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Moondancer Thread

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>It died cuz cmc happening happened
The thread for everyone's favorite NEET Twilight look alike. Post all the Moonie you want. We accept stories, discussions, and pictures.

Current writers: Handsome Jeck
Insanebow Dash :http://pastebin.com/S0n1rP0s

Original Prompt: Moondancer offers Anon 500 dollars to have sex with her

Previous Thread:>>24965098
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Fuck the cmc. All I care about is my qt NEET waifu
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Jeck loves you guys~
what does moondancer thread think of the blog with moondancer slowly going bimbo
No idea - without a link
Mehh, it just doesn't do it for me. A large part of my liking of Moonie is her character, and that just doesn't seem like her character to me. It's like someone has made a suit out of Moondancers skin and is wandering round saying "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me, I'd fuck me hard"

tl;dr: it's the vegan sausage of Moondancer - looks the same, doesn't have the right content
Finally fucking made it back. Went to go out for food, come back and thread died.
Love you too jeck.
Bump engaged
Bumping for spergdancer
Me too.
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Ever since Jeck's story, the little sperg has grown a soft spot in me.

Fucking damn, I mean c'mon. She's so ___CUTE__
She really is a qt. Now we wait for jeck to update his story...
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Does Moondancer shave her legs or are her thighs soft AND fluffy?
You guys are so lazy.
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I say they're fuzzy but super soft like a peach.
File: 1436291948103.png (376KB, 1000x1300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I say she shaves, but often gets distracted and forgets (books are more interesting after all), so they often end up like
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She probably doesn't bother with anything that doesn't directly effect her continued ability to study. For example: she probably keeps her hair tied back because a haircut would cut into study time. Same reason she wears a loose-fitting sweater: bras are uncomfortable.
unf - that's my fetish
Why does pone version Moondancer wear sweater then?
So she can spend less on heating her house and more on books and book accessories
Have you seen the state of her house?
How else is she going to keep warm?
So, do you think Moondancer always wears plain underwear, or does she have a 'fancy' pair with little books printed all over them?
God damn I hope she just had a black set of lingerie with garterbelt and stockings and everything. For the nights she feels like looking sexy. And then she sighs to herself and puts it away because she's alone.
I think she has that on an amazon wishlist, that she occasionally opens, clicks 'add to cart', and then a few seconds later clicks 'remove from cart' as she realises that she doesn't have anyone who would appreciate it
I just want to date moonie so she can purchase that now. I didn't want that feel anon.
Drawings of Moondancer in book panties when?
>You will never ask Moondancer out
>She will never say yes
>You will never start dating, and eventually move in together
>You will never think that she's squeeing over an amazon package because it's more books for her to read
>She will never run off to her bedroom with her package and tell you not to come in
>You will never start playing some vidya and stop wondering what she's up to
>You will never hear a small cough from behind you
>You will never look around and see Moondancer leaning against her door frame in a matching black bra and panties with stockings attached to the suspender belt
>She will never nervously ask you if you like it
Making me feel the feels over a fictional character. I thought I was done when I got over Tali'Zorah but now I get sucked back in with Moonie. Fuck you guys...
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Damn she was cute also dem hips
So, does Moondancer only own one sweater or multiple copies of the same one?
>>25030766 Check 'em
>you will never awkwardly ask Moondancer to prom
>she will never awkwardly accept
>ywm arrive to pick her and have to sit in the living room with her dad
>ywn see her timidly descend the stairs, followed by her mother
>ywn fall in love with her dress neatly covering her curves, her perfectly styled hair, or her simplistic, natural, awkward beauty
>ywn have the time of your life at prom, dancing all night
>ywn sit down to drink punch with her and have her send very obvious messages to you
>ywn make sweet love in the back of your car
>She will never love you back
Why even live?

That might have been shit, but I suppose it's better than just "bump".
Or you can contribute something. It's called the moondancer thread but everyone is still pressing jeck to do shit
Much like you're pressing people to do shit?
Why does Moondancer remind me more and more of Marigold from QC?
Fuck it, I'll bite. Would you guys rather see
Romance that moves into smut
Feels to romance to smut
Smut. Just pure smut.
I want unconfident moondancer to find out I find her really hot and irresistible so she starts to manipulate me and control me with her body until I'm her plaything against my will.
I want something that isn't a self insert
Alright. This'll be pretty short, but hopefully you guys'll like it.

