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"No, Sonata, don't you understand?! It's OVER!"

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"No, Sonata, don't you understand?! It's OVER!"
>They were arguing for sometime in the booth behind you. You couldn't help but listen when it reached a fever pitch
>A girl was sobbing when another piped up
"Why do you always have to RUIN everything! We were right there, and we lost it all!"
"B-but I-I didn't do anyth-"
"Save your breath... I don't think we can gain anything by staying together now, and we can't drag you along everywhere we go... C'mon Aria, let's get out of here."
"I thought you'd never ask."
>you hear shuffling and a few seconds later, two girls in hoodies walk past, you couldn't see their faces
"G-girls? Girls w-where are you g-going? Don't leave!..."
>They were already gone
>The girl resumed her crying
>You look over the booth seat to see someone in a matching hoodie, vibrant blue hair, and tears streaming down her face
>she doesn't notice you looking as she continues on
"They're such... *sob* big meanies... I didn't... *sob* do anything. I don't want to be... *sob* alone."
>she eventually starts making choked up calls between her hiccuping
>Was she... attempting to sing?
>If you could call it that... It sounds like a braindead monkey trying to imitate a bird call!

>She needed help, and your ears couldn't take any more of her vocal noise
>You grab your coffee cup and move up to her booth, sitting across from her
>"Uh... hi."
>Her sobbing was cut short as she raised her head suddenly, her face streaked with fresh tears
"H-huh? Who are you?"
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kill you'reself
This will end up in sex, everything ends up in sex EVERYTHING!!!
It´s like this board it´s made out of sex stories
Then we make a story that doesn't end in sex?

