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You are the only person who turned up to Sunset Shimmer's

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You are the only person who turned up to Sunset Shimmer's birthday party. She had invited nearly all of the school. She is sad because she thinks she has no friends (despite the fact that you are there)

What do?
Ask her if she wants some cake and to open my present.
I guess I'd give her a reassuring hug, even though I'd still be completely baffled by her sudden personality change.
Everything's gonna be alright babe...
The French-Israeli Missiles might have destroyed the world but not our love...
ask her if she wants to 69 inside the portal next time it opens up.

check them
Tell her I don't appreciate her acting all mopey when I went out of my way to spend time with her

Tell her that I guess it must be true that she is a real bitch if she can't even be thankful to me

Jump up on the table and kick her birthday cake onto the floor

Moonwalk out the door and then go buy some slim-jims
You were going full edgelord until that last line.
Why do I find this so fucking depressing...
"Shimmer... your birthday is tomorrow"
Comfort her, and do whatever the fuck she wants to do.
Top kek
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oh man look at twily eat
her, on the table, covered in cake, in all three holes, bringing her to multiple squirting orgasms
"Shimmur.. i can't spell ur name"
And i said "don't cry u kinky lil bitch i'll stick my nigger into ur damn ebony-ass u cheeky lil scr0b lord ADADADWWRA
Obviously try to cheer her up. Dealing with emotional women is beyond me, but if I'm her friend I'd at least want to try.
And also inform her that people don't get over being mind controlled into becoming an army very easily and that most of them likely haven't forgiven her yet.
Hope she will like the gift.
Took far too long for someone to make this joke.
hug hard, present present and maybe browse /wg/.
hang, talk, keep it 12.
God. I know this feels. It was my big 30. no party though. I hate those. However, no one wished me a happy b-day that day, not even my parents, and to top it off they wanted me to buy dinner (though it was my turn technically)

I felt so sad I had a breakdown at work (I am usually not that emotional). They allowed me to go home early.
We need greentext now.
Oh god... I've had that happen before.

>You were invited to Sunset's Birthday party, along with everyone else in the school.
>You expected at least some people to show up.
>You even bought Sunset Shimmer a necklace for her birthday gift.
>Upon arriving at her house, you notice that no one is around.
>Walking up to the front door, just as you reach for the doorbell you hear barely audible sobbing. It sounded like it was coming from the backyard.
>You poke your head up over the fence to see a sobbing Sunset, sitting at a bench with a birthday cone on.
>No one else was around.
>You knock on the fence to try and get her attention without starling her.
>She's too busy crying to hear it.
"Sunset? What's the matter, and why are you crying?"
>She lifts her head up, tears streaming down her face, eyes bloodshot from the heavy waterworks.
>"No one showed up, Anon! No one wants to be my... My.. Friend!"
>She quickly resumes her sobbing.
"I guess I'm some sort of hallucination then. Mind if I take a piece of cake?"
That floaty cake. Don't let Pinkie Pie near it.

Also, doubtful if anyone wants me to continue that little story I started. >>20085033
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Fail tag. >>20084894
Wanted this one instead. I derp'd.
Please continue.
Go on.
Might start tagging my own posts with a name here if it gets good enough.

>You felt sorry for the poor girl. Remembering what had happened during the Fall Formal, you didn't blame the others for not showing up.
>Yet, you still came anyway. You didn't know why, but you just felt you had to.
>Reaching over the gate, you unlock it and let it swing open.
>Walking into the backyard, you see a glorious four stack cake, a pool, and even a bouncing castle.
>You're surprised that even with all of this, no one else shows up.
"Hey, uh Sunset... I showed up, at least... That counts for something, right?"
>God damn it, Anon. What are you saying?
>Sunset sniffles loudly as you see the puddle of tears on the bench.
>"But... I... I invited everyone! All I wanted was to try to be their friend, but it looks like they won't forgive me for what I did."
>You give her an uneasy look, scratching the back of your head with a deep breath.
"Well, I wouldn't go THAT far..."
>Anon, you've gone soft. You're a little softie baby now.
>Sunset looks up at you once more.
>"I turned into a raging She-Demon, Anon. That's like... The worst."
>You flinch a little. What she said was kind of true, but you wouldn't say that.
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I kinda fucked this one in the ass. Ah, shit.

>You walk over to the bench where Sunset was and sat down across from her.
>You could feel the sadness radiating off of the bacon haired girl.
>You made sure to hide the small box with the necklace inside of it.
"I'm sure they're just... Late, yeah."
>Yeah, late. Nice one, Anon.
>Sunset looked around quietly.
>"I even tried to appease them with this stuff..."
>You had to admit, she did kind of try to lure them in with different things to do.
>You reach out and gently put one of your hands on her right hand.
>She looks back at you with a surprised look.
"Even if the others don't show up... I'm sure that a party of two wouldn't be so bad, right?"
>Holy shit that was corny. But it seemed to work.
>Sunset Shimmer smiled softly, sniffling once more.
>"But Anon, what would you know about this sort of stuff? I've always seen you alone."
>Ouch, that one hit home. You were usually sitting alone at school, but that was because you couldn't get the courage to try to sit with anyone else.
>Truth was, you were afraid of ridicule.
"Yeah, well... I wanted to try and make someone else happy for once."
>You bring out the box, all nicely wrapped up in a red paper and an orange bow.
>Just seeing this made Sunset's face light up.
the feels
Im glad someone remembered this is a copy of a Luna thread way back. Go to bed EQG garbage.
It's more based on how the 4chan birthday hat looked on that Sunset picture. It had to be saved because it worked so well, leading to this.

Let's invade 'questria.
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>Sunset's eyes sparkled for a brief moment as she reached out for the small present.
>She pulled her arm back as her facial expression went back down to dumpville.
>"Oh Anon, I thought you were afraid of me like everyone else... I couldn't take this from you."
>You smiled softly. Something about her made you feel all strange and giddy inside.
"No, Sunset. It's your birthday, and your birthday present. You should have it."
>She looks up at you with an uneasy, questioning look.
>You nod to her as she carefully takes the box and rattles it.
>The box makes a clinging clangy noise as the metal gently collides with itself inside.
>Her face grew into a wide smile.
>"Oooh, what is it, Anon?"
>You swear she is about to go off like a rocket with how excited she is.
"You'll have to open it to find out."
>Carefully she opens the wrapping to find the small velvet-laid box.
>"Is this... A ring? Oh, maybe earings! I kinda wanted new ones..."
eeeee, I hope she likes it!
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10 10.jpg
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Keep going writefag.
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>You give an awkward laugh as a giddy smile creeps onto your face.
>Sunset carefully opens the box. Inside is a golden necklace with various red and orange mixed gems, and what looked like her cutie mark at the center of it.
>The necklace shone in the sunlight, lighting her face up.
>Her bottom lip began to tremble as she held a hand to her mouth.
>Oh no, here comes the waterworks again. Anon, what have you done, you idiot?
>She lunges forward over the bench and holds you in a tight hug.
>"Oh Anon, it's perfect! I love it a lot, thank you!"
>Slowly and awkwardly, you wrap your arms around her back and return the hug, your face now fully flushed red.
>She began to cry happy tears.
"You uh... You're welcome, Sunset."
>She sits back and wipes the tears from her face.
>Just seeing her like this almost made your heart melt; Yet it was a good feeling.
>"How about helping me put it on? Would you do the honors?"
>You gulps nervously.
>Anon, she wants you to help her. You made someone happy. Good job!
"Of course, I'd be glad to."
>Shakily, you stand up and take a deep breath.
>It's okay Anon, you're doing fine. Just relax.
>Taking the necklace carefully, you bring it around the front of her neck and hook the claw in the back.
>The stones match her outfit and hair perfectly.
>She looks down at it, inspecting it slowly.
>She goes to say something.
"You look absolutely amazing in it. It really makes you look radiant."
>Her jaw drops open, how did you know she was going to ask how it looked?
>Nodding, she moves the case for it over to the gift table.
>"Thanks Anon, really... You are such an amazing person I... I didn't think anyone would show up. ...But I'm glad you did."
>She picks up the cake cutting knife.
>"Want some cake?"
>You nod. You could smell the frosting from several feet away as you walk closer to it.
>Sunset hands you the slice of pound cake before giving you another hug.
>"Thanks Anon... You're the best."
She liked it! Why is Sunset so adorable?!
The Twilight is adorable.
People have parties on days other than their actual birthday. Maybe her birthday is on Monday and she's having her party the day before so it's on the weekend? It's not like people just show up expecting a party, she'd have obviously invited them, and the invitation would have had the date on it.
Reading this makes me so happy.
Right? It went from sad to super sweet...
Then I have done my job well! I think it time to de-anon myself.
Good triple, proceed Mr. Writefag.
Shit, I didn't realize I scored trips on that post. Achievement earned.
Good double.
You've been blessed by Bateman today, in the name of all the Shimmerfags, proceed.
This thread will die otherwise.
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Okay, okay. I'll keep going.


>You and Sunset had a wonderful afternoon together. Talking, laughing, bouncing about in the jumpy castle. Yet, you could still feel that little bit of sadness lingering from her.
>You sat down at the bench once more with a drink of apple cider, a towel around your neck and shoulders as you drip dry from the pool.
>Sunset sits down across from you. She has her own drink of fruit punch, and sips on it for a few seconds before addressing you.
>"Is something the matter Anon? You know, this afternoon was really great, you know... Just being able to hang out with you. No worry of all that she-demon stuff."
>You look at her quietly for a moment.
>Think Anon. Think. You REALLY want to make her birthday special for her. What is the one thing you could do?
>Sunset now looks at you with a worried expression.
>Her unsteady words snap you back to reality.
"Oh, sorry. I was just thinking that's all."
>She still looks worried.
>You think again for a moment before coming up with an idea.
>Standing up, you quickly dry yourself off and throw your shirt back on.
>"Anon, what's wrong? Where are you going?"
>You head toward the open gate.
"I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere!"
>Sunset smiled an uneasy, soft smile as she watched you leave, waving at you.
>You hope that this isn't a terrible mistake.
Your stories make me want to hug her but she's not real...
Believe me, I want to hug her just as much as you do.
The suspense is killing me.
I will get back to the story as soon as I finish eating!
Oh god! This has to have happy ending! It just has to!
No! I don't want him to end it here.
.... Isnt this what Lunafags would do? Make her life and people around her as shitty as possible so she would be a woobie?
Wanting a happy ending doesn't mean he wants it to end NOW...
But... the show supported that idea for Luna, and the movie supported that idea for Sunset. Either was made up out of nowhere. They're just expanding on the official portrayal.

