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Ponies that can't kick the habit

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Twilights cure.png
2MB, 3230x2639px
Don't forget to bump! - Edition
This thread is about ponies that are addicted to Anons cum.

So far, only three writefags and two drawfags have stepped up.
Feel free to contribute your own write- or drawfagging to the thread.
Reposting the last few parts. I have changed and fleshed them out a tiny bit.
>In the meantime Twilight is still riding your fingers like a cowgirl, while your other hand steadies her back so she doesn't topple over.
>Stealing a kiss or two whenever you stop talking for a moment and her eyes never leaving yours.
>Her leaking marehood drenches your crotch and the couch's fabric that lies underneath... Hopefully she knows a quick spell to clean both.
>Judging from her increased tightness and frequency of winking, she must be pretty close.
>Twilight even slowed down for parts of your story, so she doesn't cum. Denying herself her own orgasm.
>How kinky. You wonder why.
>She ceases the moments of her hips and plants a rough kiss on your mouth.
>Prying your lips open and immediately going for what she wants.
>Your teeth.
>Her tongue runs back and forth along the underside of them before probing your canines. Moaning directly into your mouth as she does so.
>Lifting her pelvis up, she frees your appendages out of her wet grasp and rests her body on yours.
>And then breaks the kiss, suckling on your lower lip as her mouth disconnects.
>”Oh my~ You have a depraved fantasy...”
>You chuckle and put your slick fingers to good use.
>By teasingly tracing and prodding the entrance of her black ring, eliciting a deep and husky moan from her.
“Not as depraved as the things I'm going to do to you.”
>She throatily giggles.
>”True... Hnngaah... I really liked the part where you degraded her.”
“You did?”
>”Mhm~ I wouldn't like that myself...”
>”But it somehow fits her. The Mmhh... proud and down-to-earth earth pony mare, broken by a hard cock. And liking it. So... Ach... hot~”
>Your index finger slightly enters your marefriend. Probing along the strong muscular ring.
“Glad you liked it. One more act to go.”
>Twilight presses her forehead against yours.
>”The grand finale?”
>Hmmmm~ Can't wait, stud.”
>Her gaze wanders lower to your penis, which now stands fully erect again.
>Seeing her working herself up and reliving your favourite fantasy made sure it didn't stay flaccid for too long.
>”Looks like someone is ready for some fun~”
“Could be.”
>Smirking, she pushes your hand away from her plot and positions it over your throbbing member.
>Poking and gently parting it with your glans.
>Her amethyst orbs stare at you. Softly twinkling in the faint light.
>”Wanna use my back door? While you tell me about using hers?”
>Oh wow... Nothing more than that~ But...
“You aren't lubed up, Twi... Are you sure?”
>Your marefriend nods and kisses your nose.
>”I know~ But I think, I want to try some rougher stuff too...”
>She seductively smiles.
>”Just imagine... Nothing between you and me. One hundred percent direct contact.”
>Either pony bowels lubricate themselves or Twilight doesn't know that raw anal hurts both parties like hell.
>You should at least get some lube on your dick. And you just know how too~
“Okay. Just one moment, Twi.”
>Lifting her up by the hips, you hold her above your shaft and let some of her nectar flow onto it.
>Luckily ponies produce vast amounts of them. Which surprised you at first, but know you couldn't live without that any more.
>A small rivulet slowly begins to coat it with a thin film of her natural lubrication. It's warm and sticky but also incredibly pleasant.
>She intently watches and tenses and relaxes her muscles in alternation to increase the flow.
>”Mmmmhhh~ Do you see what you do to me? I might die of dehydration~”
“Don't worry. I will rehydrate you soon enough.”
>”Oh my~”
>Once you think it's lubricated enough, you put her ponut back onto it. Still holding her, to prevent a premature impalement from her side.
>It still will be rough enough... You hardly doubt that this will last long.
>”Good idea, stud~”
>You snort.
“Sometimes I'm smart too. Especially when it comes to sexy things.”
>Twilight snickers and nuzzles your chin.
>”I know~ And I love every single one of your sexy ideas.”
>She tries to put more weight onto your shaft, but fails.
>”Aww... come on. Lemme fuck you.”
>Your cock twitches. You love it when she gets all dirty and depraved like that.
>Begging for a hard dicking~ U-Unf...
“Don't you want to wait until I continue with my story?”
>Twilight pouts.
>”You are right... But let me do one thing before that too, please.”
“Of course.”
>She smiles and her horn lights up.
>A familiar sensation returns to your testicles. Making them feel nearly uncomfortable full.
>Another burst of magic is added... But this time it feels different. Warmer and... far more intense tactile wise.
>It's not painful, but not exactly nice either. Just a very dull feeling inside your balls that slowly spreads throughout your whole length..
>What is she doing?
>Luckily it fizzles away soon and she sighs contently.
>”That should have done the trick.”
“W-What did you do?”
>Giggling, she puts her hooves on your chest. Pushing herself away and straightening her back.
>”An experiment~ Just wait and see.”
>An experiment... Twilight's experiments usually have some side effects.
“Okay... But you didn't change anything down there, did you?”
>”Nah~ I wouldn't change anything you have... It's perfect the way it is~”
“Heh, thanks.” you say, blushing.
>Twilight stares into your eyes. A sly grin on her lips.
>”Now do go on~ I wanna hear how it ends.”
>She moves in closer to your head and whispers:
>”And feel it too~”
“O-Of course not...”
>You take a step back from your boss's abused form and take a look at it.
>She is still panting heavily, trying to regain her breath and strength.
>Her form hangs limply in the ties that hold her legs. Softly swaying from side to side.
>Your gaze wanders down her chest and stomach to her private parts.
>Applejack's marehood is all red and swollen. A combined effort from her heat and your reckless pounding.
>It's also hasn't ceased to continuously leak your love efforts.
>But you should have shot a good amount directly into her womb, so her body's desire to fertilize her eggs should be satisfied. Even if you aren't compatible.
>Pony bodies are pretty small, so full entrance is quite easily to achieve.
>She slowly recovers from her orgasm induced tipsiness and takes a deep breath.
>Her muzzle scrunches up and she tries to get a fore leg closer to it.
>But of course, fails to do so.
>Silly pony, you are still tied up.
>Groaning, she shoots you a pleading look.
>You chuckle and scratch the tip of her snout. A sigh of relief escapes it.
>”Ahhh..... Thanks, sugarcube. That itch bothered me fer a while now.”
“No problem. What about your other itch?”
>”Mah other itch...? Oh~”
>She giggles.
>”You scratched this one pretty good~ How did ya know Ah like... Uhmm... If y'all... you know...”
>The blush returns to her cheeks and she averts your eyes.
>Aww... How cute. Now she is all embarrassed about that.
“The demeaning?”
“Well... you did call yourself a dirty whorse. And...”
>You kneel down to face her.
“I wanted to see how far you are willing to go with that.”
>Applejack smiles.
>”Pretty far, huh?”
>Returning her smile, you cup her face.
“Yep. But don't worry. Nopony will hear a word from me about that.”
>”Thanks, hun. It's just...”
“Don't justify the things you like. It's only a fetish.”
>”Ah know... Still Ah feel like shit afterwards. Y'all didn't mean the things ya said, did ya?”
“Certainly not. You are a great pony, AJ. Also you could buck me to pieces...”
>You laugh and she chimes in.
>”That's right! Never forget that, sugar.”
>Her facial features relax and she puckers her lips, opening them slightly. Her tongue beckoning you to come closer.
>Looks like the time for rough stuff is over.
>You close your eyes and lock lips with her.
>With all the pent up lust out of your systems, this kiss is not one of hunger or desperate ecstasy but one of passion.
>Your tongue brushes against hers and teases it out of it's hiding place.
>Meeting it in the neutral ground that is the space where your mouths connect.
Yay, another habit thread!
>”Fuck her already! So we can fuck!” Twilight states, with a hint of desperation in her voice
>Oh my~
>Now you really want to tease her more. Maybe make her beg for it like AJ in your fantasy?
>That would be hot.
“What is holding you back? Just push your hips down.”
>She shoots you an angry glare.
>”Your hands. They are holding me back...”
>Heh. She is right. They are still holding her firm, plush rump in place. Only allowing your cock to prod the entrance to her forbidden temple once in a while.
>Getting her hopes up every time by entering it a tiny bit, before denying her the sensation of penetration that she desires so much right now.
>She must like it though... Each time you do so, a small stream of her nectar leaves her marehood.
>Running down her thighs and onto yours.
“What a pity~”
>”Anon... please. I need it...”
>It begins~
“Perhaps if you beg for it?” you say, smirking
>A bright blush creeps on her face. It has been a while since you last seen one so intense.
>You have missed them.
>Her eyes dart from side to side. She must ponder about this.
“Just do it, Twi.”
>To help convincing your marefriend, you lower her body a little.
>Your glans gets slowly engulfed by her tight black ring.
>”Hngah! Yes~”
>Twilight gnaws on her lower lip. Her eyes half lidded and unfocused.
>Is she already this close?
>You lean forward and take the tip of her ear into your mouth. Gently nibbing and nipping on it.
>Eliciting quiet, husky moans from her.
>The hot breath she expires hits your neck, sending mild shudders down your spine.
>This is as sensual as it gets~ Where did everything go so right?
>”Ravage me...”
“More.” you whisper.
>She inhales sharply.
>”I want your cock...”
>Your just mentioned penis twitches.
>”Inside my ass. Please....”
>Twilight licks your earlobe.
>”Fuck it raw and...”
>Her tongue invades your ear canal, bearing into it's shallow depths.
>”Fill me up~”
>She retrieves it and blows softly on your wet ear.
>That is what you wanted to hear.
“Your wish...”
>Gradually you let your cock sink into your marefriend's intestines until...
>”Aaahh... Yes! Deeper... Please!”
>...Her stretched ponut hilts against your pelvis.
>It goes in far easier this time.
>But still it's incredible tight...
>And with the renewed spell it feels like you could explode any moment now... As the other god knows how many times of you ejaculating in and on her never happened.
“... Is my command.”
>You break the kiss and wait for her to open her eyes again.
>Once you can see those beautiful shining emeralds, you beam her a smile. Which she, slightly blushing, returns.
>She really is a pretty pony. Despite her obvious blemishes, like the scars she got from various accidents and encounters with the Equestrian wild life.
>Or the chipped tooth she has.
>One could say that she is a bit rough around the edges. But...
>All these flaws only accentuate her natural beauty.
>Maybe something more could bloom from this?
>”Was finding a... Hnngaah... a marefriend through sex always your plan?”
>You chuckle.
“Kinda. It worked, didn't it?”
>Twilight snickers.
>”It did.”
>She raises her hindquarters, and lets her rump slide up your cock before gently going down on it again.
>Very, very slowly your marefriends begins to ride you. Taking more than a few seconds for each inch of your length.
>Giving you the full sensation of every bump, hump and irregularity of her rectal tunnel.
>”Nnhhaa... Anon... “
>Fuck! What was that spell she cast? Everything feels so much more intense.
>You feel your climax rapidly coming...
>But it stops mere milliseconds before the actual release.
>What is this sorcery?
>Your face contorts in ecstasy and frustrated lust that won't dilute... You hear Twilight laugh.
>”Like it?”
“W-What? Mmhhaa....”
>She increases the pace of her hips bobbing movements.
>A fold of her bowel rubs along your whole shaft.
>Another orgasm bodes itself... But just like the first one it fizzles away ere it can happen.
“Hnng... What did you do?”
>”Oh~ I just looked a certain spell up~ From my sexy spell books.”
“S-Sexy spell books?”
>Those exist?!
>”Yeah... Mmhhaach! So deep~”
>Twilight lets your throbbing cock hilt. Relishing it's frantic twitches inside her as a third denied ejaculation wells up.
>”It's an altered orgasm denial spell. Which I weaved together with a sensitivity spell...”
“Orgasm denial? That is mean...”
>Not only mean... It abuts to sadism. Especially in this combination...
>”A bit?” she gigglesnorts, “But don't worry...”
>She locks eyes with you. Her lips bearing a thin grin.
>”Every orgasm you hit will not be wasted... They will all be combined, once I allow you to cum~”
>You thought you were the one in control here... Never have you been more wrong.
>Sly, kinky, depraved and clever pony. And you love every aspect of her.
>How the tides can turn. Now you are at her mercy
>”With diminishing returns of course, but still it should be the best orgasm of your life~”
>Twilight presses her nose against yours. Her fore hooves on your shoulders, pulling you closer.
>You never asked for this... But also, you never know you wanted this. How strong it will get, you wonder.
>A quick peck is planted on the tip of your nose.
>”You gave me my best fuck the last time you used this hole...”
>Followed by one on your forehead.
>”And I wanted to give you yours this time~”
>Her hips elevate once more.
>”So you don't forget me, while you are out drinking with Kirron.”
“I would never... Hnggah!”
>And go down again, this time quite rapidly.
>Giving you your fourth pseudo climax.
>”I know~ But a little reminder cannot hurt, can it? Also...”
>She gyrates her flanks. Using your rod as the central point of the circle she draws with them.
>”After the fifth or so orgasm, it will take longer for the next one to build up... So you can concentrate on telling me your story again~”
“H-How many?”
>”Will you achieve?”
>Your marefriend smacks her lips.
>”Ten? Twelve? Maybe twenty? Depending on how much time you need~”
“And when will you...”
>”Allow you to shoot your concentrated, pent up and collective load deep into my intestines?” she interrupts you.
>Twilight laughs throatily.
>”As soon as the fantasy you shoots it into Applejack's~ So...”
>She pokes you in the chest.
>”The faster you tell me your story, the faster you will impregnate my ass~ But it will be also far less fun for you.”
>The hoof crawls up to your shoulder again.
>”Find the right balance between details and fast story telling, and everything will be fine~”
>Sounds easy enough.
“O-Okay... But I will get you back for this, you know that, don't you?”
>Twilight giggles.
>”I know~ And I will wait patiently and eagerly for your payback.”
>You will have to think of something... A shame that you can't use magic too. Then it would be easy.
>But you have a few tricks up your sleeve, that she doesn't know about yet. In your attic... In a small cardboard box.
>A gift from your last human girlfriend. Or was it a joke gift from your friends?
>You don't know any more. And it doesn't matter.
>What matters is that you are long overdue to introduce Equestria to human sex toys~
>But everything at the proper time. First you have to endure Twilight's lewd torture.
>”Now do go on, please. Before...”
>She breathes on the wet spots her kisses created. Sending a shudder, which is far more pleasant than it has any right to be, down your spine.
>”You cannot concentrate any more... And if your story has no ending...”
>Your marefriend straightens herself. The resulting movements of her body are directly transferred to your over-sensitive penis.
>Just barely you avoid to cum once again.
>”You wont have one too~”
“I thought you wanted to give me the best orgasm of my life?”
>Her grin returns.
>”I changed my mind~ This is way too much fun~”
>Yeah... This will have an aftermath.
And I'm off to work.
Pastebin is updated. http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
Until later mates.
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Applejack bath.jpg
95KB, 700x700px
>You behold at Applejack for a while more. Engrossed by her features.
>She starts to wiggle around in her ties. Trying to hide her exposed body from your blatant staring.
>Obviously it's beginning to make her feel really uncomfortable.
>That dumb grin you have on your lips probably doesn't help either...
>”W-Whatcha staring at?”
>Her voice snaps you back to reality, and you beam her a soft smile.
“Oh sorry... Was I staring?”
>Real smooth, lover boy.
>”Y-Ya were...”
“Sorry again. I was lost.”
>Applejack leans her head sidewards in confusion.
>”In what?”
>Now or never. Don't fuck it up.
“Your beauty.”
>A blush as red as the sinking sun, spreads like a wildfire across her cheeks.
>”M-Mah what?!”
>She snorts.
>”Dontcha humour me, hun. Ah know what Ah look like.”
“Why would I humour you?”
>”Ah don't know! Ta butter me up even more?”
>You chuckle and cup her burned up face in one hand.
“I think you are already buttered up enough. Judging from the ground beneath you.”
>”The handsome stallion who tells the ugly duckling that she is in reality a beautiful swan? How cliché...”
>Twilight's rump slides down your cock. Making sure her rectal tunnel is extra tight, by tensing it up.
>The lubrication already starts to wear off... The friction is still pleasant but gets more noticeable with each complete entrance.
“Ach! Twi...!”
>With a loud and wet slap noise, you hilt against her plot.
>And that is the sixth one.
>You can really feel those orgasms stacking up now. A warm and tingling feeling in the general area of your crotch. Like the normal sensation you have when you cum, but duller.
>And never, ever ending... Always in the background. Lurking... Waiting to be released.
>You don't know if you like it or not.
>”Cliches must be punished~”
>At least she thinks that you are handsome...
>Your boss looks into a corner. Obviously embarrassed and flattered.
>”Ya... Y'all really think Ahm pretty?”
“No... Sorry AJ. Twilight thinks it's cliché.
>She nods understandingly.
>”Ah okay. Ah understand.”
“No hard feelings?
>”No hard feelings.”
>”Hey! No cheating~”
>Twilight moves her snout to right underneath your ear.
>”That is a punishable offence too~”
>Your marefriend picks up some serious speed on the pace of her riding. Letting your shaft deeply penetrate her in quick succession.
>The tightness in her, manipulating your foreskin. Pulling it down and up again, creating extra rubbing and thus extra pleasure.
>All the while rapidly flicking your earlobe and generally molesting the skin around it with her tongue.
>Blowing every few seconds on the wet patches her saliva created.
>How she manages to coordinate all that, is a mystery to you.
>”Mmyyaa! Anon!”
>That sensitivity spell is really something else. It blows up even the gentlest touches and caresses to unbelievable proportions.
>Not to speak of the stuff that already is pleasant and satisfying as hell under normal circumstances.
>Your mouth is open, but no noises or moans come out of it.
>Your hands lie clenched up next to you, unable of stopping her.
>The heavenly pleasure you experience right now takes all your brain capacities.
>Number seven.... Number eight.... Number nine. Aw Fuck! When will it stop?!
>But luckily she decides that one minute of this is enough and switches back to slow and consummated movements from before.
>The soft fur that covers her plush flanks settles on your hips once again.
>Your mind gradually recovers and you sigh in relief.
Hmm it's not much. Sorry for that.
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Sparkling clean.png
1MB, 808x988px
>15 minutes
>page 6
>the shitposting is real.
Anyway... Rewrote the last Twi scene a bit, so I can take it into a new direction