>You are Moondancer
>Your knees quake, threatening to give out beneath you at any moment as you approach the classroom door
>Anon will be inside, as he always is, studying, researching, or working on his homework
>What a huge nerd...
>The thought of him, with his nose in a textbook, sweating as he tried to memorize the Semi-Empirical Mass Formula...
>It makes your heart shiver
>The big winter formal's coming up, and you're going to ask him to it
>You've been dreaming about asking him to a school dance since Freshman year, but you always chickened out
>Not this time though
"Hey, Anon, you have a date for the dance... so, do you have a date for the dance, Anon? Yo, Anon, so, I was wondering, do you have a date for the dance?"
>You whisper your lines to yourself over and over, trying to get them right
>It's just a simple question, why is this so hard?
>You step up to the door of the Physics classroom, sucking in your breath
>This is is, Moon
>Just ask him one simple question...
>"Heeey, Anon."
>You hear another voice, a girl's, and immediately shrink back against the wall
>Dammit, why does there have to be someone else in there with him
>"Sooooo, you going to the Winter Formal with anyone?"
>Anon's timid voice replies to her
>Peering through the doorway, you can see that the girl in question is Sugarcoat
>Oh no...
>She's one of the most popular girls in school
>If she asks Anon, you'll have no chance
>You cross your fingers, praying that she doesn't ask Anon to go with her
>"No date, huh? That's pretty embarrassing. Not having a date for the Winter Formal is a huge clue to everyone that you're a giant nerd."
>"Oh, um... well, I don't really like dances usually, and..."
>"I understand. But everyone's going to think you're a total cock for not going."
>"Well... them's the breaks I guess, heh..."
>Anon laughs, nervously, as Sugarcoat steps closer to him
>"But, you know, I heard a funny rumor the other day. Apparently, Moondancer's had her eye on you lately. I think she might be wanting to ask you."
>At the mention of your name, your skin begins to crawl
>How... how did she know!?
>"Moondancer? I, um... are you sure?"
>"Pretty sure. So, I'm not your friend. I think you're a total loser, actually. But you should, like, definitely no go with her. Not going to the dance is lame, but going with a weirdo like her? Total social life suicide."
>"Well, um... I dunno..."
>"What, would you honestly go with her? Do you actually *like* a creep like her?"
>"N-no! No way, she's a total dork. I'd rather be dead than h-have to spend an evening with her."
>It's like someone just punted you in the stomach
>You sink to your knees, the world spinning around you
>Anon... Anon thinks you're a dork?
>But... but he seemed just like you...
>A horrible green pressure begins rising in your stomach, and you resist the urge to throw up
>No... no, this can't be right...
>"Seriously, she's disgusting. You don't have to worry about me showing up with her."
>"That's good. Because if you do, we'll be laughing at you for years."
>With that, Sugarcoat turns, her shoes clomping on the tile as she marches toward the door
>You duck out of sight, holding your head in your hands
>He really said disgusting...
>You jump to your feet, sprinting down the hall to the third-floor stairwell
>It'll be deserted here, as it always is
>You collapse into a corner, bury your face in your sweater, and begin to cry

>You are Anonymous
>And, to be honest, you feel like a huge dick for what you said about Moondancer
>Sure, she's a little weird, but there's nothing wrong with her
>Well, not that you know her that well, but she seems fine
>But you, as usual, folded under Sugarcoat's bullying
>Christ, you're such a pussy
>There's no way Moondancer actually likes you, Sugarcoat's probably just misreading things
>How could anyone like someone as cowardly as you?
>You fold up your books, and head out
>Right now, you kinda just want to be alone, and clearly this room isn't as private as you'd like to think
>You make your way towards the third-floor stairwell, figuring it'll be empty as usual

>What you find, however, turns out to be the exact opposite
>As soon as you open the door, you're greeted by the sound of gentle sobbing
>Oh, shit
>Maybe you shouldn't be in here
>You try to turn and head back down the stairs, only to nearly trip over a girl huddled in the corner
"Gah! Oh, shit, are you okay?"
>She looks up, staring at you with surprise-stricken, tear-filled eyes
>"Anon! I'm s-sorry! I, um... uh..."
>She wipes her face on the sleeve of her oversized sweatshirt, sniffling
>"I didn't see you... I'm s-sorry... I'll g-go now..."
>She stands, trying to run off, but you grab her shoulder
"Hey, wait."
>You're not sure why you stopped her, but it doesn't feel right to just let her run off in tears
"I... um... I like your sweatshirt."
>"My... wh-what?"
>Holy fuck, what a stupid thing to say
aaaaand spaghetti.
Also damn, poor Moonie. Sugarcoat is more like a Sour Apple. No offense to any Applekin I may have unintentionally offended
"I, um... your sweatshirt looks good on you. You look good today. Is what I'm trying to say."
>Moondancer stares at you, clearly wondering what to make of this
>"Um... th-thanks?"
"I... yeah, no problem. Um... is everything okay?"
>"Y-yeah! Everything's f-fine, I just... um... s-stubbed my toe."
"Stubbed your toe?"
>"Y-yeah, that's it... n-nothing wrong..."
>She clasps her hands behind her back, taking an uneasy step backwards
>Her foot hits the step at the wrong angle, though, and she stumbles before pitching backwards
>You leap forward, wrapping an arm around Moondancer's waist, catching her before she hits the ground
>For a moment, the two of you are frozen in that position
>Her glasses are slightly askew, her tear-filled eyes struggling to focus on your face without their aid
>As quickly as it began, the moment ends, and you place Moondancer back on her feet
"Um... y-you okay?"
>"Y-yeah... I'm f-f-fine..."
>She fixes her glasses, looks at you, looks at the floor, looks back at you... then shuffles toward the door
>"I'm g-gonna go..."
"Yeah... yeah, see you around..."
>The two of you share an awkward wave goodbye, and then Moondancer's gone

