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Pone Pets #4

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All about MLPony Pets, in any form.

>Shorts/Oneshots/Stories that haven't gone long yet
>Dr. Anonymous !!fuKya+UPx57 Smart Pet Twilight
>Suns Prime
>New Suns
For NewSuns, to just copy/paste to update his bin http://pastebin.com/BfGAmwxU

Previous threads:
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Sunhorse for best horse
Threadly reminder that horses this when they need to let one rip.
>Anon does a spit-take when Suns lets out a trumpet-like blast loud enough to rattle the windows
Whee, Suns Prime!

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/tzdWHHYt

> Despite - or perhaps because of - the chill from your soaked clothes, you make it back to the campsite faster than you had expected.
> Leaving Suns outside to dry in the light of her namesake star, you step into the tent and quickly change.
> Emerging some time later, you settle down and begin pulling together a dinner - rifling through the icebox you had brought along.
> Standing up, you glance over to find that Suns has rolled onto her side, wings to allow the last warm rays of the day to fall onto her side.
> Her eyes fallen shut, you suspect she is at the very least dozing.
> A suspicion that pans out as she completely fails to awaken whatsoever, not to the sounds of chopping nor your grumbles of annoyance.
> Not even when you stir the coals of the fire up to start another, the cool of the evening starting to close in on your little campsite.
> Not until the meal, wrapped in tinfoil, is tossed on the fire.
> The rising scent of cooking food quickly reaches her, though, sending her muzzle twitching and nostrils flaring.
> Less than a minute later she has risen - eyes blinking owlishly - and trotted over to your side.
> Laying back down, she folds her legs beneath her to face the fire.
"Feeling the chill as well, huh Suns?"
> One ear twitches in your direction, but she doesn't really react.
> Not until you reach out and run a finger over the backside of that ear, sending it flicking slightly and Suns' eye turning give you an annoyed little look.
> Drawing your hand back, you raise one eyebrow.
"...okay, something on your thoughts tonight for sure."
> The meal is made in silence - yourself holding the tinfoil laden with a steaming, cheesy mass of pasta and vegetables beneath your chin and Suns pinning it to the ground to bury her muzzle in.
> Yet, even so there's something distracted about her - ears never stop swiveling, and her tail gives more than a few nervous twitches.

> Even though she cannot speak, Suns is all but screaming her nervousness.
> And you can't shake the feeling that there's something you feel you're forgetting as well.
> A wild animal nearby?
> No, you're dropped plenty of repellent and had noisemakers if it came to that - hell, you had just about everything short of a gun.
> Since she can't exactly tell you what is on her mind though, you just leave Suns be.
> Let her work out whatever the issue is on her own.
> No use stressing yourself.
> In fact, so focused on your own thoughts are you that you barely notice when - some hours later - Suns has vanished.
> Instantly fear twists through you; never, ever had Suns simply left.
> Gone to the edges of the campsite, to the distance of your vision when you were hiking with her...
> But not once simply vanished entirely.
"Shit... Suns!"
> Your yell is swallowed up by the darkness, nothing coming in return.
> A flashlight and noisemaker are retrieved even as you continue to yell.
"Suns, get back here!"
> Why had you pulled off her walkie-talkie collar when you'd gotten back from the hike?
> Stupid, stupid - should have left it on so long as you were out here!
> The thought of a wild animal getting to her again passes through your head, but the logical side of your mind squashes it a moment later.
> If anything had gotten that close, you'd have heard the fight.
> She must have left on her own.
> The ground is soft and, while you are no expert tracker, her hooves have sunk in enough for you to follow them.
> It takes you several circles of the campsite to find the set of hoofprints that isn't accompanied by those of your own boots.
> Strange, she'd set off away from the creek - towards the down-slope.
> Eyes and light focused on the ground, you don't realize you've come to a clearing until Suns' hoofprints vanish into the grasses.

> Lifting your gaze, you realize you know this place: A good-size, flattish clearing seventy, a hundred feet downslope from your chosen campsite.
> You'd considered pitching your tent there, but the excellent view it commanded of the open valley before you was as much a liability of being spotted as a benefit.
> But right now, none of that matters.
> What you care about is that, sat right in the middle of the clearing and quite visible in the moonlight, is Suns.
> Snapping off the flashlight - her white coat providing plenty of visibility even in the dim, pale wash provided by the moon - you march straight up to her.
"Suns! Come back here now! What are you thinking, wandering off!"
> There's something familiar about her still, almost statue-like pose: Head tilted back, forelegs gathered together beneath her barrel and multihued tail tossed around to encircle her.
> Still she does not respond, eyes glittering in the muted moonli-
> Your head twists at a sudden realization, eyes falling on the perfectly-circular body resting in the sky.
> Ah.
> That was what you'd forgotten.
> There was going to be a full moon tonight.
> You're interrupted by a soft bump against your chest.
> Suns had leaned over slightly, her cheek resting against your jacket.
> Surprised by the sudden affectionate display, you reach up to lightly scratch at the back of her head before turning away.
"...alright, you silly horse. I forgive you. Can we go back no-"
> A sharp grip on the rear of your shirt pulls you back.
> Twisting, you see Suns holding the shirt in her mouth - an open, pleading look on her face.
> Not her normal, time-practiced look of cute-powered demand, but an openly emotional look of need to stay here.
> For entirely different reasons, you can't resist this one either.
"Okay, if you insist."
> Dropping to fold your legs together beside her, you slip an arm around Suns' withers as well.

> She quickly settles back down too, eyes returning skyward to rest on the moon hanging far above.
"...what's it mean to you, Suns?"
> For the first time since you found her she makes a noise - a pained little nicker that barely parts her lips.
"That where you come from or something?"
> Your joking tone must have been evident even if your words were not understood.
> Suns doesn't grant it an answer except for an annoyed flick of her ear..
> For time indeterminable the two of you sit there on the slope, watching the moon travel in its slow arc over the valley below.
> Here and there a few lights flicker in the distance, and occasional the blinking signal of a distant aircraft floats across the sky.
> But by and large the scene is undisturbed by for the distant rustling of wind through tree branches only now achieving their full summer coats of leaves.
> At long last Suns shakes off your arm, rising with a stretch and flap of her wings - one that almost bowls you over.
"Hey, there!"
> Chuckling, you rise.
"Ready to go back now?"
> Whatever infection the moon spread to her that drove Suns to such solitude, it's apparently passed for now.
> She takes the lead, even - her many-hued tail an excellent guide through the forest back to your campsite.
> Her mood even seems to rise as the tent comes back into view, although you are mentally kicking yourself for leaving the guttering fire unattended.
> Considering the time, you decide to allow the wood to finish burning out rather than rebuilding it.
> And soon enough you are zipping the tent closed before climbing into your bedroll.
> The weight of the day's activity coming crashing down on you now that the adrenaline rush you'd felt earlier had faded.
> Barely do you stay awake long enough to see Suns curl up across the tent as well, her head resting atop crossed legs.
> You dream that night.
> Long and vividly.

> You dream the tent of the door is somehow unzipped.
> You dream that beyond the open portal stands Suns, tall and proud with wings spread wide.
> You dream of tears glittering on her cheek as her head tilts up towards the moon, peeking through the treetops.
> You dream she sings in that strange, lilting tongue you'd heard on the doorstep once before.
> But come morning, the tent-flap is shut once more and the only distance Suns has moved is over to your bedroll, her head resting upon your chest with one ear over your heart.
>You wake up to the clockspider's mating call
>it's hissing and clicking rousing you from sleep
>That's the best way to start the day
>You snow-angel some space among the pile of fosters cans, reaching for your emergency tub of anti-swooping gel
>You rub the vegemite behind your ears and get out of the "bed", stretching
>aaaand bend over to touch your toe- oh hey, a death adder
>It has a green sticker on the top of it's head, and it hisses at you harshly
"Yeah, nah. Wat are you doin' off me donger?"
>Channeling your commonwealth heritage you grip the snake and shove it right back onto your dick
>Can't be too careful - dingo might take your babymaker in your sleep
>You turn around and look at your pone companion
>She flicks her ears sleepily as she tries to wake up, calm down from the sheer amount of terror that is contained in the local fauna, and ogle your rump
>So, an average monday
"Sheila, ya gotta get brecky goin'."
>She nods and steps out of the pile of fosters
>She turns, and in slow motion you see it
>The most dreaded creature on the planet
>The Drop Bear
>Hissing and foaming at the eyes, it drops on your pone waifu
>Your pone waifu screams and flails
>You rush to the tub of vegemite and grab a handful
>Such a waste, but no time!
>You slather it all over your pone, and the Drop Bear vanishes in a puff of smoke
>You cradle her in your arms, singing about Bollywogs and Kookaburras
>Tilting your head back, you channel the powers of Fuck off we're full
>A warm, 39 degree C glow envelops your pone
>The power of the metric system is made manifest in your arms
>The Eternal Kangaroo appears
>She knowingly stares into your eyes, and you nod
>From her pouch she pulls your waifu, healed and smelling slightly of coffee
>You check for any black flags, finding none
>You pet her and thank the Eternal Kangaroo with a cold beer
>Just another average monday
It is more glorious than I could have hoped for.
At least the FoE people had the decency to remove the artists name before making an edit.
Bump from 10

And again.
>You are Anon.
>Waking up in the morning after last night's meeting with Suns and Moons was rather scary.
>You were 50% sure you were going to walk out and see either one or two dead ponies.
>Luckily though, they were both still asleep. Suns in her bed, and Moons in a makeshift bed made out of couch cushions.
>You were gonna have to buy her a real one. And a second leash. And another food bowl. And more hay.
>It's not like you enjoyed having money or anything.
>Speaking of money, you should get started on your work.
>Normally you'd be getting ready to commute to work, but you're going to be working from home today, as well as the forseeable future.
>Your boss is a sucker for charitable deeds, and when you told him you were fostering an injured pony with an atitude problem, he ate it right up.
>You actually kind of liked working at the office though, it gave you space from your number one adorable distraction.
>And now you have two of them.
>If Moons had similar sleeping patterns to Suns, then she wouldn't be awake for at least another two hours.
>Making yourself a cup of coffee, you sat down in your recliner and took in the pleasant quietness of the early morning.

Hey everyone, I need to ask ya something. What's Moons weakness, in terms of food, a toy, something silly like that? Something she's bend backwards for? I may not use it right away, but it will be used. Dubs or most popular choice decided.

I also have all my stuff, just haven't updated the pastebin. Will do now.
Also thanks, you're awesome. Keep being awesome.
A squeaky toy of some kind.
An old worn-out rag cloth with bit of embroidery thread still in it, once resembling some sort of brand or kitchen pun... a bit of the letter "L" is still visible from the design and luna attaches to it like a safety blanket


mango flavored high-chew
a squeaky toy that looks like the moon
>You glanced at the clock, it read 6:30AM.
>The mid-June sun had just completely risen over the horizion, and was now just appearing over the tops of the trees in your back yard.
>You closed your eyes and put your head back, taking in the serenity.
>The chirping of the birds, the soft whirring of the ceiling fan, the backfiring of Tank's lawnmower, it was perfect.
>*tap tap* Huh?
>You looked down and saw Moons at your feet. This could only mean one thing, she was hungry.
"Well then, you're up early. Much earlier then Sunbutt over there."
>You gave her a pat on the head and walked over to the kitchen to prepare her food.
>Some hay, some vegetables, and some fruit. A little variety would be good.
>You set a dish with the food down next to a bowl of water, which Moons began to consume.
>As you sat down next to her with your back against the wall, you saw how perfectly fine she was this morning. No groggyness, no bags under her eyes, she seemed alert and ready for the day, albeit with little interest on her face.
"You seem like much more of a morning pony than Suns or myself. I wish I knew your secrets."
>She turned to you for a second, then turned back to her food.
"Well, I guess you don't need me for this. Just pay on the way out and leave the tip on the table."
>You got up and headed to your office, where a few hours of work waited for you.

I like these. If no one else comes up with anything for dubs, it'll probably be a squeaky toy shaped like the moon.
reddit on anon's phone
A cardboard box that's a tiny bit too small for her
That's it.

Moons is cat pone who likes boxes 10/10 I can really work with this.

And to anyone else who suggested anything, I may still end up using them, as they're still great suggestions.

>Work at Generi Co. as IT was going well.
>While you knew a lot of the old 'disk tray as cup holder' and 'Google Ultron' IT stories, the people you worked with were relatively competant with comupters.
>They knew their way around well enough that you'd be able to handle any problems from home without the office self destructing.
>And if there were any problems, there were a few other people at the office who could probably fix it.
>Monday was a pretty quiet day anyway, so you leaned back in your chair and waited for tickets to roll in.

>Be Moons.
>The human...Anonymous, finally got up to give you breakfast, if you could call it that.
>Frozen vegetables, overripe fruit, and some extremely dry hay. You could find better food yourself.
>Well, at least a meal was a meal.
>Even though you had to ignore him until he went away.
>You prowled throughout the house to see what went on this early in the morning.
>The fat sun pony was still asleep. Snoring.
>Anonymous was sitting in a chair staring at a light box intently. Weird.
>You could see an old human out the front window pushing a metal box on his grass while a blue pegasus floated overhead. Also weird.
>As you came to the general conclusion that humans were weird, you entered a room you hadn't been inside yet.
>What was inside amazed you.
>There it was, in the center of the room, in all it's glory, was a tiny pink box.
>You're not quite sure why, but you felt drawn to it.
>Perhaps it was because it would hide you from your surroundings, giving you an advantage over predators.
>Perhaps it was because you intrinsically liked sitting in boxes.
>Either way, you carefully climbed inside and realized it was every so slightly too small.
>You could make this work.
>You tried to sit down, and felt the walls straining under your body.
>As you slowed to a stop, you could feel the walls bulging, but you were good.
>You looked like a muffin.
>Heaven forbid Suns sees this.

