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Nook thread #2

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>We actually notice her edition

Draw/Writefagging all about this cutie here
Old Thread: >>20892583
I want to make hot love to her soft pony body.
more pics of her would be nice, need a closer look at her cm
I can't remember whether that one story wrapped up or not, but I hope there's more.
ok, i try drawing her. Isn't she featured in even one pice of fanar?
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Well I tried, atleast now we got a pic of her.
R8 btw.
nook has been noticed!
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Is she named after Pic Related?
bump for writefags
Sorry about that, I ended up with being really sick, slept for a full day. Had a 102 fever...BACK.
Anyone remember where I was.
bump, anyone still alive
not right now.
I linked the old thread in OP, maybe check back there? Can't actually remember myself

Page 10 Bump btw
not gonna lie..you guys took a hella long time to get to thread 2
What counts is that we eventually did it, right? And soon, real soooooon......
Old thread is empty, not archived I guess.
>Nooks horn glowed as Sweetiebelle kicked open the door.
>"Anon no you can't please"
>She puts her arms around her sister to protect her.
"Sweetie you stay out of this. I don't want to hurt my child"
>She doesn't let go of her sister
>"Anon I know that I let you have sex with me, I practically begged for it. Big sister was just doing what she thought was good for me."
>Nook lets her horn go out but gives sweetie a dirty look.
>"And what happens if you change your mind and call Celestia after we let you go"
i´ll get something going, but is up to you fuckers to decide what happens,
>nook cyoa is go

>wake up to alarm clock
>5 am
>trying to stop it you slam your hoof on the night table
alarmclock goes flying to the floor and onto the furthest corner of the room
why are this alarmclocks round, is it part of a scheme to take you out of bed chasing this round rolling bast...
nook, you are better than this
>you say to yourself
its far too early to be mad at an inanimate object
must be the efect of mondays
>its wendsday just so you know
>the sun hasnt showed up yet but its starting to get bright outside
>you go down to prepare your gardening tools and water the various plants and herbs
>going down the stairs you notice the leaves of the oregano pot are just right for harvesting
i guess i`ll have pasta tonight, maybe i can get some... a-ha
>you say looking at the table by the door
basil leaves are looking nice and juicy, you can already smell your delicious sauce
>she´s right, dat som gud sauce
>as nook goes though the back door the sun starts to shine
im running late
>glancing at her little garden, and greenhouse, nook quicly checks the pots she´ll be taking for selling at the market
lets see... aloe is been seling a lot, but the spa will need to restock soon, alfalfa leaves, been going down, ill dry it for later this year
anise would be nice, coriander is an old time favorite for salads
>stocking the cart as she checks the pots, she adds chillis, mustard, cinamon, mints, curry leaves, jasmine, lavender and many others.

A-go to market
b for see what's up
b sounds lovely

>????? in deed, what just happened?
something is not right
>door slowly shuts in the back
o for fu...
>nook just forgot the keys inside
mmmhh... not gonna let this ruin my day, i´ll call the locksmith later, i must hurry to the market
>in the way to the market nook, realises its a beatifull day, and the market seems already alive with ponies buying goods
maybe i can close early today, didn´t brought much anyway, a change from the routine could be nice
>walking towards her stand, she notices a certain colt waiting paiciently in front of it,
>she aproaches the gold mane stranger and apologises for the late opening
im sorry i got a little carried away picking pots in the morning
no problem
>the stranger says, with a careless smile
while she fills the shelfs with the many herbs from her garden, the stranger just stands there, with a ghost of a smile, almost unoticeable

1 how is the stranger called
2a- just sell him whetever he comes for
b- ask why he seems so happy
b again
time for adventure
so, any reason to be so happy today mister...?
how rude, my name is leafy hoof, nice to meet you
nook at your service
>they shake hoofs exchanging smiles, perhaps for a little to long to be confortable
so umm, why are you smiling
o no reason, its my birthday and its a beatiful day
really? happy birthday then mister leafy hoof
drop the mister, just leafy
happy birthday leafy, soo, any way i could help you? some herbal tea you´re looking for?
i´ve been looking for you
>woh, that was bold
i, me, MEE, why im justandherbalistidontknowhowsome...[gently shushed by a tender hoof]
lets say i am just a friend that noticed your talent, here is my adress in canterlot, if you think you are up to the chalenge send me a letter or come over, whatever suit you best nooky
whatareyoutalkingaboutimjustasimpleponiANDWAITYOUAREFROMCANTERLOTOMYGOSHIMFREAKINGOUTICANT...[gently shushed by a tender hoof 2XCOMBO]
look im the royal gardener and your knolege of plants and gardening skills could come in handy

im sorry for the short burst of green but its xmas eve and i was busy as fuck im free right now, i hope the green flow becomes more stable

