KB, 334x377px
Anon spiked the omelette with "his" Baby Gravy.

>Pic related 4 dubs
I'm enjoying it. Just don't make it unnecessary long
I am trying so hard not to. It shouldn't be too long.

I have an ending in mind, and it isn't too terribly far off. I just tend to be kind of wordy.
Make it as long as you think it should be. I'm enjoying it thoroughly. Good writing friendo

>Rainbow Splash
>You use your fingers to really scrape away some of the grease left in the frying pan before cracking a new egg into it.
>You hear Pinkie chowing down on your food in the background.
>You're glad that she's eating it. After all, she said it was pretty okay. Best compliment you ever recieved from her.
>Of course you'd get it for your breakfast in bread trick, it's an unstoppable force.
>Once you make somebody breakfast, they'll have no choice but to tolerate you!
>You start to wisk the eggs as they cook to make them extra fluffy.
>As you do this you pour a puddle of pancake batter into the other pan simmering.
>The chef always eats second! At least that's what you were taught. You used to work in a couple diners.
>One was in the human world, but you can hardly remember it. Side effect of the dimensional transfer, Twilight said. The second one was here in Ponyville though.
>You used to churn out omelets during the day, but at night you worked hard on perfecting recipes.
>It was a pretty great hobby, and you love cooking at your house all the time. Without technology or magic to keep you occupied, you had to focus on what skills you still had.
>At least Pinkie seems to appreciate your efforts, even if they weren't the best.
>You serve yourself up a healthy plate of pancakes and a western omelet, just like Pinkie's.
>You turn to the counter to find Pinkie's plate already half empty.
>She must be pretty hungry.
>You sit down across from her, making sure to give her room.
>The first bite tastes wonderful, but maybe your tastebuds are just not as refined as Pinkie's.
>She does eat a lot of sweets, maybe that strengthened her pallete or something?
>You don't understand taste very well.
>"So, uh..." Pinkie says, breaking the silence.
>You look up at her, still chewing your food.
>Her face is red, but not as much as you're used to.
>That's a good sign.
>"So... did you sleep well?" she finally asks.
>You smile
"Yeah, I slept fine. Thanks. Sorry about making you sleep on the couch."
>Pinkie gives you a short smile
>"I didn't have much of a choice, dummy. It was either my bed or no bed for you. I just did the responsible thing." she says softly
>You smile at her.
"Well, whatever you reasons be, I'm very impressed by you." you say wholeheartedly.
>Her eyes dart up to your own, and her face starts to become more red.
>You might have said that wrong, maybe it sounded too pretentious?
"Yeah, I mean, you helped me out even though I was annoying you so much at the party. I can't thank you enough Pinkie..." you say warmly.
>She blushes so hard she becomes more red than a cherry.
>"I-its fine! It was my party! My responsibility!" she declares
"And you take that responsibility seriously! It feels nice to finally spend some time together where we're not at eachother's throats!"
>You can recall ever being at Pinkie's throats, but this isn't the time for blame shifting.
>Pinkie looks down a little, and you can swear you almost see a smile forming.
>"It certainly isn't as bad as I expected..." she says quietly.
"Mhmm. And you don't have to worry anymore, I'll be gone before noon today!" you say triumphantly.
>At that Pinkie's head shot straight up, looking you directly in the eyes.
>"Wh-What?" she stammers
"I said, don't worry I'll be gone before noon! I know you're not that hot on spending time with me, but this was nice. I don't want to be a burden though."
>"B-but what about your head? Shouldn't you stay...?" she blurts
>You chuckle a little.
>She really takes this responsibility seriously.
"My head is fine, just a bump is all. I don't need to be tended to, and I don't want to bother you anymore than I have to." you say, approaching the sink to start washing your dishes.
>You start to scrub the first pan.
>"But... BUT..."
"I'm fine, really! You don't have to look after me anymore." you say as you scrub off more grime
>The first pan is almost done, you should throw the second one in the tub to get it ready.
"After all, it was just a light bonk on the he-"
>As the last word leaves your mouth something hits you from behind.
>You're knocked out instantly.
>Anonymous falls to the floor in a heap.
>Your heart still races as the frying pan clanks to the ground next to him.
>That happened a little too fast.
>All you wanted was more time with him, it was going so well up until this point.
>The compliments, the conversations, they all felt like the two of you were getting closer.
>Then he started talking about leaving, and not wanting to a bother, and how he's healthy enough to go.
>You just started to freak out.
>You just wanted more time, and Anon was already too healthy to stay.
>So you, kind of, sort of, threw a frying pan at the back of his head.
>You rush to his limp body to make sure he's alright.
>He's out like a light, and he's definitely going to feel that when he wakes up, but other than a large bump on the back of his head he seems normal.
>You shake your head in worry as you look at the mess you have made.
>You really need to control yourself better, Pinkie.
>But, the deed is already done.
>And when he wakes up, he will need another day to rest.
>You get under Anon's limp body and start to bring him up the stairs.
>That was a pretty brash move, but it worked out in the end.
Okay everyone, I'm ending it here tonight. I need to sleep and recharge my batteries.