G'night all.
Forgot to post pic related:
> Not "Who's a silly pony? You is! You is, Applejack!"
File: 714939.png (743KB, 1024x683px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bu mp
File: 20150210_095417.jpg (3MB, 4160x2340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I named my black lab Luna. Did I make the right decision?

Anon you better spoil the fuck out of that dog.
I do. She gets belly rubs, scratches behind the ear, and when I go to bed, she curls up next to me.
I'd post an image of a cute moon horse, but I don't have any on my phone.
Up from 9
>Not getting an alaskan husky and naming her Luna
Stay pleb
>Drinking Fosters
Well, I do try.

At least, that was what I was told.
File: Untitled.png (685KB, 1276x643px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 543.gif (799KB, 200x189px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Fuck man I don't know how to file this paperwork. I'm just a dog
Bedtime bamp
Bimpo bampo bumpo
tfw no new content
So what's the original? How many derivative?
File: 2014-08-19-336.png (69KB, 1024x510px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 1024x510px
You mean OP's pic?
This is the original. There are three edits with ponies, one with >>21741879 and another one with Twilight.
Ignore the namefag.
Even if he is occasionally amusing by being retarded.
bump before bed
And up from 10.

And again.
This is more of a one off of my main story:

>Be Anon
>Just wakin up in the mornin gotta thank God
>I don't know but today seems kinda odd
>It's Saturday, normally you'd sleep in for longer, but you just had a restless feeling in your legs.
>All four of them.
>Your eyes shot open, and you could see a long green muzzle in your vision, and four green legs as you twisted your head.
>This was not your comfortable bed, and this was not your human body.
>This was Suns' bed, and you were a pony.
>You rolled out of the pony bed, and tried standing up.
>Naturally, your mind told you to stand on two legs, but that didn't work, so you tried on four.
>You could stand, barely.
>This would be a lot easier if Suns could help you.
>Speaking of which, where was Suns?
>Your question was answered as you were lifted up from behind by two slender arms and pulled into a hug.
>You turned your head and saw the most beautiful woman ever.
>She had beautiful erethral hair, purple eyes, and flawless skin.
>Holy shit it was Suns.

>What the fuck was going on?
>Suns eventually put you down, and started cooing over you.
>Why was she not freaking out?
>You could see she was wearing one of your robes.
>At least she had the thought of modesty down.
>Although, from what you could tell she was quite the looker...
>Dammit Anon Jr. this is definetly not the time nor place for that.
>Ok, figure out what happened.
>You gently took a hold of Suns' hand with your mouth, and pulled her into your bedroom, where you had a full length mirror.
>Pointing at it with your hoof, you attempted to pose the question, 'what the hell is going on?'
>Suns looked at herself in the mirror, and touched her face, admiring what had happened.
>After a few minutes, she kneeled down next to you and held your muzzle in her hands.
>She was confused as well.
>As you both looked at each other figuring out what to do, your stomach rumbled.
>About to trot to the kitchen to get something to eat, you were picked up by Suns who instead carried you there.
>She seems to like using her arms.
>Arms are pretty awesome, you had to say.
>As you prepared to try to make a meal with hooves, you saw Suns begin to rifle through the cabinets and drawers.
>In horror, you frantically tried stopping her, she never used silverware before, she was going to cut off her hands!
>But to your surprise, not only did she manage to make you a bowl of fruit and vegetables, but she did it without breaking or dropping anything.
>Wow, she learned to be a hum faster than you learned to be a pony, it was still kind of hard walking on hooves.
>She set the bowl down on the floor, and you dug in.
>Fruit and vegetables never tasted this good before, why was this so? You cleaned out the bowl, and sat down with a satisfying burp.
>Seeing you were done, she picked you up again and carried you over to the couch, where she began stroking your head.
>Pampered by a beautiful woman, who looked like a goddess, and you ain't got to do shit. You could get used to this.

This is interesting.
Thanks, but I gotta go to bed. I'm not sure how much more of it I'm gonna go with before I go back to the main story, but there will be more stuff like this in the future.
Is this like a new generation of petfag?
File: 1304376955947.png (457KB, 600x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
457KB, 600x450px
im gonna bump this bitch right to the top.
No, just the homoversion of submission is mandatory
a bump
Was this the thread with Pet Anon where Rarity hits him if he tries to speak? Also Twilight molests him.

I can't seem to find it
Sorry mate, these here are pet ponies, not pet anons well, mostly. Try asking at the Submission general, they'll probably know more.
k, I'll try there

Thank you
Do you already have concrete ideas for the continuation of this story?
It feels like it's not going anywhere in particular.
page 10 bumpp

I sort of do. For the most part it's a bunch of random cute stuff strung together, but there is an ending planned.
Dammit now I want pony anon to bang suns
night bump
That's a shame, I always loved fucking with the petfags.
File: 1411909705805.jpg (373KB, 1488x1748px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1410050694709.jpg (132KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It wasnt in the submission thread. Before this general there was a small time of fads featuring pony pets. I cant find the exact thread at the moment but the story is the closest thing i can find.

bump before 4cc kickoff
File: 1423395402955.png (978KB, 2000x2500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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found this in the applejack thread. figured it was relevant.
File: large.png (571KB, 1276x643px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
571KB, 1276x643px
The applejack edit is awful.
what are petfags? this is pretty much pone pets so if that isn't pet fags then what is?
So, are people still interested in more Suns Prime?
Yes. Gimme gimme.
I want to know why Suns was so enthralled by the picture of Earth from the moon. Was she thinking that's what her sister must have seen, or did she noticed that she wasn't in her world anymore?
Fuck yeah I've been waiting for more Suns for like two days I'm beginning to show withdrawal symptoms

...speaking of which, is Doc kill again? Haven't seen him around for a couple days.

I'll try and get some more out, then.

And again.
Figure I'll just end this before continuing the main story.

>She held you close as she hummed a little lullaby, stroking your neck.
>Dammit it was hard to stay awake, and you had only been up for about an hour.
>Being a pony was hard work.
>You nestled against her chest and let out a long yawn.
>As you closed your eyes, she whispered into your ear:
>"Now you've gotten a taste of all that you do for me, my little pony."
>She gave you a kiss on the nose, and you drifted to sleep.

>A few hours later, you woke up, back in your human body on the sofa with pony Suns lying on your chest.
>You were wearing the robe human Suns was wearing, but was it all just a dream? Did any of that really happen? It felt so real?
>Nah. Couldn't have been.
>You looked down, and saw a few strands of green fur on the robe.

So, back to the main story.
I like this. But i dunno what is 'oing on.
Really? The Applejack is my favorite one

>Heaven forbid Suns sees this.
>Then, you heard a snicker behind you.
>You turn your head, and see Suns.
>"Sooooo..whacha doing?"
"You will speak nothing of this."
>"Well, I can't speak to Anon per se, but I'll be sure to bring him over to see you himself."
"Wait. What, no! Stop it right now!"
>You tried to turn your head to see Suns as she left the room, but being stuck in the box really limited your ability to turn.
>"Ok, how to get out without destroying the box?"
>You tried rocking back and forth, hoping the movement would free your legs.
>You shifted your weight to one side.
>You shifted it back, moving with all your force.
>You tipped to box over and landed on your side. And you were still stuck.
"Pony feathers."

>Be Anon.
>You had finally begun to do some work when you felt a tugging at your foot.
"Suns? Whacha want girl? I can't play right now, I have to work."
>She was persistant, and kept tugging.
"Well, I guess whatever you want me for is important."
>You got up, and followed Suns as she left the room.
I think I know on whose carpet Moons will shit today.
Dude, that was adorable.
adu badu!
4cc hype slow day bump
File: 1401223538994.png (357KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
357KB, 800x600px
I don't know why but this looks kind of adorable. Like her legs would still be at a full gallop even when she's in the air.

I just want to brush her mane and tell her everything's gonna be ok.
File: Spleepy.png (775KB, 1280x871px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
775KB, 1280x871px
why is pet thread always so dead?
Cause Doctor is pretty much dead and other writefags are all murrican so we don't get much traffic throughout like two thirds of the day.
Pet pones are known to be a bit clingy
-high pitch squeal-

Ponies being pets, intelligence varies, things happen. That's really all there is to it. You fucking filthy tripfag

Kind of this.

>muh heart
It was done poorly
I know it doesn't help now, but I'll write a bit around noon (it's 3:30AM where I am right now).

So if you can keep it bumped til then, I'll get ya some green.

I really wish this was a topic more writefags were interested in, and I wish I had more time to write.
K I'm awake. Writing.
4chan pls get it together
"I just hope you didn't break any..."
>Suns led you to your bedroom where Moons was stuck in a little pink box you had left out.
>Moons craned her head to look at you, then hung it in shame.
"Well isn't that adorable."
>You knelt down next to Moons and decided to take advantage of her predicament by scratching her behind the ears, and under the chin.
"Who's a silly pony?"
>As you scratched Moons, you felt a horn poke one of your arms. You turned to see Suns pleading at you with her eyes.
"Alright, fine, you can have one too."
>You took one of your hands off of Moons and started scratching Suns with it.
"Yeah, I'm not gonna get much done today."

>Be Moons.
>The human is trying to take advantage of your trapped situation by trying to seduce you with head scratches.
>He foolishly thinks it will work, but you are stronger then that.
>You turn your head away from him, to tell him that you are a strong, independent mare who don't need no-
>Neck scratches.
>You move your head in the direction of Anon, trying to get more headscratches out of the deal.
>Eventually, when your head can move no farther, Anon tries picking you up, taking you out of the box without breaking it.
>Seeing the intact box and watching Anon quickly move back to scratching you made you reconsider your thoughts on him.
"Ok, he can be trusted...for now."
>"See, I told you he was nice."
"Well, I still don't trust you."
>"I wouldn't have it any other way."
>Be Anon.
>After about a half hour of pony petting, you were back at your desk working.
>You had discovered Moons' sweet spot was underneath the chin, which turned her into a pile of pony putty.
>Eventually after you left them to do your work, you saw them bolt to different sections of the house.
>You'd give almost anything to see them play together, but you figured it would take more time then that.
>A few tickets later, you decided it was time for lunch.
>You went into the kitchen, and decided to make yourself a sandwhich.
>You got some bread, some chicken, some cheese, and lettuce out of the fridge.
>Aww sheit this was gonna be good.
>Boom bread.
>Boom chicken.
>Boom lettuce.
>Boom cheese.
>Boom more chicken because fuck it.
>Boom bread.
>As you ate your sandwhich, you turned to the camera.
"What, every scene has to include Suns or Moons?"
>It was about 9PM, Monday night.
>The first day of working from home had went well.
>You got a good amount of work done, and Suns and Moons hadn't killed each other.
>You also found out the best place to scratch Moons. That info alone was worth it's weight in gold.
>You were sitting on the couch watching TV with Suns sitting next to you.
>You had no idea if she could tell what was actually happening on the screen, but she seemed more than content to sit next to you as you stroked her neck and belly.
>Without any prompt, Moons joined you on the other side, and nudged your hand with her muzzle.
"What, you're not here to just enjoy my company?"
>You happily obliged her though, scratching her the same way you did Suns.
>After enough time, they had bothe edged closer to you.
>Since you were sitting very low in the couch, Suns was resting her head on your shoulder, and Moons had lied her head across your lap.
>This was cozy as fuck. You never had to buy another blanket again.
>These weren't the 'mad horny bitches' you expected to have when you were 14 playing Xbox, but for now, it was pretty ok.
I'll be back later, I promise.
>For you.
I really like those proportions more than the show style, slightly shorter and less spindly legs. More pone to cuddle with.
File: 1399214573407.png (228KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you will never have a clumsy pony pet
File: bellylestia.jpg (609KB, 1280x865px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
609KB, 1280x865px

Silfoe produces adorable princesses, yes. It's been on of the inspirations as I write Suns Prime.
>All dat cute.
Damnit man, post warnings when you drop adorable bombs like that. My heart can't take it.
Here's one, it's my favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJnWo5Jx7W8

Then there's this different version, which starts cute, then has a weird ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhPwyHXd07Q
Oh my god they're my new favorite artist.
>Watched the first vid.
Oh shit nigga, someone call the hospital. I'm havin a feels attack.
>Watched the second.
Oh god why?
Up from 10
>tricky dick
bump before bed
That's adorable

>You woke up to the next morning to the sound of a large truck coming down your street.
>Getting out of bed and looking at the window, you saw a moving truck had parked in front of the house next to yours, which had been vacant for some time now.
>Putting on a robe and slippers, you decided you wanted to meet your new neighbor.
>As you reached the front door, you saw Suns and Moons were too awoken by the noise, and interested in what it was.
>You gave them each a pat on the head.
"C'mon girls, let's go see who it is."
>You opened the door and walked out, ponies following behind you like baby ducks behind their mother.
>By the time you reached the truck, the occupant had gotten out and was trying to beckon someone else out of the truck.
>He looked like a rather studious man, with thick round glasses and a sports coat.
>Not what you'd pick for truck driving, but hey.
"Hello there neighbor, my name's Anonymous, I live next door."
>The man smiled and greeted you warmly.
>"Hello Anonymous, I'm Alexander Eluen, just moving in today!"
"Welcome to the neighborhood, if you need anything just knock on my door. If you don't mind me asking, what brings you here?"
>"Ah, well, I'm closer to my parents. They live about 40 minutes away, which is nicer than the 12 hours from when I lived in the capitol. I'm also looking to start my own P.I. service here, as I was a part of the police force there. Hopefully here I'll only have to deal with cases of insurance fraud and cheating spouces instead of homicides and arson."
>A funny thought went through your mind, of this man in front of you yelling, "WHO? WHO?" as he interrogated a suspect.
>"I'd like to see the inside of my house, but someone, or should I say somepony doesn't want to leave the truck."
>You glanced inside the cab and saw a purple unicorn with purple and pink hair cowering on the next seat.