>”The handsome stallion who tells the ugly duckling that she is in reality a beautiful swan? How cliché...”
>Twilight's rump slides down on your cock. Making sure her rectal tunnel is extra tight, by tensing it up.
>The lubrication already starts to wear off... Friction-wise it's still pleasant, but gets more noticeable with each complete entrance.
“Ach! Twi...!”
>With a loud and wet slap noise, you hilt against her plot.
>Your groin convolutes and jerks upwards in attempt to shoot your load deep into her. But of course her spell prevents that from happening.
>So it's your sixth denied launch.
>You can really feel those orgasms stacking up now. A warm and tingling feeling in the general area of your crotch. Like the normal sensation you get when you cum, but duller.
>And never, ever ending... Always in the background. Lurking... Waiting to be released.
>You don't know if you should like it or not.
>Hopefully it is worth the wait and the ordeal.
>”Cliches must be punished~”
>At least she thinks that you are handsome...
>Your boss looks into a corner. Obviously embarrassed and flattered.
>”Ya... Y'all really think Ahm pretty?”
“No... Sorry AJ. Twilight thinks it's cliché.”
>She nods understandingly.
>Oh, okay. Ah understand.”
“No hard feelings?
>”No hard feelings.”
>”Hey! No cheating~”
>Your marefriend's snout approaches your ear. Breathing into it.
>”That is a punishable offence too~”
>She gradually increases the speed of her riding. Letting her inhumanely tight bowels get penetrated faster and faster by your over-sensitive and wildly twitching cock.
>The tightness inside her is manipulating your foreskin. Pulling it down and up again in unison with the bobbing of her loins. Creating extra rubbing and thus extra pleasure.
>At the same time she takes your earlobe into her mouth and rapidly alternates between suckling and nibbling on it.
>Blowing every few seconds on the wet patches her saliva created and exploring the rest of your ear with her tongue
>How she manages to coordinate all that, is a mystery to you.
>”Mmyyaa! Anon!” she whisper-yells as she slams particular hard against your hips.
>That sensitivity spell is really something else. It blows even the gentlest touches and caresses up to unbelievable proportions.
File: Twi preening.jpg (280KB, 600x858px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi preening.jpg
280KB, 600x858px
>”You don't know how bad I want your cum inside me... Why won't you give it to me?”
>Number seven.... Number eight.... Number nine. Aw Fuck! When will it end?!
>Twilight switches back to the slow and consummated movements from before. But puts extra care and effort into them.
>Deliberately protracting the point of deepest penetration. But then prolonging it once it finally happens by grinding against your pelvis.
“Nnggh... Twi... please!”
>You franticly push her flanks down. To achieve just that little extra bit of ecstasy you need to let loose.
>To paint her insides white.
>To fill her up with your sticky, creamy and thick seed.
>To coat every inch with it.
>You want nothing more than that right now.
>It is so near... Yet so far away. Always you scrape past the point of return, but never reach it.
>This is so frustrating! God damn it!
>It drives you into madness...
>”Cum! Please!”
>Is she fucking kidding you?
>That sly and self-assured grin on her lips speaks volumes.
>She enjoys this far too much for her own good.
So now I try to go to sleep again.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
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Yeah, not too much it seems. I need to get ready for work now, so updates will have to wait until tonight.
Stay fresh, mates.
ill try my best to keep the thread alive after the season 5 shit storm but just be ready because the thread might be killed when you get back
Thanks. Sadly I cannot watch a stream of it... I will have to watch it all alone later ;_;
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>save bump
Waiting for story
Just watching the premiere. I like it so far. The song was nice.
Starlight Glimmer cameo when?
Heh. She is a pretty sexy pone. Especially her voice.
Watching show.
>Song kicks in
Holy shit. It's like nazi march
>tfw when I like it
File: Twily 10 out of 10.jpg (48KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twily 10 out of 10.jpg
48KB, 500x500px
Just finished te premiere and I was pleasantly surprised. I liked it a whole lot.
The song was perfect. Especially that adorable dance of this one mare. And Flutters's head bobbing. Topcute / 10
Forgot to crop them.
File: Flutterbobbing.gif (1MB, 478x267px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 478x267px
File: Flutterbanging.gif (1MB, 478x267px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 478x267px
File: Its Not Evil.png (170KB, 490x590px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Its Not Evil.png
170KB, 490x590px
Okay enough dilly dallying and rewatching the song, back to writing.
Just one more time...
Crossroads stop listening to that song and write some green
I-if you wanna of course
I'm already on it. And I got an idea for an ending to this fantasy. I hope that you all will like it. It involves cumming inside Twilight and Applejack at the same time!
File: 1428174390815.png (383KB, 640x367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
383KB, 640x367px
File: Waiting for you.jpg (489KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Waiting for you.jpg
489KB, 1920x1080px
Prelude to the last clop scene.
>Another orgasm wells up, just to peter out once more.
>Twilight lets out a quiet laugh as she feels your cock jerk and flinch inside her.
>”Oh wow~ That was a strong one... Number ten I assume?”
>Does she count your orgasms or what?
>Snickering, she nuzzles your lips.
>”Every tenth orgasm will be extra strong. That's one of the alternations to the spell I made~ So I know how good I make you feel.”
>She really does think of everything. You wonder since when she has planned this.
>Maybe that is her own favourite fantasy... But it seems rather cruel for her.
>”Wanna cum?” she whispers.
“Yes!” you blurt out
>”Sadly, you can't.”
>She pushes herself away from you.
>”Not until I hear the end of your story.”
>Her hips wiggle a bit to free themselves from the grasp of your hands. They slide off and fall next to you rather easily, due to the immense pleasure you experience you right now.
>And then start their bobbing again.
>There is now way you can concentrate on your story telling no. The human mind is not made for this kind of unnatural act.
>It's screaming at you in confusion. Not knowing what to do or what is happening. Begging you to run away so it can recollect.
>Is that what Twilight feels when you do this predator thing to her?
>How can she enjoy that?! Or even draw pleasure out of that.
“Twilight... I can't...”
>Her movements cease as you are half-way inside her again.
>Your cock is glistening and shining. At least you don't have to worry about lubrication any more, as it seems like it leaks enough precum to count as a full magical enhanced ejaculation.
>”But I wanna know how it ends.... You can't leave me on a cliffhanger like that.” she whines.
“But Twiligh-”
>”No buts! Try to concentrate~”
>Twilight giggles and shoots you a wink. You let out a frustrated sigh in return.
>But an idea comes to your mind...
>She wanna know how it ends?
>Why tell her, if you can show her?
>It's time to get back in control.
>You muster all willpower that isn't occupied with keeping you conscious and grab your marefriend by her barrel.
>And throw her onto the couch. Now she is lying on her back in front of you. Hind legs spread wide and her ponut still slightly open from your sudden exit out of it.
>”Anon~ What are doing?”
>She isn't even one bit shocked. Did she want that to happen?
>You smirk at her and bring her hips up to your crotch. Prodding the entrance to her bowels with your pulsating member.
>Even that is enough to bring you to the edge of your next climax.
“Showing you how it ends, dear Twilight.” you say with a husky voice.
>”This is cheating too, you know~”
“I don't care. Punish me all you want. I will bring this to an end, one way or another.”
>Twilight hums and licks her lips.
>”Are you stallion enough for that?”
>”Okay~ Show me, stud.”
Cross, do you have any idea what's up with those eight enchanted Meadowbrook's things?
Not really. But I would like to see more of them in the future. Maybe they have to collect them all for the season finale?
Also taking a short break.
I hope so
File: Hey whats up.png (242KB, 900x972px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hey whats up.png
242KB, 900x972px
I'm back - bump.
Have there been any new stories with cum-addicted Celestia and Luna yet?
Still no new content with the princesses. Sorry mate.
No other writefags want to join.
This is just torture... Pure. Fucking. Torture...

