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See this on your bed Wat do?

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See this on your bed

Wat do?
>kick it off. The bed is only for potty trained ponies
Raise her as my own little pony baby.
"That is gross"
"DonĀ“t be gross"
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this is my fetish.gif
3MB, 250x318px
>Flutters keeps sucking her bottle making baby noises
>"What do you mean Anon?"
>She let's out a small burp
>"I think I need to be burped Anon. Can you burp me?"
Keep going.
As you command, so it shall be.

Burp you?
>Fluttershy has a silly smile on her face
>"Yeah silly. I need to be burped!"
>You reluctantly pick her up in your arms and start patting her back lightly
>She lets out soft burps at first but quickly they become loud, sometimes so loud it hurts your ears
"G-good God Fluttershy."
>"Thank you daddy!"

Why of course.
File: hot ass fuck.jpg (77KB, 392x308px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hot ass fuck.jpg
77KB, 392x308px
kill her
>You want to tell her that this isn't ok, that you are no ready for the responsibilities of a father and that you think this is just gross. But she has the sweetest smile played across her face. You just can't say no.
"Fine, fine."
>Fluttershy has a weird look on her face
"Fluttershy? What's a matter? Did I say something wrong?"
>She shakes her head
>"I... um... well..."
"What? Spit it out already!"
>Fluttershy's voice goes almost silent
>"I think I had an accident..."
>Fluttershy lies on your bed, on her back - her head hanging slightly over the edge with her muzzle open, tongue hanging out, wearing a giddy smile.
>"Daddy, I need my milk. Can I have some milk?"
>She prods at your crotch from her upside-down position, looking up at you.
>You concede defeat and pull your pants down.
>"Thank you, daddy."
File: sweating twilight.png (94KB, 257x216px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sweating twilight.png
94KB, 257x216px
Yes yes yes it's happening!
>this can't be happening. You've never changed a diaper before, especially one on a pony! How the hell do you even do that!?
>Flutter's eyes' begin to well up with tears. Just like a real baby, the wetness is making her so uncomfortable that she's going to cry until you change her.
"Ok... Ok... let's think this through. Uh... Fluttershy... honey... do you have any clean diapers lying around?"
>Tears are coming down her face now, you know you have about five seconds to get her cleaned up before she starts wailing. She is making the face that signifies that she is going to begin wailing
>shit, shit, shit, shit!
>You quickly rummage around and find what you're looking for. She has at least 3 clean ones left. You know though that that isn't going to be near enough to make it through the next day
>Finally you find some wet wipes and oddly enough a can of baby powder
>cheeky cunt had this whole thing planned out
>She starts crying loudly and you rush back
>she smells horrible, as if a skunk came and just sprayed her diaper then died there
>You look at the giant yellow stain in the front, which to your surprise is only getting larger
>Here goes nothing.
File: image.jpg (80KB, 400x589px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 400x589px
You have my interest
Ask why all my koolaid and cheesesticks are gone.
Then kick her out.
File: muh dick.png (40KB, 419x362px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
muh dick.png
40KB, 419x362px
Shitty fetish is shitty
>You carefully peel back the diaper revealing her semi-swollen vulva glistening in the light of your lamp
>The view would be nice if it didn't smell so horrible
>You take a wipe out and start gently brushing her horse vagina
>You can feel you dick slowly rising in your pants and you take your time feeling it
>Her vagina is soft and slippery, although rather furry all things considered
>You move down to her ponut hole and wipe carefully around and on it
>Fluttershy lets out a giggle and just as she does, warm pee squirts from her urethra all over your hand
"AH! Damn it Fluttershy!"
>Tears form in her eyes
>"S-sorry dada... it was accident.... I couldn't hold it..."
>Who are you kidding? You can't stay mad at her.
>You kiss her forehead
"Ok, ok. But let's try not to have accidents on daddy's hands ok?"
>Finally you get the baby powder and pat it around her tight little hole, then wrap that diaper back around her waist
>Too bad for you. This was only the beginning.
File: im okay with this.jpg (78KB, 894x894px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
im okay with this.jpg
78KB, 894x894px
>only the beginning
File: ULTIMATE DISGUST.jpg (248KB, 1250x1250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248KB, 1250x1250px