A-calm the fuck down, say you will think about it
B-wild card bitches YEEEE- FUCKING-HAAAA
>after almost fainting from her outburst of nonsensical verbiage, nook decides this is to good to screw up, it is a first impresion after all, maybe she can save this boat from sinking
>as she slowly inhales, with her eyes closed, she thinks of her next words very carefully
>come on nook, dont leave the guy waiting
i would gladly accept your offer, leafy, but i need to give my business customers a explanation and a replacement first, i serve many local businesses such as sugarcube corner, the spa, and they need of my service in here, as soon as i get things straight with them, you will here from me.
very profesional from just a simple herbalist, thats good nooky, i hope to hear more from you, ciao
>noice m8
>as she slowly exhales the royal gardener leaves the front of the stand with nothing more to say, leaving the market
>a load of customers arrives, asking for medicines and teas, but you tend to them quickly, as you need to do a lot more now than you expected in the morning
>i can hardly belive she is so calm about this, later she will realise this wasnt a dream
>high noon and you are almost out of products, a few sachets of mint leaves and 3 aloe gel bottles
i guess thats it for the day
>you give them away in the market, to the other vendors, you have enoght bits for the day
>closing the stand you prepare for the second round
>many ponies have taken a liking for the trimming of bushes, the decorative pruning of house plants, and bonsai, and there is no other pony with a talent like yours respecting plants and how to grow them properly, so you tend to other ponies gardens and indoor plants during the rest of your day, its more of a hobby than a part time job, but it keeps you entertained and brings bits to your pockets, so you do it gladly
wonder if the mayor still wants the bushes arround the gazebo trimmed
forgot options, sorry

A-go to mayors office
B-go to the locksmith
Walk through the market, checking on what else is for sale. Then head to the mayor's
sounds good, and goes along the lines of go to the locksmith... ill give it a try
you know what, the morning was far more stressing than my regular dosis of work, ill take the day off, the bushes wont move anyway, a can tend to them tommorow
>the rest of the day is yours nook, you eraned it
i havent check the stands in the market in a while, a know the three that are in front of mine and i hardly speak with the colts on the sides, are they colts?
>half right on that one
one in the left sells veggies, so its kind of competition
the one in the right is a glazier, the vase in your dinner table was a gift from him the day he started working in the stand next to yours, he doesnt talk to much, i dont remember talking to him, at least in the past year
>the three stand in the front sell bread, inks and papers and hats, from left to right, not that it matters
>nook walks through the market waving at the sellers she knows and asking some prices here and there until something cought here eye

A- a gardening shovels
B- the locksmith

On a sidenote, why are you giving options? Did you already plan the story out, or do you just prefer it to giving readers full control?
I prefer to give you guys full control, I just run options depending on what's happening, this story is as random or down to earth as you guys can make it, besides I feel creative today, to bad there so little anon reading
In fact if any anon has an option c, out of what I have chosen and anyone find it interesting I might write something over that idea
Merry Christmas bump
Bump for giving a fuck
>nook, pls stop staring at the guy
>you are still nook, a lovely average pony, and you are currently in the middle of a market starring at a individual everyone in poniville refers to as anon, he hasn't noticed you yet, but others are giving you curious looks and giggles,
Ah-I, blah, thaba?
>with all your might you try not to weird out, and failed miserably
>look at him, of all the adventurous, heroic, glamorous, things a marvelous god of a being such as anon could be doing to help poniville, he decides to be a normal working citizen,
>it is no secret you like the guy, like every mare in poniville, he gets to spend time with princesses and the heroes of friendship
No wonder everypony wants a bite of that juicy....
>stop it right there missy
sure he must be interesting, why else would he be getting so much attention from the royal ponies
>you have to admit, if he has the chance to pick between a life of luxury and frivolity, and work his ass to earn a few bits, he must have a really good reason, does he hate the royalty? is he just a simple guy? maybe he is a sensible average man with small dreams of just being happy, living a life of simple but comforting things like a cup of tea shared with a friend...
>you been there in the middle of the market for around 10 minutes by now, you are starting to gather a crowd as ponies are wondering if you are performing as a mime or a living statues