Could you just imagine this happening to you... It would be fucking awesome, yet completely painful and cruel at the same time. Being on the edge of orgasm for several minutes, let alone being on MULTIPLE! Orgasms at once. Jesus Christ man... What would happen if you came? You dick would fucking split in half then and your little giblets would be gone, talk about bustin a fuckin nut, damn son...
This shouldn't expand my dong.
But is does. And god almighty does this make me cringe... I couldn't begin to think about the torture poor Anon is going through... And once he does manage to cum. Twilight best know how to swim...
I await moar... And until moar is posted...

I shall lurk in teh darknessh... Rubbing my scrotum and crying softly ;_;
But it does!
Orgasm denial is a pretty nice thing. Never experienced it myself though.
Also Twi is used to vast amounts of cum in and on her by now, so she should be fine.
I have experienced it before in my life... And let me tell you this... It's a win/lose ordeal...

Organism is one thing... But being left on the edge of orgasm, is another...

Let me put this in some more... Troll worthy prospective...
Say you're playing some counter strike. global offensive, and you just bought a fuck ton of cases. About 200+

Within these 200 cases, you are going to get a factory new, stattrak, butterfly knife. But you will only get this on the very last case that you have. And in order to get this, you have to open all the cases. And bare through all the pass-bys...

To make this even worse for you. You won't ever get a red during the opening. You might not even get a pink either. But you will 100% get the knife at the end.

And to torture you even more. You will land between pinks and reds, almost ever... Single... Time... You have to sit there. And bare through the torture, and the pain, of watching all of those nice looking reds and pinks go by... It's horrid.

And trust me. If you have played CSGO before. You know what the hell I'm talking about... That Stattrak AWP Man'o'war... Missing it by a nipple... Hits you right in the feels... And the wallet...
It's a very odd way of putting it... But you are denied everything and anything. To gain something epic at the end... And you have to bare through it to.

Only. instead of cases and the pass-bys... You're on the brink of orgasm. And are denied to cum until the very end...
Sounds pretty nice and hot though... I like big rewards.
>Slowly you let your shaft penetrate her tight ponut. Trying hard not to cause too much friction.
>Inch by inch it slides into your marefriend's intestines, parting their slick, muscular walls with easy.
>”Hnggh... Yah... A bit more, hun.”
>Hun? Maybe you misheard that.
>Until your pelvis hilt against her plush plot.
>You enjoy the intensive feeling of being deep into her. Accustoming to the sensations that the tightness and structure of her rump gives you, before starting to thrust in and out of her.
>Slow and controlled at first. You want to see how much you can take when you move on your own.
>The folds and ripples of your marefriend's rectal tunnel against your whole length. Eliciting short winded moans from both of you and pushing you closer and closer to your eleventh denied release.
>Your hips slam against hers with a satisfying smack and you shudder.
>Number eleven.
>She giggles.
>”Y'all are not showing me much, sugar.”
>Now you definitely didn't misheard that now. She clearly said “Y'all”...
>Is she trying to imitate Applejack? By all means, she isn't bad at that, but it's irritating.
>You shoot your marefriend a confused look, but she just stares at you. Both fore hooves under her chin, pressed against her chest and a sultry smile on her luscious lips.
>”Go on~”
>A bit flabbergasted, you continue your advances into her forbidden lands. Controlling your breathing to be as steady and regular as possible.
>So you don't lose your concentration when the next few inevitable pseudo ejaculations happen.
>It is still intensive as fuck, but you slowly get used to it.
>Faster and faster you impale Twilight with your throbbing cock.
>The twelfth orgasms hits you and passes by nearly unnoticed.
>Not unnoticed, but you are not as bothered or distracted by it as you were with the last ones.
>Only the dull, ecstatic feeling grows stronger and spreads further throughout your crotch.
>Did it just start to tingle? Holy fuck... This won't help you one bit.
>But you can't slow down now. As far as you can tell, she hasn't even cum once yet. And you have to convince her to let you finally cum for real.
>And defile her insides with your pent up sperm. You wonder how much it will be...
>Twelve orgasms now and more to come. Literally.
>The thought of completely filling your marefriend up so it sloshes out of her turns you on even more.
>So much that another climax already bodes itself, but you keep it under control.
>Maybe you will give her body a bit too... Her colour scheme clearly lacks a colour...
>Your body tenses up and your shaft twitches violently as you hilt, making her shudder and bite her lower lip.
File: Socklight Sparkle.jpg (264KB, 800x547px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Socklight Sparkle.jpg
264KB, 800x547px
>That was too much...
>Yah.... Anon!”
>You feel something wet splash against your loins.
>She rocks around, trembling as Twilight's first orgasm washes over her. Her marehood fiercely clenches up and relaxes again in quick alternation.
>Pushing out small gushes of her nectar each time it's pearl pops out.
>No mercy now...
>You put a thumb on the inverted, plump hearth and start to rub it.
>Her eyes shoot open and so does her mouth in a silent scream. Only raggedly moans and unintelligibly noises come out as you mercilessly assault her clit.
>”A-Anooachh... Hnnhh...”
>Twilight's upper body jerks up and down in an attempt to handle and find an outlet for the intense lust it experiences in this very moment
>Her torso's movements are carried over directly to her flanks, which forcefully pulls and pushes your penis out and back in again.
>Fuck! That was not part of your plan...
>You try your best to suppress the next burst of frustrated ecstasy, but you fail as another gush of her nectar hits you and ruins your concentration and so your efforts.
>With a grunt you almost reach your peak while she actually reaches hers, loudly moaning.
>Number fourteen for you and number two for her. At least, you are on the right way.
>Only a few more...
That's it for tonight. Is it still good, or better: Hot? I can't really tell too tired to get a boner.
Anyway, have a good night mates and keep it bumped.
More tomorrow morning hopefully
Goodnight to you good sir! May your dreams be pleasant and your ponies wonderful

