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Nightly Scilight Thread #67

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"Wrong Neighborhood, Motherfucker" Edition
Last thread: >>25233567

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First for Twi Twi
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also regarding me not writing tonight, I am sorry for that. I've felt pretty zombielike throughout the day (I definitely need more sleep, that's for sure), and I tend to write live, so I didn't want my lack of energy to result in a very short and lacking update. I'll try again tomorrow after work, and thankfully I have more of a plan this time around.
I sure do hope so
Paste up to date: http://pastebin.com/xatdzNKp

>You're ready to rip your hair out with all this drama, but Spike saves the day with a shake of his head and a thumbs up.
>Spike nods, half way through a glazed donut.
>Moondancer shifts from a depressed scowl a goofy grin.
>M:"Well then... I'd love to! I mean... it's kind of a sudden offer, but we ARE backpacking so... Why not?"
"Good! We can face the gym when we come back, it's not like we're being timed or anything right?"
>M:"Y-yeah! What's the hurry?"
>The tension officially defused, you both call out your pokemon and relax a bit with your food.
>You should feed them human food more often. They look so happy, and for good reason! Who wants to eat pellets?
>After everyone is done, you and moonie decide its time to head out to the docks. You honestly have no clue what the ships schedule is, so you figure if its in harbor you should hop aboard.
>You guess Moondancer warmed up a bit since earlier, she's keeping a bit more distance on the walk to the southern docks.
>M:"Did you know the Captain of the S.S. Anne used to be called 'The Cut Master'? He fought in the great Pokemon War alongside scythers with his sword."
"Really? That's amazing! Pretty big leap from war hero to cruise captain though isn't it?"
>M:"Yeah, but I'm sure it's one he made happily. I don't think I could keep my head after being involved with death like that."
"... Yeah. Let's uh, talk about something else?"
>She looks puzzled, but takes the hint regardless.
>The idle chit chat carries on until you've reached you're destination. As you approach the ticket jockey, you're dazzled by the sheer size of the ship.
>Just as you pull out the tickets though...
>T:"HALT! The GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie demands a battle!"
File: Trixie.png (163KB, 376x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163KB, 376x550px
>Startled, you turn in sync to face your accoster.
>M:"The great and powerful who? And whom are you challenging?"
>T:"The girl with the- TWILIGHT?"
"Hi Trixie! Glad to see you so soon."
>T:"Is that Spike?!"
"The one and only! He's my big goof ball now!"
>She bites her lip.
>T:"No time for pleasantries! Trixie challenged you to a battle, winner gets your ticket for the S.S. Anne!"
>Moondancer goes to object, but Spike covers her mouth with his paw.
>Having a psychic dog is more convenient than you thought.
"I accept, but don't expect me to go easy on you!
>She grins, posing confidently.
>T:"Trixie wouldn't dream of it! Lets kick their butt Garnet!"
>She tosses out a great ball, letting loose an Azumaril.
>Immediately you have questions, but you'll have to save them until win. You throw out Lulamoon as she's your obvious counter.
>Lulamoon sends a flurry of leaves after Garnet, leaving deep gashes but not nearly enough damage to take her down.
>Garnet reels back, knocking Lulamoon out of the park with an aqua tale to the chest. She would likely have fallen into the ocean if she hadn't crashed into you first.
>You sigh, readying her pokeball, until she opens her eyes and limps back into battle.
>Her eyes beam pink light, staring daggers at Garnet. Without so much as a command from you she lets out a banshee shriek, blasting her with a intense shockwave.
>It's still not enough to take her down, but she's on her last legs. She finishes off Lulamoon with a tackle.
>T:"Trixie KNEW Garnet was a perfect pokemon for her! She already has you on the ropes!"
"Not for long! Go Owlowiscious, finish her off!"
>True to your word, one air cutter knocks her out for the count.
>Trixie calls out Peridot, starting the round fresh.
>Owlish focuses his energy, causing Peridot mental pain.
>Peridot shrouds the dock with jagged stones, but oddly none of them aimed at Owlish.
>He continues to barrages Peridot with waves of psychic energy, confusing her.
>Despite her splitting head ache, Peridot manages to peg him with a rock to the wing. Owlish plummets to the hard wood of the dock grounded.
>Maybe leaving him out against Peridot was a stupid move...
>You decide to call out Alpheus next.
>Alpheus lands hard on the jagged rocks that litter the dock. It doesn't do much, but he winces like a kid stepping on a Lego.
>T:"Ha HA! Trixie is a master of strategy! Now Peridot, yet MORE rocks!"
>Surprisingly, Peridot out speeds Alpheus and bludgeons him with, well, rocks. It continues to do almost nothing.
>Alpheus blasts her back with a mud bomb doing massive damage.
>Peridot throws more stones at Trixies command, completely determined it's working. Alpheus's retort of 'mud to face' puts Peridot into the critical though.
>She prepares yet another wave of rocks, but at the last minute they fall on her head knocking her out.
>T:"What happened?!"
"I think she hit herself in confusion."
>T:"That's not okay! You're... never mind! Your luck is running out Sparkle, destroy him Amythist! Giga Drain!"
>Out of her premier ball plops a Cottonee, which is basically a living cotton ball.
>She rolls over and gingerly touches Alpheus, which seems to do nothing... for a few seconds. Suddenly Alpheus falls to the ground dehydrated and pale.
>You call him back, sweat collecting on your brow. You only have Spike left... But you guess he is your ace in the hole.
>Spike leaps onto the field confidently, however he's jabbed with a left over stealth rock when he lands.
>You're officially at hair tearing annoyance with these freaking rocks!
File: 1a9.jpg (99KB, 1000x562px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 1000x562px
>Making the thread this early
I wish much shitposting in your thread.
>Spike doesn't seem to notice the entry hazard though, he practically steps on them like they're leaves.
>T:"Is Spike you're last pokemon? TRIXIE'S GOING TO WIN!"
>Spike reels back his leg, releasing a fiery smack into Amythist. She flies off the dock, extinguishing herself before being called back.
>T:"How did he even do that?! Trixie KNOWS he isn't a fire type! Twilight is clearly cheating somehow!"
>M:"Nope, it's legit. I was surprised too."
>Trixie stares daggers at Moondancer before tossing out a love ball.
>T:"Go Steven, try your best!"
>Out of the ball hops the fluffiest, well groomed Eevee you've ever seen. He's wearing a collar much like the one Spike used to wear.
>As soon as he sights Spike, he points with a paw and yips back at Trixie.
>T:"Trixie knows..."
>The Eevee stands his ground.
>Spike palms him to the face, but with only enough force to sufficiently knock him out.
>She sighs and returns Steven to his ball.
>T:"Trixie was hoping he'd survive long enough to attack... Let's end this Rose!"
>She throws her Moonball in the air, unleashing a Florges. Rose is still about a foot shorter than Spike, but she's a hole lot bigger than she used to be!
>Spike crashes a flaming heel to her chest, but she weathers it and sprays fairy wind all over him.
>Determined, he lands another volley on her. She's badly injured, but still manages another assault with the fairy dust.
>He's covered in scratches and gashes, but besides that you'd say hes at least better off than Rose is.
>Spike seems nervous though, you shouldn't take any chances.
>He swings his leg horizontally into her head, clearly trying to end this quickly. She coughs up a bit of blood, just barely still awake.
>T:"Now Rose, Copycat!"
>Oh no...
>A fiery stem cracks Spike right in the chin, uppercutting him into the air.
>When he lands, it's perfectly clear he's out for the count.
>The two of you stare at each other blankly, in total disbelief for a few seconds.
>M:"W-Winner, Trixie!?"
>T:"T-Trixie won? TRIXIE WON? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Trixie will be taking that ticket now Sparkle!"
>You frown, handing over the ticket and a little over two thousand pokedollars.
"You won fair and square Trixie, congratulations!"
>T:"Thank you Twilight, Trixie will see you again some day after she's hit the big times! Farewell!"
>She strikes a cocky pose as she walks to the ticket jockey and boards the boat.
>Moondancer scuttles over as well, gesturing you over after a few seconds of talking.
>M:"They have a medical bay on the ship, you still have the third ticket right?"
>You nod.
>M:"Okay, I'll help you carry Spike. I know he has a weird thing about his ball."
"Thanks... Honestly this isn't how I expected it to go at all. I've never lost a battle before!"
>M:"Well, welcome to the club I guess."
>She lifts Spikes arm around her shoulder, you of course lifting his opposite. He may be shorter, but he weighs almost as much as you do!
>Making your way pass the ticket attendant, the conversation continues.
>M:"So, this Trixie... where's she from? None of those pokemon were Kanto native."
"So I'm not crazy! Just yesterday she didn't have any of them except Rose and Peridot, where is she finding these?"
>M:"Maybe she's trading for them?"
"Maybe... but I WATCHED her catch Peridot. Finding a carbink in Mt. Moon is impossible, isn't it?"
>M:"Unless a trainer released it in the cave, yes."
>You huff has you climb the steep incline up to the loading bay.
"I guess that's plausible..."
File: 1438793390096.png (589KB, 720x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
589KB, 720x1024px
>The walk to the medical bay was exhasting, but once you got there it took no time to heal up your pokemon.
>Your tickets were for different rooms, but the service desk was more than happy to let you share one room. Turns out the tickets where for prime spots on the ship, so any unclaimed rooms basically printed money.
>You decide you should check out your room, so you head to floor ten and take a peek.
>Cracking the door, you're hit with the scent of freshly cut flowers and perfume. The room looks like it belongs in a palace, not on a boat! The bed is huge and ornate, with lace hanging over it for whatever reason. The opposite side has a small walk in pool for pokemon bathing and pampering, and a dry air sauna closet for fire types. You hear the boat has public facilities too, but having built in luxuries like this is jaw dropping!
>M:"Holy shit! T-Twilight where did you get these these tickets?!"
"Uh... remember that 'hotest designer in all of Kanto'?"
>M:"You're fucking kidding me... Are you SURE she wasn't trying to seduce you?"
"I'm pretty sure! She seemed more interested in a prince charming than anything."
>Moondancer runs her fingers through her hair.
>M:"Where do you find these people Twilight? You live the life of like, every anime protagonist rolled into one I fucking swear!"
>You chuckle, mimicking her.
"I guess so? That's not so bad though, right?"
>She suprises you with a warm embrace.
>M:"Of course not. Thanks for convincing me to come Twi... Today's been my best day since I moved to Kanto."
>You blush lightly, returning the hug with a smile.
"Mine too. Well, if we pretend that gym battle didn't happen..."
>She brushes her lips against the nape of your neck.
>M:"Let's pretend then.~"
File: 1444540391368.png (175KB, 769x769px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175KB, 769x769px
>You're face bubbles over with redness as your arms go weak. Moondancer immediately retracts herself with her hands in front of her.
>M:"T-t-that was an accident! I didn't mean- I just forgot how close my face was!"
"T-that's okay! It was, um, I mean I was just suprised. I wasn't..."
>She looks like she's about to run off again, so you premptively grab her hand.
"Deep breaths Moondancer, we're both a little socially awkward, I understand. It will take more than a happy accident to make me upset, okay?"
>She slowly develops an awkward smile, but it fades into her normal demeanor.
>M:"N-no. I... It wasn't really an accident."
>She places her hands on your shoulders, shakily looking into your eyes.
>M:"I've had a crush on you since I was eleven and a half, maybe longer I don't know... I don't expect you to return my feelings, but... you deserved to know. I'll understand if you want some space, I don't mind leaving..."
>You're at a loss for words, which unfortunately isn't an option when your best friend confesses to you.
>Please don't drop the noodles Twi, or whatever that saying is! Just push through it!
"I...This is very sudden, and I'm REALLY not used to doing this... I never really thought about you in uh... quite that way."
>She frowns, nodding solemnly.
"BUT! You're... You are really fun to talk to, you're the only one who really understands what I'm talking about half of the time. On top of that..."
>You look her over, trying your hardest not to look away in embarrassment.
"I do... find you attractive."
>Moondancer can't settle on an emotional state, unless shakey counts.
>M:"W-what are you saying? D-don't spare my feelings Twi..."
>You inhale deeply.
"I don't want to lead you on, but... I want to try. I can't promise anything but... I think it's likely I'll feel the same given time if we... casually hold hands and stuff?"
>Moondancer loses all color in her face, but she has that shakey smile again.
>M:"*Ahem* That sounds perfect, I'm looking forward to that. I'll try to keep the pressure low, just in case."
>She picks up Chester, holding him in trembling hands.
>M:"Well, i'm going to go explore the ship with my buddy here! Just uh, message me if you need me!"
"Of course Moonie! See you tonight!"
>She roboticaly leaves the room, closing the door by hand. You hear a series of footsteps patter away at high speed.
"D...Do you think I disappointed her Spike?"
>He shakes his head, arms crossed.
>Be Moondancer
>Your boobs are probably going to give you a black eye, but you HAVE to run! You don't understand why, you just feel like you're going to explode if you don't! Poor Chester is holding on for dear life.
>Behind you a door slams open, but you're too far gone to notice.
>T:"Did Trixie just hear what she thought she heard?!"
>Be Twilight.
>You guess if Spike says she's fine, she's probably fine.
"Want to explore too Spike? The ship doesn't leave until six, and I hear the S.S. Anne is a battle friendly cruise ~"
"That's what I thought. Come on boy, lets keep this party rolling!"
>The next few hours is a mix between fighting rich snobs and mingling with strangers. You take the liberty of name dropping Rarity every once and a while, along with the occasional mentions of Donut Joe's. You figure it's the least you could do since they've been so nice to you, and you even see a few of them later with donuts!
>You consider hitting the pool, but you'd feel bad if you went without Moondancer... Maybe you could find Trixie and see the look on her face when she finds out she battled you for nothing!
>Oh, there she is!
That's all folks! Dyke shit, dyke shit for miles!
File: 1442787568686.png (235KB, 500x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Great job as always!
File: 1439232200877.png (528KB, 816x849px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks Anon. Happy Halloween everyone!
Happy Halloween muh nigga

I suppose you could call this a...