>You arrive at the soccer field of Canterlot High. You took a shot in the dark at hoping the girls would be there.
>Over at the far end of the field you see the rainbow girl, the pink nutcase, that one farm girl, miss fashionista, and the animal lover.
>They look over in your direction.
>"Hey, isn't that Anon?" Rainbow asks them.
>"ANON! OVER HERE!" Pinkie screams out, hopping up and down.
>You drag a hand down your unamused face. You REALLY hope this isn't a big mistake.
>Hopping over the miniscule fencing, you make your way down the field.
>"So Anon, what brings you here? Shouldn't you be like... I dunno, off doing some loner thing?"
>That hit right home. You'll think of some way to get her back later.
>Taking a deep breath, you compose yourself.
"Well, girls, you see.. I've come to ask you for a favor."
>Shouldn't you be like... I dunno, off doing some loner thing?
Wow, rude.
He was doing loner things with someone else for once.
he was being a loner with another loner
they were lonely together
it was beautiful and fun
and they missed it
the bitches
So... is Sunset just sitting around awkwardly waiting for him to return?
That actually makes me feel a little bad for her. She was sad and crying, then one guy made her feel good, giving her a gift, having fun with her. Then he runs of, leaving her there, just having to trust that he's really coming back.
>Shouldn't you be like... I dunno, off doing some loner thing
Right in the feels...
Just wait~


>It took a few minutes of explaining, but you finally got the story out to what was left of the mane 6.
>You told them everything about what you saw when you first arrived at her house, to the things you did during that afternoon.
>Looking up at the sky, the sun is just setting.
>"So, let me get this straight. YOU expect US to go to HER house just because you say she's different?"
>Rainbow Dash didn't sound too thrilled, however Rarity elbowed the Rainbow athlete in the arm.
>"That was rude, darling. I know she's made some past... Mistakes, but remember what Twilight said. We have to look out for her now!"
>That comment made you smile a bit. That and Rainbow Dash getting beat up by her friend.
>"Ah dunno, partner. Ah mean, what if this is all just a big ol' trick?" Applejack said. "This sounds mighty fishy..."
>The group bickered amongst themselves as they debated back and forth over Sunset.
>You drag your hand down your face again. Yep, this is going to be one long day if you can't get this to go as needed.
"Look, you don't have to take my word for it if you don't want to. All that I want is for her to be happy and feel welcomed."
>Damn Anon, that sounded soft as fuck.
>The group stared at you.
>"Oh well... I guess we COULD try going there. I mean, if Twilight took the crown back, there shouldn't be any threat, right?"
>You look at Fluttershy. At least someone has the brains to actually see from your perspective.
>The girls all quietly debated again for a few minutes.
>"Alright Anon. We'll go with you to visit her, but I swear if this is just a dirty joke I'll---"
>You pause Rainbow's speech and violent gesture by raising your hands up.
"Let's just go... Before she thinks that I abandoned her."
>Pinkie jumped up. "YAAY A PARTY!"
Geeze, talking like that, the girls will start to think I- err, Anon... likes Sunset
>before she thinks I abandoned her

>Sunset sat at the bench. She blew into one of her partyhorns weakly before letting her head fall down onto her arms.
>She looked miserable again. Almost ready to cry.
>"Where are you Anon..? Did you leave me like the others did...?"
>She looked down at her necklace quietly. Many thoughts ran through her head.
>Sunset looks at the setting sun briefly.
>"Well, I suppose I should pack up.. It's almost nightfall." She says with a heavy sigh.
>Walking while in a depressive slump, she walked over to the table with the cake and the box which contained her necklace.
>"I knew it was too good to be true... Happy birthday to me..."
>Sunset began to take the golden necklace off, fumbling with the clawhook in the back.
>"I always did have a hard time with these darn things..."
If you'd have told me last year I'd have this much feels for Sunset...
I'd find it just as unlikely as if you'd told me 5 years ago I'd be obsessed with My Little Pony...
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this screen cap is all i have to say.
I keep trying to hug her, but all I feel is TV...
Seriously, Anons. I used to not want to come here because of the all the evil I heard about 4chan. But I'm loving it here. Keep it real.

>Just as Sunset was about to take the Necklace off, you poke your head through the fence opening.
"Sunset? What are you doing?"
>Sunset immediately whipped around, her face crying out in sadness, but also wishing that she wasn't imagining you being there.
>The fence door closes on you, causing it to hit your head.
>This enticed a small giggle out of Sunset as she approached you.
>"Anon... You came back."
>Stepping inside, you rub the back of your head.
"Yeah, and I have a surprise for you. You gotta close your eyes though, and not open them until I say so. Got it?"
>Sunset smiled brightly. "O-Okay Anon... I'll trust you." She closes her eyes tightly.
>Putting your hands over her eyes, soft shuffling is all she could hear.
>"Anon? What are you doing?"
"Just wait."
>A minute passes, Sunset seems to be getting anxious.
>"This isn't funny Anon..."
"Okay.. Ready?"
>Sunset nods softly.
>You turn her body back in toward her yard where the bouncy castle was, and take your hands away from her eyes.
"Okay, you can look now."
>Sunset opens her eyes. Almost immediately she goes wide-eyed as she sees the group of girls standing in front of her.
>"Surprise!" they all shouted in unison.
>Sunset Shimmer hopped in place, squealing and giggling loudly.
>"Anon! I love it!" She turns around and gives you a massive hug.
>You feel yourself blushing deeply again, much akin to earlier.
>The girls in the group all give off an adoring "Aww".
>Rainbow is the only one who doesn't. Instead she gives a quiet gagging sound.
>Sunset looks up into your eyes, more tears of happiness streaming down her face.
>"Anon, thank you... This has been the best birthday... EVER!"
>You gently stroke her hair with your right hand, giving her a warm smile.
"No more tears now, Shimmer. It's time to party with your friends."

>To be continued.
>"O-Okay Anon... I'll trust you"
Actually crying now.
Wait, so where did you come from?
Me as a person? Or me as Anon?
as a person
what website did you live for before?
I'm guessing he meant you as a person, since you said you heard bad things of 4chan
>I used to not want to come here because of the all the evil I heard about 4chan.
So, where did you hear about the "evil"? What site did you come from and how long have you been here?
Uh... Generally I've just been all over the place. Some forums.. Facebook. That kind of stuff. It was mostly other bronies that told me that 4chan was bad. But I think I fit in here nicely now.
I don't see recall Mom ever visiting people on facebook to talk about pony.
File: Lel.jpg (17KB, 227x222px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Drop the term brony though, we don't use it here.
As for how long I have been here.. I lurked for a while a few months ago, started actively posting here a few days ago.

And I'll drop the term. Considering we're all horsefuckers, lol.

And I actually don't have any family on Faceburkz. I'm a rebel, guize.
We do if we're talking about people who hate the fans. That's about the only time we accept the term.
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you kind of fit in and your writing isn't shit
but you still need
>pic related
Yeah, I know. I was just making sure he knew.

What boards have you lurked on?
Thanks Anons. I have but one last post to make as the story finisher. Been nice knowing that people enjoy the works.
I've been coming to 4chan since I was in high school. And I graduated in 2005. Yet, I still need to lurk more. We all do.
I used to go on /b/ but I stopped. I only go on /mlp/ now.
>in 2005
>4chan was made in 2006
already? damn this was short.
I go on /mlp/ mostly, but I also visit /v/ a fair bit. I used to go on /b/ too, then I stopped. I still go on there sometimes to post the funny banana in the YLYL threads though. Just to irritate people.
if it was made in 2006, how did we have the 11th birthday last week?
Well, there is only so much one can run with a story! I mean I could try to extend it, but... It'll be tough.
File: Bait card.gif (2MB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bait card.gif
2MB, 480x360px
Short, but sweet. And a sweet story is what's needed after that Feelsy Sonata story...
it's magic
I ain't got to explain shit
I wonder if Sunset's starting to fall for m- Anon. Fall for Anon.
If you want to make it longer, have Sunset start off all happy that the others came to her party, but eventually realize they only did it as a favor for Anon. Then she has to deal with the fact that she's basically a charity case.
Don't you fucking dare, faget!
No! No sads! Even if that could make her like Anon more for wanting to help her, she needs to be protected from harm!
Sad feels! And make it so that Anon is basiclly her only friend she has. But, he pays attention to her and hangs out with her.

>It was now nightfall. The moon was up, and a small campfire was lit right in the backyard.
>Everyone sat around the stone-encased fire pit, roasting marshmallows and having fun.
>You sat next to Sunset, watching her as she laughs and has a good time.
>"Anon! Your marshmallow is burning!" Rainbow shouts at you, forcing you to pull your roasting stick out of the flames.
>The sight of poor anon blowing the fire out that was on his marshmallow caused everyone to laugh again.
>"A grade-A camper, if ah do say so mahself." Applejack comments, sitting back in her chair.
>Pinkie Pie reached behind her chair and pulled out a box. Everyone looked at it curiously.
>"Why, whatever is in there, darling?" Asked Rarity.
>"Who wants to launch some fireworks?" The party girl asked rather loudly.
>Rainbow Dash leaped out of her chair.
>"Heck yeah, that sounds awesome! That's a perfect way to end the night!"
>You roll your eyes. Looking over at the table, you see there is a piece of cake left.
>Sunset takes note of where you look and giggles softly.
>"Oh, you can have it Anon."
"No, Dash hasn't had any cake yet. She should take it."
>The Rainbow haired girl looked at you questioningly. Shrugging, she gets up to get it.
>"Whatever you say, Anon."
>Just as she is about to take the plate with her cake on it, you rush up to her and shove her face in the cake.
>Everyone looks with a gasp before bursting out laughing.
>"Anon! What the hay!?"
>Blue girl is really angry at you this time. It was worth it though.
"That was revenge for earlier, when you made that comment about me."
>Rainbow Dash pouted.
>Being the gentleman you are, you hand her some napkins before taking your seat again.
"So, how about those fireworks?"
just sayin'
I swear they better not fucking walk the dinosaur or have a spaghetti flood.
pls dont leave writefag i like egq stories
>Namefagging for no reason.
File: cec.png (239KB, 511x428px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
239KB, 511x428px
>I've always seen you alone
You didn't need to bring it up.
...what the fuck is wrong with me? When Twilight was my favorite, I was never this protective of her...
File: huggykissy.jpg (82KB, 472x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82KB, 472x960px
I absolutely love writing this stuff for you guys. It's always a pleasure to read the reactions and responses.