Also bump... Now, I must get back to mining shit...
twenty nine minutes and already on page 7 bump
Page 10, board is fast as fuck
File: 1425641461099.png (276KB, 3000x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
276KB, 3000x3000px
File: Applemoth tired.jpg (225KB, 1600x1040px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Applemoth tired.jpg
225KB, 1600x1040px
Good morrning bump.
Probably going to flesh out last nights part now, instead of writing new stuff. But the AJ part should be finished today and then we can finally return to the main story,
To be honest, I regret to ever have started this fantasy. It took me so long to complete.
>Slowly you let your shaft penetrate her tight ponut. Trying hard not to cause too much friction.
>Inch by inch it slides into your marefriend's intestines, parting their slick, muscular walls with easy.
>”Hnggh... Yah... A bit more, hun.”
>Hun? Maybe you misheard that.
>Until your pelvis hilt against her plush plot.
>You enjoy the intensive feeling of being deep into her. Accustoming to the sensations that the tightness and structure of her rump gives you, before starting to thrust in and out of her.
>Slow and controlled at first. You want to see how much you can take when you move on your own.
>The folds and ripples of your marefriend's rectal tunnel against your whole length. Eliciting short winded moans from both of you and pushing you closer and closer to your eleventh denied release.
>Your hips slam against hers with a satisfying smack and you shudder.
>Number eleven.
>She giggles.
>”Y'all are not showing me much, sugarcube.”
>Now you definitely didn't misheard that now. She clearly said “Y'all”...
>Is she trying to imitate Applejack? By all means, she isn't bad at that, but it's irritating.
>You shoot your marefriend a confused look, but she just stares at you. Both fore hooves under her chin, pressed against her chest and a sultry smile on her luscious lips.
>”Go on~”
>A bit flabbergasted, you continue your advances into her forbidden lands. Controlling your breathing to be as steady and regular as possible.
>So you don't lose your concentration when the next few inevitable pseudo ejaculations happen.
>It is still intensive as fuck, but you slowly get used to it.
>You manage to pick up more speed with each full penetration and each throaty moan that this elicits from her.
>The twelfth orgasms hits you and passes by nearly unnoticed.
>Not unnoticed, but you are not as bothered or distracted by it as you were with the last ones.
>Only the dull, ecstatic feeling grows stronger and spreads further throughout your crotch.
>Did it just start to tingle? Holy fuck... This won't help you one bit.
>But you can't slow down now. As far as you can tell, she hasn't even cum once yet. And you have to convince her to let you finally cum for real.
>And defile her insides with your forcedly pent up sperm. You wonder how much it will be...
>Twelve orgasms now and more to come. Literally.
>The thought of completely filling your marefriend up so it sloshes out of her turns you on even more.
>So much that another climax already bodes itself, but you keep it under control.
>Maybe you will give her body a bit too... Her colour scheme clearly lacks a colour...
>Your body tenses up and your shaft twitches violently as you hilt, making her shudder and bite her lower lip.
>That was too much... Number thirteen.
>Yah.... Anon!”
>You feel something wet splash against your loins.
>Twilight rocks around, trembling severely as her first orgasm washes over her. The lips of her marehood close and open again in quick alternation.
>It's vigorous contractions and convolutions are even palpable in the entrance you currently use. Massaging and kneading the upper side of your dick.
“Ttzzzkk....” you hiss.
>That is new... And feels incredible.
>She is winking rapidly now. Her clit pushing out a small streams of her nectar out and right onto your member.
>You wait patiently for it to fully pop out of it's hood.
>No mercy now...
>Once you can see the inverted, plump and pink heart in all it's seductive glory, you cease the opportunity and trap it between your middle and ring finger.
>Immediately starting to rub and press on it with your thumb.
>Her eyes shoot open and so does her mouth in a silent scream. Only raggedly moans and unintelligibly noises come out as you mercilessly assault her clitoris.
>”A-Anooachh... Hnnhh...”
>Twilight's upper body jerks up and down in an attempt to handle and find an outlet for the intense lust it experiences in this very moment.
>Her torso's movements are carried over directly to her flanks, which forcefully pulls and pushes your penis out and back in again.
>Fuck! That was not part of your plan...
>You try your best to suppress the next burst of frustrated ecstasy, but you fail as another gush of your marefriend nectar hits you and ruins your concentration and your efforts with it's hot stickiness.
>The intensified smell of her arousal is all it needs to flip the switch for you.
>With a grunt you almost reach your peak while she actually reaches hers, loudly moaning.
>Number fourteen for you and number two for her. At least, you are on the right way.
>Only a few more to go...
so that was the revised version. I'm far more happier with this one.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads, and we are slowly reaching the 10k total paste hits mark!
Isn't that nice?
Anyway, going to work now. Keep it bumped. Thanks
File: 01.2.png (299KB, 1202x1016px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299KB, 1202x1016px
Cinnamon roll pone likes glazing.
I would like to glaze her
Those file names crack me up man.
Have a nice day!
File: 1426712991236.png (597KB, 600x1007px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
597KB, 600x1007px
Board is too fast bump
One more
Back home.
Thanks for keeping it alive.
bump before work
File: 1428172034268.gif (1MB, 500x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 500x280px
Equality bump
Pre writing bum.
Good booty. Would tap / 10.
That fucking leg lift was too fucking sexual I swear
These animators know what they're doing at this point I'm sure
Season 4 had some pretty unftastic scenes too. Especially AJ.
>dat cum innuendo
>dem latex boots
And yeah... that leg lift is sexy as hell.
The latex boots scene was the first time the actual show made me unf
And I'm not ashamed at all
File: DarthChairder.gif (2MB, 480x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 480x270px
And why should you be?
Bump for lewd
File: Take my love!.png (454KB, 720x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Take my love!.png
454KB, 720x720px
Lewd is in the works.
At first I thought, that she hands her briefs
>tfw when I'm autistic
>"Look at mah thong! Look at it!"
File: 1427847892482.jpg (37KB, 383x565px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 383x565px
File: 1423911638141.jpg (63KB, 321x294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63KB, 321x294px
It has expanded
>captcha: rapeo
File: 1395618906634.jpg (247KB, 1032x774px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
247KB, 1032x774px
Part one of the final act.
>In only a couple of seconds you recover from your orgasmic stupor and start to pound your marefriend's ponut again, while she still experiences the aftermaths of her double orgasm.
>There is no time to waste. Twilight has to cum as many times as possible until either she allows you to cum or her concentration breaks and the spell fizzles away.
>Your knowledge about magic is limited, but you know that she has to keep it somehow up.
>And that is the best way to do this: By fucking her silly.
>Faster and faster you slam into her. Each thrust making her whole body shake as if a earthquake hit it.
>You let go of her clit and move your hand up to her teats. Taking one of them into it and roughly beginning to knead it.
>Twisting and tugging at her nipple every once in a while.
>Twilight eyes roll up into their sockets and her tongue lolls out.
>She is panting heavily and tries to push your hand off her mammaries with a hoof.
>But terribly fails. It merely manages to lightly tap it and then falls next to her trembling body.
>Over and over again your hips slam together. Sending drops of her juices flying and sending you both closer to your next climaxes.
>Her faster than you. Finally the sensitivity starts to decrease.
>Another spurt of your marefriend's juices splatter against your stomach as a thrust in that you particular much force pushes her over the edge for the third time.
File: 1395609754370.jpg (111KB, 800x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111KB, 800x800px
>The resulting clenching of her marehood and rectal tunnel letting you follow her soon after.
>You bore deep into her to give Twilight the full sensation of your ferociously twitching cock.
>She manages to regain some of her composure and looks at you with an unfocused gaze.
>Rubbing her hazed eyes, she shoots you a goofy wink and a smile.
>Her horn light's up, flooding the room with a faint purple light.
>Is it finally happening? Are you allowed to cum?
>In preparation for the grand finale, you pull your dick out of her. Waiting for the moment to savagely thrust it back in again and flood her taint with your seed.
>But instead of the promised release that you so desperately desire, a bright flash nearly blinds you.
“Fuck! Twi!”
>The world around you becomes blurred and gets immersed in a strange, multi-chromatic mist.
>What the fuck is happening?
>Slowly the haze fades away and reveals...
>Sweet Apple Acres?! One of it's orchards to be exact.
File: Chapjack dem hips.png (582KB, 1280x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chapjack dem hips.png
582KB, 1280x1536px
>In awe, you look at your surroundings.
>Yeah... Definitively Sweet Apple Acres... You can see the Apple family's various barns in the distance.
>Birds are quietly singing their songs in the background and the sun is shining.
>The sun is shining? It should be dusk by now!
>Even the couch is gone. Replaced by grassy soil... How surreal.
>Did she teleport you?
>You shift your attention back to your marefriend.
“Twi, what did you d- WHAT THE HELL?!” you scream, flinching back from her.
>”Howdy, pardner~”
Taking a cake break.
File: 1399345845604.jpg (50KB, 563x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 563x450px
Bumping for CrossRoads, our lord and saviour.
File: Oh you!.png (206KB, 500x464px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oh you!.png
206KB, 500x464px
The clop scene should be finished in an hour.
File: Applebrow smiling.gif (110KB, 671x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Applebrow smiling.gif
110KB, 671x600px
Take the prelude to the finale, while you wait.

>Instead of the unicorn you know and love, an earth pony lies before you.
>With all the features of Applejack.
>Her orange coat.
>Her flowing blonde mane.
>Her adorable freckles.
>Even all the small scars and marks she has.
>The only thing that is missing, is her trademark stetson.
>She beams you a wide smile. Showing off her one chipped tooth.
>Is this real? Did you just die from over-orgasming?
>”Y'all like it?”
>Rather than responding to Applejack's, or Twilight's, question, you reach a hand out to her.
>Brushing over the soft fur of her cheek.
>She giggles and plants a peck on your fingers.
>”Dontcha worry, hun. Ahm real”
“What happened?”
>”Ah cast an illusion spell!”
>So it is still Twilight.
>You sigh in relief.
>”Ah thought since ya wanted ta show me how it ends, Ah could make it as realistic as possible.”
>A throaty laugh escapes her lips.
“Where are we? Are we still in your home...?”
>”Yeppers! We are in a so called “Oakberry Bubble”.”
>You look confused at her.
“A what now?”
>”It's an illusion too. And we can be as loud as we want in it~”
>Twilight wiggles her rump. Gradually worming your dick back into her.
>”Hach... Nice~ But that's not the point, sugarcube. Ah can't keep this here spell up fer long, so y'all have ta hurry.”
File: Applechew.gif (347KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
347KB, 300x300px
>She closes her eyes and something in the shape of her horn lights up for a very brief moment on her forehead.
>The dull, ecstatic sensation in your crotch suddenly concentrates itself at the base of your shaft. >Tingling and pulsating like crazy.
>You thought it was uncomfortable beforehand, but now... Now it's pure torture.
>A raw and brutal feeling of pleasure. On the edge of salvation and release. So close but yet so far...
>Your body slumps down and you have to grab your marefriend's hind legs to prevent that from happening.
>Twilight smirks at you. Her tongue playing with the illusionary chipped tooth.
>”Y'all will cum when Ah will cum. Mah spell will make sure of that.”
>”Sixteen fer you and five fer me... Not exactly fair, but Ah will take it.”
>Her tail grazes against your inner thighs and testicles. Caressing them with soft strokes and thus increasing your arousal even more.
>Adding more and more intensity to her spell.
“Tzzk... Not my fault.”
>She snickers
>”Ah know~”
Fucking character limit
>Your marefriend's efforts make her black ring hilt against your pelvis at last.
>Moaning and biting her lower lip, she extends her two fore legs to you.
>”Hold onto these... So y'all can pound mah rump like it deserves~”
>Does she do this to make your fantasy real? Wow...
>You accept her offer and take her hooves into your hands. Giving each a kiss.
>A blush creeps on her face, or more precisely, grows stronger.
>She slightly nods.
>”Now whatcha waiting fer, stud? Fuck me senseless.”
My dick approves this.
File: Sad Flying Dash.png (263KB, 1024x1603px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sad Flying Dash.png
263KB, 1024x1603px
Okay I said, that I will finish this scene tonight. But I really have to go to bed now.
Tomorrow morning I will post the rest of it. It's about half finished right now.
I always underestimate the amount of time I need to write clop
Writing non clop is much faster
I'm sorry mates.
Good night.
Bump... So many bumps...
File: 1395249786614.jpg (258KB, 1024x923px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
258KB, 1024x923px
Bum to the P
File: Coffee.....png (597KB, 1920x990px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
597KB, 1920x990px
It's nearly finished. Or at least postable.
Also good morning
File: 1423985353500.png (844KB, 1280x1011px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
844KB, 1280x1011px
>You pull your cock out of her tight tunnel. Staying at it's entrance for a while before slamming back in again.
>”Yach! Harder, sugar. Ravage me!”
>Twilight starts to get loud now. Just how you like it.
>Nothing better than directly hearing how much she enjoys your penis.
>Slowly you start to increase the pace of your thrust. Picking up more and more speed with each full entrance.
>Pushing your hips hard into hers when you hilt, eliciting an extra inch of penetration so you make this as pleasurable as possible for her.
>She deserves nothing less.
>Her marehood leaks a continuous stream of it's slick nectar, providing extra lubrication as it flows around and onto your shaft.
>Twilight throws her head from side to side in unison with your advances into her. Flattening the grass next to it.
>”Yah... Faster, sugarcube! Faster!
>Moving your hands to the knees of her fore legs, you do your marefriend's bidding.
>You ignore the growing comfortableness in your loins and muster all your remaining willpower and strength to increase the force and frequency of your thrusts.
>Harder and fiercer your groins collide together. Each impact accompanied by a wet noise and a loud moan.
>She steadies her head and stares at you with half lidded eyes. Gradually leaning forward towards you.
>Meeting her halfway, you lock lips with Twilight.
>Her tongue shoots out and tries to pry your mouth open.
>You happily comply and let it enter. Giving immediate access to what it seeks.
>While she runs her tongue raw on the serrations of your teeth, you transfer the hoof in your right hand to your left. Holding it both in it, so you have one free arm.
>It's hand crawls up her stomach and chest to her long and slender neck.
>She moans into your mouth, when she feels it forming a claw and shudders as it scratches right across the small wound your teeth she loves so much caused.
>It's difficult to maintain your rhythm in this position, but you it also allows a new angle for your penetration.
>Your cock now slides now somewhat lopsided in and out of her. Rubbing your whole length along the sensitive folds of her bowels and taking them with it, as it exits and enters you in rapid, hard thrusts.
File: 1427543775599.png (2MB, 2500x1996px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2500x1996px
>Every few hilts, you grind your pelvis against her marehood, smearing it with the wonderful, sticky fluid it peters out.
>Twilight breathlessly breaks the seal of your lips, brushing yours one last time with her tongue and throws her head back into the pillows behind her.
>You let go of her hooves and cover her body with yours.
>Taking your marefriend into a firm embrace, lifting her perfect, plush rump a bit with one hand and holding her neck with the other.
>Your teeth sink into the soft, delicate flesh of her throat.
>Her hooves paw rapidly against your chest, as her body tries to fight you off. But you know that this is how she wants it.
>So you let your canines dent the thin barrier which protects her life ensuring blood vessels.
>She locks her hind legs behind your loins, guiding your advances into her depths.
>”Ahm...Mmhhaa! Ahm cumming, sugarcube.”
>The time has come, and so will you.
>To not actually hurt her this time, you scrape your fangs lower to where the skin is thicker and more resilient before biting into it once more.
>Your marefriend cries out in pleasure and pushes you deep into her.
>”Yaaaaaaah! ANON!”
File: You finally came~.jpg (116KB, 800x730px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
You finally came~.jpg
116KB, 800x730px
>Her whole body convolutes and spasms in your arms as you hilt a final time and you feel a wet, hot gush splashing against your groin.
>Running down your thighs, covering them with it's oily texture.
>In an instant the pent up pressure released in a glorious burst of lust, pleasure and ecstasy. Far more intense and satisfying than you are able to describe.
>It washes over your whole body like a tsunami wave. Setting your nerves aflame and numbing them with raw sexual energy.
>But it doesn't only happen once... No... One time for every denied climax you had to endure.
>Sixteen times your abused cock violently twitches and jerks inside her, each accompanied by the same extreme sense of orgasmic satisfaction, before you are finally able to let loose with a silent scream into her neck.
>Several strong spurts of your cum shoot out of you. Coating her rectal tunnel and all the folds and ripples that gave you so much frustration in a thick, gooey layer.
>More and more sperm exits your convulsed dick and you feel that you start to overflow your marefriend.
File: 1426798157094.png (151KB, 850x822px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151KB, 850x822px
>No drop has to be wasted. You worked long and hard for this orgasm.
>Quickly, you let go of her neck and straighten yourself before pulling your still ejaculating shaft out of her rectum and settling it on her marehood.
>Parting and grinding on it's swollen lips with strong pumps.
>Each push forward forces another long squirt of your sticky seed out of you. They land all over her body. Covering Twilight's stomach, teats, chest and even a bit of her neck and face with creamy white strands.
>She opens her mouth wide and tries to catch some of your cum with it.
>So you hastily get and position yourself right in front of her still unsoiled face. Steadying her head with one hand while you guide your ejaculation with the other.
>You can feel that it will subside soon, but there should still be enough left in you to smother it entirely.
>Your marefriend moans ecstatically when she feels the first sticky gush of many splatter against her illusionary features.
>They end up on her snout, forehead and mane. Creating glutinous pools and streams that viscously flow down on and defile her coat.
File: Twihooves.png (71KB, 950x713px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71KB, 950x713px
>Twilight's eyes light up and she shoots forwards. Engulfing your cock with her lips, fiercely sucking on it and drinking everything up that it still has to offer.
>You collapse on your knees and she wraps her fore hooves around your hips. Rapidly bobbing up and down on your throbbing shaft.
>That prolongs your climax by a good bit and elicits even more of your sperm out of you.
>Your balls tense up and relax themselves in quick succession as she mercilessly sucks you dry.
>But even the most beautiful things has to end some time, and you fall onto your back once you finally stop cumming. Taking Twilight with you.
>You are exhausted, dirty and breathless. But you never have felt better.
>She gently suckles on your glans for a few moments more before letting your dick slide out of her mouth.
>Smacking her lips, she magics your shirt away and crawls upon your bare chest.
>Twilight's disguise fizzles away and she rolls up into a compact ball of soft pony. Which you happily embrace with open arms.
>Her orifices and fur are still full of your love efforts, but you don't care.
>You just want to enjoy the afterglow with the mare you love.
>She kisses the tip of your nose and settles her muzzle in the crook of your neck. Her warm breath flowing steadily and softly against it.
>The bubble remains, as it seems... And you don't complain. In it the sun slowly begins to set, tinting the illusion she created orange.
>Twilight is really the best time of day.
File: implying.png (112KB, 580x596px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112KB, 580x596px
So that concludes the clop part of the fantasy. I will flesh it out a bit andwrite short epilogue for it later, so it will flow smoothly into the next part of the story.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Until later mates
So uhh, is this thread/story still about cum addicted ponies, or just a romantic smutfic about Twilight? Not that that's bad, but... cum addiction is my fetish, and it seems like this story dropped that pretty quickly. Or is it still part of the story? I've only sorta been skimming these threads every once in a while.
Yeah, this is still a part of the story, but it's going to be cured.
File: 8989698.gif (1MB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 600x600px
Holy fuck muh dick
That whole scene
>tfw no qt 3.14 orgasm denying gf
Why live
/r/ing those edited pictures of horse pussy with all the ponies color schemes.