A-snap out of it
B-keep internal dialog
>nook,I don't want to scare you, but the crowd is getting larger,
I wonder if anon, likes working here, or is it some kind of task? That's it, celestia must have gave him a chance to feel like a normal person again, so he is a
Locksmith? Why would he be a locksmith he is an Adonis, the epitome of legendary beauty, he can't be a regular citizen, maybe its part of the task, to get to know the simple life of the average Joe
>you know, you can just ask the guy right? He is there just sitting, probably waiting for a customer
If it is part of a task i should talk to him just as any other pony, oh, I can barely contain my self,
>anon notices the crowd and looks at nook straight in the eye, its not a look of curiosity, nor, surprise, just, as if he was staring into the infinite, looking at the horizon
>nook is shaking with excitement and anticipation
>anon stands up and walks towards nook
This is it, he noticed me, what do I do? Oh no, he must think im weird, I been staring at him this whole time, how Lon have I been here
>solid 20 minutes, probably longer, I took a nap, and lost track of time, sorry
>anon is just hooves away, he crouches, and looks at nook closely no more than half a hoof from her face
>he is either very bold, or has no clue about personal space
>nook feel the heat from anons face, it feels comforting in a way, she hasn't moved yet, is less tense
Hi I'm anon, do you take request?
Wha-WA, ahh?
>That sure took you by surprise
You are a street performer, right? Gathered quite a crowd, you must be really good
>anon looks puzzled, at the immobile mare
Oh I'm sorry, I'm I interrupting? Were you taking anyone else request? Sorry everyone!
Anon stands back and walks towards the mass of ponies
>so what's gonna be nook

A-improvise and avoid the shame
B-just tell him the truth
Sorry if the structure seems broken in some parts,im working from cellphone now, tend to forget the quotation arrow
A, find your special talent in street performance!
>nook? What are you doing?
>sitting in the middle of the market now, hers eyes closed as to remember that play she memorized for a school presentation
>throwing a hoof to the air, wide a look of anger and resentment clear in her face she says...
I left no ring with her. What means this princess? Fortune forbid my outside have not charmed her. She made good view of me; indeed, so much That, as methought, her eyes had lost her tongue, For she did speak in starts distractedly. She loves me sure; the cunning of her passion Invites me in this churlish messenger. None of my lord's ring? Why, he sent her none. I am the stud. If it be so, as 'tis, Poor mare, she were better love a dream. Disguise, I see thou art a wickedness Wherein the pregnant enemy does much. How easy is it for the proper false In mare's waxen hearts to set their forms! Alas, our frailty is the cause, not we, For such as we are made of, such we be.
>the whole market quiet, only thing that can be heard is nooks monologue
How will this fadge? My master loves her dearly; And I (poor monster) fond as much on him; And she (mistaken) seems to dote on me. What will become of this? As I am a stallion, My state is desperate for my master's love. As I am mare (now alas the day!), What thriftless sighs shall poor Olivemane breathe? O Time, thou must untangle this, not I; It is too hard a knot for me t' untie.
>A tear rolls from her eyes
>The market explodes, in a roar of stomping hoofs and hurrays
>and a lonely clap, from the hands of anon
That is the most beautiful interpretation of Shakespeare I've ever seen
>still shaking from the nerves and tension of the little play, you manage to bow for anon, although it looks as if you were bowing for everypony in that general direction

A-approach anon
B-business time
it's time for senpai!
We don't want to make a bad impression on Anon, we are already quite tense right now
i got a feeling~~~~
bump for writefag
>when in doubt, dubs decide

>I can believe you pulled that off
Good afternoon everypony, I am Nook, some of you might know me from the herbal stand in the south end of the market, some of you might haven't heard from me in your lifes, nor, you needed to, as you can see I have just played a monologue from Shakespeare, twelfth night, a monologue from viola on the second act, I must admit I was terrified but, I could keep calm and a straight face the whole time, all thanks to a good balance diet and my herbs, some of them for the body and others for the mind, if you feel you get irritated easily or lose focus during your day, I have teas and ointments just for you
>this mare right here guys, the next Steve jobs
For the olds and the foals, the mares and the colts, from a simple headache to rejuvenation, herbs are all you need and you can get it here, from dawn to noon
>I'm pretty sure that you stole that from the flim flam bros
>as she said all this, the crowd laughed and clapped at rhythmical jingle
All that and more, in nooks herbal both, stand four
>not so sure about the title or number, but it rhymed and that's all that matters
>as the mass of ponies clapped and whistled, nook smiled with a reassured state, if she could pull this off, the canterlot garden would be a piece of cake
>with all the new customers maybe it wont matter, you could retire after this week if you played your cards right anyway
Glad you liked it and see you tomorrow remember, nook's herbal both stand four see ya
>As she said this she walked towards the locksmith stand waiting for anon to get back, not that it would take to long
He haven take his eyes of her and she loved it