>What just happened?
>You are Moondancer, sitting confused in your Pre-Calculus class
>As Ms. Harshwhinny drones on about limits, your mind wanders back to Anonymous
>He was... nice to you
>Is he just pretending?
>Yeah... that's probably it
>He doesn't like you, but he doesn't want to be mean...
>Quit getting your hopes up, stupid...
So far so good
>You're not going to go to the dance with him, you're going to spend the night alone
>Just get used to it already

>Man, you just can't shake the feeling that you were a total dick to say what you said about Moondancer
>You are Anon, chilling in the study lounge while you finish up your linear algebra homework, chewing the end of your pencil
>She's an alright girl
>Seems pretty nice, from what you saw of her today
>And, well... she's kinda cute
>Are you really going to let Sugarcoat keep you from interacting with her?
>Taking her to the dance could be kinda nice...
>But, on the other hand, you're really not keen on being laughed at for the rest of your highschool career
>Shit, what do you do?

>You decide to slake your problems the proper way-- by getting donuts
>There's always some leftover in the faculty lounge, and there's never anyone there two hours after school ends
>So they're pretty much there for the taking
>You close your textbook, leaving your homework piled next to it, intending to return to it later, and head downstairs

>As expected, the teachers' lounge is completely empty, a plate of donuts just sitting there, unguarded
>You grab a chocolate longjohn and a cinnamon roll, then head back upstairs
>When you get to the study lounge, however, you find that you're no longer alone
>Moondancer is examining your book, as if trying to discern its owner
>When she hears the door open, she whirls around, guilt written across her face
>Then her face goes pale when she sees you
>"A-A-Anon? Wh-what are you doing here?"
>"Oh, um... I s-see... I'll j-j-just go then, s-sorry to bug you..."
>You hold out a donut
"You want one? I could use some company."
This better lead to awkward sloppy makeouts
give it time, m8

>"Um... I, uh... I d-dunno..."
"What, you don't like chocolate? I have a cinnamon too, if you want it instead."
>"I... you r-really want to talk to me?"
"Yeah? Why wouldn't I?"
>For some reason, the tingle of guilt starts to creep up your neck
>Does she know?
>No, how could she?
>"I... n-no reason..."
>Moondancer shuffles toward you, keeping her eyes on the ground
>Her hand trembles as she takes the cinnamon roll from you, lifting it to her mouth to take a tiny bite
"Yeah... it's fine."
>You sit down in your original spot, and she takes on at the other end of the table, still avoiding eye contact
"So... what's up? You working on something?"
"You're here late. What's up?"
>"Oh... nothing really. I was just reading."
"That's cool. Reading what?"
>"It's... just this d-dumb series I like. They're kids books really, but they... th-they always cheer me up."
"What books?"
>Moondancer mumbles something, but you don't quite catch the name
>"The, um... Overlander books. They're by--"
"Oh shit, with Gregor and the giant rats and shit?"
>Moondancer's eyes widen in surprise
>"Y-yeah! You've heard of them?"
"Heard of them? I read the shit out of those books. They were the best."
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I didn't want this feel
Pretty feelsy but whats with all the excess hair and the tail?
No idea tbh, was just searching for Moondancer pics, found one I hadn't seen before
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Amending Fences is currently playing on the Anniversary stream.
cytu dot be/ r/mlpanniversary
>"W-wait, really? I never met anyone else who knew about them..."
"Hell yeah. Remember the last book, when Ares died? Holy shit, I cried all night..."
>Moondancer nods, excitement blossoming across her face
>"He was s-so cool... him and Thalia, I could never get over... it was so sad... but there were a lot of really good parts. Like when it t-turned out that Ripred was s-still alive... he was s-such a badass..."
"Oh God, yeah. What a cool motherfucker. Played a big-ass prank on the entire world in order to save it."
>Moondancer chuckles, taking another bite of her cinnamon roll
>"S-so you read a lot?"
"Not as much as I used to, since I waste so much time on the internet. But more than most, yeah."
>"Th-that's really cool..."
>Moondancer adjusts herself in her seat, riddling with the neck of her sweater
>You notice her eyes are still tinged with red, and dried tear streaks line her face
"So, um... can I ask you a weird question?"
>"Um... I g-guess?"
"What was up with, you know, earlier. In the stairwell."
>"Oh, um... uh..."
>Moondancer starts tugging at her sweatshirt, clearly uncomfortable
>She adjusts her glasses, looking anywhere but at you
>"I... I kinda... s-someone said some mean th-things about me..."
>You heart skips a beat, your chest feeling like it were flooded with icewater

Pausing here for a bit. Hope some of you are enjoying this. More to come later.
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Sharks god dammit
This thread wants sharks, and the other thread wanted godzilla, what the fuck guys.

Keep it up.