Still part of the story, but due to the very slow pace of it, the addiction doesnt get mentioned so often.
You are too based Crossroads. Great stuff.

As much as I LOVE your scenes though, I'm a big Twifag, love the way you portray her in the story, it's so hot! would be nice to get some progress storywise. The glorious amount of smut was good though heh.
Glad you liked it.
The mainstory will continue most likely tomorrow. Next is the short epilogue, which i will write tonight.
early shift tomorrow, so I dont have that much time
Bumping this glorious shit

I excepted that Twi will break/glitch that illusion spell in the ecstasy. Also it was a perfect opportunity to get into Twi's mind and find out something about the addiction. Like she's dragging him into her high state somehow and showing her subconscious.
But whatever.
I've considered something similar, but with a glimpse of her past instead of her subconscious. In the end I decided to leave this fantasy just to the clop and tackle story relevant things in the main story
M-muh dick... oh lordy lord god almighty... This is some fucking gold right here... Keep this up man, we all need some of this in our lives...

Also, care to give us a brief spoiler? or hint, on what the next part may be ;3
Back from work
The next planned part is Anon drinking with kirron and after that maybe more cuddles with best purple unicorn.
Yay! More story!
>Story time bump edition
Tonight and maybe tomorrow in the early morning I will write the epilogue though
Wait, epilogue?
Why? And what about Spike x Sweetie?
Don't leave us!
For the fantasy, mate. So I have a starting point for the next part.
>Breathes a sigh of relief
Oh god, it's good now
I thought that this'd be the final end
>board is too fast today bump
Yeah, the hiatus is over. Finally.
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Tavi playing WoP.png
954KB, 847x678px
Eh, forgot the time while gaming. Starting now.
Woah, nice sketch.
Did you draw it?
Nah. That one drawfag who once in a while makes a thread did it.
>pic related
File: Boxlight Sparkle.png (810KB, 1280x1021px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Boxlight Sparkle.png
810KB, 1280x1021px
>For a while you just hold Twilight. Gently petting her back and softly rocking her body.
>That was wonderful... Stressful? Yes. But still an incredible experience that you don't want to miss now.
>Her assertiveness. Her teasing. Her willing to make your fantasy reality.
>That spell was surely not an easy one, judging by her exhaustion. And she still is sustaining that bubble thing.
>Oh my... And all of that just to make you happy.
>Wait... she is still keeping it sustained. But you pretty much gave her the biggest fix she ever received right now.
>Shouldn't see be tripping like mad right now?
>Her ear flops.
“How do you feel?”
>Some birds start to chirp. Her attention to detail is amazing.
>”Good. Thank you.”
>Twilight raises her head to lock eyes with you. A warm smile on her lips as she nuzzles you chin.
>”How are you? Did you like it?”
“Heh. Yes and no.”
>She rolls on her side so she can stretch her four legs.
>”Why? Was the sensitivity too much?”
“Kinda... It was nice that everything was so intense, but not being able to cum was just frustrating.”
>You lock your arms on her barrel.
File: Glasslight Sparkle.jpg (661KB, 1603x2880px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Glasslight Sparkle.jpg
661KB, 1603x2880px
“But you were right... That was the best orgasm of my entire life.”
>Giggling, she snuggles into your embrace.
>”I can tell~ My coat is a mess. Not to speak of a certain hole you flooded...”
“You decided to cast all those spells on me, so this mess is caused by you and you alone, my dear Twilight.”
>Your marefriend boops you with her snout.
>”Don't act like you didn't like it. From what I understood, shooting your load all over a mare must be a big thing for you. And the more comes out, the better~”
“It is... It is... Thanks, by the way.”
>She rests her head next to yours.
>”For what?”
“For making my fantasy real.”
>”No problem, Anon.”
>You roll on your side, taking Twilight with you. Now you lie together face to face.
“But that's not what I wanted to ask you beforehand.”
>”What is it then?”
“How does your addiction feel right now? Shouldn't you be now... you know...”
>”High as a kite?”
>Chuckling, you press her body closer to you.
>Twilight tries to blow a strand of her mane out of her face. But fails, due to it being drenched in your seed.
“Lemme get that.”
>You brush it away and tuck it behind her ear.
>”Eww... It's wet. But thanks.”
>She beams you a smile.
File: Hatlight Sparkle.png (372KB, 1600x3072px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hatlight Sparkle.png
372KB, 1600x3072px
>”And no. I'm not... Strange. Maybe my magic is interfering with the addictive properties of your cum after all? Unlike the body fluid spell which only affects the respective glands, the orgasm denial spell directly affected your sperm. It has to, or it couldn't hold it back and trick your body into preparing another load and cancelling the corresponding orgasm.”
“Sounds complicated...”
>Shaking her head, she giggles.
>”A bit, maybe. But that's not the point.”
>She lets out a loud sigh of relief.
>”I finally have my first solid clue on how to find a cure! I'm so happy right now, I could explode!”
>Kicking her hooves, she starts laughing and rolling around.
>You have trouble keeping her on the sofa, that has to be somewhere under all this illusionary grass.
>”Isn't that wonderful, Anon?”
“It is, Twi. But please hold still before we fall into the void or something.”
>”I don't care!”
>Twilight takes hold of your neck and propels herself backwards, pulling you with her. In an instant the world goes hazy and you hit something hard.
>Slowly the mist fades away and unveils the living room of your marefriend's library home.
>Which is dark and unlit. All the floating balls of cold fire have vanished.
>Still giggling and laughing like a mad mare, she wraps all four of her appendages around your body.
>And you happily return her embrace.
>Knowing that soon everything will be better than it ever was.
File: Molestia Badge.png (1MB, 1280x1106px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Molestia Badge.png
1MB, 1280x1106px
That#s it for tonight. Not much and a bit rough or more precisely, unfinished, but I have to go to bed now.
I will rewrite and add stuff to it tomorrow morning and then add it to the pastebin.
Tomorrow night I will start on the next part of the main story.
So stay tuned and fresh.
Good night.
Good night Cross
Fuck board is too fast!
Good night man, we love ya
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234KB, 500x500px
B-ball bump
>multi-posting I'm aware it was earlier
>namefagging without content
Cut that shit out or get the fuck >>>/out/
4am CrossRoads time, time for me to go to bed.
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43KB, 160x160px
File: 1422581957440.gif (278KB, 420x411px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
278KB, 420x411px
Fast board is fast
File: 1399814867652.png (909KB, 1000x1294px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
909KB, 1000x1294px
Bewwy bump
Overslept bump
10am bump
12am bump
>off by one
I'm back home. Thanks for keeping it alive.
Going to take a nap / eat something and then I start writing again.
In the meantime have a nice day.
File: Balloonbutt bump.jpg (71KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Balloonbutt bump.jpg
71KB, 600x600px
Pre-writing bump.
Also where is drawfag and the other regulars of this thread?
Okay. I decided to follow this >>22516972 Anon's idea, because he was right Thank you by the way
So scrap the part from yesterday.
Following this post is the first half of the new version.
>For a while you just hold Twilight. Idly petting her back and softly rocking her body on yours.
>Her breathing gets slower with each passing moment and the sweat on her coat begins to dry.
>As well as your cum, but you try not to think about... She's drenched in it.
>You will have to take a quick shower and see if you can manage to get a change of clothes before you meet Kirron.
>Apropos Kirron... What's the current time?
>Half past seven... That whole ordeal only took roughly thirty minutes? It felt like an eternity.
>Probably because of that orgasm denial spell thingy... Uhh... You still don't know how to feel about it.
>Was it nice? Yes... kinda. But also very frustrating and stressful. Even if the finale was breathtaking.
>Twilight is pretty much coated in your sticky seed. And it suits her quite well.
>You run a hand through the highlights of her mane.
>She hums and rubs the upper side of her muzzle against your neck
>But still you don't want to miss it now. Alone for her behaviour and assertiveness.
File: Does not intensify.gif (111KB, 350x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Does not intensify.gif
111KB, 350x350px
>God, you love when she takes the reigns. It is so unfitting and fitting for her at the same time.
>And casting and keeping up all those spell surely isn't an easy task. Hell, she still sustains that bubble spell. Probably controlling what happens in it too.
>Some birds start to chirp. Her attention to detail is amazing.
>Oh my... And all of that just to make you happy.
>Wait... she is still keeping it sustained. But you pretty much gave her the biggest fix she ever received from you right now.
>Shouldn't see be tripping like mad right now? Reaching for invisible ponies, giggling like a filly and what not?
>You take a look at her.
>Hmm... Eyes closed... A smile on her lips... Humming and purring from time to time... Her horn glowing faintly...
>No. Doesn't look like she is high at the moment. Just happy and most likely in the orgasmic bliss of her afterglow.
>Something in the corner of your eyes catches your attention.
>Is that Applejack?
>Hopefully not the real one. Or this could get seriously awkward.
>She is quite a bit away from you. But still you can see that she is extremely malnourished.
File: Sweetie Horror.jpg (142KB, 1280x905px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sweetie Horror.jpg
142KB, 1280x905px
>Her face is sunken in, her legs are nothing more than thin sticks of skin and bone and counting her ribs proofs no effort at all...
>What the fuck is happening? That is some nightmarish stuff.
>Did she miscast her spell or something?
>Suddenly she wrenches open her mouth in a silent scream and her body starts to warp in unnatural ways.
>You swear you can hear bones cracking and breaking as you watch in shock how her back rips open and a hellish creature emerges from it.
>But your marefriend is completely unmoved by all this. Like she can't hear what is happening... And maybe it's better that way.
>Because that what wriggles out of her torn body is nothing you want her to see.
>A worm like body with black skin, glowing green eyes, at least eight pairs of insect like legs and mandibles that look like they could cut you in half.
>It shoots out the lifeless husk that was AJ and vanishes into the sky.
>Motionless and in utter shock you witness as the earth pony's form falls to the ground and rapidly decays.
>Leaving nothing behind. Not even the slightest bit.
>W-What... What did just happen?!
>You should better tell her...
Holy shit
>tfw when I like it
Bruh... Dude... Like.... Wat
>Maybe this was just a trick that your mind played on you. Magic has strength effects on it.
>The fact that she couldn't hear anything are indicative for that...
>Also why should something this scary happen so suddenly and without warning?
>But it looked real enough...
>Maybe it has something to do with her addiction? Perhaps it messed with her subconscious and thus with her spell?
>Does this make sense?
>Her ear flops and she raises her head to look at you. Still smiling warmly.
>She nuzzles your chin.
>”What is it, stud?”
“Did you just manipulate your illusion in some way? Like adding something?”
>”No. I was just passively sustaining it, because it's so nice right now. Why are you asking?”
“Something really strange just happened... And I'm not sure if it was real or not.”
>”Strange? In what way?”
“You see...”
>You begin to tell her what you witnessed. Making sure to leave no detail out.
>”W-What? A black worm emerged out of Applejack's body and flew into the sky?”
“Exactly. And then she fell over and decomposed. Quite rapidly.”
>Twilight looks into a corner. You can hear the gears grinding in her head.
File: Twi with pretzel.png (249KB, 759x819px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi with pretzel.png
249KB, 759x819px
>”How strange... That bubble is known for anomalies with in it, but I never heard of such extreme ones.”
>She pushes her self into an upright position.
>”Maybe because I was dozing at the time? A nightmare that I didn't actively dreamed?”
“I don't know, Twi. I thought it could have something to do with the addiction.”
>”My addiction...”
>Her face lights up.
>”Yeah! You are right! You said it was insect like? Almost like a larva?”
>”Very interesting. I will keep that in mind, when I start experimenting...”
>How could this help her, you wonder.
>Has this something to do with her second assumption, that she doesn't want to tell you about?
>”I will need other materials though.” she mumbles to herself.
>”And a syringe... I should still have some.”
>A syringe? Why would she need a syringe?
>That snaps her back to reality.
“You know what is actually happening, don't you? Why won't you tell me?”
>Your marefriend flinches.
>”N-Not really... Uhm... I was just thinking out loudly.”
File: Twily speaking.gif (3MB, 606x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twily speaking.gif
3MB, 606x480px
>She's lying.
“I heard that.”
>You grab her by the withers. Idly running your hands along them.
“What is it in reality?”
>”An addiction?”
>She averts her eyes from you.
>”Most likely...”
“Most likely... okay... And what is it when it's not?”
>Another time, Twilight flinches.
>”Uhm.... I don't want you to worry about something that isn't worth worrying about.”
>You sigh.
“But I want to. I want to share that burden with you. I love you, Twi.”
>”I know... And I love you too...”
>She focuses her gaze back on you.
>”I tell you what...”
“I'm listening.”
>”I will alter my test series tonight, to cover that other possibility too. And either way I get positive results from it or not, I will tell you tomorrow. Okay?”
“Why not now?”
>”Just because... I can't work properly if I know that you worry about something that will most likely proof itself wrong.”
“I'm already worrying my ass off right now, you know?”
>You boop her on the muzzle, making it scrunch and her giggle.
>”You do?”
>”But you shouldn't. I promise it is nothing severe... The cure for it might be a bit more painful, and maybe more invasive. Nothing more.”
>Invasive? As in cutting her open, or what?
“That doesn't sound good...”
>”It sounds worse than it really is.”
>Hopefully. You don't like the thought of her being cut open to remove god knows what.
“And you really don't want to tell me now?”
>”No. Sorry, stud.”
>Okay... Looks like you will have to accept that. No use in pursuing this further. You know from experience that she won't give in.
>You take a hoof in your hand and shake it.
>”Deal!” she says, widely smiling.
>At least Twilight doesn't seem all too worried about it... That gives you hope.
>Providing that she doesn't just hide her true emotions and lies to make you stop worrying.
>But you will find out soon enough. And until then you will just have to trust her. Which never was a problem.
>Not in the past and certainly not now.
>She is your best friend and marefriend after all.
File: ....png (1MB, 1131x707px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1131x707px
That's it for tonight. Also that concludes the fantasy.
The pastebin is brushed, fed and updated
Tomorrow the actual main story will continue.
Good night, mates.
And then ridiculous circumstances occur which prevent her from telling him the truth tomorrow and the big reveal won't happen until the last possible second. I see where this is going
File: Ebin.gif (2MB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x500px
Maybe? Maybe not? Find out!
Prohint: It's not going to be a cliche.
From the worm thing, the "invasive" and "painful" procedure, and all of that, I'm beginning to think that it's some kind of parasite.
Aww, I was hoping for shoot the cyber demon until it dies
File: 1401341524705.gif (4MB, 580x573px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 580x573px
I just hope it's not a pregnancy. That's the biggest fucking cliche of waifu stories.

