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Miss Libussa Thread Number 3

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Last thread >>20272671 died

>What's the purpose of this thread?
ITT we post about everyone's favorite Czech pone. We currently have one writefag that's currently active and 3 drawfags that come from time to time

>Can I contribute?
Of course! Drawfags and writefags are always welcome! Lewd stuff is especially welcome

>Is there a pastebin for the writefag's story?
It's here http://pastebin.com/pA19TNjD
Oh, the thread is up again
Writefag here. Do you want me to continue the story? The last thread died really quickly.
Yes continue
>this question everytiem
of course continue, that story is thrilling
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I think bumpers are mostly european and there is not that many of them so it's hard to survive the night.
Okay, I'll do it
>You two started running through the field
>"Where...are...we...going?" Premysl asked, as he tried to keep up with you
"I know a place where we can hide. Just follow me!"
>You continued to run for another 5 minutes
>You were already far away from the castle
>But it wasn't enough
>You knew how many guards the castle had
>They could already be just a few hundred metres away from you
>But you knew one place
>When you were just a filly, you went with your father on a field trip
>Surrounded by 20 guards, of course
>That was considered as a "private, family" field trip
>Normally you would have been accompanied by at least 50 of them
>But as they weren't many of them back them, you managed to "accidentally" get lost
>Your filly curiosity was obviously kicking in on that field trip
>You found an abandoned house
>As you explored the old house, you found a secret door
>As you were just a filly, you simply /had/ to explore even more
>The door led to a very long, underground passage
>The guards were searching for you for hours
>They found you only when you decided that you were bored and got out of the house
>They never found the house, too
>You just hoped that the house was still there
>"Libussa... I can't run for much long-"
>And there was no need for any more running
"We're here"
>The house was still there
>In the same, ruined state as it was years ago
>You two stood there for a moment
"What are you waiting for? Let's get in the house!"
It's getting better and better.
>Let's get in the house
I like the direction where this is going
Keep it alive till tomorrow and i'll draw you something pretty.
You heard him, fellow anons
writefag pls come back
bumping for this too
is libussa for sexual?
We (czechfags) prefer her to not. Not that it could stop you...
oh czechfags, u so funny
every pone is for sexual
czechfag here

speak for yourself no offense, we are not hivemind

yes, as >>20305297 said

just it better be some high-quality material over there
Well, czechfags actually caring for events that Libussa represents really don't want it. But yeah, it just can ruin months of work that are orgs putting to that. Not a problem at all.
another czechfag here
i fuckin' care about czequestria
it was one of the best moments in my life
and that is one of the reasons why i want this thread to live
and yes, libussa indeed is for sexual
It was great, yeah. It also attracted some attention.
>some shitty TV finds Czequestria and with some googling, Libussa porn
>Fox news grade report about deviant meetup
>Czequestria canceled
>implying that any TV in Czech Republic would even care to report on Czequestria
>implying they don't care if it is juicy enough
Well, if they wouldn't care about reporting on Czequestria in the first place, why would they search for juicy stuff about it?
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184KB, 638x685px
One one side I know why this is stupid bullshit, there is difference between actual show, and some porn.

On the other, because people actually ARE so stupid, there might be some shitstorm that can give Czequestria hard time Unless it's organized by adult sane people which can defend and clarify their objectives.
>Unless it's organized by adult sane people which can defend and clarify their objectives.
>implying it's not like this
I just don't think it's worth taking risk. Also
>son goes to czequestria. Mother lurks internet, it's good to know about event her child visits
>Mother finds Libussa porn
>Mother is horryfied, forbids his son to attend czq, shares her warning over facebook

It's like that. I know. But sometimes it's hard or nearly impossible to fight against stupidity.
>implying it's not like this
I know, that's the joke.Therefore some porn can't hurt them.
If the mother was an internet-lurker, she would have found mlp porn way before her son decided to go to czq
>trying to reason against stupidity

Actually, it's much easier to explain the porn of other pone than porn of your mascot. Trust me.

tru that. Or search for other cons with female pony mascots. For some of them, you'll find them sucking some dicks on the second link from google.
>It's like that. I know. But sometimes it's hard or nearly impossible to fight against stupidity.

