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Carl Jung and The Red Book

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Greetings and salutations /lit/
I started a similar thread in /x/ and figured it'd be more suitable here.

I'll be starting to post under this pseudonym in regards to my reading and research of Carl Jung's Red Book (and Black Book)

I know there are some intellects here on /lit/ that are familiar with Carl Jung and may have already read this gem.
What should I focus on and expect in my reading? Have you read the book and what did you take from it?

Furthermore have any of you looked into the Black Book?

I'm anticipating your responses,
Shouldn't have mentioned you were from /x/. /lit/ posters think they're some kind of fucking MTV girls compared to you guys.

And no, I haven't read the Red Book. I would like to find a good copy of it and all of Blake's poems/drawings.
I wouldn't doubt it,
/x/ can be quite... rambunctious.

You can grab the readers edition in most independent bookstores or on Amazon.
I love Blake, but I believe Wordsworth is more approachable and relatable to Post-Modern readers.
>/x/ can be quite... rambunctious.
Can you count the number of tulpa threads you guys had this standalone month using only your ten fingers?
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I was wondering what went on with those threads.
I say live and let live, but I try to commune and engage with them in hopes that they look further into their views.

Plus I enjoy the diverse array of people!
are you who i think you are, and if you are i will see you tomorrow friend. i will wear red again and you will possibly bring up the date of your parents marriage. i look forward to this occasion
Uhm I don't believe so?
I live in a very remote city, but who knows.
I have an essay to write so I'll leave this thread for now, continue the discussion here if you wish

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Ive read around the first seventy pages of Liber Primus, then slowly stopped.
Youre from /x/ and more likely to enjoy symbolism, mythology, esoteric things about the red book.
I enjoyed those too, and the book did give my life a feeling of enchantment that I havent quite felt since. Thats probably also because I was a freshman.

Theres not a lot philosophically.
Focus on how Jung constructs meaning.
He studied Thus Spake Zarathustra, and I think both Nietzsche and Jung understand the necessity of style and symbolism.
Its PoMo in the sense that theyre not appealing to rationality.
Is important for wannabe Jungians to not take his work too literally.
This was a guy scrawling down his dreams, and as such theyre not truths with a capital T.
Theyre concatenations of images that are meaningful because they are given a time and place in myth.
Im thinking of Max Webers ideas of disenchantment and reenchantment here.
Postmodernism encourages disenchantment with metanarratives, reenchantment is a localised method of reconstructing them.
The Red Book is prototypical of this.

Also the apostrophe key on my keyboard isnt inputting. Its giving me a hernia.
I used to like /x/ when I was younger but now I see it's mostly dumbass teenagers posting the same shit over and over again.

It's something you're supposed to grow out of.
I'm only familiar with the Seven Sermons to the Dead, and that's through the works of Stephan A. Hoeller. It gave me insight into the Gnostic influence on Jung's thinking.
Just chiming in for a break,

Wow thank-you for that response,
you should copy and green-text that in the other thread for everyone else please!


I've felt that way for a while, but I still enjoy the diversity of peeps.

I'm quite a Gnostic myself, I'll give that a checkout
so kinda like personal myths?
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