Love Twiangle
Happy Halloween
I write the date everyday and I somehow still forgot about this.

Anyway, surprise 7 am Sugarlight dump.

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annoyed sugarcoat.png
806KB, 1702x4050px
>You don't get any time to cuddle with her, though.
>You hear Cadence's voice booming across the camping, and Twilight stops kissing you to listen.
>You're being called to eat. Just great.
>Twilight rolls you over and stands up, pulling you along to help you.
>You go out of the cabin with an annoyed expression, and the first thing you notice is that it's really really cold.
>Worst of all, you brought everything but a coat.
>You're gonna freeze out here.
>You walk to a big table with a quarter of the class waiting, and sit down with Sour, who's still struggling with the species of trees and all that stuff.
>Meanwhile, Lemon is sitting alone away from her for some reason. Huh.
>Twilight passes right behind you, discreetly sliding a finger across your lower back, making your hairs stand on end, although that maybe was due to the cold.
>Or both.
>Fortunately she doesn't sit by your side, or anywhere near you. She goes straight to the end of the table, which is completely devoid of people.
>As far as you remember, you've never seen her with anyone else at the school.
>You wonder if she feels lonely sometimes.
>Well, she's a freak so she must be used to it.
>Seriously, stepping on your toes to kiss you?
>You'd almost say she intentionally made herself noticed so you would harrass her.
>Not that you complain. This is probably the best thing that's happened to you.
>God, you've completely fallen for this girl.
>"Hey Sugarcoat!"
>Indigo jumps out of nowhere and sits in front of you.
>"How have you been doing with the nerd? Have you beated her already or have you just been kissing?"
>Goddammit Indigo.
>You have to remind yourself she's probably joking. There's no way she knows a thing, right?
"I haven't had the time to. She did all my work, though."
>"Well lucky you."
>Indigo goes on to rant about Cadance not leaving any time for fun. Your brain filters her talking, and unamused, you look for Twilight.
>You find her sitting in front of Lemon.
File: lemon is bored.png (782KB, 1500x4154px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lemon is bored.png
782KB, 1500x4154px
>You saw her going at the end of the table. What in the world is she doing there now?
>You can barely see them with all the people sitting in between, so you try to lean in a bit to get a better view.
>Oh man they're talking.
>Indigo's ranting prevents you from hearing a thing of what they're saying. Just what in the world is Twilight doing with her? She's supposed to be scared of everyone including you!
>"I don't even know why I brought a swimsuit. Don't you think it's too much? Sugarcoat? Eh?"
>Indigo pokes your arm and you snap back.
"Oh, uh, yeah. Cadance's a bitch."
>"I know, right?"
>Fine. Let them talk or whatever. You don't care anyway. You're not jealous at all. Twilight has her life, you have yours, sometimes you cross, that's all. You're not jealous.
>You look again at them. Lemon is now leaning across the table, doing all of the talking and pointing with her finger at Twilight. In fact, it seems Twilight is scared of her.
>You think you have a pretty good idea of what's going on now.
>Goddammit Lemon.
>Twilight glances a few times at you, and when Lemon finishes talking Twilight gets away immediately and goes back to the end of the table.
>You have to wonder what could she possibly be scared of. Of Lemon beating her? Yeah, sure.
>Although you really wouldn't want that to happen.
>For obvious reasons.
>Ok, maybe you're a bit possesive.
>But is that actually bad? How could you not want Twilight to yourself?
>How could you not want to hold her soft sweaty hands and feel her warm lips pressing against yours and cuddle with her small body all night long? Is it really too much to ask?
>It's a torture having to hide from everyone else.
>Your life is hell.
>"Yes. YES!"
>Sour began to scribble furiously on the paper while somehow still keeping a nice calligraphy.
>She's almost going to break that poor pen.
>"Uh... Are you ok?" asks Indigo.
>"Yes! Miss Cadance I finished!"
>She stands up waving the sheet in the air.
File: sweet sour.png (194KB, 780x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sweet sour.png
194KB, 780x1024px
>When Cadance comes to pick it up, Sour sweetly looks at her with her hands pressed together.
>"How is it? Isn't it the most perfectly written thing ever?"
>Cadance quickly scans the paper with a smile and then saves it in a folder.
>"You'll have to wait until we get back to school to know that."
>Cadance leaves while Sour sits back down almost glowing in excitement.
>Then she turns sour.
>"Lemon get your damn ass over here!... Please?"
>Lemon reluctantly stands up and drags her body to where Sour is, and she makes some space for her to sit down by pushing you.
>She could have asked.
>While Sour reproaches Lemon about having to fix all her answers, the food finally arrives. At least some things are done for you. Your parents pay the school for a reason.
>Seriously, who would go to a camping to have to cook for themselves?
>You miss your home.
>You're freezing out here. Your legs are shaking, and pressing them together doesn't help at all.
>You would love to be on your home, in your bed, wrapped in everything you have in your closet and maybe with some hot chocolate.
>Your life is hell.
>Man, Sour is still complaining to Lemon. She's either stressed with the camping thing or she's on her period.
>For a moment you catch Lemon briefly looking at you with sad eyes.
>And the very next second she remembers she's mad at you and looks away.
>Considering who you left her working with, you sort of understand.
"Sour, your food is going to get cold."
>Sour stops her ranting to look at her plate.
>"When did that get here?"
>She quickly turns to adopt a proper stance and holds the utensils with the handles under her hands, tines of the fork always pointing down.
>She puts a lot of effort on things nobody cares about. You seriously wonder if she really needs to do that when she's not at home.
>It always makes you a bit sad.
>You raise your head when Twilight suddenly begins to sob once again.
>At first you're confused because there's nothing around here, until your eyes set on a grey door no different from the others.
>That's Twilight's lab.
>The one where she comes to study when she wants complete silence or just wants to be alone. The one she keeps locked and guarded from everyone.
>You probably know it almost as well as her.
>She would take you there sometimes and... talk about science.
>All the sciences. It was the only thing that would keep her hands off your pants. At least she always had her priorities straight.
>And good thing she did, because she had her dog there and... well, doing things with Spike watching would have been really awkward, for some unexplainable reason.
>Twilight would usually talk and talk and talk to you about anything that she could think of until her throat would hurt. You were mostly there to listen and provide company.
>You could barely follow her when you were there, but she always tried (emphasis on tried) to explain things in a simple way, using as varied terms as 'the detectory thing' and 'gauge bosons' on the same sentence.
>Or sometimes she would be talking about astronomy and then switch to something completely unrelated and leave you pondering if you had blacked out for an hour.
>Other times she would talk about the heat death of the universe, which always made you sad...
>So she would begin to make up very unoriginal stories about strange quarks and charm quarks and how she was the strange one and you were the charm one and they would still make you laugh somehow and... and...
>You get close to Twilight and hug her from behind, pressing your face against her shoulder.
>You're gonna get expelled, aren't you?
>You're gonna get expelled along with Twilight from the school.
>There'll be no Evertron program for her.
>No future for you.
>You'll never be again with her in the lab.
"This isn't fair..."
File: tsundercoat.png (264KB, 848x478px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264KB, 848x478px
>Dinner then went on... with some interesting happenings, but they had nothing to do with you or Twilight. The only thing of note here is that your friends were laughing because you were shaking so much.
>At least Sour allowed you to get close and lended you her arm for a moment. Then she changed her mind and pushed you away.
>And once that was over, did you think you could go back to the cabins and get some rest and warmth in your bed?
>You had to do team building next. Team. Building.
>With excercises, games, telling jokes, and all those dumb things meant to bring the class closer together. As if the class could be fixed by this point.
>And no, you couldn't skip it for any reason. Cadance was truly a bitch after all.
>So of course you had to do those silly things, staying away from Twilight at all moments, which meant someone else would be with her because she was a loner.
>But it's not like you were getting uberly possesive and jealous. No more than normal. In fact, you were taking things pretty well. Until a particularly physical game with a certain rose-haired classmate.
>The model girl.
>The prettiest student at school.
>She put you to shame at everything. She was tall, she was sexy, and she practically looked good from every angle.
>Kind of makes you feel bad.
>In any case, absolutely nothing happened, as if it wasn't to be expected. Life isn't a harem after all.
>Oh yeah, Twilight got you into her weaboo shit by the way.
>Stupid freak.
>And after the games, we sat down in a circle outside in the cold and everyone had to tell a joke. By this point you were almost hugging Sunny, feeling neither your fingers or your toes.
>The good thing though was that Cadence allowed us to tell raunchy jokes.
>And boy there were some dirty ones, almost all coming from the girls.
>Oh, and Cadance said one too. It wasn't even that good but you were bending in laughter just because *she* had said it.
>And then Twilight came along.
So I had something else but I think I should cut it here. I just hope this story isn't getting horribly boring by now.

I also wish I had Jeff's hands and be able to write at ludicrous speeds all day. About two thirds of this dump was actually written about week ago. It's crazy.
Did good. I loved that quick change in time.
It was very cute. B-baka!
Loved it
She is a weeb
I always love your updates
you're the best
still holding out for r9klight
Satan demands r9klight
Satan wants r9klight on halloweeb
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So, if any of you are wondering something along the lines of "Jeff, you asshole, why didn't you post the new Traplight stuff you promised," wel...

I was, um, busy. Very busy. With things.
File: 1417015340324.png (1MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1920x1080px
Traplight? Does that imply what I think it implies?
did you go to a party and get drunk, ya normie????

did you fug a trap
If you're thinking it implies a story about Twilight with a dick, then you're absolutely right.

Nah, the big Halloween party was last week. I spent last night getting drunk with some friends over Skype. Which, ironically, was actually a lot more fun.

Anyway, gonna live-write some more Trap shit once I finish muh breakfast. Hope you all like Trixie.
I want Anon to cum inside Trixie. In great and powerful bursts.
Maximum kek detected!
Me too.

This pastebin currently contains 59669 words, all of them describing the life of Twilight. Only she has a dick now.

But right now, we're not focusing on Twilight. Instead, we're taking a little peak into the blossoming relationship of Anon and a certain blue autist.

