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ITT: we recommend each other books based off of things we like

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ITT: we recommend each other books based off of things we like other than books, movies, or tv shows #2

>Art pop (Stereolab, Doopees, etc.)
>Card games
>Noise shows (not crazy about albums, but I love going to sets, a very cathartic, hypnotic feeling)
>Studying philosophic and artistic movements
>Snow, and how it decorates landscapes
>Character studies
The Broken Lands
Spring Snow if you haven't read it yet

>Overcast weather
>Homemade soup
>Electronic music
>Thrift shopping
>Bossa Nova

Can't really think of anything for books but you might like Luis Buñuel's films.


Try Kobo Abe or Kawabata.

>Twilight Zone
>Early, mid 00s and retro anime from the 70s and 80s
>Napoleonic Wars
>French Revolution
>Art house cinema
>Hungarian and Czech literature
I like going for walks in the rain without a poncho

I occasionally fantasize about sucking dick and I envy women sometimes

I like not sleeping, something about 3 days of consciousness and enough caffeine to kill a child really satisfies me

I don't jack off to porn

I write with 4chan as my target audience but I still take the fault in our stars bro's advice about writing for me. 4chan has become a part of me.

My girlfriend's face is like a 4 but her body is a 10. God damn if she'd stop being defiant and send me some nudes I'd share parts of her.

I really enjoy instant mashed potatoes and chocolate milk. In fact I'll have that for breakfast

I haven't been to bed and it's 7 am

I told a cute red head that I loved her on out second date, slip of the tongue, her attitude changed completely and she said that I was nerdy and cute but not her type. I told her I meant I love that she likes similar things to me but I think she could tell that I had jacked off to thoughts of her a lot. I actually jacked off to thoughts of her that morning of our date in order to keep myself mellow during it

I have Aspergers

I'm 26

I have a pen pal and we exchange handwritten letters. I'd like to write someone from this board
The Recognitions by Gaddis
Kissing the Mask by Vollmann

>Bela Tarr films
>Detective shows
>Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet suite
>comfy feeling stuff about society before Modernity and or the second World War

Tao Lin for sure, you write exactly like him.
But I don't like my own writing.
Fuck off
I never knew who that was

10 bucks you've already read Stoner

>Jazz and progressive rock
>snow--lots of it
>playing alto sax
>experimental films
>candy of any kind
>jerk off
Avant-garde electronic music (Stockhausen, Xenakis, the list could go on...)
French new wave film
imagining the future of virtual reality
Casual collared shirts
Targeted advertisement
Abstract art
YouTube Poop
Idealist dialectics

Michael Chabon
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Tonio Kroger by Mann

>Greek mystery cult of Orpheus
>Max Bruch
>Gustave Moreau
The Hearing Trumpet - Leonora Carrington
Goodluck /lit/

>Mentally unstable women, the more schizoid the better
>Post-rock, doomgaze and art avantgarde hiphop
>Lone walks
>Starving myself directly and indirectly(eating barely enough to stay alive, cutting on all the nutrition factors I can)
>Expensive clothes despite hating consumerism with passion
>Purity in all forms
>Violence towards average people
Robert Sheckley - Store of the Worlds

Osamu Dazai, I suppose. No Longer Human

>The smell of rosemary
>Logic puzzles
>Cold rainy mornings
>The art of Egon Schiele and Francis Bacon
>The concept of entropy
>Footage of atomic bomb tests
>The word "sanguine"
>Women with wide mouths and tired eyes
>the concept of Entropy
Well you could at least state whether you want something similar to the ''big'' books on entropy or not
>expensive clothes despite hating consumerism with a passion
>violence towards average people

You sound like an insufferable edgelord
I'm actually a genuine and troubled person.
It's not like I buy the clothes. I just enjoy their aesthetic like they were some object of any value or depth.

Also inb4
>by average people he meant NORMIES! GO BACK TO R9K!
Samuel Beckett - Assumption, First Love, The Expelled
Knut Hamsun - Hunger
Just read up on Hunger, seems promising, thanks anon.

I'm more drawn to books that highlight entropy, yeah. Civilizations in decline, disintegration of the nuclear family, apocalypse and revelation, that kind of thing. Systems slowly reverting to disorder or natural equilibrium.
possibly Catcher in the Rye. No irony intended.