B-ask him to fix the locked door

I Just noticed there's a lot of errors, and im sorry guys, i haven't got home and I've been writing from my phone, many mistakes come from auto correct, I'll try to keeps them to a minimum, on the next green
Go with A
page 9 bump
>you are currently the anonymous heroe everyone loves, anon
>you quickly go tend the stand, where this new, fascinating pony is waiting, trying to act, casual you ask how can you serve this lovely mare

so, nook?, how can i help you today, for the looks of it you got everything under control

>yes you do, im talking to you nook!
>anon, is still puzzled: she can perform, has some skill involving herbs and its a hell of a salesmare, what is she, and why havent you heard of her before

>you are now nook, at this moment you have broken through every limit you have self imposed on you, no more shy, hesitant and insecure nook, you are nooky, the succesfull, daring mare, everyone loves
>and you are grabing life and anon by the balls

now that you ask sweety, there is a matter i will love to discuss, some business involving you, me, and my house
maybe you can take me to dinner first, i wanted to eat pasta tonight, but im not to choosy

>whoa, is it getting hot in here? or is it just me?
>anon is clearly, flustered at the invitation, maybe it was to much

>you are anon, and, dude, dayum!
>not gonna lie bro, that was too much to handle
>anon stays there for a second prosesing what just happened, and in a suden burst of curiosity and interest in this mare you manage to spit out a response


>you got it girl
>but you cant get dressed for an evening with anon if he doesnt open the door to your house first

A-take anon home
B-have dinner first
shameless self bump
let's go safe
B first
A, how can you have dinner without getting in your house
>take me to dinner, she is asking to go to a restaurant
>anon, still puzzled, at nook ask...
you know, there´s a lot of stallions here that want to take you home, after that demonstration, why me?
>nook cocked her head and with a sly smile
not all of them can fix my door
>anon backs a little at the statement, with red cheeks
look anon, i left my keys inside my house this morning and i really need you to help me, maybe i can repay the favor with a meal at my place?
>really smooth
that sounds lovely

>fast foward to anon trying to open your door

its a clasic palette key lock, i should be able to, just -ahh, there
>the door opens letting out the usual herbal scent of you home, not many know of it, never invited anyone, but that just changed
>anon seems hypnotized by the smell, nook looks at him as he slowly come up, with a look like he has seen the doors of heaven
anon? you alright?
>anon looks at nook with a shadow of a smile
it just felt home for a second
>her heart sinks a little, as she remembers he is not just a trophy, he is a being that for some strange twist of destiny ended up in equestria, and he is lonely, you will fix that
follow me
>nook holds anons hand with her magic guiding him upstair, as they both come up, anon seems lost in thoughts
a-anon ah-i, anon i like you, i've always did, you may not know me enough, but if there is anything i can do two make you feel home again ill do
>anon falls to his knees, embracing her
thank you, since i arived its always been, a party here, a gala there, but i didnt really known anybody, im just a guest to take pity on, being the first, the only one, a stranger
a came here to poniville in a effort to start a new life, but so far, i've been just another atraction of the park, today at the market you changed that, as you performed i stopped being the center of attention and i became one with the crowd
you trully made me feel homhp...
>nook sileced him with a kiss
you are home
coment to long, part 2 and options incoming
>nook unbuttons anons suit, while pushing him to the bed
what now?
>says anon letting his tie loose, and his glorious body showing trought the half open shirt, just siting there in the bed
for starters you will let me taste that mouth of yours again
>you land your muzzle in his chest, reaching for a kiss and slowly guiding him, to lay down on your bed
>nook is now laying on top of anon now and she is sure enjoying the sight
>perhaps a little to much, your marehood already moist in anticipation, leaving a little glistening trail over anons belly
>turning around giving him a look of your bottom, while you take care of his pants, he si quickly to start
>he gently nibbles at your throbbing clit not letting it wink, all this while he caresses your hindquarters, his soft and wanting touch is driving you mad, cant help but to want to return the favor, you see a pulsating shaft between his legs and inmediately go for it, you front hoofs gently stroking his cock
>you can tell he is eager to give you pleasure and watch you drown in the extasi, he hasn't said a single word but his intentions are clear
>he holds your hips like a bowl he's ready to devour, not giving you a second of rest,
>he sure is a keeper
>a lonely finger enters your marehood, from the top, you can't help but moan, letting out his member from your tongues voracious grasp
>quickly grabing his shaft and sucking it, you head bobbing over it
>he stops eating you for a second while he regains his breath, you suck harder on his dick, longing for his touch over your lips
nn-nook,ah-i p-please
>he cant articulate the phrase but you feel what is happening, as a load of his shaft is shot directly in your mouth, his taste is sweet and sour, you crave for more now
is it bad if i tell now, that you are my first?
>letting out his member from your gapping mouth
but i though that with all the princesses and high society mares you..