Honestly, though, I'm more than just a bit biased. I can't stand the thought of having chillunz.
File: 1408485693721.png (265KB, 714x897px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
265KB, 714x897px
I would have no problem with this
That may or may not be my pregnancy fetish speaking
File: 1409864228658.jpg (159KB, 900x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159KB, 900x675px
Either way, based Cross won't leave us disappointed.
>pic related
Also good morning and until later bump
2pm... Good morning!
EXCEPT that would be impossible because Twilight and Anon didn't have sex until after she got addicted to his cum, which resulted from a drunk blowjob. Shit, don't tell me you chuckle fucks have already forgotten the beginning of this faptastacle adventure.
Totally this.
File: Naptime !.png (47KB, 372x423px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Naptime !.png
47KB, 372x423px
After nap bump.
Exactly. But my mainfetish is turbo-pregnancies, so why not? :^)
File: Twispin.gif (1MB, 615x809px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 615x809px
Bumb before I start writing.
waiting bump
File: Baglight Sparkle.png (2MB, 3000x2960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Baglight Sparkle.png
2MB, 3000x2960px
>”Shouldn't you get going soon?”
>Twilight looks at you with tired eyes, yawning as she ends her sentence.
“Probably... I left Kirron waiting for quite a bit.”
>You chuckle and brush a wet and sticky strand of her mane out of her face.
“Don't be. It was worth it, wasn't it?”
>”Most certainly~ I wouldn't mind to repeat this some time.”
“Me neither. But let's wait for a while before we try this again.”
>”Okay... But what's hindering me from casting the spell while we are in the act? The poor, devoid of magic human wouldn't be able to defend himself from me~”
“You wouldn't dare, my dear Twilight.”
>”Would I?”
>She sticks her tongue out.
“If the kinky pony wants her depraved desires pleased and satisfied by the poor, devoid of magic human, she shouldn't do that.”
>Giggling, she rubs noses with you.
“Glad we clarified that. So... how does this work...”
>You look around and reach a hand out in hope of finding the end of the illusion. But it looks like it goes further than you thought.
>”How does what work?”
“This bubble thing. Can I just step out of it, or will I fall into an endless void to my doom?”
>”The latter one.”
>You raise an eyebrow.
“What now?”
>She snickers and winks at you.
>”Just kidding. This isn't a banishing trap, only an illusion. One moment please.”
>Twilight closes her eyes and the glow on her horn gets brighter.
>Something in the form of a bubble starts to crack and shatter around you, bit by bit.
>Just as the first clear rifts and cracks can be seen, a voice interrupts Twilight.
>”Twilight? Are you in your rage bubble again?”
>Spike? Most likely. Who else should it be?
>You remain silent... Not that he gets any ideas.
>”B-Buck...” she mumbles.
>”What is it this time? Did you lose Smarty Pants again? It's not the end of the world, yanno?”
>Twilight has a rage bubble? And she uses it when she loses her doll? How adorable.
>You smirk at her and she sticks her tongue out once more.
>The next time she does that, you will grab it.
>She clears her throat.
>”N-No! I didn't. And this isn't my rage bubble, this is my thinking bubble. So please go to your room and let me think!”
>Rummaging can be heard in the background.
>”And claws off my rare gems!”
>”I just want a nibble from the orange ones... They look so tasty!”
>”No!” she blurts out, “They cost more than half-a-years worth of your allowance!”
File: Twicake.png (276KB, 550x734px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
276KB, 550x734px
>”Yes! So please leave them in peace, and go to your room, so I can think undisturbed.”
>Spike lets out a loud sigh.
>Your marefriend's interactions with Spike are adorable as hell. Just like mother and son.
>You can really feel how hard he rolls his eyes right now.
>”Where is Anon, by the way?”
>Twilight flinches.
>Now it's getting interesting. How will she wiggle herself out of that?
>”He... He already left.”
>”But his shoes are still here!”
>”Ponyfeathers...” she whispers.
>”What? I didn't understand you. Should I get inside?” he asks.
>”No, don't! It's full of books here, so you wouldn't have any room anyway. And I don't want you to knock everything over.”
>”Pfft... I'm not that clumsy.”
>“You are! But that doesn't matter. Anon said he wanted to go bare-feet, because.... Uhm... Because...”
“Because it is such a nice, warm night.” you whisper into her ear.
>She smiles and shoots you a thankful nod.
>”Because it is such a nice, warm night tonight!”
>”It is?”
>”Yeah... Just take a look outside.”
>”Nah. I will take your word for that.”
>You giggle internally.
>Cheeky little dragon.
>”Great... So can you leave me alone now, please? I have some serious thinking to do.”
>”Will do. But Twilight...”
File: Heartlight Sparkle.png (836KB, 943x1469px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Heartlight Sparkle.png
836KB, 943x1469px
>”Why is the floor all wet? What is that strange liquid?”
>Your marefriend's mouth shoots open in shock.
>”D-Don't touch it! It's dangerous!”
>”Really? It kinda looks like gone off milk...”
>Oops... You don't remember to hit anything else than your marefriend with your cum. Maybe you shot some to the side, in your ecstatic rage.
>It was hard to control after all.
>And Twilight isn't exactly clean too, when she gets exited. Messy, little pony. But you love every drop that comes out of her.
>”It isn't milk! It's... It's...”
>Her eyes dart from side to side.
>Oh my, she looks so cute when she is in distress.
“Super glue.”
>She sighs in relief and plants a quick peck on your cheek.
>”Super glue! So please don't mess with it. I will clean it up later, once I made the right dissolvent for it.”
>Spike laughs.
>”'kay! I just wanted to say that I'm off to bed now anyway. Good night, Twi! And don't overdo it with your thinking.”
>”I won't! Good night, Spike. Love you!”
>The little dragon acknowledges her sign of affection with a snip of his fingers and then vanishes up the stairs.
>His door is slammed shut and your marefriend's form visibly relaxes once she hears it.
>That was close, but entertaining.
File: 1388854773479.jpg (133KB, 939x940px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133KB, 939x940px
>This thread is about ponies that are addicted to Anons cum.
>addicted to Anons cum.
File: Pinkie shrug.png (139KB, 826x855px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pinkie shrug.png
139KB, 826x855px
Why not?
File: pastebin.png (10KB, 564x69px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 564x69px
We-are-nearing-the-10k-total paste hits - Bump
Also starting on the next part now.
File: Cute sleeping Twi.png (176KB, 600x840px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cute sleeping Twi.png
176KB, 600x840px
>”Ehh... That had the potential to get real awkward, real quick.”
“Amen to that... Didn't you say that Spike should be asleep already?”
>Twilight blushes and lets out a stammered laugh.
>”Ehehe... Yeah, I did... And he ate so much ice cream, that it should have knocked him out for good... Usually.”
“Do you think that... Uhm.. he heard other things too? Or saw?”
>”By Celestia! I certainly hope not... Looking back at it, it was real risky. We should be more careful in the future.”
>You could mention that all this was mostly her idea, but you bite back it.
>No use in starting a pointless argument.
“You are right. Let's confine ourselves to your bedroom when we want to do it here.”
>Her eyes go half lidded.
>”What about the bathroom?”
“But Twilight...”
>You cup her cheek with a hand. Stroking the soft, short fur there with it's thumb.
“One gets clean in the bathroom, not dirty.”
>She pouts.
>”But I like getting dirty.”
“I know. Me too, Twi. Me too.”
>Twilight leans forward and locks lips with you.
File: Twilight being cozy.jpg (152KB, 1144x1165px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twilight being cozy.jpg
152KB, 1144x1165px
>Not for long though. Almost immediately after they made contact, she separates them again. Burying her snout in the crook of your neck.
>And then takes a deep whiff.
>”You smell like me and my arousal...”
“I do?”
>The only thing you can smell is a deep, musky scent. Not unpleasant but quite pungent.
>”Yeah. Normally I would say that you should keep it, so all the other mares know that you are my stallion. But...”
>She licks across your neck, sending a shudder down your spine.
>”It's too attention-grabbing right now. Do you want to take a shower before you go?”
“I would like that very much, thank you. Also I need a change of clothes. They are... well, drenched to say at least.”
>Giggling, she looks down to your pants. Feeling them up with her hooves.
>”You are right. And sticky too.”
“Why do you have to be so messy? It's like a broken dam down there, once you get going.”
>You give her rump a light slap.
>”Dunno... I always was like that. Don't you like it?”
“I do. Twi. Makes me feel good about my skills as a lover, when you start leaking like that.”
>Your marefriend shoots you a sly, seductive sideways look.
>”You don't have to be worried about that, believe me. I would have said something, if it was otherwise~”
>She takes a look at the clock.
>”Twenty minutes to eight already... You really should get going and I should start experimenting. Even if I don't want this to end so abruptly.”
“Me neither.”
>Twilight smiles and her horn lights up again to finish the job it previously started.
>The cracks renew themselves and after a few seconds, the bubble shatters. Small shards break away and fall towards the ground. Disappearing into the thin air before actually hitting it, or the two of you.
>Luckily... They look awfully sharp.
>It takes a while, but finally you are back in the familiar environment that is Twilight's home.
>Which is now lit by some candles, that Spike must have lit. The floating orbs are gone.
>Most likely due to a lack of magical sustenance from her side
>”So... That's it.”
“Home sweet, home.”
The one that was tripfagging as satanicdubs was posting cp on reddit and got himself arrested by the carbineers or whatever he called them. According to some guys on /b/, his defense in front of the cops was "I posted cp for the sole purpose of loud shitposting! I was merely pretending to be retarded, n-no pedo!"