FYI: In my mind, this story takes place in an area similar to somewhere in about Illinois. Not the east coast, but not quite as meth laden as the midwest, and about 12 hours away from DC.

>"C'mon Sparkplug, you're gonna love it here! There's a big backyard for you and Spur to play in!"
>The pony cowered in her seat more.
>"I was hoping the move from the city to here wouldn't affect her this badly. I can't blame her, she's never seen any place bigger than a small park, and never really interacted much with other ponies in the city."
>Suns popped out from under your arm, interested in what was going on.
"Well, I might know someone who can get her out."
>Alex looked and saw Suns, and her bright sunny disposition which could make anyone smile.
>"Well, you can give it a try."
>You let Suns hop up and put her front legs on the drivers seat, brining her eye to eye with the pony across from there.

>Be Suns.
>You jumped up to see what was going on inside the big car.
>To your surprise, there was a little filly on the seat across from you.
>She looked scared too. Time to make a new friend.
"Hello there little one, my name is Suns. What's your name?"
>She looked up at you for a moment, before looking back down, afraid.
>She was clutching a little stuffed toy pony.
>"S-Sparkplug. I'm Sparkplug."
>A little purple and green bearded dragon popped his head up from the footwell.
>"And hi, I'm Spur!"
>You looked back at him, his cute curiosity made you smile.
"Hello to you too Spur, can you tell me what's wrong with Sparkplug?"
>"Ah, she's just afraid of this new place. She wasn't to go back to the little house our human, Alex used to have. This new place looks AWESOME!"
>He scampered past you and into Alex's arms, going up onto his shoulder.
"I promise Sparkplug, it's not that bad. There's nice humans all around, lots of room to play in, and nice ponies too...well...mostly nice ponies."

>"I heard that." Moons chimed in from behind you.
"If you stay in there, there's a lot you're going to miss out on."
>Your motherly nature and smile were apparently enough to lure her out of the truck.
>She carefully stepped down out of the cab and stood next to her owner.
>You gave her a wink, and turned back to Anon.

>Be Anon.
"Well, I have absolutely no idea what she just did, but it worked."

G'night all, I gotta sleep.
Also, I know the point of writefagging isn't to garner attention and be an attention whore, it's to write for the sake of writing pone, but can you guys just every once in a while say how this is going? Thanks.

No worries - I know the feedback really helps as a motivating factor to keep going.

I like the perspective switches; things are always amusing to see from Suns/Moons perspective. And yes, it is hilariously adorable. I'm also mildly interested in how you're blending in various canon characters (dat cadance and shiing); those are always fun. I must admit to being curious what the owners hear when they're talking to each other - random neighing?

If anything, it felt like Moons flipped over accepting Anon to quickly. One second she would barely stop fighting when he yelled, the next she gives in at the first neck scratch.

All in all - keep going. You're doing good.


the first seven notes of the "chorus" loop in that music are identical to the themesong to "Thunderbirds".

I nostalgia'd and d'awwww'd at the same time.
File: doubtLA.jpg (16KB, 200x303px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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'10/10 - Meh' - IGN
Nah seriously the story is good and it's cute as fuck and that's why I'm here after all.jjjjjjjjjjjjhjhjjssyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssswwwwwwwwwšš ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
I'm not a robot
4 bumps and no content in between
slow euroevenings
Up from 10
Puddin pop
>you will never take care of your pet pony after it was hit by a car
Every time I see a sad or hurt pony in these threads I just wanna scoop it up and hug it and tell it everything's gonna be alright.
Up from 10 again.
Ok, I'm here, but I'm finishing up a short paper on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I might rewrite the meeting between Anon and his new neighbor, and change Spike's role from the pet lizard to Alex Eluen's nephew/cousin. I feel like having him as a young boy, around 12-13 years old would have a nice character to add. While we have Anon interacting with Suns and Moons, and he truly does love them, I think having a young boy with a pet pony would be more like a boy and his dog. Yes, they love each other, but it's also like two friends on a vast adventure. Also, if he was a lizard, his role in relation to Sparkplug(Twilight) would be nearly the same as in the show.

As a dude myself who was a 13 year old boy at one point, it would be easier writing for him than the CMC equivelant that was in my first piece.

Jesus, I give this more thought then my paper.

This idea. I like it.

>You woke up to the next morning to the sound of a large truck coming down your street.
>Getting out of bed and looking at the window, you saw a moving truck had parked in front of the house next to yours, which had been vacant for some time now.
>Putting on a robe and slippers, you decided you wanted to meet your new neighbor.
>As you reached the front door, you saw Suns and Moons were too awoken by the noise, and interested in what it was.
>You gave them each a pat on the head.
"C'mon girls, let's go see who it is."
>You opened the door and walked out, ponies following behind you like baby ducks behind their mother.
>By the time you reached the truck, the occupants had gotten out and were trying to beckon someone else out of the truck.
>The two that had come out of the truck were a 20 something, and a younger boy, around 12 or 13 years old.
>The man looked rather studious, with thick round glasses and a sports coat.
>Not what you'd pick for truck driving, but hey.
>The boy looked like your average 13 year old. Jeans, purple hoodie, and strangely enough, a green mohawk.
>This is what you envisioned the little kids that fucked your mom on CounterStrike looked like.
"Hello there neighbor, my name's Anonymous, I live next door."
>The man smiled and greeted you warmly.
>"Hello Anonymous, I'm Alexander Eluen, just moving in today!"
>He looked over at the young boy still trying to beckon someone out of the truck.
>"That's my cousin, Carter. I'm watching him for a few months while his grandparents go on a round-the-world cruise."
"Welcome to the neighborhood, if you need anything just knock on my door. If you don't mind me asking, what brings you here?"
>"Ah, well, I'm closer to my parents. They live about 40 minutes away, which is nicer than the 12 hours from when I lived in the capitol. I'm also looking to start my own P.I. service here, as I was a part of the police force there. Hopefully here I'll only have to deal with cases of insurance fraud and cheating spouces instead of homicides and arson."
>A funny thought went through your mind, of this man in front of you yelling, "WHO? WHO?" as he interrogated a suspect.
>"I'd like to see the inside of my house, but someone, or should I say somepony doesn't want to leave the truck."
>You glanced inside the cab and saw a purple unicorn with purple and pink hair cowering on the next seat, and Carter was trying his hardest to get her out.
>"C'mon Sparkplug, you're gonna love it here! There's a big backyard for you us play in!"
>The pony cowered in her seat more, and Alex let out a sigh.
>"I was hoping the move from the city to here wouldn't affect her this badly. I can't blame her, she's never seen any place bigger than a small park, and never really interacted much with other ponies in the city."
>Suns popped out from under your arm, interested in what was going on.
"Well, I might know someone who can get her out."
>Alex looked and saw Suns, and her bright sunny disposition which could make anyone smile.
>"Well, you can give it a try."
>Carter moved out of the way, and you let Suns hop up and put her front legs on the drivers seat, brining her eye to eye with the pony across from there.

>Be Suns.
>You jumped up to see what was going on inside the big car.
>To your surprise, there was a little filly on the seat across from you.
>She looked scared too. Time to make a new friend.
"Hello there little one, my name is Suns. What's your name?"
>She looked up at you for a moment, before looking back down, afraid.
>She was clutching a little stuffed toy pony.
>"S-Sparkplug. I'm Sparkplug."
>The pony's sniffles were heartwrenching, you had to help her.
"Tell me Sparkplug, what's wrong?"
>She hiccuped a little, and spoke again.
>"I just want to go home. This new place is big and scary. I don't recognize any of the sounds and smells here and I don't know what's happening."
>You reached across and put a hoof on her hoof.
"I promise Sparkplug, it's not that bad. There's nice humans all around, lots of room to play in, and nice ponies too...well...mostly nice ponies."
>"I heard that." Moons chimed in from behind you.
"And even better, it looks like we'll be living next door to each other, I'm no farther then a fence post away! Although, your owners seem to love you so much I don't think you'll need me that often."
>You motioned with your head to the humans behind you.
"C'mon, they wouldn't have come here if it wouldn't have been good for you too. Give them a chance. If you stay in there, there's a lot you're going to miss out on."
>Even though you had only known her for a matter of minutes, your motherly nature and smile were apparently enough to lure her out of the truck.
>She carefully stepped down out of the cab and stood next to her Carter, pressing her head against his side.
>You gave her a wink, and turned back to Anon.

>Be Anon.
"Well, I have absolutely no idea what she just did, but it worked."
Thanks for the feedback!

I like to think that it's partially random neighing/other horse sounds, and they're also somehow able to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas (but when written it's conversation) through expressions and physical movement, so it's not like he humans are just hearing:

>"Neigh neigh neigh?"
>"Neigh neigh whinny neigh!"
>"Neigh. NEIGH."
>"Whinny neigh whinny."
>"Anon what the fuck are your horses doing?"
"I don't know but I'm high as fuck right now. Whoever your dealer is, I need to meet him."

As for Moons flipping for Anon too easily, I realized that if she was angry at Anon and Suns all the time, Anon would definetly get to the point of, "HOLY SHIT I'M TAKING YOU BACK TO THE FOREST." So now, she's still a cold bitch to Suns, and since she's starting to take a liking to Anon, Suns will become jealous. Also this way Anon can cuddle with 2 ponies, which is better than one.
And sorry for the cop-out tonight instead of actual content. I have to give tours tomorrow morning to highschoolers, and as a student, I have to look like I occasionally sleep. Maybe I'll post something mid day.

I wish more anons would post regularly so perhaps I could take a night off every now and then (cus if we're bumping it for more than 24 hours without spstantial text content it just looks sad, but you anons posting pics are awesome). I might end up just taking this and making it a story on FimFiction, but not before I finish it here. Anon first.

Good night all.
Bedtime bump.
Bippity bumpity boo.
IO'm drunk in a fine tuseday afternoon and this is a bump

Any content is better than none! I'll try and drop some more Suns Prime in soon; I've been busy lately.
Ok, I should have a bit of free time after 5 for a bit (it's 3:10 now).

Just as a little prompt to anyone listening, say you were offered a spot in Equestria by Celestia, Twilight, Chrysalis, heck, even a simpler pony like Colgate or the Spa Twins, but there was a catch.

You had to be their pet.

No, no, no, not that fetish stuff. You'll still wear clothes, you wouldn't have sex with them (probably), you can eat at a table with forks and knives, pretty much your only task and existence for being there is to provide stress relief, companionship, and entertainment to ponies in the same way that you or I might have a dog or cat. Sometimes they may get home and just want you to cuddle them, but at the same time your freedom would more or less be restricted to being governed by your owner.

Would you do it Anon?

I would...as long as it wasn't Lyra.{/spoiler]
File: 1407015265840.png (34KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don't worry. legs grow back
no they do not
I would, definitely. As long as my owner's not an outcast like Chrysalis or let's say Trixie (although that might be cool as well, discovering new places travelling with her and such) I'd be pretty happy with any pony. For a life with a pone by my side I would probably take some humiliation as well, whatever. Sex wouldn't be an issue since I don't get much of it here anyway.
Fuck man, being a pet would probably be even better than just to be there by myself. You have someone that will take care of you and be there for you every time you get some weird looks from others and such. Just the idea of spending an evening cuddled with a pony near a fireplace just being comfy and warm is worth it.
I've wanted to be a pet to a pony for a while now. The way you put it just makes me want it more.
Thanks for giving me really bad flash backs that one time I visited fluffybooru.com anon
I thought about this because of how some pets like Angel and Owlowiscious seem intelligent to the point where they can seem to understand what's going on, and if society would allow it, could hold a job.

If I was a pony's pet, I know I would do everything to make them comfortable.
Hmm, I am curious about this fluffybooru.com
It's .org anon. But still, from the 90 seconds I spent on it, I saw that it was a hopeless shithole.
So... Basically I'm a human version of Spike?
I couldn't sleep for weeks after viewing that fucked up place of retarded teen edgyness
File: 1396773766328.jpg (52KB, 499x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is this like, the petfag thread?

>tfw no master

>tfw glorious eggy farts
More or less, but Spike's her assistant/friend/son/brother, as a pet, you really wouldn't be expected to do anything other then cuddles and attention. Other then that you sorta just exist in their home, or with them.

Nah, this is just sorta off topic.
I'd have fun with it.