I hope you enjoyed the updates today! I'll work on it some more tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone.
File: 1383669057681.png (33KB, 989x806px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 989x806px
Yandere time
The best tsundere
and then several days later he still hasnt woken up

the week ends and his eyes havent opened

shes forced to take him to the doctor

they tell her shes in a coma and dont know when he will wake up

the end
This faggot disappears before finishing one of my favorite greens, then, all of a sudden, he reappears and writes the cutest tsundere ponk of all time.

i-its not like I wanted it to be good. Baka!
Dammit Pinkie
Sorry for disappearing Anon. College got complicated. What thread were you in?
File: 1402345706823.png (1MB, 1024x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1024x1024px
pls no yandere pinkie
File: Tsun Ponk 1.png (348KB, 1500x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tsun Ponk 1.png
348KB, 1500x1000px
Sorry for my current absence everyone. I'm attending a meeting in my advertising class and my soul feels like it is being ripped out.

In the mean time, I drew you guys some Tsundere Ponk.

I also posted it to my deviantart, so if you want to check it out there here's the link: http://riggyrag.deviantart.com/art/Tsundere-Ponk-Sketches-570404648

I don't know when I'll be back. I hope soon.
For those who don't understand taco language.
"Are you serious?"
>pinkies head
wat da fug
An attempt at a different style. Didn't go too well. Then again, these sketches only took like 30 minutes. I'll probably adjust them later.
File: Tsun Ponk 1 fixed.png (283KB, 1500x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tsun Ponk 1 fixed.png
283KB, 1500x1000px
Go back to studies m8
I though you were at college or something
Oh, I thought you meant something else.

The presenter at the meeting has been wrestling with the projector for 15 minutes now. I doodled a little while I could.
File: CAPITALISM NIGGA.png (568KB, 579x383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
568KB, 579x383px
Really good story so far, write friend
keep it up :3
Drawing is good. Now please keep writing

you're giving me dreams anon
>The rain is still coming down when you open your eyes again.
>You're a little more than dazed and confused, you're completely lost.
>As your eyes open again, you see the familiar ceiling of Pinkie's bed room again.
>You let your eyes adjust then sit up quickly.
>As you sit upright again, the throbbing in your head becomes very apparent again.
>This time near the back of your head.
>You reach back and feel a new bump below your first one.
>It's starting to come back to you now, somewhat.
>You remember cooking breakfast, and Pinkie eating with you. You remember her compliment, then you told her you wouldn't stay for long...
>And then everything went blank, and Anonymous the time-traveller jumped through time and space once more to end up in Pinkie's bed.
>That thought didn't come together very well. You made it sound like a sci-fi porno.
>But it's the best you can manage in the moment as your head continues to throb.
>You take a quick look at the clock.
>Half past noon, you've been out for at least 3 hours.
>Your bandages have gotten a few more additions too.
>The sound of hooves coming up the stairs grabs your attention.
>Pinkie Pie sheepishly enters the room.
>Her face becomes flushed as you look at her, and she looks away as she approaches you.
>"H-how's the head, Anon?" she asks a little sternly.
>Not as sternly as usual, actually.
>You rub the bump on the back of your head.
"Pinkie, what the heck happened?" you ask, wincing a bit at your headache.
>Pinkie doesn't look up at you as she answers.
>"You knocked one of the hanging frying pans off its hook and it fell on you while you were cleaning..." she says without much finesse
>Hanging frying pan? There was another one?
>You were pretty positive that you had taken both frying pans off the hooks.
>And plus, they weren't even hung that high. How the heck did one knock you out cold?
"I could've sworn I used all the pans though..." you say with a hand to your chin
>"Well you didn't, dummy! Now you have to stay here until you're better again!" Pinkie shouts.
>Something about the way she yells is off, however. You can't describe it very well, it's as if it isn't coming from distaste.
>Of course, that wouldn't make sense with what she is yelling, but whatever.
>You don't want to think about it too much.
>You lean against the head board of the bed.
"I'm sorry Pinkie, I'll get out of your hair as soon as I can!" you say reassuringly.
>As the words leave your mouth, Pinkie puts a hoof on your chest, prodding you in the center.
>"NO! NO! Uh- I'm not letting you hurt yourself again! You're going to stay in this room for the rest of the day. You leave when I say you're ready to! OKIDOKI?" she spouts, her face getting increasingly red with every poke to your chest.
>Her expression is impossible to read. It isn't mad, it's sort of nervous... maybe stressful?
>Whatever it is, she's very passionate about keeping you here.
>You feel some warmth spread across your face.
"Oh... Okay Pinkie! Whatever you say..." you say with your hands in the air.
>An odd, exhausted smile twitches onto Pinkie's face, making her expression even harder to read.
>Her eyes still say she is upset with you, but her mouth wears a cute, wiggly grin.
>"Okidoki!" she says pulling her hoof off your chest.
Keep it up senpai
File: 1442521180438.jpg (416KB, 2459x1884px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
416KB, 2459x1884px
Silly Anon. You don't get to leave.
File: OhComeOn.png (530KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
530KB, 900x900px
I think Pinkie might be going yandere
Now these are quints I can get behind
Is this Misery?
What am I supposed to do with these gets? Sorry for my sudden disappearance. My girl stopped by.