>So, knowing that Twilight probably wants approximately nothing to do with you, you focus on the girl who actually appreciates your company
>And, boy, does she appreciate it
>If you thought Trixie was grabby before, well... she was
>But she's even more so now
>You can hardly go anywhere without her grabbing onto your arm, leaning on you, or even demanding piggy-back rides
>"Trixie's tired! She needs to be carried to her next class!"
"I'm not giving you a piggy-back to every one of your classes, Trix. That was a one-time thing."
>"But Trixie's feet hurt! Come on, carry her!"
>In a surprising display of agility, she jumps up on a trash can and leaps onto your back, her arms circling your neck
>Your knees quake a little under her weight
>"Come on, come on! Piggy back!"
>She grabs your hoodie strings like reigns, students all around you gawking at the sight
>Smiling and accepting your defeat, you carry Trixie twenty feet to her next class
>When you get her there, she tries to playfully swat you on the ass, but chickens out at the last second, and just sort of awkwardly pats the small of your back
>And, before you can get another word in, she ducks into her classroom

>Such is your week, you suppose
>Trixie's demands seem to get more and more ridiculous as the day goes by, but so do her compliments
>"Trixie needs ketchup for her hot dog, Anonymous!"
"Sure. It's right there."
>You point to the red bottle lying next to her hand
>She grabs it, squirting a healthy dollop onto her lunch
"Um... thanks?"
>She coughs, forcibly lowering her volume
>"But it's still pretty cool, because it has you in it!"

>It isn't until Thursday that she drops the bomb
>Trixie appears out of nowhere, wrapping her arms around her waist
>She's breathing heavily, as if she sprinted here to get to you
"Morning, Trix. How's it going?"
>"Trixie... Trixie has a really big question to ask you!"
>"Trixie... um... wait..."
>Trixie glances down at her hand, where you notice she has a few lines of her messy handwriting scribbled on her palm
>"Trixie... Trixie was up really late last night, um, preparing things for... YOU KNOW, FOR THE TWO OF US, and, um... she... SHE CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE."
>"TRIXIE WANTS... Trixie wants to. Tonight. IS THAT OKAY WITH YOU?"
>Out of nervousness, she squeezes you tighter, nearly separating you at your torso
"Agh! Um, uh... yeah, I'm cool with that."
>You're not sure if it's because of Trixie's arms crushing the life out of you, or something else, but you suddenly feel like the room's temperature just raised by a good ten degrees
>"Yay! Trixie can't wait for you to see what she bought! She's going to cook you the best meal she can, and put on her favorite music, and she shaved EVERYWHERE, and--"
>You put a hand over Trixie's mouth, noticing that people are starting to stare
"That's... that's great, Trixie."
>She nods, before kissing you
>Fully aware people are watching, you wrap your arms around the small of her back, and kiss her in return

>You meet up with Trixie at the end of school, finding her jittery with excitement
>"So, um... are you okay with coming over around five o'clock? Trixie needs to prepare!"
"Yeah, that's fine. Is there, um... anything I should bring?"
>"Bring you sexiest outfit!"
>Again, Trixie announces her intentions with far more volume than you're comfortable with, drawing snickers from the students around you
"Right, right. Alright, I... I guess I'll see you in a few hours?"
>Trixie nods, before grabbing your head her hands and placing a kiss on your nose
>"Later, Anonymous! Trixie can't wait!"
>She spins around, sprinting full-force out of the school

>Back at home, you take a nice, long shower, following it up by applying a liberal amount of your favorite cologne and grabbing the shirt Trixie has told you is your favorite
>You pick up your phone and, for a moment, contemplate calling Twilight
>It is strange that you haven't seen her
>She's either very sick, or... well, or something worse
>You want to make sure it's not the second case, but...
>Well, why would she want you to call her?
>She's made it pretty obvious she thinks you're shit
>If she wanted you to know she were in trouble, she'd have told you
>You slip your phone into your pocket without calling her, and head to Trixie's house
>she wants the emerald cock ahead of schedule
>awkwardly asks for it
this is cute and incredibly kinky at the same time and i just don't even know anymore
> the shirt Trixie has told you is your favorite

you know Trixie so well, Jeff
Trixie is best

>When you knock on Trixie's door, it takes almost thirty seconds for her to answer
>And by "answer," you mean she hollers at you from the kitchen
>You hear Trixie's footsteps storming down from the kitchen into the basement, then back up, then back down...
>It's fifteen minutes before she opens the door, sweaty and breathless
>Her hair is damp, and you can smell the shampoo and perfume wafting off her from an arm-span away
>"Hey... Anon... Trixie was... just... getting things ready..."
>She's bends double, wheezing, in an attempt to catch her breath
>"So! Come on in!"
>She grabs you by the hand, dragging you over the threshold
>"You even worse your favorite shirt! Trixie is flattered!"
>She gives you a sloppy kiss on your cheek, dragging you down towards the basement
>"Trixie applied all her culinary talents to this meal! It may not be the best, but Trixie made it! So it'll still be great, right?"
>On the basement coffee table, you find quite the spread arrayed before you
>Chicken nuggets, apple slices, peanut butter crackers, popcorn, a bowl of pretzels, a box of Jujubes...
>And a bottle of sparkling grape juice, complete with two novelty wine glasses, each bearing the likeness of Darth Vader
>"Ta da! Doesn't it look delicious!?"
>You bite your lip, trying *really* hard not to laugh
"It looks amazing, Trix. So, where do we start?"
>She turns on her heel, sprinting up towards the kitchen
>When she returns, she has a half dozen scented candles in her arms, and proceeds to place them around the room
>"The internet told Trixie that a candelight dinner is key for romance! Not that Trixie needs romance tips, of course, but she loves to double-check!"
File: yf 35.jpg (150KB, 1000x831px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
yf 35.jpg
150KB, 1000x831px
>"You even worse your favorite shirt! Trixie is flattered!"
Holy kek
"I... I can't argue with that."
>You sit on the couch, watching as she scurries around the room, placing and lighting candles
>Once all are lit, she flicks the lights off
>And, well... you have to hand it to her, it is actually pretty romantic
>Trixie's clunky, geeky beauty is only highlighted by the flickering light, its little dancing pools of shadow giving her a dreamlike, ethereal quality
>She sits next to you on the couch, folding her hands in her lap
>Up close, the smell of her perfume is almost overwhelming, like she practically bathed in the stuff
>"Doesn't Trixie smell great!?"
"Um, yeah... yeah, is that lilac?"
"Heh. That'd explain it."
>Trixie hands you a plate, and you scoop a little of everything onto it
>Once you're loaded up, she pours you a glass of the sparkling grape juice, clinking her glass against yours
>"TO US!?"
"To us."
>You both take a sip, then start on your food
>Trixie gets about two bites in, then jumps up again
>"Oh no! Trixie forgot the rose petals!"
"Rose petals?"
>"Every good romance needs rose petals! They're in all of Trixie's favorite animes!"
"That's just a cartoon, you don't actually have to--!"
>Before you can finish, she's upstairs, stomping around looking for her decorations
>You sigh, but find yourself smiling nonetheless
>Trixie tromps back down the stairs, scattering pink and red petals behind her
>"Just pretend these were here all along!"
>She scatters a few around the table, then on the couch, and accidentally gets a few on your plate
This give me a boner, a special one.
Dats gay
>Once the room is sufficiently flowery, she grabs the TV remote, fiddling with a few settings until she gets it to recognize her laptop
>A still from some cheesy romance anime appears onscreen, showing a pretty-boy anime character holding his busty, glasses-wearing, "totally a nerd" cartoon woman
>Trixie coos, hopping onto the bed and curling up against you, pulling her plate into her lap
>The unpauses the anime, and rose petals swirl around the characters as they whisper sweet nothings into each other's ear
>"Trixie loves this show..."
>She leans her head on your shoulder, nuzzling you as she munches on a cracker

Alright, gonna get my gym trip for today done before starting the lewd. Story will resume in about an hour.
No u
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2MB, 1909x2064px
What spooky sexual fantasies does Twilight have?
see >>25272625

>The movie -- or anime, or whatever -- is pretty cheesy, even for something out of Japan
>As far as you can tell, this prince and princess way back and feudal Japan were forbidden lovers, or something, and then got split up
>And now they've been reincarnated as present-day highschool students
>The dialogue is corny as all hell, and they keep having these scenes where lillies fly down around the characters
>You're not really one for it, but Trixie's in heaven
>She gasps at all the little one liners, coos at the lovey, kissy scenes, and has to bite her lip to keep herself from crying at the sad parts
>"IT'S JUST SO... so beautiful..."
>She sets her plate down, burying her face against your arm
>You lean your head atop hers, taking her hand on yours
>She sighs, pulling her legs up onto the couch and curling up against you
>As the movie ends, Trixie shivers, reaching a hand up to her chest
>"Trixie's ready..."
"Ready for wha--"
>To answer your question, she presses her mouth against yours, gradually leaning her weight against you and pushing you backwards onto your back, laying top you as her lips gently massage yours

>You are Twilight Sparkle
>The internet has gotten boring, as has your book, as has, well... just about everything, really
>You pick up your cell phone, staring at the screen as you try to will your fingers to dial Anon's number
>Trender's going to be at school tomorrow, you need to warn him
>He won't want to hear from you, you know
>Sighing, you set your phone back on your nighstand, and refresh your forum page, hoping for a new post
Happy Halloween, everyone. Hope you're enjoying being spooped today.

Gonna begin updating SpergLight at around 7:00 CDT. I would right after I get home from work in an hour, but I need a bit of time to recover before beginning the livewrite. I think you're gonna like what's to come.

thank mr skeltal
thank mr skeltal
thank mr skeltal

>Trixie adjusts herself on top of you, placing her hands on either side of your head and tilting your face up so she can more easily kiss you
>Her kisses lack their usual exuberance; her tongue darts in and out of your mouth, giving you gentle, teasing little pokes
>Gradually, her hands work down to your shirt, and start fiddling with the buttons
>"Mmmf... mm..."
>Her gasps start to get less passionate and more... frustrated
>You can feel her tugging at your shirt now, practically tearing it
>Pulling away from her kiss, you grab her hands before she can tear a hole in your shirt
"Hey! Chill!"
>"This shirt is stupid! Why won't the buttons work!?"
"You have to do slip them through like this, see?"
>"That's dumb!"
>Trixie frowns, trying again to unbotton your shirt
>She gets it halfway done, before her hands start to shake
"Trixie? You okay?"
"You like kinda... flustered."
>Trixie tries to do another button, but she's shaking too badly
>You take her hands in yours, kissing her forehead
"Here. Let me get it."
"You don't have to do anything, Trix. You're doing great already."
>You kiss her again, and she calms slightly
>"O-OKAY... okay... just... here, Trixie will close her eyes... tell her when you're ready!"
>Trixie squeezes her eyes shut, holding her hands in front of them
Thanks Mr.Skeletal
I have a cuteboner.
>"YOU KNOW, WHEN YOU'RE... you know... n-naked..."
>She squeezes her eyes tighter, and even in the candlelight you can see her blushing furiously
"Oh... right, yeah."
>You stand up from the couch, finishing unbuttoning your shirt before setting it on the edge of the coffee table
>You follow it with your shoes and socks, then pants
>Due to a small sliver of modesty, you leave your boxers on
"Alright. Ready."
>Trixie's eyes flutter open, scanning from your feet up to your head
>She starts fanning herself
>She sucks in her breath
>"TRIXIE GUESSes.... guesses it's her TURN?"
>She's bouncing with both excitement and nervousness, her hands shaking so badly now that she can barely even get her hoody off
>You grab the hem of the garment, helping lift it over her head
"Here... I got you..."
>She just gasps as you pull her against you, helping to strip her down
>You've seen Trixie naked before, sure, but this is... different, somehow
>She's so close to you, so... bare
>The candlelight dances over the contours of her body, turning her slightly-pudgy, geeky form into something out of a renaissance portrait
"You look... amazing, Trix."
>You grab her hand, pulling her onto the couch with you
>She ends up in your lap, her bare butt on your thighs, your hand on her belly
>And by God, she's so damn soft
File: 1446246822674s.jpg (3KB, 93x125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 93x125px
Only one second in and already

Wait... which anime is this? The only one I know with that plot had them as ancient roman lovers reincarnated as a boy and trap
None in particular, I just thought up all the bad cliches I could and combined them into something that Trixie would love.