Because at some point, I know, I just fucking know, I'm going to get beyond sick of it all, develop a second personality and go full Tyler Durden.

And not because of the edge factor, I love cuddling, cuddling and all that other putrid shit but holy hell do I have wanderlust. If I'm not reading, I'm listening to music, if I'm doing one of those, I'm writing or designing something, if I'm sick of both, I'm out exploring shit I shouldn't be because I've got jungle fever for those trees made of concrete with branches of steal and leaves of shattered glass, all grown with roots above and branches bellow.

I'd imagine it'd end up being Twalot coming home one day from princess shit, unable to find me. And after like a half an hour of searching, she goes into the basement to find me burning my hand with the other gripping the wrist, with some basic chemical on it, shouting into a mirror saying that "You need to fight through the pain," and other shit like that.

And then, later that night, when I'm fast asleep, Twilight is haunted awake, wondering just what kind of monster she has created, briefly distracted by the sudden erection poking her back, before being rudely reminded by the mumbled words of "fucking consumerism."
I'd be fine with just being there. Can't see myself living with Dash being forced to do gymnastics for keks and having a magic propeller stuck up my ass so I could live up in the clouds though.
You made a right call. Your dog is adorable. Clean her eyes.
Is there a Rainbow Dash edit?
File: 1386354726945.png (468KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What does pony do when you're not home?
She's been weepy for the past week or so. We were concerned because at first her rheum was kinda dirty, but we concluded that it had been because of dirt around her eyes. They're clean now.
Up from 10
Oh god that image series creeps me the fuck out.

>Having met your new neighbors, you decieded to let them get to work and run a few errands yourself.
>Ok, where did you have to go?
>Pick up some hay and apples from the orchard.
>Get your repaired suit from Opal's tailoring shop.
>And hell, get a cake and a few pony treats from the Gummy Worm Candy Store and Bakery.
>You didn't want to leave them both at home again alone, so you decided you'd take them with you.
>After a quick shower and breakfast, you got them ready (and hitched a small trailer to your car for the hay), and were quickly on the road for a day of errands.
>First stop, the Golden Orchard.
>As you got closer to the farm, the smell of apples filled your nose.
>You're not sure how, but you were able to smell the farm from miles and miles away, and not horse butt and manure, but the lovely fragrance of apples and fresh dew.
>As you pulled up to the farm, you already saw the farm's owner, Winona, hard at work getting the farm ready for a day of harvesting.
>She gave you a wave as you walked up to meet her.
>"Howdy there Anon, fancy seeing you here today this early."
"Well, I was woken up early this morning, and figured I'd just get a jump on the day. This also gives me a chance to get my new friend Moons here aquainted with the town."
>You motioned to Moons, who barely regarded any intrest and the mention of her name.
>Winona smiled and knelt down to pet her.
>"Well, she sure is pretty Anon, where'd you get-"
"I wouldn't do that."
>She pulled her hand back at the last moment, cautious.
"Sorry, I'm not sure if she even likes me. I wouldn't want you to lose a hand."
>Winona raised an eyebrow.
>"Is she gonna cause any trouble?"
"Nope, I've got Suns to help me keep her in line, and she at least appears to listen to me."
>"Well then, just keep an eye on her. Anyway, you here for the usual order of hay?"
"Yeah, but I think I'm gonna go pick a few apples, is that ok?"
>She smiled.
>"We're not really open yet today, but I know you're good for it."
Herp derp forgot tripcode

"Thanks Winona."
>"No problem Anon, I'll get Bloom working on getting the hay bales to your trailer for ya, should be done in a half hour or so."
"Cool, I'll be back here around then."
>You waved a goodbye and grabbed a red wagon from a row of them.
>Walking into the rows of apple trees, you saw Bloom headed back to the barn on the back of one of the farm's two ponies, Appleseed, a cute little filly who even had her own hat.
>If what Winona told you is true, she could kick the apples off of a tree.
>As you walked further into the orchard, you thought more about Winona.
>She was nice, trusting, could really tell what a person meant.
>She always looked for the good in people. She employed a good amount of recently freed convicts, giving them a second chance and time to work on their honesty.
>You always thought how dangerous it might be, but you knew that if anyone hurt or stole from her and her family, they would be the center of an impromptu lynch mob.
>She herself was quite a looker. Tan skin, long brown hair, and that farm work certainly did a body good.
>You actually dated her for a while, and DAMN, those hips had a booty to match.
>She was quite a length more athletic to you, and sometimes YOU couldn't walk straight after a night with her.
>The breakup happened when you realized you couldn't marry into a family of workaholics. You were invited to be a part of their annual barn raising with extended family, and after 12 straight hours of manual labor, you were reduced to a quivering pile of Anon goop.
>Luckily it was a more or less mutual breakup, and you two managed to remain friends.
>But that booty though.
>You were a sucker for the booty, as a cruel mistress is she.

G'night all. I have a bunch of stuff prewritten that will definetly be used down the road.
File: bedtimefluttershy.gif (110KB, 300x226px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bedtime bump.
This anon put it pretty well. This is pretty much all I have to say about the story so far.

>tfw got aroused from the description of human AJ
Technically, it's supposed to be human Winona, but who would more or less take on the traits of AJ.

They do say pets are like their owners.

And thank you Anon.
That picture is fucking adorable. Have a higher res copy http://derpibooru.org/2943
Also, I'd fuck 'em.
File: large (1).png (439KB, 1280x689px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
large (1).png
439KB, 1280x689px
I love this from Equestria Prevails as well.
Angel isn't being a cunt, Gummy looks like he's seen some shit, Winona looks kinda cute, Owlowiscious looks aight (reminds me of Mr. Owl), I now firmly believe that Tank served in the military in a tank division, and for once Opalescence isn't a complete bitch.
File: stargazing.jpg (251KB, 1280x1707px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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last bump before going to bed
>Be Ononynous
>Moving into shitty little apartment on the corner of 69th and 420th
>Neighbor is a cute femanon with pet stallion
>Stallion's always in a muzzle
>Forward 2 weeks
>Talking with Femanon about some jew news
>Stallion slips out of his muzzle and jumps up on you
>"HELP! CALL THE POLICE SHE KIDNA-" Femanon brought her elbow down on his face
>Stallion is knocked the fug out
>"I guess you know my secret..." she said, squatting down to urinate on her captive pony
>She takes out a knife
"How do I know what you're all about?"
>She pauses
>"That bass... You know..."
>Meghan Trainor shits through the wall
>Meghan unsheathes her bacontana
"And when did you meet me?" you smug
>Calvin Harris appears and unzips his dick
>You take out your Bolices Bagde XDDD
Looks like you're under arrest for being a crazy bitch, good job, gang.
>You high five Calvin and Meghan
Up from 10
Worken on gren.

This is pretty much what goes through Anon when he thinks about all the great booties he's seen in his life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIri9YLHpOg

>Pushing the booty out of your mind, you stopped at an apple tree and started picking some of the fruits off.
>These apples were better than anything you could find in a supermarket..
>Most were above average size, nearing grapefruit size.
>You remember on the news last year, they were the center of attention for a while when one of their trees managed to produce not one, but two apples the size of basketballs.
>They managed to make an apple peel a half football field long, and each was used to make 6 pies each.
>They were either really good at growing apples, or you were going to get some form of cancer in the next 10-12 years.
>You picked one off and gave it a bite.
>Worth it.
>You picked two more off of the tree and gave one each to your ponies, who both happily accepted the tasty fruit.Thinking you had enough apples, and that Bloom had probably filled your trailer by now, you started to head back, pulling the wagon behind you.

>Be Suns.
>You had just finished the Apple Anon gave you, and seemed to be heading back toward the car.
>It was a lovely morning, blue sky, a few puffy white clouds, you'd roll in the grass if you weren't busy.
>"Ugh, why are we doing this? Surely Anonymous could have just purchased the service of getting the apples delivered, like he did for that big greasy mess of grain, tomato, and cheese?"
"Moons, the purpose of life isn't to just sulk in a dark corner waiting for a wing to heal, or seeing how long it will take for you to 'get back to your plan.' Haven't you ever stopped to smell the flowers?"
>"Like I've told you before, the only thing I concerned myself with out there was my own survival. Anything else was unnecessary and would put my life in danger."
"Well, all I'm saying as that at least for now, you CAN stop to appreciate the little things. The flowers, the laugh of a foal, the beautiful scenery-"
>You spied Winona's other pony Alamo, a big handsome red stallion with a green apple on his flank, pulling a plow through a field. He was sweating...a lot.
>"-oh, definetly the local scenery."
>Moons looked to see what you were looking at.
>"What do you mea-...Oooooo."
>You had both stopped to appreciate the 'local scenery.'
"He can plow my field any time."

>Be Anon.
>You suddenly realized that you were walking alone.
>You turned around and saw Suns and Moons staring into the distance, fixated on something.
>Following their gazes, you saw that they were both staring at their other farm pony, Alamo.
>You chuckled, only imagining what they were thinking of, as both their wings rose a little bit.
>You walked back to them and gave them each a little tug on their collars.
"C'mon girls, we've got shopping to do."
>Breaking them from their trance, they both flinched before realising what you wanted, and followed you.
"There we go."
>You eventually made your way back to the car, where you saw Bloom finishing throwing a few bales of hay onto your trailer, helped by Appleseed. 12 should probably hold you good for a while.
>When you reached your car, you gave Bloom a few bucks for her work.
>"Gee, thanks Mr. Anonymous!"
>You gave her a smile.
"No problem Bloom, have a good day."
>With that, she hopped onto Appleseed's back, who reared up a little bit before galloping back towards the barn, hay wagon in tow.
>God damn that was adorable.
>You piled the apples you had collected into a canvas bag in your trunk before leaving.
"Ok girls, now to Opal's."

Just saying, a lot of this stuff seems to take so long because while I have an overall plan, the little things are kinda made up as I go along. If anyone has any ideas they'd like to throw out, I'd be more than happy to listen to them.

This also goes with that post, and is cute as fuck.
that pic is pretty cute
This pic is indeed cute as fuck.
File: sillyprincesses.png (164KB, 700x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164KB, 700x700px
>That file name.
Erectifying isn't it?
File: full2.png (401KB, 1112x686px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
401KB, 1112x686px
I can't really do much tonight as I have an exam and two quizzes tomorrow, so here's this:

>You knew Suns had an affinity for sweets, ever since she devoured a whole cake the night you brought her home.
>Cake, ice cream, candy, cupcakes, anything she could get her hooves on, she'd devour it.
>Although, there was one thing in particular she had an interest more then the rest, for a different reason:
>Suns was not a morning pony by any means.
>So when she would smell a box of freshly made dough rings after you would come home from an early morning walk, she would more or less stumble over to where you were, eyes closed.
>You've had to pry her horn out of the wall 3 times at this point.
>And after that, she would sit down blocking your path, until she got a donut.
>Although recently, you had an idea.
>Every time you brought donuts home, you would give her one, but hold it slightly above her head.
>She was tired, so she didn't notice you holding it slightly higher each time.
>Until one time, you put it on her horn and let it slide down, until it was sitting on her forehead.
>She must have walked around for an hour craning her neck back, trying to get to the donut she would never reach.
>Eventually though, you felt bad and took the donut off of her forehead, giving it to her.
>Since she was still so tired, she didn't notice that you had put it there in the first place, so she was just happy to finally have her treat.
>She would always thank you with a ferocious nuzzle.
>And as you wiped frosting off of your happy pony's mouth, you realized that these little moments are what made it all worth it.
Like Skyrim with ponies
Need more pets
File: donutlestia.png (171KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171KB, 900x900px
File: Twi Pet.png (192KB, 1003x3004px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi Pet.png
192KB, 1003x3004px
File: sad-osaurus rex.jpg (29KB, 660x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sad-osaurus rex.jpg
29KB, 660x320px
Oh you fucking dick..right before work, too.
The second I saw that thumbnail, I didn't even have to open it to know what it was. BAD ANON! BAD!
Here, have some Suns Prime to make up for the sad.