Back to writing within 30 minutes
>on /mlp/
Who needs girls when u got RAINBOW COLORED CARTOON HORSES.
And the best part is...
she knows all about my horsefuckery.

And she approves.
>What am I supposed to do?
You know what to do... make a spinoff/ extra chapter where Anon shows interest in Rarity or something and Pinkie (now fully aware of her feelings) can't have that.
File: 1443428915141.jpg (68KB, 479x370px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 479x370px
Pls, stop. You just make me hate myself for my failures
Okay. I'll do that after.

Anon you're not a failure, you're a goddamn work in progress. So the way I see it you have two options:
1. Keep being sad about the failures you've had in your life and never improve, letting your old friend darkness put its winkie up your ass.

Or 2. Learn from that shit and move forward, shoving your winkie up darkness' ass.

Choose the one you want, but I'll tell you from experience: Darkness has a hell of a tight ass

Green in 20 min.
Darkness confirmed for tight ass
File: SCRUNCH.jpg (9KB, 225x225px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 225x225px
>Can write
>Can kinda draw
>Has GF who approves of horsefuckery
>Likes undertale
9/11 best life

Knowing that one day you will never be like Riggy fills you with suicidal inducing sadness
File: checkem.jpg (42KB, 384x383px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 384x383px
Dub trips confirms that this anon >>25344950 is going to be a fucking champion. Hallelujah.
Funny thing is, I'm supposed to be able to draw better than I write, but it just didn't work out that way.

I just started doing a year of an intense self-taught drawing workshop in the hopes to make excellent animations and comics.

One day... I shall git gud.
>Pinkie turns and grabs a small tray off the bedstand to your right.
>She carefully places it on the side of the bed, making sure nothing falls off.
>She doesn't say anything at first, and just stares at your hands expectantly.
>It's only after a few moments of silence that she starts to speak again.
>Her face grows redder than before.
>"H-here. I made you something for lunch." she says tapping the tray with a hoof and stepping back.
>You pick up the tray and examine its contents
>A fluffernutter sandwich, a juicebox, and some apple slices
>The lunch of champions.
>You place the tray in your lap and wait for the throbbing in your head to get a little less intense.
>After a few seconds you turn to Pinkie again.
>For no more than a millisecond your eyes meet before she quickly adjusts her gaze to your food.
"Thank you Pinkie. It look delicious." you say lightly, still trying to keep your headache at bay.
>She looks down again with a small, struggling grin.
>"I-it's just a sandwich. It's nothing, really..."
"It's not just a sandwich, it's a fluffernutter! These things are the best!" you say enthusiastically.
>You pick up the sandwich to take a bite
>Out of the corner of your eye, you can see Pinkie slowly lift her head.
>You grin between your head's thumps and take a bite.
>The creaminess of the fluff mixes with the nutty goodness of the peanut butter.
>But a mystery flavor hits you suddenly.
>It mixes perfectly with the whole concoction, and there's more texture in the bite too.
>You swallow with an audible smack of your lips.
"Is there... banana in this..?" you ask quietly.
>Pinkie Pie's dart around the room.
>"Y-yeah... it's my super banana fluffernutter surprise! I make it for the babies sometimes... when Mr. and Mrs. Cake aren't around, anyway..." she says in a reserved tone.
>You lick your lips.
"It's delicious! Even the most simple of sandwiches gets a bit of a twist, huh Pinkie?" you say as you take another bit, "Ish sogh gughd shoo" you say with food still in your mouth.
>Pinkie doesn't respond right away, but you can see her smile growing out of the corner of your eye.
>Nobody can deny a compliment, even when she's so annoyed with you she still cracks a smile.
>That's nice, you might be making real progress today.
>"I-if you like that... maybe we could... I mean if you don't mind..." she starts to say, trailing off near the end.
>You look at her expectantly as you sip from the bendy straw in your juice box.
>She looks away bashfully
>"We could... try some new recipes? T-together? Maybe?" she says stammering.
>Your surprise is made more than obvious as you suck in more juice than you mean too and begin coughing.
>Pinkie leans back as you cough a few times, each one pounding your skull with another pulse of pain.
>You take a few deep breaths.
"Yeah! That sounds great! I'd love to, really!" you respond between coughs.
>Real progress.
File: 200% glad.png (58KB, 136x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200% glad.png
58KB, 136x200px
Keep it up with those trips, also could you make the romance like, very cheesy? it's my fetish
File: Check Em.png (304KB, 860x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Check Em.png
304KB, 860x576px
Thread definitely needs more viewers. May RiggyRag spread his godly greens throughout 4chan
>>25345333 Also nice trips
Eh, I don't like making things TOO cheesy.
With every romantic trope like this, there's definitely always going to be a cheesiness to it.