Classic unicorn. She's got the cloven hooves too.
Godzilla green was good
wheres jeck?
Busy fapping.
Nigga you ain't taking a break, you a slave, keep writing.
p.9 bump
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Goddammit, are we still doing this?
File: sanpai.png (133KB, 398x291px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Let's be honest. Jeck's story would be a million times better with Sharks
Jeck would be a better person if he was a shark
sharks would be better stories if they were jeck
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"Fuck, why do I have to go to work early this morning" bump
The "I don't have any images on my phone bump"
Noice. I'm looking forward to your return.
"R-really, huh? That's pretty fucked up..."
>Moondancer sets her cinnamon roll down, rubbing her arm
"I mean... so, um..."
>Wow, that was a stupid thing of you to ask
>At this point, there's basically no turning this around
>Unless, of course, you whip out something even stupider
"Do you want to go to the Winter Formal with me?"
>Awkward, way too blunt, completely out of nowhere....
>You've hit maximum stupid
>How can she possibly resist?
>Moondancer's eyes go wide, and her glasses slip an inch down her nose
>"Wh-wh-what? B-but... but I th-thought..."
"Thought what?"
>An icy hand closes around your heart
>Does she know what you said about her?
>"I... d-d-didn't think you'd w-want to take me... I thought you d-d-didn't like me..."
"What? I mean... uh..."
>You scratch the back of your head, face burning
"Did Sugarcoat tell you what I said...?"
>"N-no... I over heard you... I d-d-didn't mean to spy I w-was just there, a-and..."
"Oh... shit... I'm really sorry about that, Moondancer..."
>"N-no! It's f-f-fine, really... what you say about m-me is your business, b-but... why d-d-did you change your mind?"
"I didn't change me mind. I was just... I was afraid to say anything to Sugarcoat."
>You hang your head, realizing what a dick you must look like
"She and her friends can be pretty vicious to people they don't like. You remember what they did to Snips last year, right?"
>Moondancer nods
>"Poor g-guy... I heard he h-h-had to transfer schools, no one would even l-look at him..."
"Yeah... so, I'm sorry. I was scared. I don't actually, you know, hate you. And I'm tired of being scared of her. So, if you want to go to the dance with me... I'd love to take you."
>Moondancer sniffles, wiping her eyes on the sleeve of her sweater
>"You... you r-really want to take me?"
>Oh fuck, is she going to cry?
>This is starting to get beyond your range of emotional understanding
"I do. Is... is that okay?"
>She nods, sniffling
>"It is... y-yeah... you p-p-promise this isn't a t-trick, right?"
"A trick? Of course not, no. Why would it be a trick?"
>"I... n-nevermind..."
>Without warning, Sugarcoat throws herself into your arms, burying her face in your shoulder
>"Th-th-thank you so much, Anon..."
"Um... you're welcome?"
>As quickly as the hug began, she pulls away
>"S-sorry... so, um... w-we're really going?"
"If you want to, we really are."
>Moondancer nods so hard her glasses almost fly off her face
>"Y-yes! I really w-want to..."
>She clasps her hands behind her back, staring at the floor as she rocks from heel to heel
>"So... you know... wh-where should I m-meet you?"
"I dunno... your house? My place is kind of a dump..."
Jeck please tell me the ride hasn't ended yet and you haven't left us...
>"M-mine isn't much better, b-but that's fine..."
>Moondancer gives you a shaky smile
>"I g-guess I have to b-buy a dress now... heh..."
"Yeah... and I'll need to clean my suit. So..."
>Shit, is this really happening?
>Sugarcoat is going to tigerfuck you when she finds out...
>Fuck, no, quit thinking about her
>You're not going to be her little bitch
>You're going to enjoy a nice night with Moondancer, and there's nothing her light-purple ass can do about it
"So, uh... is there anywhere you want to go for dinner?"
>"Um... a-anywhere is fine, really... wh-whatever you want, it d-doesn't have to be fancy..."
>Moondancer's cheeks are tinged with pink now, and she's practically bouncing with excitement

Gotta head to class for now. More to come later.
It's a tarp!
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I would bite, but I'm too used to prose and I fear trying green would just fuck my shit up and make my writing really bad
File: 333333235657.jpg (180KB, 1280x853px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180KB, 1280x853px
>Sugarcoat throws herself
Prose is fine too. Doubt anyone really cares as long as its fun to read.
Shit. That should say "Moondancer throws herself into your arms," obviously. Was running out of time and didn't get to proofread.
Fuck off. Jeck is old news. I hope he stays gone
Somebody's salty today. You mad about the lack of sharks to?
File: 1444671748692.png (112KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just had a writefag draw this qt moonie.
Good shit guys. Keep it up.
Found this in the nude edit thread:
>No hairy bush
>Sweater can be seen behind her
>Large dark nipple people