"Give me something to work with here, Suns."
> The only answer is a heavy snort from deep within the pile of blankets occupying her normal bed.
"...seriously. You're starting to worry me."
> This time she doesn't even deign you with a response.
> You throw your hands up in the air and turn away.
"You know what, forget it. I give up."
> The door slams shut behind you.
> Maybe it'd been whatever she'd seen in the moon that night, or maybe she'd caught some other bug out there.
> Whatever it was, a sudden ill temper seemed to have crept up on Suns soon after you returned from the camping trip.
> Her bed had become her favorite spot, steadily swathed in increasing numbers of blankets for her to hide beneath.
> When the temperature had become unacceptable beneath them, you'd discovered that Suns knew how to open windows.
> The first two times you hadn't figured out how she'd done it, but eventually you caught her leveraging her horn beneath the the handgrip and pushing it up.
> You'd gone to put it back down, but the look she shot you put any of those ideas on hold.
> Instead you settled for closing the door to keep the chill out.
> Suns didn't seem sick - she'd tolerated your presence long enough to take her temperature, which didn't seem far off its norm.
> But neither was she normal by any stretch of the imagination.
> She was, for instance, barely eating.
> Life was not going to halt itself to let you constantly keep an eye on Suns, however, and you needed to go to work.
> So you had simply shut the door and hoped she would still be there when you got back home.
> She always was, and that quickly stopped being your primary concern.
> Instead, you started to become worried that she was sick in some way you couldn't tell.
> There weren't any messes, so you were reasonably certain she was still using the bathroom - another mental prayer sent, this one a note of thanks to whoever had housebroken her.
> But with how little she was eating, you're not sure there'd have been much of a mess if she had skipped the bathroom entirely.
> Worse yet, her temper was growing increasingly fouler.
> While she had at first only hidden from and ignored you, Suns now made it abundantly clear that you simply weren't wanted.
> A sharp look with those huge, expressive eyes of hers.
> Angered snorting and stomping that left deep scuff marks on the floor.
> Even a low growling noise that you hadn't even known a horse of any size could make.
> But leaving her to her own devices could only work for so long.
> Sooner or later, you were going to just have to take a long, hard look at her and figure out what was wrong
> Today, though, might not be it.
> Rain was coming down heavy, and your commute had stretched from normal to merely annoying and straight into downright frustrating.
> By the time you get home it is long since dark and dinner quite late.
> Something gives you pause as you pass through your home, however.
> You aren't quite sure, but something just seems... off.
> Changed.
> The front door had still been locked, though, and as best you can tell everything is still there.
> That meant the only one at home was Suns.
> Hinges squeal as you crack the door to your room open, peering into darkness beyond.
"Suns? Are you oka-"
> You halt, boggling at the mess that had been made of your room.
> Sheets and bedding had been torn from your mattress and cast around the room; drawers were pulled out and the clothes within tossed from spot to spot.
> Even your closet had been torn open, boxes of old magazines and your trading card collection spilled onto the floor.
> At the center of the chaos lay Suns, stretched out on the floor half-covered in a nest of ruffled blankets.
> It's like she'd gone through and moved every single thing in-
> Moved.
> Spinning back out, you slip back into the living room and confirm the suspicion that had taken hold in your mind.
> Suns had moved everything.
> There hints were subtle but they all lined up.
> Nothing was in the exact same place you had left it.
> Even some of your modest collection of books had seemingly been reshelved.
> How had she even managed to do that - with her mouth?
> And more importantly, why?
> Treading softly back to your darkened room, you step cautiously through the door and
> She doesn't shift, though you think one ear twitches towards the sound of your voice.
"Suns, you're really starting to worry me..."
> There's a gentle nicker from beneath the sheets, but she doesn't rise to answer you.
"C'mon, Suns... This really isn't helpful."
> Your shoes thudding softly against the wooden floor panels, you slip over to the side of her bed.
"Seriously, Suns. I even got some of that pumpkin cake you love. Just give me something to let me know you're okay?"
> Lifting one of the blankets gently, you're met by a giant lavender eye settling on your face.
> Though she obviously sees you, Suns does nothing to suggest she recognizes your appearance.
> You reach beneath her, placing a gentle hand against her chest.
> The heartbeat that reaches your skin is strong as ever, and as best you can tell Suns isn't having any trouble breathing.
> But there's no doubt in your mind now that something is seriously wrong with her.
"Fucksake, you better not die on me or something, Suns..."
> Leaning over, you put an ear to her back - trying to listen for something odd in her breathing.
> You're no vet, but if something is wrong you should hear it, right...?
> If something is, though, it's well beyond your ability to sense.
> Maybe her stomach, then? She hadn't been eating well, after all.
"Alright, Suns. Roll over?"
> An ill-thought-out attempt to train her basic dog commands before you realized how intelligent Suns truly was had left her with a vocabulary of a couple dozen simple commands.
> She certainly should have recognized that one.
> Which is why it worries you so much when Suns' only reaction was to again fix you with a sharp glare and make a low noise in her throat.
"...is it hurting to do that or something, girl?"
> A hand slipped beneath her stomach doesn't seem to reveal anything wrong - no unusual swollenness that you can feel.
> Meaning, you're going to have to roll her to be sure.
"Alright, girl. Just let me move you over; I promise it won't be for more than a minute or two."
> You take two of her long, graceful legs in hand and begin to lift.
"Just long enough so I can-"
> The next thing you know, you are staring at the ceiling with the back of your head aching where it had impacted the floor.
> You'd honestly forgotten how fast Suns could move when she wanted to, and never seen it that close before.
> The fact that she now straddled you, glaring down with an angry light in her eyes and forehooves planted firmly to either side of your chest was also something of a surprise as well.
> In the blurry fraction of a second that had gotten you to this position, you aren't entirely sure what she'd managed
"...woah, Suns. Woooah. I'm not going to hurt you."
> Slowly you raise your hands above your head to show them empty and well away from her.
> She could probably still crush your chest with any one of those hooves - the same hooves that split logs easily with each kick - so your only hope was to calm her.
"Not going to hurt you, Suns. Just looking to make sure you're okay."
> Her nose wrinkles, a sharp puff of breath escaping from her nostrils.
> Eventually she steps back - removing her hooves and allowing you to prop yourself up on your elbows.
"See, girl? It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you."
> Leveraging yourself up to a crouch, you slowly extend your hands towards her.
> Even the calming gesture is met by a sharp swing of Suns' horn, nowhere near you but enough to warn against coming any closer.
> Now it is your turn to back away, hands again retreating to a defensive position between the two of you.
"...woah, Suns. Okay. I get it. You don't want me. Okay."
> Backing towards your door, you spin and retreat from the room entirely as soon as you could - the door being pulled shut tight behind you.
> Never.
> Never once before had Suns ever threatened you with her horn.
> She was well aware of the damage it could do, but even in the first, least trusting days between the two of you never had she actually threatened you with it.
> What the hell had gotten into her?
> For a moment you consider trying to stun her with something, but that doesn't seem like a good idea.
> Instead you turn to the making of dinner.
> There's something simple and distracting about the process - a island of familiarity among the sea of worry you drift in.
> So distracted are you that you fail to even realize you've made two portions - one for Suns.
> She hadn't been eating more than a nibble here and there lately, but...
> Why not?
> As you are spooning half the casserole out onto a plate, a box catches your eye.
> The cake you'd bought for her, still wrapped up in the box and paper it came in.
> Along with a cup of water - wide and short, to acommodate her muzzle - a slice of said confection soon joins the rest of the dinner tray you are assembling.
> Balancing it carefully between hand and shoulder, you crack the door to your room open ever so slightly to peer in.
"Hey, Suns...? I know we kind of... argued, but I've got dinner..."
> She doesn't react, having returned to her nest of blankets.
> With a twinge of nervousness you proceed into the room, setting the tray down on the edge of your bed.
"If want it or anything... it's there, okay?"
> Something moves under the mounded covers, but you can't see what - and after earlier, don't particularly care to.
> Rapidly retreating from your room, slam the door shut before grabbing your own plate and returning to the living room.
> The quiet feels unusually heavy, even though Suns hadn't really stayed at dinner for several days now.
> Still, you eat.
> It's at least something to do that will get your mind off her state.
> As you are clearing the dishes away something catches your ear.
> Hooves, the wooden floor.
> Suns appears in the doorway, and the momentary flicker of panic that had taken hold in your mind is utterly banished.
> The transformation she has gone through is striking.
> Gone is the anger, the resentment, the tension in her muscles - though her ears still fall, it is with obvious sadness rather than aggression.
> And, clutched carefully in her muzzle so that her lips only touch the barest edge of the plate, is the slice of cake.
> You remain perfectly still as she haltingly walks to your side, setting the plate of cake on the table before you.
"...that's for you, girl."
> Suns' eyes flick back up to yours, pleadingly wide.
> Her graceful neck tentatively stretching out to put her head closer to you.
> Cautiously you stretch out one hand, reaching it forward until it rests in the slightly thicker hair over her cheek.
"Hey there, Suns. You coming back to me now?"
> A moment later, your world turns to white.
> Suns had reared up, throwing one foreleg and nearly another over your shoulders.
> Twin blankets of feathers were wrapped around your shoulders as her fear flicked against your cheek.
> You stagger back a step, but then wrap your arms around her as well.
"...yeah, I'm glad to see you back to being yourself too."
> Gently letting her down, you wander over to the sofa and slide into a seat on one end; Suns expertly hops up onto her normal beside you, resting her head in your lap.
> Even as you run a hand down her neck, her head nudges into your stomach while a sad little noise emanates from her throat.
"Hey, it's okay, Suns. I'm not upset with you; I'm just... worried."
> Worried.
> At the sound of that word she lifts her head, eyes settling on your face.
> A second later she starts to squirm away; for a moment you wonder if you've done something wrong, but then she starts into a familiar wriggle and you realize what Suns is trying.
"...really, Suns, you don't have to - well, nevermind."
> There she lays, on her back beside you, head resting upside-down but twisted slightly to accommodate her horn.
> When you don't immediately react, Suns reaches out with one hoof to nudge a hand towards her belly.
> Chuckling softly, you again sink your palm into the velvety hair covering her chest.
> Beneath that, beneath the muscles and bone laying just under the surface, her heart beats on.
> Giving one last look back to her face to make sure that you're allowed, you start to rub.
> It's certainly soft - perhaps not the softest thing you've ever touched, but close.
> And warm; it's as if all of the warmth that radiated from Suns was concentrated down here.
> To your surprise she doesn't seem even the slightest against it, despite her earlier reaction.
> Indeed, to say that Suns is enjoying it would be an understatement.
> Her head had rolled back, horn pointing straight down to the floor.
> As you begin to move downward along her belly, one hoof twitches slightly.- quivering with each downstroke your hand makes.
> The sound she makes is halfhearted, as if she is only partially awake and cannot be bothered to come the rest of the way back up to consciousness.
> You chuckle softly, still rubbing.
"...yeah, I guess I can forgive you, Suns."
> A low, pleased humming fills the room, her eyes falling the rest of the way shut as you continue your ministrations.
> Any fears about Suns' state are banished.
> Whatever illness had infected her is banish.
> And you couldn't be happier.

Criticism/questions/comments welcome.
Pretty good, I like your narrative style.
What as that attitude from Suns anyway? Depression? Estrous?
Really nice. I can't express it correctly but you give attention to small details, being more descriptive than what is usual for greentexts and that makes it special. And goddamn cute.
I'm also glad you're still around, I was worried for a while that you might be ded.
ripip doc;_;

Depression and anger; she just got a big face full of 'your sister is out there but you can't get back to her'.


File: celestia is sleepy.png (2MB, 2000x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
celestia is sleepy.png
2MB, 2000x1500px
a little bump before dying in my bed for next 8 hours
Up from 10
This is all fun and games until she starts pooping in you.
In you or on you?
>implying either would stop fun or games
>Asked and answered
I, too, was wondering which it was.
10 bump
Writing green

Even though she was kinda a bitch, no one can stay mad at Suns.

10/10 Suns Prime.
>After a 20 minute drive, you were back in town on the main street, parked in front of a store with fancy mannequins in the window, 'An Eye For Design.'
>You got out and had Suns and Moons follow you in.
>Moons would be alright around Opal's pony...probably.
>You'd keep an eye on her to be sure.
>Hopefully Opal was done repairing your suit.
>You were out at a bar with some of your office mates after a meeting (they invited you to the meeting even though you were I.T.), and after a few drinks tried that trick where you drink a shot with a high alcohol content.
>Just as you carefully brought the drink to your mouth, you heard the punchline of the joke and let out a mix between a laugh and a cough, splashing flaming alcohol all over your suit.
>You stopped, dropped, and rolled, so you (spoilers) didn't die, but your suit was trashed.
>The skeptical look Opal gave you when you told her it happened when you fell was hilarious.
>She did not buy your bullshit one bit, but she went ahead with it anyway.
>As you walked in the front door, you saw Opal in the back, with her long silvery hair tied in a purple bow, working on some dress or another.
>She was extremely helpful and generous to all who came into her shop, especially those who needed a bit of help.
>She had a sense for what the buyer could afford, and would never pressure them into buying something above their means.
>That being said, she did make some high ticket items.
>Occasionally you would even see a Rolls-Royce or a Bently in front of the store, buyers coming from around the world to see what she had.
>She could probably move into the fashion business in New York, France, or Italy, but she seemed more than content to stay right where she was, doing $20 alterations next to $30,000 red carpet dresses.
>She wanted to be near her sister, Belle, as well.
>Officially, you had no idea how much money she had, but unofficially, you guessed it was a metric fuck-ton.
>"Hello Anonymous," she smiled, "Here for your suit?"
>You nodded.
>Opal went into the back, and after a few minutes, came out with your suit in a suit-bag.
>She laid it on the counter and unzipped it.
>"Now I know you just brought it in for a repair, but while fixing it I was struck with inspirationa and..."

>Be Moons.
>You're still stuck with Anonymous and Sunbutt running errands.
>You would be at home sleeping, but no, you're here.
>Apparently this was a garment shop, as evident by the multiple pieces of human clothing on display anywhere.
>Sunbutt had drawn up conversation with another white pony in the store, and since Anonymous was talking to the other human here, you were left to your own devices.
>You searched around for something of interest, and then you found something:
>A box.
>Your unknown source of glee returned, and you hopped right into it.
>Unknown to you, this box was already filled with something.
>Something you would curse until the day you died.