But generally I try to paint the romance in a more honest light. Empathetic, and real feeling. Ya know?
File: 1405999800849.png (16KB, 209x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 209x200px
Oh.....t-that's ok
N-Not that I'm enjoying this story baka
>she approves of your horsefuckery
So then tell us
Does she wear a tail for you
She did for my birthday. It was 4 days before Halloween and she was dressed up as Appuls for a party.
So does she watch mlp too? Browse 4chan? Or is just ok and knows general information about mlp?
File: 1442855824009.png (474KB, 1280x1348px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
474KB, 1280x1348px
I made her watch the show. She fell in love with it very quickly. She watched all of seasons 2 in three days.

Applejack is her favorite pone. She calls me Pinkie sometimes.

She knows I like 4chan and /mlp/, but she isn't ready to experience it yet.

She just isn't ready.
This semen god...
>As Anon finishes his sentence, your heart feels like it bouncing around your ribs with joy.
>You've never been good at containing your energy, and up to this point you've been doing rather well.
>Ever since you figured out how you honestly felt about Anon, your emotions have been intensified in a very wonderful way.
>Every time he compliments you, every time he shows you attention, you feel instant gratification and glee.
>But it comes at a price, as you are still unsure how he really feels about you too.
>And just trying to be super nice like you've never treated him poorly in the first place would be confusing.
>But every time he gives you that smile you just want to give him a big hug, you love giving hugs.
>And you've never hugged Anon before, and you bet he smells good
>It's hard to keep inside, especially when you're making so much progress.
>But you bite your tongue, and try to keep your smile from exploding across your face and ruining the whole operation.
>Anon doesn't mention your intense blushing, and he smiles at you as he takes another bite of his sandwich.
>The more you look him in the eyes, the more passionate you become.
>You close your eyes and turn away from him for a second, facing the rain drenched window.
>"So..." Anon says, chewing a crispy apple slice, "How are we going to do this? Do I need to come down to the kitchen, because I don't know if-"
"No no! You don't have to move an inch, dummy." you say a little playfully before walking to your closet.
>You open the door and pull out an oven and stove combo appliance with wheels.
"My room is a kitchen!" you say proudly as you wheel out the mobile unit.
>The squeaks of the wheels reminds you of the many shindigs you catered with this bad boy.
>You pull it out to the side of your bed and rub it with pride.
"Where else am I supposed to test out my recipes?"
>Anon whistles
>"Color me impressed. You're really equipped." he says earnestly
>You huff air out your nose.
"Of course I'm equipped, butthead. I'm the queen of pastries and treats!" you say with a giggle.
>Anon chortles behind you as you pull out some pots and pans.
>His chuckles make your grin start to grow.
>If you're not careful, he'll throw you into a laughing fit.
>There's no recovery from there.
>The best thing you can do is make some treats. That'll keep your mind off him, for a little while at least.
File: 1440557116941.jpg (50KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 640x960px
Well shit. My roommate needs to hit the hay, and I have a 5 am wake up tomorrow.

I'm sorry I didn't write very much today. I know it sucks to have to wait, but I didn't expect a visit from my girlfriend.

Here's the good news though: I only have class until noon tomorrow, so that means tons of extra time for all of us to sit down, relax, and let me write you a metric assload of green.

Sorry again everyone. I understand if you're upset. I'll make it up tomorrow, I promise.

Goodnight everyone, thanks for hanging with me today.
File: 1443582385303.png (97KB, 664x641px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97KB, 664x641px
she a qt
Take your time. You're doing great.
>mfw can't write stories that well.
>mfw can't draw that well
How long have you been practicing each skill?
Man, ever girl I have ever revealed that I like mlp to just looks at me funny.
It's not so bad anon. I came out to my gf and she revealed she liked it too. Course, she left me, but apples and oranges. You'll find a decent 3d one day
If nothing else, one who'll wear a tail for you at least once
No problem man. I get writing's a bitch. I'm just glad someone has balls to post their stuff. As long as your write, we'll be happy. Full homo.
Yeah, I haven't given up on real people yet. Probably never will. I don't feel my sanity slipping up anytime soon.
File: ricknmorty.jpg (14KB, 300x169px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14KB, 300x169px
>"Spoken like a person with repressed rage"
File: todays feelscast.jpg (15KB, 600x347px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
todays feelscast.jpg
15KB, 600x347px
>>25346043 nice to come back after enlistment ceremony to see some green. really looking forward to it.

wants a gf who doesn't mind horse fuckery
damn it all.
I'm just upset because of a long dry spell plus no job to distract me.
I gave up on grills a long time ago due to being a scrawny nervous fuck with social anxiety. Buttershy makes a nice waifu though. Helps take the loneliness away.
File: 1412570097698.jpg (65KB, 640x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 640x960px
I've been drawing cartoons since I was 10, but I only really got serious about it a year or two ago when I realized the animations I wanted to make required a high degree of drawing skills.