Also, I gotta go buy candy to hand out tonight. See you guys in like 20 minutes.
>tfw popcorn house master race

Ah. I totally didn't check the tvtropes page on reincarnation romance to find it. No siree. I would never be so pathetic as to do that.
File: lewdminton.gif (677KB, 380x212px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
677KB, 380x212px
>Halloween night is just another night here, nothing special, nothing spoopy.
Why even live?
That sucks
During easter kids do dress as witches and go from house to house to essentially exchange decorated twigs for candy. Still no match for halloween.
File: imgo (9).jpg (165KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
imgo (9).jpg
165KB, 800x600px
Not pictured: the fifth of vodka I'm going to guzzle down while I study Quantum Mechanics and watch horror movies.
>She's sweating now, and you can feel her hyperventilation as it repeatedly presses her chest against yours, her breasts bouncing and swaying with its frantic rhythm
>"So, um... heh..."
>Trixie grins, placing her hands on your chest
>"You're, um... YOU'RE REALLY CUTE, ANON..."
"Aww, you're making me blush..."
"What? No, that's a good--"
>Trixie bounces in your lap, but only once, then forces herself to sit still
"You do?"
"Okay, um..."
>She gets up in your face, eyes shining with worry, sweat dripping down her nose
"What? No, I'm not mad."
>She can no longer control her bouncing, and you can feel her heart hammering
"Hey, that's okay. Just... here, lie back a bit, okay?"
>You adjust yourself under Trixie, laying her across the couch, with you kneeling between her legs
>And she did, in fact, shave everywhere
>Granted, she did a pretty messy job of it, but still, you appreciate the thought
>Her sex is glistening now, little droplets of her arousal traveling down her vagina and staining the fabric of the couch
she's ready

give her the [d]rill, anon
>>25287423 (You)
>You place a hand on her hip, gently stroking along her side
>Trixie shivers, a little gasp escaping her lip as goosebumps raise along her flesh
>Your hand travels to her head, gently stroking her cheek before traveling back down, between her breasts, ending with your fingers gently resting against the moist lips of her femininity
>"A-Ano... Trixie doesn't know what she should d--"
"Shhh... just do what feels right, okay?"
>Trixie nods, furrowing her brow in determination
>"Trixie will do her best! She thinks..."
>Moving slowly, gently, you trail kisses along Trixie's belly, up over her breasts and neck and across her face, positioning yourself on top of her, careful to position your weight so as not to smush her
>Each kiss elicits a tiny gasp, or a shiver
>You slips your boxers off, and position your tip against Trixie, slowly sliding yourself inside
>"G-gah... slow down, you... hnnng..."
>Trixie shuts her eyes, her breathing coming in short little gasps
"You okay?"
>"It... it kinda hurts... is it supposed to hurt? DID TRIXIE DO SOMETHING WRONG!?"
"No, no, it's not you... sorry..."
>You reposition yourself, trying to slip fully inside her again
>Trixie clenches her teeth, squealing
>"Owwie! Ah, sorry! Trixie knows she's doing something wrong, she--"
"Trixie, chill. It's not your fault. You're doing great."
>You plant a kiss on Trixie's nose
>"But... but it's not supposed to hurt, Trixie thought..."
"You're just a little nervous. Here..."
>You scoot backwards on the couch, ending up with your head near Trixie's crotch
>"A-Anon, what are you-- nnnGGAAAH~"
>As your mouth makes contact with her vagina, Trixie spasms, locking her thighs around your head
>"G-guh, Anon... you... Trixie... NNNG..."
>She bucks her hips up into your mouth, squealing
>But not from pain this time
>She grabs your head reflexively, practically choking you with her enthusiasm as she forces your face into her crotch, grinding herself against you and smearing her juices over your mouth and chin
>You... can't breathe
>You try to call out to Trixie, to let her know that you, you know, are about to suffocate
>But she's not exactly in the most receptive mood right now
>Or rather, she's all too receptive, just not to warnings about your imminent death
>Throwing her head back, Trixie screams in delight as the wettest, most enthusiastic, deadliest orgasm you've ever witnessed erupts into your mouth
>Trixie collapses into a shivering mess, finally letting go of your head
>You pop up, gasping for air
>"A-Anon... that... w-w-WAS AMAZING..."
>A reflexive shudder passes through her body, and Trixie's eyes cross
>"Trixie feels like she's on the moon..."
File: trixie.jpg (724KB, 2448x2925px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
724KB, 2448x2925px
>the wettest, most enthusiastic, deadliest orgasm you've ever witnessed

You beautiful horsefucker.
File: 1446266729699s.jpg (2KB, 125x103px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2KB, 125x103px
"Heh, yeah?"
>"Anonymous, you... you are Trixie's favorite person in the whole world..."
>Trixie shudders again
>And then she leaps on top of you, pinning you back against the couch
>"Come on, let's do more! Put it in Trixie!"
"Oh sweet Jesus!"
>Trixie pins you back, kissing you viciously, her tongue forcing its way to the back of your throat
>Her hands scrabble down your body, positioning your manhood against her tip
>No hints of pain now, she slams herself onto you, forcing you deep inside her
>"G-guhhhh... y-yes... YES"
>Driven by some manic energy, Trixie slams herself on and off of you, someone managing not to break her kiss despite the exuberance of her movements
>You can barely even keep pace
>Your hands find themselves on Trixie's hips, guiding her as she plunges your manhood inside her again and again, her fluids spraying out over her crotch
>And that's when you remember that you forgot protection
>Classic move, Anon
"T-Trixie, hold on! I'm gonna--"
>Trixie is deaf to your pleas
>She slams herself down onto you, and you can feel her body shudder with a second orgasm
>It's too much
>You unload inside of her, nothing to prevent you from spilling your seed deep inside her
>Trixie collapses against your chest, shivering
>Your arms wrap around her, holding your shuddering girlfriend against your chest
>Holy shit
>You just... without a condom
I don't. What is being referenced here?
"Wait, Trixie, hold on. I..."
>"You... you love Trixie, that's what you're going to say, right?"
>She looks up into your face, eager for the words
"No, I, um... I wasn't wearing, a... you know..."
>Trixie rolls her eyes
>"Anonymous, do you think Trixie's stupid?"
>She reaches into the pocket of her hoodie, and pulls out a brick of Plan B pills
>"The internet tells Trixie everything!"
"I... holy shit..."
>You flop back agains the bed, relief and afterglow mixing into a solid sheet of bliss
"You're amazing, Trixie."
>"Trixie knows."
>She leans her head against your chest, curling up against you on the couch
>It's not exactly roomy, but the two of you just barely fit, cuddled together like this
It's a mix of lines Trixie utters in Boast Busters.
>>She reaches into the pocket of her hoodie, and pulls out a brick of Plan B pills
Now they fug all night long.
File: 1445234179009.jpg (291KB, 500x624px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
291KB, 500x624px
>"So, Anon?"
>"Trixie thinks this is the part where you say you love her."
>You chuckle at that, stroking her back
"Ha, yeah?"
"Why don't you say it first?"
"Why do I have to say it?"
>"Because... because Trixie wants to hear it!"
"Nah, you say it first."
>"No, you!"
>"Fine! Trixie loves you, Ano--"
>Realizing the magnitude of what she's saying, Trixie drops her voice
>"Trixie... Trixie loves you."
"Well then it's a good thing I..."
>Just say it, idiot
"I love Trixie too."
>Trixie sighs, and you can feel her heart fluttering against you as she stretches along your body, her breathing slowing
>"You make Trixie really happy..."
"I... I'm glad, Trixie. I really am."
>"Not happy, like, watching cartoons all day happy. Happy, like... Trixie doesn't even know. When you're with Trixie, she feels like... like she's a normal girl, but also... also not normal. Lots of kids call Trixie special, to be mean. But you make Trixie feel special in a nice way. If that makes sense."
>"You don't get it?"
"Not really. But I don't need to. What matters is what you feel, right?"
>You plant a little kiss on Trixie's forehead, and she shivers
>"It... it feels weird."
"What does?"
>"Having someone care about Trixie this much."
>"Trixie's not saying that she doesn't have friends, just... she's never had anyone make her feel like... like she matters more than anything to them. Usually Trixie's just kind of there, or... annoying, but you're so... you make her feel like she's so important, and so cool, and so... so special. So happy."
>Trixie wipes her eyes with the back of her hand, shivering again
>"Trixie really should have thought to bring a blanket..."
"I can go get one, if you want."
>"No, Trixie's got it. Do you want Trixie to put her clothes back on, or..."
"Please don't. I like you like this."
>Trixie giggles, striking a brief, showy pose
>You whistle approvingly, making her laugh even harder
>Trixie sprints upstairs, her bare feet slapping against the linoleum as she scrambles around the house
>When she reappears, a blanket covered in little star designs is clutched in her arms
>She lies down with you, curling up against your stomach and dragging the blanket over you
>It's warm beneath its embrace, and you allow yourself to fall into the softness of Trixie's embrace
>Sleep is upon you almost immediately, and Trixie's already out like a light
>You give her a kiss on the ear, whispering into it
>And then, as if to ruin the moment, your phone rings
>Who the fuck is calling you now?
>You pick it up, but don't bother checking caller ID
>It can wait until tomorrow, you figure
>This moment now is more important than anything anyone else could have to tell you
>So you shut your phone off, and toss it back into the pile with your clothes
>And then, surrounded by silence and warmth, with Trixie in your arms, you allow yourself to drift to sleep


>You are Twilight Sparkle
>And you've procrastinated long enough
>Trender's going to start class tomorrow, you need to warn Anon
>No more chickening out, no more hiding, none of that
>You're going to call him, you'll tell him, and that's it
>Sure, he doesn't want anything to do with you, but you owe him this
>After all the horrible things you've put him through, you owe him a warning about tomorrow
>So you pick up his phone, dial his number, and... nothing
>You try again, with the same result
>And then a third time, still getting nothing
>Dammit, why won't he pick up?
>You shoot him a text, figuring he's guaranteed to see that
>You just don't want Trender to hurt him...
>For some reason, you've got a really uneasy feeling about tomorrow
>Nothing good ever happens when Trender's around, and having him at school with both of you...
>You lean back in bed, fighting the queasiness building inside of you
>Something is going to go wrong, you're sure of it

Alright, pausing here. Anon and Trixie are sleeping peacefully, unaware of the trouble coming. What does the future hold for these two, and for Twilight? How can anyone withstand Trender's endless faggotry?

Find out soon...
Gonna go grab some dinner and then begin. Stay cool.
Should begin in an hour or so.
>”Come on man, this house looks fucking loaded!”
>”Man check out all these jack o lanterns, did this guy really carve all this shit?”
>”Yeah well if he doesn’t have anything good then he’s about to lose a few. Come on!”
>The trio of teenagers walks up to the door to the mansion, after walking through a trail lined with plastic tombstones, trees with hanging leather bats, and styrofoam skeletons sticking out of the dirt
>One of the teens shoves his finger onto the doorbell
>The three of them begin to gawk at each other and laugh
>”Is this guy serious?”
>”Hey, what’s that noise?”
>The bush behind them begins to rustle as a massive figure rises out from behind them!
>The three teenagers scream in terror as they drop their bags of candy and frantically sprint away from the madman before them as he maniacally swings his weapon through the air
>As the three hapless teens spring down the trail, they nearly knock aside three less than amused girls
>The madman pauses as he looks down at the three of them
>One is dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein, the other is dressed as the Wolfman, and the last is dressed as Dracula
>The madman lays his chainsaw aside and then proceeds to pick up the bags of candy that the three teens left behind and dump one of them into each of their bags
>”This is AWESOME!”
>”Thanks A LOT mister!”
>”Ya’ll have a Happy Halloween!”
“You three have a Happy Halloween too!”
>As the three girls happily skip away, the madman looks to you
“And YOU have a Happy Halloween too /nst/! Remember, STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!”
>Sugardowner raises his chainsaw up high and tilts his head back as he laughs maniacally into the night
File: 1445562849341.jpg (86KB, 750x633px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86KB, 750x633px
nvm, will go after BBSA
File: PonyVamp Comics.jpg (139KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
PonyVamp Comics.jpg
139KB, 768x1024px
Just a quick short m80. You go right ahead! I think I'll have a special spooky update in the next few days, but for now you've got the floor!

Happy Halloween folks! Eat lots of candy and try not to get TOO spooked.


Good luck out there
trender is haram
Ah, did not know

Anyhow see y'all spooky skeletons in an hour or so
Back from dinner. First post will be up shortly. Let's see how far I can go tonight.
This Twilight may not have a penis. Nor is she an adorable lesbian. But that does not make her any less lovable nonetheless.