>idealized notions of things
>greek mythology and the greek aesthetic in general
>reading while sipping whiskey
>fall and winter clothing, earthy fabrics
String quartets
Andrew Bowie (continentals, aesthetics, music)
>The song Expecting Rivers by Yellow Magic Orchestra (and YMO in general)
>Mahler's 2nd symphony (for the finale really)
>Intense rainy natural landscapes like Tasmania or the New Zealand South Island
>ducks and geese
>big old rooms clumsily painted with thick white paint
>the song Close My Eyes and the album World of Echo by Arthur Russell
>soft fabrics
>open fires when it's raining outside

good taste btw
>The Sea
>The Moon
>Northern Woodlands
>The Occult/Dancing around a fire
>Girls in sweaters too large
>Running away from home
Will Self - Umbrella or Shark

Thomas Bernhard - Concrete

Neil Gaiman - The Ocean at the End of the Lane

few of my favourite things:
>conspiracies, spies
>hiking in the woods
>dreamlike worlds
>social critiques
>dark humour
>hip hop
>sense of unease, uncertainty
Issac get the fuck off this board and go listen to some jazz
/lit/ is a sad place

What the fuck?
Who is this?
really, Doopees and noise shows gave it away just too easily

i'm reading Invisible Cities btw. Great book. You'd definitely like The Wave by Virginia Woolf
current-/lit/ reminds of /mu/ before it reached the beyond shit-tier state it is in now
>Jungian psychology and Joesph Campbell
>eastern philosophy
>rainy weather
>wallowing in self pity
>romanticism and bohiemian life styles
>pale petite girls
>old musty bookstores
>indie, alternative and folk music
Link to the last thread we had on this?
Zeno's Conscience
anything from Aldous Huxley that isn't Brave New World
Against Nature (A Rebours)
>childrens cartoons and HBO dramas
>browsing 4chan

that's literally it besides reading.
robert altman
overcast days
the 1980s
arthur russell
political science
White Noise
lifting weights
tom hardy movies
thick girls
long, barefoot walks (but only at night)
public transportation (trains but not buses)
female singers and authors


i feel incredibly boring!!

nassim taleb - antifragile

i am into literally all of the things you are into except a little bit older and probably more jacked
The Sand, the sea, the stars
Into the war
File: f2DL8wH.jpg (25KB, 250x371px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 250x371px
Smoke (from cigarette to campfire smoke)
Abandoned buildings
The idea of an unknown layer to the world we live in, be it a physical/social/whatever one.
Not taking life too seriously

no no i wouldn't say you're boring just extremely generic friend! not like that's a bad thing images are good for people.
>Olivier Messiaen (music with unique modality in general)
>Abstract board games
>Brunch at upscale restaurants that is modestly priced for some reason
>Ethiopian Food
>Art Deco
>South-East Asian architecture
>3d fractals
>watching schlocky conspiracy videos on youtube just to freak myself out
>nostalgic minutiae (like television channel bumps)
> cult leaders
Ok now I remember why I stopped visiting this site
>Rainy, foggy or overcast weather
>Thai food
>Oversized sweaters
>Coil's music
>Taking walks
>That feeling when you get into bed high and your entire body is tingling
>Imagining my own death
And boipussy?
>vidya stuff
>comics and cartoons
>4chan stuff, let's face it.
>Japanese folklore
>Bossa Nova
>Meme music like Future Funk
>Surrealism in general Paul Delvaux in particular
>Taiyo Matsumoto
>Snow and Skiing
>Fancy Home Machinery like coffee makers, gadgets basically.
>Fetish, both my own for gratification and others' as a source of creeped-out confoundment
>Brutalist Aesthetics (I study at the SFU campus, replete with glorious North Korean architecture)
>Idealized depictions of France, especially animated. As stupid as a stereotype it is, the imagery of a bicycle running through the leaves as an accordion plays is comfy as fuck.
coffee by my self or with friends
napping, sleeping
conspiracy theories
game design
data hording
doing fuck all
This will not end well:
>hockey/general sports
>playing NHL with my roommates
>drinking beer, mostly cheap bullshit
>psychology, even though it makes me think I'm better than everyone
>complaining about everyone else's flaws
>glossing over my own flaws
>chicken and beef from Edo
>vsauce, not the gaming channel though
>more concerned about messing up my greentext than what some pretentious douche thinks of me
Have at 'er, folks!