>Pinkie Pie began to set up some fireworks. Most of them were the missile-shaped rocket fireworks, and some were like mortar tubes.
>Rainbow finished wiping her face off, still pouting over you shoving her face into her cake.
>Everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves.
>After the fireworks were set up, the campfire was put out.
>Thankfully you had time to stop at your house on the way back to Sunset's with the girls, so you took a matchbox out of one of your pockets and handed it to Sunset.
>"What's this for, Anon?"
>You squat down to put the fuses together, each of varying lengths.
"You're the birthday girl, so you get to light the fireworks."
>Everyone stood back. Carefully, Sunset lit a match and lit the fuses before squealing and running back to you.
>The only light now was the fuses as they ran to the fireworks. One by one they shot off into the air.
>The majority of the crowd echoed with "Oooh!" and "Aaah!"
>Sunset leaned up to whisper in your ear, using your shoulder as a ledge.
>"Thank you, Anon... This really was the best birthday ever."
>Without warning, she plants a kiss on your cheek, leaving you totally flushed red.
>The other girls noticed this through one of the firework blasts.
>"Ooooh! Anon's got a girlfriend! Anon's got a girlfriend!" Pinkie shouts at the two of you.
>You scratch the back of your head out of embarrassment.
"Sunset I... Uh..."
>Damn Anon, you really got flustered there. Don't spaghetti out now.
>Rarity stepped toward you two.
>"Come now, Anon. It is only proper for a gentleman to return such an... affectionate showing."
>Gulping silently, you squat down a bit and return the kiss she stole from you.
>"Woooooo!~" The girls chanted.
>Both you and Sunset are now totally blushed.
>The group went to sit down in their chairs again to finish watching the fireworks.
>It was the beginning of something beautiful.
Words cannot describe.
why can't my life be this?[/ask]
I wish mine was the same as it, Anon. We can only dream.

>We will never be able to experience making Sunset Shimmer smile.
>We will never be able to experience making Sunset Shimmer smile.
As a Sunset fag, that simple sentence hits as hard as the Sonata story...
Yeah, I know. It hits me right in the feels. So, so very hard.
If I take enough sleeping pills, I'll meet her, right?
Yeah, Anon... Yeah.
not enough anon
she won't want you if you take the pussies way out
you have to fight for her
go buy an AK-47 and a ticket to Syria
then, fight for either side until you die by the enemy's hands
only then will she meet you and love you forever
File: 1412323990092.jpg (56KB, 400x566px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 400x566px
That was pretty good, thanks for taking the time to write.
Is fighting in Novorossiya enough to meet my waifu on the other side?
Who will love me if I pills?
>You just sort of stand there, rubbing your neck as she cries before you
>You were always a socially inept manchild, somehow even when you were an actual child
>You try to think of something to say as she sobs into her knees
"I'm you-"
>You catch yourself as you almost say something sensible
>She is now looking up at you, her eyes red and face soaked with tears
>You suddenly do a spin and a hat made of pure uncooked spaghetti forms on your head
>That's more like it
>You bend down on one knee and propose to her with a ring you had made out of your favorite katana
"I love you, Sunset Shimmer, and I want you as my wife!"
>Her expression goes from sad to quizzical- obviously she was not as enlightened as yourself.
>You knew what you had t do
>You threw aside the ring and the spaghetti suddenly cooked, crawling down your arm and shaping into the ultimate katana of 1000 euphorias
>You slash open her stomach and she screams in pain
>You embrace the edge as you hear her suffer
>Suddenly, the mane 6 (except Rarity because this is too advanced for background ponies) burst in, super-sayan mode engaged
>They raise up their five rings and chant the sacred chant
>You cannot stop yourself, the ritual is already too far
"By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!"
>And you are Spike
no one
you have to man the fuck up to earn your waifu
Ah, it was great to do this. Maybe I'll do it again later some time. Who knows? Maybe I'll asked upon some day.

..Who the fuck am I kidding? I'm just some writefag from this thread. lol
Kill yourself.
i cant
im a skellington
11/10 it was okay
Well this doesn't look like much of a party
>Turn 720
>paddle my boat away.
can't actually rape, I love her too much oh dammit, why can't I just hold her in my arms?
It's so adorable... And the girls being all 'woooooo!'. So embarassing. What if you didn't like her like that? please, nobody write a 'rejected by anon' alternate ending
I... Could write that ending, but it would tear me apart inside after getting this far.
I don't think I could handle it...
Plus, with these kinda stories putting the reader in the place of Anon, me turning down Sunset is just unrealistic
>anon finds Sunset all alone
>holds her in his arms while she cries
>spends a whole hour just standing there with her
>she eventually feels better
>they spend the day together
>Anon goes home happy he was able to get closer to Sunset
>the next day, he tries to hang out with her again
>as the days pass, it becomes clear they actually have nothing in common
>the fun Anon has with her feels more and more forced
>he desperately wants to be friends, but the connection just isn't there
>they slowly fade out of each other's lives
>sometimes things just don't work out
>Anon finds Sunset all alone
>Holds her in his arms while she cries
>Spends a whole hour just standing there with her
>She eventually feels better
>They spend the day together
>Anon goes home happy he was able to get closer to Sunset
>The next day, he tries to hang out with her again
>She ignores him to hang out with her friends at school
>Forgets anon ever existed even after helping her
I'm pretty sure I'd hang myself if that happened...
Why would you do this? I've... Actually have this happen before, and it hurts.
Fuck you both, I'm going straight to Hel for writing this.

>Later that night in a cozy diner
>Man, that party was too awkward, just you and Sunset, all alone?
>She was a nice girl and all, but you weren't really that into her
>Oh well, she probably liked that necklace anyway, hopefully she wouldn't be too broken up
>The snapping of fingers brings your head back up from staring down at the table
>"Anon, we're on a date. Aren't you supposed to be paying attention to moi?"
>You smile up at Coco
"You've been hanging out with Rarity too much again."
>The adorable seamstress blushes and looks down
>"M-maybe, but she did teach me a new trick
>Aw yeah, tonight was a win
>Be Sunset Shimmer
>The candles have burned to nothing, the cake is melting and stained, the decorations are hanging low
>A peal of thunder and a lash of lightening tear through the night
>The rain starts coming down on you, hard
>It's okay though, Anon promised he'd be back
>He gave you the necklace and everything, of course he'd come back
>You'd finally have a friend, something that you'd never realized you wanted until now
>Maybe that was the best birthday gift he'd given you
>Better move inside, it's getting pretty nasty out here
>He'll be back, a friend wouldn't break a promise
Dammit, I'm crying again. That's just wrong...
I am literally on the verge of tears...
File: 1400794357979.png (32KB, 337x338px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 337x338px
Sprite writes a lot of FF stories yes? Pastebin?
Verge? Get on my level, pleb, my sleeves are soaked now...
people were not universally shitty to either character
Nice trips. As for my FF stories, this is my first here on /mlp/. Other stories are private (kept to my hard drive) because they are just... Not exactly up to my standards, or not finished.
File: it's raining.jpg (79KB, 500x502px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
it's raining.jpg
79KB, 500x502px
As bad as it feel to write something this horrible, it feels good that I can still write well enough to make people feel. Just remember guys, it's only raining
I meant to type SS. People said they liked your SS stories or something
Yeah, they do seem to like my SS story, and I'm glad for it. No pastebin yet, might make one.
Continue? Please?
Nice dubs.
Second, I'm done for the night guys, sorry. It's fairly late, and my brain is just fried from laughing so much, having feels, and writing this story for you all.
Maybe tomorrow I'll come again and start on the next session.
This shit is legendary status.
Nice dubs, also misquote? I didnt get dubs
can someone who is a decent writefag make an extended version of the story by Sprite?
i want more long stuff to read, after several of my favorites just ended.
We're you in the thread with terminally ill Sonata?
Why? His ended pretty perfectly. Have someone start a new one if you want more, don't taint his great one.
you motherfucker
File: 1411372006645.png (1MB, 840x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 840x680px
>even in EQG, you were still the awkward and quiet loner who never really clicked with anyone
>but you go to Sunset's party anyway, because you know how it feels to be the outsider, even if she kinda deserved it
>maybe you can help her feel better?
>you get there, and she tells you to go away because she wanted fun, interesting, and normal people to come
>not you
>why would she ever want to even be near you?
>you're nothing to her
>you're nothing to all of them
>you always were and always will be
>there's only one way this ends

Yes, I'm in contact with my inner /r9k/ tonight.
Pls continue.
File: image.jpg (94KB, 343x604px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 343x604px
Sprite come back I want my daily dose of pony sex
Where's my pony sex!
share the completed version you sonuva bitch
track down the Humane 5 and slap their shit for not going to a friends birthday party.
Ok you faggots. i have some extra time friday night for writefagging. If this thread is up until then, I will write the best SS story my hands and your criticism will allow.
Really great, made my day better and like Sunset more.
Not a single >rape
I'm disappointed in all of you.
Alright, alright. Everyone settle down, I'm back. And I'll be here to deliver if anyone here is still around for it.

Also, captcha: Sunset Anament
I help her eat the 20 pizzas she ordered and we both get really bloated and fat.
You'd better deliver. My souls needs mending after that monstrous alternate ending above.

>You woke up fairly early the next morning. The sun was barely peeking up over the hills in the background.
>Looking at your watch, you see that it tells you it is around 6 o'clock.
>You desperately wish that it got broken last night, and that it stopped at that time.
>Looking over to your right, you see the group of girls all still snoozing off.
>Sunset laid right beside her in her own sleeping bag, her hair all messed up. Must be a heavy tosser when she sleeps.
>Sitting up, your head feels fuzzy. You shrug it off as being still tired.
>Getting out of the sleeping bag was tough, your legs totally cramped up, even though you did sleep in a rather large tent...
>Looking around you, the bouncy castle had been deflated, the pool still stood full of water, and the clothesline hung your various swimsuits up to dry.
>You suddenly remember the previous afternoon's events.
"Oh man, that was.. One hell of a party."
>Remembering the necklace you gave her, you check the gift table.
>Shoes, money locked away in a box, make-up...
>None of that interests you, Anon! Gets to the good stuff!
>Finally you happen upon the velvet box.
>Opening it up, you find it to be empty.
>Did Sunset still have it on? Or did someone steal it? You can't quite remember.
>A quiet, cute yawn comes from behind you.
>You tense up immediately as arms wrap around you from behind.
>"Oh, Anon. You're up... What are you doing out here by yourself?"
>That sounded almost heart meltingy pure, the sound of a sleepy Sunset Shimmer.
"I uh... I just woke up, and wanted to check on things."
>"Mmm... Hey, you mind making some food? I'm sure we all need it, given that it's a... Monday."
>Mondays. Oh fucking lovely, we all hated Mondays.
>Wait a minute, Monday... Monday... Shit, that meant the long weekend was over. School started up again today, and you don't have your things!
"Uh yeah... I... I guess I could make some food for us."
>This was probably going to be a long morning.
>>"But Anon, what would you know about this sort of stuff? I've always seen you alone."

