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Hey /m/, I usually hang out on /k/, but I wondered if this might be a more appropriate board. Is Hawken within the guidelines of this board?

Seems more Japanese anime type stuff to be honest but I'll chuck it out there to see if there's any fans here
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If it's a robot or a piloted mech/a, it's /m/. Hell, if it's a spaceship it's probably /m/.
a bump...?
anyone? :(
hello friends, hawken definately has mechs
So the thing about /m/ is that it's slow as shit and there's almost never a need to bump a thread.

Also, while we do primarily deal in the animes, we take all kinds of robots here. I've seen people talk Hawken before here. I've no experience with it, but I've seen it discussed before.
Hawken is definitely /m/. The reason we don't talk about it much is because it's an average to okay first person shooter with samey western designs. I personally liked that they embraced and even poked fun at the garbage-pile aesthetic in the mech descriptions, but it's not fun enough to hold my interest.

It's better than Mechwarrior Online at least.
ah, I suppose I'm used to faster boards

good to hear! Personally I think it's a great game. Granted I don't play too many FPSs but it has great immersion
There used to be Hawken generals on /vg/. There isn't one now though.

The main problem with it is what everyone says, it's pretty much an FPS.

I found a more /m/ experience in strike vector, but no one plays it.
Greetings /k/omrade! The Self Propelled Bipedal Combat Vehicles are not yet finished. How do you like the Glock? I hear it's popular.
eh, kinda overpriced
Hey diehard hawken fan here. Glad to see a thread here in /m/ since the generals on /vg/ died. The game is in a rough spot now, some unexpected tech issues while changing to better servers have delayed development and slowed all updates to the game.

Anyways I absolutely love Hawken's old scrap thrown together into a mech aesthetic and the Japanese inspired look of some of the levels. Really has some awesome art design thanks to Khang Lee. Anyone else here read the graphic novel or any of the one shot comics? They're decent, nice way of explaining the backstory to the universe and I highly recommend at least the graphic novel o anyone remotely interested. Great /m/ oriented design and a pretty good dystopian war story about a terraformed colony controlled by corporate entities.

The gameplay in Hawken is okay but for me it's really the /m/ design and lore that keeps me coming back.

I have a tonic Hawken art I'd dump if I were at home right now. I'm also doing some work on a Hawken bible syphoning all the data I can from the extended universe stuff.

Its folded into the MWO General thread now. The consensus seems to be 'MWO = shit, Hawken = No Players'.
I'm very interested in an art dump :) fellow hawken fan here, just started playing at the Steam release and I love it

Am I the only one who likes MWO better than Hawken?

Hawken feels too much like an infantry shooter, at least in MWO I feel like I'm in a big fucking robot.

I also just like the gameplay better, but hey, I probably am the only person who thinks that.
You'd be right
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Roger that pilot. Commencing dump.

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Ah this one got corrupted somehow here it is again
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I don't really get why people think Hawken feels like infantry, probably the lack of scale objects in most of the levels. In any case, most giant robots are animated to move like giant infantry.

I do feel like MWO had better core gameplay, locational damage, component damage, and all. Too bad the system wrapped around it was such garbage.
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hawken has some really great artists working on it, and is one of the best presented games ive seen in awhile, everything else about it is terrible tho.
I was under the impression of a super realistic mecha sim but we got instead was free to play call of duty with robots.
i played during the beta and after they launched it on steam and i cant say i like the direction its going personally.
the free 2 play thing really disappoints me cause i would have paid full price for it had it been a regular game. too bad really.
i know you can unlock all the important stuff without paying a cent but its really not worth the grind, and thats coming from someone who maxed out 3 suits.
really frustrating how the devs are just after a cash grab before the game is even officially done.

also the party system fucks with everything and makes the game balance shit.
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The F2P part of the game isn't that bad. Especially when they do double XP weekends combined with the fact that they recently lowered the XP needed to rank up. I maxed 2 mechs in one weekend last time they had double XP.