Happy Halloween, senpai


>Oh, oh no...
>Zap cackles rather loudly, as though she's a hyena... or some other crazy sounding animal.
>Maybe she was a hyena in a past life?
>Maybe she was one of the hyenas from the Lion King...
>You roll over and face your menace, noticing a rather menacing smirk on her face, causing you to immediately hyperventilate and cower as you expect to suffer another beating from probably your strongest foe.
"P-Please don't h-hurt me, I-I-I-"
>You stuttering is interrupted when the goggle-wearing girl extends a hand towards you.
>"Need a hand?"
>You grab on, expecting to be dropped to the ground, but to your surprise, you find yourself back on your feet.
>You look at Indigo and notice that she's smiling at you, but not in a menacing way.
>Though you can't really interpret it; the uncertainty of it all is enough to make your skin crawl.
>"Smell ya later, dweeb!" Zap shouts, giving you a hard jab in the arm as she walks away.
>To say the experience was surreal is an understatement.
>What was going on in that girl's head during the ordeal? What were her intentions?
>You're just not sure, but for now at least, this isn't important.
>What is important is getting to class on time, which you have 5 minutes to arrive.
>Your first class today: AP Physics (not surprisingly, all you classes are Advanced Placement classes.)
>Maybe, just maybe... you'll have a good day today.
>Sure, you've never really had a truly "good day" here, but maybe things will be different this time!
>Gaining Anon as your first friend in this institution was a good start.
>What could go wrong?
>You shrug, then begin your trek to class...
File: 1443831943322.png (154KB, 401x843px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154KB, 401x843px
>Turns out you were incorrect once again: school was horrible.
>It was more of the same: kids making life hell.
>In physics, during a "get to know you game," you were put in groups; you being unlucky you, you were put in a group with Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, and Lemon Zest.
>"Oh, Twilight, you're so smart!" said Sour. "I hope you never reproduce and pass down your genetically inferior autistic genes to some poor kid!" she growled.
>"Oh, please," said Sunny Flare. "We don't need to worry about that. It's not like she'll ever get laid, anyway!"
>The two shared a giggle as Lemon Zest repeatedly kicked you in the shins with force under your table, rocking out to some sort of rhythm from whatever she was listening to in her headphones.
>You tried to tell her to stop, but she only responded with harder jabs.
>You're sure that was intentional based on the rather smug smirk she gave you.
>The three of them then continued to hurl insult after insult throughout all of class.
>Even though it was all the same things you've heard over the years, you still haven't gotten used to them. The words still sting to this day.
>The rest of the day wasn't great, either.
>Other students shoved you around throughout the halls, and they too also said some pretty nasty words.
>"You're an embarrassment to the entire school!"
>"Fucking kill yourself."
>"I bet you're a huge slut."
>"I bet she fucks Principal Cinch for all the good grades and recognition she gets!"
>"You're the reason why eugenics needs to be a thing!"
>You've had to hold back tears throughout the day.
>You at one point texted Anon asking him if he wanted to have lunch with you, but he declined.
>[srry twi, cant. going out w/friends. mayb some other time]
>You did go to the library during lunch and saw Moondancer sitting at a table, reading a book.
>You tried to muster up the courage to go sit with her and talk, but you just couldn't.
>You returned to your lab and cried, still in the usual misery.
>You really bawled your eyes out; unfortunately you did not have Anon there to comfort you.
>You considered seeing Dean Cadance, the only other person who you feel comfortable talking to here, but for reasons you can't explain, you decided against that.
>The rest of the day was more the same: constant verbal and somewhat physical abuse.
>You did see Indigo once more, but she didn't mess with you, which you found rather strange.
>Usually she'd shove you into a locker for fun, but this time, nothing happened.
>None of your day involved Sugarcoat (who you didn't see at all following seeing her in homeroom.)
>What's gonna happen if you have a class with her tomorrow? (your school does block scheduling; today you have 4 classes, and tomorrow you'll have 4 different classes and so on).
>You shudder at the thought; hopefully she's on her meds.
>Just as your last class of they day, BC Calc, ends, you get a text from your mother.
>[hey sweetie, sorry but I can't pick u up at school. got hung up at the uni, won't be home until probably 5. youll have 2 take public transit, okay honey?]
>Great. Just great.
>You grab Spike from the lab and then exit the building.
>As you head down the stairs, you feel a hard shove, causing you to fall to the hard ground.
>You notice Sunny Flare in the corner of your eye, car keys in hand, laughing hysterically as she heads towards the Crystal Prep parking lot.
>No one seems to care however, as you get yourself up.
>Thankfully you didn't scrape your knee or seriously hurt yourself in the fall, but it still hurts like a bitch nonetheless.
>You feel the urge to break down and cry once again, but you resist.
"Just wait until you get home, don't make a scene," you mutter to yourself.
>You reach your stop and wait.
>Not too much longer after, the bus arrives and you climb on, bus pass in hand.
>You sit down in a seat by yourself, but not before opening your backpack and checking on Spike.
File: 1443310371672.png (1MB, 1180x666px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1180x666px
>Thankfully, he's okay after that fall, happy as ever.
>You close the backpack and lean back, whipping out your phone and earbuds before listening to some music.
>As you are absorbed into the music, you begin to fantasize again, about being happy, about actually being... normal.
>You've had so many good things happen to you over the last month, from befriending Sunset and the girls and now Anonymous.
>And yet, you're just as miserable and lonely as you were when you had no friends whatsoever.
>Why are you still so depressed?
>You just can't figure it out.
>You think about sending Sunset a text and maybe talking to her. She's a safe person to speak to, and you could use someone to talk to after a rather brutal first day of school.
>But for some reason, you just can't get yourself to type as the anxiety takes over.
>You get a text from your mother seconds later.
>[hi honey, turns out the issue wasnt as big as i thought it was, heading home right now. see u soon! <3 mom]
>You text back,
[<3 you too, Mom.]
>You're really lucky you have parents who love you. Imagine your shitty life combined with bad parents.
>You reach your stop and you get off, making the short walk back to your house.
>You begin to break down into sobs as you reach your home, choking a bit as you unlock the door with your house key.
>"Hi, sweetie! How was your first day of school?" your mother asks, her giving you a comforting smile as you close the door behind you.
>You completely break down, rushing upstairs with tears in your eyes as you wail in pure emotional agony, not looking at your mother along the way.
>You barge into the sanctuary known as your room, slamming the door behind you as you let Spike out of your backpack before falling on your bed.
>You grab your pillow and hug it hard, wetting it with your tears, screaming into it on occasion.
Tell me, whhhhhhhhyyy, why must she crrrrryyyyy
File: 1438578936113.jpg (225KB, 775x1032px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225KB, 775x1032px
I don't really see why anyone would live write. You have the possibility to make mistakes and it takes far longer if you just pre-wrote
>Another terrible day at school.
>When is it gonna end?
>Why can't people just leave you alone?
>Why are people so damn cruel?
>If you're gonna die alone, at the very least could you not be prodded along the way.
"F-Fuck my life, just fuck it all," you blabber to yourself underneath sobs.
>Maybe you should consider transferring to CHS. You'd have more friends, there.
>It'd also be a new start, as you don't know anyone there other than the girls.
>But you can't just abandon all you've done at Crystal Prep.
>You may very well be the best student that school has ever had. Can you leave that?
>Principal Cinch would certainly not be pleased if you decided to leave, especially for your school's biggest rival.
>She has enough power to bar you from getting into that study program, and maybe even the college of your dreams as well.
>And still, even after the talk you had with Anon today, you still aren't fully secure in your relationship with your friends, even Sunset.
>And Sunset is like a sister to you!
>And yet you still can't fully grasp friendship, you still don't understand it despite feeling its effects, despite craving it.
"Why, why, why, WHY, WHY, WHY!"
>You scream as you throw one of your pillows across the room.
"I wanna die, I wanna die, I don't want to live like this anymore..."
>This is how the next hour goes, you crying and beating yourself up.
>Your mother tries to check up on you a few times, but you don't let her in.
>You don't even cut yourself this time; you're just too drained.
>After you've calmed yourself a bit, realizing you have no homework, you decide to chill out a bit, this time via the game Undertale on your PC.
>Oh Papyrus, you and your spaghetti...
>Sure, the game might not make you feel completely better, but at least you're having some sort of fun.
I write live because it helps me get into a groove. I get writers block a lot when I write then dump, mostly because I second guess myself a ton and because I rely too much on feedback from other writefags, making the process longer
>LE spaghetti skeleton.jpg
Well I guess if it helps you, I just hope you never get out of your groove.
Honestly, writing live makes me feel way more creative inspiration. Most of my favorite parts of my own stories (Starlight in Trap, Gilda/Dash in Stalker, etc.) arose out of random ideas I had while livewriting.
File: alternate top cunt.png (42KB, 174x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
alternate top cunt.png
42KB, 174x250px
>Ah, who are you kidding. You still feel like shit.
>You quit the game and cry a bit more, pushing your keyboard away and burying your head into your arms on your desk.
>You might want to see a psychiatrist or something for some antidepressants or antianxiety meds.
>Though then again, you were on antidepressants for a short while in freshman year, but you stopped taking them after they made you feel zombielike...
>Like Sugarc- STOP
>You check the time.
>All that time you could have been doing your magic research and working on your amulet, wasted by another depressive episode.
"Ugh, I'm never gonna get this done on time," you solemnly say to yourself.
>"Twilight?" you hear your mother yell from downstairs. "You have a visitor!"
>A visitor?
>You never get visitors. Unless you are counting Anon, Sunset or Rainbow Dash...
>You head downstairs, realizing you're still in your uniform.
>Heh. Must have forgotten to change. Usually you'd be in pajamas or street clothes by now.
>You feel your stomach jump as you see the visitor at your door.
>"Hey," says Indigo, without tone, with a rather sad look on her face, arms crossed.
>You gulp.

Stopping here. Ran out of gas. Twilight and Indigo shenanigans happening tomorrow. Feedback appreciated. Hope you enjoyed! Happy Halloween, niggas!

Updated paste: http://pastebin.com/QyZVbSag
Fuck AP Physics
Only class I got a C in
>mfw I was in AP Physics and Chemistry
>mfw so many people complained about regular physics and chemistry
>mfw I got A's for both of them
>mfw I have no face
>not liking physics
File: image.jpg (55KB, 615x409px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 615x409px
>mfw never took a physics course in my life
>mfw don't know shit about science
>mfw I consistently spend time in nightly Scilight threads
Nice stop point
You should have Twilight shoot up the school and kill like 20 people.

It would be interesting and have a great fantasy fulfillment going on.
>You should have Twilight shoot up the school and kill like 20 people

when will the writefags learn that we have been asking for this since the very first thread
I would try to make a story out of it but my Captcha is really inconsistent and it makes it difficult to post on a regular basis.
Gonna do a bit of a rewrite here, as I think I could have done a lot better at this scene in particular. More to come in a bit.
>Thankfully, he's okay after that fall, happy as ever.
>You close the backpack and lean back, whipping out your phone and earbuds before listening to some music.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD3it8Xd5fA [Embed]
>As you are absorbed into the music, you begin to fantasize again, about being happy, about actually being... normal.
>You've had so many good things happen to you over the last month, from befriending Sunset and the girls and now Anonymous.
>And yet, you're just as miserable and lonely as you were when you had no friends whatsoever.
>Why are you still so depressed?
>You just can't figure it out.
>You think about sending Sunset a text and maybe talking to her. She's a safe person to speak to, and you could use someone to talk to after a rather brutal first day of school.
>But for some reason, you just can't get yourself to type as the anxiety takes over.
>You get a text from your mother seconds later.
>[hi honey, turns out the issue wasnt as big as i thought it was, heading home right now. see u soon! <3 mom]
>You text back,
[<3 you too, Mom.]
>You're really lucky you have parents who love you. Imagine your shitty life combined with bad parents.
>You reach your stop and you get off, making the short walk back to your house.
>You begin to break down into sobs as you reach your home, choking a bit as you unlock the door with your house key, but you manage to hold it in as you head inside.
>"Hi, sweetie! How was your first day of school?" your mother asks, her giving you a comforting smile as you close the door behind you.