This is exactly why noone showen up.
Thanks for reminding us, faggot.
>You and Sunset sit alone at the table in the party room at charlie cheesie's
>She looks like she could break at any- aaand there it is
>'N-no one showed up! Waaahhhh!'
>You shake your head and push away from the table.
>"Well excuuuuuuuse me, Princess.
Alright guys, the official Pastebin has been started. First major part (Day one) of the story has been put up.
I think the Anons died. I think my story killed them.

>You groan quietly as you splash your face with water. You don't know how, but you still felt like a pile of groggy shit, even though you had the best sleep of your life.
>Just another Monday morning for Anon.
>Drying your face off, you head down into the kitchen.
>Sunset was already digging through the fridge, looking for some things to put together a breakfast.
>"Hey Anon, what do you think would work best? Eggs and toast? Oooor maybe some Bagels?"
>Shaking your head, you take a hold of the fridge door and gently push her aside.
>You had no fucking clue what you were doing, but you agreed to cook breakfast for everyone. Good job, Anon.
"Here, let me handle it. Why don't you go and... Sleep some more? Or maybe watch TV."
>Sunset frowned a this. Did she want to help?
>Your tired ass didn't quite pick on the vibes.
>"Oh, okay Anon. Yeah, I guess I'll do that."
>She gave off another yawn, causing you to yawn in response.
>Looking through the fridge you found a lot of fresh foods.
>Apples, Lettuce, Eggs, Bacon, salad dressings, the whole she-bang.
>Scratching the newly formed stubble under your chin, you get an idea.
"This might actually turn out pretty good."
>Anon, don't you dare think with your stomach.
>You reach into the fridge and dig out as much as you can carry, then find some bowls and pans to use.

Captcha: Spinage
I can't even.
I hope he didn't offend her
I didn't died, just lurking with dick in hand... awaiting the inevitable after birthday orgy
hold on a minute, i'm still here and am really interested to know were this is going.

>You're dancing around the kitchen now like a fool.
>Chef's hat on, apron, protective mitts, the whole faggoty act.
>Eggs and Bacon had their own separate pans to cook in.
>Salads were already on the table in their own bowls, lined by dressings.
>You have bread ready to roll in case someone wants toast with their food.
>The entire kitchen got all stuffed up from the various scents, so you open the window.
>Anon, you don't know how the fuck you pulled it off, but this is looking like a masterpiece of a meal. Good job.
>The smell entices some of the girls to wake up, straggling out of the tent and rubbing their eyes.
>You never thought you'd end up sleeping with six women. Good god Anon, you're such a player.
>You whistled to yourself as you finished making the food.

>Sunset sits outside on the bench. She holds the necklace you gave her, as it hangs around her neck.
>Miss fashionista at down next to her quietly.
>"My, that's one pretty necklace, darling. Did Anon get you that?"
>Sunset nodded slowly.
>"Yeah... He did. I... Never expected such a thing from him."
>Sunset clutched the necklace tightly.
>Rarity took notice of this.
>"He's in there cooking, isn't he?"
>Silence from Sunset.
>Rarity sighed softly.
>"Darling, you can't just bottle it all up. Surely you know it isn't good for you."
>The fiery haired girl began to shake a bit.
>"All I wanted to do was help him make breakfast..."
>Rarity's expression went from concern to a "I'm going to fuck him up" kind of angry.
Now they're hurt & pissed because he wanted to be nice? That's a shame

>You are just finishing up your cooking and putting the food on some plates for the others to take from.
>All of a sudden a white-as-a-sheet girl charges into the kitchen.
>You swear, if she had any guns, they would be both on fully automatic and shooting the place up.
>"ANON! You dirty, rotten little jerk!"
>The shouting caused you to jump in surprise, the bacon going flying.
>Without even a second thought, you grab the bacon plate and caught them before they hit the floor.
>Standing up, you put that plate on the table before dusting yourself off.
>"What do you think you're doing!? Listen to me when I am speaking to you!"
>Great, hi again mom.
>You turn back to the furious girl.
"Look, Rarity... What's your problem? All that I am doing is making breakfast for us. Do you not like the food I chose? Or is it the way I laid it out? I can fix it!"
>Her eyes are like pin-point lasers, completely fixated on you, ready to blow.
>"You full well know what you did! You upset Shimmer!"
>That one caught you off guard.
>You pause to think, your head cleared up thanks to the smell of food.
>Thinking back to earlier, you recall what you and Sunset were doing.
>Out of nowhere a white hand comes up and slaps you across the face.
"Ow! Give me a break, Rarity! It's a Monday, and I can't think well on Mondays!"
>"Well it serves you right!"
>Turning away, Rarity walks away almost pimp-like.
>Holding a hand to your face, you just stand there in shock.
"...Ow. What did I do to deserve this?"
>The sound of the eggs sizzling snaps you back to reality.
"Shit, the eggs!"
Funny how Rarity and the others gave no thought to the party, and didn't really trust Sunset at first, and now Rarity is defending her so aggressively.
Either they REALLY connected at the party, or relationship stuff like this is just a berserk button for Rarity.
Either way, story gettin' gud.
Have you even seen >hooves Rarity? That girls flips shit about EVERYTHING!
She usually flips out about things that happen to HER.
But, given her interest in romance shown in the series, it's not surprising she'd jump to defend a woman who was hurt (even unintentionally) by her man.
>her man
u wot m8
by 'her man' I meant the woman's, not Rarity's

Here's a late happy 30th birthday anon.
Oh god, it hurts to breathe

>Outside, the girls all talked among themselves.
>They might have been gossiping about how big of a faggot you really are.
>You fucking softie.
>Some small laughs were exchanged.
>"So then, I like TOTALLY stole the ball from that guy and TOTALLY won the game."
>Rainbow Dash obviously bragging about her athletic excellence again.
>Some of the girls were cleaning out the tent and helping to take it down.
>Sunset still looked a tad upset. She just kind of sat there, with the necklace now off her neck and in her hands.

>You look outside after finishing setting up the table.
>Opening the sliding door to the kitchen, you call out to them.
>Might as well be an ass about this one.
"Soooup's on, everyone!"
>Applejack stood up and looked at you with a not amused look.
>You really fucking butchered that accent, good job.

>The girls all come inside except for Sunset. She seemed to take her time coming in.
>You could feel the air around her being dark and sad.
>Should you really try to pry into this one? Do you WANT to kick your balls kicked in by that fashionista?
>Sunset forced an awkward smile on her face.
>"Smells good, uh... Anon."
>"Not bad, shortstuff."
>That fucking RD. Who was she to call you "shortstuff"? You were taller than her...
"Well, I wanted everyone to have a good breakfast before school."
>You watch Sunset as she comes in.
>You hold an arm out to her, barring her way. This causes Sunset to look up at you.
>You can see the pain in her eyes.
"Let's... Go outside for a minute. Just us."
Can you imagine anon's confusion? Sunset asked him to make breakfast, he told her to relax and let him do it, not knowing she wanted to help (or possibly to spend time with him). He's just trying to be nice. Suddenly, another girl comes in and smacks him. He must be utterly confused.
Apparently making breakfast is a really big fucking deal in high school. I wouldn't know. There was no one around to make me breakfast.
>hurt by his refusal of help making something for them
I don't know a single person on the planet like this.
Well, we ARE talking about Anon here. One of the most untalented fucks in the world.
Anon, please don't fuck this up...
Just wait, it will become clearer.
That feeling when you're constantly hitting refresh, but don't want to pester the writer

>You step outside with Sunset Shimmer. It is a little bit chillier than you remembered, then again you WERE just cooking inside.
>Man the fuck up, Anon. It is just a little temperature drop.
>Sunset looked down at the ground as the both of you sit down on the bench, side by side.
>Looking at her neck, the necklace was gone.
>Shit, did someone steal it?
>"So... What is it, Anon?"
>She sounded pretty upset. You must have done something wrong.
>You put both of your hands on the table, staring down into them intensely.
"...Is something troubling you? There's no way Rarity would just walk in on me and slap me with such force for no reason."
>It was true. You never were good with people, and if you messed up without knowing, it usually ended up in you feeling some kind of physical pain.
>She fidgets a little bit, obviously unsure of what to say.
"...Take your time. I'll listen."
>That was such a soft thing to say, Anon. Why would you say that?
>Just hearing that made her lighten up a bit.
>"I just... I wanted to help you make breakfast. Just the two of us."
>You pause to think.
"You should have just spoken up. I thought you wanted me to just do it alone."
>She giggled softly.
>"Are you kidding? I'm lucky you didn't burn my house down!"
>She had a point. Though, she'd say otherwise when she tasted the food.
>"Well, I just... I guess I'm downing myself over nothing."
>You look at her questioningly. Something wasn't right.
>Her fist clutches the necklace tighter.
>"Anon... What if..."
"Yes? What if, what?"
>She is very hesitant to speak again.
>"...What if things go back to the way they were before? And... And everyone goes their separate ways?"
>You go to speak, but are interrupted by a loud "Thump."
>Looking behind you, you see that Pinkie has her face pressed against the glass, the rest of them glaring down at her.
>You can barely make out what RD is saying through the glass.
Oh no... is she afraid things might go back to how they were? Or does she... WANT them to?
Not gonna lie. I went to sleep last night playing the story in my head. Well, as much as was written last night, I mean.
Very nice to know I have such an impact. Might write some more after getting some food.
>not ascending past pleb-tier needs such as food
What kind of casual are you?
I'm sorry, Anon! But I've only been eating... Twice a day for the past week now. Please don't kill me!
>two meals a day
Do you even /fit/?
No, no I do not. I have my reasons for not eating properly lately.