As for writing... to be totally honest I never really practiced.
I've just been told I have a knack for this kind of stuff and went with it. I watched a LOT of cartoons as a kid, and I think the idea of narrative just clicked with me.
I'm just always coming up with stories, they constantly occupy my mind.

For example, as of right now I have 6 story arcs for this thread alone, one that's for Anon in Equestria general (but I don't wanna post there), my unfinished story "Only Job Under the Sun", and the sequel to my huge story "Anon and his Twimom". Honestly, telling stories is my greatest pleasure. I just want to combine my love for writing with my passion for drawing and film-making by becoming an animator.

Sorry for the rant, it's hard to explain myself.

I'll make sure that there will be something warm and happy for you to come back to!

Got any hobbies? I've got a bunch of things that are as distracting as they are productive!
Honestly, anything that you try will make you happier.

I'll be your friend, if it'll help keep the loneliness away. Do you have steam? You can add RiggyRag on there. That goes for everybody, we could have a little steam squad.

Thanks man, I have plenty of content to offer the thread.

I'm in class for awhile, but I'll be writing right after. Thanks for waiting friends!
File: 1446189239898.png (132KB, 636x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132KB, 636x600px
Thanks for writing quality green, Riggy. I really enjoy your stories. I remember I was in the original thread when you were writing your first green. That story made my week. Keep it up.
File: cadence.png (523KB, 800x650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
523KB, 800x650px
Full length maid dress from neck to ankle is patrician taste.
>You scarf down the last of your apple slices as Pinkie prepares her oven-stove-thing for some baking of goodies.
>Her invitation seemingly came out of nowhere, you really didn't expect her to want to spend time together.
>You thought you would be spending the day twiddling your thumbs in bed while Pinkie went off and did other things.
>She's really taking her responsibility seriously, entertaining you and stuff.
>Or maybe... it's for a different reason...
>You begin pondering what her ulterior motives could possibly be.
>Your train of thought doesn't last very long as you turn to look at Pinkie as she cleans the inside of her oven.
>She sticks her butt in the air and wiggles it as she cleans, making her tail sway back and fourth in a springy fashion.
>Your head throbs a little faster, and you giggle at her unintentional cuteness.
>She pops her head out of the oven and turns to the bed again.
>Wait, was she wearing the chef hat before she put her head in?
>You can't remember.
>She starts to assemble some of the ingredients on the side of the bed so you can get a good view of them.
>Even though she doesn't have any fingers, she's quite nimble with her hooves. The bags are opened and eggs cracked in a blink of an eye.
>She doesn't look up at you observing her, she's laser focused on her work.
>After a few moments after she preps many of the ingredients, she finally looks up at you.
>She smiles widely at you for a fraction of a second before it shrinks down again, accompanied by a fair amount of blush.
>You're not entirely sure why she's so red, even when she doesn't seem bothered by you right now.
>She breaks your train of thought when she places a small white hat on your head.
>"You are my sous chef. Monsieur Butthead!" she says with a surprisingly good french accent.
>Or whatever the Equestrian equivalent is, it's odd that Equestrian cultures developed parallel to the human world's.
"Monsieur Butthead eh?" you chuckle, " What does that make you?"
>She smiles proudly, her eyes closed.
>"Why, Head Chef Pinkie of course!" she says with pride.
>As she tilts her nose up, you notice a bit of black soot on her nose.
>You laugh at the self-appointed title.
"Well, Head Chef Pinkie," you say as you reach out with your thumb.
>As you touch her snout, she reflexively leans back with wide eyes, but not out of your reach.
>You smile with a laugh as you continue to reach for her nose.
>She scrunches her face which turns to a bright rose color as your thumb rubs away the black splotch of soot.
"A chef is only as good as their staff, so we're in this together." you say jokingly.
>Pinkie lets out a weird rumbling hum, and she looks like a tingle just went down her spine.
>You lift an eyebrow as she looks you in the eyes again.
>"O-okidokil-loki!" she says with a cute little salute.
>Your pounding headache speeds up a little.
Awesome green Riggy,keep up the good work !
File: Sunrain.jpg (139KB, 874x522px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139KB, 874x522px
Just wanna let you know that you're a based human being, and I'm glad that I know you, even if it's only through an anonymous imageboard.
>increasing headache
Is anon gonna fucking die
File: 1444261836775.png (1MB, 900x2700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 900x2700px
We'll all be your friend nigga. But we're still gonna call you a faggot though.

Now quit being so glum and be the man who grabs the sun(butt).

File: 1446781755284.gif (2MB, 299x224px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 299x224px
>yfw he has an aneurism and dies on the spot
I don't need that shit again. We had that in that one Tia story and it was horrid.
I wonder how people would feel about a pony in the same situation.
>We had that in that one Tia story and it was horrid.
Wait, what?
File: wat.png (16KB, 691x597px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 691x597px
Wait, what?
I don't have the cap but there was a story where she was basically trying to bring Anon back with projections of him to deal with it after Anon just died while walking about the castle. She ended up just talking to herself mostly.

