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>you will never be as cool as this man

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>you will never be as cool as this man
The journey of striving to that goal is what drives all life. Probably in the sea of stars.
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>your captain will never be Harlock
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>You will never have the honor to travel with him through the sea of stars.
>He will never come to save you with his Arcadia

Don't know who that is.
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Are there no Harlockfags in /m/?

Fuck this gay earth, it is indeed too late.
>you will never get drunk with a willowly mouthless alien lady
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>love Captain Harlock growing up
>grow my brown hair into a stupid anime mop like Harlock
>get a retinal detachment from boxing in my late teens
>depressed as fuck
>look into the mirror with eyepatch on
>my eyepatch is on the left side unlike Harlock, but looking in the mirror, it's on the right side
>mildly less depressed that I look like Harlock now
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Time to get a scar and a crew of happy go lucky pirates.

Don't forget about witnessing your best friends death Anon, that's pretty important too ;_;

Also, the Arcadia is the best spaceship ever created.
I refuse to believe you're not a troll.

Anyway the newest movie will finally be released in my country later this week. I think this is the first anime movie to get a theatrical release here since... the fourth Pokemon movie, in like, 2004 I think?

What am I in for, /m/?
You mean the 3D one?

Don't bother, it's hollywood tier shit.

I can't really understand how they managed to make such a trainwreck. There's almost literally nothing good in that movie except a few things that only long time fan will catch, the rest is trash.
>nothing good in that movie except a few things that only long time fan will catch
That's... good enough for me, actually. Thanks.

Animation is oh-so-fucking-gorgeous, human-scale fights are pretty dynamic for CG, ship-scaled fight are cool but a bit short. Also a good share of OH SHIT and FUCK YEAH moments.

Scenario sucks ass, but fuck that, it's got Harlock being his manly self and not one but three sequences of the Arcadia destroying other ships by ramming them with its glorious skullface.
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Miime looks fucking hideous though.

The ramming scenes were bretty gud, I'll give you that.

>The part where the Gaia alliance sends those space fighters to take down the Arcadia
>Volley of projectiles
>They dive in the clouds of smoke thinking to board the ship
>Pilots crashing head on onto the Arcadia freaking out that it doesn't even have a scratch

>Mothership gets rammed hard seconds later

The whole Dark Matter thing was retarded as hell.
What have they done!?
I was speechless the moment I saw her.

She's pretty much anything but Miime.
>Pointy ears
>Visible pupils

10/10 mad, thanks Aramaki.
>Miime looks fucking hideous though.

I mean, she has a *mouth*.
The main complaint about the movie was the actual scenario right? I know some people loved the new rendition of Harlock but he was way too different for me. Not to see he doesn't change through each OVA/TV series but this Harlock was terrible. After seeing the credits it became obvious why I didn't like it.

Anyways the actual CGI, choreography and movement of everything else was gorgeous. I didn't see the point of the nude bath scene but whatever.
I quite liked Mimey on the movie, actually. Felt a clever idea- while everyone's proportioned like actual humans, the alien is proportioned like a traditional Matsumoto woman.

Anyways as others have said, movie was schlock with some neat ideas so is Harlock immortal or a lineage of people taking the name?, but oh god the animation. Marza outdid themselves.

... movies with bad story but where Marza makes the animation great? Seems to be a pattern forming their next big thing is the animation in the live-action/cgi Sony film Sonic the Hedgehog.
To continue off this -- the actual story has old throwbacks to other Harlock stuff here and there as fanservice, which is pretty cool. The main problem with the scenario is that it doesn't try to be anything else. It's like those really bad fanfics where the people who know the characters but don't try and expand their relationships, but instead go with the route that makes them all terrible and not the characters you know and love.

I can't wait for the Saint Seiya film to bomb as hard as Harlock did. Unless that was just a rumor.
>I can't wait for the Saint Seiya film to bomb as hard as Harlock did. Unless that was just a rumor.
Came out last month in Japan. That one seems to be by Toei only, not Marza Studios.
>Toei only, not Marza Studios.