It's because I'm a huge fucking faggot.
Twice a day? Seriously?
It's good if eat anything during the entire day. I eat 2-3 meals a week. I live on water, tea and some Burn
I'm afraid to leave the house because I don't want to miss this story...
Nice. Fucking. Quads.
I have you all under my spell~
File: 1394663721235.jpg (77KB, 400x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77KB, 400x300px
Dem combo
Alright, I think you have waited enough.
dem fucking dubs combos. Our power levels have been achieved.

>The girls sheepishly wave at you and Sunset with innocent smiles.
>Seriously, what the fuck guys. Every god damn time Sunset is alone with you.... Every time.
>Just fucking do it Anon. Take that kiss.
>No, brain. Can't let you do that.
>Turning back toward Sunset, she gulps softly.
>"I... I'm just afraid of things going back to the way they were..."
>She holds one of her arms nervously as she continues to speak.
>"I... I don't want to be alone again, Anon. Not after what happened."
>You remember back to what happened during the Fall Formal.
>She did go super psycho she-demon on everyone... Then she looked so broken when those girls took her power away.
>You look back at your hands again.
>She sounded very worried.
>The girls inside all pushed forward a bit, totally locked into the heat of the moment.
"...It won't..."
>Sunset looked ready to cry again.
>Rarity stomped her foot down.
>"Oh, that Anon, I swear..."
And now Rarity thinks Sunset's tears of joy are tears of pain...
Same here, I need to go and sleep because of school. But du not worry. This thread will not die for a while.
And then the thread was saged. Sad days to be had.
I'd mostly be afraid of missing part of the story. I'm saving it in a text file so I can re-read it when the depression gets to be too much to bare.
Somehow, despite the depression of "it's not real" is overpowered by the sweetness of the story
Don'tcha worry
I can bump for the next 12 hours.
Plenty of time for the rest of you to wake up and comtinue
There IS a pastebin for it, you know.
Always nice to please the Anons.
where might that be? I've not been to many greentext stories before this week
Your glorious writefriend delivers.
And, bookmarked.
ETA for next part?
In 2 hours and 15 min they cut the light of my building for some retarded inspection.
I can get the next part up. here fairly soon. Just need to stop being such a lazy fuck.
Thanks for not being a lazy fuck, tripfriend.
Glorious oh glorious pastebin!

>Sunset looked down, her hair falling in front of her face. Tears began to flow freely from her as she uncontrollably sobs.
>You look up to the sky. Mm... Clouds, but not many. White, fluffy clouds.
>Rarity looks like she is about to tear some shit up.
>"When I get my hands on that ruffian, oh he will regret it!"
>"Rartiy, would ya mind calmin' down a bit? I'm sure he is just tryin' ta sort things out!"
>Applegirl was right. Though you took a little longer than usual to really think this one over.
"...I won't let it happen."
>Sunset looked up at you again, barely able to talk through her crying.
>She looks up into the sky around the area you're staring at.
"...I won't let it go back to the way it was before. You don't deserve that."
>This time, she was the one caught off guard. It took her a moment to respond.
>"What.. are you saying, Anon? Everyone else in the school still hates me... And I don't think the girls in there REALLY like me."
>Shit, she caught on. Okay Anon, play it cool.
>You exhale softly, yet calmly.
"Don't think like that. It makes you sad, and you don't look nearly as pretty when you're sad. Friendships don't happen overnight, it is something you have to work on."
>Wow, all this softie faggot stuff coming from someone who hasn't had a lick of experience when it comes to friends.
>Damn Anon, you're good.
>Sunset looked at you, starting to calm down a bit.
>"But... I know they'll just leave me once we get to school. After all, no one wants to be around the.. She-demon."
>You turn toward her and put a hand onto her face.
>Gently you push the hair out of her eyes.
"Even if they do that... I'll still be here."
>She gave you a wide smile.
>Sliding over to you, she gives you a sideways hug.
>"..Thanks Anon."
>Out of nowhere, an audible "Aww" comes from the peanut gallery.
>They must have forgotten that the window was open.
>You totally forgot about them being in there, as well.
"How about some breakfast?"
>tfw cute girls like these are almost gone
>all of them are whores now
File: greedy.png (1MB, 1767x1034px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1767x1034px
>What do you think?
File: 22e.png (28KB, 200x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28KB, 200x200px
>tfw when i can't even argue with that
File: Guess what.png (86KB, 176x235px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Guess what.png
86KB, 176x235px
The weak require food to sustain their frail mortal bodies. The strong replenish their lucid existence with the raidance of dubs.

I got some leftover ones right here. You should probably go ahead and CHECK'EM fagit
File: 1391288373650.png (27KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 400x400px
>dat fail
Neither can I, Anon... Neither can I.

>After patting Sunset on the head, you stand up and stretch.
>You hold out a hand to assist Sunset with getting up and away from the bench.
>The other girls all had backed away from the door and acted like nothing had even happened.
>Sunset rolls her eyes as the two of you walk into the kitchen again.
>Rarity still looked kind of steamed at you.
>"Anon you are so lucky that---"
>She reared up her left foot, most likely going to go for your money maker.
>Fluttershy moved in between you two.
>"Now Rarity.. I'm sure everything is all right. Let's just eat and...Go on about our day."
>Thank god. Animal friend here was able to talk some sense into Fashion girl.
>Rarity gives a sassy "hmph!" and goes to take a seat.
>You sit down at the table, Sunset beside you again.
>Everyone starts to eat, taking what they wanted.

>Ten minutes passed and everyone was sitting back in their chairs.
>They seemed to enjoy your food.
>"Oh man, I am so stuffed, I can't eat another bite!"
>Of course, Rainbow would eat the most out of us.
>"Hoo wee, Anon. Ah didn't think of ya ta be a good cook, but yer a born natural."
>The comment made you blush slightly.
>Out of nowhere a soft burp comes up.
>Everyone looks toward the bright pink haired girl.
>"Oops, was that me? Sorry, everyone..."
>She shrinks back into her seat with a soft "squee."
>"Well, I suppose it's about time we all got ready for school, then."
>Ugh, school. Why did you have to be reminded of that? But sunset had a point.
>You forgot to bring a change of clothes. You didn't have your books. Shit.
"Hey... Why don't you guys get ready? I'll clear the table and then go back to my place. I... Forgot some stuff there."
>Rarity chuckled at this.
>"What's the matter dear, afraid to put on a skirt?"
>You shrink back a little bit from the embarrassment as the group chatters on about the topic.
Steal the presents
Steal the cake
Jesus fuck!
I once wore a pink dress (lost bet)
Aside from some lulz, everyone was surprisingly ok with that. I'm still not sure what to think of this
I wore a dress once. ex girlfriend put it on me for lulz. I was a strange person back then...
I don't wanna go but I have to, I'll be back (with weapons) looking forward to read the rest.

Godspeed Sprite
Godspeed, Anon.

>The morning's events killed about an hour. You look down at your watch as you see the school come up on the horizon.
>Damn... There's still some time before classes even start.
>You actually look presentable today.
>You took the time to shave the stubble off, and got some clean clothes.
>Gotta look good for your friends, at least.
>You still can't get the idea of you being in a skirt out of your head.
>Coming up onto the campus, you see the girls all sitting in a circle on the steps to the main hall.
>Well, except for miss Fashionista Rarity.
>Probably still doing her make-up...

>Sunset sat on the steps to the main hall. She and the others were gossiping without Rarity.
>"Well, come on. Spill the beans, girl! What did he say ta ya?"
>Sunset rolled her eyes.
>"You know we can't talk about that stuff..."
>Sunset clung to her backpack tightly, wiggling about in embarrassment.
>Her hair was back to the way it was normally styled, dressed in her usual outfit.
>"It must have been super-duper nice to make you all happy giddy like this!"
>As much as she hated to admit it, Pinkie was right.
>Upon noticing that Anon was walking toward them, Sunset dropped her bag and ran to him.
>She leaps at him and clings to his shoulders for a hug as they both spin in a circle for a full 360.

"Ready to take on the day?"
>Sunset nodded.
>You could see the necklace around her neck again.
>Looking over at the group, you just had to ask.
"Is that girl STILL doing her make-up?"
>Sunset and the others laughed.
>All at once they say "Hair."
>You just shake your head.
Come now, Anons. Don't let the thread die!

>You sat around with the girls until your first class started.
>Science. Ugh. You didn't hate the class, but more so the teacher. Miss prattles-on-about-nothing-all-day.
>At least it was a good time to just relax a bit.
>Too bad you couldn't kick your feet up...
>No matter how hard you tried to focus, you couldn't help but worry about Sunset.
>How was everyone else treating her? Was she okay?
>It ate at your mind until the class change finally came up.
>Out in the hallway you run into Brad. Literally, you just bumped into him.
>Looks like he just got out of Music class.
>"Oh, Anon. Just the guy I was looking for."
>Wait, what? A popular guy was looking for you? What in the twisted fuck is going on here?
>"I heard that you were the one to give Sunset that necklace."
>He raised his hand up.
>Out of reflex, you hide your face. You didn't want a second strike.
>He lowers it down for a handshake.
>"You have real good taste in jewelry for women. She seems to REALLY love it."
>Easing up for the handshake, you accept it and the compliment.
"Oh uh, yeah. It was uh... A gift for her birthday."
>Brad laughed softly.
>"Well, at least she has someone cool to be around. Hey, I'll see you around!"
>He took off for his next class.
>You stand there, stunned. No one has called you "cool" before. At least, no one but your mother.
>Things are actually looking up today.
File: 3gX4GHv.gif (109KB, 1200x860px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109KB, 1200x860px
More please
good job anon I like it a lot
also I'm off to bed
incoming fight for the honor of bacon hair
Fukkin' saved.

>Second class, culinary arts. Cooking.
>This class isn't so bad. Though you can never get over the teacher. He always speaks with a french accent, and he even looks french.
>Not to mention, he ALWAYS has that pink-haired woman with him... What a show-off.
>Ah, who are you to complain? You'll do better than you've done before, and actually try to make something that you can bring to your new friends.
>The teacher coughs to get everyone's attention.
>"Now, class. Listen here. Today we will be learning to make Cupcakes. A very... Small delicacy, but a popular one. Surely you can't mess THIS one up."
>Oh boy, here we go. Cupcakes. And he's beginning to rant.
>Mr. Fancy Pants begins to go over each cooking station, inspecting them to make sure they were cleaned to his tastes.