Ignore >>25290037 (You), >>25290209 (You), >>25290352 (You)
Rewriting one scene and then reposting the rest to minimize confusion
>You smile back as you two hug.
“Oh, it wasn’t bad,” you lie as you release from her. “I didn’t really learn much today, per say, but it feels good being back in a classroom.”
>Don’t want to make Mom sad, especially on your first day back.
>”Good, good! Glad to hear.”
>You’re not sure how long you can keep this facade up.
>”Oh, and I did hang out a bit with Anon today…”
>Your mother beams as this.
>”Anon? You mean the boy you tutored a few years back?”
>You nod.
>”Oh, I remember him! He’s a good kid. I talk with his mother every now and again…”
>It’s coming.
>You need to get away before you explode.
>But this doesn’t feel enough to get her off your back.
>”Anyone messing with you, Twilight?” she asks rather sternly.
“N-No no,” you respond. “No one’s messing with me. In fact… today at lunch, these girls invited me out with them, and I had a great time!”
>Your mom smiles at this, a genuine and warm smile at that.
>”Oh, sweetie, I am so proud of you!” she says. “You’ve made so many friends so fast…”
>You two hug, and it feels good.
>”Glad you had a great day at school, Twilight.”
>You two release, your mother still smiling.
”I’m gonna head up and chill for a bit, if that’s okay with you.”
>”Go right ahead! I know you need to decompress.”
>You slowly begin to crumble as you walk up, crying a bit, but not enough for your mother to notice.
>Once you enter your room, however, you completely break down.
>You slam the door behind you as you let Spike out of your backpack before falling on your bed, tears in your eyes as you wail in pure emotional agony.
>You grab your pillow and hug it hard, wetting it with your tears, screaming into it on occasion.
>You barge into the sanctuary known as your room, slamming the door behind you as you let Spike out of your backpack before falling on your bed.
>You grab your pillow and hug it hard, wetting it with your tears, screaming into it.
>Another terrible day at school.
>When is it gonna end?
>Why can't people just leave you alone?
>Why are people so damn cruel?
>If you're gonna die alone, at the very least could you not be prodded along the way.
"F-Fuck my life, just fuck it all," you blabber to yourself underneath sobs.
>Maybe you should consider transferring to CHS. You'd have more friends, there.
>It'd also be a new start, as you don't know anyone there other than the girls.
>But you can't just abandon all you've done at Crystal Prep.
>You may very well be the best student that school has ever had. Can you leave that?
>Principal Cinch would certainly not be pleased if you decided to leave, especially for your school's biggest rival.
>She has enough power to bar you from getting into that study program, and maybe even the college of your dreams as well.
>And still, even after the talk you had with Anon today, you still aren't fully secure in your relationship with your friends, even Sunset.
>And Sunset is like a sister to you!
>And yet you still can't fully grasp friendship, you still don't understand it despite feeling its effects, despite craving it.
>And on top of that, you lied to your own mother just do you don't break her heart with your own misery.
>Not a very spergy thing to do...
>What is wrong with you?
"Why, why, why, WHY, WHY, WHY!"
>You scream as you throw one of your pillows across the room.
"I wanna die, I wanna die, I don't want to live like this anymore..."
>This is how the next hour goes, you crying and beating yourself up.
>Your mother tries to check up on you a few times, but you don't let her in.
>You don't even cut yourself this time; you're just too drained.
>After you've calmed yourself a bit, realizing you have no homework, you decide to chill out a bit, this time via the game Undertale on your PC.
>Oh Papyrus, you and your spaghetti...
>Sure, the game might not make you feel completely better, but at least you're having some sort of fun.
>Ah, who are you kidding. You still feel like shit.
>You quit the game and cry a bit more, pushing your keyboard away and burying your head into your arms on your desk.
>You might want to see a psychiatrist or something for some antidepressants or antianxiety meds.
>Though then again, you were on antidepressants for a short while in freshman year, but you stopped taking them after they made you feel zombielike...
>Like Sugarc- STOP
>You check the time.
>All that time you could have been doing your magic research and working on your amulet, wasted by another depressive episode.
"Ugh, I'm never gonna get this done on time," you solemnly say to yourself.
>"Twilight?" you hear your mother yell from downstairs. "You have a visitor!"
>A visitor?
>You never get visitors. Unless you are counting Anon, Sunset or Rainbow Dash...
>You head downstairs, realizing you're still in your uniform.
>Heh. Must have forgotten to change. Usually you'd be in pajamas or street clothes by now.
>You feel your stomach jump as you see the visitor at your door.
>"Hey," says Indigo, without tone, with a rather sad look on her face, arms crossed.
>You gulp.

Once again, that is it. Sorry about that. After some feedback I got, I realized I could have made this update a bit more powerful. Anyhow, feedback, again, appreciated. Especially for the rewrite.

Also Twalot and Indigo shenanigans as promised tomorrow.

AND massacre in the near future?
File: 1432280746807.png (284KB, 880x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
284KB, 880x1500px
Hope the rewrite doesn't confuse new readers.

should i repost the entire thing again to decrease confusion? I cannot delete posts anymore, so I could do that, unless you are all fine and not in fact mixed up
File: 1428869526956.jpg (70KB, 555x455px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just keep the way it is. If people can't figure it out then fuck em'

On a random note that I assume you've never been asked. Why did you decide to create /NST/?
I am in fact not the original OP, nor am I the one who came up with the title. I just kept posting the threads anonymously. Then I took the plunge into writefagging to I could become more useful than the "guy who just posts threads."

First thread I did was the third thread, titled R9KLight: The Autistic Adventures of /r9k/ Twilight Sparkle (because it was just R9KLight before, though the previous thread was called "Nightly Scilight Thread").

So no, I did not create the original prompt or thread. That was someone else. I wonder where he is.
>tfw you will never put your face into eqgwf's moist ponut
I need a reason to live
Ahh, thank you for clearing that up. It's hard to believe that our creator is no longer with us. All this time I thought you had the brilliance and power in this thread. But in the end you are just one man with a name and a tripcode
File: DIO.jpg (265KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
265KB, 1280x720px
it was me DIO

I was actually the one who both named it /nst/ and created the first few threads but not the original prompt
in thread #0 there were two stories SciTwi and Anon and R9Klight
quite a few suggested to make a thread dedicated to R9Klight but I wanted more SciTwi and Anon
a bit before bump limit of thread #0 was reached I saw a opportunity to save SciTwi and Anon
so I created nightly scilight thread and with screencaps of the first few parts of R9Klight
people eventually caught on so I did it for one or two more threads until OP took over
He's only an author not even that significant. I don't know why you have an obsession with a man with a feminine body that writes stories when this thread is about SCILIGHT.
JeeYeezus, this should be taught in a history class or something.

"And then Japan invaded China."
because he's actually real
File: DIOOO.jpg (67KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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added a tiny little thing to paste for this just in case you read it, FYI
>And on top of that, you lied to your own mother just so you don't break her heart with your own misery.
>Not a very spergy thing to do...
>Or maybe it is...
>Maybe your difficulty with empathy made you want to see Mom happy, rather then actually telling her the truth, because you just don't know how to emotionally process all of that.
>What is wrong with you?


Night, y'all

because I am tired and I feel like it I will post some bonus facts

when OP wasn't available to post a new thread I am usually the one who posts it for him

I suggested the prompts for Dot's first two stories, TwiTwi and childhood friend

I am a writefag here but because I typed it on my phone and was really tired when writing it had very poor grammar
so I am doing a rewrite of it and hope to post it next week

even though I created /nst/ to save SciTwi and Anon I distracted while reading part three and I never caught up

it is called nightly scilight thread for two reasons
the first to mimic /ntt/
and it is called Scilight because more people were using that than SciTwi in thread 0
Is this Comatwi, by any chance?
>The abridged history of /nst/

Ya'll should add that to the WIKI.
We really need to update that thing. There's like 3 or 4 ongoing stories that arent even listed on that wiki
EQGWaiFu and nohooves used to be on top of it, but they're both as good as gone now.
File: 1422171020798.png (508KB, 1280x1321px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Would you be her wingpone?
Nohooves is still around
But sadly no EqG
I need more sugarlight

I need more Dot in general
I want Twilight to hold hands with her in public
Third-ing this. My favorite story currently in the thread.


>When you wake up, the uneasy feeling still hasn't left
>You have the queer feeling of waking up from some terrible dream, but you can't remember what it might have been
>Jumping out of bed, you rush to dress yourself, not bothering with a skirt or fancy shirt like you did last time
>Instead, you go with some simple, baggy sweatpants, a faded Green Day t-shirt, and cram your feet into your tennis shoes before sprinting out the door
>You need to get there early, hopefully you can warn Anonymous before he runs into Trender
>Shit, you knew you should have told him earlier...
>Why the hell did you have to be such a little bitch about it?
>Now, if something happens, it'll all be--
>No, don't think like that
>Nothing's going to happen; you'll get there and tell Anonymous, he'll avoid Trender, and you can figure out what to do from there
>It's all going to be fine...

>You arrive at school a full hour before the morning bell rings, but are unable to enjoy your free time
>Taking a seat on the steps outside, you wait patiently for Anonymous to arrive, ignoring the confused stares from your fellow students as they walk past you into the building
>Hundreds of them file past you over the course of the next hour, and you check the face of every single one, hoping to spot Anon or Trixie
>But you see neither of them
>What the hell?
>Is he not coming to school today?
>That's... that's probably for the best, actually
>Feeling relieved, you stand and head back inside
>Sure, you'll still have to deal with Trender yourself...
>But you're used to him now; there's nothing he can do that he hasn't done to you before
>As long as he doesn't hurt Trixie or Anon, as long as his hatred stays focused on you... it's all fine
>In all honesty, you probably deserve it


>You are Anonymous
>You awaken in a blissful, yet incredibly sweaty state
>Trixie is lounging on top of you, still out cold and snoring loudly
>You gently shake her awake, and she mumbles something about a stand
>Another shake, and her eyes flutter open
>For a moment, she looks like she has no idea where she is, then she glances at you underneath her
>"Oh... morning Anon..."
>She gives you a smooch on your nose, adjusting herself along the length of your body
>"Did you sleep well?"
"Pretty well, considering..."
>Trixie grins, toying with your hair as she lounges
>"So... what are you going to do with Trixie today? We could go for round two..."
>She grins, kissing your chin
"Don't tempt me... we gotta get ready for school, remember?"
>"School? But Trixie doesn't want to go to school..."
>She pouts, poking your cheek
"Me neither. But Starlight's probably going to have a meeting today, remember? We don't want to miss those."
>Trixie's eyes light up
>"You're right! Starlight always has meetings on Fridays! Get up, Anon! Come on! Trixie needs to get ready"
>Trixie jumps off you, running butt-naked up to her room to dress herself
>You, meanwhile, just put on your stuff from yesterday, and are at the door ready to go in five minutes
>Trixie takes thirty


>As usual, you keep to yourself for most of the day
>Fluttershy waves meekly to you, and you return it, but other than that, you're practically invisible
>And you've got no problems with that
File: 1423344740851.jpg (85KB, 688x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85KB, 688x1000px
>Just as long as you can keep away from Trender for the rest of the day
>In fact, you're starting to wonder if he was merely bluffing; you don't see a single one of his golden-bronze hairs all day
>The further you go, the more relief builds in you
>Yeah, he's definitely not here
>You'd have seen him by now, or he'd have found you, or--
>"Watch where you're going, you fucking klutz!"
>Speak of the devil...
>Trender's voice sends those familiar chills down your spine
>It's coming from the hallway up ahead, and you creep slowly forward to see what's going on
>A small clearing has formed in the center of the hall, with students piling past on either side, trying not to stare at the two figures in the center
>One of them is Trender, who's rubbing his left arm with a furious expression on his face
>And the other is Trixie, who's sitting on the ground and rubbing her head, her expression pained
>"Oww... Trixie's head hurts..."
>"Well it's your own fault, you fucking retard! Dammit!"
>Trender kicks nothing, still rubbing his arm
>"Why do they even let people like you in this school!? Goddamn! I knew this place was shit, but letting actual retards walk around in public is--"
"That's enough, Trender."
>You step out into the hall, a hard lump of fear forming in your throat the minute Trender lays eyes on you
>"Oh, well look who it is. The freaks are defending the freaks now, huh?"
>You're sweating now, but you manage to keep your voice calm
"Fuck you. You alright, Trixie?"
>You run over to where Trixie sits, and help her up
>She nods meekly, clinging to you as she rubs her head
>"Ha! I knew it! The tranny freak has to defend the school retard! Oh, that's priceless!"
>All pain his arm forgotten, Trenderhoof throws his head back and howls in laughter
File: Suglight.png (229KB, 501x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229KB, 501x600px