>Be Suns.
>You were having a polite conversation with Crystal, Opal's pony, a pretty filly with a long curly purple mane, and she was just as pretty as her owner.
>Eventually the conversation had turned to local events in town, but you trailed off as somepony passed you.
>Some pony covered in foam packing peanuts.
>It took you a moment to realize it was Moons, as she was so covered, you could hardly see and blue.
>As she passed by, she spoke without even looking at you.
>"Laugh, and I'll give you a second hole to eat out of."
>Once she was out of earshot, Crystal leaned over to you.
>"You're right, she sure is...something."

>Be Anon.
>Opal had gone the extra mile and made your suit look even better!
>Just based off of her memory of what you looked like, she was able to tailor a $100 dollar suit into something 10 times the price.
>And now it would actually fit you correctly too.
>Best part is, since you didn't ask for it, she wasn't charging you for it!
>"I just hope you don't mind, when I was 'in the zone' as it were, I embroidered Crystal's flank marking on the cuffs."
>You smiled.
"Don't worry, Suns might get jealous, but I think it looks great."
>Suddenly, you felt a pawing at your leg.
>You turned down and saw the funniest sight since Moons was stuck in the box.
>Now she was covered in packing peanuts.
>While you were afraid she'd gore you, you broke down right there in the shop in laughter.
>Curious, Opal wanted to see too what it was, and she too broke out in a fit of giggles.
>Moons, unamused, put a hoof on your shoulder and gave you the fiercest glare you had ever seen.
>As you finished laughing, you wiped your tears and began to brush the packing peanuts off of moons.
"Gee Moons, you sure are a piece of work."

Night all.
File: sunhorse.jpg (219KB, 1280x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
219KB, 1280x1600px
File: scarvesno.jpg (2MB, 3000x2500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3000x2500px
>You'll never have a pony pet that covers you with her wings when you fall asleep, as she doesn't want you to leave her.

Why live?
>You'll never be a pet stallion who wakes up your owner with a window-shattering screech everyday at 4:20AM

You'll never get anywhere with that attitude. Get some horse semen, a host and some radiation and get cracking. One human will get lucky some day.
Yeah but I'm gonna get depressed when the 5th one in a row ends up with just random legs growing out of it's side and only one eye.

If at first you don't succeed build a horse to sate your needs.
Would any of you Anons still take a pony pet that looked like an MLP character in terms of size, proportions, coloring, ect, but they behaved exactly like a regular horse?
does it have horse pussy, a ponut, and crotch tits?
then ya id prob ride that.
Bumpety bonk

And again
I see your bump and raise you one bump
nein to nine!
Has anyone else ever noticed that both those word also use the same letters?
cup hype bump
Not a tie?
Technically it is a draw but deep down in my heart I know we won.
File: 1424635195245.png (388KB, 1200x645px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
388KB, 1200x645px
I wanna see the fallout of this sport thing. Can someone point me to a thread about it?
Here's the thread. Look around, check the wiki, but the games this weekend are already over, we're playing the knockouts next week against /h/ though.
Cute horsies doing cute horsies things.
I'm bumping this thread but responding to you still
Bumparoni bumparoni tell me the formuoli
Up from 10
File: 60491.jpg (77KB, 800x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 800x720px
Imagine having a pet changeling, a pet that could change into any other pet.
that is a sad little changeling
It is.

Apparently it's from a fic where a changling is captured by a guard after the whole wedding thing, and shows mercy on it, becoming it's captor. I didn't read anything more then that.

What would you do to make it happy Anon?
He's sad because his master would rather have him be anything else other than himself.
I think he's cute as is but if you ever had to take him out in public, he could easily disguise himself as a German Shepard or something.
Wait, in really confused... Which story is which? Is ther a whole pastebin for the origional suns story? Is there a pastebin for any of the stories?
Pastebins are at the top Anon.
Good fic for those who like sappy love stories like myself.

Is it that the one where the guard finds out that the changeling cast a love spell on him to make him love her, but decides not to care?

Because that's bullshit.
How do you think other creatures from their world would fare as pets here? Griffons? Diamond Dogs? Dragons? Sirens?

I know the obvious dangers of some of them, but what do you think?

Assuming high animal-level intelligence at most:

Basically cats, with FREEDOM MODE engaged. Almost certainly could be domesticated and aggression bred out via concentrated breeding efforts, like those russian foxes.

>Diamond Dogs
As pets, I don't see them doing to well. Something that lives to dig makes an extremely poor pet to begin with - if you've ever seen the destruction rabbits can cause, imagine a bigger rabbit with claws. I could see them being used as domesticated labor in developing nations, though.

Considering the scale they seem to grow to, I don't see them being good pets. It's not even a temperament/hoarding issue: Something that big simply doesn't make a good 'pet'.

Assuming the singing is some sort of predatory instinct and doesn't effect humans, I could see them being kept around as a sort of aquatic songbird. If the singing can effect humans, though, they'd probably end up as an exotic pet for the ultra-rich with their voiceboxes surgically removed.

Cute, but tricky to handle. Your ability to feed them is reliant on the affection you feel; if you aren't strong enough it will starve or begin to forcibly drain you. Not fun.
I could see changelings being used as those stress relief pets that they bring around colleges and hospitals then. So much attention and love.

Think of any other creatures I didn't mention?

Therapy changelings, I hadn't even thought of that.

Rottweilers? Fuck 'em, I have self-regenerating guard-wolves that I only need to feed sticks, leaves and sunshine.

I dunno, some people keep Madagascar hissing cockroaches as "pets". I feel like these would fall in the same category.

Same as above, only with a bad attitude.

>Ursa Minor/Major
Too big, end of story. When the juvenile form is basically a mammalian Godzilla, it's just too much to keep as a pet.

Considering they're already a legendary creature here, you know they'd be a high-class pet. Then again, since they will in all likelihood outlive their.owners I can see there being all kinds of fancy Phoenix societies - like fancy purebred dog/cat societies, except instead of breeding it's who owned the Phoenix previously that matters.

These are awesome man.
Now it's my time to shine!
File: raridahs.png (600KB, 1024x1550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
600KB, 1024x1550px
Bumping time
American shitposters are alive the threads move faster
Would help control the stray pet issue by having your pony spayed or neutered?
Yes. Bob Barker would be proud.
Up to this point I liked it tho.
Bump from 10. I'll try and get some more Suns Prime out tomorrow.

New Suns here, ditto.
File: 1398838605641.jpg (68KB, 960x776px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 960x776px
Teenage mutant ninja bumpers!
Teenage mutant ninja bumpers!
Teenage mutant ninja bumpers!
Bumpers in a half shell, Bumper power!
Do horses like corn?
Bump from 10
Suns Prime!

> If there was one upside to having Suns around - apart from how calming she could be sometimes - it was that you never overslept.
> Should you possibly sleep beyond the beeping of your alarm clock, you would soon find your face accosted by her muzzle.
> Today was just one such day.
"...god damn it, Suns! I said I was getting up!"
> Wiping your face dry, you look up at the smirking horse.
> She meets your gaze easily, eyes wide and expectant.
"One day, Suns. One day I'm going to catch that tongue of yours and then you're going to regret i- no."
> Her head halts its forward motion, but Suns' eyes still sparkle with mischief.
"Seriously. You do that again, I'm going tie something to your horn."
> Though your words may not understood, your tone is; she backs off.
> With a groan you rise up out of your bed, looking around.
> That's right, it's Sunday.
> Your alarm wasn't even set, was it?
> Then why...?
> ...oh.
> It's Sunday.
"Alright, Suns. C'mon, let's go make some breakfast."
> Those stories about dogs in the kitchen?
> How they stand beside you and just wait for something to head for the floor?
> Yeah, Suns did that.
> Except, she waited for you to be done.
> From how tense she is as the pancakes fry up, you half expect her to leap up and devour them right there in the pan.
> At one point you'd even managed to get an apron on her and taken pictures.
> Of course they couldn't really be shown to anyone else, but they were damn hilarious to look back at.
"...easy, Suns. Just about done."
> Three on a plate, and passed off for Suns to devour.
> Another three for you.
> Even if you'd started first, Suns would have finished long before you.
> She didn't just inhale them, she temporarily generated a black hole in the back of her throat and evaporated them.
> Amusingly, this leaves the side effect of covering her muzzle in a mix of crumbs and syrup.

> Not even this can be simply left to sit, however; Suns goes amusingly cross-eyed with determination as she tries to lick every last drop and fleck from her coat.
"...you keep doing that, you're going to give yourself a headache."
> Even if Suns could understand you, she probably wouldn't stop.
> Crazy horse loved her pancakes...
"...alright, Suns. Let's see what there's left to do around the house today."
> Flipping on the radio as you begin to sort the laundry, you start to tune out the rest of the world.
> Some sort of a doozy of a storm was making its way up the coast - three, maybe four days until it plowed in.
> Ah, well.
> A couple days off from work, probably.
> You glance off to the corner, where Suns lays quietly watching you work.
> Hopefully she didn't panic; she wasn't afraid of storms, but the way this one was being described it certainly wasn't anything like what she'd ever seen before.
> At least, not as long as she'd been with you.
> Who knew about before that?
"...hey, girl?"
> Suns makes a little noise in response.
"You scared of storms, girl?"
> 'Scared', another word she sort of understood.
> Mostly in the context of 'don't be scared, this won't hurt'.
> At your question, Suns pushes herself upright and wanders over to nuzzle your head comfortingly.
> Heh, sweet thing must've thought you meant you were scared yourself.
> Reaching up to scratch at her chin, you give her a warm little smile.
"Yeah, it's okay, girl. I know, you care for me."
> It's only once you get the clothes into the washer that you realize what Suns is about to do.
> Her longing stare at the dryer that gives warning to what is about to happen.
"...Suns, no. You aren't allowed in the dryer loads, you know that."
> The mournful look shot in your direction nearly melts your heart, but you hold your ground.
"No. Not allowed. I just have to wash it if you do that."

> With a huff Suns starts from the room.
> Just as she is passing you, though, you find yourself subject to a sudden, vicious ambush.
"Gah! Ack! Hey, I told you this morning! No more licki-"
> As if to just spite you, Suns gives your cheek another long, damp lick.
"...alright, that's it. C'mere, Suns."
> For ten minutes the house is filled with the sound of hooves and feet on the floor, your calls for her, and yes, laughter.
> There's something simply refreshing about it, since you know she is just being playful.
> In return, your punishment is equally playful.
> For the second time that day Suns goes crosseyed as she tries to focus on something directly in front of her.
> In this case, it is the feather you tied to dangle from her horn directly in front of her face.
> Just high up enough to lightly, ticklingly brush against her muzzle.
> To add insult to (amusing) injury, it is one of her own.
> Two failed attempts at dislodging the offending feather later, Suns looks pleadingly to you.
> You just smirk back.
"No licking."
> Not without retribution, anyway.
American eskimo here, go ahead and try to guess my dog's name.
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1MB, 853x480px
Fuck yeah new Suns stories
Bump for New Suns.
a mobile bump before dying in my sleep at 4am
>After hilariously brushing the packing peanuts off of Moons, you thanked Opal for the amazing upgrades she made to your suit (for free!) and made your way to your last stop, the Gummy Worm Candy Store and Pet Supply.
>As you pulled up to the building, which looked like a giant alligator opening it's mouth, you thought about Gummy's pony, Polka.
>Now Gummy was a pretty funny, but strange guy.
>His candy was amazing, and Suns seemed to love his pony treats more than anything else, but there was something unsettling about him.
>You weren't sure what, but it was weird.
>His pony on the other hand, crazy times 10. She seemed to have this weird sense of where you were and who you were.
>Well she...just watch.
>You decided it would be safest to leave Moons in the car this time, and Suns for good measure.
>You tiptoed up to the door, careful not to be caught in any of the windows, and slowly opened the door.
>Walking into the store, you stood on the welcome mat and waited.
>Suddenly, you felt a massive fuzzy force pounce on you from the side and take you down, furiously licking your face.
"I get it Polka, I get it!"
>You laughed as you took the pink poofy pony off of you, her kisses tickled.
>While you'd be annoyed if Suns did it (and probably concussed as she's nearly twice the size), it was somehow adorable when Polka did it.
>Go figure.
>You put Polka down, and she ran around you in circles as you picked up a basket and walked to the back.
>Whatever this pony was on, you needed some.
>Some candy for yourself, some pony treats, ooh, as bad as it sounded, you thought Moons might like Moon Pies.
>Well, it was worth a shot at least.
>Gummy, who was making taffy in the back, was stretching a blob of pink into a rope, throwing it over a hook, stretching it again, throwing it over a hook, again and again.
>It was actually kinda mesmerising.
>"Hey there Anon, how's it going? I see Polka found you first."
"Yep, like she always does. How does she do that anyway?"
>"Man, I have no idea, she's always able to sense things like that. When I picked her up from the pound, they said that she ignored everyone there before me. But when I walked in, her tail twitched, and she couldn't get enough of me. It's like she knew she was exactly what I wanted."
>You picked her up with your one free arm and placed her in a little hollowed out plexiglass cupcake that served as a place for her to rest in the store.
>"Speaking of which, didn't I hear you picked up a new pony recently?"
>You placed the basket on the counter, resting your elbows on it.
"Yeah, found her in the woods, no one's looking for her, and she has wings AND a horn, just like Suns."
>"Hmm, well isn't that just odd. She's lucky you found her."
"Yeah, well, I'm wondering if I'm unlucky. She seems to have accepted me so far, but she and Suns still seem to hate each other."
>You tapped the counter with your fingers.
"If I could just get her to relax, that would be great."
>You swallowed, your next thought burning through your mind.
"Is there anything like catnip for ponies? You would know."
>With that question, Gummy froze mid taffy stretch, and looked around.
>"No, not like catnip...but there is something else that works."
>You raised an eyebrow.
>"Anon, I can trust you, right?"
>You raised your other eyebrow.
"Surrrre? Go on?"
>"Let's say that I am in possession of a substance that normally makes humans relax for a while, but in an instance where a certain pink pony got her hooves on it, it did the same thing to her."
>"And lets say that I totally made some into a small cake for that pony for a later time, but would be willing to give it to you cause you're such a good guy and a good customer, and would like to help you with this prediciment."
"Mhmm, and what if I agreed?"
>"Then I would go and get the cake right now, you would pay for your stuff and leave."
>You nodded cautiously.
>Gummy threw the rope of taffy onto the counter, and dissapeared into the back room.
>He soon reeapeared with a tupperware case with a small cake inside.
"So, um, could too many maraijuanas kill a horse? I knew a girl who once did four whole marijuanas and died of the AIDS."
>Gummy raised his eyebrow at you.
"Just kidding. Thanks man."
>"No problem. Just be careful. Your big ponies may not realize how big and powerful they are."
>You payed for your stuff and left, careful to quickly run to your car after paying.
>You put the bag of goodies on the passenger's seat, and gave Suns and Moons a quick scritch on the head.
"Boy do I have something for you two girls."

