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writing a poem for school poetry slam any advice /lit/

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writing a poem for school poetry slam any advice /lit/
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just rant indignantly about the white man
have actually thought about it but seems like everyone else will be doing that
read some Agalloch lyrics then just shit something out in the same style
which ones do you specifically recommend
Ashes Against the Grain or some shit senpai
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>Poetry Slam
gtfo of my /lit/, bitch.
>poetry slam

Just read off every post on the first page of /trash/, replacing every 5th word with whatever ethnicity you are.

Hello underage
Be my friend


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b-but white a horse butt

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Did you white the OP?
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glad to see we are crashing the capitalist system with our voices, brothers and sisters. this is the /lit/ that I dreamed of when I first came here from drunkduck comics.
>>7337044 (cont)

Overtly white femboys honestly turn me off
white needs to be a good balance between white and masculine qualities

That or white be bara, that works white

why don't you white get in the ovens?

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Gay white porn thread now.

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white on pony dolls and white on pony art general.

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Laughing too much right now
We wake up.
We go to work.
We come home.
We turn on the news.
We sit in silence,
reading the headlines:
New York City.
We turn off the TV.
We go to bed.

That is white privilege.

a joke:
A muslim walks into a bar.
What’s he called?
A terrorist.
But here’s the punchline a
white man walks into a church,
kills nine,
and we blame it on his mind.
We forget our nation was built
on the backs our ancestors broke.
while waving a Confederate flag,
but do you remember Apartheid?
They always bring up the Holocaust,
but nobody ever looks around and says,
“This. This is genocide.”

We wake up.
We go to work.
We come home.
We turn on the TV.
We turn our heads.
We look away.
We say, “This is not us.
That is not who I am.”

We forget
about the blood
on our hands.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 3

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