>mfw this thread

2/10 worst fetish ever
I'm not even a Flutterfag and this is mmph
Part 2
>You had been taking care of now completely infantile fluttershy for 5 days now
>You didn't expect it, but actually it wasn't so bad, If fact, you had actually be starting to go grow attached. you were surprised that she hand't shit, not even once
>But you were about to be in for a big surprise
>One day you are walking around your apartment trying find some toys for Flutters when you hear crying in the other room
>Oh shit what did she do
>You run to the other room to see what fluttershy had done to herself but, to your surprise, it isn't fluttershy. It's Rarity. She's in a diaper as well and has seemed to fall of the side of the couch
>what the fuck do these ponies keep coming from? And why in the name of God do they all have THIS fetish?
>You run to her
"Rarity? Are you ok?"
>"I..." her face contorts in pain "I have a bobo!"
>Maybe this is God punishing you for spending so much time fapping to ponies on 4chan
"Ok. Let's get you a band aid ok? Be a brave girl for me alright?"
>Rarity nods
"I will be right back. Just stay put."
>She is making the face that signifies that she is going to begin wailing


>Maybe this is God punishing you for spending so much time fapping to ponies on 4chan
are you being sarcastic?
I thought you might

>You run back to little rarara with a band aid
"Good girl Rarity. You are so brave. I am so proud of you."
>She half smiles through the pain
"Now this is going to hurt just a little bit. But you're so brave, I bet it will be like nothing."
>You press the band-aid against her knee and she winces but lets you put it on
>You see she has a pouty face on
"What's the matter?"
>"It's not pretty."
>"It's not pretty!"
>With a puff of magic she makes four small diamonds run across it
>She lets out the happiest giggle

I have a question for you guys: do you want this to be more erotic or more kinda lovey-cutise? I could try to do both as well.
No other votes? Erotic it is then.

>You pick up Rarity in your arms and a nasty smell flows through your nostrils
>Oh god she didn't
>You look at her bum and see a large bulge getting larger
>You are so not cut out for this
>You go to your bedroom where fluttershy is sucking on her hoof
"Fluttershy get your hoof out of your mouth. Remember what I said about non-food items in our mouths?"
>Fluttershy hides her soaking, spit covered hoof in her mouth
>The whole time you do this, the bulge in Rara's diaper is getting bigger
"Looks like someone had a big dinner last night."
>You lay her down on the bed and her a loud squish, making you almost gag
>You get ready the necessary materials
>Why the fuck do I even bother?
>You slip open her diaper. It literally looks as if a terrorist had alluh akbared in her diaper if his entire insides were brown
>She is covered in it and the smell is even worse than it looks
>Here we go again
>It literally looks as if a terrorist had alluh akbared in her diaper if his entire insides were brown

Th-this is erotic?
>You start wiping the shit off her
>It's so slimy, like snail cum
"My God Rarity. What did you eat last night."
>Rarity looks down, obviously very embarrassed
"Sorry. I'll stop."
>You keep wiping her down and finally get all the shit off. You rub her right down the middle of her slit and notice that she blushes a bit
>You giggle a bit and do it again, just to say how she reacts to it
>She blushes an even brighter red
>Disgusted with yourself for foal fondling, you stop. But you know you'll do it again.
>You wrap her back up in her diaper, placing her on the floor
>You then take her messy one that you know weighs at least a good 4 pounds and drop in in your garbage can with a thud
>Even the concrete the use to keep radiation inside reactors wouldn't block the smell of Rarity's mess
"What am I going to do?"
It's all about the build up. It will only get better I assure you. I have plans, Anon. Big plans. Part 3 is going to be even better just you wait.
>It's so slimy, like snail cum
>snail cum
fap and cum never and show when us all degree
>not being aroused by changing sweet pone diaper
Part 3
>2 weeks has passed. Rarity has just been laying one giant bomb after another in her diaper. You didn't think it was possible for a pony to produce that much excrement.
>Out of no where something flies into your back
>Please don't let it be another-
>You see Rainbow Dash, fully diapered with a pacifier in her mouth
>God damn it.
>For some reason your dick surges with blood. You want to cum inside.
>You pick her up
"You're quite cute aren't you?"
>"Hey Anon!"
"What sweet thing?"
>"I have a surprise for you"
>She starts chuckling
>You see her scrunch her face and let out a loud fart
>She starts laughing but she quickly quiets down when she realizes it wasn't just hot air that came out of her hole
"Dash? Did you just have an accident."
>She tries to fly free but your grasp is keeping her stationary
"I guess we'll just have to check your diaper to make sure huh?"
>"No! I'm not messy! I'm a big girl! Big girls don't go poo poo in their pants!"
>You pull the back of her diaper back and sure enough a couple of deer droppings are being pressed against her anus
"Well you lied Rainbow. You know what that means do you not?"
"Someone is going to have to be punished. And I have just the idea too."
File: vUrM6u9[1].gif (897KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
897KB, 500x281px