Yes more.
>Trixie scowls, letting go of you
>"Hey! Don't talk about Trixie's friends like that!"
>Trender stops laughing, staring at her, incredulous
>"Did you just... did you just give orders to ME? ME!?"
>Laughter gone, his face twists in fury
>"How DARE you. I don't take orders from retards!"
>"Trixie is not retarded! Trixie is--"
>"Okay, what the fuck is going on here?"
>Trender glances over your shoulder, and you and Trixie turn to find Anonymous standing in the hallway, obviously confused
>His eyes land on Trender, and he scowls
>Trender returns the scowl, raising his fists
>"You! You're the one who punched my beautiful face! Do you have any idea how long it hurt!?"
>"A good long time, I hope! What the fuck did you do to Trixie, you asshole?"
>"Me? She ran into me! You need to learn to keep your retard on a leash!"
>Trixie hangs her head, tears shining in her eyes
File: image.jpg (40KB, 650x514px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 650x514px
>Anon takes a step toward Trender, his voice dropping to a low, icy tone
>"Trender. Buddy. I'm gonna ask you nicely once, and just once. How about you quit talking shit about my girlfriend, and in return, I won't break your nose again?"
>"Your... girlfriend? You mean... you mean you're actually dating this retard!?"
>Trender howls louder than ever, to the point where students actually stop and stare
>"That's... oh my God, that's rich! I knew you were desperate after Moondancer left you, but... but THIS!? A literal, actual, RETARD!? That's... oh, fuck, I can't!"
>He folds his arms over his stomach, laughing until he wheezes
>Anon takes another step forward, his right hand curling into a fist
>"You're so fucking pathetic! And don't you dare try to hit me! Look at all the witnesses?"
>He spreads his arms
>"You touch me again, my family can have you put away for a nice, long time!"
>"Like I believe that shit."
>"Oh, you don't have to. But hitting a poor, defenseless new student on their first day? Have fun explaining that one to Principal Celestia, or to the fencing club's director."
>That actually gets Anon to stop in his tracks
>"There, good boy! Go comfort your little retard, Anonymous, I'm sure she needs it. Maybe you can give her some candy to shut her up?"
>"Trender. The more you push it, the less I care about what Celestia's going to think about me kicking your ass."
>"Oh, we both know you don't have the guts, not with all these people around. You're weak, Anonymous, can't you see that? That's why Moony left you. Not because of your little spit, or anything like that... it's because she wanted a real man. And, well..."
>Trender grabs suggestively at his crotch
>"She sure found one."
If someone were to film this shit and Anon would show it to Celestia after beating him up, I bet she would only give Anon detention or something. Maybe. I sure would.
>Anon says nothing
>You can see the tension etched into every inch of his body as his mind tears itself apart over what to do next
>If he hits Trender, he could lose his position in the fencing club, and possibly even be expelled
>But if he doesn't...
>"So, what's it gonna be, huh bitch boy? You wanna fight?"
>"...not particularly."
>Anon turns around, heading back towards Trixie
>"You're not worth it."
>He wraps his arms around his girlfriend, brushing her hair with the back of his hand to calm her down
>Trixie's shaking now, but so much of her hair hangs in her face that you can't see her expression
>Trender's eye twitches
>"So that's how it's gonna be, eh? Running away? I'll make sure to let Moony know. You know, while I'm railing her up the ass. I'll remind her how big, mean old Trender scared poor Anon off, how he scampered away with his tail between his legs. And she'll fucking beg for more of me, too. How does that feel, Anon? How does it feel to be a weak little beta-male, with only a tranny freak and a retard for friends? How does it feel to--"
>Trixie breaks free from Anon's grasp, closing the gap between him and Trender in a matter of three bounds, and launches herself at him, fist outstretched
>Her punch connects with his face, the momentum of her body driving it right into his cheek with a sharp *splat*, sending him flying backwards
>He lands in a heap on the ground, crying out
>Trixie doesn't stop there though
>She follows the momentum of her punch, landing a sharp kick in Trender's side
>He cries out again, he voice shrill
>She kicks him again, her eyes wild with rage
Fuck yeah Trixie. you go girl!
>When Fluttershy does it it's "inner strength"
>When Trixie does it it's "retard strength"
>muh lapis lazuli knight is defending muh emerald savior's honor
absolutely based
>Trender brings his arms up to cover his face, but Trixie just keeps kicking
>She ceases kicking and just pounds on him with her fists, rage shining across her face, her hair a tangles mess wreathing her visage
"Trixie, stop!"
>You run up behind Trixie and wrestle her off of Trender
>She stops thrashing almost immediately, going limp in your grasp, her chest heaving
>Trender's curled into the fetal position, whimpering, his face a bloody mess
>All around you, students have their phones out, filming the whole ordeal
>Anon joins the two of you, taking Trixie in his arms
>She's shaking now
>"Trixie's so sorry... she's really sorry, she didn't mean to... she just got so mad, and..."
>"Shh... it's fine, it's gonna be fine..."
>Anon strokes Trixie's hair to calm her, but her shaking just gets worse and worse
>You hear the sound of heavy footsteps behind you
>The three of you turn in unison, to find Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna standing in the hallway
>The see of students parts around them, some of them turning their phones so record the coming interaction on video
>Both are standing with their arms folded, expressions of mixed shock, horror, and fear playing across their faces as they observe the scene before them
>"Mr. Anonymous... Ms. Lulamoon... come with us, please."

Pausing here. Not sure when this story will be back to updating. Gonna have a busy couple of days.
>Mr. Anonymous
So just to clarify, is our anon's name in the story Anonymous Anonymous? Or Anon Anonymous?
We're following EQG naming conventions. Single names aren't uncommon.
it could be
First name: Anon
Last name: Ymous
File: 1443816224062.jpg (299KB, 787x868px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299KB, 787x868px
File: 1424978802985.png (198KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198KB, 500x500px

Most depraved

Intellectually and sexually arousing
Oh just fuck already!
>>"Oh, we both know you don't have the guts, not with all these people around. You're weak, Anonymous, can't you see that? That's why Moony left you. Not because of your little spit, or anything like that... it's because she wanted a real man. And, well..."

>>Not because of your little spit, or anything like that...

>>Not because of your little spit,

>>your little spit


God damn it Jeff why you gotta inject your fetish into everything?
File: 1442423466067.jpg (97KB, 496x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97KB, 496x750px
File: Untitled2.png (109KB, 371x279px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 371x279px
unf. And you wonder why people want to fugg his boipussy.
if that is really you please continue
You niggers are making me love more than one waifu.
I'm scared; I don't want to be unfaithful
File: Waifu.png (24KB, 256x254px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 256x254px
Remember to have only one waifu!

Getting more waifu will ruin your laifu
File: 1443984025356.png (636KB, 750x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
636KB, 750x750px
is it ok to have two waifus if they are the same person
>pic related

>Taking two Twilight's

Literally worse than Hitler. Do you see how you keked Sunny?
I don't want to have more than one
Please help me
Cebruz pls
>I suggested the prompts for Dot's first two stories
>my life controlled by an anon
One man shouldn't have this much power.

On unrelated matters, I have no idea of how to continue Bullylight in a satisfactory way, but I already canceled the childhood friends story and I don't want to get into a bad habit of not finishing things, but I think every idea I made up for it sucks. Maybe I'm not good for non-cute things, I don't know.
>One man shouldn't have this much power.

The clocks ticking you just count the hours.
File: DioP2.png (285KB, 346x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
285KB, 346x473px
>One man shouldn't have this much power.

DIO is more than just a man
>implying they'll get in trouble when Trender was literally calling Trixie a retard

Trender will be lucky he isn't expelled for making fun of her disability.
Honestly this. If anyone actually gets in trouble for real from this besides Tender it's bull shit. Even the worst principal would see 'Mentally challenged student verbally assaulted and her boyfriend verbally baited into a fight' and give Tender 100% of the blame. If Anon or Twilight had beat him, yes there could be bull shit pulled, but Trixie would be safe from punishment.
I love bullylight so much, please don't cancel it.

That said it's basically a Scitwi x Pre-Reform Sunset (with no magicshit) fic with the names swapped around. And I'm okay with that.
>Autistic girl goes tardrage

pick one.
Don't give us false hope
Maybe I'm just being melodramatic with this stuff. I'll write up something and see what happens. If it's not good I can always claim I was impersonated. People will believe that, right?
Today I got a 2 day suspension from work for accidentally letting a guy walk out with $48 of liquor, but whatever.

More of this shitty green coming in aa few hours
Damn son sorry about that.
>all this interesting intertwining of anons
well now that we know which people helped start the thread, lets cover some other topics.

>who started the multiverse
>who made the wiki
>who was the dykeshit guy
File: 1387698650028.png (219KB, 770x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
219KB, 770x900px
>The idea of someone like Twilight being happy that I'm in their presence.
>The idea of anyone outside of my closely-knit group of five friends and family being genuinely happy to see me instead of just being indifferent.
>I haven't made any new friends since starting college because I live off campus and I only go to campus to go to classes.
>I started college about three years ago.
>I haven't had a girlfriend in over four years, maybe five.
>I have never had a serious girlfriend.
>All of my time is taken up by studying and what isn't is spent doing anything to take my mind off of how stressful everything is.
>One relatively simple picture made me realize how much it hurts to live.

I want to ask "What's wrong with me?" but I already know it's just the way things are. I'm not fat, I'm not shy, and I'm not messy. The people who do interact with me tend to like me; I just never have the time to built upon those initial acquaintanceships. When I finish college in the next year and a half or so, I'll be able to get a job and start my actual life. Everything is fine and as it should be. Suffering now just means an easier life down the road./spoiler]

Sorry about this rant. Have some Twi.
She is quite beautiful
/nst/ is just 3 people. You, me, and forbidden love guy.
spike is much better as a silent lizard
why did he have to be a talking dog
>36 unique IPs
>only 3 people
I need to eqgwf post more to get recognized!
>what are dynamic ips
what is a joke
what is
File: 1441138042213.png (163KB, 407x492px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163KB, 407x492px
Scratch that. I may write and then dump for this one. This is a scene I've been wanting to do for a long time, and I want to make sure it goes extremely well. So I might not be posting today. I will live write if I get to Wednesday and don't have much to show for it, but I really want this to be strong. I don't want to write live and then feel like I need to rewrite because I could have added something that would have made it a lot better (such as Twilight lying to her mom about her day so she doesn't break her mother's heart because her daughter is suffering from loneliness and shit).
I apologize for the inconvenience, but I REALLY want this to be amazing, so I will see you all by tonight the earliest, Wednesday the latest. I think you guys are gonna like what I'm cooking. See you soon.
Looking forward to it
I will be waiting
>you will never stuff your face into eqg's delicious trap ponut

"H-hey Twilight are you doing anything after school today?"
>"I am hanging out with Sunset and the other Twilight today. Do you want to come along?"
File: littleponyscience.png (499KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499KB, 960x720px
File: 1424561694908.png (265KB, 988x416px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
265KB, 988x416px
"H-hey, T-twilight, what are you doing after school?"
>"Me and other Twi are going to DP the fuck out of Sunset, you wanna come along and jerk it while you watch?"
I'd watch
>you wanna cum along while you watch?
File: sfwedit.png (2MB, 2200x1508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2200x1508px
Sex is disgusting and depraved, and anyone who partakes in this event is also, disgusting and depraved. It gives in to hedonistic and animalistic pleasures, and makes them seem like feral beasts.