It was really short too, like one or two posts.
File: Yuno.jpg (220KB, 1280x1052px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220KB, 1280x1052px
Yandere huh?

Sorry fellas. My gf stopped by unexpectedly again. But she went home for the weekend so now it's just me and all of you. Updates in 15min
is your gf stopping by code for you fucking her?
Nope. Not these past couple times. My roommate never leaves the damn room.

I'm putting the finishing touches on a post.
fuck her anyway to prove your dominance
>Pinkie places a bowl of eggs in your lap.
>She throws a wisk into it and turns to the oven again.
>And with that your sous chef duties begin! You're going to wisk the fuck out of these eggs.
>You beat the eggs like it's a lonely friday night and they need help getting to sleep.
>The sound of the wisk hitting the sides of the metal bowl mixes with the clinks and clanks of Pinkie's head chef duties.
>You can't see what she's doing, but you know she needs these eggs ASAP.
>The wisking continues until the large bowl of eggs look like a creamy yellow.
>Somehow you never imagined you'd be COOKing a meal in bed, but you aren't complaining. It's oddly satisfying.
"All wisked up PInkie!" you say
>Pinkie doesn't turn around, she doesn't respond at all.
"Uh... Pinkie?" you say again
>She still doesn't turn around. You know for a fact she heard you.
>You roll your eyes with a grin.
"Chef Pinkie?" you ask.
>"Yes, butthead?" she responds, looking over her shoulder slightly.
>You chuckle. As you do she turs away quickly.
"The eggs are done! Ready to go!" you declare
>Pinkie takes a moment to adjust herself before turning to you again.
>Her expression is still hard to read, but she sports a delicate smile that makes you feel content.
>She looks into the bowl as you set it beside yourself on the bed.
>With a small smile and a reassuring nod she deems it acceptable.
>She brings over the bowl she was working on.
>It's filled with flour, baking powder, baking soda, and what appears to be salt. It's hard to tell when it's all in the bowl.
>Pinkie starts using her hooves to pick up your bowl, but it's obvious she's having some trouble.
>That's what happens when you support your body weight on the same limbs you use to lift stuff.
>You shake your head and take the bowl from her, even as her face scrunches.
>You pour the eggs into the bowl slowly, using your wisk to stir it in evenly.
>After the eggs have all been poured, you give Pinkie the empty bowl.
>She takes it from you with a curious expression, placing it in a cabinet included in the mobile kitchen station.
>She comes back to the side of the bed with a handful of seasonings.
>The shakers are all different colors, and you recognize them all.
>She starts to shake some nutmeg into the bowl, but not very efficiently.
>After all, she is holding it in her mouth, and she needs to swing her head around wildly to put it in.
>You grab the cinnamon she put down next to you and shake a bunch into your hand.
>Then you grab pinches of it and scatter it about the mix like it's pixie dust.
>Pinkie stops shaking and stares as you throw in the last of the cinnamon.
>"Gwoahghh" she mumbles with the shaker still in her mouth.
>It's like she saw you perform magic.
>Or, maybe she hasn't seen/ experienced a million times.
>Like she saw you perform science.
I already proved my dominance by beating every one of his records on his copy of GTA V.