Also there is no cash grab, I think they've shot themselves in the foot by not really making the player buy enough. With the camos they have given out during ascension, and the drones and parts you can get by leveling up few people feel the need to even pay any real money for this game. On top of that with most camo and thrusters being global now buying a little goes a long way compared to before. I know pilots on the official forums that have every camo, thruster, and drone and are waiting for there to even be new things to spend their money on.
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50/50 DONE
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you're a guddamn inspiration to us all pilot.

Here's one you might've missed
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I'd probably play this more if the mechs didn't look like walking scrap yards. Pic related a good looking mech.
well hawken's mechs are supposed to be pressed into duty and many of them literally welded together from other mechs between battles.
It makes sense from a lore perspective as the planet is quarantined due to the hawken virus, so anyone on the planet kinda has to make do with what they've got.
Besides, I kinda like the whole gritty feel to it. Not everything has to be smooth and japanesey
I *like* Hawken, I really do, I enjoy it, but I just can't get into it. I don't know what it is, but I'll play a few matches and then not touch it for god only knows how long.
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same here man, I played maybe 10 hours after the Steam release then went back to Warframe and I've only just picked up Hawken again and putting some serious hours into it
Man, fucking this. When I first installed it it was really fun and I played it for a while, but it's just not compelling enough to make me want to play it.
too grindy?
As an arena shooter Hawken is honestly fantastic, well balanced and fast paced. F2P elements are also at a complete minimum to the point when someone complains about P2W everyone just laughs at them for being stupid.

The whole problem is yet another case of the devs being fuck retarded.

They have this great arena shooter which screams to be competitive yet they ban people from monetizing it. What this means is nobody reviews it because there is no money to be made from advertising it. This kind of game needs word of mouth and youtube LP's to get out there and they banned it.

In turn this gives Hawken a dead userbase and creates a stupidly high skill gap between newbies and veterans. You get new players who range from simply inexperienced to pants on head never dodge retarded. Then you have veteran players who are walking one man armies who go into bullet time every time you encounter them. After being stomped by them or getting paired with some of the special needs cases so many times you just give up.

Then the final problem is again the devs have somehow squandered all the investment they got ($20mil ish) and only made a tech demo not even out of Beta with no campaign over 3 years.

In summary, great balanced competitive game suffering from shit userbase and sorely unfinished content from clearly talented devs with no priorities.

Well least it shits on MWO.
Hawken is the least grindy F2P game out there, especially if you find a good team for Co-Op bot destruction for credits you can fully kit out a mech in just like 5 sessions.
course it shits on MWO

yea but how easy is it to find a talented team co-op these days?
I like it, but I wish the battlefields were more expansive instead of huge mazes filled with wreckage. I think I am ruined by games like Battlefield and Gundam. A PVE campaign would be nice.

Also yes, this board is welcoming of all robots. We're also cool with fighter planes, supervehicles, and spaceships.

By the way, I heard Star Conflict, that Russian space fighter game, is introducing a free roam PVE/PVP mode, which sounds great.
glad to hear it :)
I've been meaning to get into Gundam, but not really sure where to start
Say what you want, but Hawken mechs have the best urban trash heap camo ever.
Pretty hard sadly, but you can be sure when I do I friend the hell out of them. Most can't even seem to get the idea that Co-Op bot destruction favours heavies, supressive fire and camping more.

The other funny thing about this game is most newbies don't seem to realize the free Recruit mech you start with is actually a fantastic almost top tier mech. So many seem stuck with the mindset being a F2P game they'll give you the worst gear possible to start.
Almost the opposite. The starter mech is perfectly competitive and I got top 5 with it more than a few times, but when I bought the next one up it was the same mech with the weapons upgrade order shifted around. Sometimes it almost seems like the lack of a Skinner box response to keep grinding for a supergun you'll get if you roll the dice enough is what feels like it's turning me off, when it's really just not triggering near-addiction levels of compulsion to continue.
>I like it, but I wish the battlefields were more expansive instead of huge mazes filled with wreckage. I think I am ruined by games like Battlefield and Gundam. A PVE campaign would be nice.
A PvE campaign is desperately needed in this game and way overdue, it's honestly the only way they could revive the game and buy themselves time to keep working on expanding the PvP.