"U-ummm, I'm n-not sure about t-that, Twilight," You stutter as you shrink back, averting your eyes.
>Twilight licks her lips as you watches you.
>"You know, Anon, maybe we'll take turns with you too, you've got a nice little body." Twilight wraps her arm around your back and pulls you closer, and you struggle not to eye the growing bulge underneath her skirt.
>"God, you're so small and waifish, I can only imagine the sounds you would make." Twilight whispers into your ear, running her hand across your chest. " Come on, Anon, it'll be fun~!"
>You can feel her poking you in the stomach now. It feels wet, even through your shirt, and each throbs echos into your body.
>She's running her tongue up and down the side of your face now.
>You can't find any words, but you shrink into yourself further and look down at the ground. The heat you feel in your cheeks grows with every second, and you know Twilight can see your blush.
"U-um... I-I-I... U-ummmm...." You stammer.
>"It's okay, Anon, I'll take care of you. Follow along now." She pulls you down the street to her car effortlessly.
>You're too weak to shove her off, so you just walk with her, hoping against hope that this situation will sort itself out without any action on your part.
>You want this to end so badly, you barely notice Twilight talking.
>"This is going to be so fun, Anon, I've got so many toys to help loosen you up a bit!" She giggles, grinding against you. "God, I hope your a squealer, Twi loves that so much."
>She puts one hand on your ass and gropes it, and you can see her bit her lip.
>Her massive length keeps nudging you as you near the car.
>"Let's have some fun in the car, won't we?" Twilight opens the door for you and pushes you in, your struggling barely amounting to any effort as you get tossed in and land on the back seat.
>She crawls in after you.
File: L0xyKWD.png (223KB, 550x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223KB, 550x700px
pic related

I was unaware. Thanks for your hot opinion, Anon.
File: 1445867646491.png (26KB, 386x543px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26KB, 386x543px
This shouldn't expand the dong but it does
More for you than, you sexy Anon!

>Twilight presses her body on top of yours, crushing you into the back seat of her car. She brings her face close to yours, and you see the crazy smile she has on her face, as she licks her lips.
>”Twi’s going to be so mad I got the first taste, but I just can’t hold back any longer.” She mashes her lips against yours, forcing her tongue deep into the recesses of your mouth. You try not to gag as she ravages your mouth. The seconds tick by, and she continues her assault, her drool pouring into your mouth with every kiss.
>You’re struggling to breathe at this point, and you weakly try to squirm away, but she pushes you further into the seat and keeps her mouth pressed firmly against hers.
>And then you feel her hand gently caress down your stomach and into your jeans. You wiggle to no avail, and eventually she finds her way to your prize. You moan into her mouth and she begins to fondle you.
>She breaks away from the kiss, carrying a long line of saliva back from your mouth to hers. She sucks the string back into her mouth and wipes away the remaining drool on her sleeve.
>You’re burning up with the heat in the car, and you roll onto your back as you turn away and try to crawl towards the window.
>”We’re not done yet, Anon!” Twilight grabs your leg, flips you and hauls you back, pinning you underneath her weight again.
>You're staring at her erect member now, and it throbs directly in your face, each pulse causing more and more pre-cum to leak onto your neck.
>"Can you believe this loser, Twilight?"
>"I know, Sunny; it's so pitiful how he has to take out his virgin angst on people who just want to enjoy themselves."
>"Well whatever. More pussy for me!"
File: 90175.png (473KB, 400x762px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
473KB, 400x762px
>tfw massive sub
Don't you dare stop
>her drool pouring into your mouth
Here you go!

>You watch it twitch and shiver for a moment, seeing the muscles contract and expand as it hangs over you. Sweat and moisture clings to the massive member and its overbearing presence makes you shiver. And then it hits you directly in the mouth.
>Twilight has her hands clamped around your gigantic dick, slobbering it all over your face as she rubs it up and down frantically.
>”Just sit still for a moment, I can finish like this.” Twilight says, picking up the pace with her hands. You watch as her eyes roll back into her hand, and her tongue hangs out of her mouth, saliva running down her chin.
>”Oh god, oh god, oh god. Yes, just like that. Oh my god. Keep going.” You hear her mutter to herself as she strokes her dick with increasing intensity. She slams it all over your face, on your lips, over your cheeks, rubbing it up and down your chest and hitting the underside of your neck. Every touch smears your with a massive glob of precum, the musky smell overpowering all of your senses as you try to turn your head away.
>”Oh god, just keep that look on your face, please. Yeah, those pouty lips, oh god. I’m going to cum all over your face.”
>Her cock is twitching furiously now, threatening to blow at any moment. You watch her entire body shudder, raising your hands to try and push her massive length away. She thrusts her member into your hands, and you inadvertently squeeze her dick.
>”I’m cumming, I’m cumming Anon~!” Twilight exclaims.
>You see the first pulse of her dick, and your entire world vanishes into warm, gluey globs.
>Twilight moans as she cums, jamming her dick down on your face. You feel each hot spurt of cum strike you directly, on your cheeks, in your mouth. You feel it pool in the corners of your eyes, and run off the side of your face. It’s so warm and slimy, and the smell, you can’t help but gag.
>You feel her dick spasm a few more times, before the weight and heat vanishes from your face. You hear Twilight above you.
>”Oh god, that was great. You should see your face, Anon, hehee!” Twilight snorts and laughs. “You look so cute being my little fuckdoll. Here, let me clean you up a bit. Twi will be a bit mad if I deliver you to her like this.”
>She presses down on you again, and you feel her lips and tongue all over your face, as she licks up the massive streams of seed all over you. Her tongue tickles you all over, running up and down your check, over your neck and running across your eyelids, all the while Twilight is giggling and kissing you.
>”The things I would do to see would be illegal,” She coos into your ear. “God I can’t wait to get my cock so deep inside you you’re crying tears of my seed. I’m going to leave you unable to walk for days.” She whispers more and more to you, each more depraved and dirty than the last.
>You feel your own member growing within the confines of your jeans, and the little chuckle you hear from Twilight shows that she can see it too.
>”Now what do we have here, Anon? Are you enjoying this, you dirty little slut?” You feel her hands work their way down your pants again, as she begins stroking you up and down.
>You open your eyes, and you see Twilight directly above you, staring down into your eyes, her breaths blowing directly onto your face as she continues to stroke you up.
>”I’m going to look into your soul as you cum, Anon~!” She announces as she begins to increase the rhythm of her motions, her hand pulling back your foreskin and rubbing against your glans.
File: 1441645072484.png (526KB, 750x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
526KB, 750x1000px
God damn
I am honestly surprised that there haven't been much appearances by the Dazzlings in any of the greens here
why would they? we barely have any of the main 6 here so why would the dazzlings appear if they are even less relevant to scitwi
>Not Anon E. Moose/Mous.
One job.
I need more
File: 1438583483215.jpg (37KB, 310x310px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 310x310px
>>"Oh, we both know you don't have the guts, not with all these people around. You're weak, Anonymous, can't you see that? That's why Moony left you. Not because of your little spit, or anything like that... it's because she wanted a real man. And, well..."
>>Trender grabs suggestively at his crotch
>>"She sure found one."
It shouldn't be so painful.
This anon know what's fucking up.
This isn't gay.Right, guys?
>You shudder in pleasure, and fail to suppress your moans.
>You feel yourself building up, and you squirm as the familiar sensations begins to coarse through your penis. Twilight notices the look on your face, and increase the tempo even further, as she squeezes tighter.
>”Cum for me, Anon!”
>You feel the last of the damns break, and every muscle in your dick contracts. At the same time, Twilight plants her lips against yours as she clamps her hand down tightly on your cock. You buck wildly into her grasp as your dick spasms, and the wave of pleasure rides through.
>And while Twilight savages your mouth, you cum.
>You shudder and tense as your dick erupts in Twilight’s hand, spewing cum down along her slender fingers as she maintains her death grip on your cock. Several globs shoot far into the air and arch down onto your chest, staining your clothing with your own seed.
>As the spasms end, your muscles relax and you settle back into the car seat. But Twilight has other ideas, and begins rapidly stroking you again.
>You’re not even off the high of your first orgasm, and the super sensitivity of your dick causes each movement of her hand to brush electricity against the top of your dick. Your vision goes white, and you cum again, as you feel your drool pool in the back of your mouth.
>You cum again. This time the load is even thicker than the previous, and the heavy strings of seed catch all over Twilight’s hand, running down her palms and trickling over her wrists.
>She pulls back out of the vice-like kiss, and giggles at you. “You’re such a good boy, Anon, cumming for me like that.” She gives a few final strokes, urging a little more cum out before finally releasing your member. She brings her seed covered hand up to her face.
>”Such a big, tasty load for me. Thank you so much, Anon.” She begins to suck your load off her hand, sucking each finger individually, and licking the palm of her hand clean.
>”All done, see.” She waves her ‘clean’ hand in your face, as you lie there in your orgasmic bliss and juices.
>You hear the door open, as Twilight gets out and another door opens as she gets into the driver’s seat.
“Twi’s gonna wonder why I’m so late, but she’ll be happy to see the prize I snagged.” Twilight turns on the engine and shifts into drive.
You feel the car roll forward as you drift off to sleep.

And that's all for now. More tomorrow maybe. Get ready for some twin futa action with Sunset, and then maybe some Anon Time.

Pastebin here.
This thread is now traps.
I'm okay with
thank you based anon
had to bump the thread with something

the only thing that motivates me is lewd apparently
>that pastebin
jesus christ i am hard
fap for me anon
File: 1440675770175.gif (645KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
645KB, 1280x720px
>flirting with anonymous horsegirl fanatics on a Mongolian imageboard when you have a waifu
>flirting with anonymous horsegirl fanatics on a Mongolian imageboard when you have 2 waifus
File: 1445226280785.png (1MB, 2100x2100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 2100x2100px
did drunk jeff ever finish the story where twilight experiments on sunset
File: 1442895796834.png (225KB, 657x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225KB, 657x700px

new thread theme song
File: 1443672422060.png (387KB, 758x526px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
387KB, 758x526px
>"gasp! they're holding HANDS!"
File: 1315170803169.png (2MB, 983x1073px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 983x1073px
Faggot had more than that coming.
Did eqgwf finally get to the land of horsepussy?
Probably not
I wonder if he finally finished his paper. If he did, he totally should drop it here. I'd like to see a thing that caused so much drama in this thread.
File: christine rosechu.jpg (43KB, 372x760px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
christine rosechu.jpg
43KB, 372x760px
File: 1438831673629.png (206KB, 700x784px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 700x784px
So guys, I'm a little unsure of how I want several things to go in my next batch of updates. Could you guys give me some opinions on what you WANT to happen/ not happen? Literally any general statement even if it's unrelated to the current shit is fine.
Dude, you're doing a fantastic job in Traineright, maybe i'd add something like losing so hard you new strategy is thinking outside the box.
Thanks Anon, although I wasn't fishing for compliments. I meant I'm at a point of indecision on an important interaction and I'm trying to figure out which path I take it down. Depending on how things with Trixie go the story as a whole could have huge changes. I have like four very different possibilities already.

Also this is what Rose looks like. Some people don't know gen 6 pokemon or shinies so I thought i'd post her.
Not yet. It's going to be one of those things that I just update at completely random times.
>completely random
More like completely drunk methinks
winky face
That is a very nice pic.
the "stylish" outfit is maybe too revealing, but I can't complain.

my penis certainly isn't.
I want to be the Angry Twi
File: 1617.png (439KB, 1200x850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
439KB, 1200x850px
Quads confirm your desire to be the little girl
I can certainly help you feel like one~
File: 1428868936780.jpg (93KB, 589x651px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93KB, 589x651px
being the little girl means you get something else
>pic related

Quads have spoken. Starting HRT now.
I just want to see Sunset and Twi rubbing their marbles together.
>You will never be the cute purple horsegrill
>You will never have lewd yet pure lesbian sexual with the bacon horsegrill
Why even live
I've got a question for everyone
is she cuter in a lab coat or her CP uniform

Lab coat for sure.
CP uniform easy.
>lab coat
File: 0otbVJ8.png (186KB, 445x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186KB, 445x527px
pony twi's outfit
File: 1443127819907.jpg (182KB, 729x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
182KB, 729x1024px
>"Um? Anon can you help me?"
"Twilight where are you"
>"look down"
>"I kinda turned myself into a horse"
>you will never press your tongue against eqgwf's delicious trap ponut.
But anon, she (?) poops from there.
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I want to take her out on a date
and cuddle with her after its over
I just want to know that she's okay :(
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beginning to write, see y'all probably wednesday. in the mean time, have a nerd shimmy

this is not easy
Fuck SS.
wow rood don't insult Twilight lover like that, you bully
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>"What does 'winner take all' mean here?"
"I don't know. I think she thinks that life is an anime."
>"Like Gurren Lagann or something?"

>implying normies would know Gurren Lagann
Even at the height of it's popularity, the nerdy kids at my school barely knew about it.
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Can't wait m8
Fucking cliffhangers
Great chapter. Terrible cutoff point.
we nightly sunlight thread now