Now he has to forever live knowing he's number 2, and his PSN account has less trophies than a shitty local account on his PS3 named 'Riggy'
>You go back to mixing the concoction with water and milk.
>It starts to become a lot more solid, and soon your spoon is ineffective at mixing it. You're more swirling it around at this point.
>You pretend to be looking at the bowl as you stir so you can observe Pinkie out of the corner of your eye.
>She's been acting very weird today, to say the least, but it only really is apparent when the two of you are interacting directly.
>When you observe passively and discretely, however, she acts comepletely different.
>As your stir the batter some more, she stares at you from the edge of the bed. Only her snout and up is showing, so you can't tell if she's smiling or not.
>What you do see, however, are her large and beautiful baby blue eyes as they stare straight up at you.
>You wonder what she's staring at, but you're starting to wonder why she acts so bashful when you start interacting with her again.
>For a moment, you wonder if you should ask if anything is wrong, but perhaps that would be a little too forward.
>After all, she is still letting you stay in her house and sleep in HER bed.
>You don't want to risk being rude.
>Still, seeing her cute face out of the corner of your eye gives you hope in your slowly blooming friendship.
>She seems especially entranced by your cooking.
>Maybe this sous chef can take the lead a bit more.
"You know..." you say in a leading tone.
>Her eyes dart to yours, thought you don't return the stare.
"We could throw some chocolate chips into this right about now, and really make this cake pop!" you say confidently
>You're pretty sure she's making a cake.
>So far the ingredients suggest a pound cake, but you may have just embarrassed yourself.
>However, her sparkling eyes make you believe differently.
>"That m-might work! But maybe something with more appeal..." she says excitedly
>She turns to the cabinet again and begins to search.
>Suddenly she pops out in a flurry of utencils and spices
>"HERE WE GO!" she spouts with a huge smile.
>It takes you completely by surprise, you've never seen her so happy.
>You've heard that she's generally an energetic and happy pony, but you've never really seen it in person.
>She violently shakes the sprinkles into the cake batter, much faster than she did earlier.
>She throws the shaker over her shoulder and turns to you.
>"STIR!" she says with a goofy grin.
>You don't need to be told twice. You quickly stir the thick batter with the additional sprinkles.
>They disperse into the cream colored batter, making it look like a rainbow.
>Pinkie bobs with happiness at the side of the bed.
>"Now when it bakes, the color will come off the sprinkles and make the cake a rainbow!" she says with excitement.
>You chuckle at her new enthusiasim.
"Haha, you're really excited about cooking this together, huh?" you say offhandedly.
>Her face turns red once more.
>"Y-yeah... I really like baking is all."
>You nod
"Well I'm glad I could help." you say as you start to pour the batter into the cake mold she left by you.
>She huffs out her nose and whispers something you can't really make out.
File: ride my body.jpg (19KB, 256x428px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ride my body.jpg
19KB, 256x428px
This needs to end in sex
No, is yandere
"So am I..." you say under your breath.
>Anonymous doesn't hear you, and he slides the cake mold over to you again.
>You pick it up with a controlled smile and slide it into the oven.
>You close the door and set the timer.
>Adding sprinkles hadn't crossed your mind, it was a good move, you think.
>Anon is a pretty good chef. He wisked the eggs and mixed the batter perfectly. There's no doubt the cake will be light and fluffy, just like you were hoping.
>When that cake comes out... you're going to decorate it with him. Then, you're going to eat it with him.
>After that, you're going to say something along the lines of, "This is cake is pretty okay. And so are you!"
>Then you'll act all cutesy, and he'll think that you warmed up to him after a day of cooking.
>The perfect plan. He'll never suspect foul play!
>"Pinkie..." Anon begins quietly.
>Your heart jumps into your throat. It happens every time he talks to you.
>You look over your shoulder, attempting to stay calm
"Y-yes Butthead?" you ask a little more broken than you intended.
>"Um..." he says quietly, looking at his feet under the covers.
>You turn to face him a little more.
>He doesn't look you in the eyes.
"Anon?" you ask with a stammer.
>"Where did you learn how to bake?" he asks, turning to you.
>You don't know how to respond, honestly.
>Nopony has ever asked you that, except Mrs. Cake, but that was because of the job.
"Erm... well, my mother taught me how to make bread back on the rock farm..." you begin as you tend to making the frosting.
>You sigh as you let some nostalgia seep in.
"She taught me how to make some rather bland dishes, but when I got my cutie mark, I knew I could do a lot more with those skills." you say with your back still turned.
>You hear him chuckle behind you.
"Why do you ask, butthead?" you ask.
>He shifts a little behind you.
>"You're really good at it. I suspected you were self taught, you've got a lot of... flair, you know?" he says happily.
>Your blush comes back in a serious way.
"Th-thanks..." you say quietly.
>A silence falls between you.
>You start to feel the silence on your back.
"W-where'd you learn to bake?" you ask quickly
>He laughs to himself.
>"That diner down the road you don't go to anymore." he responds.
>Your face burns even more red than before.
>You stopped going to the town diner because he was always there working the counter, but you used to go there fairly regularly.
>The more you think about your past habits, the more you feel guilty for how cold you acted.
"I-I've just been too busy to go to the diner lately..." you say dismissively.
>"But not too busy to throw parties once a week!" he retorts.
>Your face glows again, and you send him a glare.
"Of course I threw parties! Without me, ponyville wouldn't have any parties at all!" you shout, slapping his shoulder with your hoof.
>"Oww! I was just joking! Joking!" he says laughing.
>You laugh a little too.
>Your heart beats quickly as you continue to converse with Anon.
>"You really take parties seriously, huh?" he says inquisitively
>You nod at him as you lean against the bed.
>You scratch your face shyly as you answer.
"Uh, heh, yeah! Parties are my life! They make everypony happy, and I get to be happy too!" you answer giddily.
>He laughs with you.
>"Well, the one I went to seemed pretty great. Up until I was knocked out, it was pretty fun."