Haven't been monitoring these threads in a while, shit's been happening and couldn't even progress with the drawing, but at least I managed to save the last two threads
File: The Flareon sitter.jpg (581KB, 1440x993px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Flareon sitter.jpg
581KB, 1440x993px
That's it for tonight. I'm uploading it to my pastebin http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads tomorrow.
Good night mates.
Shit is always happening. So take your time.
>posting cp
>not foalcon
Cp would get a person in much more shit, legally speaking, in a real-life scenario. No one's gonna arrest you for owning lolicon r34 and filly porn for the sole reason that there are no real laws regulating hentai in most of the western countries, as far as I can tell.

But more importantly, bump
File: 1422539689316.jpg (6KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6KB, 259x194px
Can we get a news article or a cap for this? Sounds too kekish to be true.
Cuddly bump
File: 1407937883917.png (168KB, 672x507px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168KB, 672x507px
Slipper bump
Top Bump
File: Napping appul.jpg (463KB, 2560x1440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Napping appul.jpg
463KB, 2560x1440px
Bump after work.
Gonna nap now and then start wrriting afterr that. So I have some content to post before I'm going to get smashed tonight.
Bump for this
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48KB, 561x585px
Just woke up and found...
>pic related
Feels good man.
Also varrious kinds of bumps
File: 1425250645671.png (629KB, 771x559px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
629KB, 771x559px
Congratulations man. You deserved it
Thanks, mates. Now I have a reason more to drink tonight. Cheers in advance.
fun to hear. heh I apparently decided to come back to this story at the right day. had taken a break from mlp stuff for a while.
File: Daily Pony.png (3MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Daily Pony.png
3MB, 1920x1080px
I had a short break from ponies too... after season 4 ended. But these damned, cute semen demons sucked me back in after two weeks.
Is pone additction a thing?
File: 12.jpg (1MB, 1861x1944px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1861x1944px
Everyone here is addicted to ponies
>You can't get off this ride
Thats what I feared... Oh well. Back to writing pony slice of life smut.
File: Give me money.png (377KB, 761x494px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Give me money.png
377KB, 761x494px
>She hops off your lap and lands gracefully on her four hooves on the floor. Stretching them for a bit before looking over her shoulder at you..
>”So what about that shower now? I could use one too.”
“Lead the way, Twi.”
>You get up and follow your marefriend, who is swaying her hips fairly seductively from side to side... Is she trying to warm you up for another round in the shower? Or is she just walking funny? Hard to tell.
>Either way you cannot overlook that she is leaking your seed out of various orifices. It looks hot, but you don't want to slip and break your neck.
>So you quickly scoop her up. Cradling Twilight in your arms and holding her plush rump up high, thus it stops seeping.
>”Whoa! Anon~”
>You kiss the tip of her snout.
“Let me carry you.”
>”Thank you.”
>She huddles up to you and closes her eyes.
>”I could get used to that...”
“To what? Me carrying you?”
>”Mhm. I ain't too heavy for you?”
“No. You are as light as a feather, Twi.”
File: Books intensify.gif (236KB, 462x463px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Books intensify.gif
236KB, 462x463px
>Like almost all ponies here in Equestria... Unlike their earth counterparts, they seldom exceed the one hundred pounds mark.
>In general they are very different to them. From the placement of their eyes to the human like expressions.
>Not to speak of the ways they can manipulate things with their hooves. You still have no clue on how they do this.
>Hooves... How do they work?
>”Aww... Stop flattering me. I'm a bit chubby. Look!”
>To emphasize her point she squeezes her tummy together. Forcing a small roll of fat to form between her hooves.
>You chuckle and brush them away.
“You are not chubby, Twi. You are cuddly! And now shush!”
>Twilight giggles and opens the door to her room with magic.
>”No problem. You have your hands full after all.”
“Yep. With a soft, cuddly pony.”
>Once you enter your marefriend's bedroom, she levitates two towels out of her closet and floats them over to the bathroom.
“You don't happen to have a change of clothes for me?”
>”Sadly not. But I could clean the ones you are wearing with a quick spell.”
“That would be lovely, thank you.”
File: I will hug you.png (4MB, 3000x3192px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I will hug you.png
4MB, 3000x3192px
>She nods and her horn begins to glow.
>A faintly shining, blueish orb gradually exits it and floats towards her bed. Settling right above her teddy bear.
>How pretty.
>”Phew... That was harder than I thought...”
“Is that some kind of cleaning bubble?”
>”Kinda. To be precise, it's a water familiar that attracts other liquids and collects them. Thus removing the stains out of your clothes.”
>You whistle.
>”Yep! And you don't even need to dry them afterwards.”
“Really? That's convenient. Thanks, Twi.”
>She kisses your cheek.
>”You're welcome, stud. But you might want to use a perfume or something similar on them afterwards... The familiar doesn't disperse smells.”
“I will surely find something that will cover it.”
>You gently put her down and she glides out of your arms, as elegant and graceful as ever.
>”Thanks. There should be some more stallionly scents, that Spike uses from time to time in my bathroom.”
>Twilight snickers.
>”I put them there, so he doesn't use them all the time when he thinks he could get in the slightest vicinity of Rarity.”
“You don't need to worry about that any more, though.” you state, laughing.
>”Yeah. Luckily. Did I ever thank you for doing this?”
“I think so.”
>Her eyes go half lidded and a sultry grin appears on her lips.
>”I'm not so sure about that... Should I thank you properly in the shower?”
>You kneel down and lift her face up by the chin.
“You're insatiable, you know that?”
>”I do~ Do you want me to change? Be your pure and innocent marefriend? That saves herself for her marriage?”
>Marriage? Whoa... Slow down there, Twi...
“Don't you think you get a bit ahead of yourself there? Also it is kinda too late for that, isn't it?”
>She blushes and plants a kiss on your palm. Brushing it softly with her tongue as she diverges from it again.
>”Perhaps? Sorry, stud.”
“Don't be. But let's wait a bit more before we discuss things like this, okay?”
“Wonderful. Now...”
>You remove your clothes and lay them somewhat folded under the floating orb. It's glow starts to intensify and the garments below it get engulfed in a blue mist.
>Is it hissing? Creepy. But it seems to work.
>A steady, gaseous stream travels from them to the familiar.
>Twilight's eyes go wide as she sees your naked form. You can swear you see her licking her lips out of the corner of your eye.
>Sadly, you will have to disappoint her this time.
>If you start another lewd round of kinky things, you might never leave her home tonight.
>Not that you wouldn't like that too, but...
>Kirron and the barrel full of strong, delicious minotauren beer are waiting.
“Let's get cleaned up.”
>Twilight forces her gaze up from your privates parts to your face and nods.
>You and your marefriend enter her bathroom and she magically turns the lights on,
>For the first time you actually see it from the inside. There never was a reason to enter it before until now.
>A girls bathroom is her sanctuary, you learned that back on earth.
>Whistling, you take a look at your surroundings.
>You knew she isn't the type for things that are too girly, and her bathroom reflects that.
>Her tub and the walls that gird it are in a dark and deep blue. With the walls having streaks of pink and purple in them.
>The small cabinet above the tub as well as it's rim is full of scented candles and shampoos in all kinds of colours and scents.
>Even the shower curtains look kinda like her mane.
>You quite like it. Your bathroom is bland compared to hers.
>Aww... She even has a large mirror in the shape of her cutie mark. Framed by smaller mirrors to represent the smaller stars on it.
>You wonder if it was a gift or if she got that made.
>She looks up to you with a wide smile on her lips.
>”Like it?”
“To quote Rarity: “Its simply divine, darling!”.”
>Giggling, she swats your leg playfully with a hoof.
>”Stop it, you~”
File: Well...Yeah!.gif (435KB, 250x239px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
435KB, 250x239px
>Twilight trots over to the tub and climbs into it.
>She struggles a bit at first, her hooves can't seem to get get a good hold...
>”Argh... Why did I ever chose those lotus tiles. Stupid things,”
>But then finally manages to get in.
>With an expectant look on her face, she beckons you to follow her.
>”Come on in! Before I start showering without you!”
>You didn't notice that before, but it looks awfully small.
>Your marefriend alone takes nearly half of the available space in there.
“Are you sure, that we will fit both in there?”
>She waves you off.
>”Of course! It maybe a bit snug, but we will manage.”
>A wink is shoot in your direction.
>”And the last time I checked, you liked tight, confined spaces~ So come here, stud.”
>No use to argue with this. She is utterly and completely right.
>”But first get that loofah over there, please.”
>Twilight points at a rack behind you. Several loofahs and wash-clothes neatly hang there, right next to each other.
“Of course. Which one?”
>”Doesn't matter.”
>So you walk over to the rack and grab for a white loofah with purple specks.
>But before you can get a hold on it, it floats out of your reach.
>You go for it again, but another time the loofah escapes your grasp and even starts to dance in front of your face.
>Like it's mocking you for your inability to catch it...
>Several times more, you try to fetch the soft showering utensil, but each attempt fails.
>You shoot your marefriend an unamused glare over your shoulder, which she returns with a giggle.
>”Okay, okay. I will stop.”
>She floats it towards you and you take it into a secure hold. Nevermore shall it roam free.
>”But I enjoyed the show. You really have nice flanks~”
“Thanks. Yours are nice too.”
>”Judging from all the attention you gave them, I guessed that already.”
>Twilight snickers and scoots over to one end of the tub.
>”Now come on in. It's awfully boring and lonesome in here.”
That's all for today. I'm off to intoxicate myself on various kinds of alcohol now.
Pastebin isn't updated, but I will just post it again to shill a bit for it.
Until later, or tomorrow mates.
m-muh fat fetish
She's not fat. Just a bit cushioned, so she's extra soft.
Shhh. Let me dream. But if I dream, I can have a nightmare
Exactly. So you should never dream. Just be equal. And happy. Equally happy. With us.
B-but it's a pony's special fetish that makes them unique...
Fetishes only drag you down.
No sex toys, Missionary only, Lights out.
>You can't have a nightmare if you never dream.
Fuck this is creepy
Bump from a bar
show the thread and story to any girls you want to impress
Dayum girl! You've got a nice ass, but no hooves. Wanna see my pony smut fic? If I fuck half as good as I describe it, you're in for a treat.
4am page 9 bump
page 10 bump
So...how many did you banged?
It is in fact too kekish to be true. I'm sorry, but I don't do anything that would get me in prison, I'm a pseudo law-abiding citizen that DLs games for free but doesn't into cheese pizza. And next time I'll tripfag again it will hopefully be later on in the evening (Jewropean Onion time) when I've made some progress with my Twilewd Sparkle pic
Sadly none. Seems like girls dont like heavily fetishized pony porn. Meh... Who needs 'em. I have my waifu.
File: Blergh.png (158KB, 200x207px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158KB, 200x207px
Gonna buy groceries now and then starrt writing again. Don't have much time today, maybe three hours, so it won't be as much as usual.
Stay tuned
For gods sake... At least use pictures or delete your posts afterwards.
File: Yeslight Sparkle.gif (2MB, 450x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Yeslight Sparkle.gif
2MB, 450x300px
>You join your marefriend and she closes the curtains with her magic. Her lips still bearing that sly grin.
>She has something planned, that is sure.
>The residues of her nectar get stickier and more uncomfortable by the second, so you just look forward to the cleansing water and decide to deal with her advances as they come.
>Twilight turns the water on and a warm, steady rain starts to pour down on you.
“Hach... Nice.”
>But where does the water come from? As far as you observed, her shower didn't have a head shower.
>A look to the ceiling solves this mystery... A cloud?
>What is this sorcery?
>Your shower doesn't have a cloud... Just a bog standard shower head.
>Honestly you are a bit jealous.
>”Impressed? It's a shower cloud that I conjured myself!”
>Twilight looks at you with big eyes, her tail wagging from excitement.
>She must be really proud of this.
“Can't say that I'm not... Where does it get it's water from?”
>”From the piping.”
>Giggling, she pokes your leg.
>”Where else should it get it from?”
>How mundane.
“Makes sense. Still it's very fascinating. Could you make one for my shower too?”
>Your marefriend shakes her head.
>”I could, but it wouldn't work without an active source of magic. You would just get a thin, moist mist. Nothing more.”
>Twilight levitates the loofah and a bottle of shampoo towards you, which you take a bit confused into your hands.
>”But no use crying over things you cannot change. Do something that you can actually change... Clean my dirty coat~”
>She turns around and sits down on her haunches.
“Getting a little demanding, aren't you?”
>Nevertheless, you kneel down and squirt some shampoo on the loofah.
>Smells like lavender and... Chamomile?
>”A bit? Whatcha gonna do about it?”
“I simply couldn't scrub your back.”
>”But I would scrub yours too. Doesn't that sound nice?”
>It does.
>And isn't that something japanese men love? Getting washed and their back scrubbed by a beautiful girl?
>And Twilight is as beautiful as a mare can get. At least in your eyes.
>You are living their dream. Heh. Suck it random asian exchange student. That's what you get for not letting you copy his homework.
>She looks over shoulder, shooting you a wink.
>”And if you do especially well, I might add a little something when it's my turn.”
>A little something? Intriguing... You didn't plan to give to one of her dirty passes, but let's not jump the gun.
>Could be worth the extra time you let Kirron wait. He will understand.
>What will his reaction to you being in a relationship now be, you wonder?
>”I don't feel any scrubbing~”
File: Twilights big book.jpg (735KB, 2137x2826px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twilights big book.jpg
735KB, 2137x2826px
“Sorry, I was in thought.”
>Actually, you don't even know if Twilight takes any issues with you telling him. You should better ask her.
>”No problem.”
>You apply some of the orangey shampoo on her back and withers, and start to gently scrub them with the loofah, while your other hand runs around her barrel. Lathering her chest and neck with the sweet-scented soap.
>Did the rain just got weaker? How strange.
>Foam begins to form on her wet fur.
>The dried patches cum and other fluids prove quite resilient to your cleaning attempts, but eventually go off with some dedicated rubbing.
>Sounds like she enjoys it.
>Her back is now almost clean, but it wasn't particularly dirty in the first place.
>Normally. you now would take shower head and rinse Twilight off... But with a cloud that isn't exactly possible.
“Uhm, Twi?”
“Can I somehow influence where the stream goes? I want to rinse your back.”
>She snickers.
>”Oh, of course. Just think where it should go and add the word “Nimbus” before it... It's manipulated by thoughts. That’s how I reduced it's intensity before.”
>A thought controlled cloud? Impressive.
>Let's give it a try.
File: Whats that, Anon.png (725KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Whats that, Anon.png
725KB, 1920x1080px
>Nimbus, Twilight's back.
>Nothing happens.
>Nimbus, Twilight's back!
>And another time it blatantly ignores you.
>Does it think it's better than you?!
>Angrily, you shake your fist at it. But it isn't impressed by your sign of aggression.
>Twilight laughs.
>”Did you think “Twilight”?”
“Of course. Was that wrong?”
>”Yep. Try “unicorn”. The cloud doesn't know any names. It can only differentiate between species and gender.”
“Okay then.”
>”If you want it to concentrate on you, the keyword is “Diamond Dog”.”
>What? That's hardly flattering.
“Diamond Dog?”
>”Sorry stud, but that's the closest thing that resembles your appearance. But “Minotaur” should work too.”
>That's better. At least they have muscles... And thumbs.
>Nimbus, unicorn's back.
>And indeed, a soft torrent of water rains down on her withers. Running down her back and taking the foam with it.
>After a few seconds, she is squeaky clean and let's out a content sigh.
>With another thought, you switch the cloud back to “shower” mode.
“Now your mane and front.”
>”Thank you.”
>Twilight turns on the spot to face you and her gaze wanders immediately down to between your legs..
>Almost disappointed is the look on her face. Did she expect to see you aroused from washing her back?
File: Twilight Halloween.png (376KB, 585x650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twilight Halloween.png
376KB, 585x650px
>You chuckle and force her eyes up again.
“Looking for something?”
>”N-Not really.” She blurts out, brightly blushing.
>Adorable. You will never get enough of that.
“Okay then. Should I use the same shampoo for your mane?”
>”No. Use this one, please.”
>She floats another bottle towards. This one is pink and white.
“Mane'n'Tail... No tear formula, for sensitive fillies...”
>Oh my. It even is bubblegum scented.
>You barely manage to suppress your laughter.
>”Don't lauigh! I-I hate getting shampoo in my eyes... It burns and stings.” she pouts.
“Yeah, that really sucks. Now bow down a bit, my sensitive filly.”
>She does so and presents you her cranium.
“Since I found out an embarrassing of yours shower secret, wanna hear one of mine?”
>”It really isn't that embarrassing... But, yes. Spit it out.”
“I sing while I shower. Really, really badly. And every time my neighbours hear it.”
>Twilight laughs and nearly ruins your shampoo applying attempt.
>”For real?”
“Mhm. They even complained once, but I don't care. I just try to introduce Equestria to cheesy, eighties glam rock.”
“You ponies and your horse puns. Did Celestia decide that every town name and term has to be a horse pun, when she founded Equestria?”
>”No? Why would she?”
“Just asking.”
>You put the bottle away and begin to massage the soap into her scalp.
>”Ah... nice. You should do this professionally.”
“What? Assisting ponies in their showers?”
>”Not that, silly. I mean massaging. You do this really well.”
That's it. I managed to write more than I expected.
Do you want to see some shower lewdness? Orr should I skip the wet action and let them just shower in peace?
Anyway. I'm out for some more beers.
Good night.
Why do you do this to me? I love you =
So basically you're asking if we want more writing with lewd, or less writing with no lewd.