Tomorrow, you'll all get to see Suns and Moons under the influence of several whole marijuanas. I've never had personal experience with it, but have a few friends who get into the whole, "Everything is great and I love everything" routine when high, so I'm going off of that.

> "...the night is awesome, man."
> "Nah, dude. Day is where it's at."
> "You... you don't even know what you're talking about, man."
> "Whatever. I'm not even a man, dude."
> "Well, I'm not a dude. I am the night."
if this ride ever ends I want to hear it from suns perspective on the retread.
Fuck, i've read Dr. anonymous greentext
>captcha : Moarnetd now
I've read he was dead now ... Can someone continue his story ? Everything is set up to be fucking perfect ,so ...
Doc's probably busy, last time he was seen here was like two weeks ago or maybe even more.
Well fuck, his green was awesome
Loved the idea of a pony on earth, who can't talk english, but is as intelligent as she was on equestria
I would love to see some writefag do the same green or finishing dr anonymous
Bumping for suns and monns
saving from doom
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indoor twilight.png
248KB, 1300x840px
Reposting something I wrote for NTT.
You should write more
Thanks for the compliment but I don't have the patience for writing. I'm more into art.
>Laer that night, you stared at the cake as it sat on your counter,with Suns resting her head on the counter as if to say, "why aren't I eating that yet?"
>You pulled it close and took a sniff.
>You took a knife and cut the cake in half and looked at the inside.
>It looked like a normal cake, and you couldn't smell anything out of the normal either.
>You weren't the one to ask however, your experience with weed was just seeing your friends high.
>With a shrug, you decided that the best way to find out would be to just give it to Moons.
>You took one slice and put it on a plate, bringing it to where Moons was lying in the living room.
>Suns paced behind you, whining.
"I'm sorry Suns, I want to be sure what happens when I give this to Moons before I give it to both of you! I promise you'll get some later."
>With a snort and a flick of her tail, she turned around and went into the other room.
>Moons raised her head at your entrance, but put it back down when she saw it was you.
"I got something good for ya girl."
>You rubbed her back, setting the plate down in front of her.
>With a slight hesitation, but less than normal, she ate the small piece in a few bites.
>She seemed satisfied, but how long would it take to work, if at all?

>Be Moons.
>Anon brough you a small treat.
>It was quite delictable, but something tasted funny.
>Not bad, just 'funny.'
>Anon sat there for a few minutes, rubbing your back.
>All of a sudden, you felt this slight buzzing sensation in the back of your head.
>You looked around, wondering what was making you feel like that, before feeling like you were way up high, flying through the air.
>Right then, everything just felt nice.
>Anon began to scratch your head, and you pushed back against his hand, wanting more.
>He was really nice.
>Be Anon.
>Holy shit, this is working.
>A few minutes ago, Moons was her normal cold self, but now she was responding nicely to your petting, and even letting out a strange purring/humming noise Suns makes when she's happy.
>Surprisingly, she actually grabbed your arm with her front hooves, pulling it closer to her head, and rubbing her head and face on it herself.
>Try as you might, you couldn't break free of her grip.
>Gummy was right, she didn't know her own power.
>Behind you, you heard a plate drop in the kitchen.
>You turned around to see what the noise was.
>Fuckity fuck fuck.
>Suns had eaten the entire rest of the cake.
>Fuck fuck shit fuck.
>Now she was bounding over to you with a goofy smile on her face.
>Still, you couldn't break free of Moons, who was trying to pull you deeper into a hug.
"Shit shit shit stop Suns STOP!"
>She plowed into you, knocking you to the floor.
>Moons either didn't notice, or didn't care.
>Suns, unhappy that she has being deprived of pets she was so rightfully deserving of, grabbed your other free arm, and did the same thing.
>Holy shit you never knew ponies were this strong.
>It was like quicksand.
>The more you struggled, the deeper into the hug you were.
>So this is how you die.
>Being fiercly hugged by Moons on one side, and Suns on the other.
>On the plus side, you were really warm now.

>Be Moons.
"Woah, Anon is like, really warm."
>"Yeah, he really is. Mmm, his hair smells like apples."
"WOAH. I love apples."
>"ME TOO. Apples are awesome."
"This is just really nice."
>"Yeah, I could lie here forever."

>Being double-hugged by princesses high as kites.
This is a good image.
These make me smile
>Be Anon.
>It had been about an hour at this point, and you just didn't really care anymore.
>You couldn't move your arms, could barely move you legs, and couldn't get up if you tried.
>Suns was nuzzling the side of your head, while Moons had nestled her head underneath your chin.
>And all around you you felt this massive vibration out of both of them, almost like a purring.
>It was like a giant Nokia was in your basement on vibrate.
>At least you were comfrotable.
>You almost wouldn't have minded putting your bed sheets in the laundry as often if it meant being able to sleep every night in such comfort.
>It's like you had two giant pillows on either side of you.
>Overall, it wasn't a bother to you.
>You were being shown a massive amount of affection by both your ponies at the same time.
>Who wouldn't love that?
>Anyway, it would go away eventually, so everything's fine.

>Be Suns.
"So like, you know how I have the Sun on my flank?"
"And you have the Moon on yours?"
"What if like, that means we control them or something?"
>"But how?"
"Well, we've probably actually controlled them forever, but we've been doing it so long it comes naturally, like breathing."
File: 1421092707441.jpg (38KB, 479x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oh no you don't!

back page 10! BACK! BACK!
its no use.
the 404 hungers
This is nice
File: alleyebitavia.png (128KB, 491x1222px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
128KB, 491x1222px

That's fucking creepy. Here, have more adorable instead.
"If this bitch doesn't stop grabbing my butt..."
File: alleyefluthumin.png (189KB, 680x505px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189KB, 680x505px
What's the matter?
File: tall.png (205KB, 1024x672px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Love pony RD's expression in this pic

"Anon wake up Anon wake up! We gotta do things today!"
File: Can't_wake_up.gif (21KB, 547x426px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 547x426px
a bump
"it is fucking 1pm dash, no one gets up this early"
"But Anon I just wanted to let you know how much I love you! And I need to pee, so yeah, open the door."
File: 1386730085612.png (174KB, 902x885px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She's hungry, if you don't get up to feed her she'll end up trying to get food herself
I'll just bump this quickly.
How's the outcast for today? Any chance of green?

writefags pls ;_;
File: 1409450347090.jpg (214KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214KB, 960x720px
I doubt it...
Come hell or high water, I will deliver more Suns Prime today.
File: praisethesun.gif (97KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The prophecy is true!
Suns Prime!

> Though she couldn't know what was coming, Suns certainly seemed to sense your nervousness before the approaching storm.
> Maybe it was how you'd walked around the property, trimming any particularly low-hanging branches back.
> Or the way you'd gone out with her and chopped an extra load of wood.
> Winter was passed, but the nights could still gain a chill; if power were to be lost, you wanted to be ready.
> Or maybe it was just the vibe you gave off as you wandered around the house, checking off items on your list of preparations.
> Batteries, food, medical supplies - all were checked and prepared.
> Though some would have guessed it might turn away at the last second, you couldn't help but get a little prepared for the worst.
> Whatever the reason, though, Suns definitely picked up on it somehow.
> She seemed to follow you closely around the entire day, trailing at your heels and giving you nervous little glances every few moments.
> Maybe she could sense the storm too?
> It was still day or two off, but you'd heard that some animals sort of had a sixth sense for these things.
> After the umpteenth nudge at your leg, you finally decide to deal with it.
> Turning around, you're met by twin liquid-lavender orbs, staring upwards into your own eyes.
"...I get it, Suns. You're worried. It's okay, girl."
> Fingers settle on one ear, starting to scratch lightly.
> Suns rolls her head back into your hand, but you can still see the tension in her body.
> Her wings in particular are held ever-so-slightly spread, not quite enough to be immediately noticeable but loose enough that she seems nearly ready to leap into the air right there.
> As if that would help her outrun the storm.
"S'okay, Suns. We'll be fine."
> It seems to calm her just a little bit - enough to get Suns to back off from lurking just behind you to sitting at a distance, watching all that you do.
> But still concerned.
> Even when you go to bed that night, Suns' nervousness lingers.

> Not even ten minutes after you've drawn the covers up, you hear the bedroom door open.
> She's trying to be quiet, even to your sleepy ears the door sliding open is clearly audible.
> Quiet hoofsteps that had been approaching across the floor immediately halt.
> The urge to not break a rule - like entering your room at night - struggles against the desire to be close to you.
> And for once, you can't really blame her.
> Suns was, when you got down to it, a herd animal.
> And the only other living creature she socialized with - really a cruelty, that - was obviously scared.
> It'd be even more sadistic to deny her what comfort she must have instinctively desired.
"...c'mere, Suns."
> In the darkness her ivory muzzle looms out of the black, eyes glittering in what light filters in through the windows.
> Dragging a hand from beneath a blanket, you reach out to stroke her.
> You're clumsy in the dark, but it doesn't matter - you can tell Suns appreciates even the simplest contact.
"You want to sleep here tonight, Suns?"
> Air rushes along your arm as she blows a breath from her nostrils.
> That she doesn't depart serves as your answer.
> On the one hand, she was liable to trap you here in the morning if allowed, and tomorrow there simply wouldn't be time to coax her out of bed with a treat.
> On the other, though...
> To refuse would be a new cruelty laid on top of what you put down.
"Alright. Your spare bed is still in the corner; you can go to sleep there if you want."
> When she doesn't move you tear off the covers and rise, leading her to the oversized dog bed in the corner.
"Here, Suns. Go get some sleep."
> She doesn't, though.
> In what minimal light there is in the room, you can see her eyes still on you.
> Still worried.
"You're really upset by this, huh?"

> Settling down with a groan, you take a cross-legged seat beside Suns and gently press a hand into her withers until she finally lays down in the bed, ruffling her wings to make herself comfortable.
"It's just a storm... these things happen here, you know?"
> Silence greets you.
"...yeah, well of course you know. You've been in storms before.
> Though not like this one.
"Point is, they happen, and you just have to be ready for them, yeah?"
> Reaching out, you start to run a hand through her volumious mane.
> Suns coos gently, but you're quite certain she still hangs on your every word.
"It's not a thing to be terrified of. You don't run screaming from a storm. If you let the fear get the better of you, it can do more damage than the storm ever could."
> Abruptly, before you can continue, one enormous wing sweeps around you and all but drags you over against Suns' neck.
> Damn, sometimes you really did forget how strong she was.
> After a second, one of your arms slips around her neck as well.
> Wordlessly she holds you there until she allows you free, the wing retracting to fold against her side.
"Ready to sleep now, girl?"
> She doesn't nod, but when you pat the bed her head falls to rest on it.
> That, in your book, qualifies as a yes.
> After a minute or two more, you return to your own bed and crawl back beneath the covers.
> Morning arrives in due time.
> And with it, a new weight across your lower legs.
> Cracking open your eye, you find - surprise! - Suns laying across your legs, fast asleep.
> She's not huddled or curled against you, or even beneath the covers, as you would have expected her to do if scared.
> Rather, Suns had simply stretched out on the bed, neck and head crossing over your legs in an almost affectionate manner.
> As you sit up, one of her eyes barely opens to rest on you a moment before sliding shut again as her head nestles further in against your leg.

> The sight brings a smile to your lips and a warmth to your heart.
> Except for one thing.
"...Suns? I still have to get up, you know."