As far as I defend porn, you have one fucking valid point there... but I guess this just the showdown between the foolish ones and the reasonable ones... and I guess we should rather try to enlighten the foolish, than withraw the reasonable. I know, easier said than done.
I have a collection of MLP R34 myself, so fighting against Libussa porn can look like a hypocrisy. But seriosuly, have you seen how exhausted orgs were? I really don't want them to have another problem to deal with.
>If there was a way to make porn and keep it fucking out of con.
Okay, you convinced me we have a lot other ponies for R34 so I agree that Libussa could be an exception (at least for some time and extent) but in the end it doesn't depend on me anyway. I'm not a drawfag
>implying that there won't be even more people organizing czq next year
The organization in CZ/SK community has never been better. Have you seen all the stuff that's being organized right now? Slovaks are doing some great stuff too. Have you even visited the forum recently?
Yep, I'm looking forward to it.
Hope this won't discourage drawfags from posting here.

>>20305801 here, what i wrote here is like, my opinion man, and considering where we are currently discussing this, I have no doubt there will be stuff.
>You entered the house
>Everything was just as you remembered
>"What is this place?" Premysl asked
"No time to explain. Get moving"
>You walked through the house
>Second door to the right
>Turn right again
>There it was
>Premysl was still looking around the place
>"Wow... This place is...Old..."
"Are you ready for the big surprise?"
>You opened the secret door
>The musty smell of the abandoned passage started to enter the house
"Well, we better get going if we don't want to get caught, you know..."
>You stepped into the passage first
>Premysl was still standing in the house
"Why are you still there?"
>"Isn't it kinda...dark in there?"
>You chuckled and lighted up your horn
>At least /that/ was basic magic
>"O-oh" Premysl said and stepped into the passage
>You carefully closed the door
>You were safe
>You looked at Premysl
>This was it
>You threw himself at him and you two locked lips
The initial faggot discouraging you from Libussa porn here. I might draw something more suggestive later. That's OK with me.
Socks? Lingerie? Posing on bed? 'Cause, you know, these stuff would be nice
I like this actually I like suggestive more than hardcore
My nigga.
something like that. But later, I don't have much time today. I think you faggots will keep this ride long enough anyway. At least because this >>20306049 gentleman does really good job.
File: 1413178988643.jpg (36KB, 564x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36KB, 564x960px
Something like pic related would be perfect
I will try.
Damn, I am so pissed at myself right now for not taking tablet for my night shift (I'm working on reception desk. Nobody ever comes here at night, easy money for 4Chan lurking.)
Thanks, based drawfag
bumping for writefag&drawfags
>You closed your eyes
>The sense of Premysl's lips on yours felt amazing
>He put his front hooves around your neck, so your faces were even closer to each other
>You took a deep breath through your nostrils
>His smell filled your nose
>His genuine, clean, non-perfumed smell
>You haven't sensed anything like this in ages
>You opened your muzzle and let his tongue slip in
>Your tongue was completely in cooperation with his
>You didn't want to resist at all
>You have completely let him take over the control
>You just wanted to enjoy
>You were melting in his hooves
>You broke off for a few seconds, allowing yourselves to breathe
>Both of you were heavily panting
>But none of you had enough
>This time, he reached your lips first
>You automatically opened your muzzle
>You could have gone like this for hours
>And it sure did seem to last for hours
>It was the most amazing sensation that you ever experienced in your life
>The sensation of pure passionate love
>After a few minutes, you broke off
>It was the time
>You laid down on the floor, with your hind hooves spread apart
"I-i'm ready"
Writefag here. This is my last post for tonight. Keep the thread alive for these few hours.
czech em
Thread posts: 49
Thread images: 5

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