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Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron

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>came out in most of Yurop and Straya
>no thread on /m/
What did you think of it, or at least the mecha-related parts of this? Personally:
Hulkbuster fight was great
Vision was great
Ultron drones were decent, although never menacing
Ultron Prime's design was meh, but THOSE FUCKING LIPS, they really made him considerably worse. Also his lines and character really worked, but he ended up feeling unthreatening, especially in the second half.
Opinions? Please use spoiler tags out of kindness for our Burger friends.
How would you rate it in comparison with the other MCU movies and Daredevil released so far?
I just have one question, since I don't want to look at any other spoiler
Black Widow doesn't wield Mjolnir like some speculated right?
Trick question.
AoU is grander in scope than everything they've done so far, the sheer number of characters getting actual focus grants it.
I'd say it ends up being generally an improvement over the first Avengers movie, but (I realize it sounds like a paradox) considerably less hype. Overall, in my opinion:
The good
>more balanced, everyone gets focus and depth
>better fights, especially the Hulkbuster one as I said
>less forced humour everywhere
>MCU continuity
>the issues about AIs and humanity are clich├ęs, but not too watered down
>seeds lots of plots for the future
>actual worldly feeling, we go to Europe, South Korea, somewhere in Africa
>character in the OP is great
>twins are not bad and Wanda is hot
The bad
>Ultron feels a bit off and ultimately ends up never feeling like the HUGE menace that could fuck everything up whenever he wanted
>action scenes are not all that great anyway, the final battle really drags
>plot feels railroaded here and there so that the audience does not feel lost
>still too many one-liners for my taste
>feels crammed with characters, so for everyone to shine the movie is longer and you feel that

Nah, that was bullshit. Someone else does. Namely Vision, they end up explaining it in the movie as "it's a robot so he doesn't need to be worthy"
>Nah, that was bullshit.
Good. I was worried Whedon would try to shoehorn that in. Glad that isn't the case.
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Oh, and Tony doesn't have any particular new armor except the one I mentioned in the spoiler tags, Iron Man 3 had all the goodness it seems

>forgot to rate
A solid 7, maybe 7.5, of course considering the added MCU bonus and the little nods to comics and all that. As a movie itself it'd be a 6.5, good rewatchable popcorn flick.
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>TFW the Hulkbuster "won".[\spoiler]
And it didn't feel like a trick after all considering how it ends.
And the piston punches were great.
>That last spoiler
I seriously hope you're paraphrasing. Being "pure of heart" from technically being a newborn makes more sense than LOL TECHNOLOGY! I mean, I know that's the underlying theme of the movie, but even a proud /m/an like me has limits.
How did Quicksilver die?

He didn't see that coming. ;_;
I had a good time seeing it yesterday with a group of friends. The Hulkbuster fight is pretty cool. Since Hulkbuster's codename is Veronica, I wonder if there's a Thorbuster codenamed Betty.

It's Tony and Cap saying that's the reason in a jokey scene near the end, comparing how if Thor put the hammer down in an elevator and the elevator went up, that wouldn't make the elevator worthy. Vision picking up the hammer is what makes the Avengers trust him, so I don't think either of them really believes it deep down.
>tfw you can't watch until Saturday
Man, I'm excited to see how sexy the Hulkbuster will be. On a side note, the Hulkbuster's the Mark 44, isn't it?
There is a reference to Amadeus Cho.
Well her mother is there.

He was killed protecting Hawkeye and a civilian from Ultron.

Shit. Didn't notice that. Sorry.
The new Avengers line-up are Captain America, Black Widow,War Machine, Falcon, Scarlet Witch and Vision.
Thanos appears in the credits wearing a gem-less Infinity Gauntlet.

Only the soul and time gems are left.

What are the four?
Tesseract: Space
Aether: Reality?
Orb in GotG: Power
Vision's gem: Mind


Tesserect is Space
Aether is Reality
The one in Guardians was Power
Loki's staff from first Avengers is Mind
>tfw it doesn't come out in my country for another two weeks
God damn it
>Loki was running around with two infinity gems
How the fuck did he mess up this bad?
Spoil why Iron Man, Hulk, and Hawkeye leave/quit the team please.

Iron Man retired to deal with his issues.

Hulk wanted to be alone as he's afraid of endangering Black Widow by being with her.

Hawkeye wanted to spend time with his family.
They really never gave this one a proper name, did they?
>Hawkeye wanted to spend time with his family.
the dude has two movies where he's not even the showcase and he barely gets a chance to shine and then he just has done? It's just such a shitty way to treat the character.
Oh, & I guess the same applies to the Hulk, though it's not quite as bad. But still what the fuck, Wheedle.
Just got back from watching it.
Better than the first one, but the cinematography wasn't amazing and the Vision felt kinda aimless and bland. Banner was cool, though.
Ultron was quite underwhelming all in all.
>felt kinda aimless and bland
He needed to be introduced in the late game for obvious reasons and to give the Mind Gem subplot a proper unfolding as well. He also contributed to the final fight and was the one who spotted the last remaining Ultron. Although I agree that he might've done more, he could've easily be the one to overcharge the flying engine.
Nigga I'll fight you, his character was spot on.
>He also contributed to the final fight
Well, yeah, but he only made some appearances here and there. What his core powerset actually is isn't explored. Him taking Ultron offline is also kind of downplayed; it gets mentioned and a quick scene, but otherwise he doesn't get focused on.
No, it's definitely called the mind gem in the movie, although I don't quite remember if it was Thor or Ultron that say it. Probably Thor.
>What his core powerset actually is isn't explored.
Can you really name some character's powerset that got explained and explorated in the MCU? Except maybe Cap since that was plot for The First Avenger's first half.
We see him phase three times in battle and even do his characteristical "hand through chest" move. I came out of the theater satisfied enough.
Wasn't the Vision a candidate for "Who's got the reality gem" back in the day of Warlock and the Infinity Watch?
He was, but I think that was only really relevant in Starlin's little corner of canon.
even then he didn't have it, he just had a random gem looking dot on forehead
How many painful Whedon quips?
Everyone does one at some point. Like, everyone.
Hydra goons, every Avenger and then some, every villain.
Ultron has about the same amount as Stark.
Thread posts: 42
Thread images: 3

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