There are about 3-4 more sections plus an epilogue left, including one section written from Suns' perspective.
>page 10

I don't think so. Bumb.
Nice m8. Keep up the good work.
time for 4cc hyp
we lost and now I feel sad
don't be sad, there is always the summer cup I hope /asp/ or /tg/ can win this one now though
File: rar.gif (1MB, 640x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 640x400px
I overhyped myself for this, especially now that there won't be anything in spring. The game was great but goddammit I moped around depressed for an hour till I got myself together.
File: 1400567221469.jpg (497KB, 1433x977px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Maybe some happy mane brushing will cheer you up some?
>You'll never have a pet pone terrified at your presence.
File: 1396588760962.jpg (106KB, 500x635px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>why even unlive?
pat pat
File: 1400638680232.png (130KB, 1052x1072px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Last day of virtual memegrass bump
>Rainbow raiding the fridge
>Knocks things down while getting that extra slice of pizza she wasn't supposed to have
>Caught in the act
"Rainbow Dash, what the hell?!"
>She doesn't want to drop the pizza, so all you hear is loud mumbling
"Give me the pizza."
>"Mmh." she says as she jerks her head away and begins to munch on it
"Rainbooow, I said give it! You know you're not supposed to eat so much!"
>While chewing, she gives you
>the face
"N-no Rainbow. You can't..."
>[The Face intensifies]
>She slowly walks over to you and nudges your hand with her head, keeping her eyes locked with yours
"Dammit. Fine. But just so you know, I'm not gonna give you any dessert later."
>You start petting her mane, and she smiles while she devours the rest of the slice
>Chances are, you'll give her the dessert anyway
>"Sure you won't Anon."
>This cocky pet of yours...
Bump from 10
>I mean what I said Rainbow, no 'D'essert for you. I'm not having a repeat of fucking you last week after you stole that pepperoni slice.
>No I don't care if you pout like that, I'm not smelling your grease farts while we have sex ever again.
File: 1400639012741.png (30KB, 703x628px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30KB, 703x628px
Warning: Do not attempt to pet the Dash-hooves.

Attempting to pet the Dash-hooves may result in anger, annoyance, grievous bodily harm, severe bludgeoning, and ridiculous adorableness.
the original looks like garbage
bump before bed gotta wake up in 3 hours just kill me please
File: fillycelestia.png (995KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
995KB, 900x900px
You see this dropped off on your door step.

She moves forward and rubs her head against your leg.

What do?
Also can someone tell me if I'm retared and those hinges are fucked up?

No, you're not retarded. The hinges are fucked up.

You might be autistic for noticing that, though.
I've just seen this pic alot, I've used it as a wallpaper.
Moving fast tonight.
File: Pet BigMacxAnon pt1.png (520KB, 692x3445px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pet BigMacxAnon pt1.png
520KB, 692x3445px
File: Pet BigMacxAnon pt2.png (590KB, 690x3966px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pet BigMacxAnon pt2.png
590KB, 690x3966px
File: Pet BigMacxAnon pt3.png (355KB, 692x2583px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pet BigMacxAnon pt3.png
355KB, 692x2583px
Chariots chariots.
Keep her and tell no one, of course.
And when she's old enough, sexual.

Hell, if she used some kind of age regression spell that caused her to appear younger, having sexual while in a filly body could be her fetish.
File: Jewed.png (252KB, 511x451px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is my pet, and he obeys well.
File: Courage.gif (449KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Stupid dog, you make me look bad."
Get back page 9, back!
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Ix-any on the oop-pay, or you might summon the uffy-flays.

You kn ow, the original pony pet meme?
Up from 10
Bedtime bump
b u m p
Praying for this finale, have abump.
Bump, Suns Prime incoming within an hour or two.
Bump from 10
Sorry for the delay, ironically it was a storm that caused it.


Suns Prime!

> The storm is magnificent.
> It had rolled in late in the afternoon, creeping up with relatively little warning.
> One moment, the sky had been a relatively normal light-grey.
> The next a mottled, darker tone interspersed with even blacker bands, something like charred wood.
> Similarly, the rain did not come all slowly on but gusted in, changing in an instant from a light drizzle to a furious, pounding tempo.
> At least someone up the ladder at work had been smart enough to send you home early.
> Fretting at your desk all day long was unpleasant, but you couldn't deny your concern for how Suns would react to the storm's intensity.
> Yet, in the end, you shouldn't have worried.
> She noses up to a window as the tempest grows in ferocity, staring out into the driving sheets.
> You just chuckle softly, going to whip up some dinner before it gets any worse.
> It is because of this that you hear the tapping immediately when it begins.
'...you're kidding me, Suns. You want to go out in that?"
> Drying your hands and heading for the back door, you find her looking at you pleadingly from the back door.
"Fucksake, Suns. It's the rainpocalypse out there, and you want to go into that?"
> Seeming to sense your skepticism, she nudges the door handle with her muzzle before looking back to you.
> Smart thing that she is Suns could certainly have opened it on her own, but she knows not to go out without your knowledge.
> And there's no doubting the look in her face, but...
"God damn it, you crazy horse. Don't blame me when you're up to your belly in mud."
> As soon as the door opens even a crack the wind slams into you.
> Suns steps out onto the rear porch, nosing her head out beyond the protection of the overhanging roof.
> Her ears fly back, coat quickly growing damp with flying droplets and huge eyes narrowing against the maelstrom.

'Well? Are you going out or not; I can't keep holding this forever."
> It takes a nudge to her hindquarters to get her moving, but despite your disbelief Suns canters out beyond the back deck and into the muddy yard.
> Squeezing the door closed behind her, you lean against your wall and rub your head in surprise.
> Returning to your duties, you're nearly done with dinner when a buzzing pop from down the street yields the end of your light and the house falling into silence.
> Maybe there had been something to Suns' concern after all.
> Pulling a battery-powered lantern to a counter, you quickly finish the cooking that needs to be done on the gas stovetop.
> What surprises you, is that even despite the loss in power Suns hasn't returned.
> If not for the fact that a flashlight shone into the backyard quickly reveals her calmly sitting in the grass, you'd be worried for Suns.
> As is, you don't call her back in until dinner is finished.
> It's a little cold and not the best you've ever done, but there's something innately comforting about quietly eating while a storm rages against the walls protecting you.
> ...or maybe it's the amusement of watching Suns with her muzzle buried deep in a bowl of stew happily making up for the cold rain she'd been soaked in before.
> Toweling her off had been... interesting.
> If not for the fact that it got her seriously upset, you'd long since have tried to cut Suns' mane.
> Afterward?
> Well, with the power out and going outside off the table, there's little to do but sit by lantern-light and read.
> Suns takes her typical spot on the couch, but instead of resting on you she faces the window - eyes and ears alike locked on the storm beyond.
> Though you reach out with one hand and stroke her withers, it's obvious that Suns' mind is elsewhere.
> Why would she-
> Compared to the utter silence of your home, the phone's vibration cuts through the night like a bullhorn.

> It is an intruder, an artificial invader into nature's siege on your home.
> But who was it?
> A friend?
> Someone looking for a favor, to use your truck?
> ...
> No.
> You didn't.
> Cursing yourself, the phone is all but slammed to the table again.
> How could you forget to charge it before a storm?
> You knew the power was going to go out!
> As if to spite you, the phone issues its invasive low-battery buzz again.
> ...
> Urgh.
> Well, there's only one thing to do now.
"Suns, stay here."
> Car keys are grabbed and a dizzying variety of protection against the weather strapped on.
"I'm going to go out and charge this stupid thing in the car for a bit."
> It'd be pricey, but better than running dead.
> Outside, if anything the fall of night has brought on new heights of the storm.
> Despite the hood over your head, you find a hand rising to hold your cap in place.
> Climbing into the driver's seat, yank the door shut - probably harder than necessary - and plug the phone in.
> The engine's comforting rumble soon fills your ears.
> Against all rational logic your eyes drift repeatedly to the rear-view mirrors, studying the low, pale glow illuminating your home's windows.
> Suns wouldn't be visible through the thick curtains you'd put in, but even so...
> Forcing the rising nervousness back down into your belly, you flick the radio on and lean back in your seat.
> Eyes slide half-shut and your mind begins to drift under the influence of the droning, generic music.
> Good.
> You hadn't planned on really listening.
> The cyclical, mindless lyrics are just enough to let your mind calm itself.
> They're also the reason you don't hear the creaking wood until too late.
> A flash of movement in the corner of your eye, and suddenly the windshield is filled with a rapidly-approaching wall of newly-budded leaf and branch.
> Exactly how long after that you come to again isn't clear.
> Head pounding, you start to take stock of the situation.

> One; your brain hurt and vision was swimming.
> Dimly it processes in your mind that you might very well have a concussion.
> Two; a lot of other stuff hurt as well.
> You were on your side, pushed halfway over and pinned in place.
> Judging by the weight on your side that makes itself apparent as you start trying to move, a significant tree limb must've come through the windshield and landed on it.
> Impossible to know directly, since you'd been shoved over onto the center console and your vision was a mess of leaves and branches.
> Without any experience to judge by, it feels bruised ribs at the least - cracked, maybe.
> Hard to tell, with your head feeling like it got caught between one of Suns' hooves and the chopping stump.
> Three: You're wet; soaking wet, in fact.
> Again, the windshield must be totally gone.
> And four, the engine and radio are silent.
> Gone.
> Shit.
> The first instinct you have - to try and rise up out of the seat - proves to be a totally wrong one.
> Not only is something still pinning your chest to the seat, but one leg seems to be pretty badly twisted as well.
> White, lancing bolts of pain run through the limb, forcing you back down.
> ...okay, plan B.
> Where's your phone?
> After much searching, it reveals itself in the footwell of the passenger's seat.
> Operational, but not close enough to reach.
> And, of course, the cord had pulled free, probably when you were knocked over.
> ...plan C?
> Twisting the key in the ignition yields nothing, so any hopes of pulling free are dashed.
> Any thoughts of plan D are interrupted by something scrabbling against the side of the driver's door.
> Just as quickly there's a soft nicker in the darkness, then another one - louder, and worried.
"...Suns? That you?"
> A soft form brushes against your hip; she must be craning her neck into the driver's seat.
> There she is.
> Smarter than any dog, but just as loyal.
> Any worries about Suns being seen outside are brushed aside right now.

"Hey... hey there, Suns. I'm gonna be okay. I need..."
> What do you need?
> Forcing your brain back up to speed, you fumble through the mental fog to find the object in question.
"...phone! Suns, give me the phone!"
> She doesn't quite seem to get what you want, but more scrabbling follows.
> With a pop, the driver's door opens - allowing you at last to extend a leg into the rain.
> Forget worrying about getting wet, your clothes are already soaked.
"Right, hah... okay, that's one. Let me see if Ieeeeeooow."
> A second attempt at righting yourself has only yielded another burst of pain.
> Nope, that branch is still firmly on top of you.
> But now, with the leg no longer squeezed inside the car you can sit up.
> ...
> Yep.
> That's a fucking big branch.
> Suns' head appears over it, staring inward with a worried look.
"Hey there, girl... can you... can you get my phone?"
> No luck.
> Instead of helping she noses at the branch, as if to confirm that it truly is well and firmly atop you.
"Phone, girl. Here, it's on this side, I need it - hey!"
> Suns had turned, retreating back from the car.
> Watching her multihued mane pull away, you raise your voice despite the pain that blooms in your chest.
"Get back here, damn it!"
> She does halt her retreat - turning back around to face you.
> But not returning to your aid.
"Suns, c'mon. I need your help! C'mere, girl!"
> Spreading her legs as if to anchor herself, Suns crouches down and lowers her head.
> Oh, shit.
> Is she going to try and charge the car or something?
> What would-
> Something creaks.
> You frown, steadily becoming aware of a strange feeling.
> Metal groans.
> The feeling resolves itself into something familiar: Movement.
> Wood crunches as it is drawn back from the windshields.
> The fallen tree being pulled away?
> No.
> Your truck is the one moving, heel of your extended foot dragging along the pavement as it does.
> What-

> Twisting around, your gaze locks on Suns again.
> Wings half-spread and lips drawn back to reveal gritted teeth, she cuts an imposing sight.
> To say nothing of her mane, which is rolling and writhing as if caught in a hurricane - not merely a downpour.
> Now the tree is almost entirely gone from the windshield, and you tenderly lever yourself up.
> Eyes desperately searching for any sign of other people.
> Even having to explain Suns to them at that moment seems to be a better alternative than the only remaining conclusion.
> But there are none, no firefighters ready to whisk you onto a stretcher.
> Just Suns, her wings starting to flap as the truck is dragged inches back further.
> And then, without warning, dropped.
> Not even the crunch as the suspension again takes the truck's full weight can seize your attention now.
> Suns is panting, wings failing to fold themselves against her sides.
> Mane and tail have gone silent again, but there's no denying what you just saw.
> At last Suns meets your eyes-
> And freezes.
> Was it the panic, the uncomprehending look on your face that spooked her?
> Was there some hint of your panic in your body language?
> In fairness, you certainly were panicking.
> Facing down the fact that you had not just a smart-unicorn-pegasus in your home but a smart-unicorn-pegasus that could apparently defy physics?
> That is another thing entirely.
> Nervously, Suns takes a step back.
> Hell, what else could she do?
> You want to say something.
> Thank her?
> For breaking reality for you?
> But what else-
> Her retreat grows, hoofsteps picking up as she opens her wings to take flight again.
> What had you told her last night?
> 'If you let the fear get the better of you, it can do more damage than the storm ever could.'
> Forcing it down, you take a deep breath and call out.
"Suns... c'mere, girl. I... I need help."


> You awaken in a comfortable blackness.
> Bed.
> Your bed.
> Your room.

> A room that Suns had all but dragged you back to.
> Not with that... whatever it was; telekinesis?
> With her mouth on your coat sleeve and wing around your body.
> ...sometimes you really did forget how strong she was.
> ...
> Your chest