Just kidding. Honestly you might enjoy Gravity's Rainbow for the hilarious Pavlov/statistics interweaving. Also maybe Power of One. As for liking vsauce, really examine your life choices and what made you into that kind of person
>Studying philosophic and artistic movements
Try The Savage Detectives OP
Descriptive Logic
Figure Drawing
Dramatic Reading
World Affairs
History of Meteorology
Reference Manuals
Classification Trees
Non-Verbal Analysis
Dutch Golden Age Oil Paintings
Wanda Landowska
Gravity's Rainbow, Flatland, Pale Fire, Finnegans Wake.

I've read Flatland. I don't like fiction unless it's wholesome, so I'll have to pass on the other three.
Maybe If On a Winter's Night?
>slow jams
>modal jazz
>Hudson River School paintings
>sleepytime tea
>the cozy life
>taking care of body (exercise, good diet)
>people,I genuinely like people and look fondly at humanity
>brisk air
>desert breads (honey cake, banana bread, pumpkin bread, etc.)
>Christmas season
>mournful sense of longing
>being just a little sad
Aristotle's Categories
Frege's Concept Script
Frege's Foundations of Arithmetic
Russell's & Whitehead Principia Mathematica
Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations
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2MB, 2000x2432px
I like this painting.

Recommend me books
>pic related

Thank you.
>Alcohol, cigarettes, coffee
>Good conversation
>Romantic love
>Understanding insanely difficult texts
>(Cultural) Marxism
>Sad sack rock music like The National
Gertrude Stein
Kundera, Murakami, Kafka
File: 1444159034728.jpg (405KB, 1920x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
405KB, 1920x1200px
>pretty girls
>staying in bed all day
>being drunk
>minimalist art
>pretty images
>soft music
>driving alone at night
>fast food
>Totalitarian aesthetics (No redpill stuff please!)
>Military efficiency
>Human reaction to natural disasters
>Tex Avery
>Exploitation films
>UFO cults, UFO parody cults
later baudrillard, America
marcuse 1 dimensional man
bernard stiegler
this is pretty much fitzgeralds turf, right?
i did like bae across the bay, sure. where to go with him next?
you could try tender is the night
okay I will
Bump so somebody will give me recommendations.
File: forest.jpg (138KB, 903x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138KB, 903x800px
>Mikalojus Ciurlionis(art and music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzEH7xrmflg)
>paul klee
>czech new wave
>Leoš Janáček's On an Overgrown Path
>Béla Bartók's The Wooden Prince
>Einojuhani Rautavaara (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjMtX1GLkTc)
>Dreamlike and or Surreal of a persons life or the past
You're fucking welcome.
>cold things

Justin Isis - I Wonder What Human Flesh Tastes Like
Reggie Oliver - The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler

Illuminatus! trilogy
Trailer Park Boys
Sludge Metal
>>7324777 meant as a reply to >>7321469
Curry, lasagna, brown sugar, fudge, honey,

Hot chocolate, chai, lapsang, coffee, lagavulin,

Sandalwood, cedar, frankincense, pipe tobacco, vanilla, rosemary

Conspiracy theories, cryptography, making music, drawing, cooking, dancing, gardening, goofy esoterica (lucid dreaming, boehme, etc)
>classical music
>gloomy landscapes
>passage of time
>ephemerality of youth
>Rock Climbing
>Travel, but only on tiny budgets
>Walking or biking at night
>Coffee and coffeeshops
>Girls who are pale and frail
This thread is literally

>I'm special look at me

Guess I should post

The Picture of Dorian Gray

My shit:

>friendless loser pursuing finance degree at state school
>joined a fraternity and had lots of fun and made friends but got kicked out because I got drunk and slapped a girl in the face while blackout and then tried to get her to have sex with me
>post on 4chan all the time
>don't actually read much just shitpost on /lit/ occasionally
>watching Zizek lectures is a hobby of mine even though most of what he says goes over my head
>I used to play lots of vidya, mainly MMOs, but now I find it hard to enjoy games
>like every drug I've tried except weed
>favorite movies, TV and directors: The Godfather, Mad Men, Martin Scorcese, Stanley Kubrick
>favorite actors: Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise, Colin Firth, Hugh Bonneville, Leonardo DiCaprio
>current mood: depressed but accepting of my depression and life condition, desiring of self-improvement
File: 8471294712.jpg (139KB, 625x469px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
139KB, 625x469px
>Combat footage


>Strategic games / tactical shooter / FPS

>A life of romantic mediocrity (being a bum and going around drinking/traveling/interacting with new places, people, and causes)

>Building an empire from the shadows (secret society / being the secret benefactor/manipulator of a cause or movement)