>"W-what are you going to do?"
"Well, since the big girl decided to lie to me, she gets to sit in her stinky diaper for the rest of the evening. I will change you right before bed and only then. And that's a good 5 hours from now. I hope you get comfortable with all the poop Dash because you two are going to be best friends."
>Dash has tears in her eyes
>"B-but... it's so icky and gross."
"Well, should have thought about that before lying to me huh?"
>You place her down, making sure that her butt sits straight on top of the poo, making it squish against her
>The tears in her eyes get larger but she is determined to hide them to keep her tough-girl persona in tact
"Now go and play with your sisters. They are eager to meet you."
"But what Dash?"
>"But what if they smell the poo poo?"
"Too bad then huh."
>You pull her over to Flutters and Rarity who are playing doctor
>They notice the smell almost immediately
>"It smells like poo poo!" Fluttershy exclaims "Rarity did you go poo poo again!?"
>"No! You must of done it! Dada! Fluttershy made poopies in her diaper!"
"You're both wrong. But speaking of a diaper change, seems like you girls both need one."
>Rarity looks at fluttershy's diaper to see it's as yellow as her fur
>"Ha ha! Fluttershy made pee pees!"
>Fluttershy, clearly embarrassed, pushes her
>"So did you Rarity!"
"Easy girls."
>You break up the two
"Let's just get you two into some new diapers ok? It was an accident I am sure."
>They both blush
>You pick them both up and lay them on the bed
"Ok who wants to get changed first?"
>they both raise their hands but you see flutters hand go up slightly faster
>"No fair!" Rarity shouts "You cheated"
>You don't get paid nearly enough for this
>You unwrap Fluttershy's diaper
>Her vulva is still swollen even after all this time
>Rarity looks over at it and laughs
>"Your pee pee is all big!"
>She takes her hoof and presses it on her vagina lips, this makes Fluttershy cry from embarrassment
"Alright, alright that's enough."
>Your penis is as hard as rock
>You start wiping fluttershy, making sure to feel each fold of skin carefully, then, as if on a whim, you open up her tight lips
>She squeaks
>You use the the wet wipe to feel the inside of her
>So wet and warm
>Flutters face is redder than a ripe tomato
>You finish up but don't put a diaper back on her
>Rarity is next. And oh are you going to enjoy this
Gas it
>Fluttershy fidgets uncomfortably as cold air glides across her tiny little ponut
>You undo Rarity's diaper next
>You wipe down her delicate smooth vag

Ok guys getting bored. Do you want me to keep going?
File: Intrigued.gif (526KB, 420x315px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
526KB, 420x315px
File: image.jpg (41KB, 500x335px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 500x335px
I miss lun, captain, cinco, etc.
If you say so.

>You wiggle your pinkie in there
>it feels hot and warm
>You are all for exploring this cave
>You play around with her for a little while and notice that she is actually giggling
"Does that tickle?"
>You do it again and she giggles some more
>You could seriously get into this
>You keep fingering her for a while then finally go to the bathroom to masturbate, leaving both Rarity and Fluttershy undiapered.
>After a few minutes of jerkin the gerkin, you hear a knock
>"U-um Anon... I need a new diapey."
>It's Rarity's prim and proper voice form the other side of the door.
>It is taking all your willpower not to grab that filly and rut her for hours and hours
"J-just one second."
>Your balls explode their contence all over the floor
"Ok Rarity." you pant "Let's get your diaper back on."
>You look at her moist pussy lips
>She's dripping, but it certainly isn't urine
>Is she coming onto you?
>You walk back into the room, holding her hoof to see Fluttershy has peed all over your bed
>Now it's taking all of your will power not to throw a small filly against a wall. You have just cleaned your sheets.
>Kick Fluttershy out of my spaghetti filled room
Ask Fluttershy why she is wearing diapers as an adult, and why she thought it was appropriate to get on a stranger's bed while wearing a fucking diaper. Then demand she gets off.
I'm taking a break all. Be back shortly or maybe not.
Cum inside
God damn my dick cant get much more erect!
I swear to god this erection will go up your ass if you don't continue!
I tell the diaperfags that their fetish is shit.
File: 12412342341234.png (142KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142KB, 1000x1000px
>People actually jerk off to this
I honestly cannot think of a less respectable fetish than this.
Well I don't want that big of an erection up my ass. I still have a long way to go. So how 'bout this. Keep this thread alive and I will be right back on it.
But that will most likely be tomorrow. So keep your head up

You know you love it.
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Thread images: 14

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