>You look away as he reminds you about the pinata.
"Y-yeah... I, uh, never said sorry about that..." you say tapping your hooves together nervously.
>He gives you a dissmissive wave.
>"Don't worry about it. It wasn't your fault."
"Mhmm, you shouldn't have been standing there, dummy..." you say weakly, trailing off near the end..
>Anon rubs his head.
>"I just don't understand how a paper mache pinata knocked me out. They aren't usually very heavy." he says still rubbing his bumps
>You blush once again.
"Well that's because they were..." you begin.
>He looks at you and tilts his head.
"They were heavier duty pinatas than you're used to..." you finally admit.
>"What does that mean?"
"They were made out of wood."
>The two of you sit silently staring at eachother fr a few moments.
>"... wood?"
>You nod.
>The silence returns, and Anon stares blankly at you.
>You feel flushed.
>Suddenly he starts to chuckle.
>It starts off tame, but becomes full on hysterical after a few seconds.
>It becomes contagious, and it doesn't take long before you're laughing just as hard.
>You really try to keep it together, but you can't resist a good laugh attack.
>"Well THAT explains it!" he says among laughs and chuckles.
>You feel tears forming at the corners of your eyes, and your stomach feels sore from the giggles.
>As you open your eyes again in the afterglow of your laughing session, you lock eyes with Anon once more.
>The two of you slowly regain control, and the laughs slow down until the two of you are silently staring at eachother again.
>He breaks the stare as he scratches the back of his head again.
>"Why wood? Really, I don't get that."
>You snort in anticipation of your rather ridiculous answer.
"Because paper mache ones are for fillies! If you're going to have an adult party, you need stronger pinatas!"
>"Stronger and heavier!"
>You giggle.
"Yeah, heavier too." you say happily.
>You're smiling.
>You tried so hard this whole time not to smile wide, and betray your disguise.
>But after all this, you can't help but be happy with him.
>It would probably be wise to reel it back a bit, but for now you can let your plan take action.
>With every question the two of you entertain, the closer you feel to him.
>And the closer you feel, the more confident you feel in your friendship between you and him.
>You're delighted with the way things have turned out today.
>The two of you talk for a while about various things.
>He asks you about your family, then your friends.
>He asks you about the adventures you've gone on, the ponies you've met, the things you've seen.
>But he also asks you simple things, like your favorite season, and whether you like coffee or not, even if Twilight said you're not allowed near it.
>So many questions, all of them asked with the same sincere, caring smile that he had been sporting from the start.
>In a word, it was wonderful.
>In many words, it was superdupersupremelyextrafantsitimisticallyamazing!
>And though your heart beats quicker when you're around him, somehow you don't feel like you did before.
>You don't feel so much queasy as you do uncomfortably ecstatic to talk to someone like him.
>It's just...
>He's this nice to everypony.
>How can you ever hope to be different in his eyes?
>And even if you are, how could you tell?
>You shake your head and decide not to think about it.
>"I'm sorry, I'm asking so much about you. Is there anything you wanna ask me? I mean, fair's fair right?" Anon says nonchalantly
>You feel a bit disarmed, honestly.
>You know a lot about Anon.
>Like, a lot a lot.
>Like, more than you SHOULD know as somepony who has been pushing him away for so long.
>You start talking in the hope the words will form on their own.
"How... do you like Equestria so far?" you ask
>Your brain just turned off.
>What kind of stupid question is that?
>He's been living here for awhile now, he's quite well adjusted to the town.
>It sounds so foolish, like a teacher talking to their past student, 'How's high school going?'
>Oh boy.
>He ponders your question for a seocnd before answering.
>" I certainly love being here. It's great having so many good friends, and it's not hard to find work for someone of my species..." he says, his thought left unfinished.
>You start talking without thinking.
>He shakes his head.
>"I don't know. Sometimes it's lonely, you know?"
>You tilt your head in confusion.
>"I'm not from around here, I was raised differently than from around these parts. There are a lot of things about myself that I changed upon waking up here." he clarifies
>"All for the better, mind you. The human world requires you to be a lot more ruthless than here. It's super easy to make friends here, but..." he says, drifting off near the end.
>He clutches his fists by his sides.
>"Sometimes I just feel like the odd one out. LIke I've got good friends, but I know that I'm just not like them."
>The odd one out.
>The words echo in your skull.
>Anon sighs and looks at the rain.
>"Sorry, kind of vented there."
>You don't really know how to respond.
>But what he said, the way he said it, is so familiar to you.
>So familiar.
Riggyrag you're doing gods work, keep it up.
Guess everybody is busy tonight. That's okay. I'll leave this big ole' update for you all to come back to.

I need to go bed now. I've been up for over 18 hours now, and it's hard to write now.
So I'll write again tomorrow, without fail.

To the people who have stayed up with me tonight, I hope you enjoyed tonight's update.
To the people who are reading this later on, I hope you enjoy as well. Kick back, take a break, read some green, and breathe.

I never responded to this.
Thank you stranger. The largest strength of anonymity is your ability to impact others without being hindered by the circumstances life has given you.

This means you can insult people you normally wouldn't dare talk to in the first place. It means you can be a ruthless monster that has no empathy, and always remain detached enough that you never see the things that result from your hate.

But it also means you can be a hero. You can save lives, you can tell people you care and mean it. You can open your defenses and let people in without worry, and you can be yourself without feeling ashamed.

You can see the very best in people. That's what I believe.

And it's Anons like you that remind me this is the case, because you share love. Even if it is something this simple.

I'm glad that I know you.

Thank you Anon, I'll keep on writing tomorrow!
File: 1434218419432.gif (86KB, 336x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86KB, 336x320px
Thank you Anon. It means a lot more than you think.

And just like that I hate you
notice me... baka