>Sunset Shimmer sat in English. She tapped her pencil on the desk in a bored fashion.
>Even though it was a required credit, she still didn't really like it too much. Too much reading and studying of old, dead people's works.
>She tried to keep herself working, but it was hard not sharing any morning classes with friends. Every now and again when she'd shift to turn a page, the light would catch her necklace.
>"Miss Cheerilee! Sunset is shining lights in my eyes!" cried out some other kid.
>Sunset groaned and put her head down.
>"Is this true, Sunset?"
>"No, Ma'am. I'm not.. It just reflects the light when I move... I can put it away if you want."
>She really did not want to give up her necklace.
>Cheerilee tsk'd.
>"You know the rules... No distractions in class. I'm afraid I'll have to confiscate it."
>Just hearing that tore Sunset apart.
>Reluctantly, she removes the gift and handed it over. No point in fighting with her, she'd only get in more trouble.
>Oh, what will Anon say?
Cheerilee is dead to me.
>this story
I think the board is making another book that features stories like these. Sprite, you should try to get your story in it.
I'd buy that
I really don't think I'm that good. I mean... To be put into a /mlp/ database? I.... I don't know.
I'm starting an angry mob. Grab a pitch fork.
M-maybe Cheerilee will give it back if she explains how much it means to her...

>Back over with Anon, things looked to be good.
>You didn't burn any ingredients. That's one thing.
>You didn't ignite the utensils. And you didn't ignite the oven...
>Wow, today really was your day. Last time you touched the oven with your group, the over produced some sort of slime monster.
>"I just don't know what went wrong!"
>You shake your head at the reminder of that event.
>Hopefully these cupcakes turn out really good. You put extra effort into making them, and you've been vigilantly watching them cook.
>You feel as though your eyes themselves are cooking.
>You took a little bit of a break while they cooked to just relax some more. That run in with Brad had your heart going a million miles an hour.
>You lose yourself in thought for a moment before the loud tick of the clock brings you back.
"Shit, the cupcakes!"
>Way to go genius, way to go.
>Thankfully they were perfectly cooked when you got them out.
>You took a few minutes to think about what to put onto them. You decide to just do what your heart desired, and leave them in the fridge to cool off until lunch.

>Third class. Art.
>You share this class with that Pink party girl. She was ALWAYS making some crazy art. Even when the teacher gave her a specific set of instructions...
>This was a good way to try to be creative, but you couldn't help the feeling that something was off... Something was wrong somewhere.
>It was a free art day. You draw whatever came to your mind.

>Sunset sat in her third period mathematics class. She enjoyed math to some degree, but was a lot less participant than normal.
>Instead she kept her head down as she quietly worked away.
>Sunset felt absolutely horrible for losing her necklace on the second day.
>Oh, how will I get it back? Cheerilee is such a stickler for the rules... She wouldn't just give it back to me.
>She muddled over this as she continued to work on the problems assigned by the teacher.
I've seen websites that will make individual books for people. I've considered gathering up various greentext & fanfic stories I like and having them printed into a book just for myself.
File: Sweetie Soon.jpg (30KB, 640x548px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sweetie Soon.jpg
30KB, 640x548px
Then we will lay in wait and see what she does...
I'm usually waiting for page 9 before bumping
File: image.jpg (67KB, 335x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The feeling of reading stories that anon is a boss and wanted to be friends with that man
File: 342432.jpg (58KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58KB, 960x720px
I've only read some of your story but I'm liking it a lot so far.

I've already done that. Pic related.
I'm thinking of doing one big volume, with some of my favorite fanfics and greentexts. If I ever get around to it, I'll look for suggestions, too.
Originally, I'd planned to just write my own stories, but I suck at writing. I have like 1 story on fimfiction, and 1 greentext buried in the Fingerbang pastebin.
You Anons really make my day. Honestly.
I didn't know people did that. Well, you learn something new every day.


>You stand out in the hall, carrying a large plate of multicolored cupcakes.
>They both looked and smelled amazing. Though you know that the pink girl would harshly criticize your handiwork...
>Shrugging it off, you walk into the lunch room, back first so that you don't fuck up and drop the cupcakes.
>It takes a minute, but eventually the flailing of Pinkie Pie caught your attention.
>Ugh, and that loud mouth of hers.
>Walking down between the isles of tables, you see Sunset sitting in the middle of them, with her head down.
>Did your breakfast make her sick? Did someone do something to her?
>Rushing down to her side, you almost drop the batch of sweets.
"What happened!? ...Was it my cooking?"
>Applejack shook her head.
>"Naw, Sunset's completely upset. From what we can make out, sounds like ol' Cheerilee took that there purdy necklace y'all gave her, and has it under lockdown."
>You took a few minutes to think about that one.
>Cheerilee took the necklace? But why? It wasn't hurting anyone... What possible reason could she have?
>Then it hits you.
>Setting down the cupcakes the middle of the table, you take a seat next to Sunset, putting an arm on her back.
>She lifted her head slowly, the tears streaking down her face in a torrent.
>"Oh Anon, she just took it away! I couldn't really stop her, or else I'd be in more trouble..."
>She seemed to be having a hard time speaking through the sobbing.
>"It... It was that stupid brat...!"
>Stupid brat? Who could she be talking about?
>You look at the other girls.
"Any of you know who is in her class?"
>Rainbow punches her own palm.
>"I bet it was Snips! That little creep...!"
>Of course... Who else would do this but the people who was most used by Sunset last fall?
Nice to see the others not only supporting Sunset, but being kind to Anon, too. Seems they really approve of the relationship.

>You storm out of the cafeteria, with Sunset in tow.
>She's still crying over the necklace, but is now more worried about you being suspended or expelled for doing what you're about to do.
>The others stayed back in the cafeteria to eat.
>On the way to Cheerilee's classroom, you run into Brad.
>He takes note of the scene before him and stops you where you are.
>"Hey Anon, what's the deal? I thought you two were friends!"
>You give him an angered look before lightening up a bit.
>"Are you going to answer me or not? You don't just go around doing this kind of stuff to people!"
>He shoves you against the lockers. Sunset shrieks in fear, trying to pull Brad away from you.
>"Brad, no! Don't! It's not what you think!"
>She tugs on his arm, raised and ready to throw a punch.
>"What are you talking about? It's obvious you two must have gotten in a fight, and he must have taken your necklace away!"
>Sunset kept begging for him to stop and listen to reason while you tried to catch your breath.
>It took a moment, but you finally were able to stand right on your own. Though now your head hurt from the impact on the metal lockers.
"She's telling the truth. We didn't get into any fight."
>Brad looks back at you expectantly.
"Cheerilee took her necklace away because of Snips. The light reflected off of it, and I'm going to help her get it back."
>Brad still did not look convinced. He looked back at Sunset, who stood there with her hands held together at her chest and nodded.
>"...If you really mean that..."
>He paused to sigh and help you straighten yourself out.
>"Then sorry about that. I guess I just get a little upset when I see things like this. Good luck on getting that necklace back.
>Yeah, you move on you blue haired--
>Just before you finish your thought, you see Cheerilee just leaving her classroom.
"Hey, Miss Cheerilee, can we talk for a minute?"
>Cheerilee turned toward you.
>"Oh, sure, Anon. What's going on--"
>She paused once she saw Sunset.
File: image.jpg (116KB, 960x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116KB, 960x720px
>"Hey, Miss Cheerilee, can we talk for a minute?"
>I think the board is making another book that features stories like these.
Really? When did that start happening?
I hope she gets it back...

Yo dude, I just started reading the story, got to read every post in one shot, gotta thank you, based Sprite, I like stories about Sunset.

Please proceed, I do enjoy your work very much.
Oddly enough I was just about to say the same thing as >>20102953. I'm liking this story a lot so far. Thanks Sprite.

>>20102953 here, we must be connected somehow. Is it the swarm's mind?
File: images.jpg (10KB, 310x162px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 310x162px

>Cheerilee did not look amused when she saw the clearly upset Sunset Shimmer.
>"If this is about her, then no. Rules are rules."
>This was going to be really tough to convince her to release the prisoner.
"Look, Cheerilee..."
>"Miss, Cheerilee to you."
>You give an annoyed sigh internally.
"MISS Cheerilee... Can't you just let it go this one time? I'm sure that whatever she did, she didn't do it on purpose."
>That fat bitch Cheerilee shook her head as she stood adamant.
>"No, sorry Anon. Rules are rules, and she's not allowed to have it back."
>You look back at Sunset.
>She looks more dreadful than before. Her hair came down over her face again as she gave of a defeated sigh.
>You think really hard about this one.
"Miss Cheerilee, Please, You have to give it back to her."
>Then it hit you. Like that one time back in fourth grade you got hit by that rock a kid threw in your direction.
"...You wouldn't want to be the one who causes Sunset to go berserk again, do you? Surely that much damage wouldn't be good for your reputation. And I know Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna wouldn't approve of it either.
>Cheerilee seemed hesitant.
>Sunset merely froze in place. She never thought that would happen, but was more nervous than ever.
>That thread, under normal circumstances would get you thrown out indefinitely. Desperate times called for desperate measures.
>"If you put it that way..."
>Cheerilee unlocked the door to her room and opened it up.
>"What is the big deal about this thing anyway?"
>You take a quick look around the room. Of course, assigned seating... Some teachers never give their students any freedoms.
"...It was a gift from me to her. It is very special."
>You look up at the lights.
>Ugh, it was those stupid, blinding florescent lights.
>Cheerilee brought the necklace out of her desk drawer and handed it to you.
>"Just... don't speak of this again."
>You hold the necklace for a moment to think.
inb4 sunset is mad about how anon got it back
Yeah, I could see her not being too pleased with that. But Anon just wants so badly to make her happy...
I cannot refresh the page fast enough.
Non of us can, Anon.
File: image.jpg (95KB, 600x633px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95KB, 600x633px
>You hold the necklace for a moment to think.
Did she shit on the wall.
this story might belong in
No, there's too much Brad as it is.
Sorry I took so long to come back here Anons, I... Something isn't right with my body this week, and anytime I eat past a certain hour I feel ungodly sick. I will try to get back on track with these stories though.