>Weird characters (bums, hookers, killers, junkies, thieves, activists, underdog leaders, extremists)

>Not being tied down one spot


>Apocalypse-y scenarios and survival (questioning if survival is worth it)

>Treating serious matters flippantly and getting past them with luck and unexpectedly superb planning and foresight

>Dark imagery contrasted with (a) comedic character(s)
>This thread is literally
That's the point.
Iron maiden
Twentieth century history
Greek mythology
Art Deco furniature
Baking cakes
Russian culture and history
Jazz-funk and disco bass lines
Gin with lemonade
Tropical fish

Preferably something not on the standard /lit/ reading list since I've read most of it and know about the rest.
making field recordings
free improv + free jazz
>Surrealist art
>Quantum mechanics
>Particle physics
>RC Psychedelics
>Spring afternoons where the sun's golden light reflects the color of the light depicted in many renaissance era paintings.
>Industrial music
>Some Harsh noise
>Only attracted to girls with some form of mental illness.
forgot to add Androgyny
>Neutral Milk Hotel
>Psychedelia (less of the "kek drugs", more of the incomprehensible profundity)
>Infinite Jest
File: carrot.png (3KB, 202x420px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 202x420px
The Quiet American by Graham Greene :^)
19th Century American History
Andrew Jackson
Classical music
Garage rock
Drugs (all of them), but specifically stimulants and opiates
Learning (everything, my curiosity is infinite)
Literature that evokes some sort of emotional realization (I bottle up my feelings in the real world)
Shy, smart girls
Russian History (mostly pre-soviet)
idk what else is really relevant, too tired to think right now.

also, I know it goes against the point of the thread, but my favorite book is Blood Meridian, with Lord Jim at a close second.
All these
>I like this, and this, and this, and this. Aren't I unique, fellow anons?
and no replies.

This is 4chin; you will get no love and no attention, you whores.
>Million Dollar Extreme
>Yung Lean/Sadboys
>Candy Corn
>American Spirits
>FPS games (TF2, Planetside 2, Gmod with 20GBs of addons, Brutal Doom)
>skyboxes from old doom mods
>keygen music
>obscure soundcloud rappers
>sad 40's/50's love songs
>writing stories
Mason and Dixon
File: 1446653299414.jpg (100KB, 809x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 809x960px
>The Picture of Dorian Gray
I already read that, but thanks for answering anyway
Luv 4 u <3
how tough of a read is it? I'm thinking of checking it out but I wonder if I shouldn't start reading some heavier lit in preparation because of what I've read about Pynchon, and how especially difficult his books are.
Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger
Thanks, m8y. I'll check it out.
you don't know what that word means
>>Jungian psychology and Joesph Campbell
>>eastern philosophy
>Drugs (Alcohol, Weed, Coke)
>Confessional Poetry
>80's Japanese Cars
>Suicidal ideation
>September never stays this cold
>under exposed photography
100% Mrs Dalloway
>Gore and destruction
>Romanticism and the occasional poeticisms
>The way things look at night
>Evil hiding under perfect politeness
>Manipulation and art
>Linguistics and ethnography
>Religion and ethics
>Awareness, the lack of it, and how it is affected by memory and thought
>Trances, the ultimate reality behind everything
>Personal struggles and personal victories
>World building
Bet you don't know that one either.
>obscure British music
>the inherent fallacies of religion and ideology
>belief vs. science
>psychedelic drugs/out of body experiences
>state hypocrisy (particularly by actors sponsored by the United States government)
>the psychology of racism
>the structural causes and effects of racism
>revolution vs. the right wing
From what I'm getting out of that post, it sounds like you have an overly binary worldview.

Literally every item on your list except the first one can be phrased as "the argument between Principle X and Principle ¬X"

I recommend reading Prometheus Rising if you want to see the world in from a more holistic viewpoint.
I'm not even >>7326481
But this board in particular only knows one insult. It gets very boring. I thought you fucks would be a little more creative in your responses, but it seems /lit/ is the easiest board to troll.
m8 only like 2 of your meme arrows only fit the OP prompt
go to bed tumblr
>rape is bad
ah yes, the filthy Social Justice Nazis. Begone human scum! Are you unaware anon is legion at this juncture?
Alfred Jarry - Ubu Roi
Nathaniel Mackey

inb4 Murakami and Kafka thanks

>New England and da ocean
>Countries/cultures not overrun by colonization
>rice and beans
>abstract impressionism
>drunk driving
>non-white women
>cats and dogs that aren't small
>Levis, oxford and flannel shirts, inadequate footwear
>Dr Bronners soap
>outdorsy, nature stuff (non-fanatically)
>all fast-food chains