DVD/BR rip when. I can't wait to see this mess.

It actually doesn't look half-bad, CGI-wise. We'd need a BDRip to compare to Harlock, but still. And the choice to have more anime-like faces is probably smarter on them.
>The main complaint about the movie was the actual scenario right?

Yeah, pretty much, many people(including me) also didn't like this new Harlock and the general art direction, the most frequent comment you'll see is how the new Arcadia is horrible compared to the old one, which I personally don't quite get as there are literally insignificant changes all around.
What I didn't like was how Harlock became some shitty action hero, Harlock used to be a character that was driven by passion and made solemn talks about freedom, humanity and war whereas this Harlock is all about saving Earth and little more.
>I didn't see the point of the nude bath scene but whatever.
It ain't Matsumoto without the nudity and he bath scenes.

>so is Harlock immortal or a lineage of people taking the name?

The starting Harlock was immortal due to Black Matter shenanigans, the same thing that got Tochiro fused with the Arcadia's mainframe AI, at the end of the movie he passes his name on to Yama along with his eyepatch so he will become the next Harlock when the time comes, apparently he's a normal human being again by the end of the movie.
That's fine. I want to be my own man.

But I still want a giant battleship though...

I rewatched Galaxy Express 999 for the first time the other day. I think it was my first anime, which is weird because I was born in 1990.
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Of course not. Very few people will ever be as cool as that man, let alone me.

I can consider myself lucky if I'll live to become like THIS man.
I like how Digimon has a Captain Harlock now.
I was born in 1988 and my first anime were Grendizer, Harlock and HnK because my mom watched them and gave me her VHS

Thanks Mom

Can your mom adopt me? She sounds cool...
She used to watch anime with me when I was a kid, like Harlock, Ranma, Lupin and other stuff, now not so much unfortunately.

She's grown out of it unfortunately and we're also a bit distant these days due to some IRL stuff.

If you want to be my brother though I'll gladly adopt you, being an only child is suffering sometimes.
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frowny face 1.png
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>will never be as cool as Harlock
>always stuck on Earth
>won't even make it to Mars
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harlock m35.jpg
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Put it in your will that you want your ashes spread in space then.
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Tylor Salute.png
2MB, 1440x1080px
>you will never be Captain Tylor

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So, where would be a good starting point if I want to get into this stuff? Galaxy Express 999 anime series? Those 113 episodes are intimidating as fuck and I don't really see myself watching them unless they're LOGH tier of addicting.

Just watch the original Harlock series.
yeah, go with the first harlock series

999 is like older Trek, here's this week's planet, maybe a two parter but don't count on it
Watch the original Harlock series, then watch the Harlock movies.

After those you might want to consider going through Galaxy Express 999 and eventually Yamato if you're in the mood for more.
>She's grown out of it unfortunately and we're also a bit distant these days due to some IRL stuff.

I'm sorry to hear that anon, stuff happened and I can't visit home either.
Thanks kind anons, Harlock it is - been meaning to watch this for a while now. As for Galaxy Express 999 I suppose I'll try it out if I get really bored. Those encodes I've seen flying around aren't very encouraging for now.
Yeah man, I know how you feel.
You're welcome, If you don't want to bother with GE999 series there's always the movie trilogy which is very nice, and don't forget the Queen Emeraldas OVAs, though you might want to watch GE999 movies before those as there are a few things that explains parts of GE999 plotpoints and the relationship between Emeraldas and Maetel.

Not to mention Emeraldas herself is pretty damn good, one of the best female characters of all times.
File: 8_2.jpg (149KB, 640x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Captain Harlock's wikipedia says that the captain from Last Exile is based off of Harlock.
Space Symphony Maetel it's great if you can forget about the outrageously bad animations and drawings.

It's also pretty damn sad even for Matsumoto's standards.
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I just finished watching Emeraldas - without watching GE999 and with faint memories of the Harlock series.

