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Pony Music

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Without trying to sound autistic, what musicians does /mlp/ listen to relating to the show? Pic related.
sgap sucks
except for 4 songs.
Sound of the Avaitors

I think Second Chances is my fav
Last thread for convenience:
Out of curiosity, which 4?
on my own.
faithful student.
flutterwonder pinkiepieswear remix.
a beautiful heart (the best of the 4)
sgap is amazing, op
have you heard The Standard Model album?
I was going to mention why not standard model but >>19176012 beat me to it.
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Thanks for the link!
Pinkie Pie Swear and In History, Maybe are the best ones
I cannot begin to describe how great it is. (For fan-made music, it's Grade A.)
>Without trying to sound autistic
>on /mlp/, the /mlp/ board on 4chan
Stop being such a little bitch OP.
what music service is that?
Poweramp on my Droid. It's just an MP3 playing app, but if you want to check out SGAP's stuff, sogreatandpowerful.com has all his stuff.
In case you guys haven't noticed yet, you're kind of jerking each-others dicks really hard right now. Now, before you shitpost about how I think we have to always be angry, that's not what I'm saying. This is just some ponychan level circlejerking here.
everyone's only been talking about Sgap so far and it's nearly unanimous that everyone likes him, what else can you do mang?
no but really, has anyone heard any of P1K's stuff? he's pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/user/dylan1kenobi/videos
PinkiePieSwear was great as well, and I can listen to "Trixie's Good Side" anytime.
For the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFWpr_wkgV8&
I don't see the appeal.
Other than the sampling based songs, saying that stuff is 'show related' seems to be really stretching it.
The others are not that good for me.
love PPS so much, god.
Is it sad that maybe a little more then 60% of all the music i listen to is pony, and another 30% is music i found somehow through pony, such as PMVs or recommendations from pony content producers?
i dont know any more, god
while the artist only made one or two pony songs, here's some KenAshcorp god i love this song so much https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioTQ7erZD1c
a lot of the time artists will make songs based on characters personalities, certain plots or head canonized situations characters can go through, that doesn't automatically make the song good or bad if it does or doesn't actually relate to the show, but i do agree, some "pony related" music isn't pony related past voice samles and the image used for the video, on the other hand theres a lot of music you may not recognize what character or episode is being sung about unless you pay attention to the music.
as an example, and i know he's all over the thread, SGaP had an album "the standard model" and each song in the album was about one of the main 6, the last song in the album was about the elements as a whole and to symbolize that he put all the songs in the album into one.
He did a good cover of "A Sorceress Girl," but that's all I know about him.
if we're talking about P1K covers his cover of odisies caffinated world while the thumbnail is terrible is godly.
his TumblErP is pretty good too, as long as you at least know the premise of the tumblr series he is singing about. even then the songs are a good listen even if the lyrics won't make any since.
i like how actual discussion here is considered circlejerking now. congratulations, you're official a tumor in the cancer that is /mlp/.
nah, it was pretty circle jerky when he posted that, as much as i fucking love Sgap, that's all anyone was posting about, without adding anything to the conversation.
Well, it seems to me that can't be a circlejerk.
It's clearly one-directional.
Completely different.
the first few chords of this song remind me of Love Letters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFZn6hRxXo4
>actual discussion
>that shit
Stop being retarded, anon.
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Damn son, that's quite a few links! Bunch of good stuff here.
a lot of threads on this board really can have a line between circlejerking, just regular posting, and discussion. if you cant tell the difference, fine, just know that there is one
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 5

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