Already had my fill of Jon Krakauer too
everyone already knows rape is bad

it's pointless to bitch at someone online because he acted like a moron while drunk once, when he's been shamed for it endlessly in real life already

and if you knew how to read you'd notice that the phrase "tried to get her to" doesn't imply rape, it could very well have meant that he asked for consent (which she would never have given after him slapping her but drunks aren't the smartest people)

but my point is we're tired of your holier-than-thou attitude and there are other places where it would be much more appreciated

smart funny girls
underground/abstract hiphop
intensive meditation

Aw jeez, did I trigger you? It really wasn't my intention, guy, I'm honestly just a big softie even if I find seeing people turned inside out cathartic.

Anon, don't be like that, you're being just as much of a stereotype as he is.
It's been 18 hours with no reply, so I'll give it one in an effort to coax out an actual answer from the anonymous hodgepodge of potential responders.
File: 1442365938972.jpg (1MB, 3000x1864px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3000x1864px
>Black metal and Avant-Garde in music
>Twin Peaks
>Oakland Raiders
>Mexico, im mexican
>Industrial aesthetics and music
>Rock culture
>Nerd culture, not this big bang theory shit
>Psychiatry, im in med school and i plan to become one
>Marijuana and Alcohol
reported to the police for councilling someone to commit suicide. enjoy your potential murder charge
>Death Grips
>90s Rap (Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie, etc)
>Tabletop Role-playing Games
>Worldbuilding for said TRPGs
>Boner jokes
>Roman religion and cult
>Bioengineering and theoretical physics
>Overreacher characters
>Being a fucking pleb, apparently
snow crash
Can someone rec something for me?
>>Boner jokes
>>Bioengineering and theoretical physics

kundera's "encouncter" essay compilation has sum stuff about francis bacon and janacek. but otherwise unrelated.
hmmm maybe Hebdomeros by dechirico
>Vienna Secession
>Art Nouveau
>Renaissance art
>Post rock
The World of Yesterday
Cultural Amnesia
Milan Kundera - the joke

the age of reason

The Idiot

Heres mine
>emo and psytrance
>girls with pretty faces
>kantian aesthetics

That should keep you busy on Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics. I recommend you focus on Linear Algebra before getting into Number Theory, unless you've already completed enough Linear Algebra during your undergrad.


I attached an image of John Hopkin's Neuroscience PhD curriculum. I hope that's helpful

>spring afternoons where the sun's golden light...

Like that scene in Jobs (2013)?

>industrial music

To be honest, "Industrial Music" sounds like an oxymoron, but here is a video I found of sounds from inside a factory. I hope it works out for you.

To a Billionth of a Meter: Go Inside a Telescope Mirror Factory

>Some Harsh noise

TV Static Noise 10 hours , HD 1080p
>durians not apples
>rambutans not grapes
>mangosteens not peaches
>langsats not oranges
>jackfruit not pears
>woodapple not cranberries
>snakefruit not currents
>starfruit not avocado
>dragonfruit not persimmon
>longan not watermelon
>lychee not blueberry
>santol not banana
>breadfruit not blackberry
>noni not cantaloupe
>pomelo not grapefruit
>ciku (sapodillo) not pomegranate
>waterapple not quince
>nipah seeds not cloudberries
>guava not passionfruit
>soursop not kiwi
>pulasan not feijoa
>kaffir lime not kiwano melon
>sweetsop not granadilla
>sapote not kumquat
>yanmei not mango
>milkfruit not pineapple
File: 1446613408660.jpg (29KB, 500x525px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 500x525px
>Art of Illuminated Manuscripts
>Debate on any topic
>Japanese Cuisine (Sushi, Rice dishes, etc)
>Experimental and Avant-Garde Music
>Tabletop Games
>Learning Languages (Currently: Classical Latin)
>Rain and Storms
>Singing with my band
What is this?
patrician taste
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
>The concept of entropy