Not even a twinge
File: SS.png (868KB, 3000x5115px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
868KB, 3000x5115px
>After a few more seconds of wrestling, and screeching, a panting Moonie finally answers the phone.
"Moonie! It's me! Anon!"
>She chuckles.
>"I knew that silly. I don't have friends who call me aside from Twilight."
>That makes you feel bad for some reason.
>You walk around the room, rubbing the back of your head, not sure what to say.
>Clearly, when Moonie left the cafe she was distressed, but about what?
>"D-did you need something?"
"Oh right! Uh...yeah, I did.."
>You begin to sweat.
"Well..I uh...I'm sorry!"
>No response on the other side.
>"...For what?"
>"What are you sorry for? I mean...yo-you have to have a reason right?"
>Good point. What are you apologizing for?
"Th-that stuff with Twilight. I'm sorry she upset you!"
>You hear a sigh.
>"You just don't get it, do you?"
"Get what?"
>Another loud sigh, but this one is mixed in with a sob.
"Is th-the deal off?"
>Holy shit. Of all the wrong things to say.
>The call ends on your phone with a couple beeps.
"Moonie?! MOONIE!! DAMMIT!"
>You grip your head in frustration. So long five hundred smackeroos.
>Your blood suddenly goes cold, as you slowly turn around.
>Sour stands in your doorway, arms crossed with a smug smile.
>"What deal?"
>You straighten up.
"I haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about."
>She rolls her eyes.
>"I heard everything. It sounded like such a charming conversation~ But you sound like you flubbed big time greenbean."
>You scowl.
"And, what do you know?! What goes on in my private life is none of your business!"
>She seductively strolls towards you, and boops you.
>"But it is Greenbean. I have your parents blessing. I have the recording. You're quite literally bonded to me now. Everything that goes on with you, is my business now."
"Why me...There's tons of better looking guys..."
>You hang your head.
>How can this day get any worse?
>You phone vibrates.
>Maybe it's Moonie!
>Instinctively you bring your phon-
>Sour snatches it out of your grasp, and starts reading.
"The fuck! GIVE THAT BACK!"
>You try to take back your phone, only for her to weave, and dodge your attempts.
>Her eyes widen, and look at you.
>You finally succeed in getting your phone back.
>Moonie sent you a text message.
>"Let's just forget what we did at the bookstore today. I'd rather keep that tender moment in my heart, and not think about the deal from now on."
>That makes your heart shatter.
>"Something DID happen at the bookstore!"
>You gulp loudly.
"Wh-what are you talkin-"
>"Cut the crap!"
>She gets in your face, making you flinch.
>"You, and raggedy ann have some type of arrangement going on? Something I'm not aware of?"
>"You're a terrible liar."
>She begins to advance, making you back up.
>"Does it have to do with what I caught you both doing?"
>You clam up, and fall back on your bed.
>She begins to climb over you.
>"Tell me."
"No. It's not your business..."
>"It is."
>She slides a hand up your arm, making you break out into goosebumps.
"My parents are downstairs."
>"They don't care. They're just glad you're not gay. Remember?"
>The hand makes its way to your out of shape chest, pushing you back.
>all caps posting
Chill out autist. There won't be a hatefuck. Just sharks remember? We all voted on it
I'd like to rescind my vote for sharks in favor of hatefucking.
You are such a flipflop Anon! Sharks one minute and hatefuck another.
I can't help it when I get a tingling in my kooloo limpah. I just gotta do what the dong wants.
What if the shark hatefucks sour? Then will your dong lust be satisfied?
I think we're all winners in that scenario
I think it's about time this thread end
>I think it's about time this thread ends
>thread ends
You fookin' wot m8.
"You sure? I mean, I've got some money saved up. We can go somewhere nice."
>"R-really? I mean... I d-don't want to impose..."
"Nah, it's no big deal. Where you wanna go?"
>"There's... um... this l-little Japanese place that j-just opened up... it looks r-really pretty, and I hear the food's good... it might b-be expensive though, so if you don't want to g-go..."
"No, that's cool. I'll pick you up around... I dunno, like 6-ish? We can head over there for an hour or so, and be at the dance by eight. Sound good?"
>"Y-yeah! That sounds amazing!"
>Moondancer wrings her hands, beaming
>"I'm r-really happy... I n-never thought you'd actually w-want to go with me..."
"Honestly... I was just scared I wouldn't get the courage to ask."
>"I'm g-glad you did..."
>Moondancer smiles again
>And then throws her arms around you once more, hugging you with a strength you wouldn't have expected from someone so slender
>"S-so, um... I th-think I should get going, but um... I'll s-see you tomorrow, okay?"
"Yeah, totally. Oh, wait, before you go, can I--"
>Moondancer's already gone, sprinting through the door with the sleeves of her sweatshirt draping down over her arms

>You are Moondancer
>The walk home seems to last no time at all; your head is whirling with delight and surprise
>He actually asked you!
>He didn't mean what he said about you at all!
>You're so happy you could cry, or sing
>Instead, you elect to fall into your bed the second you get home, staring up at the ceiling
>It's finally happening
>Someone... someone finally really likes you!
>You need to buy a dress, don't you?
>You hope you've got enough money saved up...
>Pulling out your piggy bank (why do you still have this thing?), you uncork it and spill your savings onto the bed
>Between several fistfuls of quarters and a dozen crumpled bills, you've got eighty-four dollars and twenty-two cents
>That's... not much
>Not enough for anything fancy
>But it can get you a decent dress, at least
>You just hope Anon will be impressed

>You are Anonymous
>At school, you don't see much of Moondancer
>At lunch, though, you spy her sitting alone, and take a seat across form her
>She's overjoyed to have you with her, and immediately launches into a discussion about last night's physics homework
>It's pretty boring subject matter, but her eyes light up with every mention of differentiation/integration of position functions, her enthusiasm so infectious that it's hard to be annoyed
>Throughout the conversation, though, you keep imagining you hear snickering behind you
>You probably look like a total asshole right now, sitting next to Moondancer
>Sugarcoat will have a field day when she hears about this
>But, for now... you're enjoying yourself