>Cheerilee looks at you questioningly.
>"Why are you looking at that table that way? Is something bothering you, Anon?"
>You quickly snap back to reality.
"Oh, no. It's nothing. Thanks, Miss Cheerilee."
>Note to self... find some way to get back at that little shit for what he did...
>Walking out with the necklace, you hand it to Sunset.
>She really didn't look pleased that you got it back the way you did.
>"That really wasn't nice Anon... Using me as a threat like that?"
>You say nothing. You know it was not the right the to do, but it was the only thing you could think of.
>"...But I'm glad you got it back."
Sunset leaned over and gave you another kiss on the cheek.
>Brad was just a little ways down the hall, and he gave a playful gag at the sight.
"Anything for you, Sunny."
>Aww, what a cute little nick name, you fucking faggot. You softie piece of shit.
>Ah well, at least you did what you needed to do in order to make Sunset happy again. Hell, it even made you feel happy, since that WAS kind of an expensive gift...
>Your poor wallet would be sobbing right now, if it had feelings.
>Walking past Brad, you two bump knuckles; A sign a brohood.

>Back at the table, the group of girl had kept gabbing on with one another.
>You look at the tray that carried the cupcakes. All that was left was some measley crumbs...
>Of course, Sunset wouldn't be able to have anything nice, now could she?
>Feeling your slightly unhappy aura from seeing the cupcakes eaten, Pinkie tries to speak up.
>"What? it wush gud."
>She gives a sheepish smile as you facepalm.
"It... It's fine. Let's just enjoy the rest of our lunch break."
>You REALLY wanted to try those cupcakes too...
Well I certainly hope you feel better Sprite.
don't push yourself faggot
>.You wouldn't want to be the one who causes Sunset to go berserk again, do you? Surely that much damage wouldn't be good for your reputation. And I know Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna wouldn't approve of it either.

Anon.. you fucking idiot
I hope Sprite's doing ok. Not just for the story, but, you know, for him.
>>Feeling your slightly unhappy aura from seeing the cupcakes eaten, Pinkie tries to speak up.
>>"What? it wush gud."

God, Ponka is the worst. You've captured her obnoxious borderline-retarded lack of social awareness well in this story.
Might be a parasite or a worm. Better check out. I talk from experience.
This reminds my grade school
I was drinking Coca Cola like crazy
I was the only one in class who haven't got pinworms
File: 1403061934438.jpg (44KB, 476x344px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 476x344px
dubs confirm.
Sprite is this your first writefagging? It's pretty good so far, keep it up.
last bump from me today
I've gotcha ur back, bro
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12KB, 194x259px
Where is my pony sex
Sprite, can i have your permision to translate your story? With all proper credits to you, of course.

What would you translate it to, dear friend? I woud volunteer to translate it to French if no one's taking this job yet.
I'ĺl translate this to Russian. Stumbuled on this thread by accident, got amazed by dem feels from the story.
Another russian ITT? g00d day, comrade!
Bampity bamp. I have returned, and am fairly well recharged.
Stomach still feeling like butts though. Expect an update within the hour.
looking forward to it
I hope brad plans on ruining Anons life for liking the devil

What kind of Highschool teacher would do that when a student just offers to put it away?

> Not allowed to have it back ever
That's theft. That's illegal conversion of property. They should have just gone to the principal.

Come on brad, you best be evil
>wanting to ruin what Sunset and Anon have

What are you, a faggot?
Howdy, partner!
[hype intensifies]
Waiting for feels, m80. We've got snowfall here with strong and cold wind. Perfect weather for feels, shit for everything else.
Yes, of course. Just give credit, if you can.
As for the lack of hourly update, I apologize for that. I'm becoming more of a faggot, and I think anxiety is taking me over. (Note: I never really suffer from anxiety outside of really important things.) Will definitely start working now, irregardless of how I feel.
Fuck my feels.
irregardless isn't a word.

>Lunch hour had passed, and you're now in your fourth class.
>Sighing, you sit down on a bench outside. Gym class.
>You never were the BEST at sports. The only real athletic things you liked to play were simple things. Some Basketball here or there, ball hockey... But today was really bad.
>The sad thing was, you had Rainbow in your class too. Half of the time, you'd swear your P.E. Teacher WAS Rainbow Dash, seeing as how often she'd be showing off or dictating the classes...
>You'd really rather just be inside doing something else. Anything else but gym class today...
>At least it was sunny.
>They were picking out players for each team. Two captains, Dash, and that Lightning Dust chick.
>You'd swear, if they didn't have boobs, they'd be two fucking masculine as shit guys, just by how they went at each other.
>Always a "who's dick is bigger" contest with those two...
>You wonder how Sunset was doing.
>Lost in thought, Rainbow calls your name.
>"Anon! Hey, Earth to Anon! You're on my team!"
>Shit... You really did not want to play. But seeing as participation is required...

>Sunset sat in her fourth period class. Science.
>Thankfully, the class was studying photosynthesis and plants, so they had some plants lined up along the wall for the sun to help grow them.
>She couldn't help but be distracted from her lab work. Sure, writing labs wasn't fun, but it wasn't what was keeping her attention occupied.
>It just so happened that the classroom she was in was at the side of the school, right next to the soccer and football fields.
>Since the entire period was going to be dedicated to the lab and taking notes based upon observations, she had ample time to watch Anon as he was called out to the field.
>Sunset smiled and rolled her eyes, even she knew of the cock battles between Dash and Dust.
>She flinches slightly as the game began to get rough.
>"Sure hope Anon is okay..."

>Holy fuck, you did not ask for this.
no prob, fella. Ya deliver - ya good man. I see an update, and I'll drink a glass of vodka while huggin' mah bear joking, of course. just keep it up.
aww, she's worried about him! That's so cute...
>Not pone
What kind of faggot are you? Just fucking with ya, mate.


>You weren't too good with heavy contact sports like football, rugby, or soccer. Yeah, that's right. Soccer. Shit got real during Soccer...
>Your build wasn't the greatest, but you weren't a total twig.. At least.
>You sure as hell are glad that your legs are able to carry you fast, since you can't plow through anyone.
>You never asked to play, nor did you ask for the ball to be tossed to you.
>Fuck, this day just got really fucking hard.
>In front of you are several guys, all lined up, ready to just stop you in your tracks.
>Rugby ball in hand, helmet on head... You've got this Anon. Just keep running, you can slide through their legs and...
>Everyone on your team, and even Sunset up in the window flinched.
>"Oooh, that has GOT to hurt."
>You can't feel a thing as your vision goes back.

>You wake up five minutes later on the side lines, various players sitting around you.
>Your head hurt like a fucking jackhammer was constantly pounding it. You barely remember what happened, exactly.
>Dash stood over you.
>"Damn Anon, you took that shot like a champ."
>She laughed softly.
>"Too bad you blacked out after it."
>One of the players on your team helps you sit up against the stands.
>You notice that fucking ripped dude.... What was his name? You can't quite remember...
>"Bulk! That was unacceptable! You could have seriously injured him!"
>Sounded like he was getting a real earful from Lightning Dust.
>Bulk... Bulk... Oh yeah. Bulk Biceps. The muscliest of muscle bros in the school. Dude must have pressed at least 200.
>Rainbow taps you on the shoulder and points to a window.
>Looking up you see Sunset surrounded by a few classmates looking down at you.
>Fuck. Please tell me she did NOT just see you get slammed by that hulking boulder of a person.
>She waves and smiles at you sheepishly.
>Shit. She did.
Someone's quite the smitten kitten
this story, it was some time since i laughed, teared up because of the cuteness.
keep up the great work!
keep it up m8
I went to sleep thinking of this story. I dreamed I was anon, and Sunset thought I cheated on her with Rarity because, while helping Rarity move stuff, I hurt my back and she gave me a back rub. And Sunset was walking by and heard the moans and misunderstood.
Ha, my birthday IS tomorrow.
Oh shit, the feelzies are real.


>Your right shoulder finally got some feeling back into it, and you could have sworn it was broken. Yet, you could still move it.
>Must have been where that meaty monster slammed into you...
>You use your left arm to wave back, giving a rather weak smile.
>How would you explain your right arm being so sore, and your splitting headache?
>"Oh Anon, you gotta stop doin' that stuff!"
>Pinkie giggled loudly. "Jeez Anon, you're so dirty and desperate!"
>Rarity huffed. "Such a barbarian."

>You shudder at the idea of them thinking you fapped too much. Looks like you'll have to come clean about the injury.
>Rainbow snapped you back to attention.
>"You holding up alright there, champ? You took that spill hard, and I don't want to have to carry a puddle of you around all day."
>Thanks Rainbow, you always know how to make someone feel better...
"Yeah, I'll be fine. No biggie."
>You stand up shakily before steadying yourself with a deep breath.
>"Good, because you're back on. And this time, try to NOT get caught by the enemy team."
>Shit... Here we go again.

>Sunset went back to her work so she wouldn't get in trouble. A few of the other girls were around her, as they saw Anon waking up from his blackout.
>"So, Sunset. Got a new boooyfriend?"
>"Oooooh!" the crowd teased.
>Sunset blushed heavily at the idea, holding her books against herself to hide the necklace.
>"No! He's not my boyfriend... He's a friend..."
>"Yeah, right. You're probably just doing this since you feel bad for Anon! Pity date!"
>Those twins always caused trouble with other girls... Flitter and Cloud Chaser.
>"That isn't true at all, Flitter!"
>"Now, now class. You can discuss this later. Get back to work."
>The science professor to the rescue. Couldn't have had a better timing...
>"That REALLY look like it hurt, though."
>The girls kept gossiping through the rest of the class.
>He's not my boyfriend... He's a friend...
Is she telling the truth? Or is she ashamed of him?
well, I can't have a pone, because in Soviet Russia pone haz u. wish Lyra gibe me massage And Syberia doesn't kind to pones, so it's just bears and alcoholics. While it seems to be a choice, it's not a choice at all. Now you know what kind of faggot I am. and while in Soviet Russia humour can into you, Imma still getting jokes.

You guys were meant for each-other.
just like me and ur mum lmfao

>Finally, last class of the day.
>Thankfully, it was study hall. No need to listen to boring lectures, no need to deal with overly manly athletes, no hassle from others.
>That Rugby game really took it out of you, your head pounding more than it ever has before.
>Not even excessive water drinking could take that shit away.
>Sighing softly, you open up some of your books and began to try and work.
>Students come and go as time passes on.