(too long again fuuu)
nothing really happened, as i told you, i was just an attraction to look at for the high class, a play thing for pinkie and rainbow, a test subject for twilight and rarity, and applejack and fluttershy didnt really care, the princesses treated me like an alien or a foreigner, and asked about customs and the likes...
>a smile draws over nooks face
>he is also your first...
>and he is yours
im here for you and that is all we need now
>anon looks at nook in the eyes
is it ok if we?
no, its not ok
>says nook with a concerned look
it would be great
>nook jumps and holds him
>kissing passionately, the both reach for their respective sexes, nook, makes way between her winking and wanting folds, and anon direct his throbbing member ready for a second round
>they break the kiss and look at each other at the touch of each other
the tip is in
>says anon with a worried look
does it hurt?
>nook closes her eyes for a split second
its ok, i want it
>anon slowly and steadily enters nook
>every millimeter is a new sensation, nook can feel the palpitations of anons heart through his chest and the heat from his breath in her neck, his embrace is firm but careful
can we stay like this for a bit?
>nook asks anon
as long as you like


A-full vanilla
B-adventurous first time
full vanilla
>nook feels anon throbing inside of her, he needs to move, he is desperate for her love
>she kisses him as she starts rocking her hips, anon breaks the embrace, to gently deposit her back in the bed, now he has full view of her, anon holds her hips, and slowly moves out of her, when the tip is almost out she winks, and her soft and tigh fold nibble at his pulsating head
>a soft moan from nook is barely heard but anon knows she wants him inside again
>he plays a little with her labia with the tip of his cock
>a little squirt comes out
anon stop teasing, i want you
>nook said, as she covered her face, with a pillow
>anon enters slowly and again backs away building a pace
is this better?
>anon whispers into her ear, and the kisses her cheek, and licks her neck, a little fur sticks to his tongue but it taste of her sweat and he loves it
>nook almost lost it, she locks her legs arround anon in a tigh embrace
anon, make me yours
>little by little, building up speed, a hand on her shoulder, the other in her hips, a constant clapping is heard from smash of the soft hindquarters against his skin, he is ready to blow any second now, nook is ready, winking with every thrust
a-ha-non, ah-i can-tt hold aww-anymore, in-si-aaahhde, pleeease
>she utters right before anon cums inside of her, at the request, he cant contain himself, nothing is left in, a steady grunt is heard as he roots out, all his length inside, to the base, the tip softly kissing nooks womb
>nooks hips are shaking
anon hold mee!
>anon kisses and embraces her, conforting nook, in her weakness
>they stay in bed, looking at eachother, till they are both sleep


opinions? was it too vanilla?
story in general?
nah man. it was good
a shame not much people likes nook
File: 003jky.jpg (31KB, 512x358px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31KB, 512x358px
Well, that escalated quickly
All dem sexes

I might try my hands on making a CYOA, if people are interested. Never tried it though
to be honest this is my first try at writefaging or cyoa, glad you guys liked it
I remember you.
I'm still editing ONE fucking story you wrote.
Bamp for nooky and ver ridiculously long tail
Should I write?
Nah...Ive got too much to do as it is...
Daily "Let's Circlejerk This Background Character" Thread.
What did you expect this is /mlp/,there's an entire general about pregnancy for gods sake.
Bump for more writefagotry
Time to try my hands on an CYOA

>You are Nook
>You are at home, sun is about to rise and your alarm already went off but you still overslept
>A beam of sunlight hits your face
>You open your eyes when looking for your alarm that you somehow threw away while you were half asleep
>Shit, already 10AM