>The two of you continue to talk whenever you meet
>Each time you see her, Moondancer seems more excited
>She shows you pictures of the dress she bought
>It's light-pink, all silk, and fairly plain
>But it suits her, you tell her
>Not fancy, but pretty
>Your unintentional compliment makes her blush so hard she has to excuse herself
File: aw.gif (353KB, 245x180px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
353KB, 245x180px
She is too cute.
>be me
>fuck up tripcode

I ain't cut out for this shit


>Finally, after a week's worth of anticipation, the day arrives
>You see little of Moondancer throughout school, just waving to her once or twice in the halls
>You think she might be nervous, or embarrassed, or both
>After school, you head home immediately, showering and getting dressed in your best suit
>Which, coincidentally, happens to be your worst suit
>It's your only suit
>Still, it fits well even after three years, so you're not exactly inclined to get a new one
>You spend a few minutes styling your hair, trying to get it to look different than its usual bird's-nest
>It's not long before you realize your efforts are completely futile, and you head downstairs, chilling on the couch as you wait for six o'clock to roll around
>When it does, you head out to your car, driving down to Moondancer's place

>Her house is pretty minimal, and a bit shabby
>In fact, it looks barely big enough for one person, let alone two
>When you knock on the door, a girl a few years older than you opens it, obviously related somehow to Moondancer
>Her clothes are tattered, and a little grimy, and the floor beneath her feet is littered with crumpled paper and food trash
>Despite the dingy appearance, her face brightens when she sees you
>"Oh! You must be Anon!"
"Hey, yeah. Are you Moondancer's sister?"
>The girl nods, ushering you in
>"She's been talking about this nonstop all week. I swear, I haven't seen her this excited since I introduced her to Dune."
"Yeah, she seemed pretty hyped about it. I just hope I don't let her down, you know?"
>You smile at Moondancer's sister, and she returns it before calling up the stairs
>"Moon! Your date's here!"
>"A-already!? I'll b-b-be down in a minute!"
>You here something rustling upstairs, followed by the creak of floorboards as Moondancer scrambles back and forth across her bedroom floor
>Her sister laughs, leaning casually against the banister
>"She's been in her room since she got back, getting ready. Probably terrified she'll mess something up."
"Three hours getting ready? Damn."
>"Yeah... Moon! Hurry up!"
>"I'm c-coming!"
>Her door opens, and Moondancer steps out onto the top of the stairs
>Immediately, you can tell how much work she's put into her appearance
>Her hair has been let down and braided behind her back, leaving only a few streaks of her bangs hanging in her face
>The dress hangs loose on her, just barely highlighting the slender curves of her body, shimmering slightly under the dim light
>She's gone easy on the makeup, just enough to give a blushing, elegant feel to her usual complexion
>Her shoes are fairly plain, just black plastic heels, and she wears no jewelry other than a silver chain at her throat
>All in all, her outfit is minimal, yet... beautiful
"You look great."
>Moondancer's face goes red, and she stumbles slightly on the next step, grabbing the banister to steady herself
>"Th-thanks... heh... do you th-think the dress is alright? They didn't have any in the c-color I wanted, but--"
"No, it's perfect. Matches your hair."
>Moondancer beams, reaching the final step
>From here, you can smell her flowery perfume, and your skin tingles as you realize how tantalizingly close she is
>You're seized by a sudden urge to run your hand along her bare shoulder, but you resist
File: OvuYzKS.jpg (61KB, 574x747px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61KB, 574x747px
please do continue! both you and Jeck
Can we get a pastebin going for this green as well?
May I say, you're doing Jecktacular work.
Did some looking around and it seems there's little human on pony Moondancer porn. People need to get on this.
There isn't too much lewd-Moonie in general
I'll set one up at some point.

>You don't, of course, that'd be weird as fuck
>Still, up close she's even more beautiful than she seemed coming downstairs, albeit in more of a "girl next door" sort of way
>Moondancer's sister leads the two of you out to the backyard, where a few scattered lawn chairs lay amongst a pile of weeds and overgrowth
>Not exactly the most beautiful spot, but you smile and stand next to your date as her sister captures photo after photo
>"Hey, don't be shy! Put your arm around her!"
>Moondancer sheepishly steps closer to you, and you sling an arm around her waist
>She's... soft
>Or maybe that's just the dress
>You hand is just low enough that you can feel Moondancer's hipbone through the fabric
>She leans against you, if only slightly, and you get a whiff of her apple-cinnamon scented shampoo
>Now you're hungry *and* mildly aroused, great

>After what seems like an hour of pictures, Moondancer's sister finally lets you go
>She wraps Moondancer in a hug, patting her back
>"I'm so proud of you, Moony... you two have a great time now, alright?"
>"We will."
>"And you..."
>She jabs her finger at you, a playful grin on her face
>"You take care of her now, you understand? If she doesn't have the time of her life--"
>You hold your hands up in mock defense
"Hey, I'll try my best. But knowing the food they serve at these things, I can't make any promises."
>She chuckles at that, and allows you to lead your date to your car
>You open the door for Moondancer and she beams, hands fidgeting in her lap as she takes a seat in the passenger side
Now that Jeck has returned, we need to have a party.