After some long and careful consideration I'm gonna have to go with the former.
while shower sex and stuff in the bath is a big fetish for me, I think Anons dick needs some rest. not to mention Twilights butt is probably a bit sore.

Also Kirron needs his drinking buddy to go hunt some pony pussy with!
It wouldnt be less writing, just no lewd and more talking
You have a point there
heh I hope Kirron will be a nice bro and not a dudebro tho. all talk but sweet and shit when it comes to it.
Believe me, and I'm sure I speak for most anons here, it's not that we don't want more lewd. At this point of the current day in story, with as many times as Anon and Twilight have gone at it, it's more a matter of, to quote Zap Brannigan, "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised."
Wise words m8
Hug bump
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This makes sense. So I think I will skip the clop and just add more cute.
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You sir are a scholar among perverts.
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Gonna add some stuff and extra fluff to the last parts and then see how far I get with the new one. I have to fill in orr step in? for somebody tomorrow.
“My massaging isn't that special. It's mostly improvised, with no real coordination or what not.”
>”Were you ever massaged by a pony?”
”Can't really say that I were.”
>Her head is sufficiently soaped now, so you move on to the lower part of her mane and neck.
>Massaging and kneading slowly down with circular movements and tugging at the occasional stuck together strand of hair.
>Meh... You really plastered her there good. If you knew you had to clean after your own mess, you would have aimed more carefully.
>But you do it gladly and willingly, seeing that she enjoys it so much.
>”It's horrible! Hooves are not made for handling such delicate tasks... Only unicorns can really offer a satisfying massage, but they have to use sticks and other means. If you want one that doesn't leave you more tense than before, you have to hire a gryphon or a minotaur. But those are expensive as tartarus.”
“I see. Because of their respective claws or fingers, I assume?”
>Speaking of fingers... Yours got somehow entangled in her mane.
>”Exactly. But gryphons can severely hurt you, if they aren't careful, and minotaurs generally lack the tact and gentleness that a good massage needs. So it can be a bit rougher than you would like it.”
>Twilight yelps as you try to free your fingers.
“Sorry, Twi. Just hold still for a moment.”
>”No, you hold still please.”
>Her horn flashes briefly and suddenly your hands are above her neck.
“Did you just teleport my hands?”
“Okay... Thanks.”
>You move them back down and continue washing her mane. Which is nearly clean and free from all fluids that don't belong there.
>”No biggie. Where was I... Ah, yes!”
>She looks up to you.
>”Firstly: A bit lower please. And secondly: But you... You have fingers and the needed tact and coordination for a good massage.”
“Comes with being human, eh?”
>”From what you told me about how your kind has evolved, most likely.”
>She tilts her head a bit to the left, to give you better access to a rather large patch of dried cum.
>Looks like it must have pooled there, since it's quite thick and especially crusty.
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>Better let the shampoo soak for a while, so you have an easier time later.
>”I'm sure that the spa would appreciate your skills. Ponies from far and wide would come to Ponyville, just to get massaged by you!”
“Mayor Mare surely would like that too. More tourists means more bits.” you state, chuckling.
>Twilight giggles.
>”Probably. Sometimes I think, rising revenues are her fetish.”
“Heh. Just like last year at the summer solstice festival.”
>”Oh my! I totally forgot that! She nearly fainted on the spot, once I told her how much Ponyville actually earned during that day.”
>That should be enough soaking in. Time to scrub it out.
>Loofah I choose you!
“Seems like you aren't the only mare with strange kinks.”
>”Oh stop it, you~ They are far weirder ponies out there. Who like being whipped, hit and what not.”
“Or bitten and scratched.”
>Your marefriend blows you a raspberry.
>”Pfft. It isn't that strange. As a former flight and prey animal, it only makes sense that I might enj-”
>You shush her.
“It's okay, Twi. You don't have to justify yourself for what you like. In fact, I enjoy it too.”