>"Uh, you can just call me Anon. What's your name?"
>She blinks as she straightens up
"Um... *sniff* S-Sonata."
>You had to admit she looked cute past the tears and ear-rape
>"Why were those girls so angry with you?"
>Sonata looked away, the question seemed to hurt
>Nice going Anon, not just breaking the ice, we're wrecking it
>"I'm sorry, I just overheard and I-"
"No, it's alright,"
>She wiped her eyes with a sleeve
"They were... old friends. We were gonna rule the world, and we messed up, and now we can't sing, and they think it's my fault, but it wasn't and I don't know why they would just leave me when we've been together for years and years and-"
>"Okay, okay!"
>you raise your hands to stop the run on
>"Just... slow down."
>You sigh and run a hand down your face
>it was late and even the coffee stopped having an effect two days ago. Those sleepless nights studying for that test had taken their toll
>"So what you're trying to say was they were good friends that thought you're bringing them down so they cut you off?"
>she stared blankly for a moment then finally nods
>Cute, but not that bright
>Probably why they dumped her in the first place
>Your sleep-deprived brain was at a loss at what to do, so it winged it
>"Well screw them. You can rule the world without those brats!"
>You emphasize your slightly sarcastic pep talk by gesturing out the window towards the mountains with your hand
>Sonata seemed to crack a smile
"I could, yeah!"
>She stood up and pumped her fists, before the confidence drained out of her and she slumped down back in her seat
"...Except, I can't sing."
>"Well what does singing have to do with it?"
>She gives you a questioning, 'well don't you know?' kind of glance
"It's how I got people to do things for me, of course!... Before, well, we had that big Battle of the Bands..."
you silly Bastard here's your shitty movie!
>So she lost her voice in a singing competition? Strange, but you could roll with it
>"Don't worry, it'll come back."
"You really think so?"
>She smiled more this time
>"Yeah, I know so. I bet you were a wonderful singer."
>Yeah, no. They dumped her because she has the voice of a dying animal for sure.
"Yeah... I was."
>Disheartened again.
>You were tired. Winging it wasn't working. Caffeine, why don't you work no more?!
>You had to bail before you crashed, but you couldn't just leave her like this
>initiate emergency generators.exe
>"So, it's getting late... don't you have any place to stay?"
>Yeah, brilliant thinking brain. Ask if she wants to move in with you? Great!
>she rubbed her arm
"No, I don't."
>Of course she- Wait wat
>"What do you mean you don't? Don't you have a home? A family? Anything?"
"No. I just followed those girls everywhere."
>Well, I guess brain was working better than you thought
>good job brain
>Wait, so she was homeless all this time? What if she was one of those homeless leeches? Was that why they dumped her-
>*warning* Emergency generator fuel running low!
>---Sleep Priority Mode Engage---
>"Well, I guess, if you want a place to stay, wanna head to my place? I mean, I got a couch you could sleep o-"
>The sudden smile plastered on her face stunned you
"Um... please?"
>"...Okay then." you chuckled nervously
>"It's getting late... I guess you could follow me?"
>She enthusiastically bounced up to her feet and nodded.
>You question what in the world just happened and why a girl was following you to your apartment as you strolled out of the cafe.
>You head down the rather empty street, your apartment wasn't that far, so you didn't waste the gas to get here.
>You walk in silence for a moment. Hands in your pockets, as it was rather chilly out.
>Suddenly Sonata wraps her arm around yours and cuddles up next to you
>"WHOA Whoa! What are you doing?!"
>You shake her off, making her retreat back
>She looks at you all confused
"It's cold."
>This girl is all sorts of weird
>And you were bringing her to your apartment
>Why were you bringing her to your apartment?
>Oh look, you're at your apartment
>"Alright, well, just no cuddles please? I just don't like it."
"Oh. Okay."
>You give her an annoyed glance over your shoulder before unlocking your front door and walking in.
>"After you, I guess."
>Good thing you like to keep your place somewhat tidy
>She walks in and gives a brief look around. Nothing more than a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.
>She doesn't say anything and turns back and gives you an innocent smile
>Like she forgot about the whole incident at the cafe
>No talk, sleep now
>"Alright. I really need to get to bed, so, heres a couch you can sleep on, and here's a blanket you could use. And the bathroom's down the hall there on the right. I haven't slept in a while so don't make any noise please? Thanks."
>And with that uncurt tour concluded you headed to your bedroom, testing the lock on the door to see if it functioned properly.
>you saw her sit on the couch, across the room from your doorway, and again give you that innocent smile.
"Thanks Anon. Sleep well!"
>What is wrong with her?
>You slowly shut the door, and lock it
>Tossing off your shoes and jacket, you flop on your bed and pass out almost immediately.
>Liking hooves
>Like smelly horse ass
>Like sentient farm animals

/mlp/ is now casuals.

Why not both. Your dick can't tell the difference

Ignore the other assholes in this thread man. Keep going. I'm having a good time with this.
>Rebooting Brain-OS, Anon Edition, please wait...
>Initiate Dream.screensaver

>You were floating... floating in darkness
>Some green mist started collecting at your feet, and a figure started aproaching
>Something began to echo from the figure. First it was indistinguishable, but then, noise became pitch, pitch became tone, tone became... music
>Some of the most beautiful music you've ever heard
>It chilled you to your very bone and it made you want to kneel and praise the girl blessed with that voice!
>you reached out to the singing figure, but no matter what, you couldn't touch her.
>The green mist wrapped around you and dragged you further into the abyss
>No! You needed to listen to her more!
>Two more voices began accompanying the first
>first they complimented and enhanced the increasingly distant voices, but then they became discordant and screeching
>then a flash, a whirlwind of color, and suddenly the voices were silenced