In fact...



I could get on that.
stop being white anon
Jeck pls. Moar moonie porn.
File: 1444757421655.png (2MB, 2100x2800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2100x2800px
Would you a awkward Moondancer?
Like you guys appreciated his Spoiled rich lewd.
Just saying.
Not that monstrosity, No. A million times no
I never saw it - link?
No. You're not worthy of seeing it.
stop being fags fags
see >>25016652
Cheeses Crust that is cute.
Are you stalking me? Because this is strangely like my life
>Not wanting qt bipedal Moonie.
She stood up on her hind legs just for you faggot.
She can use those anthro hind legs to get on a stool and hang herself
you can hang yourself as well
>Not loving Moonie in any form she comes to you.

I think you're the one who needs to hang himself.
>Loving impure biped Horse moonie
Please off yourself Anthro-chan. I bet you're bisexual as well
Nah, 100% moonsexual unlike your faggot ass.
Moondancer has a cute butthole. I want to kiss it.
Holy shit, that sounded hella gay
I want Moonie to moon me
Gay for Moondancer.
Even if Moon had a penis?
I'd give her the best fucking head she's ever recieved in her liife.
Forget just pitching or catching, I'd play the whole field.
See this is why I can't Waifu. First Trixie. Then Harshwhinny. Then Chrysalis. Then Maud. And now Moondancer. They're all such good Waifu material.
Be lucky you weren't in the lamentations thread. You'd really be an indecisive shit then
I remember those threads. I got so invested in white knighting for muh waifu(s) that it started to seriously affect other facets of my life.
File: 1397299393279.jpg (184KB, 1250x1250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184KB, 1250x1250px
Who is this semen demon???
File: 1402176054047.png (154KB, 750x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154KB, 750x750px
thats glitter, from probably one of the best and most mangled greens I have ever read. I miss it
>Not showing the one with his balls and ponut
You disgust me you fucking pleb
wait, there is a version like that?

hey guys. Let's talk about Moondancer. Not some silly Oc.
File: 587844.png (491KB, 1208x1737px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
491KB, 1208x1737px


Still reading, jeck
Me too.
>being this gullible
I'm gonna need some sauce on that, obviously for masturbatory purposes.
I want to hold Moondancer's hand

I still can't believe that we got with the trap. Of all the amazing options we had we went with the one that had a dick.
That's some serious autism anon
"Wish I was curled up in bed with Moondancer insteadinstead of at work" bump
welcome to 4chan
Anyone else lurking >>25055475. Should we invite them to this thread?
Lurking now, might be an idea to invite them
Proposed thread theme:
I really want to hear the sound of our hips crashing together as I pound her into the mattress.
Why can't you just want to cuddle her anon? Just love her? All you want is her body you kissless virgin!
>Kissles virgin
Try again buddy
100% perfect virgin.
Cheese face NEET virgin?
No and no. Also checked.
All of the above then. Got it.
Dubs have spoken! Anon is a 100% pure cheese face kissless virgin NEET
You guys I swear. Is it that hard to believe a non virgin exists on /mlp/? Anyway we're here to discuss Moondancer not me.
>deflecting the conversation
Nice try loser! We know the truth! But you're right. We're here for moondancer. Not how lame your life is
Personally I want to have her on top, I've always imagined her having just the right amount of fat on her to make a glorious *thwup thwup thwup* sound when you thrust up into her.
Fucking unf! That'd be music to my ears.
Dont die.
>No contribution
>Just bumps
Really guys? I mean, it's not that hard to even just discuss Moondancer. It's the most basic contribution to the thread! But noooo, you just want to be spoonfed the entire time.
Discuss moondancer, people try writing, or even drawing some moonie. Bumps doesn't do anything. Why do you even like Moondancer? What makes you like her?
would it be comedic if i said i really like her mane?
Would it be weird if I said she reminded me of velma from scooby doo? Cause that's the kinda vibe I get.
Fuck off with your hyper-paranoia bullshit.
At this point I'm not sure I even want to know.
moondancer is cool
>You are M.A. Larson. Even though Amending Fences had some of the lowest ratings in all of season five, you want to bring back Moondancer in some capacity for season six. Mainly for those loyal anons who always have that thread up of her on 4chans. What will her new episode be about should it be just one episode? Should you write a mini story ark involving Moondancer, Trixie and Twilight? Can you make her a recurring character?
What was said?
It was a post saying 4chan is joining the botnot or something.
It just linked to an edgier version of 4chan that I can't name because 4chan's filtering it now.

