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/m/ food
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from Gundam cafe menu

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Amuro's pilot lunch
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Char Zaku rice and Jet Stream chicken
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Graham Special (ham gratin) with Daryl (black olive) and Howard (mozzarella)
Conscon nachos
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The Pianist

>pilot lunch
>includes a beer

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His Excellency Treize's rose
What's the block of white stuff?
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That's just salami in a bowl with a garnish. They should have stepped it up and glazed the salami and the garnish, put it over a bed of mashed potatoes, and called it Haman-sama's Rose.
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Halo of Infinity (twin drives). Pancakes with vanilla ice cream and kiwi sauce.
Acguy crepe
Zaku crepe
Kamen Rider Cafe should up their games. Someone dump please?
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>Thread named /m/ food
>open's thread
>doesn't want to see food
Haro Castella
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Wing Gundam Fenice plate
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Beargguy III dessert plate
fuck, WANT
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haro roll.png
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Sign of Zeta

Sauce Américaine with rice noodles.
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This one's based off of War in the Pocket.
Memory of Hong Kong City (fried noodles represents Psycho Gundam and the meat bun is MK-II) + Cinderella Four (drink)
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Haro Buns.jpg
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Steamed Haro meat buns sold in Gundam Cafe
Is that blue drink Kamille-themed as well?
IDK, the Gundam Cafe stuff doesn't look the part. They should step up their game, maybe make tiny mobile suits using sausages for limbs and sauces for colors.
The bentos mage me jelly and hungry, so off to eat.
Yes. It's called From the Aqueous Star with Love, all I know is it's non-alcohol, no idea what it's made of.
A Flash of Light through Space (Setsuna's penne gratin) and In the Name of Love (Graham's lasagna)

Graham's non-alcohol drink is Flag Fighter's Revenge (the red one) and Setsuna's Daybreak's Bell (layered milk tea)
Graham's alcohol drink is Virgo's Destiny, strong sake based cocktail. Setsuna's is Indigo Sword, it's some kind of blue gin that can be mixed with red syrup to create Trans-am.
>Daryl (black olive) and Howard (mozzarella)
oh i see
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Setsuna's cajun chicken bagel.
Graham's bagel. Sour strawberry, red bean paste, black soybean, and soymilk filling. Emphasis on Japanese style.
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Heat Hawk (chicken leg) and Shield (potato gratin with mustard).
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Amuro set.

Last Shooting (ginger, pork, and rice). Represents the famous pose in the final against Char's Zeong. Carbonated lemon drink is named RX-78-2.
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This one's still my favourite.
>Setsuna's is Indigo Sword, it's some kind of blue gin that can be mixed with red syrup to create Trans-am.

I don't care what anyone says, THAT is pretty freaking cool and I want to drink it now.
>fried noodles represents Psycho Gundam
this makes me lol

so is Setsuna's drink sort of like bubble tea or some kind of latte? Setsuna has nice drinks.

some of these range from looking gross to looking really good.
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Tri-Stars Melty Crepe
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Zeon Melty Crepe with Haro Latte.

Strawberry and green tea ice cream. Crepe is covered in sour berry sauce. Zeon logo is purple sweet potato powder.

I should add that the ice cream is black sesame and the sauce on the crepe is brown sugar syrup. Zeon logo is brown sugar.
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Trowa's dessert ~Pierrot Le Fou~

Pancake which looks like Trowa's clown mask, vanilla ice cream and kiwi sauce in the center, chocolate sauce on the side. Dip bowls have whipped cream and orange sauce, and cheese mousse with blueberries.

Drink is called Trowa Barton, orange and white chocolate, non-alcohol.
I found this, is this /m/ food?
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OK, but seriously. A photo from the Kamen Rider Cafe.
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oyaji bento.jpg
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Really? Banshee? Going by the thumbnail, I would've expected that to be Turn A
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Thread images: 56

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