It was good, and I liked it. It undoubtedly felt like a waste because I didn't watch the background materials beforehand.

Still was good, though. As this anon says: >>11084989
>Emeraldas herself is pretty damn good, one of the best female characters of all times.

All that fucking suave and being based and 90s proportions.
File: My waifu.jpg (125KB, 800x903px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
My waifu.jpg
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Emeraldas is awesome, she has Harlock's flair and the femininity that only Matsumoto's women can have, I also like how she's even more reckless and hotblooded than Harlock.

If you want more of her you can watch>>11085039 and cry like a bitch every 10 minutes.

Unfortunately the visuals are not even remotely as good as the Queen Emeraldas OVAs.
File: 33214884.jpg (270KB, 1116x529px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>13 episodes instead of 100-something

I can do that. Visuals I was worried about, but I'm sure I've seen worse.
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Oh and what about Maetel Legend?
It's pretty great, Space Symphony Maetel is basically a retelling of Maetel Legend.

There is only one problem with Maetel Legend, it's heavily based on the Queen Millennia series which was basically one of the starting points, if not the starting point of the whole Maetel and consequently GE999 saga.

A lot of things in Maetel Legend refer to the Queen Millennia and partially to the Harlock series Captain Harlock and the Queen of a Thousand Years. Then again, basically all of Matsumoto's worked are intertwined so it's not like watching them in in-universe chronological order is better than watching them in the order you want, so if you manage to get a good edition watch it, it's a beautiful piece of animation.

I don't even think there are scans of Queen Millennia anyway.
>Space Symphony Maetel is basically a retelling of Maetel Legend.

Damn forget what I said, it's a sequel, Maetel Legend is actually a retelling/sequel of Queen Millennia. Got the two mixed up.
Oh, I also forgot about Cosmo Warrior Zero which is pretty fucking great. Lots of Emeraldas in there too.
File: 861d90e9.jpg (383KB, 759x1071px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The character designs are still great at least.
File: 418e00a7.jpg (89KB, 620x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Patiently waiting for more Queen Millennia episodes... That fucking OP.
File: 03601ec9.jpg (168KB, 616x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cosmo Warrior Zero feels like a mess to me after the first 6 episodes. For one, you have that gunslinger girl who never shows up again (despite the fact that she's supposed to be following harlock), the pacing goes to shit, and it feels like wasted potential.
File: Silviana_CW0.jpg (246KB, 717x999px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Matsumoto is great when it comes to futuristic design. The whole idea of making the Queen Emeralda a Zeppelin-like ship with a Galeon core is awesome, not to mention the Yamato, Arcadia and character designs.
I really liked the interactions between the characters and how the cast grows, I'm not really surprised about Silviana disappearing, it's the same thing that happens with a lot of secondary female antagonists, Helzamaria was even worse in the second Galaxy Express movie considering she was the "big bad" and had almost no screentime.

The pacing wasn't great but at least it's not as bad as the GE series which is too damn longwinded.
File: 4464262.jpg (148KB, 550x775px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So now I'm gonna watch Maetel Legend, Space Warrior Zero, and then Space Symphony Maetel?

Thank you for the guide, kind anon!
No problem, I do hope you enjoy them.

They're all very sad series, except maybe Space Warrior Zero, but at the same time, it's a great feeling of adventure, it's like you've lived a live after you watch one of Matsumoto's series, you can't help but look back at some moments, very few anime manage to do that.

It's perhaps the old rule of theatrical narrative, to make them understand happiness you have to show them sorrow and vice versa.
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Pretty much this. Tochiro and Emeraldas are so cute in those series, but knowing how it will kinda hurts
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>I will never marathon every episode of Carl Macek's masterpiece.
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Space loli.png
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Reminder that Matsumoto was right and not to trust space lolis, no matter how retconned they are in the present days.

We need you to stop the loli menace.

Enroll today for the future of humankind.
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