Welp, got nothing better to do
Oh doompaul faggotry then
Night Watch Nine Bump
Laat time I'm bumping this thread. I tried stirring the pot with >>25075313 but you faggots don't really want to discuss Moondancer. You all just want to keep bumping for that writefag. Getting off the Moondancer ride soon.
I bet the writefag is tired of the laziness also
For a Moondancer focussed episode:

>Moondancer is enjoying her newly rekindled social life, but feels she needs more fulfilment in her life, so applies to be a Librarian. However, she struggles to keep a balance between her working and social life, anxious that she's not devoting enough time to her friends or her new job. In the end, her friends reassure her that they understand that other obligations - they all have jobs and commitments, after all - get in the way of spending time together, but that doesn't mean that their friendship is diminished in any way.
>When she notices that you've noticed her fidgeting, she elects to sit on her hands instead, bouncing nervously as you plug the Japanese restaurant's address into your GPS
>"S-sorry about my sister, by the w-way... she c-can be a little weird sometimes..."
"Eh, she's cool. Do... do just the two of you live there?"
>"Oh, yeah... I d-don't really see my parents much..."
>The tone of her voice tells you that it's not a topic she'd like to discuss further
"Ah, yeah..."
>Shit, change the topic fast!
"So, um... what kind of music do you like?"
>"Oh... whatever, really. I listen to a lot of just random stuff..."
>"N-nothing cool. J-just, like, video game s-soundtracks. Japanese m-music sometimes. Stuff like that."
"You like a lot of Japanese music, huh?"
>"Wh-wha? I mean... I g-guess... they've j-just got a lot of c-cool stuff..."
>Man, what a dork
>You love it
"Well... that's not really my thing, honestly."
>"Th-that's fine! We c-can listen to whatever you want to, it's your car."
"We'll take turns. But yeah, it's my car, so I go first."
>You wink at Moondancer, and plug your iPod into the good old aux cable
"Hope you like punk music."


>Moondancer bobs her head along as the guitar screams out through your speakers
>"Th-this is pretty cool..."
"Yeah? You like?"
>She nods
>"Do you h-have more like this?"
"Oh, yeah, a bunch. You want to hear any of them, or...?"
>She nods
>"Y-yeah, totally! B-but I get to take my turn first..."
>As soon as your song ends, she gingerly unplugs the aux chord and hooks it up to her phone, holding her tongue between her teeth as she scrolls through
>"H-here! Tell me what you think of this!"


>The song starts out about like you'd think, some girly, bubbly Japanese voices spitting nonsense
"Um... what?"
>Moondancer grins, sheepish
>"Y-you like it?"
"It's, um... what the hell am I listening to? Is this even the same song?"
>"H-heh, yeah... it's... n-nevermind, they're just a really weird band..."
>She reaches to unplug her phone
"Nah, let it play. It's weird as fuck, sure, but I can dig it."
>The embarrassment begins to fade from Moondancer's face
>"I-I mean, if you're sure you like it... I'll let it finish..."
>She folds her hands back beneath her, rocking with the beat of her weird Japanese music
So is that loser Jeck not finishing his story?
File: 1442208504206.gif (157KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157KB, 500x333px
He'd better. I don't bet on losing horses.
Have Anon play saleel sawarim or "Allahu" next. He's not even Muslim, just likes the sound of their songs.
Nah, no need for nasheeds here www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKiB8-2LK6s
Thanks anon, now I'm on a government watchlist!
>calling one of two contributors a loser
>caring only about a silly horse girl story and not what may have happened to the writefag
I hope he does quit writing for you entitled NEETS.
>inb4 salty
>inb4 I-I was just joking!
What is bump!?
Baby don't hurt me
I don't have to give a shit about his personal life, you dick sucking of a tripfag homosexual, get straight.
Then shut the fuck up complaining about no story you cock mongloid, kissless cheese face neckbeard virgin.
Whatever you posted set off my filters, therefore, I'm not reading your post. Better luck next time for when you want to defend your bending over ways for a tripfag.
>Lalalalalalal I'm not listening! LALALALALALALA
Top kek. What a homo. Off yourself
Oh shit! You're the kissless virgin from yesterday! You actually put it into your filters! My sides!
Christ on a bike, the Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne derailment looks like a fucking speedbump compared to this thread.
he's right though, there's a big difference between appreciating/respecting someone for their work and outright sucking their dick
Moondancer Moondancer can't you see?
How was I sucking his dick? You don't have any idea what's going on in his IRL, so complaining about having no story is just a load of shit. I didn't compliment him or anything. I just said shut the fuck up complaining about no story if you don't know what's going on. For all we know the nigga might be dead. In this case he's not right. The first one to say "you're sucking his dick!" isn't right moron.
This pls
How you seem to make me reeeeeee
>calling one of two contributors a loser
>caring only about a silly horse girl story and not what may have happened to the writefag
>I hope he does quit writing for you entitled NEETS.
If this isn't dick sucking I don't know what is
I could beat myself over the head all day trying to get you to understand me, but I honestly don't want to bother with a bunch NEETS with nothing better to do than bait out of boredom. I'm with this guy >>25076736
File: 1422202056671.jpg (90KB, 628x444px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90KB, 628x444px
>japanese music
>not Super Eurobeat
>this is a shit post
Who are you quoting?
File: 1443733406131.gif (1MB, 178x274px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 178x274px
>literally every sentence starting with a stutter
Oh fuck. Didn't notice that
Page 10
emergency bump
You will now hear everything she says in the voice of Walt Junior.
This man has good taste.
Jeck is kill
>implying your government cares about anything that happens in the balkans
Hey /o/, what's up? How's that new corvette treating ya?
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