>Sunset Shimmer sighed as she handed in her lab for the day.
>Just as she was about to walk out the door, the professor stops her.
>"Just a minute, Sunset. Come, have a seat."
>Oh boy, this can't be good.
>"Is there something going on that I should know about, miss Shimmer? You weren't acting like yourself today."
>Sunset shrinks back a bit.
>"Well I..."
>He turns to his blackboard to begin cleaning the chalk off of it.
>"It was those girls, isn't it? Are they still bugging you about what happened so many months ago?"
>Sunset was taken by surprise. He didn't sound angry or upset. What was his angle?
>"Well, don't let them get to you. Your work was very well done today, miss Shimmer."
>She looked at the professor with a confused look.
>Did he walk around and take a look at the students' work, and she not notice?
>"I don't really know what is going on, but I hope to see more of this work from you. Now, run along. I'm sure there is someone waiting for you."
>Sunset took off without even a word. She was completely drawing a blank on what to say.
>The professor laughed to himself quietly.
>"Ah, those teenagers. Must be Brad all over again..."

>Closing your book, you sit in a slump, looking fairly agitated that you can't concentrate.
>God damn it Brain, why can't you just ignore the pain and let me work?
>Because Anon, no pain, no gain. Now stop being such a pussy.
>You continue to fight with your own brain, only being brought back by a soft knock on the library door.
>"Anon? Are you around here?"
Where can I put translated parts?
I've already managed to get your first three messages rewrited to Russian :D
I think you can post them up to my pastebin with (RUS) beside the name. If you want to.

Don't die on us, anon
Ivan, please. Get yourself a pastebin or goto fanfic thread straight to fucking ape
Thanks. :D
I'll put it in your pastebin then.
Knock it off, asshole. Use reaction image, that's what they're there for.
Get Sunny to kiss your shoulder better, it's proven by science to work. Science never lies
rubbing her vagina on it might work even better

If she uses her lips, it's a kiss.

Any of her lips.
True... though I wouldn't actually want that to happen. I like the story being sweet rather than lewd
Don't forget throw ur pastebin here, Ivan. Big Boris is wathching you.
so, there is no raep Sunset? you really know how to ruin dreams

>Not wanting lewd scenes

What are you? A faggot?
Well... maybe if it was done tastefully. Romantically. Showing they truely care for each other...
But it kinda feels like spoiling the story
>lewd scenes
>spoil story
even bear-hugging Ivan ain't that faggot
Fuck, I've worked out what it is about the reformed Sunset that works in these kinds of stories and generally appeals to us, I'm drunk so excuse spelling and shit.

Right, part 1 is that there's a very good chance that most of us were essentially social outcasts during our time in high school. Be it through austism or generally being a social retard, we all know what it's like being alone when everyone around you has friends. Apply our sob story to Sunset and bingo, you've essentially got us but in a cute girly form

Part 2, she's really fucking cute, I mean shit. Just look at her

Part 3, a common theme in all these stories is that Anon reaches out to Sunset in her time of need and is insta-friended. No awkward introductions, no weird looks, just "hey you alright?" and boom, friend and eventually gf. I don't think a single one of you would say no to that happening to you, befriending a cute, emotional wreck of a girl and bringing her back to normality, it's a wet dream really isn't it?

Sunset is the only character, other then Trixie, who is utterly alone (pre rainbow rocks) in a world of friendship and happiness. Much like ourselves, we're all fairly normal people who don't fit in anywhere. Too weird for the normals, too normal for the geeks and too hopeless and downhearted for anyone else. So we sit in our rooms, alone and imagine a world where there's someone else like us, and Sunset fits perfectly because of the reasons above.

I'm now in a really shit mood so I'm to wait for writefag, have a smoke and drink until I pass out. Alone, like you.

>You move your head away from the hand you were resting on.
>That voice sounded familiar, but your head was very scrambled.
>Footsteps.. One right after the other, slowly.
>Thump. Thump. Thump.
>Each time it hit the floor, the sound caused an equal shock in your head.
>Damn you wished you had some headache pills on you...
>A pink boot steps out from around a bookshelf.
>You put your head back down onto your left hand as Sunset comes around the corner.
"Oh, god, Sunset. You startled me a bit."
>Sunset smiled softly and laughed.
>"Sorry, Anon. Were you expecting someone else?"
>She rubbed the back of her neck, thinking that she was intruding.
>You sigh softly.
"No, no.. I was worried that one of the others might end up finding me here."
>You gently pat the table, signalling her to sit down.
"Why are you here? Don't you have a class to be in?"
>Sunset Shimmer sat across from you, gently putting her books on the table.
>"No, silly. Today is when I have my study hall."
>That's right, your school shifted classes from day to day... It had been a while since you two had the same kind of schedule together.
>You groan softly.
>"I thought you might want these... That impact looked like it hurt."
>You cringe at the reminder, but look at the bottle Sunset brought out of her jacket pocket.
>Just what the doctor ordered, pain pills.
>"Are.. Are you okay? You... Don't seem to look that well."
>Yeah, and you felt like that too.
"I'll.. be fine. Nothing's broken."
>Sunset giggled at your hesitant reaction as she goes around to your backside.
>"Aww, and here I thought I was going to play as your Nurse!"
>You shake your head quietly. You were in no mood for any of this non-sense, you just wanted to sleep.

>You spent the last class with Sunset Shimmer, just talking about the day while she bandaged up your arm.
>She wasn't any professional doctor, but she at least made a good enough sling to hold your arm in place until you could meet up with the others.
File: a46.jpg (24KB, 288x441px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ur not alone, fella. theres still me with my bear and lots of vodka to drink except, there's no bearspeak for yourself. my school was over a long ago, and I'm socially adaptedfuck that, who I'm lying to?
I was actually alone half by choice, half by cause.
I was never good with people growing up, and even now. I had friends come and go. Then lots of bullying because I was different. (I was one of those dorks who played Pokemon + Yugioh, and was into anime.)
That shit kept going straight into High School.
In High School I chose to be alone. I didn't want to deal with all the druggy and preppy faggots. Always tried to get under my skin. Didn't want to have it, so I kept to myself and did what I needed to get through school. Even if it meant stepping on people along the way.

Fuck, I didn't even attend Prom or Grad. Fuck that shit.
>Pokemon + Yugioh
Mah nigga
I feel that feel too, bro

I was 'the quiet one' in my group of friends. Meaning I just tagged along and didn't really interact at all. I blame everything on my stutter but I know I'm to blame as well

I'm mostly happy with solitude now as I've partly come to accept it, and party because I found a love in going /out/ and riding motorbikes. Still, shit like that makes me feel like shit. I think I'll be joining you with that heavy drinking.

Sorry to shit on your story Sprite. Loving it so far
You got an extra cancer stick for a fellow loner fag, anon? Im jonesin..for horsegirl companionship
No, no. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. It helps even us namefagged writefriends to learn a thing or two. I wasn't entirely happy with the last post... Just didn't feel right to me. I'll still keep going, anyway.
tell you what. bullying was different here. had you ever been a target for rock throwing? knowing, there's near your brother is punched by leg to head because he didn't bring enough money? it was never enough, though. so, you're running like a devil to protect your bro, your ELDER bro, got kicked, complete pain bingo while ur brother just lying and crying. that's not even the worst. you tend to solve problems on your own, so no involving parents, etc. Here lying you two, and know what? I've done everything right, and still it was never enough.
Things gone better after a year or two, though.

Why I'm telling this? I'm looking for Sunset and always asking - where she made her mistake? Don't want to think she won't overcome, don't want to see pride Bacon broken. Just... can't, you know. She needs a helping hand right now after her fall and reform more than never, and if she didn't make it out because I decided to leave her on her own... Dear Gawd, Imma faggot, but not THAT much.

Sorry, Sprite, for intending on lewd scenes. This is not what Sunset needs right now, if you want to know my opinion. That's why I can't stay calm, looking at all that possible shit oppressed and abused schoolmates can do for her.

Fuck these punks, fuck that punks, fuck everything, disregard everyhing I've said. I need more vodka right now
>abused schoolmates can do for her.
to her, obviously.
Bump for feels and possibly an awkward makeout
>Fuck, I didn't even attend Prom or Grad. Fuck that shit.
Ah that reminds me of my "proms" (Britfag by the way) the first one I went for a kick ass meal and to the movies the second I got absolutely wasted in an Irish pub, it was glorious.
I was also bullied in school but in a different way. They were alienating me, insulting me but none of these fuckers actually tried to hit me. I guess that i gave them this freaky stare that made them think i'm some kind of psycho so they weren't sure if they should hit me. Not that they should. I'm not gonna lie, i am mentally unstable. I try to act like Maud but when someone crosses the limit, my psycho self takes control. (fortunately i'm in a lot better control than when i was in school) I was bullied in public till that one day when one of the bullies humiliated me in front of everyone, then turned back and went away laughing. I grabbed a chair and right before the impact i've changed direction, barely missing him. Considering the fact, that the chair broke on the impact (and i was aiming at head) i'm 100% sure, it would be fatal (of course i had to paid for the repair). You should see his frightened face when he looked in my eyes. After that day, they still laughed at me but not so ostentatious as before. I also leveled up from an alien to super alien. The guy i almost killed, changed school when we graduated. From that day to the graduation, i've never heard a single bad word about me coming from his mouth.
File: 1409554275408.gif (182KB, 337x253px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not like it matters being edgy if you are feared enough so that no one makes fun of you.
In my group of friends (it's actually huge, and I know it's strange, but im not a social outcast) everyone pointed at me as the only one who they would think would be capable of killing someone, just because how i behave when someone started making fun of me.
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File: coolio.png (49KB, 1138x552px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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confirmed for underage
It's better being feared than being made fun of.
I got picked on a lot in elementary school. Then Columbine happened and people stopped picking on me assuming I'd do the same thing. Especially since people knew I was good with a rifle. Not that I ever would do such a thing, of course.
File: 1411845358709.gif (2MB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 300x300px
Same here, i sometimes behave a bit over the top, but it's not like I would actually kill someone.
It's understandable. While he had his buddies to cover his back, he could make that kind of shit without major problems. "We're five here, he's only one, let's make some fun on this alien!". Then he lost his company, I assume, and his confidence too. Guys who bulled me ended worse Somebody died in car crash while drunken driving, somebody overdosed heroin, somebody is in a jail for robbery or murder, somebody's working for 12 hors per day, 6/1, for 400$ per month, with fat wife and 3 children. scum can't into condoms and common sense In this way or other, they got their personal hell. Never, actually, were interested, how they are. just heard rumors.
And here I am, with fine job, PhD and good friends. Now I feel relieved. wish SS be on my place
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