Agree with battlefields needing to be way bigger there are some mechs which can cover a whole map in just a couple of seconds. However I wouldn't want it without proper cover and a competant designer. You'd just have an obnoxious amount of Rocketeer/Sharpshooter/Reaper spam.
oh yeah ol' freddy is annoyingly difficult to counter unless the pilot is pants on head retarded and doesnt dodge at all.
Try using an A or C class, playstyle rapidly changes believe me
I think most of the only reason to buy up the other weapons and mechs is just to explore different play styles because yes the Fredbot is actually excellent if you're patient enough to practice.

I think competitively the top ranks actually look like mostly Incinerator/Technician/Predator/Infiltrator/Recruit/Assault with the only ones bordering on actually overpowered being Technician and Incinerator.

Then after that almost every other mech is still viable with the only truly bad mechs in this whole game being the Bruiser and the G2's, but even they occasionally can be useful. I'd argue Reaper and Sharpshooter are terrible too though if only because they seem to attract the worse players for some reason. But I know they can be horrible to deal with when someone competant uses them.
Oh and because I'm stupid I also forgot to mention Grenadier as one of the top rankers though it's the mech probably with the highest skill curve in the game.
bruiser being bad? Certainly not, my bruiser is my highest leveled mech, guided missiles are so much fun as long as you stay out of range. And the vulcan tends to mess up anyone who get close pretty well.

All mechs are viable, its just a few have a ridiculously high skill level required. G2 raider, predator, raider(maybe) HeatScout, Gren is a little difficult
Bruiser is definitely bad in the long run, it's ability is arguably useless for one thing. Then you have to look at the fact it has absolutely no mid-range capabilities at all without the Assault Rifle which is Prestige when most of the game is fought at mid-range. Hellfires are too slow for a peekaboo cover style of play and the Vulcan needs a direct line of sight on top of the fire delay and putting you on the radar 24/7.

If it's long range support you want Rocketeer does it better with it's higher armour and the ridiculously good Seeker and in close range you're spoilt for choice.

Ultimate result is you have a mech with average armour, no (or a extremely slow inaccurate) burst weapons, okayish sustained damage and a largely useless ability since you should be taking cover rather than tanking.

Given it can be useful in a team which needs a bit of both close range and long range support. But if you're playing Missile Assault or Siege they are pretty weak traits.
I find the ability, which has a very low cooldown, meaning you can use it at least twice in a sustained firefight, very useful as you can shrug off TOWs quite easily.
Also, hellfire missles aren't supposed to be for peekaboo, they're for area denial and making people shit their metal britches when theyre caught in the open when you use the lock.
>Also, hellfire missles aren't supposed to be for peekaboo, they're for area denial and making people shit their metal britches when theyre caught in the open when you use the lock.
Thing is Hellfire's are very easy to dodge even in the open, more experienced players can easily dodge a full locked on Hellfire volley with any A/B class and some very good players can pull it off with even a C class. Meaning it's pretty possible to close down the gap and force a Bruiser into a peekaboo situation. It's a problem Rocketeers don't have because they can keep spamming Seeker's to hit them out of dodge.

Though you're right they cause people to panic when they see that lock on it only works on those who don't know how to deal with it outside ducking behind a wall. But it goes back to what I've been saying anyway is Bruisers rely on there being a secondary long range support to do their job and relying on others is dangerous.

Though being able to shrug off a Tow is always a nice thing, they always do so much damage when they connect. But it always seems so much easier to simply lay a minefield with any EOC user or just spray fiery death with a Incinerator if it's area denial you want.
File: Atlasopen.jpg (164KB, 1280x720px)
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I haven't played Hawken all that much, but it definately tickles my fancy with the military sci-fi esque feel it has to it Mechs don't look sleek and refined to you?d That's the point and part of the appeal, exact same reason I like BattleTech. I'm also a huge fan of Titanfall which really combines the aesthethics of both Jap and Western designs.

I'm just trying to say that they might be few and far inbetween but besides the chicken-walker torpedo-faces (Daishi/Mad Cat) there's some real good stuff in there.
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