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A Meditation for Harmony

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The elements of Harmony are six, in no particular order:

Laughter, Loyalty, Generosity, Honestyj, Magic, and Kindness.

You must cultivate each of these in yourself if you are to achieve Harmony.

Here is a meditation decided to guide you to conversazione with each of the Perfected Masters of these elements.
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Leo > Geminis
1. Seat yourself in meditation. Take whatever position is a kindness to your body.
2. As with all meditation, start with the breath. Clear your mind for a while, let yourself focus on your breath whenever your mind wanders.
3. Pick your favorite metaphor for the illusory nature, or else the structure, of reality. Maybe you see the matrix, maybe a bunch of lines. Maybe a river, maybe a sky or a cosmos or a mandala. Setlle on this image for a while.
4. Imagine the image, in whatever way suits it, /falling away/. Unravelling. If it is a sound let it come to silence, if it is a signt let it come to a pure white light, empty, behind all things.
5. Sit in this blankness a moment.
The only proper response is

Captcha: means austig
Thus was one through five in the steps of alchemical deconstruction of your observation.

In line with alchemy, this leaves us with two more processes, reorganization, and then reconstruction.

For reorganization, in line with seeking the Perfected Masters of Harmony, otherwise called The Mane Six, we must settle why we were undergoing meditation. Then we must prepare ourselves for the actual Adoration.

1. Ask yourself what you're seeking, which element you will beseech, how you aim to do a good in some way.
2. Meditate on the Persons of the Mane Six that you will be Invoking. Recall their character and manner, as they really are.
3. In particular, constructions about what the characters of the Persons might be, can hinder you realizing them for who They are. Tl;dr Fanfiction =/= canon (of course, it is a question worth your time whether canon = Canon... or in other words, if vision matches Reality.)
4. Clear your emotions into the emptiness around you. Dissipate them for a while so that you can focus on the next phase of the meditation. You do this after setting intention, because your emotions should play a role in setting intentions, but they are not well suted to the processes of Visualization alone.
5. Imagine the Pure Land. Equestria. Specifically, imagine a space (the smaller the easier). Begin seein it ass vvividly as you can in your mind.
>ass vividly.
(never fail to see humour, even in the midst of seriousness)
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The third step of alchemy is reconstruction.
1. Take yorur favorite metaphor for the structure of reality, and start to build it back up in the same way you took it apart earlier, but this time, in the form of that space from the Pure Land you visualized.
2. Imagine energy flowing around you, from you, as necessary, to fuel this visualization.
3. Now as this is happening, bring to manifest before you in her (or his if you're getting all Multiplicit on me) form mind the Person(s) you wish to Invoke. Where will they occupy this space?
4. When you have answered that question, and when the space is about you, allow the Person to Manifest. A reccomended small gift of positive energies is recommended as a possible means of establishing positive intent.
5. Now place yourself in this space, or rather make sure you are yourself Manifest there.
At this point, it is up to you. You are the one in a room with the Perfected Master. You decide what to ask, what to do, how to follow your intention.

When you wish to leave this space, to return to the world, or when you /must/ do so (meditation is not always relaxing), conduct the alchemical structure of reforming reality in exactly the opposite steps as you used to go to the Pure Land.

And that is the meditation. If there are elaborations desired, or questions, please let me know.

(also let me know if ths was helpful or worthwhile, if I'm a faggot, so on and so forth...)
You're like the fifth guy I see trying to conciliate pone and wizardry.
Did the "magic" part of the show really work in bringing in actual wizards?
Actual magic, yes and no.

My offering is a consequence though, in all honesty, of exposure to western philosophical traditions, and to a significantly lesser degree, indian metaphysics as well.

I know little of modern magic in any forms proximal to, say, Wicca.
Then again I guess that also means I know enough to know that the Planes of Knowledge are not so absolutely distinct to where the claim that I have no knowledge of magic is entirely true.
Hah, I like how you realize that.

All in all, this seems worth a try for those interested in extracting more elaborate life lessons than the show offers.
I'm unfortunately very bad at meditation, my mind is full of background noise.

Thanks for taking the time to write this up.
No problem.

I know of a couple /for/ background noise, if you're interested.
If you can share them, I'd be grateful.
This is actually one from a friend.

The visualization is a river. Meditation is supposed to be about after the mind is clear but it's hella hard to get there. So place yourself on the edge of a river, and let your thoughts come to you in the river as sticks and leaves and twigs and bits of stuff, good or bad. Just watch the river. Don't reach out and grab anything, don't push anything away, just watch it.

Over time, you'll find the river just gets clearer, without your coaxing, that just by settling there you achieve more emptiness. (this coming from soneone who's ADD as fuck and uses something proximal to this a lot).
That seems pretty relaxing indeed.
I'm going to try it.
>that recommendation

I'll give it a try.

ur a faget. Welcome to the brotherhood.
Y-you too...
Who is the element of honestyj?
I return.
Her Backgroundness, The Enlightened Backbone of the Universe, Apple of Apples, AJ.
And I recite the ancient Divine Teacher Marius Juanicus:

>She is the background, man, to show us that all are actually part of the show man, that the background is a character, and that all is really One, man.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 7

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