>You wake up with a gasp
>You don't know why, but your heart was pounding in your chest
>It wasn't even that bad of a dream
>You tried to remember that haunting melody but the more you thought about it the more it escaped you
>You almost choked up for a second in your delirium, never able to hear that voice again
>*limb condition sys check:... R Leg: operational - L Leg: operational - R Arm: Operational - L Arm: WARNING, WARNING, REPORTING SOMETHING WARM AND SOLID WITHIN SENSORY REACH*
>You catapult yourself out of the bed opposite of the alien intruder
>Magenta eyes, wide open and accompanied with a smile
>*Rebooting Memory.sys*
>Oh yeah, you brought a girl into your apartment
>And she was in the bed with you
>Wait, didn't you lock the door?
>That didn't matter now though
>Cause she was already awake
>Oh good lord why was she smiling like that after she practically scared the morning wood off of you?
Moar, please.
Dazzling threads have been praised with god-tier writefags.
Makes up for the
>no porn
>"What in the world do you think you're doing?!"
"Good Morning"
>"How'd you get in here?!"
"I walked in?"
>"Why are you in by bed?!"
"Because you didn't say I couldn't... I didn't make any noise! I promise!"
>"But I... you... UGH!"
>You face palm hard
>She wasn't just a cute ditz. She was a complete idiot.
>You wonder why her hair wasn't yellow
>At least she still was in her hoodie and jeans...
>And again with that confused look
>"Just... just get out and let me get dressed please."
"Ooh! Can we get breakfast after that!"
>"Yeah, yeah... I'll see if I can make something."
>You had to agree with her for once, your stomach grumbled it's *empty tank* warning
"Can you make tacos?!"
>"Tacos... wha-... Tacos are a lunch thing!"
"But I like tacos..."
>Darn those puppydog eyes. She was an idiot, but a cute and somewhat manipulative idiot.
>Sonata bounced up and out of the bed, before practically running into the kitchen
>slamming the door behind her, you pinch the bridge of your eyebrow.
>*Brain.sys and memory.sys resume reboot, restoring previous session...*
>The previous events of last night came back to you full force, along with all the regret
>No more sleepless nights for Anon
>At least the test was done for yesterday, there won't be another for a while
>After slipping into a change of jeans, a new shirt and jacket, and finally approached the alien in your home
>She was patiently sitting on the couch, the most excited smile on her face
>You weren't going to bull around with veggies, so you grab some eggs and precooked sausage, and throw them both into a frying pan
>Scramble with cheese, and put into a tortilla. It's technically a taco, so shove it.
>After grabbing a couple plates, you hand Sonata your breakfast taco invention
>You sit on the floor across from her, and take a bite. Not that bad, actually!
>As she ravenously digs in, you sigh.
>Now you were all rested, it was time to get answers from her.
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Well that concludes the first part... gonna go to work. Might continue tonight or tomorrow morning, but I don't know since I haven't writefagged for a looong time.

Keep thread alive if you want to see more.
Saving >greentext in case of deleting thread, thanks writefag
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That was pretty good. Please continue whenever you can
Just hope that this doesn't finish with
I want to have sex with Sontana
You mean with this?
We await your return.
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Now we play the waiting game
Given how hostile that Anon seems to be against female physical contact, I'm halfway expecting an >"are ditzy sirens your fetish Anon?" any minute now.
mods deleted both that and the 1999... gets.
The 2000... one was stolen by Big Boss.
I'd think she'd be grumpy what with being cut off from evil magics. Withdrawal syndrome and so on. She was going on with it for hundreds of years after all...
Replacement therapy
Please come back writefag
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He left at 19:33 (my clock)
It's 22:49
22:49 - 19:33 = 3h 16min
I don't think that he's working only that long.
my bet is 5,5h more at least
I like this story so far, but I really feel like you're doing the whole "mind like a computer" thing too much.
I eagerly await more though
Agree the mind computer thing is annoying. But whatever, interesting concept and I am going to go buy a big hoagie from the store. Brb
Yo, switch the greentext quotes and the black quotes. Non-greentext should be Anon's voice and thoughts, while greentext should be pretty much evreything else.
Mook? Is that you as the writefag?
It's probably not Mook.

Also, Bump
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Thread posts: 37
Thread images: 10

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