>>What will you do
>wake up
>see what's on the to-do list
What's 3S
>shave but i think it isn't necesary with ponies

>Crawl out from under your bed
>Check mirror: Annoyed look? Check. Horribly messed up mane? Check.
>Realize how great this day is already starting out for you again
>Trot into bathroom to do your usual morning business which you kindly asked the narrator not to elaborate closer
>Take a quick shower
>Check mirror again
>Fall into your short, daily existential crisis about what the hell you are even alive for
>Realize you need Coffee
>Trot downstairs into the kitchen
>Ask yourself on how other ponies can function without morning coffee on the way
>Open cupboard
Great, another thing to go wrong today >you grumble to yourself
>Grab to-do list from table

- 11AM fix Mayor Mare's bushes
- 12AM tend to your herbs
- 1PM get something to eat, maybe in the new fancy restaurant Who are you kidding, an unimportant and boring fuck will never get in there
- 3PM visit the Spa with Roseluck
- 7PM get home, tend to flowers
- 7:30PM make yourself dinner. Maybe Spaghetti?
- 8:30PM get to bed

>>What will you do
we got time
find some shit that counts as "breakfast" and eat it
time to maybe do my last post before sleep time Now with 20% more tripfagging

>Put down todo list.
>Walk to random cupboards
>Open random cupboards
>Find a piece of stale bread and some oats
>Place them down neatly on the table
>Take a bite of the bread
>Immediately regret the decision and spit it back out
>Eat a few oats.
Breakfast done
>you say to yourself
>Stand back up
>Trot to Window
>Look outside
>Weather is total shit

>>What will you do
prepare umbrella
if it gets the weather more shittier, tell the mayor we ain't doing the bushes
good night man

Guess I just have to ready an umbrella then
>you tell yourself while walking over to the door and grabbing your umbrella from the shelf
>open the door, rain greets you
>suits the mood you guess
>open umbrella, trott outside
>get green scarf
>put it on
>walk outside
>close door and lock them
>start trotting a few meters
>scarf loosens itself, flies away, leaving a cold nook behind
>you keep on trotting, your mood even worse now
>take half an hour to reach the mayors house
>walk into the garden as usual
>bushes are gone
>storm ripped them out of the ground and they flew away
>knock on mayor's door to ask if you could come in to warm yourself
>nobody home

>>What will you do

That was definitely last for the day. Night 4chan
appreciate it m8
I feel bad for her.

Go grocery shopping and find something to eat while shopping. Not so sure that breakfast was filling.
>You are anon
>And you are doing last minute Christmas shopping for your friends in Ponyville
>Granted, they don't knpw what Christmas is, but you are here to show them
>You scratch your chin and fold your arms
"That one."
>Berry Punch looks behind her and gasps lightly
>"But that's my strongest bottle!"
>You laugh
"I'm sure we can handle a little bit of red moscato..."
>Berry Punch nervously laughs
>"Yeah haha... Just don't go too crazy with it Anon..."
>She coughs and puts her front hooves on the counter
>"That'll be five bits!"
"Sure thing."
>She smiles as you drop five of the gold coins at her hooves
>"Thanks Anon! And have a happy Crustmas or whatever you called it!"
>You sighed
"You too berry.."
>The bell above the shop door rings as you leave the humble winery
>It was a special gift for your special someone
>Or... Special somepony...
"Nook'll love this when she has a glass."
>You laugh as you walk through the snow covered park
"Hope she doesn't try to fuck a tree though..."
>You stop as you think about the possibility of her shoving a tree branch on her-
"Nah nope that wont happen cause ill lock the doors!"
>You cough as you briskly push your way through the snow and make your way to yours and Nook's humble abode
>You stop on the welcome mat and fiddle with your keys
"Damn who knew it'd be hard to shuffle through your pockets with a bottle in the crook of your arm... Sheesh..."
>You find your keys and quickly unlock the door
>You make your way inside and find yourself standing inside a cozy house with a fireplace roaring
>The living room is fit with a couch and another loveseat in front of the fireplace
>You smile softly to yourself as you find Nook curled up in a blanket sleeping on the love seat, snoring softly
"Sweet dreams my sweet."
>You kiss Nook on her forehead and sit down next to her
>Too tired to move, you fell asleep
>Your last sight being a purple tail draping over your lap

Anon's like? Can we have a drawfag draw Nook in front of a fireplace?
Anal bumpfuck
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