Ennui detected.
>Classic black Teas
>Expensive food
>English country house style of decor
>Wine, and spirits like single malt
>Milan Kundera
>Earthy colors
>The National and Schubert
>Coming to terms with the fact that I have not lost some eternal thing, and that my time is better spent with the people and responsibilities who are actually in my life, as opposed to chasing some metaphysical notion of wholeness and bliss.
>vidya, although i know its a vice.
>finding and hanging out with ppl who are smarter than myself.
>sleeping in.
>never having too much baggage.
moll flanders
>Coming to terms with the fact that I have not lost some eternal thing, and that my time is better spent with the people and responsibilities who are actually in my life, as opposed to chasing some metaphysical notion of wholeness and bliss.
The Remains Of The Day
name of the rose or foucault's pendulum desu
Thanks senpai
richard yates always reminds me really strongly of the national, or vice versa.
>Use apples.
>Many varieties of beer
>Kesehatan play
>Orange Lagsad.
>Jack, I'm going to
>Cranberry apple trees.
>Disease today.
>Curran did not.
>This means that Pitaya
>The sign can not cope
>The blueberry and Vietnam.
>I have no bananas Antol
>Alcohol is not BlackBerry
>Cheese made without grapes.
>Real Chikugo (DiLLa).
>Apple created a work group.
>cherry pah
>If you want flowers
>Fruit-and-a-half trained
>Is trivial Joah Health
>Wu Kuwano M'ron
>Baennon like a rose
>things kumquates
>Lila Well
>In fact, milk, pineapple,
Chiaroscuro in everything.
JJ Cale
choral music
music that is eclectic enough not to fit a genre
peace and tranquility
pine trees with sunsents
dusk in general
anything that isn't too grandiose

recommend me something senpai
Carl Haffner's love of the draw
I'm an ugly first generation mexican American. I'm also pretty dumb. What you got, senpai?
I need a book that will help me get out of my shell.
just b urself - by me
I like
>acting and the study of its varying techniques
>researching occultism
>the color pink
>anachronistic fashion
>containers and packaging design, ie glass bottles of soda, foreign cigarette boxes, etc
>guitar feedback
>foggy fall nights and white winter mornings
>the photography of Malick Sidibe
>photographs of tennis players and tennis courts
>the films of Abbas Kiarostami
>Elvis Costello music videos
>chamber pop
How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Both seem interesting. I'll put them on my kindle. Thanks.
l2 reading comprehension and clauses in general
The fact that you browse /lit/ instead of being in some sort of cartel blood gang shows you are smarter than the average bud.
literally me except for the Marxism. love love love the National
I'll bite
>Suicide by cognitive dissonance
>Reactionary against your own will
>Conflicting impulses of love for humanity and extreme misanthropy
>Diner food
>Big, massive art projects and undertakings
>Conspiracy Theories
>Lost media/found footage
>Being autistic about categories
>Comfy video games
>Industrial parks at night in the winter
>Having long intimate discussions with people just as detached, neurotic, and pessimistic as you.
>Cuddling with cute girls
>Krautrock, Shoegazing, Post-punk
>Military jackets
>Watching autists chimp out on the Internet
Models by Mark Manson
Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan

I like
>weird people and outcasts
>childhood wonder
>cute animals
>bizarre occurrences that aren't supernatural
>The paintings of L.S. Lowry and M.C. Escher
>The music of The Police and Stevie Wonder
>'90s arcade 2D fighting games
>Tiffany lampshades
>Italian cuisine
>Autumnal scenery
>David Attenborough
>The flute used in jazz music
>Speed solving rubiks cubes
>British political satire
>Spanish guitar music
>hardbop jazz
>late 70s post-punk
>experimental hip-hop
>dark ambient
>french new wave cinema
>Ingmar Bergman
>room arrangements
>public transportation
>playing upright bass
>big cities
>cheap flannel

we'd get along
had me until rubiks cubes
I'll play along with this little game.

Things I like:
>Body horror
>Video games
>Stupid haircuts
>Warm climates
>The Thing and other monsters of similar types
>Refined high class stuff for irony's sake
>Doing stuff at the last minute
>Death metal
>lo-fi, psych music
>bus rides
>unknown mortal orchestra
>social satire
>dark humor
>conspiracies and theories

i'm lookin for some good psych books to start with, i haven't read any of them and i kinda wanna get into them. rec me stuff to read, i dont have any idea where and how i should find them.
>Raindrops on roses
>whiskers on kittens
>Bright copper kettles
>warm woolen mittens
>Brown paper packages tied up with strings
>Cream colored ponies
>crisp apple streudels
>sleigh bells
>schnitzel with noodles
>Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
>Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
>Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
>Silver white winters that melt into springs
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